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(The Wall Of Text /R stims Deserves) General Plot: Smoked Meth Wrong, Stuck Dick In Toaster,Fell In Love With A Pornstar, Had A Existential Crisis! (Don't bother Wasting Your Time Reading)

Howdy, It's Korrock(Hail!). It's been four or five months and on a different Reddit account since i spat out a wall of text. This page was much better at those times, more shit going on and not so many questions or depressing topics, this ironically makes me depressed at our current state of Reddit stimming sessions. I once visited this page many times a day, now I do only twice a week. But it's just one of them slow seasons I suppose, even more so by the departure of o' milkpro. A mysterious Reddit user who has saved my life before vanishing into complete anonymity...
But anyways, on to my goddamn point, I got pseudo-productive shit to do today and need to keep this quick and simple. (gonna blast up a playlist as i write this , consisting but not limited to:Kendrick Lamar, Knife Party, Blink 182, Bowling For Soup, My Chemical Romance, Reba Mcintire, and my girl Taylor Swift..A few NWA and Eazy E tracks are hidden in it as well for when i get angry emotional spikes)
Ok here We Go: Disclaimer: This story has facts mixed with bullshit. Idc if you figure which is which. And I've only been up for 13 hours so don't tell me i'm in psychosis and need sleep. I simply have a story to tell!
It's been ten days since I last used meth and during that time of being clean I now realize what really happened during that three day binge.
Smoking meth takes some kind of mystical skill that many claim to know, yet there is always some other stimmer who can do it better...and they'll be sure to say you're doing it all wrong. "you're burning your shit and should probably commit Seppuku for optimal redemption" they'll scream to you telepathically.
A Soot black condor flew down last night in my minds eye to show me that I may not be in the advanced dope smoker league...As I once claimed to be.
I suppose I didn't apply heat at the perfect half inch distance... and I rotated the device 11 to 3 instead of the standard 10 to 2(rookie mistake). Also I would cool off the bowl with a damp rag after each hit instead of hitting the recovering puddle of focus-juice again immediately...and I think this is where i fucked up....
Now stick with me and hear me out!
The high was pretty overwhelming after a satisfying rush of positive feelings I haven't felt since the innocence of childhood... as expected... but after four or five hours, I wanted to redose already.... I rarely redose so quickly...(At least that's what i say online to strangers on drug forums to make it out like my stimming is under control, spoiler:it's not)
This urge to redose so quickly has to be because I used a 99 cent lighter some German secret societies based from Agartha(City at the center of the Earth which does indeed exist) grew to call "crack lighters". I should of instead used a BIC, which we all know by now is a brand of lighters forged and crafted by the 6th dimensional being known as 'BarbatosUntaxis'....To look upon his true form is instant death or insanity. BIC forging needs to remain beyond our understanding, but i'm losing track of the main story here...
So my homeboy comes on over with 400mg talking all kind shit on smoking methamphetamine and how much of a waste it is. I'm going on a smoking high though so I start defending its pros... and to hell with any cons,fuck out my face...I usually would agree with the strange tweaking nigga in my house, as i am an oral doser mainly. #oraldosingmasterrace2010-2017dopeeaterchamp
Well ladies and gents...Next thing I know.. I bumped a teneer directly into my left eye socket.... Wtf, did i just lose control? I never touch needles(unless its an oral syringe to inject drugs straight into my shit maker) and now I just put one in my eye....Clearly this was because i put 60mg in my last bowl instead of a nice point.... Wise advice from the thunder Primal Ramuh that I foolishly ignored. Why did I IV? Why would I be so reckless as to take a full baggie in one dose and claim this is the true feeling of meth? (little known fact: when the universe created this earth it made natural stimulates we all know and fear and eventually chemical stimulates...All were created with the intention of puncturing a hole in your arm to introduce this stimulate into the bloodstream....But i choose to disagree with this because of reasons, even though it is confirmed fact by Pope Rodrigo Borgia in Renaissance Italy after a game changing Alpha PVP binge)
So I go smoke more, as many people on meth have been known to do, yet I didn't even get much higher. Just felt like a war-vet(American Revolution of course) twirling the bubble and blowing out clouds. (BTW why are blowing out dragon clouds so fucking awesome? Like I'm genuinely curious why our minds find this so appealing? Email me on Yahoo.)
Now I of course held my hit in, so you guys know that the shit recrystallized in my lungs immediately like the legends we all use to hear after that first life altering sentence of "wanna smoke meth?". But instead of holding it for the usual 10 seconds I like to spend being a dumb-ass...i spent a whole 12 fucking seconds holding in until i realized that the damn vapor gets in your blood almost instantly and holding in is just the teenage stoner in me trying to reemerge and save my life from this unchill drug.
I suppose this is why next I felt the need to see if my penis could fit to the bottom of the toaster...for a paper i'm writing of course for a college I don't go to,but i like to pretend i'm educated to show all the ladies how cool i am, as well as impress you fine people of reddit, establishing that I am indeed not a random stimmer, but a man of education, science stuff, and the literature works of Hal Emmerich (AKA Otacaon to the scholars.)
But we are now losing sight of the story....
As I went to conduct said experiment I got aroused simply by pulling my penis out of my trousers...How odd, yet i wonder why I'm surprised.( Even talking about this event is making my sexual organ feel kind tingly...I'm in control still though of thy libido.)
Hmm might as well jack it at this point right? I promised to keep it under 45 minutes, no need to go to far down that path.
Now I got a pornhub account and shit, a free account of course. I like to subscribe to all sorts of porn stars and follow their careers and life stories, you know, really get to know the woman in the scene.(for real though,try it out..It adds a new layer to a fap session honestly 100% serious)
Currently my favorites are Chloe Foster, Ava Sparxxx, and good ol Siri....Joseline Kelly has been catching my eye but she has a mixed personas instead of a set character, bipolar porn-stars are unattractive.
But yeah, Nice young ladies if you ask me... but my opinions on matters have never really mattered through this life. I'll die and be remember by nothing and nobody 75 years after said death...No contributions to this planet and i'm okay with that.
Alas, back when I took my first hit , i inhaled as i melted the drug down to rid of cut instead of blowing it out the pipe which is said to melt away dem impurities, keeping an highly addictive neurotoxic stimulate, kinda powdery,kinda crystaly, and completely pure of anything negative you wouldn't want in that temple AKA your body, the only one you got..(Sage Advice a mystical blood-conjurer once told me during a expedition into the shadow-lands of the south continent of ice).
Such a mistake caused such: I fell in love with Ava Sparxxx.. with all my heart, it hurt at first to see her having sexual relations with another man, but love can and has endured worse scenarios, I needed not lose hope...
So instead of these little edited free videos on pornhub of my lovely Ava I jump on over to pirates bay(that's right I'm an goddamn internet pirate because fuck morals, fuck buying movies,fuck the system, YOLO) plugged a fresh 8 ball straight into the asshole... Oh yeah, btw I somehow obtained extra plugging dope from an Aryan Brotherhood cat known simply as Stick.
I proceed to download her full length videos and once I watched them I was shocked at how she acted in the full scenes...She didn't seem so cute and innocent anymore, just some woman having sex for money, something our ancestors i believed called whores or prostitutes...I'm consulting a dictionary on google so I don't seem like an idiot...
Oh Indeed: pros·ti·tute ˈprästəˌt(y)o͞ot/Submit noun 1. a person, in particular a woman, who engages in sexual activity for payment.
I reached an orgasm even after losing love for the current apple of my eye at exactly 1 hour, 15 minutes, and 43 seconds...A fap session I can be okay with....(Once, i rubbed me penis for six hours roughly, and it was awesome as one would expect.)With an above average semen deposit. Unfortunately, it didn't reach projectile status, more like the 'sorta leak for for a bit down the shaft before spilling out of control on your abdomen-ish area, with a mediocre spurt or three mixed in the middle of the experience for annoying remnants to be spread about your immediate area for later discovery once it fossilizes.
Other humans with the penis and balls sexual organ may also relate to above phenomenon(Pm with field notes if you are one. Or email me at Yahoo)
Now, I walked up to the store now for a cigarette, nothing is better after jacking off while simultaneously losing affection for your weird porn crush than a cigarette. I was keeping my pace at a normal stride instead of a speed walk of confidence.. For that is not my usual norm and people will wonder why the local depressed man is striding down the road suddenly happy...And nobody wants to see this guy happy...
See that, I'm thinking about my surrounding and staying under the radar of the people who try to arrest us for poisoning our own brains and bodies, like the total assholes they are. What kind of mindfuck is that...
These people with their military-ish uniforms and mannerisms, they come all up to you suddenly and are like
"you putting drugs in your body fucko? fuck that shit sonny, how about sitting in a stone room full of violent men for the next few years of your life and becoming an undesirable felon afterward...Had career ambitions, to bad sonny, should of got caught with this here death maker after you got rich!Hope this dark little, temporary, phase of drug usage in your life is worth it you fucking junkie, because your life is now effectively over...damn nigger son of a bitch...But at least you didn't OD, stimmers OD every 5 seconds you goddamn hooligan...I'm saving you...Drugs aren't right in my america..in my fucking town....spits dip, just drink the legal liquid drug like me, dat good ol american beer. So what if it causes you to utterly lose control of yourself as well causes horrible things to happen such a little act known as Parricide. Hangovers may feel like dying but that's just because you were temporarily poisoned and closer to alcohol poisoning than you think. Your skinny little meth body will one day learn to not die so much the day from this poison, that is if your future parole doesn't alcohol test you! Yeah alcohol tests are a legit and enforced practice these days you degenerate. OK boys lets go down and get a cup of stimulating coffee, I'm starting to come down from that last mug and haha you know me without my coffee.grinds teeth slightly trying to fight off panic attack as he puts you in back of the nazi squad car that isn't big enough to hold a rooster."
Clearly My outlook is=Fuck the police for real, unless I'm in real danger or have an emergency though. They okay then,when I need them, but other times fuck em.
Fun fact 1: Switzerland doesn't claim a war on drugs like the american system. A war on drugs and the way it's handled is a never ending battle and a waste of time and money. Switzerland uses harm reduction which allows users and addicts access to a safe environment for their usage as well as 100% pure government quality drugs, mainly heroin, but the point is this system benefits are tremendous with reduced crime rates and many users finding complete sobriety! Compared to here where a few years or even decades of psychological torture know as prison is the answer for drugs. That's what jail is, fucking a tortuous experience and I fucking rather jump off this cliff right fucking now than ever go back there....(it honestly ain't that bad, just boring. but reading books and writing remedies. Most inmates rather snort Tylenol though, brag about their crimes, and fight over watching UFC or Travel Channel.)
Once again we lost sight of plot, let's continue back now.
Suddenly, a firetruck passed by me and got me realizing I'm not doing anything with my life but getting high on high milligram dosages of meth, (don't mean to brag but i can down no more than 100mg in a single day...BIG DICK STUFF...Once i bumped it up to 105mg but that danger territory) irresponsibly yet saying to myself, people who know my dark secret, and other people in denial on reddit.
it's okay because I'm just focused and energized, no harm niggas, fuck out my face....That rush an euphoria are just bonus effects i'm fine without, i use to be a scumbag until I found another way to be a scumbag with meth. Just this time I don't realize it and wonder why everyone is tripping bout me.
Fuck those moments, those split seconds where everything in life makes! I talkin complete damn sense and you understand all of this reality and inner workings of the clearly sentient force known as the universe. Then the next second you can't recall the feelings you just experienced but you know it happened...Mindfucks, life is full of them...
Example: After reading these instructions look away from your device and just stare into space. I want you to just feel the feeling of being you and how goddamn fucking weird that feels. Like it feels weird to be conscious, seriously people, just think to yourself repeatedly how weird this all feels. Fucking do it, if you don't feel it then you're actually already dead and need to accept it and stop bothering people as a tweaking spirit. Or you're not human. Which is the more logical case. Fuck man this feeling of me being just here is fucking weird...dude holy shit, it's just weird. I'm typed symbols and shapes i dont remember learning how to use onto a device and you're reading it right now and understanding the symbols and what they mean..Holy shit, bro....I've never done LSD. At least to my knowledge, it's possible the CIA poisoned me to study my higher knowledge on what's up with what in the motha fucka.
Example 2: Remember that time before you were born? That little brief time called fucking infinity, yeah me either. This universe aint no 14 billion years old like they think. It's always been and always will be, the universe expands until it can't anymore then collapses back in a crunch on itself which starts a pattern that has being going on forever....For reasons and the like, fuck i wonder now what universe cycle we are in... With this in mind, death shouldn't be to terribly scary then! Fuck dem panic attacks, maybe that loud noise was actually a meteor coming down to doom this fucking insignificant grain of sand...FUCK IT, best way to get rid of em is to simply be like "idgaf. ill be ight afterwards"
IF you do be like that one person every 1000 years to die to high stimulation(which is your own fault for doing that extra 2 grams when you're clearly not feeling it anymore cause you just IV'd a fucking 8 ball because you can't stim properly, fucking regenerate first you doper!) the experience will eventually end like this story will and that hyper real death you just went through, that should be in a list of "10 worse ways to die" ain't shit because you dead now nigga, welcome back to real realm of real shit, the place you were before all those crazy coincidences stacked up leading to you being squirted from your fathers balls into your mothers body.
OR holy fucking shit look here, the legends were true and the afterlife is real and it's way more epic than them living fuckers back on that rock in a sea of infinite emptiness could ever understand. Fuck man all them feelings you had before were lame, fucking food, sleep, pain, suffering, general stresses, u a goddamn higher fucking entity now and can do loads of trippy shit,it's like superpowers almost. holy fuck this is pretty cool actually. you need to get back and tell all the mates and fam to hurry up and die cuz this is fucking lit (Note to self: horror plot line=recently deceased loved ones spirit comes back to convince his family to kill themselves and other loved ones)


Ah but I have a story to finish, Still remember the plot? feel free to skim back up for a refresher or have a better attention span and memory:
These men passing by me are out in the world right now straight grinding, putting out fires, saving lives, making bank, lifting & running laps, probably can fix a car or at least change the tires themselves without bitchass mechanic shops, and most likely did and still do bang the popular hot girls in high school AND college...Or at least have a loving family in a lower middle class or hell even middle class home and they smile on a regular to top it off..JUST TO SMILE BECAUSE, AHH LIFE AND THEIR SILLY MORAL COMPASSES!
Shit... lower-middle class sounds like paradise to me, I actually simply just want to own a double wide trailer on my family's land, have a car or two that aren't 15 years old rust buckets that a person on drugs would probably be seen driving.
Middle class would be heaven man with my simplistic outlook on life, instead I am in some kind of social class im not sure how to explain...
BUT HEY, I own a kick ass laptop WITH FUCKING INTERNET, a roof over my head with a shitty car that gets fucking amazing gas mileage, and i got a girl who sticks by my side through the trials of my life,sharing the same outlooks i do....So it's not all hopeless, guess I won't go blow myself up with c4 in an empty field outside town.
SO, I was so inspired that I didn't notice I accidentally bought menthol cigarettes instead of my standard Marlboro blacks. I should add in that I'm half black and half white. Though I'll never be called a cracker in my life...But will always be seen as black even though I was raised on a farm down south, can ride a horse like a champ and have even won a skill riding tournament in high school, i dig country music honestly, backroading is like mediation to me, and my name is so Caucasian it might as well be fucking John Smith. Just some of the perks of being raised by some decent white folk after a black father did stereotypical black guy stuff and bounced on out once the young pretty white girl got knocked up....He came back eventually, but that's not the point. The point is I'm a white, black guy, with the skin pigmentation you may see on a Hispanic ,or an 'other' with a unhealthy tan...
So to the fucking point of explaining my racial background?
It's because I now had a pack of Newport, menthol, not red, and all my friends are white, and i live in small town, and black jokes are funny cause they true 85 percent the time. I always get called nigger or nigga jokingly by white people yet don't go in a hissy fit as you may see in big cities where true blacks will react to the situation of word nigger being spoken as so: "what you say nigga!" = violently flaying long arms around, effectively making everyone uncomfortable as well as adding validity to black stereotypes and wonder why the black race is profiled and discriminated... Acting with class or basic etiquette is beyond most African brain comprehension because the rap music listened to as a kid said its cool to be a thug and the streets are the shit...=
Idk about you but i like a house and indoors, have you ever felt AC on a hot day? Fucking A! I hear next they are gonna make something called central air and heat in most homes away from the areas with scary Dashawn and his squad.
I prefer not to walk around the hot streets all day with a since of pride cause im a successful thug or drug dealer. While claiming crip affiliations which are false but no bitch ass niggas are gonna call me out on it...and if so they be catching these hands....Bet.
Wanna know a real gang. Try the Aryan brotherhood. They won't because blacks don't like to mess with people who do legit drug deals most the time and have some sort of code.. To bad i can never tell an Aryan on how i can see their system as kind of honorable, ya know...for a criminal... I don't fuck with criminals is why.
I'm a fucking meth eating, dopesmoking, cigarette chain-smoking, goddamn fucking nerd who loves RPGS, and has had sex with 14 different female partners of mediocre to decent looks. ( 1 was sexy as fuck but she broke my heart cause sexy as fuck girls are actually evil)
Long rant short, i kinda wasn't in the mood for racial drama that particular day...decided to retreat back to my lair of depression and dark thoughts... Well it just seems that way, it's actually pretty tight here.My ladyfriend owns like 500 movies on DVD and BLuray, and they are some damn high quality, thought provoking cinemas and not goddamn shit like The Scorpion King 2: Rise Of The Warrior or some other shit. Also my ladys lesbian best friend just gave us a big as hdtv...This hoe has netflix and fucking pandora built into the sombitch.....FUCK ME! Oh and I got fucking INTERNET.
It's actually a fortress of solitude that sometimes gets depressing because life is gray and meaningless and I can see that clearly.I wish morals as well as the alignment called good evil were actual forces in the universe and not just some human made construct/perspective that means nothing...(WE need to focus on joining the galactic federation or some shit. Instead of waiting for some meteor to come fuck up my day, i'd prefer to have the option to move over to another planet instead of stare up and the impending doom and deal with my family and loved ones all crying n shit because the can't handle the universe well and need to cut that shit now and accept this shit! Naw let's just sit around and act and worry bout shit that doesn't even matter!)
I'm going to now wrap up this tale: Thank you for making this far and wasting a few minutes of your life on my account. I have forever implemented myself into your being, what could of been if you didn't click on this. You just of might of missed on the rest of your life...Or maybe this is the start of the rest of life....Either way I don't care. If anyone reads all this I'll be surprised and demand a in depth review sent to my email on Yahoo.
SO! Home I returned instead of going and be overly social, naturally annoying my friends who aren't sharing my current perspective....
OK here's where it gets a bit more interesting.
I think the meth from earlier that crystallized in my lungs fucking mutated into a cunt ass chemical known as Cocaethylene once the menthol smoke was introduced into my system to be mixed in. Cocaethylene, for the ones who didn't pay attention in basic third degree Texas History Class, is a fucking shitty chemical created when rich people or young adults who have rich parents mix cocaine and vile alcohol together because 'they fucking partyin bro.'
Yet these cockroaches are to scared or simply lack the knowledge to do adult drugs... I bet these folks buy a gram of marijuana for 40 bucks and can't handle it's overwhelming calming and relaxing effects because they probably did to much coke or other drug once and now freak out over feelings of true awareness of how things in this world truly are...Thus causing simple weed to make a full grown man freak out like goddamn fool!
Like seriously, do you even know how to drug properly?
Yeah...Me either...It's okay..I just act like I know what I'm talking about.
But yeah, I've never done coke because of reasons.
I always preferred what the older coke users use to call 'meth, the poor mans cocaine.'
Ok now, Cokes expensive you horny, nosebleedin fucker because you're putting grams in your nose every 15 or 30 minutes....
But hey coke is for users with class and refinement right?
Idk if a nappy headed homeless black man with crusty lips snorts a line at the bus stop he is nasty, but if Christian Bale puts on fly af suit and snorts lines in the bathroom of a nightclub he is refined....Coke is a fucking blight on this world simply because I don't understand it...and not other reason honestly.
Though refined higher class people, i must admit...You look awesome doing your white, powdery, brief stim at your elitist events. You continue on, to the other majority of people it the world, i ask only..WHY?
And yearn you to accept the change from the 70's and 80's....I'm talking to you elder stimmers that are on a new age website for some reason...the ones who haven't lost themselves to some sort of high blood pressure disease or heart disease(coke is a fucking cardiotoxin, fuck all that noise and fuck that intense word.) that kills silently over years of stimming repeatedly! That shit has no symptoms until one day you start feeling funny as fuck...Damn nigga for some reason your fucking blood can't get to your brain....Why dat?
You're now gonna die or lose a bit of your mind/former-self and honestly become a bit slow in the end....Accept change! Embrace the 3 day ride of the meth age!
Check this little fact i just made up: this 'poor mans coke' ,you refuse to call meth cause it sounds dirty, only simulates heart attacks via irrational panic attacks due lack of giving a general fuck.. Which is better than a real heart attack nine time out of ten. IMO.
(If you prefer real heart attacks over simulated heart attacks, email me on Yahoo your reasons)
Whoa why the coke rant? Don't hate on my choice stims man. Maybe I just want a little high to fuck and not stay up for 3 days doing stupid shit.
To this response, you right and i'm sorry. That actually makes a lot of sense.
I'm ranting I suppose cause I didn't do coke yet the chemical Cocaethylene appeared in me any goddamn way... It was straight pain and suffering introduced to my low-key, suffering body.(because my body is also slowly moving silently to that day the stroke occurs, only slower than you because of reasons).. Somehow my feet start to move on down to the fire department to become a volunteer so I can start fucking contributing in some fucking way in making this planet we live on spin.
I was set on becoming a functioning member of society that day. My current job as an World of Warcraft gold/item farmer for lazier players isn't going to be enough to sustain a family once I finally obtain one of my own to love and shelter, no i needed a manly job to establish myself as head of the family, the type of fuckin G that gets the biggest piece of meat, sitting at the head of the dinner table cause we are still eating dinner at the table as a family and not just wherever like everyone does now. A father and family leader who can play catch with his son as well as spoil my daughter as father should, at the same time pleasing my wife emotionally, physically, and financially.
But yeah anyways.... it's a rigorous process joining the fire department in case you didn't know the process on becoming a nigga that literally fights fires. I naturally backed out once my binge ended two days later. Because fuck that shit, and thats gei, and I'm not dying for some strangers who existence meant jack shit to me and could fucking die the day after i save their lives because this shit random af....As well as other reasons.
So wrapping this tale up for real now.
I reached 72 hours of smoking when figures began peeking into my room from the doorway and sometimes Lovecraftian-like creatures would appear at my window...
Now I don't play that mind-raping horror bullshit, I'm sorry I just don't like seeing crazy shit, which is ironic because i smoke peyote and DMT every two and half hours for reasons and such.
But yeah, i question still to this day if maybe these figures and shadows are actually real and we can only see them because the lack of sleep is causing us to lose touch with this said dimension, thus giving glimpses into what our mind couldn't normally comprehend...
These Lovecraftian & Shadowy entities only come for me when the terrestrial bodies in the HX-452 system align with their mother star Alisser. Now these here are the only conditions I will smoke meth, because of reasons and such.
Intermission: (So I took a break after the third word of this recollection, yeah way back at the start, and went over to a buddies house which is a piece of shit trailer that is trashed and nasty. All this guy cares about is meth and being high on meth. This is because he smokes solely and doesn't mix up his ROAS, goes on 4-5 day binges like its second nature with no regeneration time in between, and to top it all off he uses jet lighters. which if you listened to the preaching of the cannibal tribes native to rural Texas, causes stim psychosis as well an crippling anxiety episodes almost instantly after a single hit. though it is said these effects can be reduces by mixing bong rips of marijuana mixed with peyote,crack, and trace amounts of coffee beans. But yeah, i been high writing this from the beginning for the readers who aren't scholars and didn't catch onto the plot-twist that i clearly foreshadowed regularly.) c:
Back to the story: I hook up people with a part of my baggie after I do business with them for their neurotoxic poisons... I gave him a good point and he proceeds to smoke it off foil because he can't afford a pipe somehow even though he sells drugs. That pipe money could be meth money, i suppose...And there is such a thing as pro foil smokers, a true art on it's own.../Wait this is still the intermission not the story....Oh well mixing up sections now, reflects how chaotic life really is..../
Shit I use to have this mentality that if you smoke meth you got be grungy and trashy bout it, it's mandatory. Throw on a white t and a blue flannel that's 2 twice your size, slip on them tight fitting Levi Strauss jeans with holes already weaved in the knees, complete your costume with black converse but they have to be covered in grime, little white should be remaining on the tips and laces. Don't bathe or maintain general hygiene, fuck sleep and giving the body nutrients or vitamins! Smoke that meth behind a trailer with yo boy Mike. A dude who you guess you can say is your friend but you know truly he isn't because all you two ever do is smoke meth together and never actually done anything else, shit you two are honestly just using each other. You kinda think mike is a piece of shit but he gets fire, and he likes to smoke with you cause you are loading the fire...Symbiotic meth friendships....
(Moral, don't hang out with other people who do meth a lot. It's purely a symbiotic relationship and friendships should be held in high regard. Don't be fake more than you need to. Unless you are like me and don't believe in morals. If so, continue to hang around mike, just remember he probably thinks your a cop or something at least a little bit. And he has plenty of dope stashed away, but you'll only see it if you take his symbiotic role instead(Oh Shit) and linger until he cracks and can no longer keep it hidden away for himself and thus breaks out the light-bulb for added grunge like aesthetics, stay trashy remember. Now Warning: Mike may get you caught up in typical meth head drama because Mike stays up for seven days because he died inside long ago, also some of his real buddies may show up, these guys like to do speedballs and goofballs which is just uncomfortable to be around, but hey you're in a trashy environment so bum a goofball and regret it later because you finally did heroin, always justifying meth by saying 'its not heroin' well you just did heroin, congrats....Make a note to come up with some new justifications later on..wow...
Oh shit Mikes friends are paranoid users, the worse type of stimmers, if an ambulance drives by 10 blocks away they flushing the shit.....And revealing to you they are felons who carry their handgun on their person on all times for reasons.
They suddenly flips switch into irrational paranoia because you are texting to much or looking over yonder in 'that way' and you're clearing plotting against them all with someone in the bathroom...You can be heard clear as day! They been around the block and know a fucking narc.
Smoking meth like a piece of shit will give greater love on better way to use....By yourself in your own home...Fuck hanging out with other stimmers. Learn to use the dark-net markets and just cut them parasites out your life so you can begin your solitary path towards depression n shit like me.
Meth usage in solitude is superior, it's your secret. You better than tweakers even though you are honestly kind of just the same in some light or nother, but hey, fucking rationalize and lie to yourself.... you aren't as bad as them at least. You just use for productivity. 200mg IV though of course, because the first stage to complete focus and productivity is complete disorientation from a large dose going directly into that life force known as blood that 'you literally cannot even' *sit down and be a stupid level of high, it'll be over sooner than you think. You did it all in one go so you'll have to go out and get more..That will be the focus batch... People take Desoxyn everyday, you're just doing the same....kinda, you're really not but hey you're okay champ.
Though after a bowl of peyote and DMT you may come to learn that nobody cares in the universe, and lying to yourself is just boring. If you like to fucking get rushed out on large doses, righteous, you're still poisoning yourself with something that gives you a feeling that isn't real and you literally do nothing significant during this time in the end....Break them moral compasses like yo boy Korrock!
If your still reading then you must understand my writings, i applaud you and now I continue my tale.
As I drove home I noticed an anomaly in the skies, the planets in our step-uncle-in law galaxy HX-452, i mentioned earlier if you may recall, these damn planets where once again aligned.
I shouldn't have to say this is a rare occurrence, but I feel like i should say I believed this to of happened because during my last smoking session...towards the end I became desperate for an emulation of the superiority of that first dose... and ended up water hitting the residue left behind...once the source baggie depleted....
Now If you played Universe Sandbox on Steam (which is amazing on meth and can be yours for the low price of 24.99 of valuable meth money....Go to the pirates bay instead and torrent that shit, learn something from it.) you know this occurrence has been known to cause gravitational anomalies varying from minor solar flares to the creation of black holes 3x bigger than Sagittarius A, a super-massive black hole in the center of the galaxy which all bodies have been theorized to orbit around....Which would mean this black hole is the master of our galaxy, I'll go as far as to call it god.
Final Chapter:
Naturally, This anomaly of course demands these here drugs to smoked out of a oil burner( hmm an oil burner....I question the intended, true, purpose of these smoking devices. because I'm sure it's not smoking meth...This can be confirmed by going into the gas station to buy one like so ' ey boss may I purchase a meth pipe?')
But I played it safe for max optimization and productivity. Like we all claim to desire and did not smoke.
After a small line(which was honestly an irresponsibly big line to anyone else with a functioning mind not clouded by drugs) to test what kind of stim feeling I should expect for the next approx. 72 hours...
Next I took an appropriate amount orally...A dose that would worry the old me before drugs came into my life. Licking 100mg right of a plate.
But with me, a man who knows full well the reality and true nature of this here universe, I require no need to parachute with toilet paper or gel capsules... Simply I just do not give a fuck about the taste of meth, i refuse to eat toilet paper and you should as well, it's been known to temporarily induce insanity during the initial come-up before the meth enters your bloodstream to even you back out...
Honestly meth is beginning to taste somewhat decent after my dozens and dozens of oral sessions..
I'm not saying I'm going to go out to Outback and order a gorment cuisine of methamphetamine by a culinary genius/motherfucking food artist that is drenched with butter and graced with garlic and parsley leaves from the Ragan Isles to the southeast.
I'm just saying meth taste ight. The toilet paper taste shield just ain't worth it, now matter how brief the insanity, It just doesn't sound optimal for a man like I.
Now I have an oral high in full effect as reflected in above wall of text, which i'm sure few have read with their hearts instead of their eyes...
I chuckle at the smoking session version of myself this previous week. The fool accomplished nothing with his advanced perception and skill...his sharpness and productivity prospects were utterly wasted...Unlike the current version of me, who writes walls of text/poetry on a hard drug using community via the onion browser instead of my usual Mozilla Firefox.... because of reasons and things similar to reasons...
It took me 4 hours to write and review this before, I just recently stopped giving a fuck about grammar and spell checking. You'll understand what I mean If anything was missed.
I now move on towards playing an MMORPG known as Final Fantasy XIV for the next 18 or so hours...most likely 30 though. I'm thinking about starting my own Guild now that i grinded through all the crafting classes during previous stim sessions and am now reaping the rewards...fuckloads of in game gold called gil...which I consistently show to my girlfriend, impressing her right into me receiving a sloppy blowjob.
In game of course, We like to ERP(EroticRolePlay). Always in another persons house, if you leave your door unlocked my gf and my avatar are coming in and we gonna fuck on global chat and not in party chat. NO Shame, no morals.
Oh goodness I want to die.
Tl'dr=I think somewhere in here there is a story with a plot and all that but i'm not sure.
tl'dr 2=don't waste your time, keep scrolling.
submitted by All_Hail_Korrock to Stims [link] [comments]

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