Has Anyone Tried MadAdsMedia.com

Introducing MadAdsMedia Review. MadAdsMedia is a CPM (CPC, CPA and CPL campaigns are also there) network or Cost Per Mile network for any internet savvy person. They are working with hundreds of ad networks, ad exchanges, and RTB advertiser to serve us with the best. Unlike other ad networks, Mad Ads Media does not have an affiliate program for publishers. Maybe in the course of time, this will change, but for the moment there is no referral program. But regardless of this, Madadsmedia.com is still one of the best ad networks you can use to monetize your website or blog. Affiliate programs that are related to one site only have been missed from this list. For example, the affiliate programs for eBay and Amazon are related to one site. The adverts you host will invariably led people back to that site. MadAdsMedia. This is a network for people who do not qualify for other networks. Quite often, people are not Actually Madadsmedia is bit new network since 2011 onwards and works on CPC basis etc. Many Online Bloggers are benefited from it and provide real time analytic’s as well. Ads are too relevant to your blog niche and MadadsMedia makes you to earn more than ever. For example, the tracking cookies only last 24 hours, while other affiliate programs often offer more cookie tracking time. The affiliate commissions are also low when compared to other alternatives. Still, you can earn some good money depending on your industry and there is an extensive range of products to choose from.

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