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Bucci Gang and NASS: Cyberbullying Snakes? Or Just Plain Assholes? You decide! (+Leaked Screenshots)

Today, on scanlationdrama, we learn how shoujo scan groups are arguably (and hilariously) the most fucked up scan groups. But then again, we should've considered that already with the hormonal teenagers in charge. Will you find this to be amusing entertainment, genuinely concerning online bullying, or just some stupid banter from kids that sound like they’re 5? Tune in RIGHT NOW to find out!! wow such very excite
Note: This is not drama about their scan quality or purely inter-group drama. Their scan quality is solid, they’re hard workers, and I appreciate all the time and effort that has gone into their releases as a group. This is solely their higher ups’ shitty personalities being highlighted by screenshots! Much more fun if you ask me. Also, some screenshots are mildly distorted because they were waifu’d to improve image quality.
The FUN stuff is in the second section, but the first section is good background if you don’t know these groups. Too lazy to read it all? Here are my favorite parts:


Outline of events (screenshots)

  1. The Setup: Jewel trashes 2 staff members in the discord channel meant for reporting scan mistakes out of nowhere
  2. In-Group Reaction: the group thinks the insulting message is hilarious and NASS Leader Jess tells Jewel to “go hurt them more"
  3. NASS Higher Ups Encourage Bullying: they tweak the message together as a group and leader Jess says she supports Jewel and thanks Jewel for doing the “good deed” (of cyberbullying ig)
  4. Bullying Cont’d: Jewel drafts a harsher message with everyone, Jess pretends to be offline so she looks like she’s not involved, Xero deletes the initial message (presumably out of goodwill)
  5. Laughing at Targeted Staff: group finds it hilarious that they made a staff member cry and encourage each other to insult the staff more
  6. NASS Higher Ups Fake Message: Jess and co. write a fake message together and pose it as Jewel’s message
  7. NASS Leader Lies with Fake Sympathy: Jess lies that she has no idea what happened and celebrates with the group that now she can kick the staff members out
  8. NASS Claims This Drama Will Delay Releases: Salmon says the drama can't affect their workflow because they don't care about it. Clearly, that is false because in another moment Jess threatens that the drama will delay releases. In reality, a delay is most likely because a portion of their google drive was recently deleted by a staff member out of resentment for the higher ups, setting them back. (EDIT: the google drive was restored soon afterwards. It was an intentional action done by a staff member to cause a minor inconvenience, and ultimately garner attention from BG that many of the disgruntled/innocent/regular staffers "would not take this lying down")
  9. NASS/BG Try To Bury Drama: they've been deleting, banning, and reporting anyone who talks about the drama (negatively) or tries to give the original zip file with all these screenshots to anyone else. How do I know this? I had 3 different sources for the zip file. The first one was from someone in the nass public channel (how could I possibly ignore a file called The_Tea lol), which I downloaded from there but the message was deleted by the time I finished reading through all the ss and the user gone from the channel. 2 other people sent me the same file later on.
  10. NASS Higher Ups Are Unapologetic\: they continuously make fun of their horrible treatment of others, this post\*, sarcastically pretending BG and NASS are “so bad” and "cancelled" and that they’re going to drop all their series as a joke in retaliation ▶▶▶ No NASS members claim the screenshots are fake or taken out of context. Their manner of speech indicates these screenshots are in fact real, but they feel no remorse since "this is the internet [and] why the fuck [should they] care".
  11. New NASS Admin: Admin Akai has stated that two of the higher ups have temporarily stepped down and “every person who was in fault in this story is no longer affiliated with NASS” but the members still seem to be in the server with their roles ▶▶▶ Jess blames NASS members for backstabbing her.
  12. Anon Adds Staff Chat Screenshot: an anon's comment shows Jess admitting she is a bully and normalizing shit talking. "I suppose I'm sorry" she says. Jess is allegedly sent death threats.
  13. I apologize for inserting my opinion but I hope she reads this: actually no, many people don't have a secret chat to shit talk people, including all of my friend groups. Some people might, but that doesn't mean you should normalize it. That's like saying "other people are assholes so it's morally okay to be an asshole too." Shit talking is all fun and games until you act on it. It's impossible to like every human out there, but don't act on that hate.
  14. Furthermore, an apology is not an "I suppose". If you wrote a wholehearted, genuinely well-intentioned apology and stopped trashing others unlike the other staff in your lounge, many of these people (me included) would have accepted it as a change of heart. It doesn't matter if others have formed their opinions already, it matters that your apology shows you're on the right path because that alone can change our opinion. Maybe not the extremist haters, but the normal people who want to believe in you despite this shit show.
  15. Thank Akai for being mature about this situation. I don't know her that well, but we're putting our faith into her and the direction of the group.
  16. This concludes the situation. NASS is moving on. We are all moving on. I will not delete this post because this is the only public account with information available, and we archive history in order to not repeat the same mistakes. And I cannot reiterate this more, but do not send death threats. Do not become the bullies you yourself are criticizing. Do not be a hypocrite. Be above that. Be civil. Please.
To those who don't believe this is true:
If you were accused of something like this and you didn't do it, would you just joke about it with your friends even though it is negatively impacting you, your friends, and your community? No. You probably wouldn't. You would defend yourself and the truth, by proving it's fake and providing evidence. After all, you have access to all of the conversations in discord (assuming they weren't deleted). None of the NASS higher ups ever seriously claimed it was fake. Furthermore, higher ups would not step down if this was fake. They would feel too wronged because stepping down is akin to admitting it's true, but in the end, they did.

Vote today!

Now that you’ve finished this episode of scanlationdrama, what do YOU think they are? Cyberbullying Snakes? Plain old Assholes? Innocent of all petty crimes charged? Vote today!

Real Talk from here on:

I know many of you guys are probably making fun of this “drama” but there really are plenty of U-16 individuals who spend their time in scan groups, from finding a sense of community to developing friendships that last for years to come. Individuals who are hurt by others in this community feel real pain. It’s 2020. Internet friends are real friends. You don’t have to physically be next to someone to share a bond with them. And being treated like this out of the blue hurts just as much as your group of friends dumping you with no warning. For some kids, they take it like a champ and move on. For other kids, they’re traumatized. From what I know, the NASS Leader Jess is around 20. She’s an adult. But to be encouraging others in this community (minors and adults alike) to bash others and hurt others like this is unacceptable. Indeed, I don’t know what the users they bashed did (and nor did they or the other normal staff members), but regardless of what they did, they deserve to be treated better.
The people I know in Bucci Gang and NASS have always been somewhat nice (to me at least), so even though some friends have warned me to keep my distance to not screw myself over or hurt myself, I could only half-side with them. There was no hard evidence until now. But now, it's clear that I made the mistake. I’m not telling you readers to boycott them or anything since even I like their series and the group as a whole is not to blame. I just hope you guys don’t unconditionally defend and inflate the egos of the admins who treat their staff like this anymore.
Reminder: this is scanlationdrama. Aka spilling tea for shits and giggles. Not a request for anyone to be doxed. Nor is it meant to be a hate post. Do not dox and do not send threats. If you do, you will be worse than the very people you criticize. I actually really like NASS and BG’s work (they release high quality stuff) and the groups are so big that there are plenty of people in the groups who aren’t a part of this inner circle conversation/shouldn’t be subject to criticism. Regardless of if you dislike NASS/BG, don’t believe in this evidence, or just find this drama dumb, please be civil.
Thank you.


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Vladislav Surkov steps down, unable to withstand triple a blow of FSB triumvirate

Vladislav Surkov steps down, unable to withstand triple a blow of FSB triumvirate
Perhaps the main news today was about Putin's aide, handler of unrecognized "republics" Vladislav Surkov leaving his post "in connection with a change of a course in the Ukrainian direction." Well, at least, that's the narrative prevailing in the media space at the moment while vast audiences rejoice in a rush of schadenfreude.

However, it should be understood that such a sweet spot can't remain unoccupied for too long. Moreover, not everyone realizes that it was due to a powerful adversary that Surkov lost his battle for pseudo-republics, so the winner is unlikely to bring any relief for Ukraine.

I should recall that the sophisticated game launched against Surkov reached its climax last year, in the wake of Ukraine's election campaign. Then the FSB came into play along with a number of affiliated figures, such as Viktor Medvedchuk. This affiliation came through the Beseda-Kozak-Babich trio, and it was Babich who played an important role in taking down Surkov.

In June last year, Babich was appointed Russia's deputy minister for economic development. This way he, as well as the FSB's beseda-Kozak-Babich triumvirate as a whole, gained control over financial flows to the occupied Donbas, the territory Surkov previously managed through his puppet on the ground Denis Pushilin. But it's not only about the bridgehead of unrecognized republics...

In Ukraine's political arena in Ukraine, we've also observed confrontation between Vladislav Surkov (read "GRU"), represented by the "Opposition Bloc" political force, and the earlier mentioned FSB triumvirate sponsoring Medvedchuk's "Opposition Platform - For Life" party.

It was Medvedchuk who was supposed to expropriate powers that Surkov left behind in the occupied territories, thereby pushing the GRU to the periphery of Ukraine issues.

Immediately after Medvedchuk received new handlers, he sharply intensified efforts in buying up Ukrainian TV channels and resuming negotiations on prisoner swap with who essentially are his accomplices from the so-called "DPR".

Thus, Viktor Medvedchuk has been implementing two campaigns at a time – on monopolizing the Ukrainian media market, obviously with Russia's direct funding, aimed at bringing in pro-Russian mass content with further integration with the Russian propaganda machine within a single space, and on molding a nice image of himself as a "peacemaker and mediator".

And it is not surprising that right now Viktor Medvedchuk became more pro-active with the idea of Parliament's inter-factional association "Inter-Parliamentary Dialogue for Peace", although now it's been adjusted toward a "parliamentary dimension of the Normandy format".

So, in 2019, Vladislav Surkov not only saw his political force lose for parliament seats, but also began to lose control over the external direction of Russian policies, which was fully intercepted by the FSB.

Another fly in Surkov's ointment flew from Abkhazia where he was hardly able to keep street protests from spilling over the egde. The latest developments showed that he isn't controlling anything in this "republic" anymore. Besides, Dmitry Kozak's success in creating a pseudo-coalition in Moldova in the wake of the political crisis, which allowed the elites beyond FSB control to be removed, sealed more points to the trio.

But Moldova is really just a warm-up for Dmitry Kozak and his team before they move to implementing a full-scale plan to integrate the unrecognized "DPR" and "LPR" entities into Ukraine, which will be forced to finance them, while Moscow will de facto retain full control over these territories. This may allow Russia to finally get rid of the extra financial burden, start talking about the easing and lifting of western sanctions, while continuing their destructive influence on Ukraine.

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Exchange Era Swap Decentralized Utility Token with other Digital Asset on ProBit Exchange

Exchange Era Swap Decentralized Utility Token with other Digital Asset on ProBit Exchange
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Era Swap Team is delighted to Announce that now you can Exchange Era Swap Decentralized Utility Token with other Digital Asset on ProBit Exchange.

Era Swap Team is delighted to Announce that now you can Exchange Era Swap Decentralized Utility Token with other Digital Asset on ProBit Exchange.
Era Swap Exchange
Era Swap Team is delighted to Announce that now you can Exchange Era Swap Decentralized Utility Token with other Digital Asset on ProBit Exchange.
Era Swap Ecosystem includes all Inter-linked Platforms where ES can be utilized for multiple utilities. This Ecosystem consists of platforms offering P2P services and usage to community members.
ProBit is one of World Class trading engines that provides fast and robust trading experience. Which also have one of the Top Security through a wide array of options to secure digital assets
It gives you the advantage of one access to multiple utility platforms accepting Era Swap (ES) Utility token, the user can add their wallet to access these platforms which offers various solutions to community member likes:
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Era Swap Team is delighted to Announce that now you can Exchange Decentralized Utility Token with other Digital Asset on Probit Global Exchange.

Era Swap Team is delighted to Announce that now you can Exchange Decentralized Utility Token with other Digital Asset on Probit Global Exchange.
Era Swap Team is delighted to Announce that now you can Exchange Era Swap Decentralized Utility Token with other Digital Asset on Probit Global Exchange.
Era Swap Ecosystem includes all Inter-linked Platforms where ES can be utilized for multiple utilities. This Ecosystem consists of platforms offering P2P services and usage to community members.
ProBit is one of World Class trading engines that provides fast and robust trading experience. Which also have one of the Top Security through a wide array of options to secure digital assets
It gives you the advantage of one access to multiple utility platforms accepting Era Swap (ES) Utility token, the user can add their wallet to access these platforms which offers various solutions to community member likes:
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new Pokemon MMORPG

Hi all, I'm a developer and a rabid Pokemon fan. I love the Pokemon games, own all of them, and I love me some RPG's. That being said, I've really wanted to see a Pokemon game that involves a little more than just catching and battling Pokemon. Now, I'm not a game designer by any means, and I wanted to get /pokemon's help to expound the ideas that I've had. Please leave your constructive criticism and ideas. REMEMBER: this is just the start of an idea, and will be changed/expanded upon in the future.

maps~: All regions(Jhoto, Kanto, etc) would be linked together and you'll be able to catch a train/boat to another region. I envision this to work like in Gold/Silver where you would catch the train between the 2 playable regions.
quests~: This would be an entirely new concept for a Pokemon game. However, when watching the anime, Ash finds a 'quest' to accomplish pretty much once per episode. He goes to deliver medicine over a bridge, He figures out why Pinsir are invading Heracross territory and disrupting the natural balance of a forest, etc., etc. Quests would be similar to this where you'd be rewarded with money or sometimes a pokemon depending on the quest. There would be difficulties of quests from Novice to Expert as well so they wouldn't get redundant or boring.
Pokemon~: Pokemon would be available by region. For example, Gold/Silver would be the only area to catch a Tododile or Cyndaquil, and Kanto would be the only place to catch Chansey.
Currency~: There would be normal Pokemon RPG currency and premium currency. Premium currency is given to the player a little at a time each day they log in, and RPG currency is used to buy items and stuff needed in the game. Premium currency is only used for cosmetic items for your player character and cosmetic items for Pokemon.

classes would also be a new concept for Pokemon, these classes would follow somewhat closely to how World of Warcraft works in how you'd have specific quests and specific activities depending on the class you choose.
Team Rocket~: This class is just as it sounds. Team Rocket's goal is to disrupt the flow of the game for the other players, and to create havoc. They can do so by stealing NPC's pokemon (in which case a quest would become available to rescue the Pokemon), PVP gamble 'pink-slip' battles with other players, capturing and holding onto stronghold type buildings throughout the game (Radio Tower, Silph Co., etc.). Their main goal is to expand their control of the underground to different parts of the map, and to take the pokemon from other players.
Trainers~: Just like the classic RPG style of Pokemon. This class battles gym leaders, and tries to become the champion in each region. They can also have PVP battles with other trainers at any time (non pink-slip). They can also befriend Pokemon like Ash does in the anime. Their main goal is to collect all gym badges in each area and become Champion in each area.
Breeders~: This class is for the player who likes to breed perfect IV pokemon and breed until a shiny is hatched. This class is the only class that will be able to breed pokemon for eggs. Every other player must come to a breeder in order to get an egg. The Breeder's main goal is to complete the entire pokedex for each region and win all contests (more on contests later). Contests in this system would encompass beauty contests, tests of strength, tests of skill (like in the Orange Islands), etc.
Rangers~: I got this idea from the aformentioned Pinsir-Heracross fiasco. This class is the class to maintain balance in this new pokemon universe. They fight natural disasters, rescue people from other disasters (building fires for example) and apprehend team Rocket members (kind of like the Police but with no power to enforce new laws). Their main goal is to maintain balance in the universe and protect people.

This idea is cool, but I don't know if it will add much to the game.
Champion - goal is to become champion in each region
Collector - goal is to complete pokedex
Officer - goal is to stop Team Rocket
Naturalist - goal is to crack down on natural disasters
Team Rocket~:
Aqua/Magma - gives boosts to watefire Pokemon respectively
Executive/Grunt - would work like a real business, but not demanding (you wouldn't have to log on each day). The Team Rocket boss would be able to have a choice between which class goal they would work towards next.
Perfectionist - breed perfect IV Pokemon and breed a Pokemon with moves it can learn only through breeding
Contest Winner - complete and win all contests

Gym Leaders~: Each gym would function like the RPGs when a player is just starting out in a region, only after a player beats the elite 4 in a region do class owned gyms become available to challenge. Player owned gyms would be assigned by class affiliation and will rotate every month. For example, Team Rocket would control Pewter gym in January, and in February they would control Cerulean Gym and the Breeders will control Pewter gym. In each region there will be a level limit on each gym to deter from lvl 100 Pokemon in each gym. For example, Pewter gym would have a level cap of 60 and Cinnabar Island would have a level cap of 100. Duplicate Pokemon would also not be allowed in each gym to deter from a gym of 6 Snorlaxes. Each Pokemon gym would be type specific just like the games. NPC gym leaders will be able to be challenged again like in Heart Gold/Soul Silver.
Trainer Battles~: Trainer battles are available any time between trainers as long as each party agrees to the battle. You may challenge anyone at anytime regardless of Pokemon level.
Class Interaction~: Trainers rely on Breeders for eggs. Breeders rely on Trainers for supplying Pokemon to breed. Rangers rely on Team Rocket to generate quests for them to do. Team Rocket relies on who exactly? They may be able to play without relying on any other class and just do what they want?
Class goals~: Each class would have goals to meet every month or so. For example, Breeders will want to breed 1,000 eggs for the month of July, and breed 500 pokemon with perfect IVs for the month of December. This idea hasn't been fully worked out, so give me some ideas here.
Events~: Global random events requiring participation from each class will happen to encourage inter class interaction. Class specific/Global tournaments can also become available for each class to participate in. Tournaments can involve contests or a simple battle tournament. How do we involve team rocket in these events? They could care less.

Playable characters will include a boy and girl with changeable hairstyles and clothes like in Pokemon X and Y. Pokemon will follow behind the character model. Each player will be able to unlock titles based on the achievements they get in the game. For example, if my name was Ash in the game, I can unlock a title to put in front of my name to make it Collector Ash, or Ace Trainer Ash.

Only after mastering or meeting the goal of the class you chose in the beginning you can change classes. This will need some balancing between classes. 1/4 of Master Trainers (like in Pokemon Let's Go) are unlocked with the completion of each class. Players can work towards getting the shiny version of each Pokemon throughout the game. Nuzlocke challenges also unlock after mastering one class.

Extra gameplay includes features that are not going to progress you through the storyline. I plan on including Secret Bases from Ruby/Sapphire, the underground from Diamond/Pearl, Extra Gyms (these would be playable areas from Alola and the Orange Islands because those regions don't really have traditional gyms), Diamond/Pearl pokeball add ons, and Customization of Pokeballs (recoloring, adding extra cosmetics).

Sorry for the wall of text, but now I have some questions that I'd like input on.
Should a player be able to pick which starting region they want to start in? If so, what implications will come from this choice?
How to catch Legendaries? I think legendaries can be event pokemon similar to Pokemon Go where they would swap out each month or so. I would like some more input on this.
What limits does each class have? Obviously you shouldn't be able to do all the things a Breeder can do if you're Team Rocket, because why would there be classes in the first place? I think each class should have some kind of limitation specific to the class for balancing and replayability.
Should natural disasters be connected to each of the other classes other than Ranger? This can be done in events, but should natural disasters effect everyone?
What should some of the rewards be for mastering classes and finishing endgame stuff (like beating all master trainers)?
We'll run into Pokemon leveling issues when a player goes from one region to the next. For example, one trainer would have level 60 Pokemon after beating Kanto. Should that player be able to use those Pokemon in a new region? One way to fix this is to lock using the Pokemon until after the gyms are beaten in the new region. (beating Cerulean gym will unlock level 30 Pokemon). Another way is to assign a level cap on each region. For example, Kanto will have a level cap of 65, Jhoto will have a level cap of 70, and so on.

Please post here and let me know of your ideas and how to incorporate them into this game. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
P.S. I also need a name for this work in progress.

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InvestInBlockchain - Cryptocurrencies in the Top 100 With Working Products

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that started it all back in 2009, after the global financial crisis and subsequent bailouts of banks left many people disenfranchised with fiat currency and outdated, insecure financial infrastructure.
Today, Bitcoin is being used for peer-to-peer payments across the globe. More than that, though, it is leading the way towards a future in which financial technology is trustless, secure, resilient, and censorship resistant. Without Bitcoin, this list would not exist.

Ethereum (ETH)

The platform that brought smart contracts to the blockchain, spurring a minor revolution in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Before Ethereum, Bitcoin and its transaction-oriented design was the central focus of most blockchain projects.
After Ethereum, teams saw the value of decentralized apps (dapps) and smart contracts, and shifted their focus to compensate.
Vitalik Buterin’s Ethereum whitepaper was released in late 2013. The project itself was announced January 2014, with a crowdsale the following July. The system officially went live in July 2015.
Since then, hundreds of businesses, individuals, and blockchain projects have adopted Ethereum as their main smart contracts platform.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is focused primarily on one thing: fast and cheap international transactions.
Current banking infrastructure has failed to evolve in the 21st century, such that it still takes 3-5 business days on average for an international transfer to be processed. With just 4 second transaction times and at a fraction of the cost of a wire transfer, Ripple’s working product is already impacting the banking sector.
The big knock against Ripple is that its native token, XRP, is completely unnecessary. Indeed, driving adoption of Ripple’s banking solutions is far easier than getting real-world adoption for XRP.
If you’re interested in seeing a discussion about how XRP adoption will occur, you might find this reddit thread worth a read. Meanwhile, all of us will just have to wait and see whether XRP adoption strategies ultimately come to fruition.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash was created in 2017 when the first ever hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain took place. The split was the result of Bitcoin’s 1MB blocks filling up. Transaction speeds were declining, fees were increasing, and it became clear to the community that the current model wasn’t sustainable for scaling.
In a move that still causes cryptocurrency fights to this day, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash soon emerged as separate but similar projects. BCH has 8x the block size of BTC, giving it roughly 8x the transaction throughput. Its fees and transaction times are much faster, as predicted.
Learn more about Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash.

Stellar (XLM)

The Stellar project and its associated Lumens (XLM) token was forked from the Ripple protocol in 2014. Stellar has come into its own since then, providing a blockchain connection service for fiat transactions between banks, payment systems, and people. Stellar is fast and reliable, and it works with practically no fees for the end-user.
Stellar is a payments system, meaning its job is to move money as efficiently as possible. Partnerships with banks and financial institutions were key in evaluating its status, as was the ability to actually send money using the network.
Several non-profits and commercial entities have agreed to use Stellar as part of their financial infrastructure. Recently, the team partnered with IBM and KlickEx to facilitate cross-border transactions in the South Pacific and announced an affiliate with Keybase to streamline international transactions.
Stellar also has projects being built on its network by major established entities. IBM’s blockchain division is using XLM for their payments infrastructure, for example, and the Veridium startup is working with both organizations to tokenize its carbon credits market.

Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin is a Bitcoin fork that was created in 2011 by Charlie Lee as a cheaper and faster (2.5 minute block time instead of 10) alternative to Bitcoin. This is accomplished predominantly because Litecoin uses a Scrypt hashing algorithm instead of the SHA-256 algorithm used by Bitcoin. It’s common to hear Litecoin called “digital silver” to Bitcoin’s “digital gold,” and in reality Litecoin does not really expand upon the functionality of Bitcoin in a significant way so much as it makes different tradeoffs.
That being said, it does succeed in being cheaper and faster to use than BTC, which has led to it being accepted by hundreds of merchants and thus making Litecoin one of the most widely used cryptocurrencies for digital payments.

Tether (USDT)

Tether is an unusual project. Whereas most cryptocurrencies rise and fall in value, Tether was designed to stay the same, fixed at a 1:1 ratio with the U.S. dollar.
This allows users to store, send, and receive digital currencies across platforms without incurring significant losses due to value fluctuations.
The Tether stable coin sounds straightforward, but the project isn’t without controversy. USDT is supposedly backed by real USD sitting in a bank account. But in which account? Who controls it? And is Tether being used to manipulate the value of Bitcoin? It’s all part of the Tether controversy.

Monero (XMR)

Released in 2014 as a fork of Bytecoin, Monero has since made a name for itself as the most popular privacy coin on the market.
Most cryptocurrencies offer little in the form of anonymity. Monero was built for privacy from the ground-up, featuring stealth addresses, ring signatures, and complete coin fungibility. All of this adds up to a near-perfect cloak of anonymity, allowing Monero users to conduct transactions without exposing their identity.
Monero has had steady growth over the years thanks to a dedicated team of developers and an active community. The project continues to evolve with new privacy features and improved transaction security.


NEO was founded in 2014 as one of the earliest smart contract platforms, giving it a wide breadth of possible functionality. The platform’s strongest use case is digitizing traditional assets so that they can be easily tracked and exchanged on the blockchain.
NEO is also well-known as the “Chinese Ethereum,” and the fact that it is a Chinese-based project does seem to make Chinese dapp developers somewhat more likely to build on top of it than other platforms.
In fact, NEO has already supported dozens of ICOs and remains one of the predominant platforms for supporting smart contracts and dapps.

Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance Coin is an exchange token used to reduce trading fees on the Binance platform.
Users can opt to pay exchange, listing, and withdrawal fees using BNB and enjoy as much as a 50% discount on all charges. This turns out to be a powerful incentive for purchasing and holding BNB, as what trader doesn’t enjoy saving money on transactions?
Binance Coin is an ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Its purpose is extremely limited, but because such a vast number of Binance users transact with it every day, it qualifies as a working and active product.

Zcash (ZEC)

Zcash is another immensely popular privacy coin that often cracks the top 20 cryptocurrencies. It uses the tagline “internet money” and promises to fully protect the privacy of transactions with zero-knowledge cryptography.
Zcash provides anonymity by shielding transactions on the blockchain, preventing anyone from seeing the sender, recipient, or value of each transaction. The technology is so effective the Ethereum team is investigating it to enable anonymous transactions on their network.
Zcash has grown in leaps and bounds in 2018. The dev team published a roadmap through the year 2020, which includes a major features upgrade in the October 2018 Sapling release. Coinbase is also considering listing Zcash, which is a huge boost for any cryptocurrency.

Qtum (QTUM)

Qtum is a smart contracts platform similar to Ethereum, only with a stronger focus on value transfers and decentralized apps. It’s meant to be something of a hybrid between Bitcoin and Ethereum, allowing businesses to build smart contracts on the platform or just focus on cryptocurrency transactions.
Qtum launched in March 2017, and dashed straight to the top. The initial offering sold over $10 million in tokens after just 90 minutes. The project differentiated itself by providing a rare Proof-of-Stake smart contracts platform designed to compensate for some of Ethereum’s shortcomings, including lack of compatibility for mobile devices.
Qtum released its mainnet in September 2017, opening the doors to a fully functional smart contract and dapps platform. Several projects already have an established presence on the network. One of the more exciting ones is Space Chain, which aims to create an open-source satellite network anyone can use for data transmission, storage, and development.

0x Protocol (ZRX)

0x Protocol has one of the most important working products in the entire Ethereum ecosystem. It is a permissionless, open-source protocol that facilitates trustless exchanges of Ethereum tokens through relayers and dapps that build on top of the protocol.
Not only has 0x been providing this functionality for over a year now, but they’ve been working to expand the protocol functionality significantly since that initial launch. In 0x protocol 2.0 and beyond, it will be possible to trade tokens built on standards besides ERC-20, including non-fungible ERC-721 tokens.
In a market full of scams and vaporware, 0x’s valuable contributions to the Ethereum ecosystem have made it one of the best performing cryptocurrencies of 2018.

Bytecoin (BCN)

Bytecoin is another popular privacy-focused cryptocurrency with a strong community and user base. Transactions on the Bytecoin blockchain are instantaneous, untraceable, unlinkabe, and resistant to blockchain analysis.
Bytecoin has been around for a long time now, with contributions to the project beginning in 2012. However, that hasn’t stopped the project’s developers from continuously improving the product.
The recently updated Bytecoin roadmap has a hard fork for a consensus update scheduled for August 31, as well as numerous initiatives for community growth constantly in the works.

Decred (DCR)

Founded in 2015 by former Bitcoin developers, Decred’s most important working product is its solution to Bitcoin’s biggest problem. No, not scalability… blockchain governance.
You see, early Bitcoiners have been debating block size limitations and the efficacy of other scalability solutions like the Lightning Network for years, even though the problem of scalability really only became discussed in the mainstream in 2017.
With its community-based governance model and strong adherence to the core ethos of decentralization, Decred is built to evolve and improve rapidly. That means that it’s equipped to handle not only the scalability problem today, but other big problems that might arise down the line.
When you have poor governance, it is an arduous process making any upgrades to a project, no matter how necessary they may seem to the majority of coin holders. Decred’s best-in-class and still improving governance model give it an intriguing case to be a leader in digital payments for a long time to come.

BitShares (BTS)

BitShares aims to improve worldwide access to financial services via blockchain. The tagline “assist the unbanked” summarizes the project nicely. In practice, this translates to BitShares operating as a decentralized exchange, one that was built from the ground-up to avoid scalability issues and keep transaction fees low.
BitShares was launched in 2014 by Dan Larimer, who would then go on to take a lead development role in both EOS and Steem.
The current state of the project offers decentralized asset exchange, price-stable cryptocurrencies, recurring and scheduled payments, user-issued assets, and more, all available through a decentralized system powered by delegated PoS consensus.

Steem (STEEM)

Steem is the cryptocurrency that powers Steemit, a decentralized social media platform that incentivizes user participation through micropayments. Think of it like Reddit, only instead of just upvoting or downvoting posts, users can actually reward creators for their effort.
Steem is a functional cryptocurrency used exclusively on the Steemit platform. That gives it something of a limited use, but seeing as how Steemit is live and boasts a few hundred thousand users, it’s hard to argue it isn’t a working product. Some people may even be earning money using Steemit.

Siacoin (SIA)

Siacoin is one of the leaders in decentralized cloud storage, a more secure and affordable alternative to centralized cloud storage solutions like Amazon S3, Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, and others.
Sia 1.0 was launched in June 2016, and has achieved considerable adoption since then. With the $200 billion cloud storage market widely seen as one of the spaces most ripe for blockchain disruption, Sia has gotten off to a nice start by offering a functional decentralized cloud storage platform for over 2 years.

Augur (REP)

Augur is one of the most recently launched products on this list. The platform mainnet went live in early July 2018, bringing to fruition almost 4 years of post-ICO work.
Augur is a decentralized prediction market that uses game theory to generate crowd-sourced insights. Essentially, thousands of people working together have shown the remarkable ability to forecast outcomes.
With Augur, users can put REP tokens as bets on these predictions, essentially creating a form of “useful social gambling.”
Augur’s release was a long time coming. The project started as far back as 2014, nearly a year before the ICO. The creators cite the complexity of Augur’s smart contracts as the chief cause of the lengthy development time.
Regardless of its past, Augur is now a live product with a bright future. Over 300 predictions have already been made, with the largest winning payout hitting $20,000. Betting volume even exceeded $1 million within the first weeks of launch.

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Basic Attention Token was one of the easiest projects to include on this list. That’s because its working product, Brave Browser, has more than 3 million active usersbetween its mobile and desktop platforms, making it one of the most widely-used working products in the blockchain space.
Not only is Brave Browser functional, it’s the only browser on the market that has built-in ad-blocking and tracker blocking, making the browsing experience both cleaner and faster than what you get with other popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox.
The future remains uncertain for the BAT token itself, as its adoption depends heavily on whether or not advertisers buy-in to the Brave model, as well as how willing Brave users are to be shown relevant ads and to pass along the BAT they earn to content publishers.
Given Brave’s success in just a short time since being launched, though, the future does appear promising for BAT.

Nano (XRB)

Nano (formerly RaiBlocks) is all about scalability. The coin has nearly instant transactions with a completely fee-less structure. The platform accomplishes this by creating a unique blockchain for every account, preventing bloat and allowing for practically infinite scalability.
Nano’s motto of “do one thing and do it well” has gotten them a long way. The team doesn’t have to deal with scaling or slowdown issues thanks to the underlying structure of the project, allowing its roadmap to focus on wallet updates and outreach. This is one cryptocurrency that’s essentially feature complete, and it has been for some time.

Golem (GNT)

Golem has set out to be the Airbnb of computing resources. Have you ever needed extra GPU power to finish up a render? How about processing scientific data similar to the [email protected] project?
Even if you don’t have those needs, a lot of groups do. Golem aims to provide easy access to those resources, all of which are rentable for a small cryptocurrency fee.
Golem hit the mainnet launch button in April 2018, and was met with a fair amount of fanfare. One of the main goals for the feature-incomplete launch was to push the product out so real users could put it to work.
The team was interested in strengthening their interactions with end users to help guide the future of the platform. The team has several major milestones planned for the coming months, so the mainnet release is only just the beginning.

Pundi X (NPXS)

Pundi X has been shooting up the market cap rankings so far in Q3 2018, and they also happen to have a working product that just recently became available to retailers.
The primary Pundi X product is a point-of-sale (POS) device that enables quick and easy mobile transactions for both fiat and cryptocurrencies. 500 POS devices are already being used by retailers in Asia, and there are thousands more scheduled to be distributed in the coming months.
In addition, Pundi X also offers XPASS cards, cryptocurrency credit cards that can work in place of mobile apps for making digital payments.
What makes the Pundi X project noteworthy is that it enables consumers to pay retailers in cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH, and it immediately converts the payments into local fiat currencies so that retailers don’t need to worry about price volatility of the cryptocurrencies.
This makes it significantly easier for people to use cryptocurrencies in their daily lives, making Pundi X an exciting project for blockchain enthusiasts who are looking for signs of future mass adoption.

Waves (WAVES)

Waves was the first ever blockchain platform that made it possible for anybody — regardless of their programming experience — to create blockchain tokens. Additionally, Waves has a decentralized exchange where tokens can be traded and exchanged with fiat currencies.
Since the project’s first releases in 2016, Waves has gone on to make their DEX accessible from mobile phones and expanded its functionality significantly, while also building several strategic partnerships to help grow the Waves community and user base.
Ultimately, though, the Waves Client is the project’s most important working product, as it is what allows tokens to be issued, stored, sent, and exchanged among users.

KuCoin Shares (KCS)

Similar to Binance Coin, KuCoin Shares is an exchange token that can be used to pay reduced fees on cryptocurrency trades. KCS has the added bonus of paying dividends to long-term hodlers, as well, paying out a 5% ROI for most users.
The nature of KuCoin Shares is one of the reasons the KuCoin exchange has gotten so much attention since it appeared on the scene. The tokens themselves are limited in scope, of course, but the sheer number of people using them for trades and buying them for passive income is enormous.

Wanchain (WAN)

Wanchain aims to build new and improved financial infrastructure to seamlessly connect the digital economy through blockchain interoperability. The use cases for Wanchain’s network are vast, and they include decentralized financial services, supply chain logistics, medical data sharing and security, digital ID management, and more.
With the recently released Wanchain 2.0, it is now possible to transfer Ether cross-chain using Wanchain’s Ethereum Mapping Token, WETH.
Ethereum interoperability is just the start, though, and it’s expected that cross-chain support for Bitcoin and a couple of ERC-20 tokens will follow before the end of 2018.

Komodo (KMD)

Komodo is a fork of Zcash that uses the same zk-snark cryptography to hide information about transaction participants and amounts being sent. Functional privacy coins aren’t unique (there are a handful on this list) but Komodo does have some unique features.
For one, Komodo was the first ever decentralized initial coin offering. Moreover, Komodo helps other developers to build their own customizable blockchain solutions, from building and securing independent blockchains and launching decentralized ICOs, to integrating projects into the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
KMD would already qualify as a working product for its anonymity features on digital payments, but add the end-to-end blockchain building solution and it’s clear that Komodo is making meaningful contributions to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Ardor (ARDR)

Ardor is a scalable blockchain platform that allows businesses to create their own child chains and tokens with relative ease. This helps keep blockchain bloat to a minimum and provides multiple transactional tokens without sacrificing core chain transactions. It’s also a remarkably energy efficient platform that uses Proof-of-Stake to power consensus.
Ardor launched its mainnet on January 1, 2018 after a full year in testnet status. Its core features are largely in place, with the roadmap set to improve things like scalability and snapshotting.
The Blockchain-as-a-Service-platform hosts a few projects of its own, including the Ignis ICO, which was the first child chain on the mainnet.

Huobi Token (HT)

Huobi is a digital asset exchange platform founded back in 2013, now offering well over 250 different trading pairs. The Huobi Token, meanwhile, is an ERC-20 token that is used on the exchange for discounts on trading fees of up to 50%.
In addition, 20% of the income generated on the Huboi Pro trading platform is used to buy back HT on the open market.
Unlike most buyback programs, the main purpose of Huobi’s program isn’t to reduce the circulating supply of HT. Rather, the HT that is bought back goes into a Huobi Investor Protection Fund, which is used to compensate Huobi users if they lose coins or tokens on the platform, as well as to ensure market stability and protect investor interests.

ZenCash (ZEN)

ZenCash is yet another privacy coin with a working product in the Top 100, originally launched in the first half of 2017.
What makes ZenCash unique is that it’s the first blockchain with Transport Layer Security (TLS) integration for node encryption, making communication on the ZenCash network both private and highly secure.
Some other interesting parts of the ZenCash product include Tor nodes and built-in chat messaging services. In the future, the ZenCash team will deliver a DAO Treasury Protocol-level Voting System as well as a scalability solution to handle greater transaction volume.


PIVX is another privacy coin that focuses on keeping users and their associated transactions hidden under a cloak of secrecy. The project also tries to keep transactions as fast and fee-less as possible, something not all privacy platforms can boast about.
PIVX launched in January 2016. The coin is currently spendable and delivers the privacy features it promises, though it’s not yet a widely accepted currency by merchants.
Future plans for PIVX include governance functions to engage the community, wallet voting, and its own zPIV decentralized exchange.

Kyber Network (KNC)

Kyber Network launched their mainnet in Q1 2018, enabling instantaneous and secure inter-token settlements through a Decentralized Liquidity Network.
It’s currently possible to swap ERC-20 tokens on the network with just a few mouse clicks, giving it some basic functionality that is already being used to improve liquidity for Ethereum tokens.
In the future, however, Kyber Network will expand its functionality significantly in an effort to seamlessly connect dapps, DEXes, protocols, payment systems, token teams, investors, fund managers, and digital wallets.

Bancor (BNT)

Bancor is a liquidity provider that enables users to exchange tokens without the need for a third-party to be involved in financing the transaction.
Gaining liquidity is incredibly important for young cryptocurrency projects, as a lack of liquidity makes it risky for investors to buy a considerable amount of a given coin or token, knowing that it might be exceedingly difficult to sell should they wish to.
Bancor’s technology makes it possible to convert one token to another, so that investors can be confident that they won’t be stuck involuntarily holding a cryptocurrency that they want to sell. This functionality makes the Bancor Liquidity Network one of the most promising working products on this list, and one that has already achieved a good deal of adoption.

Loom Network (LOOM)

Loom Network is still less than a year old, having been founded in October 2017. However, they have accomplished a lot in that short time span, including having launched numerous tools to help software developers learn how to build blockchain solutions.
The most important of these tools — and Loom’s biggest working product — is the Loom software development kit (SDK).
However, Loom Network is far more than just a simple blockchain coding academy. It is also a production-ready scalability solution for Ethereum, as the Loom developer toolkit helps programmers to build highly scalable dapps which connect to the Ethereum blockchain through special side chains called DappChains.
The project may still be in its infancy, but Loom Network is already contributing more utility to the cryptocurrency ecosystem than the vast majority of other cryptocurrency projects.

Polymath (POLY)

Polymath wants to be the world’s go-to resource for security tokens on the blockchain. What Ethereum did for tokens, Polymath will do for securities.
The advantages of this are enormous, but the Polymath team likes to point to 24/7 market access, the elimination of middlemen, and trading access for 2 billion unbanked people around the world as the chief benefits of their efforts.
The Polymath platform launched in October 2017, and has since released a new security token every week, attracting investors and traders alike. It’s not as exciting of a project as some other blockchain tech, but it’s delivering on its promises with a working product.

Bibox Token (BIX)

Bibox is a encrypted digital asset exchange whose primary differentiator from other crypto exchanges is that it integrates AI technology.
The purpose of the AI is to help Bibox’s traders, which it does by providing quantitative computation and analysis of trading activity, personalized risk allocation strategy, speech recognition, and objective analysis of the various coins and tokens listed on the exchange.
The Bibox exchange first launched back in November 2017. It has operation centers in the US, Canada, mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Estonia. BIX token holders receive 20% of the exchange profits, and also get discounts on trading fees, similar to Binance.
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Let's Get rid of the AFC and NFC

It's time to abolish the NFL's arbitrary conferences. This is far from a novel idea, but it seems like a simple, sensible change to address a source of potential competitive imbalance in the league. Why should it be easier to make the playoffs in one conference than another? Why should the second best team have its season end short of the Super Bowl just because it plays in the same conference as #1? In a league with so much parity across the board, what's gained by splitting teams into unnecessary conferences?
Dissolving the AFC and NFC, and having a single, unified playoff field would be easy and sensible. We could either keep the existing eight divisions, and have four wild cards, or consolidate down to four divisions, and have eight wild cards. Top four seeds get byes, top two seeds get home-field advantage until the playoffs, best two teams meet in the Super Bowl regardless of whether their franchise has historic roots in the AFL or NFL.
The 2016 NFL Playoffs would have been seeded thusly (assuming division winners still got the top 8 seeds):
Wild Card Round No. 12 Tennessee (would've bumped NFC 6-seed Detroit for the final spot based on H2H result) vs. No. 5 Pittsburgh; No. 11 Miami vs. No. 6 Seattle; No. 10 New York Giants vs. No. 7 Green Bay; No. 9 Oakland vs. No. 8 Houston.
Quarterfinals (assuming high seeds won, as they all did in 2016) No. 8 Houston vs. No. 1 New England; No. 5 Pittsburgh vs. No. 4 Atlanta (would have barely held off Pittsburgh for the last bye based on their superior SOV- .452 vs. .427) vs. highest remaining seed; No. 7 Green Bay vs. No. 2 Dallas; No. 6 Seattle vs. No. 3 Kansas City.
So instead of meeting in Houston in the first-ever overtime Super Bowl, last year New England would have hosted Atlanta in the NFL Semifinals, likely opposite Green Bay (based on their Divisional upset of Dallas) and Kansas City. The best teams get rewarded based on their performance, rather than arbitrarily punished or favored based on their conference affiliation.
Looking back through previous seasons, simply getting rid of conferences while maintaining the 8-division setup would have seen at least one non-playoff team finish with the same or better record than a wild card team from the other conference each of the last 5 years:
But I would take it a step further. Four-team divisions bother me because they have the potential to reward teams for beating only three other not very good teams (e.g., 2016 Houston (9-7), 2016 Green Bay (10-6), 2015 Houston (9-7), 2015 Washington (9-7), 2014 Carolina (7-8-1), 2013 Green Bay (8-7-1), 2012 Baltimore (10-6), and 2012 Washington (10-6) all hosted playoff games against teams with better records on the basis of winning a 4-team division). I would argue instead for four 8-team divisions, with the 4 division winners each getting a bye, while the top 4 non-division winners host the remaining 4 qualifiers in a true "Wild Card Round."
The existing divisions actually map pretty well onto each other, which would give us the following unified divisions:
NFL EAST (BosWash plus Dallas and Tampa)
NFL NORTH (a true Black & Blue Division)
NFL SOUTH (expansion teams and frequent entrants on the list of division champs with lower records)
NFL WEST (the Manifest Destiny Division, stretching from Rockies and Great Plains to Pacific)
With four 8-team divisions, I think the best scheduling option would be to 1) play every team in your division twice (14 games), and 2) play the other three teams that finished in the same position in their division (3 games) for a total of 17 games (I'd suggest dropping two preseason games to get the extra regular season game). Issues raised by this scheduling approach are 1) an odd number of games means a home-road imbalance for half the teams, 2) limited common opponents across divisions (maximum of two: one in your division, one in the other team's division), making inter-division comparisons difficult, and 3) seeing out-of-division opponents less frequently (unlike the current scheduling setup, where you're guaranteed to see each team at least every 4 years, it's theoretically possible that you could never be scheduled to play another team if you don't finish in the same position).
The alternative approach would be to play each division team only once (7 games- so more than the current 6), although this moves the home-road imbalance to the more meaningful divisional games. This scheduling approach would also work best with a 17-game schedule as you could play an entire, rotating division (8 games, and guaranteeing you'd see every other team at least every 3 years), plus the other 2 teams that finished in the same divisional position as you. I suppose we could keep 16 games by having the final game played against a random team (or one of the two remaining teams that finished in the same position as you), though I'm not wild about only playing each division team once. Perhaps this is an argument for expansion to 36 (<eyeroll>) so you could play your division twice (10) plus an entire other division (6), with 6 division champions and 6 wild card teams making the playoffs.
So that's my anti-AFC/NFC manifesto, but I'm curious as to fellow Redditors' thoughts. Is there a principled, competitive fairness-based argument for maintaining the AFC and NFC as separate conferences (bearing in mind that the Pro Bowl dropped the conferences for a three-year run 2013-2015)? And if the NFL did abolish conferences, what divisional and scheduling plan would work best?
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What is Block-Logic (BLTG)?

BLOCK-LOGIC TECHNOLOGY GROUP formerly Bitcoin-Lightning As of July 2018, Block-Logic Technology Group and the token BLTG has been created from the Bitcoin-Lightning project. After a community-wide vote, it was decided that the project should be managed by community members rather than the original developers. The name was changed to avoid confusion with other similarly named projects and to better represent the vision and goals of the new project. The process to swap your Bitcoin Lightning BLTG (“old-BLTG”) to the new BLTG (“NEW-BLTG”) will take place on October 22, 2018. Please read more about the swap below and follow one or more social media channels for the start date and complete instructions. *Block-Logic accepts no resposibility for the Bitcoin-Lightning project. By Swapping to the new BLTG token you understand and accept this. You have the choice to not swap and continue with the Bitcoin-Lightning project.
This is a brand new day for BLTG, old and new. Onwards and Upwards!
Block-Logic Technology Group is made up of a strong community of successful business entrepreneurs and blockchain developers who are dedicated to bringing the many advantages and efficiencies of blockchain technology to small and medium sized organizations throughout the world.
The Group is constructing the Block-Logic Network, a distributed SQL database and storage platform utilizing the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). Both the storage and the database will be secured and accessed using the masternode cryptocurrency BLTG.
The project, formerly known as Bitcoin Lighting, will be swapping to a new codebase in September of 2018. The new codebase will provide the project with the ability to create industry standard interfaces/APIs making it easier for any type of business to begin taking advantage of these technologies.
The Block-Logic Technology Group has Core Developers Around the World
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Completed Build | Mostly White, Not Cheap | Complete Product List With Links And Photos

This is an update to my build last year, which can be seen HERE. The cat is still there, she just didn't want to pose this year :)
All links provided are direct links to the manufacturer's page, when possible. If a retailer page is used, no affiliate links are used (except Amazon Smile).

Current Setup | Photo Album


Planned Upgrades

  • Keyboard | I want something white. Preferably low profile (mechanical or scissor switch, I like both) and wireless. I'm watching the Ducky Blade Air and hoping for a white variant. I'm also considering the Ducky One 2 in white. I'd even consider a Logitech G613 if they made one in white. But I'm in no hurry, don't want to compromise as I did so many times before getting to this point.
  • Mouse | I could see a swap to match the keyboard that I get, but I'm happy with the G703.
Interal Components
  • GPU | Going with a GeForce 11-series when they launch. Probably an 1170. Currently deciding between MSI Titanium (near white, quieter), or EVGA FTW (warranty/CS), if both are available again.
  • CPU/Mobo/RAM | Will upgrade when DDR5 comes out. After going up and down the stack previously, I'd like to go with a mid-ranger next time, the 2020/2021 equivalent to the i5-8400 or Ryzen 5 2600. Also something like a Cryorig C7 should be adequate for that CPU, while looking nicer in the case.
  • PSU | When the warranty expires, so 2022-ish.
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[Defense] - Jumbo


Real Name: Khayone Dlamini / Lesedi Louw
Age: 53 and 12
Occupation: Industrial Aides
Affiliation: Cape Town Building Corps
Role: Defense (Tanky)
HP: 200 hp, 150 armor
Pros: High defense, excellent area lockdown, good damage,
Cons: Poor mobility, poor self-sufficiency, easy target


LMB (Marksman) – Railgun - an oversized sniper rifle with a big wallop. Despite its pinpoint accuracy and lack of damage falloff, it cannot headshot. 100 dmg, 1 shell at a time, .75 second to put in a new shell. Firing kicks the player out of binocular to reload.
LMB (Mortar) – Howitzers - the miniature howitzers on the suit’s shoulders open fire, firing high-speed plasma blasts with small explosions, 2 per second with 60 damage for direct hit and 30 damage if caught in the blast. The clip is 14 shots, with a reload time of 2 seconds. When firing, Jumbo cannot turn more than 180 degrees, and Jumbo can’t move.
RMB – Binocular - a toggle that cycles between two different zoom modes: a 2x and a 4x. This is not a scope on the weapon but an element of the camera used for Jumbo’s interior, which is also the POV. InMortar mode, holding RMB over a target for 1 second marks the target. Marks vanish 1 second after breaking LoS, and they provide an icon similar to Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord during that time. Allies cannot see the marks. All abilities and attacks can be performed while scoping, but using Det Pod, quickmelee, Mode Swap, or Plasma Mortar will kick Jumbo out of Binocular.
Shift – Mode Swap - used to transform Jumbo’s suit between Marksman and Mortar modes. Jumbo begins in Marksman mode, where the enormous ‘legs’ and ‘shoulders’ attached to his suit are folded behind his back, with the ‘shoulders’ facing upward at 65-degree angles and the legs facing downward at 30-degree angles. The transformation alters the controls to tank controls: A and D turn Jumbo left and right, while W and D move straight forward and straight back, no exceptions and no strafing. Turning is, therefore, slower, and movement is approximately the speed of Reinhardt's when he's shielding.
E (Marksman) – Det Pod - Jumbo pulls out a spare missile pod and rolls it forward, the animation taking about .75 seconds. The pod continues to roll at a chipper pace until it hits an obstacle, at which point it just stops. At any point the barrel can be shot by anyone to explode in a decently wide radius, dealing 100 damage to any members of the enemy team caught inside. This ability can also hurt Jumbo. 10 sec cooldown.
E (Mortar) – Seekers From the missile pods on his suit’s outer ‘legs’ near the howitzers, six total rockets shoot forth in a spread formation. If a target has been marked by Binocular, they chase after it. Each seeker deals 50 damage. 10 sec cooldown.
Q – Unfettered Crying out, "Are you READY?" Khayone detaches the suit from the Atlas' shoulder-and-leg harness, leaving them as a massive autoturret that uses Howitzers on any enemies in sight. For as long as he wants he can run around, locked in Marksman mode, with Mode Swap unusable. During this ult, his head is exposed, allowing for headshots, and he uses his Railgun's scope rather than the one build into the absent headcase. The Atlas Turret remains where it is indefinitely, but it shuts down and begins to spark after taking either 500 damage or firing 24 shots. Physically touching the Atlas Turret triggers an animation where Khayone reattaches to the harness, after which all is back to normal. He gains ult charge for damage dealt by his rifle, det pod, and shoulder bash while Unfettered.


Nationality: South Africa
For those towntrodden and woeful, weary of the world’s great capacity harshness, the grandfather-granddaughter duo of Khayone and Lesidi serve as a beacon of hope and human connection. Above all else, it is clear that they love and believe in one another, and while both are optimistic neither are cut-and-dry. Khayone, the aging but powerful pilot of the Atlas Rig, flickers between two personas so different that you might not believe them to be part of the same man. Under normal circumstances he is the very essence of the caring father, gentle and loving with boundless patience and consideration for others, an eternally helpful attitude, and a predisposition toward mundane things. Yet, on the battlefield Khayone is transformed into a berserker, reveling in combat and even pain with exuberant, violent energy. His granddaughter, meanwhile, manages to be the opposite: while typically critical, noisy, and uncooperative, she grows deathly serious in trying times, maintaining an aura of calm bordering on apathy. Despite this, the affection the members of this inter-generational family feel for one another is real.
Jumbo The image portrays exactly what Jumbo looks like in full-armored mode, but the human details it leaves out. The opened headcage reveals the head of the man inside who is the suit’s main wearer and pilot. Khayone is native African, and he is bald, with graying black eyebrows and a huge, bristling mustache that is also black with gray tips. His eyes are dark and deep. On his ‘shoulders’ inside the headcage, is his granddaughter Lesedi, who works as the Atlas armor’s gunner. She wears a loose, scarlet-red battlesuit with blue overalls on top, and her dark, poofy hair is tied in a single, massive bun.
The warpath was a life Khayone thought he managed to leave behind.
He never imagined in all his years that the government of South Africa would go as far as to conscript ordinary people, from farmers to factory workers like him, when the Omnic Crisis erupted. Having worked with machines all his life, Khayone found himself using machines to destroy others, and he hated every minute of it. Over and over again he told himself that violence was not who he was, yet war has a way of affecting even the noblest of souls. A separate persona arose inside the man, one for whom destruction and warfare was a joyful pasttime, and Khayone loathed the revelry he took as that soldier. Ultimately, the Omnic Crisis ended, and Khayone returned to the factory, but the war inside him never left. He fell further and further out of connection with his family, focusing solely on his work, until his young granddaughter woke him up with the realization that he’d become little more than a machine himself. In Lesedi he found a bright spirit to wipe away the memories of trauma and stress, and proudly the intergenerational team signed up as Industrial Aides for the Cape Town Building Corps.
When the dogs of war were unleashed again, however, and the second Omnic Crisis threatened the stability of the world, Khayone felt irresistably drawn to the conflict. This time, however, he would have that shining light by his side. Within a walking fortress of metal furnished by the Corps, the pair decided to end the threat one way or another.
Their journey to the South African Omnium would end the debate once and for all: would peace reign, or war erupt?

Personal Effects

-The headcase of the Atlas suit opens up while Khayone crosses his arms, revealing Lesedi crossing her arms as well and making a face, trying for the typical ‘tough guy’ look.
-The Atlas suit’s headcase opens up, and he puts a hand over his eyes in the classic ‘explorer’ pose. Lesedi jumps out and stands on the arm, mimicking the pose herself.
-The Atlas suit’s headcase opens up, revealing Lesedi tearing open a granola bar. Yelling, “refueling!” she tosses it out and Khayone grabs it before taking a bite. The headcase then slams back down.
Khayone’s voice alternates between soothing and boisterous depending on his mood, but remains deep, while Lesedi’s alternates between confident and deadpan depending on her mood, but remains high and a little squeaky.
(Game about to start): “Are you ready for this, Lese? Going to be dangerous out there.”/“Tch! Dangerous is my middle name, granpa!” “I’m n-not scared. Not at all. Idiots.”/”I know, kiddo. I’m a little scared myself.”
(Hero switched to): “Hey! Lesidi’s on the case!” “Jumbo has arrived.”
(Greeting): “Hello, hello!” “Greetings.”
(Respawn): “Lese? Are you alright?”/”Yeah, yeah. I’ve been waiting for ages! Let’s go!” “There you are! What happened?”/”I’m just glad you made it out.” “No time to lose. Our friends need us.”/”Okay!”
(Multikill) : “That was too short.” “Boring.” “SCATTER like LEAVES!” “FALL to the WAYSIDE!”
(Killstreak): “BAHAHA! Learn your LESSON!”/”They can’t hear you anymore, Granpa.” “People sure seem sleepy today.” “Bad guys are gone.” “Anyone ELSE WANT SOME?” “Over SO SOON?!”
(About to win): “Looks like they’re retreating.” “Nearly there! FINISH THEM OFF!”
(About to lose): “WHAT!? HOW can THIS BE?!” “Enough playing around.”
Common (Seabed) - Most of the armor is dark blue
Common (Snowbound) - The armor is white
Rare (Sandstorm) - The armor has a desert camo. Lesedi’s suit is now green with red flowers
Rare (Foxhole) - The armor is now mostly shades of brown with patches of green. Lesedi’s suit is now orange with white accents
Legendary (Golem) - The entire suit is made of stone with vines, leaves, and moss. The howitzers resemble ancient stone cannons, and the headcase has a stone face on the front. Lesedi is wearing druid robes. Khayone has a full beard rather than a magnificent mustache.
Legendary (Siege Engine) - The entire suit is made of wood and metal, like a contraption of Da Vinci. The howitzers are metal and wooden ballista that shoot explosive arrows, and the headcase is shaped like a Renaissance sculpture’s head. Lesedi is garbed in a dress, while her grandfather’s mustache is waxed and curled, and he wears a muffin hat.
I thank you for reading and for any feedback you might have, especially criticism
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[Tank] Hero Concept 5: Baba Yaga

TITLE: Baba Yaga
NAME: Nina Yakolev
AGE: 80
HEIGHT: 182 cm (5 ft 11.5 in)
WEIGHT: 81 kg (178.5 lbs)
OCCUPATION: Contract Killer
BASE OF OPERATIONS: Oymyakon, Russia
ROLE: Tank
ARMOR: 200
WEAPON: Cackler Rocket Launchers
APPEARANCE: In spite of being a tall woman, especially for her age, Baba Yaga's character model is fairly short. It's clear that she is hunched over pretty far due to the structure of her mech, and may even be laying down inside it like D.Va does. All together, her silhouette is hunchbacked and most similar to that of Winston, but very slightly more compact. Her mech is silver metal and covered in old dents and scratches. The hump that is the main bulk of her model is covered in large, curved, scale-like plates of metal that cover up most gaps that would allow the viewer to see through to the other side of her character, giving her a very solid and dense appearence. Most of Baba Yaga's actual body is hidden by her mech, though the majority of her head is visible, and she is always sporting a crooked, slightly mocking smile. Her nose, right eye, and right half of her scalp are covered with what appears to be half of a helmet. This partial helm is stylized to give her the appearance of a hooked, witch-like nose and a large, milky-white eye. Her hands are also visible, clutching two joysticks which control the orientation of two rocket launchers sitting to either side of them. The legs of the mech are jointed in such a way to be clear that they are not Baba Yaga's real legs, and appear more similar to chicken legs, with clawed feet and everything. A noticable feature of Baba Yaga's appearance is her long, stark white hair, which drapes down the front of her mech from where her face rests.
VOICE: Very much an ancient woman's voice, with the slow and cracking qualities that go hand in hand with that. She is a polyglot, as well, able to speak English, Russian, and Japanese all with almost no accent to speak of.
BACKSTORY: Before the world's first omnic was ever built, Nina Yakolev was a figure in the Russian Mafia. As the owner of several isolated 'safe houses' and a master of moving dangerous items around, she was actually a fairly influential figure at that. She also had many hobbies: studying language, collecting and designing heavy ordinance weaponry, and dancing, to name a few. She was a powerful individual and enjoyed many years as such. However, as with many organizations at the time, when the Omnic Crisis began, the Russian Mafia was dropped into chaos, and most of what Nina had to her name was destroyed. In order to survive, even as the world crashed down around her, she had to retreat from her life and take up residence in her most remote and secluded safe house. From there, with almost nothing left to her name, she decided that the only thing left for her to do was to counter attack and destroy as many omnics as she could manage. Using her knowledge of weaponry, she built her own war suit from the materials she had secreted away in the safe house and went out, waging war like so many at the time. When the war ended, Nina's empire was gone, but she had developed a new set of skills. Deciding to take a different direction for the remainder of her life, she became the contract killer known as Baba Yaga. In all honesty, she has enjoyed this half of her life a bit more than the first half. Enough so that, even at 80 years old, she's still going strong.
PERSONALITY: Baba Yaga is quite a bit of an egotist, having spent half of her life as the leader of a criminal empire and, when that came crashing down around her, turning around in her waning years to become a widely successful contract killer. She strongly feels that, in spite of being one of the oldest fighters out there, she's still one of the most fit. She is also very rude and will freely taunt others, asserting that, even as a tiny, old lady, she can still 'whip their ass.' She isn't without her fun-loving streak, however, and will crack inappropriate jokes during missions, or laugh at the misfortune of others.
PROS: Baba Yaga has an incredible amount of survivability, able to keep going and fighting at full strength for several seconds after already having taken enough damage than another character would be dead. Further, she is able to heal herself and her teammates, put out enough damage to keep up with offense heroes, and even move about the field with fair mobility. Her Forward Blitz can serve as a combination knockback and stun effect, her Cackler Rocket Launchers can allow for strong suppressing fire, and her Cache Placement can give her team very solid survivability.
CONS: While it takes a lot to kill Baba Yaga, she can still be easily manipulated. She actually has less health than most tanks in the game, and when she runs out, every attack that would damage her instead knocks her back, giving a high damage character the ability to trivialize her by keeping her out of range. Further, so long as the enemy team is aware of where she might keep her caches, their benefit can be easily be removed entirely. She also has terrible accuracy at anything except very close range and her mobility enhancing ability also has a short range itself.
PASSIVE: Iron Determination - Baba Yaga does not die when reduced to 0 hit points. Instead, she has a 5 second timer which only counts down when she's at 0 hit points. If this timer reaches 0, that is when she dies. Baba Yaga can be healed while at 0 hit points only if it has been at least 1 second since an attack which would normally damage her has hit her. Otherwise, any effect which would heal her instead has no efect. When Baba Yaga is above 0 hit points and not being damaged, this timer counts back up towards 5 seconds at a rate of 1 second on the timer for every 5 seconds spent recharging. While at 0 hit points, attacks that would normally damage Baba Yaga instead knock her back, at a rate of 1 meter for every 25 points of damage the attack would have dealt, allowing enemy players to still affect her. This 5 second timer is represented by a horizontal bar above her crosshair which shrinks, it's outer edges pulling in towards the middle, as it counts down. This bar is transparent when full, but becomes opaque and turns red the lower it gets.
LMB: Cackler Rocket Launchers - Baba Yaga's primary fire are twin miniature rocket launchers. Holding left mouse button allows for continual fire starting with her right launcher. Then, while the right launcher is reloading, the left launcher fires. The reload is timed such that 5 rockets fire every 3 seconds. As the rockets fly through the air, they waver and shimmy back and forth in unpredictable ways. Accuracy is only guaranteed within the first 10 meters. After that, the irregularities in the rocket movements make the spread very large, and a single rocket can be as much as 5 meters off of the intended target. These rockets have a travel speed of 35 meters a second (slightly faster than Lucio's sound blobs) and explode in a small radius of only 1 meter. This splash damage from this explosion deals between 20 and 50 damage. A direct hit by a rocket deals 70 damage. These explosions can also deal 35 damage to Baba Yaga if she is close enough to them. These rocket launchers have a small amount of kickback, moving Baba Yaga backwards about 1 meter every time she fires one.
SHIFT: Forward Blitz - Baba Yaga bounds forward in a flash, moving forward 8 meters in whichever direction she is facing, even up, in the blink of an eye. Anyone in the path of this dash is similarly moved, ending up somewhere within 2 meters in front of her, stunned for a quarter of a second, and dealt 25 damage. This ability has a 6 second cooldown.
E: Cache Placement - With a 1.5 second animation, Baba Yaga places down an object which looks something like a glowing, golden pot. A faint golden aura surrounds it to mark it's location. This is an object with 5 hit points that can be destroyed by friendly fire. If destroyed by Baba Yaga or a friendly character, the destroyer is immediately healed by 200 hit points. Baba Yaga can have up to three of these caches present on the map at a time, but must wait 3 seconds between placing them down. A cache can be damaged by an enemy half a second before being able to be damaged by an ally, so they can be difficult to use in a fight.
ULTIMATE: Rising Surge - With the audio cue of Baba Yaga letting out a distinctive cackle, she launches up, vertically, gaining 12 meters of height and pushing everyone, enemy or ally, within a 12 meter radius circle of her starting position backwards, to the edge of that circle. Enemies pushed back this way are stunned for half a second, but allies are unaffected. Baba Yaga then falls slowly, at a rate of 4 meters a second, and can move about as she falls, able to fire down from her new high ground. This ultimate requires 1000 charge, charges at a rate of 5 per second, and earns 1 charge for every point of damage Baba Yaga deals.
  • Hello: "Как поживаешь?" - "Hello." - "Hajimemashite."
  • Character Selected: "Time for another job."
  • Match Countdown: "So, are we ready to go to work?" - "Alright kids, it's time to get started." - "If this goes well, I'm knitting you all sweaters."
  • Mid-Game Swap: "I hear you kids needed someone competent."
  • Respawn: "Nothing stops Baba Yaga." - "You know, if they had finished the job, I wouldn't be coming to kick their asses, now." - "What a foul person, beating up a little, old lady like that."
  • Capturing Objective: "We're on the point." - "I'm in control of the point. Anyone care to help?" - "Securing the objective."
  • Moving Payload: "Transporting the goods." - "We're mobile." - "Okay, let's get this where it needs to go."
  • About to Win: "[Laughter] We're kicking their asses!" - "It's good to know that not all of you are incompetent." - "Nothing like when a job is almost done.
  • Opponent Capturing Objective: "Enemy is on the point." - "Oh hey, we have some target practice hanging out on our property." - "Could we pull our heads out of our asses and defend the point, now?"
  • Opponent Moving Payload: "Enemy is moving the payload." - "Can we and at least try and stop them?" - "They're gaining too much ground."
  • About to Lose: "[Laughing] We're getting our asses kicked!" - "Are we going to stop fooling around, now?" - "I think it's about time we start doing our job."
  • Need Help: "Noooooo, of course, why would you heal me?" - "Don't mind me, just dying alone." - "Need healing!"
  • Group Up: "Could someone get over here to help a little old lady out?" - "Get your asses over here!" - "Cобираться."
  • Acknowledged: "I was thinking the same thing." - "Oбщепризнанный." - "Affirmative."
  • Thank You: "About time someone did their job." - "Oh isn't that so sweet?" - "What, did you expect a thank you? That's nice."
  • Opponent Killed: "Oh, how cute. You thought you could keep up with me." - "Yeah, Grandma's still got it." - "Well, I outlived you."
  • Ultimate Charging 0-90%: "My ultimate is charging." - "Rising surge is charging." - "I'm grounded for now."
  • Ultimate Charging 90-99%: "My ultimate is almost ready." - "Rising surge is almost ready." - "It's almost time to rise."
  • Ultimate Ready: "My ultimate is ready." - "Rising surge is ready." - "Ready to rise."
  • Activating Cache Placement: "Just in case we need it." - "There we go." - "It's good to have a backup plan."
  • Ana Interation: "[Ana] Nina, you're 80 years old. Don't you think it's well past time to retire?" "[Baba Yaga] Just because you're so weak that you needed time off doesn't mean we all are."
  • Junkrat Interaction: "[Junkrat] You call those little peashooters guns? I'll show you real guns." "[Baba Yaga] Awww, look at the boy and his overcompensation."
  • McCree Interaction: "[Baba Yaga] Hey there, you little stud muffin. Are you doing anything after this op?" "[McCree, incredibly uncomfortable] Uhm. . . sorry ma'am, I'm busy." "[Baba Yaga] Awh, don't be shy."
  • Zarya Interaction: "[Zarya] You should use your skills to fight for your country, Nina, and join us in the conflict against the Siberian omnium." "[Baba Yaga laughs] Kid, I don't have a country."
  • Dripping Blood: Baba Yaga's entire mech is painted matte red. The scratches and dents that cover her mech still show the silver underneath.
  • Cackling Laughter: Baba Yaga's entire mech is painted matte yellow. The scratches and dents that cover her mech still show the silver underneath.
  • Lurking Shadow: Baba Yaga's entire mech is painted matte black. The scratches and dents that cover her mech still show the silver underneath.
  • Sudden Lightning: Baba Yaga's entire mech is painted matte white. The scratches and dents that cover her mech still show the silver underneath.
  • Swamp: Baba Yaga's mech is retextured to look more like faded green ceramic instead of silver metal. A small amount of mud splatters the sides of her mech and covers it's legs. She is wearing a cloth mask over the bottom half of her face and her hair has been tied up and hidden under her partial helm.
  • Beast: Baba Yaga's mech is retextured to look more like reflective, black ceramic instead of silver metal. She wears black gloves, a full-face covering cloth mask with blacked out goggles, and her hair has been tied up and hidden under her partial helm. Red lights glow within the interior of the mech and across the front, illuminating her rocket launchers and other parts of her mech to give it the appearance of a huge, sharp-toothed, grinning face.
  • Crone: Baba Yaga's skin is recolored to be slightly more pale than usual, and the whites of her eyes are tinted slightly yellow. Her long hair is textured to look slightly tangled, giving her a somewhat deranged look. Her mech is now covered in a tattered, gray cloth which hangs down, obscuring most of the mech. Things such as crystals, animal pelts, and tiny skulls hang from pieces of twine tied into this cloth. What parts of her mech are visible are blackened with soot and more weathered than usual.
  • Quilted: Baba Yaga's skin is recolored to be slightly warmer and more tan than usual, and her long hair is textured to look particularly smooth. Her mech is now covered with a thick, patchwork quilt, each patch of the patchwork being a different small pattern. Some of these patterns are geometric patterns and others are little scenes between different figures. This quilt is dominated by warm colors, being mostly red and yellow, but with black and white as well. Long tassles and glass ornaments hang at different locations from the quilt. This quilt obscures most of Baba Yaga's mech, but the parts that are still visible seem to be brass in coloration, and more pristine than usual.
  • Steam Engine: Baba Yaga's mech is recolored to appear as primarily cast iron with various areas being bright copper. These copper areas appear to be piping poking out from the mech's interior, along with a few smokestacks rising from the hump area of the mech. Columns of steam rise from the smokestacks across her mech as well from her rocket launcher barrels, which appear to be glowing red hot on their interior. Baba Yaga's partial helm is also altered to a stylized full helm which covers her entire face. This new helm sports a wide bar-like visor and several parallel, vertical openings over the mouth area, giving the appearance of the cattle guards which are commonly seen on the front of classical steam trains. Her hair has been tied up and hidden under this helmet.
  • Clockwork: Baba Yaga's mech is recolored to appear as primarily brass with various areas being dull silver. These silver areas appear to be chains, gears, and coiled springs and appear as parts of a larger system inside the mech. There is a constant, faint, rhythmic ticking and whirring from within her mech. Her rocket launcher barrels are bright silver and stylized with gear patterns. Baba Yaga's partial helm is also altered to a stylized full helm which covers her entire face. This new helm is smooth and rounded but has two circular eyes, giving her a goggled appearance. Her hair has been tied up and hidden under this helmet.
  • Heroic: Baba Yaga directs her mech to strike a simple a pose.
  • Stretch: Baba Yaga's mech folds open as she stands up, revealing her entire body, as she stretches a couple of times and then hunches back over while the mech closes back up around her.
  • Knitting: Baba Yaga's mech eases down into a sitting posture as she reaches inside and pulls out some pink knitting. She then sits there and knits until the emote is cancelled.
  • Fight Me: Baba Yaga's mech opens up halfway as she rises up and lifts her fists up in front of her, beckoning with one hand as if to say 'come on, let's fight.'
  • Heroic: Baba Yaga's mech stands there in a simple pose.
  • Outside: Baba Yaga stands beside her mech, which sits wide open.
  • Knitting: Baba Yaga's mech sits on it's haunches, halfway open. Baba Yaga is sitting in the mech and busying herself with some pink knitting.
  • Explosives: Baba Yaga stands slightly behind the main line up of heroes with her mech behind her and piles of missiles surrounding her, piled up to her waist.
  • Heroic: Baba Yaga and her mech begin turned away from the camera. Then, with heavy, stomping footfalls, they turn towards it.
  • Armor Up: Baba Yaga begins standing in her opened-up mech before it folds up around her and she brings her rocket launcher barrels forward, pointing them at the camera.
  • Knitting and Missles: Baba Yaga sits cross legged on the ground outside her mech, surrounded by missiles and working on some pink knitting. Near the end of the highlight intro her eyes turn to look at the camera and she smirks.
  • Iron Determination: Explosions fill the screen with fire. Then, through the chaos, Baba Yaga's mech stomps out, sparks flying from it's armor as she fires her own missiles towards the camera. Baba Yaga is clearly laughing her head off, reveling in the chaos.
[Defense] Hero Concept 1: Mr. Saturday
[Support] Hero Concept 2: Lady
[Tank] Hero Concept 3: Jones
[Offense] Hero Concept 4: Conray
[Offense] Hero Concept 6: Mboka
[Defense] Hero Concept 7: Blind Prophet
[Support] Hero Concept 8: Nomad
[Defense] Hero Concept 9: Lanying
[Support] Hero Concept 10: Irradiate
[Tank] Hero Concept 11: Blodeuyn
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Saturday, 13 January 2018
 January is here and you know it’s time for blistering cold, less outdoor activities and more curling up in a warm couch and paying close attention to the latest transfer news surrounding Manchester United. Which players are coming into the club and which players are ready to pack their bags out of Old trafford in search of greener pastures. It’s only been two days into January and already Manchester United are in the limelight of the transfer window rumours. Yes, a lot of quality players are already popping up as potential players that will be making their way into Old Trafford by the end of this coming January as well as players that will be packing and leaving Old Trafford in search of greener pastures by the end of January. Manager Jose Mourinho has not made any clear statements on the clubs plan for the club this January, in the last two summer transfer window, mourinho released any chains that might have limited the number of players the clubs lets in the club and brought in Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Victor Lindelof and Romelu Lukaku. Mkhitaryan is a player who has proven that he has the skill and pace that can change any game to win for his own team. The Armenian was expected to become the ultimate game changer for the Red Devils with the support of Paul Pogba, Nemanja Matic right behind him and Romelu Lukaku right in front, Mkhitaryan was expected to have enough breathing space around him to influence the game a little bit more by creating goals for himself and for his team mates but as the mid season approaches, Mkhitaryan`s lack of productivity for the team has found him struggling for Game time and could find himself heading out of Old Trafford by the end of January. Inter Milan is one club that has expressed serious interest on the player, United might be open to talks of a player swap. Mkhitaryan for Joao Mario is a business deal mourinho is working on closing as soon as possible. Mario will currently cost Manchester United a total fee of around 23 million to buy the Portuguese out of his current contract that will keep the Portuguese in his current club till 2021. United are certainly capable of Paying for Mario’s release cluase to bring Mario over to Old Trafford this season and the versatile Player will definately be a great boost to Uniteds attacking flair for the rest of the season. United are not just stopp;ing at paying for Mario’s release cluase but are also willing to send unseatled United player Henrik Mkhitaryan to seal the deal. To be hornest, these all sounds like fabricated rumours because both Porto and Manchester United have not made any comments on bringing in new faces this January to strengthening their teams this January so news of agreement of any deal between the two clubs should not be expected any time soon. In a more certain news, Manchester United are ready to welcome back super star striker Romelu Lukaku back in the starting eleven. The clubs star center forward sustained a head injuring during the Red Devils recent match against english club Southampton when the big man jumped to try and win a header and was stretchered off with an oxygen mask on. As expected, Manchester United fans had feared the worse when they watched the clubs number one striker injured and the amount time the media, the fans had anticipated the injury to last was about a couple of months at least. Mourinho, however, has delivered some great news to everyone affiliated with Manchester United that Lukaku is currently recuoperating very well and was even requesting a return to practice but the manager denied the Belgiums request and is admant on letting the striker rest and regain his full fitness in other to aid Manchester United keep the pressure on Manchester City for the remainder of the season. This week mourinho decided to make headlines like he normally does by entering a battle with manager Antonio Conte this month. Mourinho and Conte has had a bikerring between eachother that has streched back to last season when Chelsea beat Manchester United when United paid a visit to stanford bridge during the Red Devils chase for the Premier League glory. During the game, Antonio Conte celebrated Chelsea’s goals by sliding close to Manchester Uniteds bench. The defeat played a crucial roll in Manchester Uniteds title dream and Mourinho showed his disaproval with Conte’s antiques by whispering some choice words in the Chelsea mangers ear. No one knows what the words were but Mourinho did express his dissapointment during his post match press comfress by saying “ I thought his antiques were a bit childish and unproffessional”. Ever since then, the two managers have been making the headlines in the papers. Mourinho has never shyed away from being the center of the news ever since his days as FC Porto general manager and it has continued after that. Quite frankly I don’t mind the manager expressing himself at any point in the season and i’m sure the fans would not be fazed whenever the media decides to blow things out of proportion but the only time the fans will start showing concern is when the managers antiques start to affect the teams success. So as long as Mourinho wins titles and keeps the fans happy, the fans will accept his antiques as well as any news the english media writes about the manager. 
To finish up for the day, I will talk on manchester United possibly extending Mourinho's managerial contract that would keep the Portuguese Manager at the club past the year 2018. Ever since his appointment as Manchester United Mourinho has lead the club to win The FA Cup and The EFL Cup consecutively. With two title under his belt already, the legendary portuguese manager went on to demand that United complete at least one big money signing that will help boost the teams performance and help the club stake strong champîonship challenges in the near future. With all the major improvements Mourinho has already made in United in only his first season, it's no surprise that the fans are already expecting new faces to contacted and negotiations for new players acquisitions to be completed by the end of January 2018. With that in mind there are some other players currently on expiring contracts whom have been strongly linked with a move to Old Trafford and are certainly not out of Manchester United's reach.
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[Offense] Hero Concept 4: Conray

TITLE: Conray
NAME: Noah Conray
AGE: 54
HEIGHT: 178 cm (5 ft 10 in)
WEIGHT: 78 kg (172 lbs)
BASE OF OPERATIONS: Kennedy Space Center, Florida
ROLE: Offense
WEAPON: Plasma Cannon
APPEARANCE: Conray is completely covered, head to toe, in a sealed space suit. This suit is mostly comparable to modern day space suits but with mild updates to make it look more sleek and scifi. The suit still looks mildly puffy, in the astronaut style, complete with bulbous dome of a helmet, stiff torso, and a portable life support system. He also carries a jetpack assembly on his back which appears to support it's own weight on constantly running engines poking out from it's underside. Part of this assembly extends over either shoulder, and down along either arm, with joysticks always within grasping range. His weapon is a two handed shotgun-esque laser gun which he fires from the hip and which has heavy-looking cables connecting it back into his suit. He has an American flag on his left shoulder and a NASA logo on his right shoulder. The visor of his helmet is clear, and his head is visible within. He is thin, wrinkled, balding, has a trimmed beard of white, straight hairs. Conray wears thick, black glasses similar to Mei's.
VOICE: Light and crisp with the slight strain that comes from old age. His voice has a tone of smoldering, solid anger to it which never crosses into the unprofessional.
BACKSTORY: When the Omnic Crisis covered the world in war, not everyone was sure that humanity would be able to win the fight. Across the globe, several plans were put into motion with the intention of weathering the conflict and emmerging from the other side. NASA's secret "Ararat Project" was one such plan. The plan was to launch dozens of ships with thousands of lifeforms on board each one, and make the long journey to a different location, one where some small portion of humanity could survive, and consider taking back Earth, should the chance arise. The first step in the project was to send out preliminary construction ships and lay the ground work at the different possible locations. Noah Conray was an astronaut on one of these preliminary ships. However, omnics noticed the launches, and fired barrages of long range missiles to take down the ships. All but Conray's ship were destroyed, and even Conray's ship was crippled. With life support systems failing, the crew of the vessel were unable to return the ship to Earth, but managed to get it to it's destination: a large asteroid with a high iron, uranium, and ice content. Over the years, as the war on Earth raged, the last survivors of the abandoned Ararat Project struggled to survive. Those on Earth were not even aware that they were still alive, believing the Ararat Project to have cost all lives involved. Eventually, after more than a decade in space, when their number had finally decreased to only three, they were able to consolidate their materials and construct a ship with enough supplies to last them on their trip home.
PERSONALITY: Conray is a character with a strong will and a quick mind, but also with deep seated psychological problems borne from his traumatic experiences in the Ararat Project. As a result, he is very distrustful of others and disdainful of many things. He has a tendency to tunnel vision on tasks until they're finished, to a degree which could be described as obsessive. He is also accustomed to handling tasks by himself, making him somewhat adverse to working in groups. Still, in spite of all his antisocial traits, he is a considered an asset by many who consider him to be on their side, for his versatile and analytical mind.
PROS: With good mobility and good damage output, Conray is a strong frontline fighter. He is able to make his movements spastic and unpredictable with his Moon Jump ability, disorient his foes with his Flash ability, and deal solid damage with his Plasma Beam. His Launch ability is the single greatest mobility enhancer in the game, superior even to Sombra's Translocator. It is able to safely get Conray across a map in a few short seconds, making him able to further disorient opponents as he flanks them and comes up from unexpected locations. Conray excels with guerrilla tactics and serves as both an excellent shock trooper and an excellent flanker.
CONS: If you make a mistake as Conray, it's difficult to compensate. His abilities almost all have long cooldowns, and he can even shoot himself in the foot as his strongest offensive ability, Overload, completely removes his shield and mobility enchancers, leaving him a sitting duck with 100 hp for 6 seconds. His attack range is also not very good as it is capped at 10 meters most of the time. Further, like Pharah, he can spend a good portion of time floating in the air, making him an easy target, even as it gives him the high ground.
PASSIVE: Moon Jump - Conray jumps four times as high as any other character and has much greater control authority over his movement during a jump. If he were to move in one direction up until the apex of his jump, and then pull full reverse for the remainder of the jump, his control authority is enough that he would land in the exact place he jumped from. Additionally, if Conray is falling and the player holds space, his falling speed is dropped to half of it's normal speed.
LMB: Plasma Beam - Conray fires out a fiery, red plasma beam that deals 100 damage a second to anyone caught in it. This hitscan weapon can pass through multiple enemies, damaging them all equally, but is blocked by shields and barriers. It has a maximum range of 10 meters, uses 10 rounds a second, and has 40 total rounds per reload. Reload time is one second.
RMB: Flash - Conray fires a blazing fireball from his plasma cannon which lasts only a split second and deals no damage. Any enemy who had Conray on screen when he fired this fireball is blinded, their screen displaying nothing but white with the UI and the word "BLINDED" in the same space that the word "STUNNED" usually occupies. This only lasts a third of a second and the player can still act and move unhindered while blinded. This ability has a 6 second cooldown.
SHIFT: Launch - Conray's thrusters fire up and he launches straight up, moving at 40 m/s for about one and half seconds, during which he is still vulnerable to damage. As Conray rises, the player's camera moves to third person mode and other players fade away, leaving the appearance of an empty map. A target appears at the location on the map that Conray just launched from. WASD moves this target around the map with a speed of 20 m/s. Pressing shift a second time brings Conray back down at the location of this target. Conray returns with full shields, falling at a speed of 40 m/s for one and a half seconds. If an enemy is within 2 meters of his landing location, he deals 50 damage to them, or 25 damage if they are within 4 meters. This ability has a 20 second cooldown.
E: Overload - Conray's jetpack shuts off and suit lights go out as flames appear, venting from his plasma cannon. For 6 seconds after activating this ability, Conray cannot use his Launch ability, he loses the benefits of his Moon Jump passive ability, and the shield portion of his health goes to zero without recharging until after the 6 seconds. During this period, the damage and range of his Plasma Beam attack is raised by +50% to 150 damage per second and 15 meters. Further, the effect of his Flash attack is doubled to two thirds of a second. This ability has a 10 second cooldown, measured from the end of the ability.
ULTIMATE: Blaze - With the audio cue of Conray shouting "We have ignition!" Conray's jetpack engines and suit lights double in intensity as excess fire begins pouring out of his plasma cannon. Upon activation of this ultimate, Conray's speed is raised to 9 m/s as he hovers, his feet inches from the ground. Additionally, the cooldown of his Flash ability is lowered to 3 seconds, his Plasma Beam ability has it's range increased to 20 meters and it's damage increased to 200 damage per second, and he gains an additional 100 shield to his hp. Conray cannot activate Launch or Overload while in this state. This state lasts for 8 seconds. This ultimate requires 1200 charge, charges at a rate of 5 per second, and earns 1 charge for every point of damage Conray deals.
  • Hello: "How's it going?" - "Greetings." - "How are you?"
  • Character Selected: "Alright, we've got a job to do."
  • Match Countdown: "Everybody keep your focus." - "Only a few more seconds." - "Let's make sure we do this right."
  • Mid-Game Swap: "I hear you kids needed a professional."
  • Respawn: "Maintainence is complete." - "I'm gonna punch that fucker right in the face." - "One of these days I'm gonna call in sick."
  • Capturing Objective: "Situation within acceptable parameters." - "Foothold established." - "Initial push successful."
  • Captured Objective: "I love it when a plan comes together." - "Glad to know I'm with professionals." - "They didn't even see us coming."
  • Moving Payload: "Package in transit." - "We have liftoff." - "Lets get thing where it needs to go."
  • About to Win: "Don't relax yet!" - "Keep this momentum up!" - "Our mission is nearing completion."
  • Opponent Capturing Objective: "We need to change the parameters of this situation." - "Well, at least now we have a few targets to hit." - "Everyone converge on point of contention!"
  • Opponent Captured Objective: "Son of a-!" - "The damage is done, but we still have more fight left." - "That's it! I'm angry!"
  • Opponent Moving Payload: "We are keeping that thing where it is!" - "Get them off the payload!" - "We have an uncleared liftoff."
  • About to Lose: "We have no time left!" - "Nothing is impossible! PUSH!" - "We are not losing today!"
  • Need Help: "Mayday! Mayday!" - "Houstan we have a problem!" - "Hotel Echo Lima Papa!."
  • Group Up: "Alright, I'm staying put until you guys get over here." - "Let's coordinate." - "We're grouping up."
  • Acknowledged: "You got it." - "I'll be there in just a second." - "Yeah."
  • Thank You: "Thanks." - "I appreciate that." - "I owe you one."
  • Opponent Killed: "You should have stayed home, friend." - "That's what happens when people pick fights with me." - "Not even difficult."
  • Ultimate Charging 0-90%: "System not ready for maximized stress." - "Blaze is charging." - "My ultimate is charging."
  • Ultimate Charging 90-99%: "Almost ready to maximize system stress." - "Almost ready for Blaze." - "My ultimate is almost ready."
  • Ultimate Ready: "Poised to maximize system stress." - "Blaze is prepared." - "My ultimate is ready."
  • Activating Overload: "Rerouting power!" - "Shields and engines down. Firepower up." - "Overloading!"
  • Activating Launch: "See you kids later." - "Launching." - "Firing thrusters."
  • Returning after Launch: "Back on solid ground." - "Location selected." - "Touchdown successful."
  • Bastion Interation: "[Conray] . . . So, you're a robot?" "[Bastion] Beep boop." "[Conray] . . ." "[Bastion] Beep boop?" "[Conray] I heard you the first time."
  • Pharah Interaction: "[Pharah] Conray, you badly need an upgrade. That assembly is decades old." "[Conray] Chief Amari, do you have any idea why they don't make this particular model of jetpack anymore?" "[Pharah] Yes, I recall that it was discontinued over safety concerns." "[Conray] More or less. You see, this model has no regulations, no inhibitors. If I wanted, I could make it into space in a couple of seconds with this thing. I would liquify my body in the process, but I could do it. You can hold yourself back with these new models all you want, but I'm sticking with the possibilities."
  • Soldier 76 Interaction: "[Conray] Hey kid." "[Soldier 76] . . . You talking to me? I'm pretty sure I'm the same age as you, Conray." "[Conray] Age has nothing to do with whether or not you're a kid." "[Soldier 76, laughing] You think you've seen more than me, then?" "[Conray] It's not experience either. It's maturity. It's knowing to retire when they tell you to retire." "[Soldier 76] . . . Okay, old man. Let's go with that."
  • Winston Interaction: "[Winston] Noah Conray. I haven't seen you in years." "[Conray] Yeah, how have you been, kid?" "[Winston] Okay, but it's been a little quiet over the past few years." "[Conray] Yeah, I know all about the quiet."
  • Mercury: Conray's suit is recolored to dark gray.
  • Venus: Conray's suit is recolored to pale yellow.
  • Earth: Conray's suit is recolored to ocean blue.
  • Mars: Conray's suit is recolored to dusty red.
  • Sol: Conray's suit is recolored to dark orange with overlapping patterns of solid black and electric orange so bright as to look almost luminescent. The visor on his helmet is made opaque, reflective, and recolored to gold.
  • Luna: Conray's suit is recolored in such a way that it appears mostly unchanged, except with the contrast turned up extremely high, white portions becoming more starkly white and dark portions becoming solid black. The visor on his helmet is made opaque, reflective, and recolored to gold.
  • Black Hole: Conray's suit is replaced with a space suit which is undeniably more science fiction than reality, with most of it's upper portion made of glass, and the jetpack on his back replaced with one made of multiple, separate pieces floating near each other. The joysticks now float near his hands, instead of being attached to the jetpack by structures that mimic his arms. This suit is solid black, with LED strips which glow bright white as accents. The exhaust on his jetpack is now a dark purple, instead of it's usual red. A larger portion of Conray's body is revealed under the glass, and he is shown to be wearing a skin-tight undersuit covered in piping and circuitry. The American flag symbol and the NASA logo have been moved from his suit to this undersuit.
  • Hypernova: Conray's suit is replaced with a space suit which is undeniably more science fiction than reality, with most of it's upper portion made of opaque, gold glass, and the jetpack on his back replaced with one made of multiple, separate pieces floating near each other. The joysticks now float near his hands, instead of being attached to the jetpack by structures that mimic his arms. This suit is solid gold, with LED strips which glow bright gold. The exhaust on his jetpack is now gold, instead of it's usual red.
  • Drone: Conray's entire suit is replaced with what appears to be a robotic body, complete with stuctural pieces that trace along the arms, servos at the joints, and antenna sticking out of the headpiece. Asymmetrical cameras dot the dome that is the head of this robot. Small, red lights blink periodically at various locations across this body, which is colored steel with brass accents, with no glass portion that reveals any person inside. It's meant to be ambiguous wether this is an actual drone remote controlled by Conray or simply a different suit, however, when wearing this suit, all of Conray's voice lines have an added electronic distortion to them.
  • Motherboard: Conray's entire suit is replaced with what appears to be a robotic body, complete with stuctural pieces that trace along the arms, servos at the joints, and satellite dishes sticking out of the headpiece and jetpack. The head of this robot is covered in omnidirectional cameras. Small patterns of green or white lights blink in cycling patterns at different locations across this body, much in a way reminiscent of computer banks from science fiction movies in the 50s and 60s. This robotic body is colored black with chrome accents and has no glass portion that reveals any person inside. It's meant to be ambiguous wether this is an actual drone remote controlled by Conray or simply a different suit, however, when wearing this suit, all of Conray's voice lines have an added electronic distortion to them.
  • Heroic: Conray hefts his plasma cannon onto his shoulder and stands relaxed for a moment.
  • Ready to Go: Conray hunches forward slightly and appears to flick a switch on his plasma cannon. As red lightning bolts begin to arc from the weapon to Conray and the floor, looking immensely dangerous, he straightens, smiles, and gives a thumbs up.
  • Above It: Conray's jetpack fires and he lifts off, stopping at a height that places his feet about a foot above Reinhardt's head, or at a height that places his head against the roof, whichever is lower. Conray then hovers there until a button is pressed, as this is his 'sitting' emote. To avoid potential exploits, such as hiding in buildings, smoke steadily falls from his engines, marking his location
  • Suit Check: Conray stands still and carefully goes over his suit and equipment. First, he checks the life support readout on his chest as he tugs at a few places on the suit. Second, he checks the status of his jetpack by looking at a holographic readout that pops up abover his left joystick. Last, he looks over his plasma cannon and all the tubes connecting it to his suit. This all takes about two seconds.
  • Heroic: Conray stands, relaxed, with his plasma cannon slung over his shoulder.
  • After the Fight: Conray stands with his jetpack and his plasma cannon on the ground in front of him. His helmet is off and being held under one arm.
  • Looking Down: Conray floats behind the majority of figures, and higher up. Conray is also angled forward, intense, his plasma cannon at the ready.
  • Smile for the Camera: Conray stands in much the same way he does when idle in the game, except now his eyes are turned towards the camera and he is smiling.
  • Heroic: Conray easily hefts his plasma cannon onto his shoulder as he looks at the camera.
  • Plasma: A red ball of energy fills the screen. The camera quickly zooms out, revealing that it was just showing the inside of Conray's plasma cannon as it exits the barrel of the gun and takes a low angle looking up at a scowling Conray. A heartbeat passes and then he fires, red plasma filling the screen again as the barrel is still close to the camera.
  • Touchdown: Smoke fills the screen as downward-point blazes of light shine through the haze. As these blazes of light move down the screen, the smoke clears, revealing Conray lowering himself. When his feet finally meet the ground, the jets cut out, the camera zooms in, and Conray turns halfway around to show the camera his face.
  • Overload: The camera begins zoomed in on a switch on Conray's plasma cannon, as a finger appears, quickly flicking it. Cut to a view of Conray's jetpack, as the power seems to drain from it. Then, cut to a view of some electronic board on his suit, as power begins to drain from it. Fade to black for a split second, but then flash to a red-tinted scene where Conray is struggling to hold his plasma cannon against the kickback of a truly massive blast of red plasma.
[Defense] Hero Concept 1: Mr. Saturday
[Support] Hero Concept 2: Lady
[Tank] Hero Concept 3: Jones
[Tank] Hero Concept 5: Baba Yaga
[Offense] Hero Concept 6: Mboka
[Defense] Hero Concept 7: Blind Prophet
[Support] Hero Concept 8: Nomad
[Defense] Hero Concept 9: Lanying
[Support] Hero Concept 10: Irradiate
[Tank] Hero Concept 11: Blodeuyn
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Everything We Know about Shadow of War (And Then Some)

In anticipation for the upcoming sequel to Monolith's groundbreaking Shadow of Mordor, we're all trying to get our hands on as much information as possible. Here's everything I've learned from interviews, observation, and eleven note-taking sessions with the gameplay trailer playing in the background.
Note that the following paragraphs are gathered from one set of random variables for the gameplay trailer: do not expect to run into any of the specific orcs mentioned.
Tribes: One of the most notable additions to the new game, the inclusion of tribes will make for an interesting dynamic within Sauron's war machine. Orc society will be divided into messy subarmies, each with its own characteristics. As best as I can tell, the tribes that have been revealed so far are: Dark, Mystic, Feral, Terror, Marauder, Outlaw (preorder bonus), Slaughter (preorder bonus), and possibly Warmonger. We don't have much information about the two preorder exclusive tribes, so I'll move straight into the tribes we've been introduced to, starting with Dark. Already, we've been shown a minimum of three examples of procedurally generated characters that belong to the Dark tribe. The first of these is Bubol Blood-Storm, the solitary overlord presiding over Cirith Ungol. Blood-storm is a level 29 overlord with tattered leather armor, tortured, deep-set eyes, and a backbound quiver, hinting that he's an archer of some sort. The second Dark warchief depicted is the fan-favorite Az-Laar the Demolisher (RIP, homie). Az-Laar is a level 23 warchief with an immunity to poison and the ability 'battering ram,' which allows him to deal bonus damage to structures like gates or bathroom doors. His title is "Dark Destroyer," which tells us his tribe affiliation and hints at his abilities. He is also an Olog, the intelligent, hyper-violent breed of troll bringing some racial diversity to the digital land of Mordor. The third Dark warchief is the prodigal traitor, Thrak Storm-Bringer, a murderous corpse with a cursed weapon and an immunity to flame that should have been assigned to Az-Laar. Thrak, weighing in with a level of 45, is a "Cursed Dark Necromancer," meaning that his attacks disable our Ring of Power and cause curse damage, and also that he's a necromancer - whatever the hell that means gameplay-wise. To summarize, the Dark tribe as shown in the gameplay trailer consists of a cursed, necrokinetic swordsman, a possible archer, and a heroic troll (Vote Az-Laar for Overlord, 2017). There aren't many unifying elements to this set of ragtag goblins, so I'm not sure what their characteristics say about the tribe as a whole. It's also somewhat noteworthy that Az-Laar, a servant of the Bright Lord, dons silver armor with blue cloth accents while Storm-Bringer, who is cursed by Sauron, is outfitted with jet black plate armor and a red sash. This red-versus-blue scheme is the identifier between the soldiers of each army, as the bright blue handprints and glowing eyes seem to be gone now. There are only two Uruks representing the Mystic tribe in the trailer, and one of them is seen with very little detail. This mysterious orc is Ukbuk the Accursed, a level 41 overlord. The only special thing about Ukbuk, aside from his frilled and skull-adorned armor, is that he is the leader of the strongest fortress in the trailer. Incidentally, the fortress located at Gorgoroth is shown to be level 259, which is two and a half times as powerful as Talion's war party at the time. The other Mystic warrior is Zhorg the Haunted, a level 21 "Mystic Savage" who can be seen charging into the fortress at Sergost and later battling a group of enemy soldiers in front of the fort's throne room. Zhorg wears a skeleton-themed suit of armor and benefits from an immunity to fire and the 'necromancer' perk. Zhorg also wields an axe. Since we don't have any other warchiefs to compare, we're left with little evidence as to how the Mystic tribe can be classified. I would assume that terrifying displays of magic will have something to do with it, though. We have a good bit to go off of for the Feral tribe. As usual, I'll start with the most obscure member: Tugog Beast-Master is the level 26 overlord of the fort at Nurnen. That's all for that guy. Next, we have Ar-Benu Caragor Tamer, a level 23 warchief and the second Olog of the trailer. Built like a pile of bricks, Ar-Benu wields a human-sized stone mace that looks more like a baby rattle in his massive grip. In all honesty, it's difficult to focus on his perks because of how ridiculously huge this guy is. If Sauron organized a singalong of Shrek: Forever After, this dude would be front and center. Anyway, he is immune to fire (a popular choice) and benefits from the 'beast-master' perk, which turns the beasts of Mordor against his enemies. The final Feral warchief of the trailer is our friendly neighborhood infiltrator, Mozu Deadeye. Deadeye is a "Cursed Feral Marksman" wielding a crossbow and sporting a hefty level of 41. He also carries around a laundry list of perks, which I'll list right here: sniper (deadly long range attacks), immune to executions, immune to ranged, immune to fire, immune to curse, and immune to beast attacks. That's right, unless you can sneak up behind him with a plastic bag, you haven't got a chance. All of the Feral warchiefs wear fur and leather armor spiked with tusks, fangs, and skulls. They also seem to have a general connection with the beasts of Mordor seeing as two-thirds of the generated chieftains had "beast-master" somewhere in their resume. There's only one Terror orc in the entire trailer, despite the battle taking place inside a Terror fortress, and that orc is Ur-Hakon the Dragon, level 45. This war-torn troll with armor growing out of his skin is the final boss of Seregost. He sports a flame cannon and has an immunity to fire and the all-new frost damage, but it's impossible to figure out which pieces of his lovely personality can be owed to his place in the Terror tribe. The Marauder tribe also only sends one representative to the trailer, coming in the form of the level 27 warchief Ragdug Iron Mount. The heroic Marauder Ragdug gets promoted to overlord of Seregost after he storms Ur-Hakon's throne room and sacrifices his mount, allowing Talion to mount a final assault. Iron Mount is immune to fire like everybody else in Mordor that isn't Az-Laar (#Trollsneedlovetoo), and he also wields immunity to stealth and beast attacks along with the special 'armored mount' perk, which allows his Caragor to resist both flames and incoming damage. The possible eighth tribe is hinted at by Tugog the Flame of War, the warchief who loses it when Talion jumps off his personal dragon (drake, whatever). His title is "Fiery Warmonger Trickster," which seems to implicate Warmonger as a tribe. Tribe, interestingly enough, does not seem to be decided entirely by race or species, as demonstrated by the uneven mix of trolls and uruks found in the Dark and Feral tribes. The tribes are described by the developer as having conflicting interests, but this goes unseen in the trailer; Talion's army consists of a Marauder, a Dark, two Ferals, a mystic, and a Warmonger, at minimum. The Terror fortress of Seregost also shows a mix of tribes, considering the Terror overlord, Feral spy, and Dark agent of Sauron. It'll be fascinating to see how tribe plays a role when the game comes out. The preorder champions appear to be members of two different tribes, though this may just be an effect of armor design. A troll in full silver plate armor and a blue-maned helmet pairs up with a similarly-fashioned beast master (holding the epic Sword of Dominion) and matching caragor mount, and an opposing, leather-bound troll and rugged, fur-swaddled uruk. If I had to guess which two tribes these guys belong to - no promise to accuracy - I would guess Dark and Feral.
Fortresses: Forts in SoW will have a set location, name, and general level of difficulty; Cirith Ungol will always be a quaint fortress at the edge of Mordor, while Gorgoroth will always be a merciless tower near Mordor's center. The architectural styling of a fortress and the nature of its surrounding landscape are decided by its overlord, though the shapes of all fortresses are the same. Mystic fortresses will be bone white cemetery towers guarded with sorcery, while Feral forts will be dusty yellow-green and sparkle with the skeletons of their natural defenders. Marauder fortresses are demonstrative of elvish architecture and glow with pillaged gold, while Terror fortresses are draped with Olog cadavers. The Dark fortress of Bubol Blood-Storm is replete with brooding parapets and sinister towers. Fortresses can be upgraded by the player and provide bonuses depending on the personality of their overlord; as a Marauder, Ragdug will use his land to pilfer and loot in the name of the Bright Lord, providing the player with ill-gotten goodies. Ur-Hakon, a fiery Olog, had his fortress decked out with flame traps, flaming archers, flaming siege beasts, and a caged dragon. The developers are (at the time of writing) unsure about the final number of fortresses in the game, but the likely number is at least twenty: the number of fortresses shown at the end of the gameplay trailer. Each fortress battle will represent the pinnacle of four, five, six, or even seven hours of gameplay. The battle shown in the trailer was noted to be a simple, straightforward one, but the in-game battles are expected to be longer, more chaotic, and more complex. Each fortress houses one overlord and up to six supporting warchiefs (or spies). You can infiltrate a fortress with up to six spies, surrounding an overlord with your own warriors, but there is a danger that comes along with the possibility of greater support. Your spies can be caught, and if they aren't sent in alone, they can squeal on some of your other spies. If that happens, you would begin a fortress mission by watching your captured soldiers being executed. Following the taking of a fortress, the structure can be counterattacked, and your forces will have to defend it. Numerous other lands will be the sites of battles, including Minas Morgul and the tower of Sauron.
Exploration: The open world of each fortress is larger and more detailed than either of the land masses in Shadow of Mordor, and all are replete with collectibles and upgrades. We've been shown numerous biomes including swampy islands, mountain valleys, and ashen volcanoes, but it has also been revealed that forests and snowy peaks will be explorable.
Level Calculation of Fortresses and War Parties: The level of any group is decided by adding the levels of its leaders. Cirith Ungol, the level 29 fortress, is populated only by a level 29 overlord. Seregost, level 192, houses Ur-Hakon (45), Storm-Bringer (45), Deadeye (41), Tugog (29), and Nazu the Knife (32, not shown in battle). Talion's war party level is calculated by adding his level to the levels of the warchiefs at his sides. In the case of the trailer, the level was 102: Talion (52), Az-Laar (23), and Ragdug (27). If, like me, you were wondering how Talion conquered a level 192 fortress with a level 102 war party, the brief math follows: Seregost's level was calculated with Deadeye's level included, so when the warchief changed sides, the new levels would have been 143 (Talion) and 151 (Seregost). Then, when Deadeye rigs one of the outer walls with explosives and allows Zhorg to charge in, Talion's army would have been bolstered by another 21 levels, adding up to 164. When Deadeye kills Storm-Bringer, those numbers swap to 164-106. Az-Laar perishes heroically, dropping Talion's power to 141, and as Talion brands Tugog, the balance shifts to 170-77. We never see Nazu the Knife, so we'll optimistically assume that he's in the background fighting the good fight. If he wasn't, that would put the numbers at 170-45, in the Bright Lord's favor.
Loot: Gear is now available as drops and comes in numerous rarities. Armor and weapons will be changeable and affect Talion's appearance and stats. Miriam, or 'mmmcoins' for those of us with some education, can also be gathered by scrapping equipment or completing missions.
New Powers: Let's begin with the disappointing bit - for me at least. Unlimited executions do not appear to be an intended feature for the game. When I saw the unimpeded brutality of a ghostly ranger swooping through the front lines, decapitating and bisecting enemies, I was super excited. I thought that it was an extremely intelligent move for the developers in keeping with the tone of Tolkien's work. After all, when was the last time anybody saw Aragorn or Legolas exchange more than one or two blows with an unnamed character before it dropped dead? As an aspiring king and leader of a massive rebellion, it made perfect sense that Talion wouldn't have to waste his time swinging at troll fodder. I thought that we had ascended beyond the mentality of SoM, which, even after branding, was "I am one man fighting an entire army." In my mind, unlimited executions meant we had gained the ability to think to ourselves: "Mordor has only one army to stop me." Turns out, I was wrong. When Talion uses ranged attacks in the trailer, you can watch his elf shot counter blink downward and then return immediately to full, which is definitely indicative of an enabled godmode. On the bright side, there are tons of new abilities to unlock - over 100 - allowing major customization by way of playstyle. SOME of the new abilities include: speed parkour, elven wrath, double stealth kills, reverse shadow shot, and warchief summoning. In addition, Ur-Hakon's resistance to frost hints at a new damage type. We know that the new ring will be buffing out our protagonists, and also that Talion and Celebrimbor are separated for some time, so there are all kinds of ways to bring out amazing, new powers.
Warchief Interaction: Boy, oh boy. There is a lot of new room for passionate interaction between you and your ugly ducklings. Don't expect any inter-species romance, though, which is a terrifying concept for plenty of reasons, a fair number of which are based in lore. As in the last game, you have the ability to brutally murder warchiefs in exchange for reward, though it appears that weapon runes have been replaced by armor and possibly weapons. Another familiar ability comes in the form of branding, which will allow you to forcefully recruit your enemies. Some people are batting around the idea that some warchiefs will now join you willingly, but I haven't seen any hard evidence that supports or disputes that idea. The interaction you can have with warchiefs has been expanded massively, taking the form of new commands. Some of these commands can be seen when Talion terrifies and subsequently brands Tugog the Flame of War. When first taking hold of Tugog, three prompts are shown: "Shame - Reduce Level," "Fight to the Death," and "Recruit." These abilities seem to be self-explanatory, but as Talion chose to recruit Tugog, we have no idea what the possible lasting effects of the other choices could have been. Electing to fight a warchief to the death would seem to be a strange option to include after branding, considering that Talion was free to do that in the first place, so it is possible that choosing this option may offer some additional reward - or possibly change the circumstances of the duel. Maybe this option would forcibly remove Tugog from the battlefield, assigning him to a mission start point where you can fight him one-on-one. The "Shame" ability strikes me as the kind of choice that could make you a lasting enemy, reducing a warchief's power in exchange for his increased animosity. Once Talion recruits Tugog, three new choices are displayed: "Retreat," "Shun," and "Stay and Fight." Shunning seems like the only ability of these three that would require additional explanation, possibly sharing some similarities with shaming. I can't help but wonder at the incentive behind branding and then immediately shaming an uruk. Aside from these six commands, we know that the Nemesis system will play a big role in the politics of our own army, as well as the army of Sauron. Both betrayal and loyalty are intended to add new layers of complexity to our exchanges with our lieutenants. As de Plater said, relationships can be built by our actions. If we are killed in combat, our accompanying captains may live, return loyally to us with a new battle scar, die, or fall and seek to betray us for our role in their downfall. With all of the new mechanics, I wonder how detailed the relationships will be. In the trailer, we watch the loyal Ragdug actions result in his immediate promotion, but what would have happened if Talion had chosen another overlord? Would Ragdug have lost some faith in the Bright Lord after being ignored? Does Deadeye feel that he should have been promoted instead of Ragdug? Will this create a rivalry between the two? Maybe, because rivalry between orcs is another confirmed feature of the game.
Obligatory Dragon-Riding Paragraph: Yep, you ride a fire-breathing Drake. There are flame breath and explosive fireball attacks as well as "dive to ground," "dive attack," and instakill commands for Graug fighting (though the latter will apparently have a chance to kill your Drake as well).
Multiplayer: We haven't heard any news at all about possible competitive multiplayer, but I'm adding this paragraph in the hopes that it will be planned for. Competitive online play where armies compete for loot (and hopefully don't actually kill warchiefs) is a no-brainer.
The Story: SPOILERS AHEAD - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED Despite the fact that the game doesn't come out until late August (the date is 3/13/17), we already know a bit about the way it will begin - and end. I'll start off with the beginning, then ladle on a second spoiler warning before tackling an offhand comment made by de Plater that essentially hands us the ending on a silver platter. Not really, but it does tell us something. Anyways, the story mode begins in Gondor, which would be super disappointing if I didn't trust the developers so much. In de Plater's words: "... the first act in the game takes place in Minas Ithil, which is this big Gondorian city, and so there the hierarchy of who's ruling that fortress is humans." I wouldn't want to read too much into the wording of that comment, but I'm definitely excited to see how the Bright Lord interacts with his old Gondorian comrades. It seems odd that the forces of Gondor will be interacting with Talion given that we haven't heard any of his story before, but I'm sure that everything will be wrapped up neatly. SPOILER ALERT: POSSIBLE ENDING DETAILS FOLLOW The inspiration behind Shadow of Mordor came from wondering why it took Sauron sixty years to build an army from the moment of his return to the events of the Lord of the Rings movies. In the end, it was decided that someone or something must have been stalking the shadowy warlords of Mordor, delaying the inevitable return of the Dark Lord. This means a lot of things, none of which are particularly positive when taking into account that the game and its predecessor are intended to be fully canon. While obvious to some people, this was a little bit of a blow to the gut for dreamers like me. Talion and Celebrimbor were never intended to beat Sauron, free the slaves from Mordor, and topple the cruel sorceror that slaughtered their families. They were destined to stand strong against a tide of darkness and cripple the forces of evil beyond repair before being swallowed beneath its final waves. Like Az-Laar, they may be martyrs for the cause. I don't know what sort of justice SoW will hold for our protagonists, but I do know this, almost a little bit: the ring will not get to stay on the joint finger of Talion and Celebrimbor. Whether the heroes are defeated, betray one another, or lose the ring on the way to a celebratory meeting at Applebees, de Plater had the following to say about the ring: "you'll have to play to find out where the ring ends up." The takeaway from this, aside from the probable misfortune of our heroes and the slight acknowledgement that Talion and Celebrimbor don't get to keep the ring, is that the blue and silver Ring of Power, the only Ring forged with the help of Mankind, may still exist somewhere in the LotR universe. In a subterranean treasure horde, twinkling beneath mountains of gold? Kept in secret by a familiar face, possibly shrouded in the secrecy of an Elven wood? Woven into the stone braids of a Dwarven king's tomb? Nestled deep within the prodigious cave of Sauron's butthole? Who knows. And honestly, this gamer can't wait to find out.
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These market participants also argued that subjecting inter-affiliate swaps to the Clearing Mandate would be burdensome and expensive to corporate groups, without offering countervailing benefits. The Inter-Affiliate Exemption was adopted pursuant to the CFTC’s authority under section 4(c)(1) of the CEA to exempt any transaction or class of Noting that “inter-affiliate swaps do not increase the overall risk profile or leverage of the group,” the CFTC determined that imposing IM requirements on inter-affiliate swaps (“IA IM requirements”) would “substantially increase the overall amount of margin being collected, and thus the cost of swap transactions generally, without a Inter-affiliate and Certain Other Swaps Exempted from Mandatory Clearing Requirements by CFTCby PLC FinanceRelated ContentThe CFTC has issued no-action relief exempting certain swaps from mandatory clearing requriements under Title VII of the Dodd-Frank Act. The new relief includes exemptions for inter-affiliate swaps, partially novated or terminated swaps and swaps that result from Inter-affiliate swaps typically are used for internal risk management purposes, by transferring risk to a centralized risk management function within the firm. The proposal would give firms additional flexibility to allocate collateral internally, supporting prudent risk management strategies that support safety and soundness. The Commission unanimously approved a proposed rule that would reinstate the expired alternative compliance frameworks for the inter-affiliate swaps clearing exemption, with minor revisions to reflect the current variation margining practices of affiliated counterparties electing the exemption.

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