PLO From Square One: Part VII - C-Betting in 3B Pots

$2/$2 PLO Hollywood Columbus, in for 924. Never once said "pot", they did the betting for me

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Dealers and floors of r/poker . In a game of PLO Can a player ask the dealer what is in the pot and/or what a pot sized raise is before they actually put in the bet/raise?

Basically the title . I work in a small poker room and there is a bit of a civil war brewing among the players and staff. Admittedly I do not play much PLO other than online . What are the rules/procedure in other rooms around the world. Thanks
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I just got a job at a casino for dealing poker and I have been having trouble with keeping up with the bets in PLO. Any dealers have tips for calculating the pots more quickly?

I've played poker for over 5 years now and know that no one wants a dealer who's slow and doesn't know their shit. I'm only struggling with PLO but any advice from dealers is more than welcome
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PLO 400 MisClick gone wrong with funny reaction. This was a straddled pot and the read I have on both players in the hand is they don't really slow play big hands and would for the most part bet out if they had a monster hand , on turn I decided to take a stab and my read was right. Funny Hand LOL .

PLO 400 MisClick gone wrong with funny reaction. This was a straddled pot and the read I have on both players in the hand is they don't really slow play big hands and would for the most part bet out if they had a monster hand , on turn I decided to take a stab and my read was right. Funny Hand LOL . submitted by HeadsupMaster to poker [link] [comments]

Ah A 9h 7 on Jh 9 4h 3 Board in PLO

Just played an interesting hand, curious what the better PLO players think about this hand.
Stakes 1/2 with $4 straddle.
Hero: BTN with $1250 stack
Main Villain: Straddle with 3.4k stack, has been playing way too loose, and semi-aggressive
Pre Flop: ($7) Hero is BTN with Ah A 9h 7 Hero raises to $15, SB Calls $15, Villain 3B's to 56, Hero Flats, SB Flats
Preflop, we have decently weak AA, so I figured it was best not to 4bet and announce my hand when the SPR would be so large after the flop. I think my image is overall pretty tight, so I figured flatting the 4 bet would announce my hand as AA.
Flop: ($168) Jh 9 4h (2 players) SB checks, Villain checks, Hero Bets $168, SB Folds, Villain Calls $168
On the flop we have a ton of equity, after the main villain checks to us, I figure he has a lot of KK in his range or perhaps some Jx. We're doing fine against basically the whole range of either villain, so I think it makes sense to pot and deny equity.
Turn: ($500) 3 (2 players) Villain checks, Hero Bets $500, Villain Jams, Hero Calls
Unclear on what to do here, I concluded the best sizing was just to pot it in order to deny my opponents equity.
Thoughts on the whole line?
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Is this a good call? I feel like my hand was face up and it was correct to call down in this situation. Also, how should I open up my 3-bet range to not be so transparent?

The hand recap:
6 Max PLO $0.25/$0.50
Dealt to Hero in SB [Ah 5s Ac Td]
Folds to Villan on button
Villan raises $1.75 to $1.75
Hero raises $5.50 to $5.75
BB folds
Villain calls $4.00
*** FLOP *** [3h 8h 8c] Main pot $11.40 | Rake $0.60
Hero checks, Villan bets $8.00, Hero calls $8.00
*** TURN *** [3h 8h 8c] [6s] Main pot $26.60 | Rake $1.40
Hero checks, Villan bets $21.00, Hero calls $21.00
*** RIVER *** [3h 8h 8c 6s] [Ks] Main pot $67.00 | Rake $3.00
Hero checks, Villan bets $48.91 and is all-in, Hero calls $48.91
*** SHOW DOWN *** Main pot $164.82 | Rake $3.00
Villan shows [5c Tc 6d Ad] (two pair, Eights and Sixs [8h 8c 6s 6d Ad])
Hero shows [Ah 5s Ac Td] (two pair, Aces and Eights [Ah Ac 8h 8c Ks])
Hero collected $164.82 from main pot
I feel like I played this hand face up because I wasn't 3-betting anything this session that I can remember except this hand. I don't have a doubt in my mind that villain knew precisely what I had and thought I was going to lay it down. The villain was a solid player who seemed to be capable of running a 3-barrel bluff for what it's worth. Because of this, I felt like I had to call them down with Aces because it's so easy for the villain to represent trips or random boats and bluff me off. Maybe it's really close and I should fold with the ace of hearts since I block the nut-flush draw, and call with my other aces?
This hand sparked me to think about how I'm building my 3-bet range as I feel like it's basically aces and not much else. Also, I'm wondering if I was too in my own head about feeling like I gave my hand away and made a bad call at the right time? If it's that obvious I have aces they could just as easily feel safe going for the double up with anything that beats an overpair. I feel like the solution to this is to open up my 3-bet range to avoid being so transparent. How have others built this range?
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All my plo brothers that are winners calling all PLO WINNERS only

Pls no losers. Pls serious winners only srs thread is srs.
What can I possibly do to become a winning player at PLO? What bet sizings should I be using 3/4, pot? I don’t see the point in using a half pot or 1/4 bet size since they’ll call with any draw. What are some tips to change a winning player into a winning player
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Worst angle shoots you have seen live?

I will share two bad ones I have seen or been involved in. I hope sharing these saves someone for falling for one of them. Post what you have seen so i am not victim to them please.
Hand I was in: I hit a nut flush on the flop in late position. On the flop it goes check check (i wanted him to catch a piece of something so my flush gets paid). Turn pairs the board and villain leads. I still feel i am ahead because he did not bet the flop and this is not PLO. On the river he bombs the pot for $150. I only have 170 left behind. I am grabbing all my chips and as i start to push them forward he says "i have a boat". He said it the same way someone would announce what they had when called instead of showing their cards. I don't know why but i continued to push my chips forward while i was processing what i just heard. my stomach sinks as i hear that. I am thinking if i heard that a second earlier i would have stopped and folded! It is only 20 more for him to call and he says. "What? you raised. Well, i fold i guess. You heard i had a boat and you still raised so you must have a bigger boat" and he mucks his cards. I was thinking what in the fuck just happened as all the chips were pushed to me. Everyone at the table said i looked like i was so confused and in shock. He got felted a little while later and left. After he left, the dealer told me he would bet money that he did not have a boat. He did the same move 30 min before i sat down at the table and it worked getting someone else to fold a flush. He is known for doing it.
I witnessed this. Villain bet big on the river. Hero calls... Villian says "i missed, good call, you'r good" holds on to his cards and stares at them like he is doing the card funeral thing. After waiting for a few seconds hero pushes his cards to the dealer face down and the villain tables his hand (two low cards that missed a straight and flush) and says "well if you are going to muck your hand i guess I'll take it" and scoops the pot. Yah it was a mistake by the winner to muck his hand but the villain knew damn well what he was doing...
I cant stand people like either one of these two DB's.... they are the only type of people that actually bring me joy when i run hot and run them over. Don't get me wrong, i like winning. But generally speaking, i cant help but feel bad for constantly having a slightly better hand than one other person at the table.
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looking for investors

My first poker game was five card draw in fourth period spare. We played in the hallway, outside of the lockers, until eventually a teacher shut us down. But we got in a few sessions. The second game I remember was on top of an internet cafe. Again we played five card draw. It was like a $5 or $10 buy in game. I remember once making a wheel and taking down the pot with a substantial bet; I showed my hand and there was debate over whether the ace even played as a one. Luckily no one had called me. At one point I dealt myself from the bottom of the deck. I wasn't cheating, I had literally no idea what the card was, I just dealt it to myself from the bottom. Stu, this big obese guy demanded to see my cards when I folded post draw. I had like jack high or whatever. Anyway, later on in that night we switched to inbeteween. You get two cards and have to bet on whether the card is going to be inbetween or not. If you post (hit a card on the outside, so if your two cards are K2 then you hit a K that is called posting and you have to pay double). It is pot limit. Anyway, the pot grew to be over a hundred dollars and I eventually did win it.
From there it was $5 and $10 SNGs with my buddies, a regular $25 and then $50 cash game that I was a reg at for a couple of years, and online poker. This was all 16-17 years ago now, but that is when I started playing poker. Eventually I graduated to casino trips. I remember my first trip to Windsor Ontario, I put together a couple thousand dollars and spewed it all $100 at a time playing 1/2 NLHE. The guys there called me Frodo. I went bust a lot of times in those early days, usually with the meager couple hundred dollar bankroll I could scratch together. Then I had some success. This was during the poker boom, and I was able to build myself some six figure bankrolls from scratch, then bust them and start over again. Maybe a decade ago I switched to plo, although I still play NLHE cash.
All of my adult life, I have been a professional poker player. This game is my life. The highs have been amazing. Battling against Isildur at 25/50 plo on Pokerstars, travelling across Canada, living in hotels for months on end, becoming a professional blackjack player (card counter), blowing crazy amounts of money, winning and losing fortunes, then starting over with a hundred dollars and a dream.
Today my life is a lot different. I've got a wife and two kids. I've stopped partying, don't travel very much. I grind to support my family.

Unlike most prospective horses, I'm far from broke. I've got a bankroll, and play every day, to earn enough money to support my family and to put a little away for a rainy day. That being said, there is a lot of potential in networking, and I like playing staked especially if my backer brings something else to table as well, like access to new games on pppoker or other apps. I also have references from previous satisfied backers.
Here are a range of investment proposals, starting small and working our way up. Some of the larger plans would probably need to involve multiple backers, or one really rich dude. For some of these I could come on as an investor as well.
So the smallest scale would be "rent a session". Essentially this is like backing someone to play a tournament, except I don't play tournaments I play cash games. The advantage here is that we can get started with minimal capital investment on your behalf. For example we could do something like 8 stacks of PLO $100 ($800) and you would get 75% of any upside from the session. No makeup. Just a one time deal and we're done, any losses are on you. I'm just spit-balling numbers here feel free to suggest alternate terms. Depending if I was to play say 6 tables for the session we'd want to have more capital on hand probably. Also it might be good to play PLO $50 AND PLO $100, so I can game select the best tables from either limit. Actually this rent a session approach would work best for live poker, where playing only one table and the slow pace of the game makes a > 300 bb swing unlikely (especially with my nitty style). But we could do live or online.
So after that would be a longer term relationship. Backer puts up the bankroll (here you would be essentially called upon to have 30-40 buyins available to me, although I don't necessarily need them all at once) and gets a straight 50% split of profits with full makeup. So any time the bankroll is stuck, than any future winnings go clearing the makeup first. Minimum here would be something like PLO $50 or PLO $100, assuming you have access to some soft games, Indian sites, Chinese sites, pppoker clubs something like that.
Another investment idea is to start a blackjack team. Actually this is quite a solid investment, if you can manage costs. Basically you get several card counters to play the same bankroll. Investors get a high ROI investment with a low time horizon and minimal ROR, and the players get a good chance to make bank with no or limited risk on their behalf. If you look at a typical counting simulation, taking a conservative approach of half kelly with resizing, the chance of busting before doubling is substantially less than 1%. So investors will be looking at a 50% return, obviously the amount of time it will take is unknown. Of course it is crucial to keep expenses in line here, so ideally you have a large enough bankroll that they don't matter because they are a small enough fraction, or work out some sort of team van situation. The absolute minimum here would be like 30k (but that could be 6x5k, not really that hard to find some people who might want to invest, I could invest as well), and the bigger the bankroll the better. Investors could be players as well, keeping a close on the money, it is super easy to train someone to count especially if they are winning poker players and knowledgeable gamblers in the first place. In addition to card counting there are other vulnerabilities, like hole carding, next card knowledge that can be capitalized on as well.
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Galfond Challenge

I’ve played 2 million hands of online no limit holdem but zero hands of pot limit Omaha. So I have at least some understanding of the NL game but really nothing about PLO. That being said I’m watching almost all of the footage of this challenge.
How is it possible that Venvidi shows up on the river with the winning hand so often? I am getting some form of mild PTSD watching the river betting. PLO really looks like great game I wish I could play it legally in the United States online.
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PLO sucks

As a player who tries to win money playing poker. PLO fucking sucks. Waiting for the nuts is boring af. In holdem I can play way more pots. I can 3bet on some hands. I can flop the nuts and win pots. Or, I can out play people. In plo I can only wait for the nuts and then bet, or raise. I know they are some opportunities for bluffing, but they are far rarer in plo. Especially, when you play in a game where you're 4 handed to the flop, on every flop.
I get why the fish like it, but as a person who likes the psychology of holdem, plo blows.
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Can you just never go on a really good run at PLO? Can the variance just constantly bend you over?

This is getting to me. I swear, I could play with Ivey or any PLO pro 6 max or HU. I have my own style, that i've worked on for 10 years, and im constantly crushing in pots at some point.. then.. oh, this idiot bends me over. This is getting so gross. Is PLO really poker and not just gambling? I have cashed out 500 100 different times the last 10 years, and a few k a few times, but when i go to 2 4.. the easiest game there is to me.. always bet with the nuts, if you want. That's how they play. it should be free money for me. Then their 10-8 sooted crushes my set every time it matters?? over and over??? These two four players that dont even understand how to play flushes in position in PLO? The strength of flush draws and position is everything in PLO. god damn it. Is live not as fucking stupid?
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I’m a professional sports bettor and poker player who managed to profit $1M in one year. AMA!

I’m Jonas Gjelstad, I grew up in Norway and quit high school when I was 18 years old and moved to Thailand to play poker professionally with a group of Norwegian poker pros.
While I was able to make a living of poker, I eventually discovered that I was able to make more money doing sports betting than what I was making from poker. So I switched to doing betting as my full time activity. In 2016 I managed to make $1M from betting (I’ve shown my betting account results on Youtube).
My poker achievements include finishing 3rd in the Caribbean poker tour in 2017, netting $450k. (You can verify that at on the Hendon Mob Poker Database). I also won the biggest pot that Joe Ingram ever played of $91.200 (there is an episode on his podcast about this). Since then I’ve predominantly been betting, but also playing PLO. I also founded a company within sports betting, so I got some entrepreneurial experience too.
You can ask me pretty much anything, but I won’t be sharing all of my betting strategies ;)
I’ll be doing a live stream at our youtube channel, Trademate Sports, tonight Thursday 30th of January at 19.00 UK time. If you write your questions before then I’ll do my best to cover them during the stream 🙂
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OK this part of pot odds and EV calculation always confused me

For example this post taken from 2+2
I played a live hand last night at 1/2NL where button mississipi straddled, folded to UTG who called, folded to me in CO w/ AK who called, button raised to $45 (did this just about every time he straddled the button.) UTG called, I shipped ($200 effective stacks), button called and UTG folded.
I ended up losing vs 99. I said to my friend that even if button turned 99 faceup (and assuming UTG is always folding) I would shove every time. I did the EV calculation and it is ~+$22.
My friend is trying to argue that if this was online- where you could have a large enough sample size, it is the right play. He is arguing that since you see so few hands live, and you are a 45% to 55% dog, it should be a fold.
I am trying to explain to him that +EV is +EV and that even in a small sample you should always make the +EV play.)
So ak v 99 is 45:55 but because of the dead money already in the pot it is a profitable jam even if the cards are face up right?
if AK makes 22$, then how much does 99 make if it is actually ahead?
This is a broader concept that has always confused me about pot odds where they will say it is profitable for the hand that is an equity disadvantage to call/go all in, like they will make x$. If the hand at a disadvantage makes x$ then how much does the hand that is ahead make?
here is another example from plo:
stacks r 100bb
Hero: 6574
Villain1 :KKQQ
Villain2: xxxx
Villain1 4 bets preflop to 50bb
Hero and V2 call.
Pot is 150bb and flop is 223r
Hero checks to V1 who jams 50bb into 150bb, V2 folds and Hero calls 50bb to win 200bb with a 40:60 equity disadvantage.
If i'm not mistaken that is a profitable call for me right? since my pot odds are 4:1 but win odds are 2:3.
but if its profitable for me, then wouldnt that mean it's not profitable for V1 who is 60% to win ? this is what confuses me.
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PLO Issue

Hello Poker community! I have been playing PLO for about 3 months live, and about six months including free online games. I am definitely still a noob.
At the club that I play the stacks are usually ~$1500 deep minimum by the time I sit down due to players at this club re-buying a LOT, but max buy-in is $700. This is a 1-2-5 table for reference.
My issue is that whenever someone calls pot I get really nervous and begin to doubt my hand, and I feel like the big stacks push me out often.
How can I get over my fear of people betting the pot? Do I just need to learn starting hands better? If so, what is the best resource to do so?
Thank you all in advance for your help!
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Settle a PLO debate

This PLO hand occurred between a friend and myself on a mobile poker app and it has lead to a debate that has been brought up multiple times over the past month and half since it went down.
I had As Kh Qd Jc vs Jd Js 3d 9c. I was in the big blind while my friend was the small blind. After action where a few limped in, including the small blind friendo, it was to me I made preflop raise of a pot bet. Get a few calls including SB villain.
Flop is Jh 10h 4c. Check to me I bet pot. Folds back to our villain who re-pots. I just call having position and to reevaluate depending on the turn card.
Turn is a blank 2 non heart. Villain bets all in which was about a $65 bet into what was a $75 pot by turn (these #s are relevant to the debate).
I call off.
River ends up giving me the broadway straight to take it down.
After the result of the hand my friend started to berate me on the call claiming it's a losing call long term and in general just a bad play in PLO, all under the basis that he could have EASILY had a better made hand and a flush draw, and therefore I need to fold there.
My argument to justify the call off before even knowing the hand I was up against (and making the decision in the moment), was that my hand equity vs the overall range was good enough to call off based on the pot odds being given (even vs a set or any made hand), and I conceded that if he had the top range of a value hand that consisted of a better made hand + a flush draw, only then was I priced out equity wise, but that makes up only a very small portion of the range. I'm even ahead of some combo draws that take this same aggressive line. All resulting in why I called off.
Well my friend isn't having none of it and still brings up this hand to this day. Once again tonight it came up and he still sums it up as a lucky play but a bad one and that my analysis of the hand was simply results oriented because I explained my points only after knowing his hand (I did run equities of the actual hands to show how live my hand was even vs top set).
It obviously is still a trigger point to him that he flopped top set and lost on the runout as played which is magnifying the bitterness of how this hand ended up.
My bottom fundamental point here was that we can't be folding these types of hands on these board textures with those odds since our equity is just still too strong and all while getting a good price on a call, but that's still not enough to convince him.
My primary game is NLH in all honesty but I'd like to believe my assessment during the hand here was right to justify getting my stack in by the turn and I am convinced of that, but if there is any merit to what my friends stance is then I'm open to better understanding why that is the case, given that PLO is just a secondary card game to me.
Any responses from a non biased 3rd party would be appreciated. It's comical to me that this is still an ongoing debate especially for such small stakes (this was a 20/40c PLO cash game with a min/max of $20-$100), but it's clearly just pride and ego on the line at this juncture.
So what is your verdict?!
Edit - I had A K Q J not A K Q K as originally posted (that was a typo somehow as I'm doing this from mobile. Not that it changes TOO much of anything on this specific board and vs opponents range, but it is important to note as I'll be showing this to my fav villain friend. Yes the case J hit on flop.
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1/2: Did I stack off incorrectly vs aggrowhale here?

So villain is a weekend aggrowhale who plays a ton of hands and massively overvalues/overplays TP, flush draws, straight draws etc. because he loves playing PLO and losing $1k-2k every night then plays lower to control his losses. He also straddles almost every hand and comes in for raises a lot. He also constantly needles me by telling the dealer “give him AA so he can play” because I play very tight.
$400 effective.
1/2, UTGstraddle 5, V opens $20 UTG1, H UTG2 3b $60 black JJ, V obv calls.
Flop ($128): QdTh6d V checks, H bets $75, V snap moves all in.
Looking back I realize flop is better as a check back for pot control but whatever.
I know I double block KJ but I unblock all FDs. Also, V doesn’t make this move with naked TP vs me IMO when we’re so deep unless he has exactly AQ which is still 12 combos. He can have all sets, QT though.
I ended up hero calling, V showed 97dd and binked Kd OTT. I’m not sure if I’m being results oriented but just curious how I could play this better.
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1/2/5 PLO HH

PLO HH question: 1/2 $5 BTN straddle five-handed "homegame", hero UTG with effective stack of ~$650.
Preflop: SB raise to $10, BB calls, hero calls with 8655ds UTG (fold pre with bad position?), MP (Villain) and BTN completes. Five handed to flop. (This may have been a BTN straddle to $10 and five limpers, can't remember).
Flop ($50): 5h4h2h, hero has top set, no hearts. Checks through.
Turn ($50): Qs (board 5h4h2hQs). SB bets $20, BB folds, hero calls, MP (Villain) calls, BTN folds.
River ($110): 4d (board 5h4h2hQs4d), giving hero 55544. SB checks, hero bets $50, V raise to $280, SB snap folds. Hero?
Thoughts on Villain: have played with him before, he usually plays face up but sometimes bluffs with nut blockers. Likes to call a lot PF so can't narrow his range given the price he was getting to call, and that he probably knew nitty BTN was never potting anything but good AAxx.
Thoughts on PF: I'd been pretty card dead for a while, so this hand looked like the nuts to me at the time. In retrospect, this is a poor hand to go 5-ways to a flop OOP, correct? Easily over-flushed, over-setted, and wraps are potentially dominated by better rundown hands like T987, 9876, etc.? I think I'd rather have either re-potted PF to limit # of players to the flop & balance 3! range (less desirable) or folded outright (more desirable). Too nitty?
Flop: seems standard, scary board with the ~millionth nuts.
Turn: clear call at LLSPLO given the price, effective stacks, and potential to boat up and get a value bet paid. Correct?
River: Hero has 5th nuts losing to QQQ44, 4444, Ah3h, and 3h6h. Hero leads a little under half pot to get calls from slow played A and K high flushes and worse boats that we can't comfortably x-r. V's river raise represents boats, quads, and straight flushes. Of his boats, I think he's raising all his QQQ44, QQ444, and 55444 boats to this size. I think he would raise 22244 (via a flopped set of 2's) to a smaller size for thin-ish value. In addition to his boats, he's also raising his quad 4s and straight flushes.
So really the only value hands I beat are QQ444 and 55444, which I block. I also beat bluffs like rivered 444 turned into a bluff, 3h blocker, etc. V also isn't especially inclined to bluff with air, but has shown some blocker bluffs in the past. If hero folds here, we're pretty much folding everything here that isn't QQQ44 (flat call) and quads or sf (3-betting).
River decision: hero grumbled, finished his beer, and called. Is even just tanking on this for a minute too nitty?
Thoughts? I'm a PLO fish so all criticism welcome (luckily games are 50% droolers).
Spoilers later.
EDIT: Results posted in comments.
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PLO Question - playing the nuts on the turn, out of position

I don't remember the exact details of the hand in terms of what the flop, or what my 4 cards were, but it's not so important for this question. In my last PLO a situation came up and it's one that comes up often in PLO: I'm playing a 6 max game, after a pf 2bet pot bet by the button, I call in the BB. Everyone else folds....HU going to the flop. The flop was either check/check, or a small bet/call (can't remember. I make the nuts on the turn (a straight in this case). Being out of position, I'm first to act, and I potted it, which I usually do in this spot (which may or may not be the best strategy?). A flush draw also came in on the turn. Button calls my turn bet. I have zero redraws (no way to improve my hand on the river). Fortunately the river was a blank, so my straight was still the nuts. But what if the board paired or the flush got there?? What would be my best play? Check/fold? It just seems so bad to check there knowing I could get bluffed, but then again, why did he call a pot bet on the turn? His calling range consists of at least two pair, if not a set and/or a flush draw..possibly a draw to a higher straight. In the case when he has a set, but missed his full house draw, he could easily represent the flush when the flush draw gets there, leaving me in a terrible spot (and vice versa when he has a flush draw, but the board pairs on river instead of the flush getting there). I just don't know if I'm supposed to check/fold here, or check/call, or possibly bet some amount and fold to a raise? Maybe like a blocker bet of 1/4 pot? Tough spot and the reason I hate playing out of position, though sometimes the hands are too good to fold, even if you don't have position.
TL;DR When you have the nuts out of position, HU, on the turn, and no redraws to a better hand, should you open with a bet (and if so, what size bet) when it's your turn to act? If you do bet the turn, what do you do when the board pairs or the flush gets there on river?
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6 Card PLO - An amateur's guide by an amateur:

I’ve recently discovered the joy of pure degeneracy that is 6-card PLO, but there appears to be very little strategy discord out there, so I thought I’d throw my humble opinions and hopefully start a discussion. This will probably be quite disjointed as I’m sort of throwing this together at 2am in the morning.
Firstly, my personal experience with the game: I’ve personally been playing 6-card PLO since October last year, in the first 3 months I lost around $700 playing mainly 20/40c, and then the dream rungood began and i won $4000 in January and $2200 in January, having gradually scaled to $1/$2. I attribute a lot of this to luck but I believe if equities ran neutrally I would still be up, how much I really don’t know.
So, fundamentals are fairly similar to regular PLO except amplified. For example, later position is even more important, because it is even riskier to slowplay a big hand in PLO6, because it is so easy to be outdrawn.
I’m not particularly good at formulating my thoughts into a coherent article so I’m just going to write a bunch of random tips.
Random Tips:
Okay that’s all I got for now, I might come back and edit this post to add anything if this gets some interest, thanks for your time and sorry for all the () I have a problem.
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Anyone use slack at work? I wrote a bot that deals nLHE/PLO

It's very rough around the edges, doesn't do side pots or all in properly yet, but I plan to fix that and add full ring (is heads up only for now) over next few days.
Needs a legacy slack bot token as the new granular permission system doesn't seem to allow access to the realtime api, which this needs. export SLACK_BOT_TOKEN="xoxb...."
Also requires python 3.5 or newer for async stuff. Add it to any channel you're in (not a busy channel as it is verbose and will annoy people who don't like poker) and it will listen for the following commands:
start game 2 starts heads up nlhe when said by 2 people
start plo 2 starts heads up plo when said by 2 people
bet NNN with NNN being amount, starting stacks are 20k, bb is 200
check checks, same as bet 0 (edit: just realised this isn't implemented properly, just use bet 0)
fold folds and starts another game
The (shoddy) code with pretty much no comments is here:
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The EV Adjusted Winnings may have as much variance as the actual winnings (over short/medium term)

First a quick history: I used to be a major grinder on Stars, I played about a few million hands of PLO50 and PLO100 in the few years I played. I was at best a break even player when I included the rakeback I got ( I was Supernova).
I remember always tracking my progress using the EV Adjusted, thinking that this is my "true" win (loss). And always feeling good when my EV Adjusted winning for a session showed a win. (thought this happened much less frequently than I wished).
However, thinking about this now, I don't believe we should be concentrating on "adjusted EV" all that much. In fact, EV Adjusted winnings may be just as random over short-medium term, but may be more misleading because of our impression that somehow they show the "true" winnings.
My POV on this is from 6-max PLO games.
There is a lot of randomness in terms of "cooler situations". quads vs quads, top boat vs quads, nut flush vs straight flush etc.
Now say you 3 bet with AAxx and hit top boat and someone hits quads. Now you stack-off on the river with 0% Equity because both of you slow played and only got it in OTR. Your EV shows a huge loss for you for this hand. However, in actual fact, this hand is in some sense "neutral EV", because if the reverse happened, you opponent would stack of 100% of the time. If you are looking at a sample size of say 100k hands, this situation may come up 4 times for you (let's say). Well, what if all 4 times you are on the losing end? Let's say this costs you 600bb. That means your "adjusted EV" just took a hit of -0.6bb/100 over those 100k hands. Imagine if this somehow happened to you in your first 20k hands, your adjusted EV just got hit with a -3bb/100. Maybe taking you from winning to losing player, despite the fact that you did not make any mistakes in those hands. In fact, this could be even worse if you actually had a range/positional advantage in those spots and your opponents where making mistakes in calling your 3-bets.
Next, consider all those sessions when you had massive 20 outer draws in huge pots on turn/river and you kept missing? You might have been favourite, but EV shows massive negative. Or the opposite is true, you keep hitting those sweet gutters when you are just barreling like a donk in every 3-bet pot. Then you stack people and your EV shoots up but in reality you just got super lucky.
The only sure way to find out your true winrate (loss rate in my case LOL), is huge amounts of hands. The math says it all. Your Expected winnings (losses) increase linearly while Std Deviation increase with the square root of the sample size. That is why no matter how small your win/loss rate (as long as it's non-zero) and no matter how large the S. Deviation is (as long as it's finite), you will eventually be in the red/green depending on your skill level.
TL:DR There is way more variance in poker (PLO 6-max) then just who wins in all-in situations when cards are still to come. This is why "Adjusted EV" may be misleading. Play tons of hands to get a sense of your true win(loss) rate.
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PLO Pro Poker Strategy - 3 Betting Ranges Calculating PLO Pot Bets How to by Dealer Dave Avoid these PREFLOP 3-BET MISTAKES playing Low Stakes Pot Limit Omaha Key Concepts in PLO - Ep 4: C-bets CRUSH POT LIMIT OMAHA by 3-betting the correct ranges

In the previous part of this Pot Limit Omaha guide, we focused on continuation betting in single raised pots.These are very frequent spots as many hands in PLO go beyond preflop, and there is often a raise to kick things off. Thus, these situations deserve a lot of attention as they’ll play a big role in your overall win rate. The other significant difference between pot-limit Omaha and no-limit Texas hold'em is the betting structure. In no-limit hold'em, players can bet any amount they wish, up to the size of their stack. In pot-limit poker, the amount you can bet when it's your turn is limited by the size of the pot. Because it's a little bit more complicated than a standard Limit of No-Limit betting structure we've put together a specific article on How to Calculate the Pot Bet to help you understand how it's done. Game Stages of Pot Limit Omaha Once again, the game stages of PLO poker are similar to those of Texas Hold’em. Before the betting rounds begin, each player is dealt with four of their hole cards. The betting rounds then begin and take place as follows: 1. Pre-flop. The pre-flop begins straight after the players have received their starting hands. The most common betting structure for Omaha is Pot Limit. Unlike No-Limit Hold’em, where you can bet all your chips at any point, in Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO), the maximum you can bet is the size of the pot. (The same minimums apply as in No-Limit Hold’em.)

[index] [8284] [9588] [4324] [15204] [9644] [1746] [9292] [7271] [9078] [13786]

PLO Pro Poker Strategy - 3 Betting Ranges

Just another hand of 1-3 plo. Dealer Dave leads his table of imaginary players to illustrate how to calculate pot bets. In this poker strategy video i will provide easy to understand tips to improve your 3-bet ranges for 100bb Pot Limit Omaha! I will tell you more about what ranges to 3-bet and how you can make ... PLO is still the most unsolved poker game available to play. Many players in the pool do not understand ranges including 3Betting. This video breaks down exactly which range you should be 3betting ... In this video I will tell you more about preflop 3-betting playing low stakes Pot Limit Omaha. By illustrating mistakes many players make you will get a better understanding about how you can ... Another hand of 1-3 Pot Limit Omaha by Dealer Dave and his imaginary players.