How to setup Infusionsoft's Affiliate Tracking to work

Creating an e-commerce structure(?) like eBay or Etsy

I'm not the best with technical terms and business lingo but Ill try to explain the structure I'm talking about. I (want to) host a website where product manufacturers can sell their products and consumers can buy them. I get a small commission of all sales, and the merchant service company gets an even smaller cut. I know there are countless websites that run like this, I'm just not sure if it has a specific name. I know how to get commission through an amazon or eBay affiliate program, but that's not what I want.
I talked to my Infusionsoft consultant and he said to set that structure would cost me $1k on the surface probably $4-5k in the process. They've overcharged and just blatantly lied to us so many times before that we'd be stupid to go with them without talking to other people first. (their customer service is very friendly but their salesmen are super-cliche salesmen - just my experience though)
So has anyone here created a website like this, and if so how did you do it? If you know a company that provides a service like this, or you yourself are a genius programmer that could do it just comment below. - Thanks yall.
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Keap Now drag and drop the “Referral” icon: You will now be presented with this: Parent refers to the affiliate that brought in the person that’s filling out the affiliate form. So that’d be “Affiliate A” from our previous example. Programs determines which affiliate program the affiliate is signed up to. You can use the form to move an affiliate off one program and to another one (both Affiliate Programs. There is one type of Affiliate programs with LOL Publishing: Non-recurring program. Commissions. For a sale to generate a commission to an Affiliate, the customer must complete the order form and remit full payment for the product. portion to make, there are higher paying affiliate programs. You might wish to look for affiliate programs that pay around ten. percent. Actually, there are also a pick number of affiliate. programs that pay around fifteen percent in payments. The guidelines pointed out above are just a few of the many that. Our affiliate program has converted consistently across industries (Personal Development, IM, Biz Op & Financial), with an average Net EPC of $6.65 Base Commission £1000

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