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New Indefinite-quantity contracts, task orders, beyond scope - Protests 16.505 (b) New Indefinite-quantity contracts - Orders under multiple-award contracts, fair opportunity, pricing 16.506: Expiration of FSS Contract, task orders: Special Contracting Methods The topics of purchasing, procurement, and strategic sourcing are all receiving significant attention as organizations attempt to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their supply networks. A better understanding of where the benefits can be obtained requires a thorough knowledge of some of the similarities, differences, and linkages between purchasing, procurement, and Describe the MAS pre-award activities, to include planning, requirements, and market research Apply ordering procedures for the MAS program Describe the MAS post-award activities, to include performance evaluation, administration, order termination, and closeout procedures (2) A multiple-award task-order or delivery-order contract issued in accordance with FAR subpart 16.5, including Governmentwide acquisition contracts; or (3) Any other indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contract entered into with two or more sources pursuant to the same solicitation. (j) Insert the clause at 52.216-32, Task-Order and Delivery-Order Ombudsman, in solicitations and contracts when a multiple-award indefinite-delivery indefinite-quantity contract is contemplated. Use the clause with its Alternate I when the contract will be available for use by multiple agencies (e.g., Governmentwide acquisition contracts or

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