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FunFair - An In-Depth Analysis (Updated April 25th)

FunFair has been up to a lot of things, and thus, the post made a few months ago is quite outdated. I’ve written this just to keep the subreddit updated, and to have a nicely formatted post full of information regarding FunFair for both newcomers and “veterans”. This post will be updated more often than not, and when the time comes for a new one again, it shall be written! Cheers.

What is FunFair?

FunFair is a decentralized gaming technology platform which uses the Ethereum blockchain, smart contracts, and proprietary state channels (Fate Channels) to deliver casino solutions with state of the art games that are fast, fun, and fair.
FunFair is not a casino. Instead, FunFair will license its technology out to casino operators. Being a casino carries with it risks and burdens stemming from statutory and regulatory hurdles. Being a licensing entity instead, provides legal safeguards and will enable a more widely used platform.

Why was FunFair created?

There are many costs, headaches, and complications with online casinos. Briefly, they are the fees associated with operations (servers, infrastructure, large employee-base, fraudulent activity investigations, chargebacks) etc. Attracting players and gaining their trust comes afterwards, which is another issue within itself. There is a blatant trust issue with conventional online gaming that FunFair aims to diminish, while creating a seamless experience for both operator and player.

The Market.

Online gambling is a large market: Currently over 47.1 billion dollars in market volume and projected to continue increasing quite exponentially. FunFair is also attempting to capture a new market of casino operators and players that aren’t currently factored into this estimate.

The Team.

The FunFair team consists of 40+ developers, industry executives, and professionals. They have one of the largest teams in cryptocurrency. Feel free to check them out on their website: https://funfair.io/how-it-works/our-team/
Notably, the first five employee profiles presented on the website are:
Jez San OBE, Founder, CEO
Jez San is a British technology entrepreneur and investor whose pioneering work in the field of real time 3D computer graphics led to being awarded the OBE for services to the computer games industry.
Jez founded Argonaut Software in his teens and designed the first chip used to power 3D games including multi-million-selling Star Fox, Harry Potter and Croc. He also founded 3D online poker room PKR and microprocessor developer Arc International.
Since 2013 Jez has been an active investor in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector. His investments include Google’s DeepMind and online cryptocurrency exchange Kraken.
Jeremy Longley, Founder, CTO
Over 15 years’ experience managing technology teams – from the development of advanced video-game software through to the deployment and operation of enterprise-scale infrastructure.
Oliver Hopton, Founder, Developer
Oliver Hopton is an experience developer and team lead with over 15 years experience building gaming products. He spent 10 years working at online poker room PKR as Software Development Manager working on a huge variety of administration tools and integrations with 3rd party gaming content and providers. Heavily involved in technical compliance for gaming license applications in Guernsey, the UK, France, Italy and Denmark.
He then spent 18 months as CTO of EveryFan, responsible for architecting and building a UK facing sports betting product.
David Greyling, COO
David has more than 20 years’ experience in E-Commerce related organisations. In his role as COO, David is responsible for leading the business development, strategy, operations, finance and corporate functions.
With extensive leadership experience in Digital marketing and E-commerce international companies, David specialises in leading business integration and transformation programmes.
Prior to his current position David was Director of International for William Hill PLC, reporting to the board on market expansion, regulation and strategic change management programs.
Stefan Kovach, Business Strategy and Marketing Consultant
Stef is an industry executive with with a wealth of experience, having headed up the marketing functions of both PokerStars and bwin.party - two of the biggest brands in online gambling.

Career Opportunities

Further, FunFair is looking to expand – and fast. They expect to have a team of 50+ people in the not-so-distant future, as they are currently hiring developers, business and marketing professionals, and so forth. So, if you’re looking for an opportunity to showcase your expertise in these fields, try your shot at securing a position within the company! (https://www.funfair.io/careers) The FunFair team’s base of operations is in London, UK.
Some of the positions currently offered in the United Kingdom, England, London:

When did they start the project?

Technically, FunFair started on June 22nd, 2017, because all FUN tokens that will ever exist were created on this day. However, the idea, technology, and product were being developed before the ICO started.

What have they accomplished to date?

FunFair have accomplished a lot since their inception- consistently updating development, business operations, and hiring many new staff. From Sponsoring DevCon 3, receiving awards from the Malta Gaming Awards, excellent showcase updates, and launching their product to the gaming industry at the International Casino Exhibition which boasted over 30,000 industry attendees, they have been on track to their public release. With the release of the closed beta right around the corner, the future is bright for FunFair.

Ok, so what is the technology? What are they developing?

FunFair is building their decentralized platform and protocol on top of Ethereum’s blockchain. FunFair is developing the game technology, and their proprietary, advanced state channel technology which they call Fate Channels. The platform that FunFair has created and continues to develop, will allow anyone to run a casino in just a few clicks, allow third party developers to distribute and integrate their own games to a new, global audience, while creating the ultimate casino experience for end users.
Fate Channels are FunFair’s custom, proprietary version of State Channels. They are superior technology to current State Channels, as they are what support the communication during game sessions between player and casino, while executing entire game logic and random number generation off-chain. They provide a fast, low cost method for RNG, starting game sessions, ending them, and settling with smart contracts on the blockchain. There is only one gas fee needed to start the game session, which solves scalability issues with platforms like Ethereum.
For an in-depth explanation that you won’t be disappointed in reading, please refer to the technical white paper here: https://funfair.io/wp-content/uploads/FunFair-Technical-White-Paper.pdf

What really happens in the Fate Channels?

FunFair’s random number generation is executed within the Fate Channel, and is a commit/reveal scheme that makes it provably fair. There are also a hash chain to prove that the overall sequence is indeed fair.
A player enters a FunFair-powered casino with some FUN tokens in their wallet, and then both the casino and player send FUN tokens from each of their personal wallets into a smart contract which then holds the FUN in escrow via the Fate Channels (off-chain) until the player cashes out/closes the channel.
The player and casino swap random seeds that they have generated locally, and these are then hashed numerous times by both parties in private. The sequence of hashes are stored locally by each party. There could be thousands of hashes, which become the random numbers, and are passed one by one, in reverse order, by the casino to the player and vice versa when the game needs randomness. Since the hashes are in reverse order, a new hash will always hash into the previous one, so that it can be verified that it’s the correct value of the next hash. The first hash is committed in the state channel on the blockchain as it was opened, and this is what will be used later to reveal that the random number generation was correct.
The position that a ball lands on in a roulette spin, for example, is computed this way. The two hashes provided by both player and casino are combined into a random number that neither side could have predicted. It’s provably fair because because it can be shown that they come from the same hash chain in the correct sequence, and it can be shown after the game session is over, using the reveal to show the seed was in fact, committed to the blockchain in advance of the games played.
The random number generation scheme works extremely fast, and is not dependent and waiting on the blockchain for verification every time, yet it is provably fair in both randomness and sequence. It is easy to detect cheating by either side (for instance, the random number generations would go out of sequence). The security of the hash chain is what makes the randomness unpredictable. If it is possible to reverse a hash, you could predict the random number generation. FunFair uses SHA-3 for hash generation, which has not been reversed yet, and is likely to last in strength for some decades.

The platform.

FunFair presents its casino operators and players with a gaming opportunity never seen before:

The games.

FunFair is pursuing a full suite of traditional casino games:
You can test all of these games, right now at https://showcase.funfair.io . Some are currently testable on the Ethereum test networks.
Regarding mobile functionality: A number of mobile dapp browsers are being built (ciphestatus) – FunFair support these. Their games are built with technology that works in mobile browsers.
FunFair is one of the only projects in the cryptocurrency space that has a working product.

FunFair’s vision for the future- an updated roadmap for 2018:

FunFair’s writeup of the updated roadmap can be found here: https://funfair.io/updated-funfair-roadmap-explained/
The roadmap can be found here: https://funfair.io/latest/roadmap/
Q1: In January, the team submitted to the UK Gambling Commission their application for a Remote Gambling Software License.
February 6th-8th,
Official launch into the gaming industry at the ICE (International Casino Exhibition).
Read FunFair’s written re-cap here: https://funfair.io/ice-2018-round/
Watch FunFair’s video round up here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEjC3_5Q5jA
March 8th-10th,
EthCC Conference.
FunFair CEO Jez San gives a presentation on FunFair platform and protocol to Ethereum community in Paris.
Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irpu2iHDiK0
Q2 Goals:
April 2018
May 2018
May 15th - 17th,
G2E Asia - launch FunFair brand to Asian gaming market
Website: https://www.g2easia.com/
May 16th - 17th
Consensus and Token Summit in New York
Networking and updating community
Website: http://tokensummit.com/
May 23rd - 24th
Disruptive Online Gambling conference (London)
Exposure to UK gambling industry
Website: http://www.arena-international.com/gambling/
Q3 Goals:
Q4 and beyond:

Some Information Regarding Casino Operators:

Casino operators will save significant money on hardware, chargebacks, and operational headcount. The number of physical servers required is reduced as gameplay executes in immutable smart contracts deployed to the ethereum network.
An operator will, at all times, require a reserve of FUN tokens to ensure they are able to accept bets, and cover their liabilities. If, after a period of time, they wish to convert some of their FUN token balance they will have a number of market exchanges which are capable of facilitating this type of transaction.
FunFair is working on the many customization options right now and up until release. You will definitely be able to customize the look and feel. You can add your own graphics, logos, colour schemes, etc. You will also be able to choose which kinds of games are offered, and how they will be laid out.
FunFair fully supports KYC. They’ve built their own KYC technology that’s crypto-friendly. FunFair’s tech will allow each operator to have their own policies on who they exclude and whether they require KYC/AML etc.
A reminder, FunFair isn’t an operator, it’s a technology that operators use, and some will be in countries where they need to do KYC/AML and some will be in countries where they don’t. FunFair’s tech works for all cases and will support the full strength KYC if that operator requires it.
Lots of information can also be found on the website. Here are some excellent links:

The Past, Present, and Future of FunFair..

FunFair has been consistently networking, and the team have been continually attending blockchain conferences and events. From launching their product to the gaming industry at the International Casino Exhibition in early February, launching their product to the Asian market at G2E Asia, and just recently announcing their industry first game development partner; Spike Games, FunFair is advancing very well, on track and ready for industry disruption.
For questions that you may have think I've missed, please refer to this updated FAQ on the FunFair website: https://funfair.io/frequently-asked-questions/#the-fun-token
TL;DR - Readthewholething
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[Table] IAmA: I am Hank Azaria – actor, Simpsons voice guy & Determined to Succeed supporter. AMA.

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Date: 2013-04-24
Link to submission (Has self-text)
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Questions Answers
What's yor favorite episode? What's your favorite recording moment? Favorite non-Simpsons television show? Favorite joke on the Simpsons? Long time fan! Edit: eeehuggraa. Favorite episode is cape feare. - favorite recording moment was being moe with mick jagger - hard to pick, i loved the honeymooners, the odd couple, all in the family, deadwood, star trek (the original and tng) - favorite joke is from cape feare, when sideshow bob kept stepping on the rakes.
Hank! Thanks for the AMA. I fall asleep to the Simpsons, and have been every night for the past 5 years. How does it feel to know that there are people like me out there that seriously can't fall asleep without you talking? Why should you be any different than my wife?
When voicing a character for the first time, how much input do you get for how they will sound? How do you decide how they sound? That's a good question. early on, i would really spend hours trying different voices out loud for different characters. then over the years i got quicker and quicker at just instinctively assigning a voice to a character. if i'm really not sure, i'll ask the writer how he hears it, who it sounds like to them, etc. sometimes they'll tell you in the stage direction "should sound like robert stack" or whatever. and then, if they don't like what i'm doing, they're not shy and they'll tell me and we'll adjust it.
Are you allowed to use the voices in interviews or in public etc, or are they "copyrighted" or subject to some contractual terms where you can't use them? I can definitely use them in public on talk shows and appearances, etc. i can't go on another show as moe or apu doing scripted stuff, getting animated, unless we get approval from 99 lawyers which we will never get.
Thanks for the reply! Just wanted to let you know your contribution to the show will go down in history. I like to think you'll be remembered as the Mel Blanc of our generation. You may need to murder Billy West to get there, but I've no doubt in your abilities. I have actually taken out a contract on the life of billy west, so it's funny you said that.
Hi Hank! I've been a fan of yours ever since you were walking Murray on Mad About You. I've never heard of Determined to Succeed. What is it, and why should I support it? DTS is a local LA educational non profit. We take at-risk socio-economically challenged kids in 6th grade who show a willingness to learn and are quite literally Determined to Succeed. we mentor and tutor them through junior high and high school, help keep them off the streets and out of gangs in the summertime, and help them with their college admissions. our first group of students had 100% college acceptance rate. You can help by donating to my Birthday Wish: Link to www.causes.com
Are you really as nice as you seem? What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
Loved you in Run Fat Boy, Run. How was it working with Simon Pegg? Simon Pegg is literally my hero. He is absolutely as sweet and hilarious in person as he is on screen. and i really admire his creativity in front of and behind the camera.
Is it true that in the locker room scene you didn't use one of the skin patches to cover up just to get a reaction of pure shock from Simon? How could anyone possibly keep a straight face during shooting if that's the case?! That is true. be careful how you use the term "straight" face.
If you ever became a cop, how often do you think you'd be doing wiggums voice when pulling people over? Probably a lot. it would probably either get me killed or save my life.
Hey hank! Thanks for doing this AMA! I was wondering at what age did you realize your vocal talents? Also, what was it like to be phoebes boyfriend on friends? Thanks again! P.S. Happy birthday! I was mimicking things as early as i can remember. i thought everyone could do it. i didn't realize it was a special skill until i was about 10 or 12. it was fun being on the friends set. it was sort of like seeing some weird 90s version of beatlemania. thanks!
How did you get into voice acting? Was it a chance meeting, or simply sending a demo tape? Edit: my daughter loved you as Gargamel in the Smurfs. It was a chance meeting. i very early in my career did the voice of a cartoon dog called Hollywood Dog for a Fox pilot that failed miserably but i got the audition for the simpsons based on that. and the rest is history.
Thank you Mr. Azaria for doing this AMA! In the Simpsons, there was an episode where Moe pulled a shotgun on Homer for Homer's $600 pants, and Moe said, "Yeah, I rob now." I believe it was a DVD commentary where it was mentioned you had reservations about Moe doing and saying this. As the seasons have continued, do you feel there are still things that are too extreme for Moe? Or has it progressed to a point where you'll let anything go? I'm surprised i expressed any reservation at that. it's an interesting question because you don't want to commit "character assassination" and do something you feel your character would never do; however, a lot of the fun of Moe and many of the simpsons characters is that over time they get more and more outrageous. i think as long as it's funny it's ok.
Agador Sparticus, how much of that character was your creation? That role was originally not supposed to be latin. once they decided to make him spanish, they pretty much let me transpose the dialogue into "guatemalan-ness," for lack of a better term. most of that dialogue was scripted. we rehearsed very intensely for two weeks and all the adlibs that mike nichols and elaine may liked got put in the script, and then we were encouraged to stick to those when we were shooting. i managed to sneak in a few weird touches though like saying "come on, gloria" when i picked up my boombox and things like that.
Hi Hank, thanks for this. Are there any roles you been in the running for but missed out on? I desperately wanted to be joey on friends and even auditioned twice for it after they had already rejected me once.
Are you going to be in the new Godzilla movie? Seeing as the first one very nearly killed my career, i would say no.
Have you ever seen Dan Castellaneta choke Nancy Cartwright on set to get the sound effect right? I have never witnessed it, but there is a lot of circumstantial evidence to prove that it has happened.
Any great Robin Williams or Nathan Lane stories from filming The Birdcage? Thanks for doing this! Everyone knows how witty and spontaneous robin is and he was certainly hilarious during the birdcage. not many people know just how clever nathan lane is off the top of his head. the two of them together was truly like watching some amazing comedy team that had worked together for years. robin is also one of the kindest, most genuine actors i've ever worked with. and when he's not making everyone laugh, he genuinely listens to people and cares about them and takes the time to get to know everyone. mostly i remember fighting not to laugh during takes and ruining the movie. i didn't want to leave the set even when i was done working because it was so funny all the time, on camera and off.
How do you feel about Seth MacFarlane? I'm a tremendous fan of seth macfarlane. both his vocal work and his writing. i'd look up to him if he wasn't so much younger than me. damn him.
Who is your favorite Simpsons character you voice over? Also, who is your favorite Simpsons character you don't voice over? Professor Frink.
That changes over the years. I've loved Ralph Wiggum, Kent Brockman, Krusty the Klown and I get a huge kick out of Cookie Kwan.
When you first started the Simpsons did you think it would take off like it did? Did you find yourself laughing at the jokes while doing their voices or more so after watching the finished episode? No one could have ever predicted the success of the simpsons. anyone who says they did, is lying. we laughed a lot making the show and still do. i often have to run away from the mic so as not to ruin takes by giggling like an idiot.
What was the absolute best parts of working on Mystery Men? One of my favorite movies, btw. That was a surprisingly difficult and not that fun movie to make. i loved hanging around with ben, janeane and bill, but we should have had more fun than we did making that movie. i'm much more fond of it now than i was at the time.
Hank, which Simpsons character would you say closely reflects your true personality? (Ten bucks Professor Frink) That's a really interesting question that i've never been asked before. i would say i'm a cross between carl and comic book guy.
Hi Hank; thanks for doing this AMA! I'm a lifelong Simpson's fan and still watch every episode as soon as I can. Who is your favorite character to voice? Are any of your characters just your 'regular' voice? Do people recognize your voice if you're out in public? My favorite character to voice is Professor Frink just because I enjoy how silly it sounds. they really have to stop me from doing it once I get started. I just want to do more and more takes that get sillier and sillier. no running characters are my regular voice but i use my regular voice a lot in the show, mostly for straight man voices. people don't usually recognize my voice in public unless i'm running around screaming like moe or ordering a coffee as apu, which I don't.
Can I get an all-syrup Super Squishy? If you sign a waiver releasing me from any responsibility for any medical consequences.
Hi, Hank! Have you ever gotten your own jokes included in the show? Yes, many times. i'll always do 2 takes exactly as written and then i start to play around and they use what they like in editing.
Which of the other voice actors is the best cuddler? My money is on Dan Castellaneta. I haven't cuddled with anyone. i've only made out with matt groening, but that was just that one time.
What's the scoop on "Herman's head" Are they ever going to bring it back?? I'm always a little surprised that people liked that show. i guess it was fun, and i certainly loved making it and learned a lot, and was grateful for the job, and loved all the people involved with it...but to be honest, the show was never my cup of tea. i feel bad saying that because i'm glad you liked it, but it is the truth.
How's Minsk? Cold. lonely. also i've never been.
Hi Hank! Which of the Simpsons characters voiced by your fellow cast do you most wish you had been given to act? This is a good question because there are times when, especially with celebrity impressions, i'll feel like they made a mistake assigning it to somebody else. harry, dan and i all do a lot of impressions and it kind of broke my heart that i didn't get to do johnny carson and woody allen. and count dracula, for some odd reason. that said, harry's and dan's versions are brilliant.
Then there are times that i get assigned ones that i feel harry or dan would do better than i would. like they gave me yogi bear, but my yogi bear sucks so dan ended up doing it.
Has Matt Groening ever offered you a guest spot on Futurama? I have done a guest spot. I was zoidberg's uncle harold zoid.
Outstanding work! Big fan. Do you find it hard to keep all the voices separated? Do you find yourself 'in-between' voices sometimes? No, that has never come up. i think you can either do this or you can't, so for me it's kind of the easiest thing in the world to do. but if you can't do it, it's impossible.
What is one role you wish you got at the time, but looking back glad you didn't? Almost every role that you lose out on, especially early in your career, you're kind of devastated by. my ex-wife once, when i was particularly heartbroken over a role i lost, took me by hand to the video store (when they still existed) and pointed out how many roles in many many different movies she didn't get that she was sure, at the time, would have made her a huge star. and i swear that 99% of those movies and roles were all silly, and major disappointments. after that, i really put that kind of thing in perspective and didn't worry about it too much.
Why is Moe's voice so different now from how it was in the 1990s? Link for reference. That's very observant and correct. partially it's because my voice has gotten deeper over the years as the character became more real and gained more layers and depth, i felt it should be less squeaky and more "human sounding." i didn't notice it was happening while it was happening, but i prefer the current moe voice. which do you like?
Im a huge fan of the show Huff. Was that your favorite role? and also why did it end only after 2 seasons? It was not my favorite role, although i loved the show. it was a very difficult role to play because it was so emotionally wrenching all the time. also i felt like all the other characters in the show were so colorful, and i was mostly just listening to them and reacting to their insanity. it ended because the ratings weren't great and les moonves took over showtime and i don't think he liked the show.
Hi Hank. I know you like to play poker, do you come to Vegas to play often? Or do you normally just play at celebrity tournaments and the like? If you do come to Vegas to play, whats your favorite poker room? I have hosted a weekly game at my house for many years now. mostly with the same 20 or 30 guys who come in and out. i play more cash game than tournament poker. i've played in vegas often over the years. i like the room at the wynn and the venetian, but pretty much any poker table in any room makes me happy.
Do you ever crank call people in Moe's voice? That's a really good idea. what's your number?
I know Dan has written a few episodes of "The Simpsons." Do you have any interest in writing an episode before it's all over? I think if it hasn't happened by now, it probably will not. on occasion, i sit in on the writers' session and pitch jokes, but mostly i prefer to do that as i'm recording. they do such an unbelievable job on the show, that i feel i really can't improve upon it. so i focus my writing elsewhere.
Do you think you'll actually look like Rip Torn in your old age? I'll probably sound like him. that question made me giggle.
Is Friends the only time you and Paul Rudd fought over a girl? No, if by "girl" you mean "donut at the craft service table." that's right, paul and i call donuts "girls."
Hank, how much do you make, roughly, per episode of the simpsons? Love your work, thanks for the AMA. I actually don't mind answering this question, but i probably shouldn't answer this question for legal and other reasons.
That said, you can probably google a pretty close approximation of what we all make...
How do you feel the quality of the simpsons has gone from the the beginning of the show to now? do you think the jokes got better or worse? if they got worse, when do you think that the show went downhill? also im a huge fan of yours. Mostly i'm too close to the show and love doing it so much to have an objective opinion. i do what i've always done, which is show up and enjoy making what they've written come to life. the show still really makes me laugh. i've certainly seen online over the years, and elsewhere, people criticizing the show. it reminds me of the beatles anthology. there's this section where people are talking about how the white album isn't so good...that it was too long and that a lot of the tracks didn't work, and you see various people saying it wasn't up to snuff. and then, they cut to paul mccartney who says "yeah, i've heard people don't like the white album, but i say it's the bloody beatles white album. it's fucking great." that's kind of how i feel about the show.
How was it being Kahmunrah in Night at the Museum 2? Is it easy for you to slip in and out of character when playing roles in movies and TV shows? Any tips on training your voice to play different roles? Again, changing my voices is just really easy for me. it always was, and then year after year of doing the simpsons has made me even more of a savant at that skill. sometimes i think all my talent is just centered in 1 cubic inch in my throat. that said, some voices or accents require a little bit of work especially if i'm trying to do like an authentic french or polish accent etc. once i hit on imitating boris karloff for night at the museum, which started off as a joke by the way, it was certainly easy to remain in that character. then once i have the voice, the physicality tends to follow naturally.
The first film I've seen you in was Along Came Polly & what was it like working with Ben Stiller? Also, who's idea was it to use a French accent? That was about the 3rd or 4th time i had worked with ben. i enjoy him personally and professionally. that role was written to be french...in fact probably 98% of what i say in that movie was scripted even though it seems like it was being made up.
Hey hank! Love your work! I was wondering what is your favorite MOEment? There are so many good ones. Which is your favorite? I really like when he's taking the lie detector test and the thing keeps beeping because he's lying about what he's going to do with his evening.
Is an in character Al Pacino scary? Not if you can control the volume, but otherwise kind of. that scene was shot on our mutual birthday, april 25.
Of all the lines you've read, what's your favorite? It's hard to pick. it would probably be a moe line, but it would be like sophie's choice to single one out.
Hey Hank! My office mate and your friend Myra wants to know if your summers at Camp Towanda really were the happiest times of your life? Thanks for the AMA!! Hi myra! and i would say that yes they were.
How close were you to Phil Hartman and if you could bring back one of his Simpsons Characters who would it be? We recorded with phil many times, and i had many a pleasant chat with phil, but i can't say that i was close to him. it's either lionel hutz or troy mcclure. and it always struck me as hilarious that a man who could pretty much do anything with his voice did the exact same voice for both those characters. i'm sure he did that on purpose.
Hi Hank, What is your exercise regime these days? Is it mostly cardio or weights? I'm on my way to a spin class and I bet you thought I was going to ask a Smurf question ;-) Have a great day tomorrow! It's the same as it's been for many years. i run and lift weights. sometimes i chase smurfs.
Hey Hank, you do such a great job on voice acting. How do you prepare before voice acting? Like when you switch between Moe and Apu? Do you do them on separate days or do you do all in one if they appear in an episode? All in one, my friend. sometimes i even talk to myself as 4 different people. occasionally, i will go through the scene one time as moe, and then on another take do it as apu if they are talking to each other. but usually we just let it rip.
If you could meet any character from the simpsons in real life, who would it be and why? Another good question...i think i'd like to hang out with moe and tell him that everything is going to be alright.
If you could get any celebrity quest star on The Simpsons, who would that be? And if you could quest star in any TV show (physical acting or just voice), what would that show be? It would be cool to have bruce springsteen do the simpsons. i'm really in to game of thrones right now, i wouldn't mind jumping in on that insanity. also love american horror story. i love family guy, but i actually just recorded a voice for that show.
Hi Hank, I'm sure you get this question a lot, but as an aspiring voice actor what is the best way to get auditions? Thank you! (My favorite role of yours was Venom) The best thing to do is to find a good voice teacher. most of them are in new york or la, but they certainly exist elsewhere...and create, with their guidance, an audition reel once you've honed your skills. then, get impossibly and unbelievably lucky. that is my advice.
Your organization is a great thing man. I live in Washington, DC and have many friends who are teachers who would love this and would certainly relate. How did you get involved with it? A woman who worked for me left my employ to become a teacher. then a few years later came to me with the idea and i was in immediately...and it's worked out great.
Hi! Thanks for doing the AMA. What do you consider to be your greatest achievement? This is going to sound sappy, but it is by far the raising of my son.
Are you up for le scooba? No.
Hank you are awesome! How does it feel knowing that you are such an essential part of the greatest animated show in history? I experience it as a tingling in my midsection, and it really is quite an honor and remains tremendously fun to do.
Are you planning on reprising your role as Jim Brockmire for The Rich Eisen Podcast this season? I'm certain i will be back with rich eisen soon, and we are very close on making a funny or die jim brockmire movie as well.
How do you feel preforming the same roles for 25 years? How do you keep it from getting stale after so long? Have you ever turned down a role in something else due to your commitment with The Simpsons, that you later regretted passing up on? One of the amazing things about doing the simpsons is that i can literally record it from anywhere in the world, and have...new york, paris, vienna, czechoslovakia, so i have never had to turn down anything because of my simpsons commitment. i never get tired of doing the show. it remains a true joy.
Your work is unparalleled in the voice acting industry. Other than yourself, who is your favourite voice actor? Simpsons or no? I really only like me. no no, my hero growing up was bugs bunny. then when i learned that was mel blanc, my hero became and remains mel blanc.
One thing that separates The Simpsons from most cartoons is the fact that it has the ability to be both absurd and sentimental. What was your favorite sentimental moment in Simpsons history? I find all the lisa episodes particularly moving. it's hard to pick one.
Greetings! Your performance in The Birdcage is one of my favourite acted anythings ever. Thanks for that, and for the many years of Simpsonian amusement. You're just all-around neato. What's your favourite breakfast food? I eat healthily to an almost annoying degree and i pretty much only eat fruit in the morning.
Who was your favourite celebrity to work with during The Simpsons? We often don't record with the guest stars. i definitely remember laughing really hard hearing mel gibson have to say "glaven!" recording with tom petty, elvis costello, david byrne, mick jagger, and aerosmith really freaked me out. i didn't realize until i met those guys what a rock and roll geek i was. i was amazingly impressed watching steve carrell work.
Huff was one of the best shows on TV (at the time), so my questions is when, when, when if ever will Season 2 come out on DVD? I NEED to know what happens! You can get season 2 on amazon, thanks.
For as long as I can remember, the Simpsons has been a part of my life. It is my favorite show of all time and I can't imagine life without it. How much longer do you see the series going on for? At least another couple of years. and hopefully beyond that.
Will Mystery Men 2 ever get made? One of the most underrated genre comedy gems of our time! If it hasn't happened yet, i would seriously doubt it. plus that movie is a cult favorite but it really didn't make a lot of money.
Actually probably the simplest question, how does one correctly pronounce your last name? Is is Eh-zaria or Ah-zaria, or strictly just confined to regional preference? It's uh-ZAIR-ea.
What's on your iPod right now? If the world were about to end in two hours, what would be your last meal? I'm a classic rock guy, so everything you'd imagine that would be on that playlist is on it. also a lot of the music from the 80s that i hated at the time i now have tremendous nostalgic affection for because it brings back so many good memories. god, i eat so healthy that there is so much to choose from for my last meal from cheeseburgers to pizza to fettuccine alfredo. these are all meals i dream about quite literally.
What was your experience like working on Shattered Glass? Did you ever meet Stephen Glass? I never did meet stephen glass. i really loved working on that movie. billy ray is a great writer and a passionate filmmaker. i really enjoyed playing a role so low-key and interesting in a movie that was so fascinating. i don't get to do it that much.
You've done a lot of neat stuff in your career. Anything you haven't done that you'd like to do? Tons. i think that my hero is johnny depp or maybe robert downey jr. i really admire what amazing character actors these guys are. not to mention that they are giant movie stars. i would love to be able to be in the center of movies like these guys are. that said, i love being a supporting actor in films and love doing voice work, but it's always great to have a goal and to shoot for it.
If you weren't already married, would you consider being THE Bachelor? Absolutely not, but i would try to live out some real life version if i could.
Hi Hank! Thanks for doing this, you consistently provided some of the funniest characters and lines on the Simpsons for years...Do you have a favorite line that would be your "go to" to tell your grandkids one day? I'm sure the show will still be running in syndication then, so i'll let them decide. mostly i'll be saying "you see that yellow guy? that was me!"
I saw you in The Farnsworth Invention and I have to say it was one of my favorite theatrical performances I've seen to date. What was it like to work on that production? I really loved working with jimmi simpson. it's always a genuine privilege to say words that aaron sorkin has written down. i was kind of going through a tough time personally during the run of that play, so it was not as much fun as it should have been...but i loved that show as well.
Happy (early) birthday. Loved you in Shattered Glass. That was a great movie. Tell me about your most awkward encounter with a fan who recognized you. There was a really stoned guy in vegas who shook my hand and wouldn't let it go and kept complimenting my shirt. there was a really creepy guy in manhattan who came up behind me and whispered in my ear, "you think because you're carrying a red backpack that no one will recognize you?" took me a while to shake that one off.
Yes, I'm looking for Hugh Jass, please. Hold on, i'll check.
Hold on, i'll check. Wait a minute, if i ever find you, i'm gonna (insert violent Moe joke here)
Hank, You're the president of six-pack-istan! As i get older, i think i might have to just accept a cabinet post.
Do you actually like Jay Thomas or is it just a tolerance for him. I have fond memories of jay thomas on the radio in new york when i was a lad. i don't know him personally. why, is he intolerable?
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Date: 2012-03-02
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What's your biggest pet peeve during a show? People who talk loudly and stand at the front. No one has any obligation to give a shit about what I do, but if you don't, don't stand right in front of me, it's nonsensical as well as rude.
What's the most outrageous thing to happen to you while on stage? Uhm, I had to fight a hippy once, that was odd. I also punched myself in the balls by accident onstage at a festival once. That was bad.
What's your favorite country to play in? England, Germany or America. Boring but true.
Who is your favorite author? Favorite work of theirs? Catch-22 is probably my favourite book. I also love Douglas Coupland.
I once heard you ask the sound guys to raise your guitar just a little bit, just an angel's cunt hair. Exactly how much is an angels cunt hair? Haha, oh lord I need to watch my mouth sometimes. A very small amount.
Hi Frank, I look forward to seeing you on the 13th of April in London and my friend coming with me (well, he sorta dragged me along with him :P) has asked me to ask you the following: Why did you write 'Glory Hallelujah'? How much of your work is true? Do you embellish much, or at all? What happened at the start of 'Wessex Boy'? GH... well, I came up with the chorus a long time ago and kind of set it aside as provocative but not much more. Jay (Beans On Toast) heard me playing it and insisted that I finish the song - not because he necessarily agreed with it, but because he thought it was an important idea to be expanded upon. Thereafter I spent ages working on the words, trying to make sure all the subtleties of my opinion were in there. Truth - Mostly all of it is true, or at least alludes to true occasions. I'm not very good with fiction. Wessex boy, haha, well, I was just being an idiot and forgot how to count briefly. The take was good so we thought we'd keep it. I like it when records aren't 100% polished / perfect.
When am I playing harmonica with you again? (It's Ben...) Hahah hello Ben. How about at SXSW?
Which of your songs are you most proud of? Most proud... tough question. Right now, Redemption and Balthazar spring to mind, but there are days when I think back through things I've done and remember, say, "My Kingdom For A Horse", which I'm very proud of.
What is the weirdest thing that's ever happened to you whilst on tour? Weirdness, well, that's a day to day event really. Greg, my photographer got rugby tackled and dryhumped by a total stranger from a car in Oakland the other day. That was odd.
My personal opinion is that Balthazar, Impresario is the best song you've ever written. It's both heartbreaking and inspiring. What made you leave it off the regular version of England Keep My Bones? Tracklisting choice for albums is agonising, and I don't for a moment think that I always get it right. It's about balancing the feel of the record as a whole, getting a running order that flows, all that kind of thing. I do wake up in the night wondering about that one tho.
Certified guy who's not too cool to air-harmonica, here. Every time I've seen you perform live, you prefaced "Prufrock" by saying "This is a song about everything." Can you be more specific? Haha, that's just kind of a little joke with myself. I'm very proud of that song, it says a lot of stuff I wanted to say, and outlines something of an approach to life I can get behind.
Are you or are you not disappeared? As of right now I guess I'd say not.
What is your favorite American venue/city to play? Your current favorite / least favorite song to play. Favorite Beer? Lastly, when are you coming back to Pittsburgh? ಠ_ಠ. Favourite US city is probaby Austin TX, though it's tough to choose. I like playing new songs, it's fun to give new ideas an airing in front of an audience. Beer? Not fussy, but I like cheap shitty beer like PBR actually, haha. Pittsburgh, in the fall I think.
Hey Frank huge fan here! Saw you in Columbus a few days ago and you rocked the place, seriously awesome show. Anyways I just had a few questions for you 1)What is your most memorable show? 2)Was it hard for you to write Long Live The Queen? Did you get emotional while writing it or do you ever get emotional while playing it? 3) Who have you been most inspired by in your unique style of music? It's very hard for me to pick just one show out of all the ones I've played. Off the top of my head, the Christmas show I did in Camden in 2008 was a very special occasion. Actually so was my 1000th show. LLTQ, yeah, that was a tough one to write. Not least because I felt I had to get approval from Lex's family before playing the song out. I wrote most of it sat on a hill in Paris weirdly enough. There are days when it's tough to play, but I know Lex would heartily approve of it, so it's bearable. Inspired by lots of people. Springsteen and Henry Rollins are pillars for me.
Next UK tour? Aside from the Wembley show? UK tour towards the end of this year. A big one.
Big fan here! When can we expect a new album? Recording this summer and hopefully releasing in January. Lots of new songs at the moment, very excited about em!
What town has gotten the worse reaction to Glory Hallelujah? I wouldn't say any one town has taken against it as such, more individual people. Interestingly I've had much more trouble from people in the UK than the USA. Take that, national stereotypes! It pains me slightly because I don't meant to offend with the song, merely to celebrate my point of view.
What's your favorite city you've played at? Obviously a lot of crazy shit can happen at concerts. Does anything in particular stick out in your mind? I've enjoyed your music videos quite a bit, and was wondering which one you found the most fun / memorable to shoot? What do you and the band do to pass the time on tour (besides music-related things)? Favourite city in the world... Boring, but I suppose I'll have to say London. Always have a good time there. Crazy shit, sure. I once had to fight a hippy onstage during a song. True story. It as in Cornwall. Music videos, well, I guess the Try This At Home video was the most fun - we had a totally different idea planned, and then everything fell apart at the last minute. The whole thing - concept, plan, everything - was put together in about half an hour. I was amazed that so many people turned up on a weekday afternoon. It was a lot of fun. Passing time, well, I read a lot, and right now I furiously type answers to questions, haha! I do an awful lot of admin work during the day. It is not, alas, all playing songs and getting hammered.
I read that you're planning to start up another hardcore band soon. Is there any truth to that, and if so how soon can we expect to see/hear something from the project? The band is a real living thing now. We have about half an album written, another half to go. It's definitely a side project, so it doesn't have priority time-wise, but I'm hoping to get an album recorded before the end of the summer and out there. Tours to follow. It's me, Matt Nasir (sleeping souls) and Ben Dawson (Million Dead). Its pretty sick / heavy. It's fun playing that style of music again.
Not the most original question but what’s your opinion about the music industry in relation to piracy? It's complex. We're essentially in the middle of a restructuring of a business model. I'm reasonably optimistic that in a few years we will end up with a new structure in place that will be equitable for everyone, bands and fans alike. In the short term though I see people who work hard for the love of music getting screwed over by the very people who are the recipients of their toil, and that sucks.
I pirate some things to start, but make sure I buy tshirts and cds from the artists at the shows, so I'm not going through the record company. Does this method help at all or should I change up my theory? Well, my record company are not my enemies - they're people I work with every day who help me do what I do...
Alright. I have several questions.. What’s your favorite part of the us? What’s your favorite Hold Steady album? What is one arena band you’d love to see play live? Favorite cheap American beer? The US, I love Texas and the South, tho (at the risk of sounding sappy) I love it all. Hold Steady, tough one. I think if you swapped some of the Bsides in for album tracks on Stay Positive, that'd take it for me. Arena bands? I've never seen REM, that'd be cool, though obviously I think I've missed the boat on that one. Cheap American beer has to be PBR. My love life is like everyone else's... complicated. Ha.
Do you have to give John Cage any royalties for using 4'33" as the backing music on English Curse? Hahaha, he hasn't called recently as far as I know...
When you write a song, where do you start? Do you plan out what you're going to write, or just start writing? What comes first, lyrics or music? ... and how long do you reckon it will be until your next album? Things just kind of arrive in bits and bobs, I don't have a method or a structure really. Every now and again I sit down and try and marshal all the splinters into something resembling a song. Rubbish answer I know, but it's the truth! New album in January, hopefully.
>I should also add that my outlook on politics has shifted somewhat since I started writing songs. Do you still get drunk and dream of taking to the barricades? Sure, but it's been a while since I did it, or thought about it when I was sober.
off I want to say that I'm a huge fan, perhaps your biggest fan ever, and I'm super excited that you're doing this. I first heard of you after Poets of the Deed came out and I first saw you in 2009 in New Orleans when you were with the Revival Tour. Your performance blew me away; I've never seen someone perform with that much energy and passion before. It was astounding. I've been to two more of your shows since (including the one..last night? two nights ago? The one in NOLA) and I will continue to attend as many as possible in the future. It seems like your music style is shifting slightly away from punk and into more of a folk-sounding style. Do you think this is because you're just getting older or is it a conscious effort? Can I expect you to play Baton Rouge any time soon? It stinks having to drive an hour and a half to see you. and Will you marry me? Hi there. I try not to think analytically about my music when I'm writing, that would (to me) be a little contrived; I just try to write what I consider to be good songs, and let them go in whatever direction they choose to go in. I totally, unreservedly take that back, haha. I wrote that lyric when I'd been to Texas for 2 days and had a shitty time at SXSW with Million Dead. It's now one of my favourite places in the world. Baton Rouge, in all honesty I don't know if we have a plan for that, but I have a huge US headline tour in the fall coming up. I'm not the marrying kind alas.
What would your 'six word memoir' be? Played often, played hard, had fun.
How awesome are Tom Gabel and the Against me lads in real life? Very awesome, especially Andrew. I did the whole tour with them and only drunkenly fan-boyed Tom once. He was very gracious about it.
Will you ever play "Thatcher Fucked The Kids" live again? Also, what are you feelings on anarchism? Probably not, alas. That song threw me in the way of a scene that I didn't much like - it was like dipping my toe in the world of being a protest singer, and it's not for me. Anarchism, well, I had a lot of love for it when I was younger, and the first principles that drove me in that direction remain true to me, but I don't think it has much practical application as a political philosophy.
There is quite a difference between your solo releases and Million Dead. What artists influenced your change in style and continue to influence your music? I had something of an epiphany in my early 20s. After years of listening to just noisy hardcore, I got introduced to the Johnny Cash American Recordings series, and also Springsteen's Nebraska. Those records opened my eyes to a whole new way of being intense that didn't necessarily involve screaming and taking your shirt off. These days, well, I listen to as much as I can. I have a lot of great musicians as friends, so I absorb a lot from listening to what, say, Chuck Ragan or Tim Barry are up to. Dr Dog and Mewithoutyou are also recent obsessions of mine.
What will you be doing on the 12th - 14th of July this year? I think I'm in the studio but I'm not sure off the top of my head. Why?
I saw you in Detroit your last time through and I sent you an email thanking you for an awesome show, which you responded to promptly. I was really impressed by that. How much time do you spend responding to fan feedback/mail? I spend a lot of time answering mail. The band refer to it as my Henry Rollins complex, which is fair I suppose, haha. It's important for me to be accessible.
Who have you enjoyed touring with the most? As both a support and as your supports? Ha, is this really Fakey P's? You guys would get a strong vote from me anytime. Revival is always a blast. Emily Barker and the Red Clay Halo always bring the party (surprisingly, for nice folk girls). The Dropkicks are actually one of the nicest bands we've opened for, really cool people.
What is your biggest guilty pleasure? I don't believe in guilty pleasures. If I enjoy something, I enjoy it.
Is music really your substitute for love? Some days, sure.
You always seem to be having a great time in your music videos, which was the best one to film? Pretty much anything by the Weakerthans. Music videos, Try This At Home was fun, mentioned it somewhere else here a moment ago?
Which city has had the craziest crowd? Tough question... Actually I think the South in the USA is doing well on that score. NOLA last night was bonkers, and the headline show we did in Atlanta last year was off the scale.
Any idea if you headlining a tour in the United States within the next year? Yup, Ill be back in the fall for a long headline tour.
Frank! What's your favorite kind of sandwich? Marmite.
Hello there. First off, I'll just go ahead and thank you for writing great music and putting on some of the best live shows I've ever seen. About a year and a half ago, you did an amazing acoustic set at a burrito shop in Colorado. That was a great time drinking margaritas all day and listening to an amazing set. My question is will we ever get to hear The Ballad of Steve again =D? Thanks for the kind words. Sure, I love that song, it comes out every now and again. Played it in Germany once, that didn't go so well, I don't think they had any idea what I was talking about, haha.
If you were stranded on an island and could only listen to 3 albums for the rest of your life what would they be? Agonising question. Um... "The Last Waltz" by the Band (and others). "It's all crazy it's all false..." by Mewithoutyou. "August and everything after" by Counting Crows. And then I'd learn to swim and head for a record store on the mainland.
Hey Frank! Thanks for always answering my emails. Do you like cushions or are they clutter to you? Do you intend to come back to smaller places (Derby, Notts etc) after your headline Wembley show? Cushions, um, don't have a strong opinion on that one. UK tour later in the year.
Frank, With the exception of england keep my bones i've pirated all of your other albums, i even converted the live at barfly gig to MP3 for my personal use. When i have the spare cash i will purchase them properly. Do you forgive me? sidenote - i've also seen you play live four times, actually saw you play 3 times in one week before! (small local gig before twice at reading last year) And following that, what are you views on music piracy? There's a music piracy reply up there somewhere. I forgive you.
Do you enjoy your time on stage as much as you seem to? I saw you at the Hammersmith Apollo last year and I have never seen anyone that seems to be enjoy themselves on stage as much as you do! Are you looking forward to playing Wembley Arena with Billy Bragg? Absolutely. I hate it when you see bands who look like they don't want to be up there. This is the best fucking job in the world, I'm insanely fortunate to be where I am, so I'll enjoy it as much as I can. Very much looking forward to Wembley and playing with Billy again, sure.
Hi Frank!! I know you're a history geek, so what's your favorite historic event or perriod?? Haha, right now I'm pretty interested in the old west (US in the 1860's-1890s). But it's hard to choose just one.
What's your favorite Koo Koo Kangaroo song? What are your favorite and least favorite things about touring in America versus any other country? Did you ever consider giving up on your dreams? Koo Koo, man, tough one. Probably the dinosaur one. Still working on a tour with them actually. America, I adore generally speaking. The culture, the landscape, the politics are all endlessly fascinating to me. Least favourite, uh, immigration people here are tough people to get past. The distances can be pretty killer sometimes. And I miss English newspapers. Giving up? I have done, sure, but for the moment I'm fortunate enough to be able to say that things are going pretty well, and I wouldn't want to complain about my station in life.
I've recently aquired tickets to the Joel Plaskett show in Edmonton on the 19th of April. How likely would it be to grab a beer with you fine gentleman afterwards? Also, what is your all time favourite artist or tune and why? PS - Love all your music. I will most likely be working the merch table that night, so come say hello. Very hard to pick a favourite artist / tune, but one of my all time highs is "the night they drove old dixie down" by the band.
So, how did you meet each of the Sleeping Souls? Ben, Nigel and Tarrant play together in a band called Dive Dive. Years ago, just as Million Dead was falling apart, I was on tour crewing for a band called Reuben (who were ace, by the way, check them out) and DD were the openers. They blew me away, and then offered to help out if I ever needed musicians to play with. Matt, Nigel met him at a poker game actually and they became friends, and when we needed a new keys player, we gave him a call.
For the the Wembley show, can we expect some rarer songs to be played live to celebrate the momentous occasion? We're working on the setlist now. It's a difficult one. There are a lot of things to consider. Hopefully it'll be to everyone's liking! I want to throw a few surprises in there for sure.
Would you ever consider restarting Million Dead? Or has that ship sailed? Sailed, alas. I'm working on a hardcore project but it's just not really interesting to me, the idea of going backwards to MD. Sorry.
Wessex Boy is one of my favorite song of yours. Even though the lyrics are obviously specific to your hometown, I think the heart and soul of it reach well beyond. I know it reminds me of all the great times I had back in my hometown growing up. How awesome was it to make that video? Everyone in it seems to having a genuinely great time. Also, I was fortunate to be able to see you in Edmonton at the Starlite Room in October, it was amazing, how awesome is it to come across the pond and see how your music has reached out to us over in the "Colonies"? That video was a strange one to make, haha. I was in Arizona and we realised we had a deadline, so I farmed out the Winchester part to my friend Ben Morse, who was in the UK. I wasn't even in the country! Which was a shame, it made me a little homesick when I saw the rushes coming through. It's very gratifying to me to see people appreciating what I do so far away from home. It's a little surreal actually, but in a good way.
Frank, any reflections on your shows in Israel in the Summer of 2010? The shows themselves, the controversy it caused and any plans to ever return? Yes. I had an amazing time, it was hugely interesting to go there, and I definitely want to go back. The kids who invited me out were super-intense punk kids. Israel is a place where being a punk is still socially challenging, rather than just a lifestyle choice. I'd like to go to the West Bank as well, I was talking to some people about shows there, but it seems you can't do both in one trip, which is a shame.
1) Do you prefer playing small venues with a few hundred people where it's more intimate or big venues like Wembley or when you did Leeds/Reading this year? I don't have a preference really - I like shows with a good atmosphere. That's something that's more complicated than just the size of the room.
Any progress on the Regina front? :) Haha, not so much alas. Still holding a candle though.
I've seen you perform twice, and both times you made a point of showing off your Texas tattoo and expressing your love for the state. As a Texan I thought that was pretty cool, but I wondered if there was anything in particular you love about Texas? Or perhaps the tattoo was a drunken mistake? ;) I LOVE your cover of The State-Lottery. Do you ever play it live anymore? EDIT: Forgot my other question. I've gathered you're a whisky fan; any favorites? P.S. : Happy Texas Independence Day. ( appropriate, right? :) ) Hi there. the tattoo was kind of a drunken one, but i don't regret it, texas is ace. state lottery cover, uh, haven't played it for a while, but i might again i suppose. i like jameson whisky, and Isla scotches.
Hey Frank! You're a massive idol to me and I'd like to thank you for introducing me to the world of Folk Punk. It's magnificent! Here are my questions. How did you feel when the lyrics "invisible armour" were misinterpreted as "invisible llama" in the song Reasons Not To Be An Idiot? Coming back to Leicester, UK at any point? I missed the last gig! That's a funny one with the lyrics. These days when we play that song I enunciate a bit more. Leicester, sure, hpefully this year.
Hi Frank, massive fan here! Quite a lot of your songs talk about how awesome travel is, seeing the world, being free, it’s really inspiring…so to that end, I’m actually hitch-hiking across Europe for charity in a few weeks (‘The Road’ will definitely be the trip’s anthem!), I was just wondering what’s your favourite place you’ve travelled to? Love your music, Simon. Hey Simon. Good luck with the trip, that sounds ace. The world is bigger than any of our imaginations or memories, so it's hard to choose. I like Eastern Europe a lot though, it's pretty fascinating being in Poland and suchlike.
What was the first thing you learnt on guitar? "Knocking on heaven's door" by Dylan (though at the time I thought it was GNR. The shame).
Moin Frank! I too have a question regarding "Glory Hallelujah" that has probably already been answered, but I'm gonna ask it anyway: why the use of the double-negative in the lyrics? Are you just hedging your bets regarding the whole religion thing in case the concept of atheism goes (God forbid) tits up, or is there a deeper meaning? Or are you just randomly giving a shout out to George Carlin's infamous rant? Uh, it was something to do with introducing a demotic element to the language. Something like that. People get pretty exercised about it, haha.
Barbara Allen - Brilliant stuff. Ever entertain the idea of an album of Traditional English songs? Absolutely, I actually spent some time working on that idea. Recently John Boden has being doing his song a day project, which is amazing, and has kind of raised the bar on that, if you see what I mean. Some day I guess.
Have you stumbled on a busker playing Wessex Boy (or anything of yours) yet? My mum stumbled on a busker in Winchester playing one of my songs, haha.
What's your favourite Weakerthans record? Nigh on impossible question!! Reconstruction Site, maybe.
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