How To Make Money With Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

This places a pay per click affiliate in an advantageous position to make big bucks promoting PPC programs and offers. Why Promote Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs on Your Site, Blog, or Campaigns Pay per click has come a long way since its early days where most campaigns were simply paying pennies for keyword placement. Yes, it’s called “EPC” which stands for ‘Earning Per Click’. It’s not much though, depending on how much conversion that particular click earns, you can expect anywhere between $0.01 to about $7.00. Amazon affiliate specifically is tough to make m... With the above programs, you get paid per click with affiliate programs. It is almost an automated process. You can focus your effort to earn even higher revenue with pay per click programs. Linqia. It is a program similar to Izea. You get paid your blog, forum, Facebook or YouTube account. You can make $0.80 per click when you start. The Associates Program is an advertising program and is not intended to provide discounts onpurchases. Our intent is to pay advertising fees when associates referunrelated customers to Amazon. Associates who refer family members, friends, or close acquaintances to place their orders through their links may not receive advertising Affiliate programs work by traffic. The sites post links to merchant (you) sites and are paid according to the Clicks you get (hence the PPC). Typically, these affiliate sites are based on a Click to Pay. As you want to ensure that you have the best affiliate site you should know which sites rank in the top 5.

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