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Best Betting Tips And Best Sportsbetting Sites

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5 Sports betting tips and strategies that work!

How do you go from being an amateur who loses money to a professional that wins?
And where’s the best place to start?
To answer those questions and help you on the road to success, we’ve put together 5 sports betting tips you can use the next time you’re thinking of placing a bet.
Let’s dive right in!

1. It’s all about the odds

When you’re watching the big game down at your local pub, you’ll often hear people casually ask:
‘Who’s your money on?’
What they are really asking is who the other person thinks will win.
Ask a professional sports punters the same question and they might have different answers between who they think will win and who they have put their money on.
This is an important distinction because winning punters are actually placing money on outcomes that they think are more likely to happen than the odds imply.
That often means betting for an individual or team that they think will lose because with the right odds this still generates long term gains.
Casual sports punters make bets based on who they think will win, but the professionals always focus on the odds and look for the right deals.
Professional sports punters make money over time by keeping their eye out for outcomes that are undervalued by the bookmakers. Sometimes that means betting on the underdog and sometimes that means betting on the favorite, but only do either of these when the sports betting odds are right.

2. Bet with your head, not your heart

A large number of people are betting for emotional reasons rather than based on an objective assessment of the likely outcome. These people might be betting for their country, their home town or their favorite sports stars.
The bookmakers have to respond to this and adjust their odds accordingly. That means the odds-on favorite to win might be chosen more by popularity than what the book maker thinks is their real chance of winning.
That’s great news for professional sports punters who are looking for deals based purely on the most likely result.
So forget your favorite team and be careful about betting on any outcome where you have an emotional investment already.

3. Invest in what you know

One of the most successful stock market investors is Warren Buffet. His key advice is never to invest in a business that you don’t understand.
The same remains true when it comes to sports betting advice.
You’re looking for outcomes that are more likely than the implied odds on offer so you’ll need to have a better insight into your chosen games than the bookmakers and the rest of the market.
Most money is bet on high profile games, especially when they are televised, but the professional sports punters stick to more niche bets.
They tend to pick a couple of sports to focus on so they can develop an in-depth knowledge to beat the market.
They don’t always bet on the high profile sports, which have their own industry of experts and die-hard fans. They don’t even always bet on the high profile matches within their chosen sports.
Consider focusing on less obvious sports where there are still plenty of betting opportunities, but also more potential to develop your unique expertise. Look at lower leagues and other, less well known, parts of the sport.
However, there is an important caveat to using your knowledge of the game…

4. Look at the big picture

When people get serious about sports betting, they usually start researching detailed stats about the teams and individuals that they intend to place money on.
This approach is often recommended to serious sports punters, many of whom start compiling complex spreadsheets from the huge amount of data available to them online.
It sounds logical, but there’s a big difference between getting serious about sports betting and actually winning at sports betting.
In 2013, a study by the Journal of the Association for Psychological Science (APS) found that obsessing over stats can actually harm your chances of winning money!
(Get the study by APS for free in PDF format here (valued at $35).
The problem is that people often place too much importance on relatively minor factors that they find in the data.
A good example of this is the likelihood that winning and losing streaks will continue. If there are a few similar results in a row then our brains are hardwired to see that pattern and assume it will continue, but there might be bigger and more important factors that don’t support that conclusion.
The right approach is not to ignore the data, but to understand our own biases and the limits to any analysis we might be doing.
Always try to see the big picture and don’t let your decision-making become skewed by smaller and often irrelevant factors.

5. Accept your losses

Finally, no matter how skilled you become at sports betting, accept that there will be plenty of games that you lose.
What separates winning sports punters is that they move on from losses without letting it distort their future judgement.
No one likes losing money, but that feeling can lead to a psychological phenomenon called the ‘sunk cost fallacy’, which is dangerous for sports betting.
It means people are so averse to losing money that it can lead to irrational behavior that can cost them even more. They double down on their losses and throw good money after bad because they can’t bear to walk away with a feeling of failure.
Does this sound familiar?
Winning sports punters simply accept that there will be bad days and stick to the same winning formula that accumulates money over time.
It’s important to remember that this same problem can work in reverse too. You might try to extend a winning streak and place too much money on a team or person who happened to win you money before.
Be consistent and only make betting decisions based on cold, hard facts. Don’t raise your stakes either as part of an attempt to ‘correct’ previous losses.
If you suspect your judgement has been compromised, then simply call it a day.
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My Top 5 Sports Betting Sites - Best Online Sportsbooks for 2018

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My Top 5 Sports Betting Sites - Best Online Sportsbooks for 2018

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Week 5 Sports Betting Discussion Thread

Discuss spreads, oveunders, and prop bets for this week's games.
Feel free to ask any questions you have about betting in college football, or check out this post explaining how spreads, money lines, and oveunder works.
Here are the lines and spreads.
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Week 5 Sports Betting Discussion Thread

Discuss spreads, oveunders, and prop bets for this week's games. Feel free to ask any questions you have about betting in college football.
Here are the lines and spreads.
Frequently Asked Questions:
How does sports betting (spread, money line, oveunder) work?
Where do people bet on sports online?
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The Right Horses to Bet - 5 Sports Betting Stocks to Buy Now

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5 Sports Betting Stocks That May Pay Off Big [Investopedia]

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Top 5 Sports Betting Development Company India

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[#132|+3|5] Sports Bet doesn't think the Cowboys have a chance, rude [/r/nrl]

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Report finds 4 out of 5 sporting bets are placed illegally

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NBA Sports Betting Breakdown (March 9th) - Best Bet on the board is CHA +4.5 #CheatSheetPros!

NBA Sports Betting Report (March 9th, 2020) from CheatSheetPros! << Up arrow if you follow! >>
New ALGO projected scores are on fire! We had a hole in the margins that I noticed and was going to apply a quick fix. Now our NBA sheets auto update and have the games as Tier 1, Tier 2 or Slight Lean for the sides if we are looking at a play. We went 5-1 last night on sides and had a +5.5 and +8 dog projected to win outright and both won!
Definitions & References:
O/E is offensive efficiency and that is how many points scored per 100 possessions.
D/E is defensive efficiency and that is how many points allowed per 100 possessions.
ALGO PROJECTED SCORE: CHA winning by 10 or more.
ANALYSIS: Sheet is popping off some crazy stats in this one. CHA has a better eFG% by +13% and that is a HUGE number, typically we see 2-4%. ATL’s eFG% right now ranks 30th over the L3 games while CHA is 3rd best in the NBA over the same span. CHA also shooting the 3 ball 13% better and we have them projected to have about 10 more FT attempts in this game which is nice when you are taking points. CHA is leading the O/E column 1.15 (5th best) vs. 0.95 (30th) and D/E are pretty tight at 1.13 to 1.15. CHA should be able to control this game as they are projected to dominate the boards and they play at the lowest pace in the NBA at 93.5. Cha is only allowing 43.7 opponent boards per game over the L3 and ALT is allowing 62.3! Wow! Neither team is great but I’m riding the hot team getting +4.5 points. I don’t mind a play on the under 223.5. Vegas opened this at 225 and it’s down to 223.5. We have it projected anywhere from 207-213 so safely on the under.
RECENT GAMES: I like to look at the recent games and compare the opponents because stats can skew if a team is playing dominate NBA teams or tanking teams. CHA is impressive beating HOU 108-99, then only losing to Denver by 2 and Spurs by 1. They only lost by 8 to MIL and prior to that beat TOR by 3. Solid teams and they are playing close games. ATL lost by 17 to Memphis, lost by 6 to a terrible WAS team that doesn’t play defense and then another loss to Memphis 127-88.
BETTING TRENDS: CHA is 6-0 ATS in their L6 games. CHA total has gone under of 9 of last 11 games.
ALGO PROJECTED SCORE: I like to see the L3 Model AND the New Algo on the same side but they are split here. L3 has TOR winning the game by 8 and the New Algo has Utah winning by 7. Sheet has a slight lean to Utah -4.5 but I don’t like it.
ANALYSIS: These two teams are almost dead on in the efficiency stats but the main difference is TOR playing at a pace that is 9.6 more possessions per game and scoring 13.4 more points per game. Everything in this game is close: Blocks & Steals 13.4 to 13.0, Turnovers 12.0 to 14.0, O/E 1.13 to 1.10 and D/E 1.06 to 1.04. There is the ever so slightest edge in rebounding to Utah as most games they are -1 and TOR is -6. In a game this close I have to take the points here with Toronto at +4.5.
RECENT GAMES: TOR beat SAC by 5, GSW by 8, PHO by 9 and then lost to Denver. Utah squeaked by DET winning by 6, BOS by 5, NYK by 8, CLE by 13 and WAS by 10.
BETTING TRENDS: TOR is 1-5-1 ATS in their last 6 games. TOR totals have gone over in 4 of last 5. TOR is 7-1 ATS in their L8 games vs. Utah.
MILW vs. DEN – I didn’t break down this game because there is no Giannis so the stats change drastically when a player like this is not playing. We have the slightest of leans to Denver -5.5 but I think this game is going to be close to that number and I don’t feel confident in giving out Denver. When Giannis is ON the court they score 115.6 and allow 99.3 and when he is OFF the court they score 112.9 and allow 106.3. So much close games when he is off. MILW played last night and lost to PHO in a high scoring affair so I’m worried about their fatigue for this game.
NEW for 2020! – Follow Us on TWITTER: @ CheatSheetPros and get any last minutes plays we like!
Thank you for reading and good luck!
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5 Incredible Benefits of Sports Betting

1. Entertainment value
The reason many people get involved in sports betting is because of the entertainment value it offers. Watching a live game is fun, it even gets interesting if there is some money involved. Watching your team play can be really interesting, but the problem is that your team may not play daily or weekly, and this is where sports betting come in.
When you place a wager in a team even if it is not your team, you will support that team throughout the game. There will be some excitement. Just remember that when betting, don’t let your emotions determine how you bet.
2. A Chance to make money
One of the best things about sports betting is that you get the chance to make some money. It doesn’t matter how much money you bet with, what matters is that at the end of the day, you can win some bets and get some money.
Winning some few bets doesn’t mean that you stop at that, you can train yourself to become a professional bettor. Becoming a professional doesn’t happen overnight, it takes some time; you just have to be patient, consistent, and don’t let your emotions come in the way while betting.
Becoming a professional bettor is also a big challenge. And that’s why you are advised not to quit your job immediately to start betting on every game. You should only wager what you are willing to lose. If things go well, then you can start thinking of quitting your job to take the hobby a notch high. For many people, sports betting will always be just a form of entertainment; only the lucky ones can make a consistent living out of it.
3. Cheap Fun
When it comes to paying for entertainment, sports betting is way cheaper than bowling or other activities. You get more money especially on those days that you win your bet. The fun in sports betting become even more when you make a correct pick.
The fun doesn’t just end in making a correct pick, but it also entails researching on the teams and watching the live game. When you think about it, sports betting is the cheapest hobby that delivers plenty of entertainment value.
4. Convenience
There are a lot of favorite hobbies that are great, but you can’t play them every day, maybe because they are too expensive or they are too tiring, and so you cannot play them every day. But with sports betting, it is an affordable hobby that you can play or watch and enjoy every day.
You can also enjoy sports betting anywhere or anytime for example, from the comfort of your home. This is because you can bet online or at a land-based casino and still enjoy the excitement that the game offers.
Other games like bowling requires you to be at the bowling alley, and they may also be operating at certain hours. All these can inconvenience you. But with sports betting, especially if you choose to bet online, you can do so in your home in a pair of pajamas or any other clothing of your choice; this makes convenience to get better.
5. Easy to get started
Some hobbies require so much regarding the equipment to be used, rules that you have to follow, and time for you to participate them. This can be challenging especially if you don’t have the time and resources to commit to it.
But with sports betting, it’s easy to get started with because it doesn’t require any equipment or financial commitment for you to get started. With just $5 you can start betting on a game. Then another good thing with sports betting is that you can bet with the same amount over and over again even if it is $5 because you are not required to bet more than the amount you want to bet with.
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NBA Sports Betting Tips - How we had DENVER +9.5 - Free CheatSheets Today!

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NFL Algo Sports Betting Picks for Week 5 from CheatSheetPros!

NFL Week 5 ALGO Plays & Stats from CheatSheetPros! << Up arrow if you like the content! >>
We are not giving you these plays as guarantees but simply sharing our ALGO projections and you can decide if you love it or hate it. Below is only my opinion of my top 3 along with our ALGO leans!
THE PICK: Baltimore (-3) over Pittsburgh
Projected Score: Baltimore 30 vs. Pittsburgh 23
Breakdown: Baltimore is currently sitting at #1 in offensive points per game at 33.8, #1 in offensive yards per game at 482.52 and #1 in rushing yards per game at 205.8. They also run the most plays per game at 72.5 and just a side note Pittsburgh is last in plays per game at 54.8. Another large standout in this game is Baltimore putting up 27.5 first downs per game (currently also ranks #1) while Pittsburgh is sitting at 15.8. Pittsburgh is 22nd in rushing yards allowed per game but overall a slightly better defense than Baltimore. We have this game with Baltimore winning by 7 points so we will gladly take the FG spread!
THE PICK: Arizona +3.5 over Cincy
Projected Score: Arizona 20 over Cincy 17
Breakdown: What a horrible game this should be with 25th and 30th ranked teams in offensive points per game duking it out. Two bad defenses and two bad offenses. What makes this game pop for us? Arizona opening at +4 moving down to +3 and our ALGO has them winning the game 20-17 as a dog. Last week we had 3 dogs under this same ALGO win outright. Arizona has a more efficient offense at 17.6 yards per game vs. Cincy at 21.6. Both defenses are around the same at 14.5 and 14.0. Kyler Murray gets to face the 31st rated pass defense who also ranks 31st vs. WR-1, 30th vs. WR-2 and 30th vs. RBs out of the backfield (David Johnson anyone???). I can’t see the Bengals beating anyone with 4 with that defense. Vegas gives you a random 3 points home field advantage but that actual home field for Cincy is only 2 points. Take the hook at +3.5 and throw some pizza money on the money line parley with something else you like!
THE PICK: New England (-15.5) over Washington
Projected Score: New England 32 over Washington 15
Breakdown: This game features the #1 defense in the NFL vs. the 31st rated offense. Washington is 28th in offensive points per game and offensive yards per game and 31st in defensive points allowed and 28th in defensive yards allowed. New England is 1st in points per game allowed and yards per game allowed on defense and 5th in offensive points per game. New England is only allowing 61.2 rushing yards per game and 181.8 passing yards per game. Wow! Vegas line opened at -13 and quickly moved to -15.5 while the under took a hammering opening at 47 and has now moved down 4.5 points to 42.5. Washington has yet to name a starting QB and if it’s not Keenum I don’t think they can get anywhere near 15 points and think they sit in the 3-10 point range while New England has their usually 30+ outing and scores at will. Our projected line for this game with Washington having home field advantage is -23 so I’ll jump on the -15.5!
Indianapolis Colts +11 vs. Kansas City: Projection: KC winning 30-26.
(Note: Indy hopefully doesn’t win this game since I live in KC and I’m a big Chiefs fan but 11 is really high. Kansas City is giving up 23.5 points per game on defensive and 149.8 rushing yards per game (31st) and Indy is the 7th rated rushing offense putting up 132.5 rushing yards per game. KC will get their 30 points but I don’t think they can keep the Colts under 21 points. You could wait for 11.5 and run it on a 3 team 10 point teaser to +21.5 and I love that.)
Tampa Bay +3.5 vs. New Orleans: Projection: Tampa winning 31-23
(Note: The numbers are skewed after that 55 point outburst last week but still +3.5 with the hook is too good to pass up!)
New York Jets +13.5 vs. Philly Eagles: Projection: Philly 28-16
(Note: Way too many points here for a Philly defense that is giving up 26.2 points per game (27th) and 385 yards per game (23rd). However, if Falk is starting I would likely stay way but if Sam Darnold starts then I love +13.5 here with him and Crowder throwing it all over the field!)
Tennessee Titans -3 vs. Buffalo Bills: Projection Titans 21-18
(Note: This is only a game I would play if Josh Allen is going to sit. Yes the projection of winning by 3 and laying 3 looks crazy but if Josh Allen is out then I lean to Titans laying 3.)
I have been trying to build up the Flick chat group for Sports Betting and haven’t had a ton of luck. It’s completely free and just something I have as an avenue for sports bettors to discuss plays and bounce thoughts off each other. Feel free to download the app and give it a shot!
Thank you for reading and good luck!
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Top 5 Books About Bookmakers and Sports Betting

Top 5 Books About Bookmakers and Sports Betting
Top 5 Books About Bookmakers and Sports Betting
Do you want to become a more successful bettor or you only take the first steps in betting? Here is a list of books that will deepen your understanding of how the betting industry works:
● «Sharp Sports Betting» by Stanford Wong is considered a classic. It is a must read if you want to become a true professional in sports betting. The book explains the basics and principles of betting and is highly recommended for beginners.
● «Sport and Money» by Maxim Pokrovsky. In this book, the secrets and all the peculiarities of sports betting are described in great detail. Also, there are many strategies presented that can be used by both beginners and experienced bettors to achieve the particular goals that they have set.
● «Fixed-Odds Sports Betting» by Joseph Buchdahl. This book describes the concepts of sports bets. It is a step by step guide to how to win, keep the profits and turn sports betting into a profitable investment.
● «Mathletics: How Gamblers, Managers, Useful Mathematics in Baseball, Basketball, and Football» by Wayne L. Winston. The author describes the mathematical methods to evaluate the opponents in great detail, which help a bettor to increase his chances of placing a successful bet. Also, the book offers the practical tools and examples of systemic analysis of past games and matches to demonstrate approaches that professional bettors undertake.
● «The Art of Putting on Sport» by Stephen Harris. Here, you will find not only the thoughts of the best experts, but also terms and the most successful strategies. This is a gem for beginning bettors.
Enjoy reading!
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2 Sports Betting Picks from CheatSheetPros! << NYY/TOR over 10.5 and Cincy F5 -1/2 +100 >>

MLB Sports Betting Picks from CheatSheetPros!
NYY / Toronto over 10.5 – We have the last 10 ranked #2 and #11 team facing off today. NYY are scoring 8.1 runs per game and hitting .293 over the last week while TOR is scoring 5.1 runs per game and hitting .245 over the last week. Thorton is allowing a .291 opponent batting average at home with a whopping 1.61 whip. His last 4 starts were all on the road but he allowed 6, 1, 4 and 5 ERs. He faced the NYY on June 5th at home and went 5.0 and gave up 4 ER. Tanaka has given up 5, 2, 12 and 5 ER in his last 4 starts. His last 3 road starts he has given up 5, 12 and 4 ER. Tanaka has a good BVP history vs. TOR as they are only hitting .186 off him through 70 team Abs but his road splits are horrid. He has a 3.29 ERA at home but on the road that jumps to 7.51, xFIP you may ask is even a 3.77 to a high 5.44, his wOBA jumps 100 points on the road and his whip goes from 1.15 to 1.59. His opponent batting average allowed is a .244 at home but a whopping .301 on the road. The OVER in NYY game while they are on the road is 38-14 and 24-16 coming off a loss.
CINCY First 5 innings -1/2 +100 – Castillo has been fire! He has a 2.22 ERA at home and allowing a low .174 batting average. Great BVP as Cubbies are only hitting .225 off him through 102 team Abs. Cincy bullpen has fallen to 26th since July 1st so I’m going F5 here. Cincy is facing Lester and they are hitting him at a .303 clip through 132 team Abs. Lester on the road has a 4.81 ERA, 1.40 whip and allowing a .271 batting average. Lester is coming off a start vs. OAK where he gave up 10 ER and 10 hits in only 4.0 innings! Castillo should be able to hold them in check and put up a couple runs. Even money is just too good to pass up!
Good Luck!
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Is 5 dollars a month to engage in sports betting matches too much?

Would you ever consider joining a sports betting app for 5 dollars a month if it allowed you to join as many betting matches you wanted, and offered several different ways you could make money?
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Top 5 books about sports betting

Top 5 books about sports betting
If you consider placing bets on sports a way to entertain yourself or support your favorite team, you do not need any preparation before making a wager. Just choose the event you are interested in and place a bet on a sum of money you do not mind to lose. However, if you are interested in making money by sports betting and consider financial value more important than entertainment value, you should learn everything you can about betting, if you want to win. Sports betting is a hard work, only people, who do research, develop analytical skills, and design their own strategies, have the chance of becoming professional sports bettors. And what better way of learning about new things you know rather than reading a book? Today we want to present you the top 5 books about sports betting, check our Medium channel for the full article Read, learn and win!

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5 greatest sport betting wins of all time

5 greatest sport betting wins of all time
For many people around the world sports betting is just a form of relatively cheap entertainment, an activity that heats up interest for sports events of different scale. Other people treat it as a business investment, and dive into sports analytics and statistics, work out strategies and try different approaches in order to make sports betting a source of steady income. Despite the fact that these recreational and professional bettors place bets for completely different reasons, there is one thing in common: deep down every bettor dreams about a big score that can raise their quality of life and help fulfilling their dreams. And though for the majority of players a win of a lifetime is just an unreachable dream, there are bettors upon whom fortune has smiled. Read our new article to find out about the luckiest bettors and the biggest wins in history of betting.
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Sports betting Money Management Strategy to double bankroll every 2.5 months

This money management is amazing. The spreadsheet at bettingresource will show the money management in action with picks. Below is the description of the money management.
Choose a bankroll that you can afford. Once you have the starting bankroll, don't bet any more than 3% of your starting bankroll on a single bet -- this means, the max bet (10 unit bet) is no more than 3% of your bankroll. So each unit is 0.3% of the bankroll. Here is the table: 1unit=0.3%, 2unit=0.6%, 3unit=0.9%, 4unit=1.2%, 5unit=1.5%, 6unit=1.8%, 7unit=2.1%, 8unit=2.4%, 9unit=2.7% and 10unit=3%. Now that we release only the 10 unit picks, the rest of the scale does not matter--you will simply bet 3% of your bankroll on each pick.

Note 1: If your starting bankroll is small and if you want to be aggressive, you may temporarily set your max bet to 4 or 5% of your bankroll however, we highly do not recommend this long term. Contrarily, if your bankroll is very large and you want to be be very conservative, you can set your max bet to 2% of the bankroll or less.

Note 2: If you are following both regular and full-stake 10-unit picks, treat them as two different investment portfolios. This means using two bankrolls. To accomplish this, simply divide your bankroll into two in the ratio of 30-70. Use the larger portion to follow ONLY the full stake 10 unit picks. Use the smaller portion to follow ALL picks (both regular and full-stake picks.)

If you are an established bettor with a big betting capital, you would bet fixed or same amount on every unit (linear betting) regardless of the outcome of each bet. For example, if your starting bankroll is $150,000, then your 1 unit equals $450 and this is the unit size you will use on your bets regardless of how much you win/lose each day.
If you are a bettor with limited capital looking to grow the bankroll then we suggest you employ our conditional daily compounding method. This method will help you double your bankroll much faster. In this method you will re-invest winning everyday into the bankroll to form a new starting bankroll and bet size. If there is losing day(s), the bet size will remain the same as the previous bet size until the losses are recovered and the bankroll reaches a new high. In summary, each day the bankroll reaches a new high, it becomes the new starting bankroll and the bet size will be adjusted accordingly but if you have a losing day, continue with the same bet size until new high is reached. For example, if your starting bankroll is $30,000, then your max bet (10 unit bet) is 3% of 30k, $900. On day 1 if you win $1800, then your starting bankroll on day 2 is $31,800 and your max bet on day 2 is 3% of $31.8K, $954. If you have a losing day on day 2, then your bet size on day 3 will remain the same $954 and it will remain the same until you re-coup all the losses and the bankroll surpasses $31.8k and reaches a new high. You can continue this conditional compounding method until you reach your target bankroll or bet size but don't be greedy! With this compounding method and with our picks you can double your bankroll on average every 2.5 months.
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5 Tips to get started with an online sports betting business

Being interested in sports betting as you are, you’ve started thinking of starting an online sports betting business of your own. The best reasons to backup your idea is that an online sports betting business is a valuable deal to work on as it offers you the following advantages:
  1. It’s simple- Apart from being simple, what makes sports betting look good is that it’s interesting too.
  2. It’s a wide-market business- Majority of people around the world follow sports and love the industry thus making sports betting as a good option for business and participation from sports fans.
  3. You can make money at it- Well, who doesn’t like money? And when it comes with such an interesting option, no one can say no to big bucks.
Having said that, we are also aware of the fact that many sports geeks and startup enthusiasts probably have these reasons in their minds too. The simplicity and interest factors make online sports betting business an open option for many growing businesses. This in turn, increases the level of competition and makes the overall scope challenging.
Read More Here...
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5 Tips to get started with an online sports betting business

Being interested in sports betting as you are, you’ve started thinking of starting an online sports betting business of your own. The best reasons to backup your idea is that an online sports betting business is a valuable deal to work on as it offers you the following advantages:
  1. It’s simple- Apart from being simple, what makes sports betting look good is that it’s interesting too.
  2. It’s a wide-market business- Majority of people around the world follow sports and love the industry thus making sports betting as a good option for business and participation from sports fans.
  3. You can make money at it- Well, who doesn’t like money? And when it comes with such an interesting option, no one can say no to big bucks.
Continue Reading Here...
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RUN A5 - RESULTS - July 15, 2020 - THE CONTROLLED YOLO BETTING STRATEGY (Free Sports Betting Pick) Colorado sports betting raking in millions of dollars, retail betting goes live at some casinos FREE FIXED MATCHES HT/FTCORRECT SCOREUNDER&OVER BET TIPS -TODAY'S FOOTBALL BETTING PREDICTIONS Raymond Report NFL Sports Betting Show #6 - Sports Handicapping 101 (Betting tips) Do You Need to LEARN to LOSE? Here are 5 Ways to Fail Better at Sports Betting

Sports betting on the Internet can be a thrilling experience for anyone. If you want your sports betting experience to go off without a hitch, however, you need to find the right website. Thankfully, the Internet is home to quite a few appropriate sites that can provide users with top-notch experiences. CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Five New Hampshire cities voted to allow sports betting locations, and two others have approved keno. The New Hampshire Lottery said the cities of Berlin, Claremont, Laconia 5 Sports-Betting Stocks to Buy for Some Casino Cash The best sports-betting stocks range from small-cap players to multibillion-dollar gaming giants Sports betting and esports betting is a growing industry. With the coronavirus crisis continuing sports betting will experience a likely temporary stall but this gap will be fuelled by the growth in esports and esports betting.. Gambling operators who offer sports and esports betting will concentrate on their esports and online gaming offerings, potentially overcoming a blip in their revenue The 2019 Green Bay Packers are -4.5 favorites in a simulated match against the 2019 Cleveland Browns. LAS VEGAS - Today’s edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview features action from all around the globe. First, in the world of cricket, the Vincy Premier T10 League has a match today, between the Botanic Gardens Rangers and La Soufriere

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RUN A5 - RESULTS - July 15, 2020 - THE CONTROLLED YOLO BETTING STRATEGY (Free Sports Betting Pick)

Sports Betting 101: Sports Betting Tips: 👍 You can get free sports picks and betting tips direct from Vegas by following the WagerTalk handicappers on ... Despite the pandemic and the future of major sports still in limbo, sports betting in Colorado is off to a great start. Rob Miech is a sportswriter and betting expert based out of Las Vegas. On this week's Guy's Guy Radio, we discuss sports betting hitting the mainstream in America, his latest book Sports Betting ... Today on the Raymond Report NFL Sports Betting Podcast Show #6, in this segment, Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond and Ross Benjamin give out one of their top sports betting tips and you will not ... RUN A-1-2 RESULTS - July 14, 2020 - THE CONTROLLED YOLO BETTING STRATEGY (Free Sports Betting Pick) - Duration: 0:19. THE CONTROLLED YOLO GAMBLING METHOD 1 view. New