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The Alchemist's Toolbox 57: Eve!

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As usual, a big thanks to the person who's been giving my reviews reddit medals!
Welcome to the 57th Alchemist's Toolbox review!
Today we're heading to Lustburg to take a look at one of Fire's early powerhouses. So without further ado, here's the next unit for review: Eve!
Eve is a girl from Lustburg with insane physical power and a dream of becoming a bride. Let's see what she offers as a unit, shall we?
Personal Investment:
I've got Eve at max limit breaks with all her jobs mastered (Holy Brawler and Bride JEs mastered, Holy Brawler and Bride JEs enhanced). She's been a staple of my physical Fire units for a long time.
Eve is a Fire unit, which means she's strong against Wind and weak against Water. Compared to a Light or Dark unit with the same stats and jobs, she would be better defensively and worse offensively.
  • Half-CasteSupport/Disruptor Hybrid (Bride/Pure Bride): Comparing to other Brides/Bridegrooms, Eve competes with Kaya and Veloz for this role, with Kaya preferring different roles. Comparing to Veloz, Eve beats him in everything except speed and mobility, though it should be noted that due to the difference in JEs Veloz has a slightly better skillset. This relationship continues if both Eve and Veloz have Enlightenment.
  • CT Support (Chronomancer): Comparing to other Chronomancers, Eve competes with Chihaya and Lupinus for this role. Eve beats Chihaya in everything except speed, and beats Lupinus in MAtk (and thus healing potency, though Lupinus wins in terms of damage due to her Master Ability) and bulk but loses to her in speed. The comparison to Chihaya remains true even if both units have Enlightenment, but Lupinus shoots ahead in MAtk with her Enlightenment even if Eve also has her Enlightenment.
  • Physical Damage-Dealer (Holy BrawleHoly Brawler [Senju]): Comparing to Martial Artists/other Holy Brawlers, Eve competes with Arthur, Daisy, Gladiolus, Reimei, Rin Tohsaka, Shekinah, and Zangetsu for this role, with Gladiolus, Reimei, and Rin Tohsaka preferring different roles. Comparing to the remaining competitors, Eve loses to Arthur outright in everything except Elemental Res (which leads to a rough tie/only minor loss in bulk), loses to Daisy in everything except bulk (once again by virtue of Elemental Res), beats Shekinah in everything except speed, and beats Zangetsu in everything except damage and speed. With the exception of Daisy, Eve and all the competitors compared to her tie in mobility (Daisy has higher mobility via her Master Ability). When factoring in Enlightenment, Eve's comparison to Arthur only changes in that Arthur now blows her completely out of the water in bulk, her comparison to Daisy actually put her soundly ahead in bulk, Shekinah now beats Eve in damage, and Eve's comparison to Zangetsu remains unchanged.
MASSIVE EDIT BECAUSE HOLY CRAP HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN THIS: Kamui is on the competitors list for Eve with Holy Brawler, though he does prefer to run his unique job. Regardless, I am so sorry for forgetting about him and for not realizing my mistake until now.
Leader Skill:
+30% PAtk for Fire units. Good effect, bad potency.
Eve's 3 jobs are Bride, Chronomancer, and Holy Brawler, with the Pure JE for Bride and the Senju JE for Holy Brawler.
Bride is an odd sort of hodge-podge of half-caster, disruptor, and support capabilities. It has a single-target Fire magic skill that has a chance of inflicting Bind, a Wind AoE physical skill that uses MAtk and PAtk for damage and deals bonus damage to male enemies, a PDef/MDef self-buff, a melee-range Water magic damage AoE skill that deals bonus damage to male enemies, a jewel stealing skill, a single-target non-elemental magic damage skill with a chance to inflict Bind, a self-based AoE heal, and a self-based AoE PAtk/MAtk buff. its reactive is a chance to counter with a chance to inflict Charm on attackers (melee-range only), and its passive boosts Luck and grants immunity to Charm. The Pure JE turns Candle Fire into a melee-range AoE Light damage skill that deals bonus damage to Dark enemies, uses PAtk and MAtk for damage, and has a significantly higher jewel cost, adds a new skill that's a self-based AoE Dark Res buff, boosts the potency and AoE of Flower Shower while adding a PAtk/MAtk buff to it and increasing its jewel cost, and adds a new passive that gives bonus damage to male enemies.
Chronomancer is a support job that focuses on manipulating the CT ("count" or how fast a unit gets their turn) of allies and enemies. It has a weak damage skill that inflicts Stop, a skill that allows an ally to immediately take a turn, a skill that swaps their position with the target's (very fun on certain maps), a strong damage skill that reduces the target's CT to 0 and inflicts Stop, a skill that inflicts Blindness, a skill that casts Quicken on an ally, a skill that inflicts Delay on an enemy, a weak healing skill that has a chance to cure Berserk, Petrify, Stop, Death Sentence, and Silence, and a skill that inflicts Stop on and enemy. Its reactive is a chance to inflict Delay on attackers, and its passives boost HP/Grant immunity to Delay & Stop and gives +1 uses for all skills respectively.
Holy Brawler is a physical damage-dealer job that focuses on dealing high burst damage. It has a damage skill that can inflict Paralysis, a straight-line ranged damage skill, a melee-range AoE damage skill that lowers the CT of those hit by 50%, a Death Sentence inflictor that also deals damage, a damage skill that inflicts Bind and Daze, an incredibly powerful damage skill that deals bonus damage to humans and unlike other Holy Brawler damage skills (which use PAtk, Dex, and agility for damage) scales completely off of PAtk, a damaging skill that can inflict Stun, a damaging skill that can inflict Blindness, a skill that triples the user's PAtk, a Defense self-buff, a self-based AoE status cure, and a self-based AoE damage skill. Its reactive is a counter, and its 3 passives boost HP, Strike Damage, and Guts respectively. The Senju JE upgrades Palm Shockwave, Exploding Palm, and Whirlwind Kick into multi-hit moves that deal more damage than their base versions if all 3 hits connect (Palm Shockwave and Whirlwind Kick also have their jewel costs increased).
Master Ability:
+100 MAtk and +15 to all Elemental Res stats. So a free Divine Shelter and enough MAtk to make Bride worth using. Not bad at all, if I do say so myself.
Eve's stats support a bulky unit (about average bulk on Chronomancer, average-low bulk all around with no JEs) with decent speed (somewhat low speed on Bride and Chronomancer) and good damage. All stats are at the usual Master Ability benchmark (level 80, MA unlocked, all jobs mastered, main job enhanced). Table Key: IB = Iron Body, CGM = Cheers of a Good Match SPECIAL NOTE: Clock Resist will not be shown since it's incredibly niche, but you can get a reasonable idea of what the HP would be like both with and without Iron Body by taking the HP from the No Passive sections and multiplying it by 1.1x and 1.4x respectively. The same goes for Cheers of a Good Match and multiplying the Luck stats by 1.2x. EDIT: I am incorrect about the exact increases. u/Shaiandra did a great job explaining the more in-depth info, so here’s a link to their comment!
Table 1 - Base Bride and Base Holy Brawler
Stat Bride Chronomancer Holy Brawler
HP (NP) 1447 951 1595
HP (IB) 1709 1123 1883
PAtk 345 208 400
MAtk 432 523 282
Agility 102 110 121
Dex 210 226 305
Luck 314 262 180
Table 2 - Base Bride and Holy Brawler [Senju]
Stat Bride Chronomancer Holy Brawler [Senju]
HP (NP) 1737 1229 2070
HP (IB) 2044 1446 2436
PAtk 348 210 423
MAtk 432 523 282
Agility 102 110 127
Dex 210 226 333
Luck 314 262 180
Table 3 - Pure Bride and Base Holy Brawler
Stat Pure Bride Chronomancer Holy Brawler
HP (NP) 1793 1186 1846
HP (IB) 2110 1396 2172
PAtk 455 208 400
MAtk 510 523 282
Agility 117 110 121
Dex 269 235 317
Luck 314 262 180
Table 4 - Pure Bride and Holy Brawler [Senju]
Stat Pure Bride Chronomancer Holy Brawler [Senju]
HP (NP) 2096 1475 2336
HP (IB) 2458 1729 2739
PAtk 460 210 423
MAtk 510 523 282
Agility 117 110 127
Dex 269 235 346
Luck 314 262 180
Eve currently has 3 Gates of Enlightenment.
  • Her Gate 1 boosts HP, PAtk, MAtk, and agility while leveling, and boosts HP, MAtk, and Luck when maxed.
  • Her Gate 2 boosts PDef, MDef, Crit, and hitrate while leveling, and upgrades Iron Body to +50% HP and +10% PAtk when maxed.
  • Her Gate 3 boosts HP, Dex, agility, and evasion while leveling, and upgrades her Leader Skill to +30% HP, +10% damage reduction, and +30% PAtk for Fire units when maxed.
Recommended Enlightenment: Due to the large boost to bulk and tiny boost to damage from her Gate 2, and the fairly mediocre Leader Skill boost from her Gate 3, Eve's best Enlightenment setup is 5/5/3, though 5/2/3 can also be used if you're short on resources.
Enlightenment stats:
Eve's Enlightenment helps patch up her speed issues and provides a serious increase to bulk. All stats assume the recommended Enlightenment setup of 5/5/3 and level 91, and base Holy Brawler cannot be shown as unlocking Gate 2 (and thus unlocking Gate 3) requires the Senju JE to be at level 11 or mastered. All other assumptions remain the same as the regular stats section. Table Key Changes: IB -> DB = Daydreaming Bride
Table 1 - Base Bride
Stat Bride Chronomancer Holy Brawler [Senju]
HP (NP) 2548 2033 2915
HP (DB) 3297 2631 3773
PAtk (NP) 374 234 452
PAtk (DB) 409 256 494
MAtk 482 575 332
Agility 111 117 135
Dex 235 251 362
Luck 365 314 232
Table 2 - Pure Bride
Stat Pure Bride Chronomancer Holy Brawler [Senju]
HP (NP) 2942 2298 3201
HP (DB) 3787 2959 4121
PAtk (NP) 489 234 452
PAtk (DB) 534 256 494
MAtk 563 575 332
Agility 124 117 135
Dex 298 261 376
Luck 365 314 232
Example Builds:
Bridal Powerhouse
  • Main Job: Bride (Pure Bride)
  • Sub Job: Bride (Pure Bride) (damage/disruption/healing)/Chronomancer (Quicken)
  • Reactive: Cross-Counter
  • Passive 1: Iron Body (Daydreaming Bride)
  • Passive 2: Time Leap (more skill uses)/Killer Smile (lots of male enemies)
Eve's Bride build (the most thematically appropriate build). Sub can be Bride or Chronomancer depending on needs, Cross-Counter is the best reactive Eve has on both her non-Chronomancer jobs, and Iron Body/Daydreaming Bride is basically mandatory for the bulk (and damage in DB's case). The last passive is generally going to be Time Leap, though Killer Smile is good on maps with a lot of male enemies and Clock Resist/Cheers of a Good Match have some niche value. Basic strategy is to provide damage, disruption, or support based on your current need, making use of that jack-of-all-trades style skillset.
Punctual Bride
  • Main Job: Chronomancer
  • Sub Job: Chronomancer
  • Reactive: Snow White Charm (chance of Charm)/Counter Delay (Delay)
  • Passive 1: Iron Body (Daydreaming Bride)
  • Passive 2: Time Leap
Eve's Chronomancer build. Straight Chronomancer for the main and sub, either of the non-Cross Counter reactives since Cross-Counter is horrible on Chronomancer and the other reactives are both pretty "meh", and once again Iron Body/Daydreaming Bride for the bulk. Time Leap is the usual last passive slot filler, but CGM and CR both have niche value. Basic strategy is to Quicken your whole team, spam Overclock on your highest damage output unit, and Delay/Black Hole enemies as necessary.
Bridal Fisticuffs
  • Main Job: Holy Brawler (Holy Brawler [Senju])
  • Sub Job: Holy Brawler (Holy Brawler [Senju]) (Sharpening Focus)/Chronomancer (Quicken)
  • Reactive: Cross Counter
  • Passive 1: Iron Body (Daydreaming Bride)
  • Passive 2: Strike Mastery +2 (general)/Killer Smile (male-heavy map)
Eve's Holy Brawler ([Senju]) build. Basically straight Holy Brawler, though Chronomancer sub can be used if you don't need Sharpening Focus, and Killer Smile can substitute for Strike Mastery +2 on maps with a lot of male enemies (and of course there's the status immunity passives with their niche value). Basic strategy is to hit things hard, making use of the one-two punch of Sharpening Focus -> Supreme Battle Trance to nuke bosses.
My Preferred Build:
If you don't have Eve's Pure Bride JE then Bridal Fisticuffs is your best bet, but if you do have it it's a pretty big toss-up between that build and Bridal Powerhouse. All her jobs are pretty great to use as a main, though, so feel free to experiment!
Gear Recommendations:
Armor and Accessories: Any HP or agility boosting gear, Veil of Determination (HP, agility, and Move for Bride job only)
Bride/Pure Bride: Bride's Love Sword (best overall stats for damage, agility), Marriage Saber (best overall stats for healing)
Chronomancer: Crimson Crystal Cane (farmable during Crystal of Reunion collab, agility), Green Rod of Wisdom (good stats, good healing Weapon Ability), Harmony Rod (easily farmable), Helkovara Family Staff (very good stats, free VCR, agility), Illusion Rod (farmable, agility), Nina's Pointing Stick (best overall stats, agility), Sanctuary Rod (HP, solid support WA), Sovereign Scepter (farmable during Etrian Odyssey collab, agility), Takemikazuchi (given via milestones)
Holy BrawleHoly Brawler [Senju]: Crimson Cestus (solid stats, agility), Dragonhead Gauntlet (Quicken, good WA), Haas Family Gauntlets (best overall stats, agility), Muspell (farmable during Disgaea collab, HP)
Memento Recommendations:
Since she doesn't have her own Memento, Eve's best Memento choices are Summer Beach Lessons for HP and That Thing Called Happiness for damage. Some substitutes for these are An Unexpected Discovery for Summer Beach Lessons and Alma's Laughing, but... (Holy Brawler only) for That Thing Called Happiness, though TTCH is free and so you're likely to have it if you didn't miss the event for it. If you don't have any of those, go for the biggest MAtk (Bride/Chronomancer only), PAtk (Holy Brawler and Bride only), HP, or agility boost that you can get, favoring Lustburg Mementos since you can usually get a minor bonus from those.
Eve has 2 major updates down the line: an update to her Master Ability, and her Gates 4 and 5 of Enlightenment.
  • Her Master Ability gets updated to also give +100 PAtk and +300 HP (even more bulk? sure, why not).
  • Her 4th Enlightenment Gate grants bonus damage to Envy and Lust type enemies.
  • Her 5th Enlightenment Gate boosts Holy Candle's damage and number of uses while also causing it to destroy 35 of whoever gets hit's jewels, and boosts Exploding Triple-Palm's damage and CT reduction.
Some nice updates, especially the Master Ability update.
Overall Asessment:
Eve is a great unit. If you need some magic, some CT support, or a strong physical damage-dealer, she'll be an excellent addition to your toolbox.
And that's the review! As always, feedback is greatly appreciated!
Make sure to let me know which of the following units you'd like me to review next:
Chiruru, Chloe, Dark Leavateinn (will likely temporarily removed Thunder if she's picked), Hazuki, Kaya
Or choose one of the revisit options below!
Flamel, Spica
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The Alchemist's Toolbox 50: Rosa (Disgaea version)!

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As usual, a big thanks to the person who's been giving my reviews reddit medals!
Welcome to the 50th Alchemist's Toolbox review (we did it everyone, we hit 50)!
Today we're taking a look at one of the things that happens when interdimensional nonsense collides with Alchemy. So without further ado, here's the next unit for review: Rosa (Disgaea version)!
The Disgaea version of Rosa (henceforth referred to as D. Rosa) is a transmuted version of Rosa that's been altered by unusual interactions with the world of the Disgaea series. Let's see what her new form does for her as a unit, shall we?
Personal Investment:
I've got D. Rosa at max limit breaks with all her jobs mastered (Succubus job enhanced). Even though her lack of Enlightenment means it's hard to use her in post-Enlightenment content, I still bring her out now and again when I can find a stage she works well on.
D. Rosa is a Dark unit, which means she's both strong against and weak to Light. Compared to a basic element unit, she would be better offensively and worse defensively.
  • Full CasteDisruptor Hybrid (Succubus): Since Succubus is a job unique to D. Rosa, there's no direct competition here. The benefits of collab units!
  • Buff Support (Enchanter): D. Rosa is Dark's only Enchanter currently, and since Dark has no other pure buff supports in general, she's not only without direct competition, she's entirely uncontested!
  • Support/Full Caster Hybrid (Netherworld Mage): Since Netherworld Mage is once again a job unique to D. Rosa, she once again faces no direct competition. Take a look, everyone, because it's unlikely you'll see a unit with this little competition again.
Leader Skill:
+40% HP and 10% faster CT for Dark units. Not only a unique Leader Skill amongst Dark, but a pretty fantastic one too!
D. Rosa's unique jobs are Succubus, Enchanter, and Netherworld Mage.
Succubus is a sort of Full CasteDisruptor hybrid. It has a lifesteal/Charm inflictor, a self-based AoE jewel gift, a self-based AoE damage skill with a chance to inflict Charm, an AoE damage skill that also lowers the PAtk of those hit, a single-target ranged skill, a melee-range AoE with a chance to inflict Paralysis, and a self-based AoE PAtk/agility debuff. Its reactive lowers attackers' PDef/MDef, and its passives boost the chance of Charm and boost the powechance of Charm of Dazzling Stage (self-based AoE damage skill).
Enchanter is a support job that focuses on strong single-target stat buffs. It has buff skills for PAtk, PDef, MAtk, MDef, Dex, agility, Move, Jump, and one for each elemental resistance, a heal, a weak damage skill that also inflicts Poison and Blindness, and an AoE buff/debuff cleanse. Its reactive removes attackers' buffs regardless of range, and its passives boost MDef/Debuff Resistance and reduce Cast Time respectively.
Netherworld Mage is a full castesupport hybrid job. It has a short-range AoE damage skill, a jewel gift/MAtk buff, a heal/Jewel regen caster, and various standard-range AoEs (one Dark, one for each basic element, and one non-elemental). Its reactive raises MAtk when attacked, and its passives boost Max Jewels and lower Jewels Spent respectively.
D. Rosa's stats support a fast (decent speed on EnchanteNetherworld Mage), squishy unit with good damage (OK damage on Enchanter). All stats are at the usual benchmark (level 75, all jobs mastered, main job enhanced).
Stat Succubus Enchanter Netherworld Mage
HP 1101 962 891
MAtk 549 470 587
Agility 136 121 122
No Enlightenment for D. Rosa yet. Check the futureproofness section to see what she will get (assuming we get a Disgaea rerun)!
Example Builds:
Alchemic Seduction
  • Main Job: Succubus
  • Sub Job: Enchanter (support options, self-buffing)/Netherworld Mage (more AoEs, best damage option) (Special Note: Succubus sub can be used on any build, but is mainly only useful for the insta-cast damage option)
  • Reactive: Bones Out (debuff disruption)/Cancel Magic (buff removal disruption)/Damage Convert (damage)
  • Passive 1: Swift Charge
  • Passive 2: Punishing Punisher (Special Note: can replace either passive with Temptation for extra disruption, but I wouldn't recommend doing so outside of "just-for-fun" builds)
D. Rosa's Succubus build. Sub depends on your needs, and reactive is a choice between debuff disruption, buff removal disruption, and damage. Passives are pretty much locked to Swift Charge + Punishing Punisher unless you're running a "just-for-fun" build. Basic strategy is to disrupt or magically nuke enemies as necessary.
Otherworldly Enchantress
  • Main Job: Enchanter
  • Sub Job: Enchanter (support)/Netherworld Mage (damage)
  • Reactive: Bones Out (debuff disruption)/Cancel Magic (buff removal disruption)/Damage Convert (damage, only really useful if running NM sub)
  • Passive 1: Swift Charge
  • Passive 2: Mind Mastery
D. Rosa's Enchanter build. Sub is usually going to be Enchanter, but Netherworld Mage sub can also be run if your team desperately needs damage. Reactive is a choice between any of the three depending on needs, and passives are locked to Swift Charge + Mind Mastery. Basic strategy is to buff allies and remove buffs from buffed-up enemies as necessary, throwing out the occasional AoE if running NM sub.
Lovely Magician
  • Main Job: Netherworld Mage
  • Sub Job: Netherworld Mage (damage)/Enchanter (full-on support)
  • Reactive: Bones Out (debuff disruption)/Cancel Magic (buff removal disruption)/Damage Convert (damage)
  • Passive 1: Swift Charge
  • Passive 2: Mind Mastery
D. Rosa's Netherworld Mage build. Sub is a choice between going primarily damage or primarily support, Reactive is the same choice as the other builds, and passives are again locked to Swift Charge + Mind Mastery. Basic strategy is to either support allies however necessary, occasionally throwing out a bit of damage, or nuke enemies while occasionally supporting allies, depending on sub choice.
My Preferred Build:
D. Rosa can run literally any of her jobs and do quite well (assuming pre-Enlightenment content), but Alchemic Seduction is probably your best bet for damage and Lovely Magician is probably best for support.
Gear Recommendations:
Armor and Accessories: Any HP or agility boosting gear EDIT: u/AJackFrostGuy pointed out that D. Rosa can use the Shadow Messiah Bonds on her Netherworld Mage job, and due to how strong that gear is, it’s very much a good option. Thanks for pointing it out!
Succubus can't use any weapons, so the otherwise unlisted-due-to-universal-strength Battlefield Drama and Wadatsumi Brush receive special mention as D. Rosa's primary MAtk gear options when using this job
EnchanteNetherworld Mage: Crimson Crystal Cane (farmable right now as part of the Crystal of Reunion collab, agility), Green Rod of Wisdom (good stats, healing Weapon Ability), Harmony Rod (easily farmable), Helkovara Family Staff (great stats, free VCR, agility), Illusion Rod (farmable), Nina's Pointing Stick (best overall stats, agility), Sanctuary Rod (good stats, decent WA, HP), Sovereign Scepter (good stats, farmable during Etrian Odyssey collab, agility), Takemikazuchi (given via milestones), Umbrella Staff (decent stats)
Memento Recommendations:
Unfortunately, since Rosa's memento only works for standard Rosa and Wratharis is a horrible country for general Mementos unless you're part of Shadow Messiah, D. Rosa's best option is I'll Protect You! due to the MAtk base stat and the solid Vision Ability. If you don't have that, go for the biggest HP, MAtk, or agility boost that you can get.
EDIT: u/maymagic pointed out that Unsung Heroes is also a great option due to the bonus to All Damage. This one’s about on par with I’ll Protect You, and is basically a matter of whether you want some overall better damage or a stronger nuke.
D. Rosa gets a few updates down the line: The Null Enchanter JE, a Memento that she shares with all the Disgaea collab units, and all 5 Gates of Enlightenment.
  • The Memento is a very simple one that's really only useful for the solid HP boost it provides unless you're facing Wind units.
  • Her Gate 2 of Enlightenment upgrades Swift Charge to reduce Cast Time by 50% and also adds a +10% MAtk boost to it, her Gate 3 changes her Leader Skill to +40% HP, +20% MAtk, and 10% faster CT for Dark units, her Gate 4 gives extra damage against Pride and Lust type enemies, and her Gate 5 boosts the damage of Twin Attribute and also causes it to inflict Berserk, increases the range and AoE of Null Wave, and increases the damage and number of uses of Tera Star while also giving it extra damage against Light enemies.
Overall, some solid changes.
Overall Asessment:
While D. Rosa is somewhat hard to use in most post-Enlightenment content due to lack of HP, in pre-Enlightenment and certain post-Enlightenment content where her HP isn't an issue she'll be an extremely versatile part of your toolbox.
And that's the review! As always, feedback is greatly appreciated!
Make sure to let me know which of the following units you want me to review next!
Chiruru, Eve, Hazuki, Hisham, Tsang Lei
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The Alchemist's Toolbox 45: Klima!

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As usual, a big thanks to the person who's been giving my reviews reddit medals!
Special Note: While in terms of upvotes there is a winning candidate, the majority of said upvotes were on a comment that contained a relevant pun, which could have been the source for the majority of upvotes rather than the candidate choice. Because of this, I've decided to treat the upvote winner and the upvote 2nd place as 2 tied units, with the upvote winner going first and the upvote 2nd place going second.
Welcome to the 45th Alchemist's Toolbox review!
Today we're heading to Wratharis to take a look at one of the biggest splashes introduced to the Water unit meta. So without further ado, here's the next unit for review: Klima!
Klima is a girl from the Wratharis countryside with the ability to manipulate the weather via its Alchemia. Lets see how her unusual capabilities carry over to her status as a unit, shall we?
Personal Investment:
I've got Klima at max limit breaks with all her jobs mastered (Diviner job enhanced). She's one of my top Water magic users.
Klima is a Water unit, which means she's strong against Fire and weak against Thunder. Compared to a Light or Dark unit with the same stats and jobs, she would be better defensively and worse offensively.
  • Full CasteSupport Hybrid (Diviner): There are no other Diviners in Water, which leaves this role completely uncontested for Klima since there's literally no other job that can do what Diviner does.
  • Half-CasteSupport/Disruptor Hybrid (Bride): There are no other Water units with the Bride job, so once again Klima goes uncontested due to lack of similar jobs.
  • Full Caster (Sage): Finally we reach a job that other Water units have. Comparing to Mages and Sages, Klima competes with Chiruru, Fung Liu, Gato, Michael, Othima, and Rin for this role, with Gato preferring a different role. Comparing to the rest, Klima beats Chiruru in damage and speed but loses in bulk, loses to Fung Liu in everything except speed, beats Michael in damage if Klima's running Rainbow Bridge and beats him in speed outright but loses to him in bulk, loses to Othima in everything except damage if Klima's running Rainbow Bridge (losing outright if she's not), and beats Rin in everything except bulk.
Leader Skill:
+40% HP and +10% Luck for Water units. A great Leader Skill for Klima specifically, but not as great of a general Leader Skill.
Klima's 3 jobs are Diviner, Bride, and Sage.
Diviner is a sort of support/full caster hybrid (I say full caster because even though they start with less than 100% Max Jewels, their basic attack is a ranged magic damage attack). It has an AoE HP buff, a self-based AoE heal + auto-heal caster, a skill that allows an ally to immediately take another turn (and the only job outside of Chronomancer to currently have such a skill), an AoE Thunder damage skill that uses the user's Luck stat for damage, a mapwide Water (weak) damage skill with a chance to inflict Slow, a single-target Wind damage skill that uses the user's HP (specifically the difference between max and current HP) for damage, a self-based AoE Fire damage skill (this skill, the Water mapwide, and the Diviner basic attack all use MAtk and Luck for damage), a skill that causes the target ally to inflict Poison 100% of the time on their next turn, and a mapwide Combo and hitrate debuff. Its reactive is a chance to lower an attacker's PAtk and MAtk (melee range only), and its passives boost all damage and boost HP while lowering PAtk/MAtk respectively.
Bride is an odd sort of job that combines half-caster, disruptor, and support elements. It has a Fire magic skill that has a chance of inflicting Bind, a Wind AoE physical skill that uses MAtk and PAtk for damage, a PDef/MDef self-buff, a melee-range Water magic damage AoE skill, a jewel stealing skill, a single-target non-elemental magic damage skill with a chance to inflict Bind, a self-based AoE heal, and a self-based AoE PAtk/MAtk buff. its reactive is a chance to counter with a chance to inflict Charm on attackers (melee-range only), and its passive boosts Luck and grants immunity to Charm.
Sage is a full caster job. It has magic AoEs for all the basic elements, and an AoE Poison inflictor. Its reactive is a chance to perform a magic counter, and its passive boosts MAtk and hitrate.
Special Segment: Odd Jobs 2
Or, why would I ever want to lower MAtk?
Diviner is a very unusual job, and part of its unusualness is that fact that one of its passives, Clear-Air Turbulence, lowers PAtk and MAtk. Most people at first glance would deem this a useless passive and move on. For most jobs, they would be right, but Diviner is so unique that this passive is worthy of a second look.
You see, Diviner doesn't use purely MAtk for any of its skills, with its primary damage formula being 70% MAtk + 70% Luck. That means that a 25% decrease in MAtk for them isn't nearly as harmful as it would be for jobs that use purely MAtk. In addition, Diviner's Thunder AoE, Electric Lightning, entirely uses Luck for its damage formula (specifically, 200% user's Luck - 100% enemy's Luck, so make sure you're not using this skill on high Luck enemies), meaning it's completely unaffected by the -25% MAtk.
"But why is the stat that it boosts HP?", you may be asking. That's where Diviner's single-target Wind skill, Max Flash Wind Speed, comes in. This skill relies entirely on the user's HP for its damage formula, specifically the difference between the user's Max HP and current HP. Since Diviner's have a +50% HP buff that does not also heal that HP, that's a way to get high damage from that skill right off the bat, and the higher the base HP, the more potent that buff gets.
Overall, this means that Diviner can run Clear-Air Turbulence and not only be largely unaffected, but actually benefit from it. So go swap Magic Up +2 back to Clear-Air Turbulence on Klima's Diviner job!
Klima's stats support a squishy unit (slightly-less-squishy-than-normal-casters when using Clear-Air Turbulence on Diviner, fairly squishy on Bride) with good damage output and fairly low speed. All stats assume the usual benchmark (level 75, all jobs mastered, main job enhanced). Table Key: CAT = Clear-Air Turbulence, MU2 = Magic Up +2, CGM = Cheers of a Good Match, NI = Not Important
Stat Diviner Bride Sage
HP (NP) 936 1112 677
HP (CAT) 1236 1468 894
PAtk (NP) (important for Bride) NI 297 NI
PAtk (CAT) (important for Bride) NI 226 NI
MAtk (NP) 448 342 532
MAtk (CAT) 353 269 418
MAtk (MU2) 495 377 587
MAtk (CAT + MU2) 398 303 472
Luck (NP) 344 319 266
Luck (CGM) 410 380 317
Agility (NP) 129 106 113
No Enlightenment for Klima yet. Check the Futureproofness section to see what she will get!
Example Builds:
Weather or Not
  • Main Job: Diviner
  • Sub Job: Diviner
  • Reactive: Mirage
  • Passive 1: Clear-Air Turbulence
  • Passive 2: Rainbow Bridge (more damage overall)/Cheers of a Good Match (more damage on Thunder AoE + Charm immunity)
Klima's Diviner build. Pretty much just straight Diviner with the exception of Passive 2, which can be a choice between more overall damage or more damage on Diviner's Thunder AoE + Charm immunity. Basic strategy is to use the HP buff on yourself and any allies grouped up with you, then go to town with Max Flash Wind Speed, using Electric Lightning and support/disruption options as necessary.
Who Cares About Weather at a Wedding?
  • Main Job: Bride
  • Sub Job: Bride (extra disruption/support)/Sage (damage)
  • Reactive: Mirage (disruption/survivability)/Counter Magic +2 (damage)
  • Passive 1: Magic Up +2
  • Passive 2: Rainbow Bridge
Klima's Bride build. Sage sub is a possibility if you want more damage options, while Bride sub is still good for disruption and support. Reactive is a choice between Mirage for the disruption and survivability it can give and Counter Magic +2 for its damage. Passive choices are pretty much limited to Magic Up +2 and Rainbow Bridge since neither of Klima's other passives options do anything for Bride outside of Cheers of a Good Match giving Charm immunity. Basic strategy is to use whatever damage, disruption, or support option is currently needed.
Weather Witch
  • Main Job: Sage
  • Sub Job: Sage
  • Reactive: Mirage (disruption/survivability)/Counter Magic +2 (damage)
  • Passive 1: Magic Up +2
  • Passive 2: Rainbow Bridge
Klima's Sage build. Almost entirely full Sage except for the choice between Mirage's disruption/survivability and Counter Magic +2's damage. For the empty passive slot, Rainbow Bridge is the best bet for extra damage since Clear-Air Turbulence severely hurts Sage and Cheers of a Good Match is only good for Charm immunity. Basic strategy is to nuke everything with magic.
My Preferred Build:
I definitely prefer Weather or Not since that's easily Klima's best build, though Weather Witch is also a good general option. Who Cares About Weather at a Wedding? is a very niche build, but in the right situations it can be a pretty potent option.
Gear Recommendations:
Armor and Accessories: Any HP or agility boosting gear, Shadow Messiah's Bonds (Absolutely fantastic for any female magic user from Wratharis)
Special Note: due to Diviner's general strategy of using Max Flash Wind Speed, Moon Star Armor is generally not the HP gear you'd want to go with. While there are plenty of other options, I've found that the Trapezohedron gear is pretty great for Diviners, so if you have that it's my top recommendation when using Diviners.
DivineSage: Binding Scepter (Initial Jewels, Daze), Green Rod of Wisdom (solid Weapon Ability, good stats), Harmony Rod (easily farmable), Helkovara Family Staff (best overall stats for Diviner, agility, free VCR), Illusion Rod (farmable), Sanctuary Rod (solid stats, HP, nice support WA), Sovereign Scepter (good stats for Diviner, agility, farmable during Etrian Odyssey collab), Takemikazuchi (given via milestones), Umbrella Staff (good stats for Diviner, great WA for Diviner) Edit: u/_Zer0_Tw0_ pointed out that Staff of Thriving Business has a chance of Quickening self when attacking. This completely changes its usefulness for Diviners and makes it an arguably top choice for Klima if you have it. Thanks for pointing that out!
Bride: Bride's Love Sword (best overall stats, agility), Marriage Saber (good stats, free VCR)
Memento Recommendations:
The best Memento for Klima would be Our Botanical Garden due to having a base stat of HP and boosting Luck (and MAtk at max limit breaks) for Klima, Fairily, and Emma. If you don't have that, Poppies Swaying in the Breeze is also an OK option since it's a Wratharis Memento (and thus gives Klima its Wratharis Group Bonus of PDef) that gives a good base stat of agility. Potential as Great as the Sea (PAtk + Water Res) and Thousand-Nights Poppy (PAtk + PDef) are also good options for Klima's Bride job and nothing else. Barring either of those, go for the best HP, Luck (Diviner only), MAtk (primarily Bride and Sage), PAtk (Bride only), or agility boost that you can get.
Klima gets a pretty large amount of changes down the line: her Master Ability, her Enlightenment (all 5 Gates), a Bride JE, a Diviner JE, and her own Memento.
  • Her Master Ability gives +10 agility, +1 Skill Use, and boosts the damage of Rain Snail while lowering its jewel cost.
  • Her Bride JE replaces Candle Fire with a Water AoE skill that uses Luck for its damage and inflicts Slow, replaces Magical Bouquet Toss with a single-target Water skill that uses Luck for its damage formula and deals extra damage to male enemies, and increases Cheers of a Good Match's Luck boost from 20% to 30%.
  • Her Diviner JE increases the potency and duration of the auto-heal given by Flower Rain Shower and also causes the skill to grant jewel regen, lowers the jewel cost and cast time of Fine Weather while also increasing its horizontal and vertical range, changes Photosensitive Smog to an AoE and adds evasion and AoE resistance to it (but changes the duration from 2 ActionStarts to 1 ActionEnd, which means the buff won't last between the unit's next turn and the turn after), and adds a Reaction Block Res debuff (unsure what this means, someone please clarify) to Attack Accuracy 100%.
  • Her Enlightenment's Gate 2 changes her Bride JE's version of Cheers of a Good Match to boost Luck by 40%, HP by 15%, and grant Charm immunity.
  • Her Gate 3 adds +20% all damage to her Leader Skill.
  • Her Gate 4 gives extra damage against Sloth and Wrath type enemies.
  • Her Gate 5 increases the damage of her Bride JE's AoE and reduces its jewel cost, and upgrades the potency of everything on her Diviner JE's upgraded Flower Rain Shower.
  • Her Memento boosts her damage, bulk, speed, max jewels, and debuff duration, and has a Vision Ability that's a Water AoE that uses Luck for its damage, deals extra damage to Fire enemies and Demons, and preemptively boosts the user's magic damage and Water damage against Fire enemies if the user is a Water Wratharis unit.
  • The VCR of said Memento boosts agility, Luck, and Fire Res, and changes Mirage to be a ranged AoE debuff instead of a single-target melee-range debuff.
Overall Asessment:
Klima is a pretty great unit. If you need serious damage with some support capabilities, she'll be an excellent addition to your toolbox.
And that's the review! As always, feedback is greatly appreciated!
No new candidate list this week due to the aforementioned unusual situation, so make sure to check back next week for the updated list!
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I recently finished my backlog of Games. Here are the 'Hidden Gems' that I played

Hello everyone! The final request of 'batch' reviews in my backlog were any hidden gems not many people know about.
I have added two different kinds of 'hidden gems' ones where I just haven't heard anyone talk about the games ever, and others which were well known but got banned in reviews and I had a ton of fun with them. As usual, I will do them in system age order, but this time don't forget I was really young when playing these games with non internet access- So if they aren't actually hidden gems and quite well known, please let me know and I will remove them from the list. Sadly there are no switch or PS4 games on this list, as I don't have the time or money to explore every gaming want. so I usually stick to the releases I really want. Also, if you like my reviews- check out my post history for parent friendly games, my all time least favourites and my all time favourites. The favourites list can be found here as a couple of these games are explained in more details on that post.

Poy Poy 2 (PS1)

So this is the only game on this list I never actually owned, my best friend did as I could never find it in the shops. Even now its still worth £42. That being said, this was a simple but great party game which other than my friend, I have never really seen or heard anything about since. In Poy Poy up to four characters (AI or friends) throw rocks, trees etc in a small area until your the last man standing. Its was a fun a weird little battle arena but my friends and me always had a good time. I won't go into to much more details though as I never played the campaign

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (PS1)

While I'm aware that EVERYBODY knows what Starwars is, what surprised me is that this particular game got fairly average to negative reviews and I loved it. The story followed the film of course, but each level was massively different to the last meaning it never got old or boring. One level you were a Jedi, the next you had a gun, the next was a pod race etc. My favourite level was on Tatooine, where the normally very linear levels opened up into a map of the city. You had to run around to get the parts you needed to fix your ship. There were very little enemies to kill and it was more a puzzle game. You could attack an innocent civilian, but if you did the incredibly strong but slow guards would attack on fight. (Creating a very fun side game of escape the guards) but the traders also wouldn't help you, so you had basically failed the level. I spent countless hours on this replaying this game as a kid and it is def worth your time. (fun fact, the Gungan Electric pods were lethal on the PS4, but only used as a stun grande on the PC version)

Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue (PS1)

A surprising long game PS1 game from my childhood, where you play as Buzz Lightyear, trying to find and rescue Woody by travelling to locals from the second toy story. I was always a sucker for a boss fight and from memory this had a LOT of them, all with different mechanics. Maybe as an adult this wouldn't be so great- But if you have a kid into gaming and want to show him a classic, this is a good bet.

Warpath: Jurassic Park (PS1)

To this day, this is the most unique dinosaur video game I have come across. Most games with dinos you either shoot to kill, or build a park (Like in the excellent Operation Genesis) However Warpath was a 2D fighting game, where all of the fighters were a different breed of dinosaur. The backgrounds were detailed, with some really good rain effects for the time and a large roster of Dinosaurs (although some of the move sets were copied between the fighters)

Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge (PS2)

Fur Fighters was originally a Dreamcast game and was ported over to the PC/PS2 with a few improvements in the form of Viggos Revenge. This is a brutal 3rd person shooter, wrapped up in a teddy bear coating. Instead of blood pouring, fluff spills out when you shoot anyone. The story revolved around Viggo kidnapping children, and the 9 or so parents teaming up to rescue them, with each animal having a different ability. E.g. the dragon could fly. Each environment was huge and open for the time and as a bonus there was a 2 player arena mode for when your friends were over.

Primal (PS2)

Primal revolves around a woman who's partner is kidnapped by demons, so she travels to hell with the help of a gargoyle to get him (IIRC) The game is split into 4 worlds, each one a very different that on its own would probably get quite old. But together break the game up brilliantly. Each world you travel to unlocks a demonic form for you to turn into, giving you powers (e.g. the second world is underwater, but you get the power to breath underwater) It was a brilliant game, with some great puzzle solving (although the underwater world was a low 1/4 of the game) it has recently been re-released onto the PS4 with upscaled graphics for £8, so I may well pick this up soon.

Vexx (PS2)

Vexx was a game I sadly never got to finish. I got it near the end of my PS2's life. My memory card broke, and my mum never allowed me to keep my playstation on over night, so I really perfected the first world but after that. Idk. However, the first world had some great atmosphere and mechanics and I really want this to be released on PS4 so i can finally finish it.

War of the Monsters (PS2)

War of the Monsters is a brilliant and weird brawler where every characters you play as is a giant monsterobot. I go into more detail in my favourites of all time review, so check that out. But you should play this game!

Dark Spire (DS)

Dark Spire is very similar to the Etrian Odyssey games, but much darker in atmosphere and plot, It was a tough game, made up of old school mechanics but one of the darkest DS games I played, but I always have loved a really dark atmosphere to play too.

Henry Hatsworth and the Puzzling Adventure (DS)

This is the most RACIST game to British people ever and as a British person I Fuckin' Loved it. You play as an old adventurer who find a magic hat that goes with his monocle, and gives him the powers to be young if healthy. If it gets bad, he has a cup of tea and turns into a massive robot. It's ridiculous and brilliant. The gameplay its self is split. The bottom screen is a puzzle game, where the top screen is a platformer. However neither pauses. If you ignore the puzzle for two long, it will spawn obstacles and enemies

Killzone: Liberation (PSP)

While Killzone was a HUGE PS2 series and from what I hear great FPS, I never played them. What I played, was the PSP game, liberation. A top down shooter with brilliant graphics and the perfect difficulty level where i was constantly challenged but never overwhelmed. I enjoyed the story and always had a blast while playing. In fact, I finished this game several times.

Metal Gear Acid (PSP)

I went into details of why I loved these card games so much on my all time favourite review list. Everyone knows the Metal Gear series, but nobody thought it would work as a card game but oh boy it does.

Rengoku 2 (PSP)

While Rengoku 2 was a brilliant game all round, 1 was still pretty good. where as 1 had random generated dungeons however, 2's layout was always the same. The story is simple. Humans built unkillable robots to fight there was for them, but then the wars ended. So they stuck them in a tower to fight. Your goal is to climb the towers 8 level, beating the boss at the end of each level. There are over 300 weapons, which you can equipe to your legs, arms body and head to become a killing machine.

Demon Souls (PS3)

Now, I KNOW FromSoftware have become a huge name in gaming. Everyone knows Dark Souls, as recently it has been used in journalism as a level of difficulty. But before Dark Souls came Demon Souls, and not many people knew about it. I was much younger and actually never finished the game as it was to hard. It took two attempts and a forceful friends to get me to finish Dark Souls, and I'm glad he did as I am now hooked to of the soulsborne games. I really hope Demon Souls is remade so I can finally play this game to completion.

3D Dot Heroes (PS3)

3D Dot Heroes is a wacky zelda-like game, where you can build your own character and sword from the block like things. Of course I went all out on making my favourite characters wielding a penis sword (What kind of edgy teen would I be if I hadn't!) That said, the weird graphics and sword size works, and the puzzles were always fun.

Catherine (PS3)

Catherine is by the markers of the Persona series, but instead of capturing monsters, you runaway from a succubus by solving block puzzles. The puzzles were very fun and satisfying to run through, tied together with a brilliant story of a man caught in a love triangle. There are no dialog options to choose from here, instead you take a personality test at the end of each level, which then gives you the ending you 'deserve' Its a brilliant game which I fell in love with. And if you no longer have a PS3, a remake with and extra 1/2 game added to the story is coming out this year!

The Darkness 2 (Xbox 360)

I played the Darkness 1, and its was kinda.. Meh. And I think a lot of people thought the same so the second game never did as well. The graphics were dark and drab, and it was pretty much a shooter with a lil extra. The Darkness 2 fixed all that and made the best FPS I have ever played. In light, it is a shooter but when its dark you can use your full powers, now slick and fast and making you all powerful. It's cell shaded look, matches the games fast pace perfectly, and honestly I never got board of impaling people with lampposts, pulling their heart out of their butt and cutting them in two by Frisbeeing a car door at them. Yea, the games a little short but I think if it was any longer, it may have grown stale. But the length it is is just perfect. I SHOULD have added this to my list of all time favourites, as I love it so much but honestly it didn't spring to mind :(

Earth Defence Force 2017 (Xbox 360)

Now, there has been a fair few of these games, so maybe they aren't well known. But nobody ever talks about them, particularly back in the 360 years. Honestly, EDF 2017 is the BEST EDF game.. Because it was the WORST. The game is awful 1 player, but it shines in split screen as its so damn fun. Only 3 buttons do anything. The framerate looks like a sideshow in big battles. The pickups are 2D, and the people look like plastic men, who still talk when dead. Its an awful game, and just as brilliant as the old B-movies when enjoyed with friends

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (Xbox 360)
This is a brilliant platformer with a similar world to Horizon Zero Dawn. With a brilliant story to boot. I went into details in my all time favourites list, so go and read that for more details

Anyway, I think that's the last of my bulk reviews, but I will post when I finish a game I want to share with you guys. But if you have anything else reviewing let me know!
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Side Episode: The Music of Etrian Odyssey

I'M BACK. I didn't die guys. Sorry for not posting in a while. I got a bunch of work that didn't allow me to do much in the past 4 days. To make it up to you guys, the next episode is going to cover three characters!

But today, I want to talk about the songs from EO that were used for this collab. The EO series happens to have one of the best video game composers: Yuzo Koshiro. Seriously, this guy is a video game music GOD. Every track in EO is a musical masterpiece, and every song is unforgettable. In short words: EO songs are HYPE. I'm dying to hear these tracks again, so let's begin!

Each link leads to a different song, try them out!

Title: Called "Spinning the Tale," this is the intro song from EO1, the first Etrian Odyssey game, that plays in the game's starting animation. Every EO game has their own intro theme. You can check some of them out here: EO2 EO3 EO4 EO5

Collab Part 1 - Stage 1 and 2: This is the first normal battle theme of EOV. Fitting that it plays in the starting battles of the first part of the collab, since it is based off of EOV. The second battle theme of EOV is an absolute headbanger too.

Collab Part 1 - Stage 3 and 4: The theme that plays when you fight the Owl Beast. This is the FOE theme of EOV. FOE's are like minibosses. Unlike random encounters, FOE's are clearly visible on the map, and you don't fight them until you touch them. Only problem is, when you first encounter them, usually they're too strong for you, and your best bet is to outmaneuver them as they move on the map. This can be difficult, as some FOEs will chase you if you get too close, some can hide, or some don't have very recognizable walking patterns, which is why this theme is so frantic, because most of the time you end up encountering them on accident when you're too weak to face them and it's either run or die.

Collab Part 1 - Stage 5: EOV's normal boss theme. The EO 3DS games (EOIV, EOV, EOU, EOU2, note that EOU and EOU2 are 3DS remakes of EOI and EOII, which were on the DS, so their normal boss themes are remixes of the FM/chipset songs that played in the originals) have a motif of orchestral normal boss themes (EOX an exception). I find it funny that this plays against an owl beast, an FOE, because EOV owl beasts are actually pretty easy. All they do is attack and sometimes use a def debuff skill, meanwhile in TAC they are absolute units.

The second part of the collab has a pattern in its music for the first 4 stages. It goes through each of the first normal battle themes for the first four games!

Collab Part 2 - Stage 1: EOI's first battle theme, Initial Strike, and Etrian Odyssey's first ever battle theme. This was remade in EOU. I like the original better though.

Collab Part 2 - Stage 2: EOII's first normal battle theme, The First Campaign. Remade in EOU2. I like this version better.

Collab Part 2 - Stage 3: EOIII's first normal battle theme, also called The First Campaign. Don't confuse this version with EOII's! They're very different songs. Remade in EOX. I REALLY like the EOX version. Easily one of my favorite songs. I should probably mention this now while the EOX memento is out. EOX is the last EO game on 3DS (and the last EO game if the devs don't move to a new console), and contains aspects from all the EO games, like classes, music, maps, etc. It came out in English back in February. Nice product placement there on that memento banner :). EOIII never got a remake despite being for the DS, but has probably the best songs from the series, several songs being remade in future games and spinoffs.

Collab Part 2 - Stage 4: EOIV's first normal battle theme. EOIV, was the first EO game on the 3DS, and featured music using instruments over FM synthesizers. My least favorite of the first battle themes, but still really good. I like the rough draft version of this song more. I think EOIV has the weakest OST, but it's still good nonetheless. IMO for me in order from best to still good first battle themes: EOIII > EOV = EOX > EOII = EOI > EOIV

Collab Part 2 - Stage 5 and Hard Stage: The song that plays when you fight Alraune, Scatter About. This song is the superboss (post-game bosses) theme of EOI, EOII, and EOIII. A remixed version plays for superbosses in EOIV, EOU, and EOU2. Alraune is a superboss that is fought in EOI, EOU, EOIII, and EOX.

EOV has its own superboss theme. It's a remix of EOIII's sea quest (kind of like side quest bosses you fight with allied NPCs), The End of Raging Waves. This is perhaps one of the best and well known songs from the EO series. It's so good it deserves its own section! I mean, look at the number of remixes this song has! This is my #1 song from Etrian Odyssey and perhaps my #1 video game song of all time. Now what did I say about EOIII having some of the best songs in the series???

And that should be it! If there are any songs I missed let me know. I'll see you when I post the next episode of "How skills from EO were translated to TAC" (~~featuring three mascot blondies~~).

Extra Tidbits:
Destruction Begets Decay: EOI and EOU's second normal battle theme.
Furnace of War: EOU extra dungeon battle theme. Not to be confused with a certain Tales' game's Furnace of War.
The End of the World: EOU story boss theme.
Cherry Tree Bridge: EOII and EOU2's fourth stratum.
Primeval Forest Ring: EOV's fifth stratum.
Calling that Detestable Name: -spoiler- boss fight from EOIII
Those that Slay and Fall: EOIII's second battle theme
Hoist the Sword with Pride in the Heart: EOIII boss theme, also has like a hundred remixes.
There's way more I can't list, I encourage you to listen to EO's ost.
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New and updated fanfic in the week of 2018-May-12 to May-18

This week we saw twenty-one new fics, one completed fic, seventeen new one-shot fics, five revived fics, and seventy-eight updated fics. We also saw four new quests, three revived quests, and twenty updated quests.
For "most unique crossover concept" this week, there's Bobble which gives Taylor the power of Funko Pop!
A new Girl Genius crossover started this week, called Real Genius. I've not checked it out yet, but I'm always up for more Girl Genius crosses. Someday one of them will stick!
Anger Management wrapped up this week, joining the hallowed halls of actually completed fic.
The Maternal Instinct thread woke up this week for us to learn that it's well and truely gone. It was the quest that gave us a Syberian!Taylor and a TayloMarissa (aka Sundancer) couple.
The Laurent's Skitter Studies thread also woke up this week, to promise a real update next week! It's The Laurent's take on on a Dresden Files cross and it's been sitting in my to-read queue for too long.
This week got another a Divided update (I am so far behind, *sob*).
Fan Service got an update as well, and really, what could I say about this fic that hasn't already been said.
One of my ongoing favs How I Met Your Monster updated again as well!
I accidentally started reading I Woke Up as a Dungeon, Now What? and it's actually pretty good! You should check it out (and it got an udpate this week too!)
The record of fav fic of mine that I'm most behind on goes to An Imago of Rust and Crimson which got another update this week!
Mixed Feelings, which I will always call out here, 'cause it's just so damn good, updated this week too.
Ensou continued her Post-GM Destiny cross Paradoxical. Speaking of Ensou, she also started a new non-Worm quest Beyond Our Reach (the Stars Did Form) which is primarily influence by Anne McCaffrey's [undefined](The Tower and the Hive).
The Laurent was ALSO back with an update to long time fav fic Split!
And last, but certainly not least, we got another chapter of BeaconHill's The Student, where post GM nopower!Taylor can still be just as scary.

Fanfic updates for May 12th to May 18th

Concise list of updated fics:
New Fics
New Quests
Completed Fics
One-shot Fics
Revived Fics (last update was ≥ 3 months ago)
Revived Quests (last update was ≥ 3 months ago)
Updated Fics
Updated Quests
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/r/3DS user survey results!

Thanks to everyone who took the survey! We got a few hundred responses, which has allowed for some great data mining. There’s no way for me to tell if a response is fake or not, but I believe there were enough genuine responses to make the data meaningful regardless. I weeded out a couple of gibberish responses and duplicates, as well as about a hundred responses that listed games that I don’t like. (just kidding.)
One respondent commented that the sampling for this survey was not random, and that the results will be skewed, specifically because of Reddit’s gender disparity. Those are good points, and I’m not going to attempt to do anything except report the responses of the survey. So keep in mind that this survey was conducted unscientifically and makes no attempt to be a true representation of actual /3DS visitors. But it is a representation of users who took the survey, and I think that a lot of the responses were genuine. There are easily lots and lots of people who didn’t take the survey, whose opinions are not represented. There aren’t a lot of results that really clash with what we read all the time in /3DS though, so it’s all in good fun, data is awesome, etc.
Total valid responses: 342
Age distribution
This was the basis for pojut ‘s original thread. Looking at these numbers, it looks like there were folks who responded to pojut ‘s thread who did not take the survey. That’s just fine, of course, but keep in mind that even among the survey-taking population of /3DS, this isn’t a complete sample. I thought about using some of the original data in this survey, but I realized I have no way to be sure that I’m not duplicating, since not everyone included their username on the survey. (which is fine. I’m just saying I didn’t pull any responses from the original age thread.) Here’s the curve.
Average age: 22.7 Most common (mode): 21
Gender Distribution
No big surprises here. The real value of including gender is correlating it to game preference, etc. So keep reading.
Favorite Games (weighted)
I tried a few different ways to assign point values to games, taking into consideration how many games a person listed, ties, etc, and I think I found a way that most accurately represents what the most-liked games are. Plus it takes a long time to apply different weights, so I’m stopping here. Here is the master chart showing /3DS’s most preferred games.
/3DS’s favorite games 1. Pokemon X/Y 2. Fire Emblem: Awakening 3. Animal Crossing: New Leaf 4. Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 5. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 6. Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D 7. Mario Kart 7 8. Bravely Default 9. Super Mario 3D Land 10. Kid Icarus: Uprising 11. Shin Megami Tensei IV 12. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon 13. Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan 14. Rune Factory 4 15. Tomodachi Life 16. Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies 17. Shovel Knight 18. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked 19. Kirby Triple Deluxe 20. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
The chart lists about 20 more, but I had to decide to cut the chart off where games started to have only one or two supporters, or where the titles were fake, etc. So, if you see a title on the chart, there are at least a handful of people who listed it as a favorite. (or favourite.) Pokemon just barely beat Fire Emblem, in all weightings I tried.
This was a shortcoming in the survey, as I should have specified whether or not VC titles were allowed, and I should have allowed them. I don’t know if that would have changed anyone’s answer, but a few respondents put VC titles anyway, even before it was mentioned in the thread. It’s still a good chart.
/3DS’s favorite eShop-only games 1. Shovel Knight 2. Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies 3. Pushmo 4. Steamworld Dig 5. Attack of the Friday Monsters 5. Crimson Shroud 7. Gunman Clive 7. Link’s Awakening (vc) 7. VVVVVV
I like this chart because there’s no weightings or magic. The chart shows raw number of votes. Any game that got at least 2 votes is on this chart.
Digital vs. Physical
And there you have it. The average is just to the left of “Prefer retail.” So by the looks of it, (and from reading the submitted comments,) retail still holds the hearts of the majority, with the most common mentality being that the eShop is still a viable option if it’s cheaper, and it largely depends on the game/type of game.
Hard to say there’s a correlation between age and distribution preference. It scatters as age goes up, which is a little misleading. You could say it leans a little toward eShop as age goes up, but our per-age sample sizes are just not big enough for any meaningful conclusions. I already left out age groups that had just 1 or 2 respondents.
Looks like gender doesn’t make a difference either.
Here is the spread for each of the top ten games. That means your vote was counted for each of these games that you named. Again, this is not scientific at all, but we can see that fans of Animal Crossing prefer digital distribution a little more (as you’d expect) and Bravely Default fans like their cartridges.
(Sorry these graphs are so terrible. I’m not an Excel Chart wizard at all.)
Age vs. game preference
Most of the games are universally liked across age groups. Average age per game is easily calculated. But really, to do this type of analysis, I should have asked everyone to list every game they enjoy. Maybe in a future survey. And the further down the top-twenty list you go, the smaller your sample size, and the more easily skewed the numbers are. So again, this list means nothing, but it’s fun to think about, yadda yadda. And maybe Kid Icarus’s player base really is younger, and maybe Shovel Knight’s really is older.
Average age of players of the top twenty games(sorted by age):
19.8 Kid Icarus: Uprising 21.3 Pokemon X/Y 21.5 Shin Megami Tensei IV 21.8 Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 21.9 Animal Crossing: New Leaf 22.1 Kirby Triple Deluxe 22.2 Fire Emblem: Awakening 22.2 Rune Factory 4 22.5 Tomodachi Life 22.8 Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D 23.3 Luigi's Mansion 23.5 Super Mario 3D Land 23.8 Mario Kart 7 24.1 Bravely Default 24.4 Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 24.5 Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies 24.7 Mario & Luigi: Dream Team 25.5 SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked 25.6 Etrian Odyssey IV 26.8 Shovel Knight
27% of respondents want everyone off their lawn. 29% of females and 26% of males want their lawns vacant.
Off-lawns as a percentage of age group Yes, the older you get, the more you want those whippersnappers off your lawn.
eShop fans are slightly more lawn-friendly than cartridge fans.
Respondents per game who checked Get Off My Lawn. Devil Survivor: Overclocked fans aren’t very lawn-friendly, while Ocarina of Time fans are! Also, not on the chart is Mario Golf fans, which are almost 100% lawn-friendly. And I bet their lawns are really well-groomed.
Pokemon X vs. Y vs. both
This chart doesn’t mean anything, since nobody who said “Pokemon X/Y” or “Pokemon” knew I was going to make a graph about it(and neither did I), while most people who listed Pokemon X or Y specifically were probably just listing the one they own. I just like charts. I’m guessing there are very few of us who have played both and actually prefer one over the other. But look at it! ALL of the non-specifics would have to be Y for Y to beat X. But we already knew that. In every Pokemon pair Nintendo has ever released, the “first” one always sells more copies.
Also, why not include a comprehensive list of every unique entry that got tallied as “Pokemon X/Y”: P:X/Y pkmn Pkmn X PKMN:X Pokemans X pokemon Pokemon pokemon x Pokemon X Pokemon x Pokemon X/Y pokemon x/y Pokemon x/y Pokémon X/Y Pokemon xy Pokémon XY Pokemon Y pokemon y Pokemon y Pokémon Y Pokemon Y/X Pokemon: X Pokemon: Y Pokemonz Pokeymanz polemon x
Interestingly, among responses of only two games, if one was Pokemon, it was common for the other to be Animal Crossing. I’d LOVE to do more of this kind of analysis, but it’s really hard to do it well, and it’s better to do it with a survey specifically conducted for that purpose. Maybe we can do a survey like this eventually. For now, I’d rather not spend a bunch of time producing flawed results.
Notable comments
I got lots of great input about the survey itself, as well as some reasoning behind people’s responses. (I buy digital/physical depending on the game, I buy digital/physical because of my geography) A lot of you just really love the 3DS, and that’s what makes /3DS so good. Also lots of great reasoning behind people’s lawn preference. Thanks to everyone who left comments; here are some of my favorites:
DigbyMayor: I like puppies, the steak and cheese sub at Subway, the ice cream place in my town and Archer. Was this supposed to be about 3Dss?
menderslan: If TBOI Rebirth somehow comes to 3DS, change all of my answers to that. All of them. Even my gender.
anonymous: You can play on my lawn as long as you have a 3ds
ChaseLB: Thanks for doing this! I get a weird rom-com feeling of meeting the girl of my dreams doing this :)
note: sorry, bro. I’m taken. And a dude.
Possible questions for a future survey
Some survey-takers included suggestions for future survey questions, like what people do for a living, hours/week playing 3DS games, 3D/no 3D, or 2DS/3DS/XL. Any question we see a lot on /3DS would be a good candidate. It would also be interesting, as mentioned above, for people to list every single game they enjoy, and then we could do better reverse-analysis on demographics vs. game preference, instead of sheer rankings. We could include a list for games you do NOT like. That way we could write a really good “If you like A and B, you may like C” program, like a magic 8-ball. And we could include DS games. Oooh.
Edit: phubans asked a great question! Here's a chart for Game preference by gender. Look at that! Pokemon doesn't top either chart! Dudes like Fire Emblem and ladies like Animal Crossing! I used red and blue for the charts because I'm sexist. There were too few respondents for "neither male/female" to make a meaningful chart, as there was very little overlap among them, interestingly. The complete female list is in the chart; every game that got a vote is there. I had to crop the male list somewhat, since it was still close to the size of the original list.
Let me know what other charts/data you want to see!
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Say what you will about Etrian Mystery Dungeon, but ya gotta admit Yuzo Koshiro nailed it with EMD's soundtrack.

The general consensus here seems to be that EMD is probably the weakest entry in the Etrian franchise, and that may be true. I'm not here to dispute that.
But holy crap, the soundtrack for EMD is brilliant. I know it's mostly (if not entirely) made up of arranges of tracks from previous games, but even so, they're some of the best tracks I've ever heard in a video game. Everything, from the dungeon themes to the town BGM, even down to that little Save Game jingle, just brings a smile to my face.
And as someone whose first entry into the Etrian series was Etrian Odyssey III, stepping into a boss room for the first time and hearing Hoist the Sword start playing was one of the most profoundly inspiring gaming moments of my life. I'll bet I just sat there for a good ten minutes or so with my headphones on, not taking any actions at all, just listening to that incredible battle music.
What did you guys think? Obviously a lot of you have been EO players a lot longer than I have, and as such you probably have higher expectations of games that carry the Etrian name. But I like to think that maybe I'm not alone in thinking that EMD's soundtrack is one of Yuzo Koshiro's greatest accomplishments.
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So, Lets take a look at the JRPG health in West

So, lets see.. This is my opinion:
Did I forget someone?
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2016 holds entirely new (plastic) potential for Shin Megami Tensei

Guys, there are SMT branded games coming in 2016 to both the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Wii U. Nintendo and Atlus are tight, so tight that Nintendo is apparently letting Atlus do whatever the hell they feel like in #FE without stepping in to reign them in. Do you know what exclusive Nintendo games from studios Nintendo likes means? AMIIBO!
I'm so excited about this now that I've thought about it. #FE will have Amiibo for certain. It's Nintendo published and it's all about the otaku market. How could they NOT make Amiibo of their characters in the game built to appeal to figurine collecting nerds? It's such an obvious synergy. Emo Chrom is a lock, and probably a few others.
SMT IV Final is less likely to get Amiibo since it's developed without any Nintendo influence, but it has even greater Amiibo potential. Would I buy Lucifer and Merkabah Amiibo? You bet I would! Any SMT Amiibo would be able to work for silly unlocks in other Atlus games like Etrian Odyssey V or whatever to give them value.
I'm not an Amiibo guy really (I own only Ike) but I'm actually real excited about the possibilities here. What Amiibo would you most like to see? How would you like them to be used? Discuss!
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[REQUEST][UK] Etrian Odyssey untold 2 Fafnir knight

Steam : Region : UK (Doesn't matter if buying from my wishlist on amazon, if you have a used copy then if it is EU version should work. Game : Etrian Odyssey untold 2 the fafnir knight.
[EDIT : Just found a power strip with a burnt socket, scary stuff. Explains the new problem but not the old one, one step closer to fixing it up, if i ever manage to buy my own place it is so going to be a new build, these old houses/cottage seem to be potential nightmares.] [EDIT 2 : Worse than i thought, power went out again twice, when we tried to turn on the cooker. Seems we won't be eating any hot meals till we replace it.] [EDIT 3 : Sent ali-sama my proof of 3ds ownership, if you wish to see it ask him, he's awesome! hugs ] [EDIT 4 : Seems Electrics are fine today, so weird... hopefully continues to be so forever! I still would adore to play this game so keeping the request open] [EDIT 5 : Electric problems are back... fml]
So here i write to you all, wondering if i'll get to finish this request without the power going out. i live in an old house and the electrics are temperamental at best, issues pop up every now and then and aren't the easiest to find. I won't go into how we can't afford right now to redo the electrics, however what i will say is that i have a 3DS that i love and am a great fan of etrian odyssey. If the power goes out i can go to my friends and charge my 3DS so that isn't an issue, the last time i had electric issues it last a week, the time before that was closer to a month tho and that drove me crazy, gaming is how i let out my stress in a positive way.
Time spent playing EO games :
EO1 : couldn't say but probaly breaks 100 hours. EO2 : Probably more around 50 hours. EO3 : nearer 70 Here is where i do have logs of time played as we enter the 3DS era of EO games : EO4 : 54h 28m (my least favorite eo, felt too easy and a bit rushed, the new idea also felt like it took away, plenty of good ideas tho too and still worth playing). EOU1 : 64h 18m no.times played : 42 avg play time 1:31 wait how is this my third most played game.. I totally understand pokemon y taking up first place, 181 hours and 53 mins but that is because of breeding etc, really... youtube app takes 2nd place? D: Reallllly nintendo...
I remember getting the first one on DS and not thinking much about whether i'd enjoy it or not, i played it for about 10 minutes and gave up putting it aside as i felt the starting difficulty was a bit too high. Fast forward to, well funny enough a day when i had no electricity and i picked it up again and gave it another try, i fell in love with the game.. i don't quite understand how a dungeon crawling game with little story can invoke such an ambiance so powerful, sometimes i'd forget that i was in my bed playing the 3DS so it really says something about the game, it was difficult and you really had to abuse certain class abilities (good old protector and survivalist) but to get to the next floor, to get as far as possible before going back, to not be greedy and die and lose everything since your last save... ultimately with the goal to reach the next stratum, to go deeper in the labyrinth !
Stratum's, they are a change of scenery and often a change in atmosphere and ambience, a stratum is a collection of floors, usually 4 to 6 long, one stratum can be a forest of trees and lush greens. or it could be a forest of coral giving off the feeling of the sea without an actual sea itself, or it could be a barren land with dark dead trees, or should you venture even further.. Well that isn't for me to spoil ;P
FOE's are... well, to explain foe's i must first explain that battles in the stratum are like the old final fantasy overworld encounters, except in this game you walk tile by tile in a 3D environment (kinda) but the principle is the same, every step forward brings your next encounter closer and in this you can be ambushed or have the jump upon your enemies, killing them gives you exp and materials, while killing them in a certain way gives you rare materials (One boss you have to kill in one turn for example, another you can't use the element he is weak to etc). FOE's on the other hand walk on the map just like you, in a fixed patrol route, however get close enough and they will chase you, take one step wrong and you could easilly find yourself cornered, the design of the game has it that these FOE's are in fact way stronger than the monsters of the floor they are on, often times not possible to beat especially in the earlier games until you've gotten better gear and some levels.
Gear, getting it in this game is fun! you need the materials that i mentioned earlier that drop from monsters to sell them to the shop to unlock the weapons/armor to upgrade your party, accesories allow for specific strategies to become stronger rather than the plain new = better upgrade system as this uses a stat system, for example instead of a +12 armor +1 agi bracelet you could grab a +10 luck accesory or a +40 tp acc for your healer to be able to heal for longer. This is where the unique drops from foe's and bosses really come into play, they unlock some crazy things (that you probably wouldn't be able to afford if it was say dropped from the first boss, EO fans know which one i'm talking about xD)
The classes in the game differ per game so i'll talk about EO untold 2's classes, EO untold 1 was a remake of the first game but with a stronger story and a remade classic mode (basically EO1 but faster menu's, better ui, faster saving, some cool stuff) and story mode which you had set characters with special class trees which tho i was against actually turned out to be quite fun. Untold 2 is a remake of 2, which many OG's reckon is alongside 3 the best EO, as well as hardest one 8D
In UNTOLD 2 from the demo i've played there is the fafnir knight (really cool chaser skills by looks of it, chasing has never been my thing but i do like the "if this skill kills deal damage to all enemy team" skill, seems it could be usefull, his fafnir mode is insaneeeeeeeeeee, also feels very satisfying and a huge improvement over untold 1's main character.
The war magus looks very useful, exactly what i'd want from a healer class, the ability to buff/debuff too!!!
The sovereign arianna is an interesting take on the class, i always remembered this class being in 3 rather than 2? which i find very strange. A very very useful class in that they buff while healing, delay heal and if i'm correct remove debuff/buff in exchange for a big heal, to be fair i was very surprised at there being both a sovereign and war magus in same party, seems pretty darn strong to me. just looked it up, it is indeed the class from EO3, that is actually really exciting to use it in a diff game.
A protector, because obviously there'd be one ¬_ ¬ Here i was hoping for a beast instead, would've been interesting :D (Don't hate the protector, they do their job and they do it well, with skills forcing enemy to hit them as well as defence buffs, high def and hp as their focus and ability to protect a row against phys/elemental damage. Every game kinda has one basically haha.
Feel like i'm missing one from the demo i played.. Oh yeah survivalist, truly saving best till last, bet you can tell my favorite class (as long as it has apollon!!) Basically an archer that has skills that are good at sneaking, getting more resources and being badass (no bias there honestly). In this game's story he is the childhood friend of the fafnir knight.
Untold series added something called grimoire system, i didn't quite like it in the first untold, but what i hear about it in this one sounds so much more improved.
Enjoy the first stratum music :
power hasn't gone out so i guess i'll save this and carry on writing.
In etrian odyssey 1 you climbed down the labyrinth. In etrian odyssey 2 you actually climb up the labyrinth. In three they added a side exploration alongside labyrinth exploration, you had a boat you see and you could only go x amount of spaces, items you got could make you go 2 squares instead of 1, or x more squares. the trick was to see how far you could get while taking advantage of the maps characteristics, see if you went into rough seas that pushed you left, you wouldn't use a turn for the part where you are pushed left! so if you found some rough seas that linked together you could go big distances.. or if you took the wrong one... ;D
Funny thing about EO3 is you could abuse the sea mini bosses really hard, it was my first experience of exploiting RNG, for example if you did exactly the right thing you were guaranteed a instant kill on one of the bosses, which is insane as it meant leveling up was really easy tho a bit tedious.
When i was playing 2 i heard about some people who actually did playthroughs solo, instead of the normal 5 characters you'd take (as that was max) they'd go with only a single one, protector was what one player did, another i heard was ninja in 3 which makes a lot more sense as they are dodge based and can summon clones and build up for some very potent attacks.
Tho i've said before that the originals had little story, that isn't 100% fair, they had story but it wasn't in your face, specifically you were to do your own stuff and as you advanced further down the tree you would get a mission that had a bit of story (overall important to the end of game plot) and for that you got a reward, it is one of the few times i felt in a game i wasn't playing for the story but rather i was playing for the gameplay with the story being a bonus.
In the third game there was actually choices that affected the outcome quite a lot more than before, as in noticeable changes, like unlocking one class vs the other, loyalties etc as well as differences in bosses.
Here is something i think many can appreciate as a nice subtlety, one of the bosses is pretty much near impossible to beat during the night (or was it day) where as during the day (or night i can't remember) they attacked in a set way allowing you to form a tactic, problem was if you took too long to beat it well... it'd go from day to night :D Very very fun game.
Ok i feel like i'm pressing my luck with the power, if i can i'll add some more tho i think I've said as much as i can, there is probably more i'll think of during the rest of the day.
Reason why i can't get it for myself : I literally don't have enough to get it, things are tight and well electrics are costly to replace so any money i do get will most likely be going to help with that.
Funny : The FOE mechanic and the troubles it caused back in the original brought this funny gem of a song :
Also i don't mind if it is used! I just want to play the game of a series i love as much as sf.
Hugs to ali-sama and congratulations on harlequin and acenair on their 1 year anniversary.
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/ Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard 02, 09 Labyrinth IV - Cherry Tree Bridge / Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard 03 Bloody Fight - Betting It All / Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight 04 Event - Azure and Silver / Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard 05 Town - Beautiful and Sublime Lands / Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan. If you want a solid, yet unforgiving RPG, this is for you. It harkens back to old school RPGs in that the player constructs a team of five characters and goes on an epic journey. This game strikes a chord with long-time gamers in that it offers little direction and is filled with some battles that are Atlus has released a video featuring samples of a selection of the tracks to be featured on the Etrian Odyssey User’s Best Album, which will be included in all first print editions of Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2. Bloody Fight, Betting It All; Waterfall Woodlands (PC-8801 FM Version) The End of the Raging Waves (PC-8801 FM Version) If Money is still difficult to get I’m betting they’ll have DLC for it There is P2W DLC, but money is not an issue at all. If you make a team of farmers and bring them out to gather occasionally, you'll be swimming in money. Etrian Odyssey Nexus; So we all know what the A Team looks like. Now what about the B Team? We all know the weakness of the Zodiac, so I'd betting the the superior set up uses Imperial. The set up uses Ninja to ail, is just as good from the back row, Pug locks down, were Imperial would be the raw damage with elements.

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