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How to Make Money with Instagram: The Ultimate Guide [2020 Update]

Making money with Instagram is no joke. On the contrary, BusinessInsider shows that popular Instagram influencers can already charge a minimum of € 15,000 for a single sponsored post on their accounts!
So what does it come down to?
When it comes to making money with social media and how much money you will really make, your results will depend on your experience, how many followers you have, and your confidence.
Of course everyone starts from a different starting point or situation, but here are the 4 main ways that we recommend to make money via Instagram.
What you can do:
You can use one, several or even all 4 of these methods simultaneously to make money via Instagram - it's your choice!
Now that that's said, are you ready to go ?
Following are the details of each method of how to make money with Instagram

How to Make Money on Instagram - The 4 Methods

1 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways of making money on Instagram.
Simply put, affiliate marketing is when you get a commission when someone clicks on a link from another company from your account, and then buys a product. You usually get a commission when someone buys something, but sometimes when they just click on the link.
Affiliate marketing is so simple because all you have to do is show the product with a “story” around it, for example in a review, a video or a post with a little paragraph about the product, then put it in link your Instagram bio to. You can also have your own website where you send people to learn more about the products you show.
Keep in mind that when you recommend something, your good name and reputation are associated with the product, so only recommend products that you have used yourself, that you trust and like.
Affiliate marketing is an extensive topic, and we have written about it many times. You can dig deeper into it in our article: the Guide to Affiliate Marketing .
You can also visit the following websites that have affiliate lists of products that offer affiliate programs, which will take you one step further in learning how to make money with Instagram

2 Sell ​​your photos

You spend a lot of time and effort to get the scene, light and captions just right… so why not convert all the effort you've already put into your IG account into more money ?
There are many sites online where you can host and sell your photos.

3 Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are another way of making money with Instagram, and it is expected that by 2020 there will be around 32.3 billion sponsored Instagram posts to be paid by brands.
You can also participate and get paid like this !
What exactly are sponsored posts? First you grow your number of followers, by supporting a certain message or by specializing in things like health, things that men / women need (think of cars, beauty, etc.), cats, or whatever your thing . If a sponsor likes what you do, they will ask you to promote them!
Not only do they pay for you talking about them, but they usually combine it with an affiliate link, so you get a commission when one of your visitors buys something from the sponsor!
Some people think that sponsoring and making money is about having millions of followers, but that's not true . Sponsors are not stupid, they know you can just buy "fake followers" to make the number look better.
What they're looking for is the real, engaged followers who trust you. A sponsor would rather have 1,000 people ready to buy what the influencer recommends than 2 million accounts that actually mean nothing.
It's all about trust and commitment .

How Much Can You Ask?

Now you're probably wondering how much money to charge per sponsored post.
Unless you're extremely experienced with Instagram and a big influencer, it's likely to be determined by the company itself. It can depend on whether you post a photo, video or story and how long the video is when it is a video or a story.
Good news is that when we look at the rates on AdFactor of some influencers, and the number of Instagram followers they have, it looks like you can already ask € 500 per sponsored post with just a few thousand followers.
That can give you an idea of ​​how many brands are willing to pay, and what number you can play with during the negotiations.

How To Find Sponsors

The easiest way to find sponsors is to compile a list of companies and brands you like, and write them an email describing who you are, why you like them, and how you can help them when you promote them on Instagram.
Here are a few examples of emails you can view and use.
Another way is to list yourself and your account on an influencer marketplace, where brands “shop around” to find the accounts they would like to sponsor or contact.

How to avoid being called a defector (or why you shouldn't have too many sponsored posts)

It can be tempting to turn every post into a sponsored post, but there has to be a balance. Remember, your audience originally followed you for the sheer content of your posts and because they liked YOU, not because they want to see ads all the time.
We recommend that you consider using a #sponsored or #spon hashtag to indicate that it is a sponsored post . If you're worried about using sponsored posts at all, we've got some good news for you!
For example below, you can see that beauty blogger and Instagrammer Mascha Feoktistova indicates that her latest fragrance from Guess is sponsored using the hashtag #spon.
Instagram now also has a "Paid Partnership With ..." tag that clearly identifies sponsored posts. Some brands even require that you use this as an influencer. You can here read about the tag.
When you're trying to find a balance in how you make money on Instagram, fewer sponsored posts are better than more. Try a certain number first (eg 1 per week), and you could even create a live survey with your “Story” feature to ask your audience if they are satisfied with the number of sponsored posts, and if they like the recommendations .
Always try to be as careful as possible with sponsored posts, and keep in mind: LESS is more!

4 Make your own products

Making your own products is a great way to turn your Instagram account into a money machine. And it can also be a lot of fun!

Paid Services

Most Instagrammers start with paid services because they are the easiest to set up. You basically choose the talents you have, and you work as a freelance consultant for someone, while setting your own rates for your talents! If you'd like to learn more about that, check out our guide on how to start freelancing .

Digital Products

Another good example, besides paid services, is that you create something like an e-book about your favorite topic and sell it on your website through an online shop program.
Online products are one of our favorites, because once you have set up your website and your online shop program, the “shop” is always open, and you can get paid for your knowledge while you sleep!
The return on your investment can be HUGE!
If you want to research how to make money with Instagram, we recommend that you sign up on SendOwl for your online shop program and use it to sell your online products.

Physical Products

You can then develop further by delving into physical products with services such as Shopify , which help you to set up a real online shop.
Physical products can be challenging because you have to make sure the quality is good enough as they are made from factories. Services like Printful and Teelaunch can do all the work for you when printing certain photos in shirts and mugs, as well as finding recommended factories.
If you follow this route, we recommend that you always see a sample of the products before selling it to your audience. You can't make money by putting your name on poor quality products!
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Cryptomarketing in 2020: successful application of strategies from MLM and the beauty industry

Cryptomarketing in 2020: successful application of strategies from MLM and the beauty industry

Cryptomarketing in 2020: successful application of strategies from MLM and the beauty industry
Over the past decade, the crypto-industry has proven to be a unique industry with a specific audience, which requires a no less specific approach. In this regard, in 2020, the advertising activity of crypto companies is significantly different from that to which banks and various financial companies resort. Industry leaders prefer not to rely on traditional online advertising on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. They follow a different path: they work with bloggers (opinion leaders and influencers), rely on MLM marketing referral programs and actively organize various contests and sweepstakes with generous prize pools. The CoinDesk portal claims that crypto marketing this year is strikingly reminiscent of marketing in the beauty industry, and here it is no less effective.

General concept

Michelle Fan, a blogger with a million YouTube subscribers, is using the same techniques to spread skin care life hacks and the idea of financial freedom through bitcoins. Moreover, she assures that the leaders of the crypto industry, like her, use marketing schemes from the beauty industry, even if they themselves do not know about it.
Both areas prefer to use the DTC (Direct to Customer) business scheme, independently creating and then promoting and selling goods / services, working as closely as possible with the community. Sales are built through aggregated retail platforms like Amazon, Etsy and Shopify, or even through accounts in popular social networks.
Industry leaders in developing countries often resort to the latter option, where large sites like Amazon simply don’t work or aren’t popular. For example, Michelle Haber, a bitcoin maximalist from Libya, made it clear in CoinDesk’s comment that social networks and chats are today the most effective way to distribute goods / services in crypto topics. He said that local traders in order to “educate” the audience help buy hardware wallets, selling them through groups on social networks. Buying yourself Trezor or Ledger in another way is often simply impossible.

Work with opinion leaders

Michelle Fan is not the only person from the crypto-community who notices the similarities with the beauty industry. So, Maria Paula Fernandez, who actively uses the services of the DeFi sector and is seriously interested in the topic of skin care, gave the CoinDesk portal a similar comment.
She notes that in both cases, society has become accustomed to relying on the opinion of society itself, rather than trusting the views of the world’s leading media. Therefore, in both sectors, the so-called influencers are very popular — opinion leaders and bloggers who disseminate information among their audience on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other social networks, receiving a reward for this.
Crypto-companies very often, like firms from the beauty industry, provide their products to opinion leaders for review and further “instruction” of their subscribers. Maria Paula Fernandez does not see anything shameful in this. Observing the experience of bloggers, subscribers begin to acquire a kind of crypto-education and disseminate the information through the word of mouth. Thus, the crypto-community grows.
The most successful bloggers over time can count on sponsorship from one or another crypto company.
For example, the podcaster Marty Bent, whose show is now funded by Unchained Capital and Square, the developer of Cash App, witnessed this scenario. The latter, by the way, in addition to Bent sponsor also podcast Joe Rogan and rapper Lil B.
Many other large companies, including the Kraken exchange, have resorted to this strategy. They are just as interested in sponsoring reputable content creators who promote products among loyal subscribers. The U.S. exchange sponsors the Reckless VR crypto start-up, founded by Udi Wertheimer for crypto-conferences in virtual reality, and the famous podcast Peter McCormack, who launched his own media brand Defiance last year. Having started his career as a hobby, McCormack turned it into a business of his life, thanks to which he earned about $1 million for 2019.
With all this, working with bloggers is a great opportunity to enter foreign markets. This is understood at Crypto.com, where they use opinion leaders to attract the Russian-speaking and Turkish-speaking community. Does this approach give a result? Judge for yourself: over the past six months, the number of startup users has doubled and currently stands at more than 2 million people.

Referral Bonuses and MLM Marketing

The development of products within the community often turns into MLM marketing strategies, which require the presence of referral bonuses and bonuses “in depth” — favorite schemes of cosmetic brands. They use a multi-level reward system for attracting partners, where you can usually get a bonus not only for personally invited, but also for “friends of friends and their friends”. Thus, opinion leaders who distribute crypto products often receive a portion of the funds that people invited by them will pay for the product / service.
The relevance and effectiveness of the trend is confirmed by the fact that these methods are not shy to use not only crypto start-ups, but also top cryptocurrency companies, widely known throughout the industry. A prime example is SatoshiLabs, a company that manufactures and distributes Trezor wallets. The head of communications, Iva Fizerova, confirmed that she is actively resorting to “affiliate marketing” with bloggers as an alternative to paying them for direct advertising.
No less vivid examples are the largest crypto exchanges Binance and Gemini, which managed to succeed not without the help of referral systems copied from the multi-level marketing campaigns Avon and Mary Kay, which they have been using for decades.
Instagram blogger Chjango Unchained has been earning good bonuses for several months running after posting a referral link to Gemini on her profile. When her subscribers register on the exchange and buy cryptocurrencies worth more than $100, she receives $10 in BTC. According to her, she is doing a good deed. The blogger wants people who are interested in her opinion on digital money to start their crypto path on Gemini, and not, for example, on Coinbase, because the latter charges “crazy commissions”.
Referral system bonuses are a typical phenomenon for many crypto companies, and successful bloggers are happy to use this. A prime example is Michael Gu, known by the pseudonym Boxmining. It has been distributing information about digital money since 2012, having gathered an audience of more than 200,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 3,500 participants in Telegram chat during this time.
Despite the fact that the manufacturer of hardware wallets Ledger does not sponsor its activities, it places referral links in the video descriptions and collects voluntary donations from subscribers. As you might guess, he feels rather well. At the same time, he emphasized that user activity during the coronavirus pandemic is only growing, especially after YouTube began to put sticks in the wheels of the creators of crypto-content.

Gifts, contests and sweepstakes

Making a small gift is a great way to introduce an audience to a new product. In the cryptocurrency market, this has long been relevant.
Coin creators eagerly carry out airdrops and bounty campaigns, allowing the crypto community to test the new coin. A similar approach is popular in the beauty industry. Samplers of perfumes and branded magazines with smells have led many girls to buy full-fledged versions of the fragrance.
In addition to the cryptocurrency developers themselves, a similar approach is also used by cryptocompanies of a different direction, which cannot conduct airdrops due to their technical features (for example, this is true for manufacturers of hardware wallets). Therefore, they organize more classic contests and sweepstakes. For example, they play a wallet for reposting on social networks or videos published on YouTube.
It is noteworthy that cryptobrands in this area are even more active than cosmetics manufacturers. They work not only with trusted bloggers with many subscribers, but also help to become less “untwisted” users. Therefore, they periodically assist them in organizing draws in order to attract subscribers who could potentially become new customers.
Iva Fizerova from SatoshiLabs confirmed that Trezor manufacturers periodically help users attract new followers through the distribution of gifts. Moreover, this approach brings excellent results. By working with the community this way, they have managed to sell hundreds of thousands of wallets. But most importantly, a reputation of the brand has formed around the product, warmly received by the audience. And this effect is so strong that the company simply does not see the point in spending money on traditional expensive advertising.
Most importantly, despite all the problems of 2020, including the coronavirus pandemic, which seriously hit the global economy and, accordingly, people’s wallets, demand for products did not fall. This approach remains effective, while the percentage of successful conversions in traditional advertising has probably decreased. Fizerova noted that over the past three months they have recorded a steady increase in demand for goods. Moreover, they even had to solve delivery problems, if only the buyers got the desired devices in a timely manner.
A similar approach and results are observed with other manufacturers of hardware wallets. Thus, Rodolfo Novak, co-founder of Coinkite, confirmed the growth in demand for products, despite the pandemic. Working with the community is their main marketing strategy, because it really gives results. Over the past three years, they donated about 50 wallets to YouTube reviewers. Novak is proud that their “users help other users.” According to him, this approach allows you to sell products at a lower price, since the cost of goods does not include high costs for familiar marketing campaigns.

Are marketing strategies effective? More than

The cryptocurrency market relies on marketing strategies that have established themselves in the beauty industry, which in the new field are no less effective. Maximum performance is achieved with a killer combination of all three of the above methods. It’s about when the founders of cryptocompanies themselves become opinion leaders. Just look at Changpen Zhao, the head of Binance, or Justin Sun, the project manager of TRON. Both entrepreneurs are bloggers with a huge army of subscribers and are personally engaged in the promotion of their brands, regularly rewarding their audience with pleasant gifts.
It’s easy to guess why industry leaders rely mainly on this type of marketing. Advertising products in the traditional way is expensive, especially for startups, behind which there are still no attractive products with a good reputation. But more importantly, crypto products are quite complex in themselves, so they often need detailed explanations, which are difficult to implement in the framework of traditional advertising. Agree that selling a bottle of Fanta with a new taste is much easier than a hardware cryptocurrency wallet, especially since most people don’t understand what it is.
On top of that, regular advertising is complicated by the fact that media giants regularly block crypto content.
In such a situation, marketing borrowed from the beauty industry seems to be the most acceptable and most effective option. By focusing their marketing budgets on opinion leaders and working with the community, cryptocompanies achieve the desired result, even taking into account the coronavirus pandemic. The crypto community is getting bigger and stronger every day. But the best part is that this growth cannot be stopped.
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Affiliate Marketing Strategies to Generate More Sales

Affiliate marketing certainly has the potential to drive sales and generate significant revenue. More than that, it is a highly cost-effective lead generation tactic where you pay solely for performance.
That’s why more brands are leveraging this performance-based marketing tactic more often.
Google Trends data also suggests that the number of searches for “affiliate marketing” has grown significantly over the past five years.
These searches likely come from both brands and affiliates as affiliate marketing can help them both grow.
If you are still confused about whether or not to use affiliate marketing, check out these interesting statistics:
Before I discuss the most effective affiliate marketing strategies to grow your brand, let’s take a look at what it is all about.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is also known as performance-based marketing.
Brands collaborate with various affiliates who then promote their products or services. When promotions by an affiliate lead to a sale, the brand pays them a commission.
This commission differs from brand to brand. You can either pay your affiliates for each sale, lead, or click.
Affiliate marketing helps you leverage the power of influence. You can partner with many affiliates to tap into new audiences. It can be a very effective way to fuel your sales funnel with significant leads and conversions.
However, using it to grow your brand takes a lot more than just that. It takes time, effort, and well-thought affiliate marketing strategies to drive the best results.
Here are six of the most effective affiliate marketing strategies that can help you grow your brand.

Affiliate Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Brand

Many successful brands work with a lot of affiliates to increase their sales. But not all of them use the same techniques to increase the visibility and demand for their products.
In fact, there are several different affiliate marketing strategies and channels you can leverage.

1. Choose the Right Affiliates

Affiliate marketing allows you to leverage the power of influence to get people to buy from you.
If you want to influence consumers’ buying decisions, you should choose to work with someone who has an engaged audience that trusts them.
When choosing an affiliate to help you with your product promotions, check whether or not:
All of this is important to ensure that your efforts aren’t in vain.
For instance, if you are a food company, choosing a coupon site that offers discounts on travel tickets wouldn’t make any sense.
Similarly, a blogger who receives only 10 unique visitors a day can’t help you grow your sales funnel.
So you should choose your affiliates wisely to gain maximum conversions with minimum effort.

2. Attract Sales with Coupons, Deals, and Promotions

Everybody loves a great deal.
Leveraging coupons and deals is one of the best affiliate marketing strategies to boost sales. That’s because many consumers love the savings power of coupons. They often search for discount vouchers on various coupon and deals sites before shopping for any product.
There are many coupon and deal websites that allow you to attract more customers by offering a significant discount. Groupon and Offers.com are a few such sites that you can use to drive huge traffic to your business and increase conversions.
Coupons work best in markets that are highly competitive such as food, beauty, travel, or gadgets. However, you need to manage them well as an extravagant discount offer might simply eat into your margins.
To make the most out of your coupon affiliate marketing strategies, choose working with a few, high-quality sites. See where their visitors come from. Do they highly rely on search traffic or do they have a user base of their own?
You should also check the authenticity of their site. Try using their coupon codes for a few popular brands. If they don’t work, it’s a red flag.

3. Leverage the Power of Niche Influencers

Influencer marketing has become much more than a buzzword in recent years. And brands are continuously learning to tap into this source of referrals effectively.
Many brands choose to work with a large number of social influencers and bloggers in their niches. Influencers have more authentic relationships with their followers. They can effectively get their audience to trust your brand and convince them to use your products or services.
Influencers may not send you huge amounts of traffic compared to coupon sites. But the audience they send is targeted and more likely to be interested in your product.
Thus, you can boost your conversion rates with effective affiliate partnerships with influencers.
While most influencers expect monetary compensation, many agree to work for free products or a portion of each sale they drive as well.
Nordstrom Rack, a US fashion retailer, gifted its products to a number of influencers. The influencers then featured those products in their blog posts and social media posts effectively. These series of posts helped them reach 500,000 potential customers and increase sales in a cost-effective way. However, to get the best results, you need to associate with influencers who are relevant to your brand. This demands that you look at much more than their following size. You need to analyze various metrics to see if an influencer is fit for your affiliate marketing strategies. A few important metrics that you should check include their:
All of these factors contribute to whether or not an influencer is a good fit for your affiliate marketing program.
To improve the reporting from your influencers, you can use Voluum. This tool helps them understand their performance through detailed reports, and they can share the same with you too. As a result, you’ll be able to figure out which influencers are performing better than the rest.

4. Build a Robust Affiliate Network

Instead of tapping into various affiliate networks, build your own. It can be really difficult to recruit your first few affiliates. But expanding your affiliate network is comparatively easier.
To attract affiliates, you should follow a clear, to-the-point approach. Provide your potential affiliates with all of the necessary information such as what to do, how it works, and the commission you’ll pay.
You should also encourage your affiliates to recruit more sub-affiliates. You can offer them a small commission of the sales that their sub-affiliates drive. That can be quite encouraging.
You should always take some time to appreciate and reward your most loyal affiliates. Track their performance, and analyze the lifetime value of the customers they bring to your brand.
To track their performance, you can use tools like Voluum. The platform allows you to see your reports in real-time with details of 30 data points to help you understand the performance of your campaign.
You can reward them with a slightly higher commission rate in the future. You can also offer them benefits such as buying any product at the best price or one free delivery every month.
These affiliate marketing strategies can help you build a strong network and encourage affiliates to give their best shots.
Amazon Associates is one of the largest and most successful online affiliate programs in the world. They have a network of over 900,000 affiliates who proudly promote various products listed on the eCommerce site.

5. Leverage Affiliate Promotions From Multiple Sources

Instead of focusing on just Instagram influencers or coupon sites, spend the time to reach out to your audience through affiliates from multiple sources.
You can test a variety of affiliate marketing strategies to see which audience responds the best and is the easiest to reach.
Some promising sources to leverage affiliate promotions include:
Using multiple platforms can help you drive the best results from your affiliate marketing strategies. This can also help you analyze the platform where your audience is most engaged.
To track the effectiveness of each channel to drive traffic and sales, you can use Voluum. It can help you track your traffic from multiple sources, and you can also find out your ROI using it.

6. Optimize Your Product Pages for Conversions

Many brands invest in affiliate marketing strategies and expect their affiliates to drive conversions on their own. You can’t rely completely on your affiliates and sit back to watch sales come in.
Affiliate marketing can help you to drive interested consumers to your product pages. But it’s your job to make sure that they buy your product once they reach there.
If you want to generate more sales, you should deliver a good customer experience to them. For this, you need to optimize your product pages to boost conversions. It’s simple, just make sure that:
For this, you can use leverage tools such as Voluum. It has a traffic distribution AI that can help you direct traffic to the high-impact pages.
You can also set up customized rules for directing traffic to various pages of your website. It’s also possible to conduct A/B tests to figure out which campaign paths are performing better.
Optimized product pages can give a boost to your affiliate marketing strategies and effort. They can help you retain more customers.
In fact, you can also use your product pages to upsell and cross-sell relevant products.

Ready to Generate More Sales?

There’s no doubt that affiliate marketing can help you attract customers and convince them to buy from you.
In fact, 38% of marketers consider affiliate marketing as one of the top customer acquisition methods.
But you need to realize that it can’t happen overnight. You need to choose the right affiliates, channels, and affiliate marketing strategies to boost conversions.
Have you ever used affiliate marketing for your business? Which strategy do you find to be the most effective? Please share it with us in the comments below.
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How to Make Money Blogging

How to Make Money Blogging

There is virtually no limit. While it may be interesting to know how much specific bloggers make, what’s most exciting is how much bloggers can make. No amount is guaranteed, and it’s not easy, but a blogger’s income is really only limited by their creativity. There are no ceilings to speak of. That’s one reason I love it.

How to Make Money Blogging: Proven Ways

  1. Sponsored Blog Content
  2. Affiliate Programs
  3. Blog Advertisements
  4. Sell Online Courses
  5. Physical Products
  6. Writing (and Selling) eBooks

How does a blog fit into those income streams exactly?

Good question. It’s surprising to some, but the highest-earning bloggers don’t make most of their money directly from their blog.
Sure, they might make a little income from ads or sponsored content on their site, but for most, their blog is simply a convenient place where their content lives. Their content positions them as an authority on their topic. Then they use their authority to sell products to their readers, like books, courses or physical products.

How can I start making money blogging?

There are 3 main steps to get started:
  1. Start a blog. Establish yourself as an authority by creating excellent, useful content about your topic.
  2. Choose income streams related to your topic.
  3. Interact with others online to keep your blog top of mind.

Can I start a free blog and still make money?

Yes. However, I would caution against it. Why? When you use a free service, you don’t have as much control over your blog — the free service does. This can be risky, especially if you rely on your blog for income.

Extra tips to make money blogging

  • Use as many income streams as you can reasonably manage. Diversification is key.
  • Excellent content is the key to long-term success. There’s no way around it.
  • Each blogger has a different combination of income streams. There is no “right” way and that’s the beauty of it. There are endless possibilities. Find a combination that works for you.
  • Don’t be a clone of another blogger. Find a unique angle.
  • Successful bloggers don’t start a blog just to make money. Instead, they blog about a topic they truly enjoy and can write about indefinitely. They let the money grow out of that topic organically.
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Before you post, read this. The definitive guide to online marketing, our best FAQ's all in one place.

We have many questions here and we are always looking to help or put you in the right direction. Before you post asking about how you can improve your online hustle we have listed some resources to help you on your journey based on popular questions.

Where can I outsources some of the work i need done to build my side hustle? I don't have much to spend, i'm broke trying to make extra money.
Fiverr - Hire people do any task for you for $5 (PROMO CODE for 10% off first time purchase: MAXB10)
HireWriters - Outsources your content writing tasks.

How can i make more sales on Amazon, I see people claiming they make $50,000 a month in sales, is this possible?
Helium10 - The best all in one Amazon growth tool. Product research, SEO and competitor analysis.
Junglescout - Research keywords that sell on all International Amazon marketplaces. It also has a ton of other features.
Splitly - Use AI to automate your repricing to stay competitive.

I want to find a course where i can learn to sell products online, something other then coursera?
Dropshipping course 2020 - One of the few dropshipping courses that builds a site from scratch and shows you how to find local suppliers so you don't have to always reply on Aliexpress. Supports eBay dropshipping and Amazon dropshipping.
Online Amazon FBA course - Made by a teacher selling over 100k per month in products on FBA, shows you all the tools you need to get your store to the next level with step by step lessons.

I need help to grow my social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, are there any tools that can help me do this?
Awario - Find influencers and monitor hashtabs on Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Youtube and the web. The all one social media manager.
BuzzBundle - Monitor and keyword or brand then reply from one platform. Monitor Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, VKontakte, blogs, forums and Q&A sites. Big time saver.
Hypeauditor - Check Instagram influencer accounts for fake followers before you pay them to promote your product.
PromoRepublic - A social media scheduling tool. Setup a months worth of social posts in one day.
ReviveSocial - Revive your old posts and push them to your social media channels, get more clicks (Wordpress only)

When can I find products to drop ship, i am really getting frustrated with Ali-express shipping times.
Lightinthebox.com – Fast shipping, low prices based in the USA, this is the new AliExpress.
Tomtop.com - Many products with fast shipping, great for dropshippers.
Deals Extreme - High amount of cheap products with fast shipping.
Banggood - Low prices and fast shipping
DHGate - High quality products with low prices and fast shipping

Where can i sell my print on demand t-shirt (and other POD item) designs?
Amazon Merch - Sign up and wait to be approved, a slight wait time.
Etsy - Massive market place for hand made items. You can make items and sell them here, dropship and print on demand.
Redbubble - Upload your designs and make commission on sales, nothing else you have to do.
Design by Humans - Upload your designs and make commission on sales, nothing else you have to do.
Threadless - Upload your designs and make commission on sales, nothing else you have to do.
Teepublic - Upload your designs and make commission on sales, nothing else you have to do.
Spreadshirt - Upload your designs and make commission on sales, nothing else you have to do.
Society6 - Upload your designs and make commission on sales, nothing else you have to do.

I keep having issues with my website, it is slow and i am not making any sales, can you help me improve this?
Check your website speed on GooglePageInsights and try and fix some of the recommendations. To get a better SEO score you will need to purchase quality hosting.
Kinsta - Hands down the best hosting platform for Wordpress websites on Google cloud
WPEngine - Same quality as Kinsta, just not on Google cloud. (Get 5 months free use the coupon code: WEBWEEK2019)
Glowhost - The best web hosting company for any non Wordpress website. Starts at $4.95

Where can i learn about SEO for free, is there somewhere i can teach myself?
Ranktracker - Use this to find keywords for SEO and track your rankings in Google Mobile, Google Search, Google Images and Google Videos.
LinkAssistant - The complete tool for blogger outreach, automate and build your back links easily.
Websiteauditor - A complete tool that will tell you what you need to fix on your website so it is SEO optimized.
SEOPowersuite - This includes all of the above + SEOspyglass which spy's on your competitors search rankings.

Is there a way i can earn cryptocurrency as a side hustle without having to use my credit card to buy it?
Coinpayments - Install a cryptocurrency payment gateway on your website and get paid in cryptocurrency. Works with 50+ website systems and accepts over 500+ cryptocurrencies.
Brave - Earn free BAT cryptocurrency just by using a browser. Get paid to view adds.
Mine Pi- Mine pi on your iphone or android phone for free. Use patotterman as a referral to be able to use the app.

I need help creating banners for my website and instagram stories / posters, is there a free way i can do this without having design skills?
Canva - Free tool on desktop and mobile to create any type of graphic design image for your website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Always free.
TailorBrands - Use AI to create your companies logo and branding. (Use the coupon code: SEOBETTER for a 30% discount)

How can i turn my Wordpress website into an Iphone and Adriod app?
Apppresser - The all in one website to turn your website into an iphone and android app.

If there a program that will let me scrape thousands of web pages for online marketing?
Luminati - The most advanced, open-source, proxy management software allowing you to manage your proxies like a professional, no coding required!

How can I advertise my CBD products or adult shop online? Facebook, Instagram and Adwords always disapprove my adds.
Trafficjunkie - Advertise on the highest traffic websites in the world (+18) may be against your ethics but it has a very low CPC rate and decent conversions.

How can i scrape email addresses for cold email marketing? I wan't to extract addresses from Linkedin, Facebook, Yelp and company websites.
AtomicEmail - A professional email scrapper that has been around for over 20 years.
Hunter.io - Helps you find company email contacts based on a websites URL. This is a browser plugin.

I want to take my side hustle to the next level and start my own business. Where can i find accounting, payroll, telephone services and trusted business legal documents so i am covered?
Gusto - Professional payroll software
Freshbooks - All in one accounting software which integrates with nearly everything.
Termsfeed - Pre made trusted legal documents for web, mobile iOS & Android, desktop apps ,ecommerce, SaaS apps, Facebook apps and more.
1800GoAnswer - Outsource your support 24/7 bilingual. Supports web chat boxes, email, phone and SMS.
DCMA - Legally protect your online content, images and video.

I get traffic from facebook ads and Google Adwords but no sales, How can i get more conversions?
ClickFunnels - This is what the professionals use. Quickly create beautiful sales funnels that convert your visitors into leads and then customers
LuckyOrange - Record every action a user takes on your website. This is great for conversion optimization.
SpyFu - Spy on your competitors Google Adwords adds and copy all of their best performing ones.
VisualVisitor - See who visits your website and get more information on them.
Optinmonster - Build your email marketing lists with professional pop ups.
MonsterInsights - A professional analytics Wordpress plugin that provides advanced Google Analytics integrations.
NinjaForms - A drag and drop form builder for Wordpress.

How can i find people to sell my product or service for me?
Shareasale - A professional affiliate marketplace with millions of customers.

We will keep adding to this list as time goes on as we find new solutions to redditer's questions.
(Some of these links are affiliate links)
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First Kickstarter (Advice Requested)

Hello kickstarter! I'm looking for some general Kickstarter campaign advice.
We're planning to launch a campaign Q1 2020 in the skin care niche. In reviewing old beauty startup campaigns (that I could find) I've noticed that most tend to fare pretty poorly. From what I can see, Kickstarter campaigns that do well organically (i.e. driven by the Kickstarter community) are often tech-driven or tabletop games, which suggests that we can't depend much on the platform for organic traffic help. Our funding goal is $40,000, which is fairly high historically for the skin care niche on Kickstarter, but we're trying to do something quite innovative, so that may help our effort.
My questions to any who can offer some advice:
  1. Is mid to late January a good time to launch a campaign? From what I've read, campaigns ending Dec/Jan perform poorly. Any experience on those ending in Feb/March?
  2. We're thinking that the campaign should cross two monthly paydays (Feb 1st and March 1st) to increase customer spending power. But, this will mean we need to extend the campaign beyond the "less than 30 days" that Kickstarter recommends (probably closer to 35 or 40). Is this a valuable trade-off, or is shorter basically always better?
  3. We have a small but pretty high quality e-mail list of about 1300 people. Does the Kickstarter algorithm significantly favor numerous small pledges over fewer large ones? Does it make a difference in terms of organic promotion? I ask because the answer will influence how we appeal to our list for pledges and engagement.
  4. We're looking at building a small pool of indie bloggers/influencers to appeal to in order to see if they'd be willing to write or post about our campaign after it's active. Has anyone had success with this approach? We won't be able to promise them anything in return (other than interesting content) but we do plan to launch an affiliate program shortly after launch. Any tips on how to get some traction with influencers under these circumstances is appreciated.
  5. We'd love any additional advice. If you've launched a campaign and there was something you wish you knew on your first launch, please share it.
This is my first post on Reddit so bear with me if I've missed some board etiquette that I'm not aware of.
PS - Regarding details of the project, we plan to reveal details when we get closer to launch, and discuss more on other subreddits related to the Skincare/Beauty niche. Maybe that will help get us a little exposure. My personal impression is that a lot of the subreddits are marketing spam, but I may be misinterpreting them.
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I am 30 years old, make ~82,000k per year and work in higher ed

Posting this one day early since I'm flying out of town early tomorrow!
Section One: Assets and Debt
Retirement Balance: $2600 (Retirement planning has been a sob story up until about THIS WEEK when I was eligible for retirement benefits at my new work, so bear with me as I get this under control.)
Equity: $86,000 (My grandparents graciously provided the $$ for the down payment on my home. I’ve owned it for 5 years.)
HYSA savings account balance: $10,200
Checking account balance: $15,000 - $20,000
Investment account balance: $48,000 ($25k of it is leftover from my grandparents, the rest is my contributions & growth)
Credit card debt: N/A
Student loan debt: My parents graciously paid for my college education. I went to a state school and waited a few years before attending to get in-state tuition.
Car Loan: $12,300 - Paid off $4k of this balance since I last posted a MD mid-July! My goal is to pay this off by October 2020.
Section Two: Income
Main Job Monthly Take Home: $3540 (Some months it’s $5310 because of the triple pay period)
Side Gig Monthly Take Home $200 - $700 - I am a deejay
Any Other Monthly Income Here: My boyfriend K pays me for $630 - $750 for $500 of the mortgage and half the utilities. Since I own the assets I consider it income.
Section Three: Expenses
Mortgage: $1105
Retirement contribution: $320 every paycheck, so $640 - $960 every month with company match.
Savings contribution: $500 and then whatever is left over I transfer out to my car payment. After doing a bunch of math I decided I’d be able to save more sooner and faster if I can get this payment out of the way.
Investment contribution: $0 for now due to above. My investment account is doing ok for now and would rather contribute to getting my car paid off ASAP.
Car Payment: $321 but I pay $400 at least every month plus whatever else I'm able to.
Car Insurance: $110
Donations: $30 - I donate to my high school, a human rights organization, a local non profit music venue, and a local harm reduction program
Electric: $120 - $350
Water / Trash: $65
Wifi: $75
Cell Phone: $0 my sister who is a doctor and is married still has her plan on my parents too so I’m in no hurry to cut the cord
Netflix: $14
Hulu: $6
Massage Envy: $65 (getting rid of this soon)
Pure Barre Unlimited: $149 (covered by my family for the next two months. It was my birthday present!)
Health Insurance: $110 (rest covered by employer)
Dental: $4 (rest covered by employer)
FSA: $42
iTunes: $3
Spotify: $0 - On K’s plan.
Business Gmail: $6
Termite Treatment: $500
NBA League Pass: $50 for my share
Car Registration: $400
Web hosting: $55
Instacart: $50 for my share
Amazon Prime: $25 for my share
8:10 AM - Wake up and scramble to get ready. I have a 9:00 today and I already know I’m going to be late. Spray my crazy hair down from sleeping with wet hair last night, pull on jeans, a striped top, and black cut out booties. Slap lotion and foundation on my face, chapstick, nude lipstick and I’m out the door with homemade cold brew and a slice of toast.
9:02 AM - Only 2 minutes late for the meeting! This one is a weekly touch base with one of our agencies. I’ll label them as Agency 1 from now on. It takes a whole ten minutes.
9:30 AM - It feels like Monday for some reason. Yuck. Browse reddit for a while and pretend to work. Nearby coworkers have snacks out. I take some Terra chips and a couple TJ brand pumpkin spice Oreos.
10:30 AM - Meet with coworker about data sources in Google Analytics. Help her pie out which accounts to look at and campaign titles so she can update a chart for leadership.
11:30 AM - A pal posts on instagram that she’s offering tarot readings for $10 because she’s super broke. We chat back and forth because she doesn’t want to charge me. We settle on $7 and she does a past / present / future read on my self-care and health. I get the world, the emperor, and the king of swords - this symbolizes my coming full circle with my self-care and health and the emperor and king of swords represent a more outward and masculine approach to it. Long story short, she’s right. I’ve focused on making better food choices over the past 6 months and am ready, for the first time in my life, to commit to exercise. God bless my friend. $7
12:30 PM - Grab my salad from the fridge. I packed it yesterday but ended up eating out with a coworker who is in town from CA. Boring salad today - power greens, cucumber, tomato, seed mix, kalamata olives, carrots, red onion, and oil and vinegar.
2:00 PM - Take a break from data entry and walk to CVS to grab more seltzer for my office stash. Polar is on sale so I grab a 12 pack of raspberry lime. $5.08
3:30 PM - Meetings for the rest of the day. One is about proprietary models our analytics team is developing for audience targeting with Agency 1. The other is an internal update with our CMO regarding campaigns we’ll be pushing into Utah & Colorado with Agency 1. I am assigned a task for this which I complete shortly after the meeting.
5:15 PM - Chat with my mom on my way home from work. Make flyer for deejay gig next week while snacking on tortilla chips & hummus, watch TV while I scroll through Pinterest looking for quinoa recipes to send to my mom.
7:00 PM - K (boyfriend) comes home from work and we’ve planned on hanging out. Over the past month, we’ve been making our way through The Wire and tonight is no different. We have three episodes left of season 3 so we plow through them. I make pasta at some point to share.
10:45 PM - I am so sore from attending my first Pure Barre class yesterday. I do some stretches in between reading Tan France’s autobiography before heading to bed.
8:00 AM - I’m still so sore. Roll out of bed, dry shampoo hair, toss on a Ralph Lauren polo dress and Coach loafers. All the ingredients I bought for my salad have to be photographed first for my blog which means I can’t actually pack lunch today. I browse the kitchen and find a frozen Daiya burrito. Pack some chips and salsa to go with it. Out the door with cold brew and toast.
8:45 AM - Arrive at work, put on house music to prep for my set on Saturday, and work on data entry for a long term project.
12:00 PM - Eat Daiya burrito and chips and salsa. The gluten-free tortillas they use with these burritos are not very good.
1:00 PM - Attend my only meeting today covering SEO with Agency 2 - this isn’t really my area of expertise, but I need to listen to the team to know what’s going on for my own efforts. Get access to the master keyword list for the product we all work on. At some point I’ll compare this to paid efforts (my domain), but I set it aside for now.
2:30 PM - Hang out outside for a few minutes and try to get through Naturally Tan before book club tonight.
4:45 PM - Leave a few minutes early to try to get downtown before 6:00.
6:00 PM - Arrive at State 48 Brewing Co. The ladies of book club are already settled and talking about the book. I order a sour beer and realize I’m starving. Peruse the menu and don’t see anything that looks obviously vegan so I just go with fries. We chat about the book – Tan is my favorite of the Fab 5 and while I didn’t love the book to pieces, I still adore him! $12.86
7:30 PM - Drive home. I’m not sure if I’m feeling super tired due to the fried food and carbs or if it’s because I didn’t get a tiny break after work. I curl up on the couch with the dog and scroll through my phone and sort of watch My Strange Addiction. The lady who is married to a circus ride is unhinged.
9:00 PM - My energy is back, and I wanted to try to do a barre video tonight so I attempt. K calls me 15 minutes in and I give up. I can tell my muscles aren’t ready yet.
10:30 PM - K arrives home from the show he was working. We try to start season 4 of The Wire but he isn’t feeling it. I tell him I need to go to bed anyways, so we relocate and I fall asleep.
7:45 AM - Roll out of bed and hop in the shower. Today’s outfit is jeans, a white shirt, and Coach loafers. I always feel really basic in this outfit, but every time I wear it people tell me I should wear more white. Pour cold brew, make toast. There is nothing here for me to bring for lunch today unless I want to suffer through another gross Daiya burrito, so I head out empty handed. Listen to Food Blogger Pro Podcast en route.
9:15 AM - Boss strolls into the office I share with another colleague. She shuts the door and confides in us about her son (She usually refers to him as “the little guy” which I adore) who is approaching the “terrible two” phase. We spend 45 minutes making Friday conversation. My department is pretty chill most Fridays and this is the first one in a while that I actually feel that for my team.
12:00 PM - Make it through a meeting to run through publisher lists with Agency 1. We feel relieved to get clarification as we were very worried about it initially.
12:10 PM - I can’t focus in this room any longer so I decide to take my laptop to lunch so I can at least get something done today. I hop over to Shady Park and get a vegan noodle bowl and a seltzer. They give a 10% for folks affiliated with the org I work for, so that helps! $10.76
3:00 PM - Agency 2 gets back to me with something I’ve been waiting on. I spend the rest of the afternoon drafting my rebuttal and send it to my boss to review on Monday.
4:00 PM - Make light conversation with coworkers for the last hour of work and walk home.
6:00 PM - Snack on tortilla chips and hummus, work on some miscellaneous blog things while K watches The Jump. He eventually falls asleep and I sneak off to the bedroom and get in a Pure Barre video. Take a birdbath after and snack on pistachios.
8:00 PM - Drink wine while we watch The Wire. Eventually, we relocate to the bedroom and K leaves me there cause I fall asleep.
8:00 AM - Check the weather and it’s 75 degrees! Find K sleeping on the couch. Wake him up to relocate. Make some toast and harness the dog and we walk together to Cartel. I order a small cold brew, and we find a spot in the corner to hang out in for a while. I see a handful of acquaintances, and I leave before we overstay our welcome – my dog is very uhhh excitable. $4
10:15 AM - Arrive home and shower. Find K and give him some cuddles. He tells me he fell asleep very late last night so I let him be. I clean the kitchen only to make a mess of it again right after. I have a grilled butternut squash recipe I need to shoot for my blog today, so I lay out all of the ingredients and get to work.
12:15 PM - Finish photographing, sit down and eat some salad. It’s SO good - it has arugula, grilled butternut squash (duh), shallots, pomegranate, almonds riced tempeh (my new creation!), and an oil-free apple cider vinaigrette. I am thrilled to be eating this salad all next week for lunch. After some light social media scrolling, I see a donut shop just south of me made vegan donuts for the first time! Pack away my ingredients for salads next week and do as much cleaning as I can in the kitchen.
1:30 PM - K and I run to Target. We’re all out of kitchen trash bags and it’s driving me crazy. I pick up the trash bags, hummus, almond cream cheese, maple Oreos (splurge!), and Wheat Thins. $24.03
2:15 PM - The donut shop only has a few left of the vegan donuts but I manage to get a glazed and a chocolate frosted. I also buy K a long john. $3.21
2:30 PM - K is hungry and didn’t want salad so we stop at Chioptle for him.
3:00 PM - Home again! Unload Target stuff, watch an episode of The Wire.
5:00 PM - Start working again on my set for tonight. I buy all the tracks and import them into Serato to be tagged. (Sidenote: I don’t normally spend this much on digital music but I’ve never played this genre before, so every time that happens I spend more than I normally would on my sets, so I can build out my library.) $106.42
8:30 PM - K leaves to shoot a show tonight and I get ready for my event. I forget how heavy my gear is. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done this... I wish I had CDJs instead sometimes. My case is 120 pounds! Stop at Starbucks on the way for my pre-show tea, a ritual I cannot shake $3.19
9:10 PM - Arrive at the venue. It’s a cool bar / club in uptown Phoenix that my friends recently purchased. They help me load in my gear and we do a soundcheck. I brought a monitor just in case, but it doesn’t appear I’ll need it. It’s loud AF in here!
9:30 PM - Drink White Claw and chat with some friends pre-set. I get free drinks tonight since I'm playing.
10:00 PM - Start the party! I spend about 30 minutes playing slower house stuff before getting into the hits. Bizarre Inc. brings everyone to the front around 10:45 and from there, we’ve got a dancefloor ladies & gentlemen! Drink more White Claw but put a hard stop to drinking at 11:00, so I’m more than good to drive by 2:30.
11:30 PM - There is a couple making out to Pump Up The Jam.
12:30 AM - The owner of the bar drops off my check ($200 - so I still made money after buying the tracks!) as she’s on her way out for the night. She says it’s the best deejay night they’ve had so far since they bought the bar at the beginning of the month and that they want me to do it again!
1:45 AM - Start to wind down the room and also realize I’m so so sleepy.
2:00 AM - Cut my set chat with the few remaining friends that stuck around ‘til the end. Force one of them to help me load my coffin into my car.
2:45 AM - Arrive home & unload. Find K sleeping on the couch. Drink water and change into PJs. Zone out on phone for 20 minutes before waking him up to come to bed.
3:15 AM - zZZZzzzZZzZ
8:00 AM - Wake up and drink a lot of water. Yell at the dog to come inside because she’s barking.
10:45 AM - Up at ‘em, but a little too late to go to Pure Barre. Maybe I’ll do a video later today instead…
12:00 PM - Run to Cartel to get coffee and then to Chompies to get bagels. K treats for both. We take the bagels back home and toast them. I spread almond cream cheese on mine. We start an episode of The Wire while we eat but realize that we’d rather do productive things instead.
2:00 PM - Import photos I took yesterday and get to editing. Make it through selecting, cropping, editing, and make versions for social channels. I find this part of the blogging experience “most draining,” and break shortly after to take a stab at a marco-friendly red curry. It turns out just okay. I think I need to find a different curry paste.
5:30 PM - Run back to the bar I deejayed at last night to grab my laptop charger. I chat with the bar owner who wants to add me to more events in the future. I’m so excited to be in on this place as they start to build out their event calendar.
7:30 PM - Stop by Total Wine to pick up fancy sodas enroute to my friends’ house. I am trying to be a better guest lately by bringing a gift or something to share for every home I’m invited to. Tonight it’s me and another couple as guests. The other guest friends bring pizza to share. I try to pay them for my pie, but they decline. $7.12
11:20 PM - I stay way later than I originally anticipated. I think I really must’ve needed this small group friend time. My spirits are super high when I leave.
11:30 PM - Arrive home. Watch an episode of The Wire with K and fall asleep.
7:30 AM - Gooooooood morning! Wake up and hop in the shower. Pull cold brew bags out of the stash I made Friday evening, pack a butternut squash salad, and toast half a whole wheat everything bagel for breakfast with almond cream cheese.
9:00 AM - Attend a meeting with Agencies 1 & 2 together to run through assets needed for the pilot campaigns we’re putting together with Agency 1. Agency 2 always makes things super difficult, but this conversation goes pretty well.
10:00 AM - Talk to my boss about the German 80s music scene for almost an hour. Turns out we were all listening to the same things regardless of location (Granted I was born in 89, I listen to a lot of 80s music).
12:00 PM - Sign up for a Pure Barre class today at 6:30. I’m super hungry already, so I grab my salad & a seltzer. Browse through Reddit while I eat.
1:00 PM - Take a quick walk to Tempe Town Lake. It starts to drizzle the second I arrive so I head back before the rain comes full force.
4:00 PM - My stomach hurts so much from all the carbs I ate this week / weekend. I am not normally this bread-forward. Ouch!
5:30 PM - Arrive home & torture myself with again with a piece of leftover pizza. Put on my barre gear and head to class.
7:20 PM - I did it! I can already tell I’m getting stronger from the two weeks of videos, plus the foundations class I took last week. Drive home and immediately hop in the shower.
8:00 PM - Heat the rest of the pizza from last night and pour myself a glass of wine. Watch two episodes of The Wire with K then we switch to Between Two Ferns on Youtube. I doze off and once I’m asleep he switches to video games. I’m woken up only a short while later to transition to the bedroom.
10:45 PM - Get some cuddles in with K before falling asleep again.
8:00 AM - My boss is out of town and my muscles are sore. I enjoy an extra fifteen minutes in bed. It’s still kind of wet outside so I put on a flannel dress and Rothys. Pack butternut squash salad and head out with cold brew and the last whole wheat everything bagel half and almond cream cheese.
9:00 AM - Arrive at work. Officemate talks to me for a very long time about her HOA problems and how she’s quitting the board to make room for other priorities. She’s a nice lady and all but sometimes she overshares and I have a hard time with it because I feel like she’s just talking at me and doesn’t want to know me very well in return.
10:00 AM - Weekly status call with Agency 1. Lasts for 10 minutes. Look at my car insurance and see that it’s going up by $121/6 months. I hardly drive my car and I’m already paying more than most because USAA has great service. They’ve been amazing with my house, but (KNOCK ON WOOD) I’ve never been in an accident in my 14 years of driving nor have I received any tickets beyond parking fines, so I think I’ll take my chances with a less customer oriented company. I fill out a quick quote on Geico and discover I can save $67 per month if I switch and the coverage options are basically the same. WHAT!? I text my mom immediately to get a second vote. 15 minutes could save me 75% on car insurance!!!??? Man fuck USAA.
11:00 AM - I need to have a productive day with data entry, so I can make a dent in an ongoing analysis of Agency 2’s Google Ads work. Spoiler: they are not that great at SEM. The work is so dry, but I make a goal to match up 200 keywords in hopes that it will keep me on task.
11:30 AM - I’m starving already. Officemate brought some cashew, seeds, and dried berry trail mix last week to share with our team in case anyone gets the rumblies, but made me hold onto it because she’ll just eat the whole thing. I break it out and dig in. The dried blueberries are a nice surprise!
12:30 PM - Mom texts back and says switching seems like a no brainer. I call to cancel my policy and USAA also agrees I’m making a good choice. Message K to tell him the good news. Since he also has Geico we’re going to see about bundling his auto and my auto to see if we can save even more.
12:35 PM - Grab salad and mango limeade seltzer. Eat while I plow through more keywords.
2:15 PM - Call into a meeting that I guess isn’t happening because everyone is out of town but non one mentioned that fact to me. Make it to my “mini goal” for the day for keywords. Check my progress and I’m about halfway done. If I’m able to do 200-300 per day I will be done in one week! Reward myself by walking to the lake.
3:00 PM - Grab a seltzer and work on a response to Agency 2 in regards to parameters for SEM discussions. We can’t see the Google Ads Account - just GA 360 so, we’re outlining the basics to establish what kinds of discussions we can have based on what our organization can see moving forward.
4:15 PM - Finish my work for the day and decide to work on Pinterest image descriptions. I finish four posts, pack up my things and head home.
5:15 PM - My pal T meets me at my house to deliver my belated bday present. We facetime our other friend S for about an hour. We all used to work together and are super close. T & I sip on Bon & Viv hard seltzers and wheat thins and hummus.
6:30 PM - We hang up with S and T hits the road. I work on formatting content for my blog, then K and I watch an episode of The Wire.
7:45 PM - It’s Taco Tuesday. K initially asks me to go alone, but I get sappy and make him come along. I drive us to the closest Del Taco and we load up on Beyond Meat tacos. He pays.
8:15 PM - We watch two more episodes of The Wire against my better judgement. It’s so good!
10:15 PM - I finish formatting the last part of my blog post and publish it. I’ll post all the social content tomorrow. There’s no point it putting it out this late.
10:45 PM - K convinces me to watch one more episode of The Wire in bed. I surprise myself and stay awake through the entire episode.
Food & Drink: $70.25
Entertainment: $7
Home & Health: $0
Clothing & Beauty: $0
Transport: $0
Other: $106.42
TOTAL: $183.67
Reflection: This week was abnormally low. I went to NYC & had a pretty expensive birthday at the beginning of September, so I’m trying to keep all of my daily spending at a minimum for the rest of the month. I just joined YNAB under when someone in this group mentioned you get it for free if you’re a student (TY to that person!) I already see the value and am excited to see my savings grow now that I have a better system for budgeting. Thanks for reading everyone :)
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Mockingbird X.0

Imagine if there was one desk that all stories could cross so that, at 4am, a media plan could be decided upon and disseminated where all news outlets coordinated to set the goalposts of debate and hyper focused on specific issues to drive a narrative to control how you vote and how you spend money; where Internet shills were given marching orders in tandem to what was shown on television, printed in newspapers and spread throughout articles on the World Wide Web.
In the past, we had Operation Mockingbird, where the program was supremely confident that it could control stories around the world, even in instructions to cover up any story about a possible “Yeti” sighting, should it turn out they were real.
If, in 1959, the government was confident in its ability to control a story about a Yeti, then what is their level of confidence in controlling stories, today?
In fact, we have a recent example of a situation similar to the Yeti. When Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch met on the TARMAC to spike the Hillary email investigation, the FBI was so confident it wasn’t them, that their entire focus was finding the leaker, starting with searching within the local PD. We have documentation that demonstrates the state of mind of the confidence the upper levels of the FBI have when dealing with the media.
The marriage between mainstream media and government is a literal one and this arrangement is perfectly legal.
But, this problem extends far beyond politics; the private sector, the scientific community, even advice forums are shilled heavily. People are paid to cause anxiety, recommend people break up and otherwise sow depression and nervousness. This is due to a correlating force that employs “systems psychodynamics”, focusing on “tension centered” strategies to create “organizational paradoxes” by targeting people’s basic assumptions about the world around them to create division and provide distraction.
In this day and age, it is even easier to manage these concepts and push a controlled narrative from a central figure than it has ever been. Allen & Co is a “boutique investment firm” that managed the merger between Disney and Fox and operates as an overseeing force for nearly all media and Internet shill armies, while having it’s fingers in sports, social media, video games, health insurance, etc.
Former director of the CIA and Paul Brennan’s former superior George Tenet, holds the reigns of Allen & Co. The cast of characters involves a lot of the usual suspects.
In 1973, Allen & Company bought a stake in Columbia Pictures. When the business was sold in 1982 to Coca-Cola, it netted a significant profit. Since then, Herbert Allen, Jr. has had a place on Coca-Cola's board of directors.
Since its founding in 1982, the Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference has regularly drawn high-profile attendees such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Rupert Murdoch, Barry Diller, Michael Eisner, Oprah Winfrey, Robert Johnson, Andy Grove, Richard Parsons, and Donald Keough.
Allen & Co. was one of ten underwriters for the Google initial public offering in 2004. In 2007, Allen was sole advisor to Activision in its $18 billion merger with Vivendi Games. In 2011, the New York Mets hired Allen & Co. to sell a minority stake of the team. That deal later fell apart. In November 2013, Allen & Co. was one of seven underwriters on the initial public offering of Twitter. Allen & Co. was the adviser of Facebook in its $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp in February 2014.
In 2015, Allen & Co. was the advisor to Time Warner in its $80 billion 2015 merger with Charter Communications, AOL in its acquisition by Verizon, Centene Corporation in its $6.8 billion acquisition of Health Net, and eBay in its separation from PayPal.
In 2016, Allen & Co was the lead advisor to Time Warner in its $108 billion acquisition by AT&T, LinkedIn for its merger talks with Microsoft, Walmart in its $3.3 billion purchase of Jet.com, and Verizon in its $4.8 billion acquisition of Yahoo!. In 2017, Allen & Co. was the advisor to Chewy.com in PetSmart’s $3.35 billion purchase of the online retailer.
Allen & Co throws the Sun Valley Conference every year where you get a glimpse of who sows up. Harvey Weinstein, though a past visitor, was not invited last year.
Previous conference guests have included Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren and Susan Buffett, Tony Blair, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Allen alumnus and former Philippine Senator Mar Roxas, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, Quicken Loans Founder & Chairman Dan Gilbert, Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Yang, financier George Soros, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch, eBay CEO Meg Whitman, BET founder Robert Johnson, Time Warner Chairman Richard Parsons, Nike founder and chairman Phil Knight, Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell, NBA player LeBron James, Professor and Entrepreneur Sebastian Thrun, Governor Chris Christie, entertainer Dan Chandler, Katharine Graham of The Washington Post, Diane Sawyer, InterActiveCorp Chairman Barry Diller, Linkedin co-founder Reid Hoffman, entrepreneur Wences Casares, EXOR and FCA Chairman John Elkann, Sandro Salsano from Salsano Group, and Washington Post CEO Donald E. Graham, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, and Oprah Winfrey.
George Tenet, with the reigns of Allen & Co in his hands, is able to single-handedly steer the entire Mockingbird apparatus from cable television to video games to Internet shills from a singular location determining the spectrum of allowable debate. Not only are they able to target people’s conscious psychology, they can target people’s endocrine systems with food and pornography; where people are unaware, on a conscious level, of how their moods and behavior are being manipulated.
"The problem with George Tenet is that he doesn't seem to care to get his facts straight. He is not meticulous. He is willing to make up stories that suit his purposes and to suppress information that does not."
"Sadly but fittingly, 'At the Center of the Storm' is likely to remind us that sometimes what lies at the center of a storm is a deafening silence."
Tenet joined President-elect Bill Clinton's national security transition team in November 1992. Clinton appointed Tenet Senior Director for Intelligence Programs at the National Security Council, where he served from 1993 to 1995. Tenet was appointed Deputy Director of Central Intelligence in July 1995. Tenet held the position as the DCI from July 1997 to July 2004. Citing "personal reasons," Tenet submitted his resignation to President Bush on June 3, 2004. Tenet said his resignation "was a personal decision and had only one basis—in fact, the well-being of my wonderful family—nothing more and nothing less. In February 2008, he became a managing director at investment bank Allen & Company.
We have the documentation that demonstrates what these people could possibly be doing with all of these tools of manipulation at their fingertips.
The term for it is “covert political action” for which all media put before your eyes is used to serve as a veneer… a reality TV show facade of a darker modus operandum.
It is now clear that we are facing an implacable enemy whose avowed objective is world domination by whatever means and at whatever costs. There are no rules in such a game. Hitherto acceptable norms of human conduct do not apply. If the US is to survive, longstanding American concepts of "fair play" must be reconsidered. We must develop effective espionage and counterespionage services and must learn to subvert, sabotage and destroy our enemies by more clever, more sophisticated means than those used against us. It may become necessary that the American people be made acquainted with, understand and support this fundamentally repugnant philosophy.
Intelligence historian Jeffrey T. Richelson says the S.A. has covered a variety of missions. The group, which recently was reorganized, has had about 200 officers, divided among several groups: the Special Operations Group; the Foreign Training Group, which trains foreign police and intelligence officers; the Propaganda and Political Action Group, which handles disinformation; the Computer Operations Group, which handles information warfare; and the Proprietary Management Staff, which manages whatever companies the CIA sets up as covers for the S.A.
Scientology as a CIA Political Action Group – “It is a continuing arrangement…”: https://mikemcclaughry.wordpress.com/2015/08/25/scientology-as-a-cia-political-action-group-it-is-a-continuing-arrangement/
…Those operations we inaugurated in the years 1955-7 are still secret, but, for present purposes, I can say all that’s worth saying about them in a few sentences – after, that is, I offer these few words of wisdom. The ‘perfect’ political action operation is, by definition, uneventful. Nothing ‘happens’ in it. It is a continuing arrangement, neither a process nor a series of actions proceeding at a starting point and ending with a conclusion.
CIA FBI NSA Personnel Active in Scientology: https://i.imgur.com/acu2Eti.png
When you consider the number of forces that can be contained within a single “political action group” in the form on a “boutique investment firm,” where all sides of political arguments are predetermined by a selected group of actors who have been planted, compromised or leveraged in some way in order to control the way they spin their message.
The evidence of this coordinated effort is overwhelming and the “consensus” that you see on TV, in sports, in Hollywood, in the news and on the Internet is fabricated.
Under the guise of a fake account a posting is made which looks legitimate and is towards the truth is made - but the critical point is that it has a VERY WEAK PREMISE without substantive proof to back the posting. Once this is done then under alternative fake accounts a very strong position in your favour is slowly introduced over the life of the posting. It is IMPERATIVE that both sides are initially presented, so the uninformed reader cannot determine which side is the truth. As postings and replies are made the stronger 'evidence' or disinformation in your favour is slowly 'seeded in.'
Thus the uninformed reader will most likely develop the same position as you, and if their position is against you their opposition to your posting will be most likely dropped. However in some cases where the forum members are highly educated and can counter your disinformation with real facts and linked postings, you can then 'abort' the consensus cracking by initiating a 'forum slide.'
When you find yourself feeling like common sense and common courtesy aren’t as common as they ought to be, it is because there is a massive psychological operation controlled from the top down to ensure that as many people as possible are caught in a “tension based” mental loop that is inflicted on them by people acting with purpose to achieve goals that are not in the interest of the general population, but a method of operating in secret and corrupt manner without consequences.
Notice that Jeffrey Katzenberg, of Disney, who is intertwined with Allen & Co funds the Young Turks. He is the perfect example of the relationship between media and politics.
Katzenberg has also been involved in politics. With his active support of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, he was called "one of Hollywood's premier political kingmakers and one of the Democratic Party's top national fundraisers."
With cash from Jeffrey Katzenberg, The Young Turks looks to grow paid subscribers:
Last week, former DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg’s new mobile entertainment company WndrCo was part of a $20 million funding round in TYT Network, which oversees 30 news and commentary shows covering politics, pop culture, sports and more. This includes the flagship “The Young Turks” program that streams live on YouTube every day. Other investors in the round included venture capital firms Greycroft Partners, E.ventures and 3L Capital, which led the round. This brings total funding for Young Turks to $24 million.
How Hollywood's Political Donors Are Changing Strategies for the Trump Era:
Hollywood activism long has been depicted as a club controlled by a handful of powerful white men: Katzenberg, Spielberg, Lear, David Geffen, Haim Saban and Bob Iger are the names most often mentioned. But a new generation of power brokers is ascendant, including J.J. Abrams and his wife, Katie McGrath, cited for their personal donations and bundling skills; Shonda Rhimes, who held a get-out-the-vote rally at USC's Galen Center on Sept. 28 that drew 10,000 people; CAA's Darnell Strom, who has hosted events for Nevada congresswoman Jacky Rosen and Arizona congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema; and former Spotify executive Troy Carter, who held three fundraisers for Maryland gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous (Carter also was a fundraiser for President Obama).
Soros Group Buys Viacom's DreamWorks Film Library:
Viacom, after splitting off from Les Moonves Les Moonves ' CBS , still holds Paramount Pictures, and that movie studio in December agreed to acquire DreamWorks SKG, the creative shop founded by the Hollywood triumvirate of Steven Spielberg, David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg (a former exec at The Walt Disney Co.). DreamWorks Animation had been spun off into a separate company.
Now it's time for Freston to make back some money--and who better to do a little business with than George Soros? The billionaire financier leads a consortium of Soros Strategic Partners LP and Dune Entertainment II LLC, which together are buying the DreamWorks library--a collection of 59 flicks, including Saving Private Ryan, Gladiator, and American Beauty.
The money you spend on media and junk food and in taxes goes to these groups who then decide how best to market at you so that they decide how you vote by creating a fake consensus to trick into thinking that you want something other than what is best for you; but will inevitably result in more money being funneled to the top, creating further separation between the super rich and the average person. The goal will be to assert creeping authoritarianism by generating outrage against policies and issues they hate. Part of manipulating your basic assumptions is also to use schadenfreude (think canned laughter on TV) against characters who support the cause that might actually do you the most good (which reaffirms and strengthens your confirmation biased along predetermined political lines).
We have a population being taught to hate socialism and love capitalism when the truth is no country is practicing either. These terms are merely disguises for political oligarchies where the collection of wealth is less about getting themselves rich and more about keeping everyone else poor.
What can you guess about the world around you if it turned out that every consensus that was forced on you was fake?
How much money would it take to make it look like 51% of the Internet believed in completely idiotic ideas? Combine shill operations with automation and AI’s, and the cost becomes a good investment relative to the return when measured in political power.
Even the people who are well intentioned and very vocal do not have to consciously be aware that they are working for a political action group. A covert political group will always prefer an unwitting tool to help push their agenda, so that they can remain in the shadows.
FDA Admonishes Drug Maker Over Kim Kardashian Instagram Endorsement https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidkroll/2015/08/11/fda-spanks-drug-maker-over-kim-kardashian-instagram-endorsement/#25174a29587b
The OSS files offer details about other agents than famous chef, Julia Child; including Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg, major league catcher Moe Berg, historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr., and actor Sterling Hayden. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/26186498/ns/us_news-security/t/julia-child-cooked-double-life-spy/
USA Today: Businesses and organizations may refer to it as a tool for competitive advantage and marketing; but make no mistake http://archive.is/37tK3
Shareblue accounts caught in /politics posting links to Shareblue without disclosing their affiliation http://archive.is/7HAkr
Psy Group developed elaborate information operations for commercial clients and political candidates around the world http://archive.is/BBblQ
Top mod of /Mechanical_Gifs tries to sell subreddit on ebay for 999.00 dollars. http://archive.is/kU1Ly
Shill posts picture of a dog in a hammock with the brand clearly visible without indicating that it's an ad in the title of the post http://archive.is/Mfdk9
Arstechnica: GCHQs menu of tools spreads disinformation across Internet- “Effects capabilities” allow analysts to twist truth subtly or spam relentlessly. http://arstechnica.com/security/2014/07/ghcqs-chinese-menu-of-tools-spread-disinformation-across-internet/
Samsung Electronics Fined for Fake Online Comments http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/10/24/samsung-electronics-fined-for-fake-online-comments/?_r=0
Discover Magazine: Researchers Uncover Twitter Bot Army That’s 350 http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/d-brief/2017/01/20/twitter-bot-army/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A%20DiscoverTechnology%20%28Discover%20Technology%29#.WIMl-oiLTnA
Times of Israel - The internet: Israel’s new PR battlefield http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/the-rise-of-digital-diplomacy-could-be-changing-israels-media-image/
Time: Social Media Manipulation? When “Indie” Bloggers and Businesses Get Cozy http://business.time.com/2013/04/22/social-media-manipulation-when-indie-bloggers-and-businesses-get-cozy/
Content-Driven Detection of Campaigns in Social Media [PDF] http://faculty.cs.tamu.edu/caverlee/pubs/lee11cikm.pdf
the law preventing them from using this in America was repealed http://foreignpolicy.com/2013/07/14/u-s-repeals-propaganda-ban-spreads-government-made-news-to-americans/
Redditor who works for a potato mailing company admits to being a shill. He shows off his 27 thousand dollars he made in /pics
Screenshot of post since it was removed. http://i.imgur.com/k9g0WF8.png
Just thought I'd contribute to this thread http://imgur.com/OpSos4u
CNN: A PR firm has revealed that it is behind two blogs that previously appeared to be created by independent supporters of Wal-Mart. The blogs Working Families for Wal-mart and subsidiary site Paid Critics are written by 3 employees of PR firm Edelman http://money.cnn.com/2006/10/20/news/companies/walmart_blogs/index.htm
Vice: Your Government Wants to Militarize Social Media to Influence Your Beliefs http://motherboard.vice.com/read/your-government-wants-to-militarize-social-media-to-influence-your-beliefs
BBC News: China's Internet spin doctors http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/7783640.stm
BBC News: US plans to 'fight the net' revealed http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4655196.stm
Wall Street Journal: Turkey's Government Forms 6 http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424127887323527004579079151479634742?mg=reno64-wsj&url=http%3A%2F%2Fonline.wsj.com%2Farticle%2FSB10001424127887323527004579079151479634742.html
Fake product reviews may be pervasive http://phys.org/news/2013-07-fake-product-pervasive.html#nRlv
USA Today: The co-owner of a major Pentagon propaganda contractor publicly admitted that he was behind a series of websites used in an attempt to discredit two USA TODAY journalists who had reported on the contractor. http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/military/story/2012-05-24/Leonie-usa-today-propaganda-pentagon/55190450/1
ADWEEK: Marketing on Reddit Is Scary http://www.adweek.com/news/technology/marketing-reddit-scary-these-success-stories-show-big-potential-168278
BBC- How online chatbots are already tricking you- Intelligent machines that can pass for humans have long been dreamed of http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20140609-how-online-bots-are-tricking-you
BBC news: Amazon targets 1 http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-34565631
BBC: More than four times as many tweets were made by automated accounts in favour of Donald Trump around the first US presidential debate as by those backing Hillary Clinton http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-37684418
Fake five-star reviews being bought and sold online - Fake online reviews are being openly traded on the internet
Bloomberg: How to Hack an Election [and influence voters with fake social media accounts] http://www.bloomberg.com/features/2016-how-to-hack-an-election/
"Internet Reputation Management http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2008-04-30/do-reputation-management-services-work-businessweek-business-news-stock-market-and-financial-advice
Buzzfeed: Documents Show How Russia’s Troll Army Hit America http://www.buzzfeed.com/maxseddon/documents-show-how-russias-troll-army-hit-america#.ki8Mz97ly
The Rise of Social Bots http://www.cacm.acm.org/magazines/2016/7/204021-the-rise-of-social-bots/fulltext
CBC News- Canadian government monitors online forums http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/bureaucrats-monitor-online-forums-1.906351
Chicago Tribune: Nutrition for sale: How Kellogg worked with 'independent experts' to tout cereal http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-kellogg-independent-experts-cereal-20161121-story.html
DailyKos: HBGary: Automated social media management http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/02/16/945768/-UPDATED-The-HB-Gary-Email-That-Should-Concern-Us-All
Meme Warfare Center http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tfulltext/u2/a507172.pdf
Shilling on Reddit is openly admitted to in this Forbes article http://www.forbes.com/sites/julesschroede2016/03/10/the-magic-formula-behind-going-viral-on-reddit/#1d2485b05271
Forbes: From Tinder Bots To 'Cuban Twitter' http://www.forbes.com/sites/kashmirhill/2014/04/17/from-tinder-bots-to-covert-social-networks-welcome-to-cognitive-hacking/#4b78e2d92a7d
Hivemind http://www.hivemind.cc/rank/shills
Huffington Post- Exposing Cyber Shills and Social Media's Underworld http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sam-fiorella/cyber-shills_b_2803801.html
The Independent: Massive British PR firm caught on video: "We've got all sorts of dark arts...The ambition is to drown that negative content and make sure that you have positive content online." They discuss techniques for managing reputations online and creating/maintaining 3rd-party blogs that seem independent. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/caught-on-camera-top-lobbyists-boasting-how-they-influence-the-pm-6272760.html
New York Times: Lifestyle Lift http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/15/technology/internet/15lift.html?_r=1&emc=eta1
New York Times: Give Yourself 5 Stars? Online http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/23/technology/give-yourself-4-stars-online-it-might-cost-you.html?src=me&ref=general
NY Times- From a nondescript office building in St. Petersburg http://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/07/magazine/the-agency.html?_r=1
NY Times: Effort to Expose Russia’s ‘Troll Army’ Draws Vicious Retaliation http://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/31/world/europe/russia-finland-nato-trolls.html?_r=1
PBS Frontline Documentary - Generation Like http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/generation-like/
Gamers promote gaming-gambling site on youtube by pretending to hit jackpot without disclosing that they own the site. They tried to retroactively write a disclosure covering their tracks http://www.pcgamer.com/csgo-lotto-investigation-uncovers-colossal-conflict-of-interest/
Raw Story: CENTCOM engages bloggers http://www.rawstory.com/news/2006/Raw_obtains_CENTCOM_email_to_bloggers_1016.html
Raw Story: Air Force ordered software to manage army of fake virtual people http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2011/02/18/revealed-air-force-ordered-software-to-manage-army-of-fake-virtual-people/
Redective http://www.redective.com/?r=e&a=search&s=subreddit&t=redective&q=shills
Salon: Why Reddit moderators are censoring Glenn Greenwald’s latest news story on shills http://www.salon.com/2014/02/28/why_reddit_moderators_are_censoring_glenn_greenwalds_latest_bombshell_partne
The Atlantic: Kim Kardashian was paid to post a selfie on Instagram and Twitter advertising a pharmaceutical product. Sent to 42 million followers on Instagram and 32 million on Twitter http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2015/09/fda-drug-promotion-social-media/404563/
WAR.COM: THE INTERNET AND PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS http://www.theblackvault.com/documents/ADA389269.pdf
The Guardian: Internet Astroturfing http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/libertycentral/2010/dec/13/astroturf-libertarians-internet-democracy
The Guardian: Israel ups the stakes in the propaganda war http://www.theguardian.com/media/2006/nov/20/mondaymediasection.israel
Operation Earnest Voice http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2011/ma17/us-spy-operation-social-networks
The Guardian: British army creates team of Facebook warriors http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/jan/31/british-army-facebook-warriors-77th-brigade
The Guardian: US military studied how to influence Twitter [and Reddit] users in Darpa-funded research [2014] http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jul/08/darpa-social-networks-research-twitter-influence-studies
The Guardian: Chinese officials flood the Chinese internet with positive social media posts to distract their population http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/may/20/chinese-officials-create-488m-social-media-posts-a-year-study-finds
Times of Israel: Israeli government paying bilingual students to spread propaganda online primarily to international communities without having to identify themselves as working for the government. "The [student] union will operate computer rooms for the project...it was decided to establish a permanent structure of activity on the Internet through the students at academic institutions in the country." http://www.timesofisrael.com/pmo-stealthily-recruiting-students-for-online-advocacy/
USA Today: Lord & Taylor settles FTC charges over paid Instagram posts http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2016/03/15/lord--taylor-settles-ftc-charges-over-paid-instagram-posts/81801972/
Researcher's algorithm weeds out people using multiple online accounts to spread propaganda - Based on word choice http://www.utsa.edu/today/2016/10/astroturfing.html
Wired: Powered by rapid advances in artificial intelligence http://www.wired.co.uk/magazine/archive/2015/06/wired-world-2015/robot-propaganda
Wired: Clinton Staff and Volunteers Busted for Astroturfing [in 2007] http://www.wired.com/2007/12/clinton-staff-a/
Wired: Pro-Government Twitter Bots Try to Hush Mexican Activists http://www.wired.com/2015/08/pro-government-twitter-bots-try-hush-mexican-activists/
Wired: Microsoft http://www.wired.com/2015/09/ftc-machinima-microsoft-youtube/
Wired: Military Report: Secretly ‘Recruit or Hire Bloggers’ http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2008/03/report-recruit/
Wired: Air Force Releases ‘Counter-Blog’ Marching Orders http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2009/01/usaf-blog-respo/
Reddit Secrets https://archive.fo/NAwBx
Reddit Secrets https://archive.fo/SCWN7
Boostupvotes.com https://archive.fo/WdbYQ
"Once we isolate key people https://archive.is/PoUMo
GCHQ has their own internet shilling program https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joint_Threat_Research_Intelligence_Group
Russia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State-sponsored_Internet_sockpuppetry
US also operates in conjunction with the UK to collect and share intelligence data https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UKUSA_Agreement
Glenn Greenwald: How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2014/02/24/jtrig-manipulation/
Glenn Greenwald: Hacking Online Polls and Other Ways British Spies Seek to Control the Internet https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2014/07/14/manipulating-online-polls-ways-british-spies-seek-control-internet/
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How Reddit Got Huge: Tons of Fake Accounts - According to Reddit cofounder Steve Huffman https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/how-reddit-got-huge-tons-of-fake-accounts--2
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Why do I exist? https://np.reddit.com/DirectImageLinkerBot/wiki/index
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Here's the thread. https://np.reddit.com/HailCorporate/comments/3gl8zi/that_potato_mailing_company_is_at_it_again/
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The Bush and Gore campaigns of 2000 used methods similar to the Chinese government for conducting “guided discussions” in chatrooms designed to influence citizens https://np.reddit.com/shills/comments/3xhoq8/til_the_advent_of_social_media_offers_new_routes/?st=j0o5xr9c&sh=3662f0dc
source paper. https://np.reddit.com/shills/comments/4d3l3s/government_agents_and_their_allies_might_ente
or Click Here. https://np.reddit.com/shills/comments/4kdq7n/astroturfing_information_megathread_revision_8/?st=iwlbcoon&sh=9e44591e Alleged paid shill leaks details of organization and actions.
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Some websites use shill accounts to spam their competitor's articles https://np.reddit.com/TheoryOfReddit/comments/1ja4nf/lets_talk_about_those_playing_reddit_with/?st=iunay35w&sh=d841095d
User posts video using GoPro https://np.reddit.com/videos/comments/2ejpbb/yes_it_is_true_i_boiled_my_gopro_to_get_you_this/ck0btnb/?context=3&st=j0qt0xnf&sh=ef13ba81
Fracking shill whistleblower spills the beans on Fracking Internet PR https://np.reddit.com/worldnews/comments/31wo57/the_chevron_tapes_video_shows_oil_giant_allegedly/cq5uhse?context=3
Directorate of Operations
October 16, 1964
Subject: After action report of
Operation CUCKOO (TS)

1) Operation CUCKOO was part of the overall operation CLEANSWEEP, aimed at eliminating domestic opposition to activities undertaken by the Central Intelligence Agency's special activities division, in main regard to operation GUILLOTINE.

2) Operation CUCKOO was approved by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Department of Defense and the office of The President of the United States as a covert domestic action to be under taken within the limits of Washington D.C as outlined by Secret Executive Order 37.

3) Following the publishing of the Warren Commission, former special agent Mary Pinchot Meyer (Operation MOCKINGBIRD, Operation SIREN) also was married to Cord Meyer (Operation MOCKINGBIRD, Operation GUILLOTINE) threatened to disclose the details of several Special Activities Divisions' operations, including but not limited to, Operation SIREN and GUILLOTENE.
4) It was deemed necessary by senior Directorate of Operations members to initiate Operation CUCKOO as an extension of Operation CLEANSWEEP on November 30th. After Mary Pinchot Meyer threatened to report her knowledge of Operation GUILLOTENE and the details of her work in Operation SIREN from her affair with the former President.

5) Special Activities Division was given the green light after briefing president Johnson on the situation. The situation report was forwarded to the Department of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of staff, who both approved of the parameters of the operation, as outlined under article C of secret executive order 37 (see attached copy of article).
6) 8 members of the special activities division handpicked by operation lead William King Harvey began planning for the operation on October 3rd, with planned execution before October 16th.

7) The (?) of the operation was set as the neighborhood of Georgetown along the Potomac river, where the operators would observe, take note on routines, and eventually carry the operation.

8) After nothing Meyer's routines, Edward "Eddy" Reid was picked as the operation point man who would intersect Meyer on her walk on October 12th, with lead William King Harvey providing long range support if necessary from across the Chesapeake and Ohio canal (see illustration A for detailed map).

9) Edward Reid was planned to be dressed in the manner of a homeless black man, due to his resemblances to local trash collector (later found out to be Raymond Crump) who inhabits the AO and the path that Reid was planned to intersect Meyer.
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How To Get Approved for Google Adsense The Easy Way

How To Get Approved for Google Adsense The Easy Way

So you wish to monetize your website by publishing Google AdSense so that you can earn for every click. The first step in the process is getting your website approved to run these ads. Google will only allow quality site with quality content into its AdSense program.
If you have a website that has good regular updated content, lots of pages and good traffic then you probably won't have any problems getting approved. If your site is new and you have a few pages of content and not may visitors then I would suggest not trying to get a site like this approved for the program. That does not mean that AdSense isn't for you - you can still get approved.
There are two, quick, no hassle ways to get approved for the Google AdSense program. None of them require having your own website so you actually don't need your own website to get paid from Adsense.
The first way is to get yourself a free blog from blogger.com Google owns Blogger and it has a built in approval system for adsense. This means that anyone who has a blog on blogger.com, who wished to participate in the Google AdSense program is going to get approved. The first thing you need to do after you set up your account is to make a couple of posts. It is best to keep these posts within the same subject. Create good quality content that people will want to read.
When you have finished setting up your blog, you can then go into your user control panel and apply for the AdSense program. This is a simple step and once you follow all the instructions, you will be approved in a matter of minutes.
Another way to get approved for Google AdSense is to set up an account with hubpages.com This is a revenue sharing site that allows you to earn AdSense income from the ads that are showing on your pages. Once you've created a page or hub on hubpages.com you can then go into your affiliate settings and apply for adsense. Since Hubpages is applying for you, you will not have any problems getting approved and you will be earning money from AdSense in no time.
After you get approved, you can then use your AdSense id anywhere you choose, even on your own website without having to get it approved individually. Just make sure you keep within the terms and conditions of Google Adsense. You won't want to get your Google AdSense account banned after you so easily got it, right?
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You can learn more about how Google Adsense works by visiting https://www.digitalwebzones.com/post/how-to-get-approval-from-google-adsense
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Quick Guide To Beauty Related Subscription Boxes

This is an original MUAontheCheap List. This list does NOT contain any affiliate/referral links.
Here’s your quick guide to beauty related subscription boxes. We’ve included not only the basics of each service but recurring discounts, referral benefits, and cancellation information so you can make an informed decision. Many of you have shared your referral codes and links in our Self Promo post and we wanted to provide a one stop shop reference guide.
Want to add to this list? Send a message to the mods here.
Please do not share referral codes/links in this post, they will be removed. Our Self Promotion post is here.
This post contains information on:
Please note: Referral and affiliate programs are not the same thing. You must apply and be accepted as an affiliate by the company to receive any of those offers, they are generally reserved for bloggers and influencers.


COST: $15 per month, $150 prepaid for 12 months ($12.50 per month)
WHAT YOU GET: Each box will include 5 editor-curated products in deluxe size, with a total value of at least $50. Our editors select a mix of luxury and indie brands to include in each box. We sometimes include a bonus product (or two) from a mass brand, as a free, value add to you.
POSSIBLE DISCOUNTS/OFFERS YMMV: Generally there is a discount of $5 for your first box and new members will receive a mystery bonus gift valued at $11+.
CANCELLATION PROCESS: You can cancel your membership at any time. Please email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) or call (800) 274-1603. YMMV, when you email to cancel they may offer "If you decide to stay on with us, your next four boxes are ONLY $10 each!".
CONTACT: (800) 274-1603, [[email protected]](/).


COST: $10 per month, $30 prepaid for 3 months ($10 per month), $50 prepaid for 6 months ($8.33 per month Code: FREEMONTH)
WHAT YOU GET: Each month, your personalized beauty box subscription will include five product samples. You'll get to try all types of products (from haircare to skincare to makeup).
POSSIBLE DISCOUNTS/OFFERS YMMV: 15% off 1 box (code: TAKE15), 2 boxes for $10 (code: EXTRABOX)
CANCELLATION PROCESS: Subscriptions can be canceled at any time in your Account Settings beneath the “Subscriptions” heading. 3, 6 or 12-Month Rebillable Subscriptions can only be canceled within the first month.
CONTACT: Contact page, schedule a call, text (646) 461-4617


COST: $10 per month, $30 prepaid for 3 months ($10 per month), $50 prepaid for 6 months ($8.33 per month Code: FREEMONTH)
WHAT YOU GET: Each month, you’ll receive a supply of five grooming samples—from anti-aging moisturizers to beard-care supplies to hair styling essentials.
POSSIBLE DISCOUNTS/OFFERS YMMV: 15% off (Code: TAKE15), 2 boxes for $10 (Code: EXTRABOX)
CANCELLATION PROCESS: Subscriptions can be canceled at any time in your Account Settings beneath the “Subscriptions” heading. 3, 6 or 12-Month Rebillable Subscriptions can only be canceled within the first month.
CONTACT: Contact page, schedule a call, text (646) 461-4617


COST: BomiBox for $37.99 or Bomibag for $19.99
CANCELLATION PROCESS: You may cancel at any time by logging in to the Account Page and selecting 'Subscriptions' under 'Account preferences', or by emailing [email protected] with the subject line “UNSUBSCRIBE” from the email you used to create your User account on the Website.
CONTACT: Contact page, [email protected], no phone number found.


COST: $21 per month, $59 prepaid for 3 months ($19.66 per month), $116 prepaid for 6 months ($19.33 per month), $231 prepaid for 12 months ($19.25 per month)
WHAT YOU GET: You will receive 4 to 5 full-size beauty items ranging from makeup to skincare, beauty tools to color cosmetics, each box is valued at $100+.
POSSIBLE DISCOUNTS/OFFERS:CANCELLATION PROCESS: You may cancel your subscription online within your account or by email. You must cancel your account before the 1st of the month to prevent being billed for that month's box. If you cancel your account after you are billed for the current month's box, then that box will be your last. Refunds are not available for 3/6/12 month prepaid subscriptions.
CONTACT: Contact page, phone number unavailable.


COST: $24.95 per month recurring, $34.95 one off, shipping is free.
WHAT YOU GET: Each box will include 6 full or deluxe sized products with a total value of $100. Our highly coveted monthly subscription box, BeautyFIX features a curated collection of innovative and professional makeup, skin and hair care products handpicked by beauty experts and delivered right to your door.
CANCELLATION PROCESS: If you'd like to cancel your monthly subscription, you have until the last day of the prior month. To cancel, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-213-DERM (3376).
CONTACT: 1-800-213-DERM (3376)


COST: $49.99 per box, $179.99 prepaid for 4 boxes ($45 per month) for Select Membership.
WHAT YOU GET: You’ll get a box of fabulous finds in beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness, hand-picked by the FabFitFun team, delivered once per season, 4 times per year.
POSSIBLE DISCOUNTS/OFFERS YMMV: Influencer $10 off codes.
CONTACT: Contact page, (855) 313-6267, [[email protected]](/).


WHAT YOU GET: A handpicked selection of 4 (Four-ever Fresh Kit) or 7 (Seven Lux Box) Korean sheet masks every month.
POSSIBLE DISCOUNTS/OFFERS YMMV: Referral up to 4 free face masks. 20% off first box.
CANCELLATION PROCESS: Login to your account, go to the subscriptions page and cancel your subscription. You will no longer be billed on your recurring charge date. However, if your order has been processed and you wish to cancel your current order, please contact us at [[email protected]](/). Please note, gift subscription orders cannot be canceled once the first month’s order has been processed.
CONTACT: Contact page, [[email protected]](/), no phone number found.


COST: $21 per month, $58.50 prepaid for 3 months ($19.50 per month), $111 prepaid for 6 months (%18.50 per month), $210 prepaid for 12 months ($17.50 per month).
WHAT YOU GET: Each month 5 products are gorgeously packaged in our iconic pink box and delivered straight to your door.
POSSIBLE DISCOUNTS/OFFERS: Various 20% off affiliate codes.
CANCELLATION PROCESS: Glossybox may be cancelled by the 14th of the month prior (e.g. you must cancel by February 14th if you want to cancel your March charge/box). 3, 6 or 12 month fixed term subscriptions cannot be cancelled while the term is still in progress. Can be canceled from the dashboard in your account.
CONTACT: (844) 433-5145, email available with account only.


COST: $10 per month, $110 prepaid for 12 months ($9.17 per month)
WHAT YOU GET: You will receive 5 sample or deluxe sized sample items in a monthly themed cosmetics bag.
POSSIBLE DISCOUNTS/OFFERS: Various offers for additional free samples with affiliate codes.
CANCELLATION PROCESS: You may cancel your Monthly Subscription at any time by logging into your account, clicking on My Account/Subscription & Purchases, and following the cancellation procedures described there. Annual Subscription fees are non-refundable.
CONTACT: Contact page, phone number unavailable.


COST: Maven $24.99 per month, $59.97 prepaid for 3 months ($19.99 per month) - Maven Lux $39.99 per month, $104.97 prepaid for 3 months ($34.99 per month).
WHAT YOU GET: Each Julep Beauty Box includes over $40 worth of new beauty, skincare and/or limited-run nail colors. Each Maven Luxe Box includes over $60 worth of beauty products.
POSSIBLE DISCOUNTS/OFFERS: Free GWP with first box (currently POLISHGIFT), you may use a referral link along with the GWP code (the referrer will get $15 credit, you will get nothing else other than the GWP).
CANCELLATION PROCESS: You may cancel your membership at any time by calling or emailing customer service. You must cancel your membership by the 25th of the month to avoid being billed for your next monthly Julep Beauty Box.
CONTACT: (877) 651-3292, [[email protected]](/).


POSSIBLE DISCOUNTS/OFFERS: Various offers for free additional free products or discounted boxes with affiliate codes.
CANCELLATION PROCESS: I was unable to find cancellation information on the website or in their terms of service. Proceed with caution.
CONTACT: Contact page, (224) 877-7107, [[email protected]](/).


COST: $19 per month, $54 prepaid for 3 months ($18 per month), $102 prepaid for 6 months ($17 per month), $192 prepaid for 12 months ($16 per month).
WHAT YOU GET: A themed box of 6 or 7 premium skincare and cosmetics products and a copy of ELLE magazine.
POSSIBLE DISCOUNTS/OFFERS YMMV: Various affiliate codes for 15% off your first box, free product.
CANCELLATION PROCESS: Log into the ‘My Account’ page to contact Customer Service who will be assist you with your cancellation or use the turn off the auto-renewal feature in your account. To do this go to ‘My Account’ and then select the ’Subscription’ option to see features available. 3, 6 and 12-month subscriptions are non-refundable.
CONTACT: (844) 433-5149


COST: $15 per month.
WHAT YOU GET: You will receive 5 deluxe beauty samples, 1 bonus item, a collectible cosmetics bag and a $5 beauty coupon exclusively for Beauty Box subscribers, available for use online and in-store.
CANCELLATION PROCESS: You may cancel at any time by logging on to your Macy's online profile and following the cancellation procedures there or by calling Macy's Customer Support at (800) 289-6229. To cancel shipment of your next month's Box, you must cancel by the 10th of the current month.
CONTACT: Contact page, (800) 289-6229.


COST: US $15.95 per month, Canada $22.95 + shipping, International $26.95 per month + shipping.
WHAT YOU GET: Each month you will receive a delivery of 3-4 full size cruelty free/vegan products.
CANCELLATION PROCESS: This is the only information I’ve found on cancellation “Our new website is not integrated with the subscription box. Please use the handy links inside your welcome email. If you have lost that email please visit our contact us page and send us a cancellation request. Please note our response times are 48 hours not including weekends. If you are charged during this time you will still receive that current month's box. We do not offer refunds on subscription boxes.”
CONTACT: Contact page, live chat, no phone number found.


COST: $19.95 per month + $3.95 US shipping.
WHAT YOU GET: 5 - 6 carefully curated deluxe-sized samples and full-sized Korean beauty products.
CANCELLATION PROCESS: You may cancel your Monthly Subscription anytime by logging into your account or by emailing [[email protected]](/).
CONTACT: No phone number available, [[email protected]](/).


COST: $14 per month.
WHAT YOU GET: A selection of handpicked products in cosmetics, skincare, haircare and fashion. From classic brands to new ones, subscribers receive a themed selection of items with a retail value up to $50.
REFERRAL/POINTS PROGRAM: Once you sign up, you become a VIP member during your online shopping experience. This means you get 25% off all orders on rickynyc.com and free shipping on purchases of $50 or more.
CANCELLATION PROCESS: To unsubscribe, log in to your account, navigate to “My Subscriptions” and click “View" next to your subscription. At the right top corner of your screen, you’ll see options to “Pause” or “Cancel” your subscription.
CONTACT: Contact page, (877) 447-4259, [[email protected]](/).


COST: $14.95 per month.
WHAT YOU GET: Select from a collection of 450+ designer and niche fragrances. Get a generous supply of fragrance (0.27oz/ 8ml) in a travel-friendly spray. Free refillable case with your first order.
POSSIBLE DISCOUNTS/OFFERS YMMV: Often offers buy 1 month get 1 month free, 25% off, 50% off.
CANCELLATION PROCESS: If you wish to cancel you may do so by visiting your account settings page and clicking on “request cancellation" or by emailing us. Scentbird will make reasonable efforts to process cancellation requests within seven business days from the receipt of the cancellation request.
CONTACT: Contact page, message via Facebook, phone number unavailable.


COST: $10 per month.
WHAT YOU GET: 5 trial-sized samples plus a beauty bonus, all in a collectible bag.
CANCELLATION PROCESS: You may cancel your subscription at any time by following the instructions on your Subscriptions page in your account or by calling Customer Service at 1-844-PLAY-HLP. As of May 1, 2016, cancellations must be made before the first of the month to affect the current month's box.
CONTACT: Contact page, (844) PLAY-HLP.


COST: $7 per box.
WHAT YOU GET: Each box includes 5-6 makeup, skincare and haircare items.
CANCELLATION PROCESS: No cancellation process as these boxes are purchased individually.
CONTACT: Contact page, (800) 591-3869


COST: $5 per box four times per year (January, June, March, September).
WHAT YOU GET: In your Walmart Beauty Box, you'll find 5-6 beauty samples and tips on products sold at Walmart and on Walmart.com.
CANCELLATION PROCESS: To cancel your Beauty Box subscription simply login to your account at BeautyBox.Walmart.com. On your account page, view My Subscriptions near the bottom of the page, then click “cancel subscription” and follow the quick easy steps.
CONTACT: Contact page, no phone number found.


COST: $35 per box
WHAT YOU GET: Each box includes high-quality natural and organic personal care products, healthy snacks, and lifestyle items carefully chosen from about 6 companies.
CANCELLATION PROCESS: You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging in to your Yuzen Customer Profile and unsubscribing in the Billing section, or by contacting Yuzen Customer Service.
CONTACT: Contact page, message via Facebook, no phone number found.

Indie subscription boxes

Hello Waffle Visage – Vegan and cruelty-free. Mini $12 per month, Standard $30 per month. International options. Each box contains products for your eyes, lips, and face to provide a complete look. Products are created exclusively for each month.
Notoriously Morbid Various Boxes – Cruelty-free. Mystic Monthly (2 lips) $10. International options. Vanishing Cabinet - $13.25 + shipping. International options. 4 to 5 themed items ranging from eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, solid perfume.
Femme Fatale Emporium Box – Vegan and cruelty-free. Bi-monthly $46.50 US/Canada. International options. Each box contains a selection of cosmetics, perfumes, bath and body items from small artisan businesses around the world.
FCS of the Month - $28 + shipping. Filled with a mix of themed full-size products and deluxe sample sizes.
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If you’re a fashion or beauty blogger, it combines all the brands and retailers you’re talking about on your blog (basically, it combines all the Affiliate Networks in 1 place, so that you don’t have to join them all). Most affiliate programs allow you to post links on Facebook. For Amazon though, you might want to look up their rules 91+ Beauty Affiliate Programs for Makeup and Beauty Bloggers. There’s ample opportunity to profit from beauty affiliate programs and it’s only going to get better with time. That’s because nearly 3.7 billion dollars worth of beauty products were sold online in 2015 and that number is slated to rise by 12% by 2020. Behind the Scenes of Beauty Blogging - Affiliate Programs So here is the first installment of my 'Behind the Scenes of Beauty Blogging' series which I'm hoping will be helpful to other bloggers and not just the make-up obsessed ones! I don't claim to know everything, so if I have got anything slightly wrong then I do apologise in advance These food affiliate programs are the best we’ve found to help your audience cook delightful meals. 30 Best Beauty Affiliate Programs Are you a beauty blogger? Then here's a list of the best and high-paying beauty affiliate programs in categories like skincare, perfume, and more. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the most popular affiliate programs for beauty and fashion bloggers. Linkshare. Often voted as the best affiliate program for fashion and beauty bloggers, Linkshare has unsurprisingly become the most popular affiliate program within this niche. Here are a few blogger favorites from their list of popular retailers:

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