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ILPT: Sign up to Amazon PartnerNet and create an affiliate link for every product you want to buy on Amazon. Then, buy it with a different account or in incognito mode. Save 5-12% at every buy!

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Can you create Amazon affiliate links so you get cash back on your own purhcase?

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How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Links Site using JavaScript and React
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Can I Create pictures for amazon affiliate links?

Hey there, a friend of mine, build a really cool banner ad for his new book and I want to help him and put it on my website. Can I use that banner and throw a amazon affiliate link on it or isn't that allowed? The user can clearly see that it is an ad for this book.
Greetings from Germany
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How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Links: Make Money Online

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How do I create international amazon affiliate links?

Hello, I have finally managed to gain the confidence to try another venture after a long depression and self doubt episode. I want to create amazon affiliate links on a website, but I hear that it is trouble creating international amazon links or ones that work anywhere in the world...can anybody help me? thank you!
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ULPT: Instead of trying to convince friends and family to listen to real science when they post BS pseudo-science "cures," create an Amazon Affiliate account and use your link to recommend overpriced "natural" products. You might get paid.

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How can I create affiliate links for my Amazon products?

After a bunch of googling, I'm not really getting a clear answer. Most of it tries to set me up as an Amazon "associate" myself. My goal is to give people their own custom link that leads to my Amazon product and I can check some kind of database to see how many sales are being generated by each individual link, so I can pay the right person. How can I do this? Or is there an even easier way? Thanks.
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Possible to create Amazon Affiliate link by appending affiliate code to URL?

I want to create Amazon affiliate links by appending my affiliate code to any Amazon URL. Will Amazon still track this purchase?
For example:
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How to Create Your Own Amazon Affiliate Links

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Parts list for mining rig created June/2017. Still somehow found the Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580s. 142.5 MH/S without mod. *Site has amazon affiliate links.

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/r/TheCoolestOfAmazon - a subreddit with no affiliate link, which is solely created to find/discover the most coolest products on amazon

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Feedback request: reddit i created this free opensource tool for amazon affiliate link creation without login - just add your tag and convert any link to your affiliate link - share your feedback to make it better.

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/r/TheCoolestOfAmazon - a subreddit with no affiliate link, which is solely created to find/discover the most coolest products on amazon

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Workflow for Creating Affiliate Links on iOS & Amazon

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Creating Amazon Affiliate Links - WordPress plugin

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If your going to use Amazon for holiday shopping please consider using this link. I set them up as an Amazon affiliate. As verification I created this page

If your going to use Amazon for holiday shopping please consider using this link. I set them up as an Amazon affiliate. As verification I created this page submitted by nasca to Charity [link] [comments]

Amazon account terminated - what to do?

I’ve been using Amazon UK for years now and currently making around £1K per month.
Yesterday out the blue I received this email:
Effective today, Amazon is terminating your Associates account as well as the Operating Agreement that governs it (link below).
Why? We reviewed your account as part of our ongoing monitoring of the Amazon Associates Program. During our review, we determined that you are not in compliance with the Operating Agreement, found here: The violations include the following:
-You are referring traffic from a site that is not your Site.
-Purchases resulting from Special Links on your Site have been for personal use, resale, or commercial use, or have been made by your friends, relatives, employees, contractors, or business relations.
... and I’m completely shocked at how sudden and swift that is, and how there’s no detailed information on how I have broken either of those two rules.
I’ve appealed it, but not sure how long they take to respond, or what chance I have of getting it overturned?
One thing I understand is I have two websites using the account, so maybe that is what’s been picked up, but I thought it was wrong to have multiple Amazon affiliate accounts and therefore any additional sites should use the same account but different tracking ID?
Has anyone got any advice? I’m panicking a little here!
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I made a spreadsheet with all kitchen essentials, including links to recommended products at three price tiers

This new 110-character title limit is a challenge...
Here is the spreadsheet
There are no referral or affiliate links here, I am not benefiting in any way from this. I just enjoy helping others.
Let me explain my intentions a bit more
I was bored one day week, and I decided to write up a list of all essential items that any kitchen should have. This was meant to help beginners who don't have much or any kitchen hardware, or for those who are looking to upgrade their existing hardware. I decided to also include an "expanded" and "expert" level of hardware that you will eventually need as well (see the separate tabs on the bottom of the spreadsheet).
I hand-compiled 95 items, and used product recommendations from America's Test Kitchen and Serious Eats to come up with three different options for each item, at three different price points. So there are currently 279 individual items with prices and links to purchase.
I feel pretty good with the range of items, I'd say it's about 95% inclusive. If you spot anything I have missed, feel free to let me know and I will add it.
Edit: Just wanted to highlight this great suggestion from BrooklynNewsie
If someone here is planning to move out of their own, it’s worth printing out a list like this and posting it on the wall of your new kitchen, add a check mark every time you want to use something from the list you don’t have yet. Highlight it if there is no available substitute to get the job done without that tool. (Obviously make sure you have the absolute basics [pan, spatula, knife, cutting board, grater, fire extinguisher]) When you hit 3 check marks, add it to your shopping list.
Edit 2: Wow! So much great feedback, thank you all so much!
I have made a few updates to the spreadsheet; I added a mandatory column, per many of your requests, which is just what is sounds like, things that are absolutely mandatory and you can't live without.
I added some little pictures as well, because why not.
Next I will be adding some descriptions as to why each item is considered essential, or basically why I think it deserves a spot in your kitchen. I will try to keep my bias out of this.
I will also be creating a list of baking essentials as well. Look for that in a new post within the next week or so.
Lastly, if any of you still reading this have any software programming experience, I am looking for some assistance setting up a Python script or Visual Basic code, or whatever, that will auto-update the prices from Amazon. I know Java and some C++, but that's it. Please DM me if you would be willing to help!
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Affiliate link to Amazon search

I saw this on facebook and I would like to do it myself. It was a photo of a horse with a title "Horse riding equipment" and a link to When you click the link, it takes you to search page for horse riding equipment. There were various sorts of boots, pants, jackets... So I guess if you buy anything it counts as your sale, regardless of the fact that you didn't link to a specific product? And how do I mske such a link? Where do I include my id?
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The best boxer briefs — Typical Contents

This is the first guide in a series from Typical Contents, a kind of “wirecutter for clothes”. It’s by the team behind Epochs, a now defunct menswear blog.
We’ll be reviewing categories of clothing in hopes of finding the best item(s) in that category. This first post focuses on finding the best pair of boxer briefs. We bought all 13 pairs tested using our own money and there are no referral or affiliate links contained in this post.
Over the past six months I've been on a personal crusade to find the best pair of mens boxer briefs. The reason? I'm investing the time and money now, upfront, so I never have to think about what underwear I buy ever again. During this quest I've researched over 20 pairs of underwear, and wore and washed 13 pairs over six months (and I will continue to test and update this guide accordingly). CDLP's Boxer Brief came out on top; they're light and comfortable, look great and can be had for a reasonable price when bought in multiples.

Best overall

CDLP Boxer Brief
An incredibly comfortable pair of underwear thanks to their light and airy lyocell material and lack of a fabric label. They're not quite so hard on the wallet in multipacks and subscriptions. Made in Portugal.
View on CDLP's website
CDLP’s Boxer Brief came out top in our testing. They were the most comfortable fit, perfectly hugging the wearer in a reassuring and supportive way. The unusual lyocell material was light, soft and has significant stretch. The material did have a slightly unusual sheen but this lessened on the body of the garment after a few washes (but remained on the waistband). The printed label on the inside is an excellent touch, avoiding the irritation of fabric labels. The waistband seam is moved off centre, preventing irritation in the small of the wearer’s back. The Portuguese manufacture oozes quality and means you’ll be supporting well paid workers. They are also durable: After six months of weekly wears and washes they show no issues.
£29 is expensive for a pair of underwear but its on par with others also made in developed countries. The price per pair can be brought down significantly by multipacks and CDLP's "Automatique" subscription service. A three pack costs £75, reducing the price per pair to £25 (a nine pack reduces the price per pair to £21.60 but costs an eye watering £195). Combining the three pack with a three month subscription reduces the price to £59 every three months. This reduces the price per pair to a relatively reasonable £19.
We were also impressed by CDLP’s presentation. The garments themselves exude a premium but understated feeling which is preferable to the brash loudness found in a lot of mens underwear. The bright yellow box the underwear arrives in was not only visually arresting, but made the unboxing feel special. It was reminiscent of a Mr Porter or Apple box opening experience.
This is the best pair of underpants I've ever owned. In the entire rotation this is the only pair I really looked forward to putting on. If you only want to own a single model of boxer brief, these should be it.

What we’d like to see improved

As CDLP’s founders themselves say, they “are not perfect”. We'd like more transparency around their factory in Portugal, more transparency about their lyocell material, its environmental impact, and manufacturing process. We’d also like to see some sort of recycling/disposal programme where old or worn out pairs can be sent back to the company for recycling alá Patagonia and others.

Also good

Sunspel Stretch Cotton Trunk
A well crafted pair of underwear that is comfortable and will last a long time. The material is more substantial than our top pick, but was less breathable and light feeling. Made in Portugal.
View on Sunspel's website
The Sunspel Stretch Cotton Trunk is just as comfortable as our top pick, the CDLP Boxer Brief. They have an excellent, supportive and flattering fit, and conform well to the wearer's body. Unfortunately it does have a fabric label, which we found annoying. Where this pair differs from our top pick is the material, which is a more traditional cotton/elastane mix. It is thicker and more substantial feeling than CDLP's lyocell offering but we prefer CDLP's lighter feeling material. The quality and durability on display from Sunspel is outstanding, and we expect this pair to last a very long time. Do not confuse these Stretch Cotton Trunks with Sunspel's Superfine Cotton Trunks, which are 100% cotton and we did not favour in our testing (they are also more expensive).
Sunspel do not offer multipacks or any kind of subscription service meaning what you see is what you get in terms of pricing, barring sales. All in all Sunspel has a nearly as compelling offering as our top pick for the same price (or more expensive if you take multipacks and subscription discounts into account) as our top pick. But purchasers will not be disappointed with the quality and fit on display from this heritage British brand.

Budget pick

UNIQLO Mens Supima Cotton Boxer Brief
Nearly (but not quite) as comfortable as our top picks, but there are significant sacrifices made in durability, quality and—arguably—origin. Made in Sri Lanka.
Buy on UNIQLO's website
For the more fiscally minded there is the UNIQLO Mens Supima Cotton Boxer Brief. They have an excellent, close fit and were almost (but not quite) as comfortable as our more expensive top picks. We were honestly surprised at how close they came though. The construction and quality doesn't feel as robust as our top picks and don't expect them to last nearly as long as the pairs made in Portugal. We wish they didn't have a fabric label, although it is at least a small one.
There was some slight confusion between different models with identical names on UNIQLO's website. Likely they are similar models from different factories that changed season to season. Perhaps this is a hazard of fast fashion. Speaking of which, there is some debate around the ethics used in UNIQLO's factories, despite the company’s claims. Bear in mind that this is a rock-bottom priced piece of clothing made in Sri Lanka, so ethically minded shoppers should probably steer clear.

Why you should trust us

We are the team behind the (now defunct) menswear website Epochs. Epochs examined the cultural and social history of menswear and produced some well received articles in the menswear community (e.g. Epochs Field Guide to Nautical Clothing, Epochs Field Guide to Camoflauge). We pride ourselves on our in-depth approach to research and focus on good design.
Luke McDonald is a fashion writer and stylist at London-based Thread. He has written many articles about menswear and styled a wide array of fashion shoots at Thread. Patrick McDonald is a designer based in Vancouver and has been a Muji underwear enthusiast for many years.
I (Andrew Emerson) am a designer in London. Finding the best pair of underwear became a mission of mine when I ended up with a drawer full of identical boxer briefs from a clothing subscription service in 2019. The consistency was nice but the quality was poor, so I decided I would replace my dozens of pairs of this brand's boxer brief with another model.

How we tested

Researching began online. We looked at a number of Reddit threads on malefashionadvice (thread 1, thread 2) and buyitforlife (thread 1, thread 2). We also looked at The Wirecutter’s “Best Boxer brief for Men” and “Best Travel Underwear 2020” articles as well. The Strategist had three relevant articles: ”The Best Men’s Underwear on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers”, ”What’s the Best Men’s Underwear?”, and ”What Are the Best Boxer Briefs for Men?”.
We also looked at brands that we had previous experience with, and that had permanent basics collections such as Everlane, Sunspel, ARKET and UNIQLO.
We looked to get a spread on different materials (cotton, cotton/elastane, wool, synthetics), different origins (Europe, Middle East, and Asia), and price points. Finally we purchased a shortlist of these using our own money.
We created a set of criteria that all pairs were judged against (see “What to look for” below). All purchased pairs were put in rotation for several months and notes taken on first and subsequent wears. We tracked the different pairs, stored notes, and ranked them using a Notion database. Finally we compiled our findings into this article. We intend to update this page periodically as we try new pairs (keep and eye on our changelog for updates) as there are other pairs we would still like to try.

What to look for in a pair of boxer briefs

We looked for a pair of underwear that was suitable for every day wear and most of life’s occasions; work, sleeping in, date night, running to catch a bus, dropping kids off, lounging around your apartment (but not for going to the gym or exercising in, you will need specialty underwear for that).
Boxer briefs only: We looked specifically at boxer briefs so that discounts more loose fitting boxers, and legless varieties like briefs. Boxer briefs were chosen because they are more supportive and comfortable than their cousins, and are flattering without being overly revealing. They are a modern, balanced undergarment for men.
Availability: Garments should be widely available and be almost always in stock. We discounted most high street labels because they have many different models that change frequently. We preferred those that were underwear specialists, or had a permanent collection of underwear.
Colours: We tested everything in black. This was to have a fair comparison, but also we prefer an understated look. It’s also more practical and won’t discolour.
Length and rise: Is the pair long or short in the leg? High or low rise? A balance is important here, but generally we want a regular rise combined with a slightly shorter leg length. Longer leg length can look antiquated, but a very short leg length can be uncomfortable and veer into hot pants territory (that’s bad). A slightly shorter leg can be flattering.
Fit: How tight or loose the pair is. Being boxer briefs, we are looking for a closer fitting garment, without being tight. The fit or cut is also a key factor when considering aesthetics. The fit should be flattering to the shape of the wearer, but bear in mind that it won’t make you look fit if you’re not.
Material: The main body will be some combination of cotton, wool, lyocell, elastane (spandex for our American compatriots). We found about 5-10% elastane is necessary for a comfortable, slightly stretchy fit. Without elastane, the garments had no give, weren’t fitted enough, and were generally less comfortable (they also tended to ride up the leg more). The waistband is generally a synthetic material with a percentage of elastane. The material of the waistband wasn’t as important as how it fit and felt (see below for more on waistbands).
Waistband: Two things to consider — softness and width. It should have a soft handle and be wide enough to spread the load. It also shouldn’t be too tight, or turn over easily.
Keyhole: Pretty much the only “feature” that mens boxer briefs can have; does the garment have a keyhole or not? We do not have a strong preference; slightly preferring without for simplicity. However it was not a factor that was taken into account when making our picks.
Durability: How does the garment hold up in day to day wear? How does it cope with being washed again and again? Despite what Tom Ford says, we don’t believe in throwing out our underwear after six months. We believe underwear should be able to stand up to being worn and washed at least once per week for around twelve months. We will update this guide as we continue to wash and wear our top picks.
Label/tag: Underwear should not have tags, which are annoying and itchy. Labels/tags printed directly on the garment are strongly preferred.
Price: Price can vary significantly, but we found there are generally a low and high price bracket, mostly depending on where the garment is made (see “origin” below).
Origin: Where the garment is manufactured. Today’s shoppers are much more conscientious about the ethics of their clothing. We gave preference to garments manufactured in developed countries and made in ethical, transparent ways.
Multipacks and subscription: Often a good way to reduce the price per unit. Subscription services are a great way to build up your underwear collection and of injecting fresh pairs into your rotation.

The competition

The ARKET Pima Cotton Trunks had too narrow a waistband which caused pressure on the wearer's hips. The tag is very long and caused irritation. They were also more expensive than our budget pick, which took them out of the running for us.
Although similar in many ways to our top pick (particularly the excellent lyocell material), the CDLP Boxer Trunk offers a more aggressive cut and a lower rise than their Boxer Brief cousins. However we found the leg length overly short and the cuffs of the legs more loose fitting than our top pick, leading to a overall less secure feeling fit. Some people may prefer the more sporty look, and the pair could be described as more flattering than any of our picks, but for everyday wear we prefer the CDLP Boxer Brief.
The Everlane Boxer Brief is a comfortable and all round good pair of underwear. They fit well, are the right length, and look good. The printed tag is a great touch as well. They fit was good, but were ever so slightly on the loose side in medium and weren't as flattering as the rest of our picks. The issue with Everlane's entry was the price. At £14 they are nearly three times more expensive than our budget pick for about the same experience. And although our top pick is priced at £29, they can be had for as low as £19 (and they're made in Portugal, not Sri Lanka). Shipping to the UK was also very expensive at £12. Overall they are a Very Good pair of boxer briefs but they're too expensive to be a budget pick and don't quite reach the excellence of our top picks.
The Rozenbroek Organic Bamboo Jersey Trunk is the only pair we wore that was manufactured in the UK, and is well priced for such a claim. Unfortunately we found the waistband very uncomfortable. It was too stiff, tight and thick. The edges were also slightly sharp and dug into the wearer’s hips. The bamboo material was comfortable, stretchy and light but Rozenbroek don't show the exact material breakdown on their website or on the garment itself.
Saxx is a brand well known and liked on the internet, featuring on many favourites lists. We tried the Saxx Undercover Trunk and found the cotton/modal/elastane material light, airy and supportive. One of Saxx's primary selling points is their "ballpark" technology, which is designed to cup the wearer’s genitals. We found this to be somewhat uncomfortable in practice though, with the fabric edge of the "pouch" rubbing annoyingly against the skin. The Vancouver, Canada based brand also isn't transparent about where it makes its product, which appear to be Chinese in origin. This lack of transparency made us somewhat uncomfortable, and £21 is on the steep side for China made underwear. The branding and marketing is also slightly over the top and in your face, especially compared to the understated approach of our picks. Finally Saxx is quite difficult to get outside of Canada and the US, and we had to resort to specialty outdoor shops to purchase ours in the UK.
The baggiest fit we tested belongs to the Smartwool Men's Merino Sport 150 Boxer Brief, which took them out of the running for us. This was a shame, because the merino wool construction was soft and light. £35 is also too much to be charging for a pair of underwear made in Vietnam.
The leg length was a little too long on the Stór Bamboo Boxer Brief and as a result they don't flatter the wearer. The bamboo material mix is soft and breathable and conforms well to the body and feels comparable to the lyocell used in our top pick. The origin (Turkey) is a little suspicious as it isn't listed anywhere on the website or the product. I had to reach out to the company to find out where they were made.
Being 100% cotton means the Sunspel Superfine Cotton Trunks don’t have much give, which created problems when worn. When combined with slightly too tight leg openings, it meant they tended to ride up over time, eventually leading to a nappy like appearance which then had to be readjusted. The tag is also a little annoying. Having said all that the waistband was soft and comfortable, and they are constructed well.
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Would you pay for an automated Affiliates plugin? (for Wordpress/Drual/Whatever)

Hi All,
I've developed a plugin that runs on (Wordpress/MediaWiki/Xenforo/Drual) that makes it extremely easy to insert affiliate links into articles.
It goes out to the Amazon API to get all the details of the product in question so displays with the image, the price, if it's eligible for prime, if it's in stock, etc. etc. I've just spent a bunch of time updating it to use the latest API 5.0 from Amazon, it works great. It caches the products in the local database for a configurable amount of time, so once it has collected the details of a given product from amazon once it doesn't slow down site speed.
It can even localize so that if a person is viewing the page form Canada it will show the Canadian price and link to the Canada store with your affiliates code, and all the other stores if you have accounts with them.
You can either insert links manually wherever you want using shortcode like [al]B00T36NUYA[/al]
or it has an "automated" option where it will search for text you specify in all existing posts & articles and make that text within the article an affiliate link. So for every single existing post on your entire site it can insert links as you see fit in the text of the article, or at the top or bottom or whatever you want.
Here's an example - of what it looks like showing three products at the bottom of a blog post on Wordpress. I plan to let people specify their own css so they can tweak the exact layout.
Anyway, It's running on my site and one customer, and while I have a bunch of time from Covid, I'm toying with the idea of putting the plugin on, or possibly selling it as some kind of yearly price (maybe $50? or a monthly subscription (maybe $10/mo ?).
I'm asking for feedback please on if you'd be willing to pay for a plugin like this, or do you think there are already too many free options? How much do you think is reasonable for something like this?
It only does Amazon right now, but I could add others if that makes sense.
Also if you've got any ideas to make it better I'm all ears, thanks!
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How to create Amazon Affiliate Link | In this blog we will know, how to create a product link. If you will not create a link, this article is only for you. Alright, all the above is a manual try and so before your promote the affiliate links make sure to check whether the link is tagging to your associates ID using Amazon link checker tool. There is a much better way to create short Amazon affiliate URLs, here is how you do it. How to create short Amazon affiliate URLs On every page at the top, you can find amazon Affiliate link generator which will let you grab Amazon affiliate links instantly. Step by step guide to creating Amazon affiliate link: Once your application is approved, login to your Amazon affiliate panel & now head to any product page on Amazon website. It turns out that for every Amazon market (.com, .ca, .de, .uk, etc) there is a different Amazon Associate account. That means that if you want the ability to get every commission possible from your amazon affiliate links, you need to provide the right link at the right time for the right customer. Sounds impossible, right? Go to Amazon website and log in to your Amazon affiliate link. At the top of every page, you can see Amazon affiliate link generator which can help you to create Amazon affiliate links quickly. Step by step guide to creating Amazon affiliate link: Once they approve your application like Google Adsense, you need to login to your Amazon affiliate

[index] [1314] [10808] [6266] [12831] [5701] [6821] [8676] [2087] [2630] [2167]