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Tips for Huuuge Casino Slots

Here are some tips for those who are are working on Huuuge Casino. The tips also apply to Billionaire Casino.

  1. Make sure to get Free chips (ex. site)
  2. Join a club that is atleast level 20 that completes daily events.
    1. You can use the Advanced Search to specify level. I would also recommend increasing the member size too.
    2. Collect Free chips from the Club Wall as they become available
  3. While playing slots, send Likes and Connect with others as new players show up.
    1. This will increase how many Daily Chips you get (max 100 likes, max 25 friends)
    2. You can also bulk send Connect requests to all members of your Club once you join one
  4. Collect Free chips from the Shop
    1. Lower right corner, on timer
  5. Collect Free chips from Betty Bonus
    1. Lower left corner of lobby, on timer
  6. Collect and save your lottery tickets until atleast level 100
    1. The lottery prizes increase once you hit level 100. ( u/JefeTomas12 )
    2. You should always see a timer going on the lottery button for earning another lottery ticket. If you don't, enter the lottery area and then exit to get the timer going again.
  7. Use Baccarat or Roulette to grind
    1. It is usually recommended to reach level 65 before doing baccarat or roulette because that is when the 10M betting table opened up. Even before 65 I would use the these to get the most out of my 5min x2 XP boosts.
    2. Always start a private room. To do this, go to the menu with the roulette table options. Hold your finger on a table and a pop up will appear with an option of creating a private table. This will significantly speed things up as you wont have to wait for other players to bet!
    3. Baccarat has slightly better odds at keeping your money for longer, however I felt that it was much slower per game even with a private room. It also looks like baccarat gives less XP per 10M bet then Roulette, but I did not verify the exact amount. I estimated almost hafl. I would recommended Roulette during x2 XP if you have the chip cushion at the very least.
      1. Baccarat = (.458 banker win odds * .975) + (.446 player win odds * 1) + (.096 tie odds * 1) = .989 average percentage of bet won
      2. Roulette = (.947 red or black win odds * 1) + (.053 0 or 00 win odds * 00 = .947 average percentage of bet won
    4. For roulette:
      1. Choose your total bet amount and place 1/2 on Red and 1/2 on Black. You will have a high probability of getting your money back with this method to allow for longer grinding. You will only lose if the wheel hits 0 or 00.
    5. For baccarat:
      1. Choose your total bet amount and place 1/2 on Player and 1/2 on Bank. You will have a high probability of getting all your money back with this method to allow for longer grinding. You will only lose a small amount of money in the case of the Bank winning (250,000 on a 10M total bet).
  8. ALWAYS utilize x2 XP power ups, even at lower levels
    1. This is the time to add a bit of risk for a higher reward, especially when betting on roulette where the risk is far less. Max out betting on roulette as much as you can, its worth it, especially if it means you level up and get the next level's rewards.
    2. From u/Greenoverzz: If you have x2 XP for 5 minute, click the spin button instead of auto as it tends to be faster
    3. You can get x2 XP for 24 hours from the lottery wheel, which is the best reward by far ( u/JefeTomas12 )
    4. From levels 1-80, you will receive a 5 minute x2 XP boost every 5 levels. Starting at level 81, you will receive a 5 minute x2 XP boost every level. It is good to plan for this. If you have the chips for it, you can use that x2 XP boost plus betting 10M on roulette to shoot you from 81 to approximately 125 without running out of XP boost.
If you're looking at a level 200 offer from Huuuge Casino, it is really difficult even with the above tips to complete in 7 days. It might be possible in a 14+ day window. Obviously you can make it easier by spending a little money, but I don't like making tip guides based on spending money. That's probably just me.
If you do want to spend money, your first purchase is discounted so make it count! u/TheOofsterInTF2 commented that once you reach level 100 or so, you will get a $8.99 800+ million chip pack offer. If you are interested in getting this pack, remember to not make any other purchases before this. They reached level 200 in 6 days (see their post here). They also commented they had to grind 15+ min per level towards the end, which is really mind numbing to me. If you want to spend less, there should be a $1.99 option with a couple million chips and a lot of bronze tickets ( u/JefeTomas12 ). The tickets can help complete the bronze puzzle or score you that x2 24hr XP boost!
Enjoy and Good Luck!
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To All The Swagbuck Games I've Ever Played

Last updated: 7/12 - updated info on current Rise of Kingdom offers available
This post chronicles the Swagbuck Discover game offers that I've played. I might expand a couple of them into more detailed posts, but if I do I'll add the links below. As the list has begun to grown, I have reorganized them into subsections by categories. Here is a brief list of the games:

Other items to note:


Kingdom or City Builder Games


King of Avalon ($48) -- Android Only Offer

Free Loot Update!: Twitch Prime currently has free loot available for King of Avalon. Looks like they have a couple weeks planned out for different loot. If you are already an Amazon Prime member, you can receive this loot through your current membership. If you aren't a Prime member, you can also receive the look via the Prime free trial offer. Read more about Twitch Prime here.
6/28 Update: My husband reached SH16 this morning and the offer immediately credited. That means he finished it in a little less then 6 days. I asked if he thought the Twitch loot is what made it so much quicker for him. He thought it was more to do with the Ravenger event that was happening right now that had major speedups and resources for loot. He did say the Twitch resources and gold helped. He used the gold for the 2nd builder + additional resources.
This is a kingdom builder type game that is really common. You build up your individual kingdom, but live in a world of many kingdoms. You can farm resources in this world, be attacked, or attack others.
I would recommend joining a good alliance if you can. They'll protect you from attackers and get you in game currency to spend on a 2nd builder, which is 100% needed.
Time to Complete: I completed the offer in 11 days. Relatively high interaction upfront, but can be more passive once you start getting to higher levels.
Credit Experience: Credited without any issues. Might have credited early, but I didn't go and check.
Biggest Con: The amount of time it takes is longer then other games, but honestly I enjoyed playing it so I didn't feel like it was a waste or anything.
Overall Recommendation: My offer was to get to stronghold level 18 for $48 and some change. Would recommend if your offer is 21+ days. If 14+days, you might get tight without spending money, especially if you're not used to these types of games.
Guide for Reference: [Guide] King Of Avalon

Rise of Kingdoms ($40)

Higher Offer Update!: Before you start this on Swagbucks, you might want to check out GG2U (Ref|NonRef). They have a $45 offer to reach level 17 on their wall PLUS they will reimburse you for any gems you buy if you spend between $9-$13 in the first 7 day. GG2U has no fee cashout to PayPal with $7 minimum.
Update 7/12: The Swagbucks offer is now to reach level 18 for $40. This means the GG2U offer is a lower level plus more money. Would recommend the GG2U offer!
This game is extremely similar to King of Avalon. One big difference is that there really isn't a threat of player-vs-player attack like in King of Avalon. When attacks do happen, they are larger and alliance coordinated.
I would again recommend a good alliance if you can. Keep paying in-game currency or get to VIP level 6 for the 2nd builder. Either are do able without having to pay any real money.
Time to Complete: I completed this offer in 12 days. Relatively high interaction upfront, but can be more passive once you start getting to higher levels.
Credit Experience: Went pending quickly and credited after the pending period.
Biggest Con: Like King of Avalon, the biggest con is the amount of time it takes, but I had fun playing it so wasn't really a con for me.
Overall Recommendation: My offer was to get to city hall level 17 for $40. Would recommend if your offer is 21+ days. If 14+days, you might get tight without spending money, especially if you're not used to these types of games.
Guide for Reference: [Guide] Rise of Kingdoms - City Hall level 17

Pirates of the Caribbean ($9.76)

Higher Offer Update!: Before you start this on Swagbucks, you might want to check out GG2U (Ref|NonRef). They have a $10 offer on their wall. Not much more, but I found the Swagbucks $9.76 offer during a double day. The $10 offer is always available, so might just be easier if you're looking for an offer to do right away. GG2U has no fee cashout to PayPal with $7 minimum.
Another "kingdom" builder game like King of Avalon and Rise of Kingdoms. To me this game felt a lot less intuitive then the other two. I didn't like the interface as much either. However, the offer to get your Fortress (aka "Castle" in offer text) to level 15 is really easy. I causally did it over two days and probably could have finished sooner based on the number of speedups I had left.
For these kingdom builder games, I always recommended looking up what the build criteria is for each level so you can best plan ahead. This information is easy to find for King of Avalon and Rise of Kingdoms, but seems much harder for this game. I ended up finding this guide on the beermoney sub that had it: guide. There are a couple things in that post I would maybe change, but overall it is a pretty great guide.
Time to Complete: 2 days for me, but I'm guessing average will be closer to 3 days, maybe 4
Credit Experience: Credited immediately
Biggest Con: Wasn't super thrilled with the game dynamics so just wasn't as excited to play. I liked King of Avalon and Rise of Kingdoms as a game so even though those took longer, they were fun to play so I didn't mind.
Recommendation: Would definitely recommend. Hold out for a double SB day to score atleast $9. Credited without any issues.
Guide for Reference: [Guide] Pirates of the Caribbean: ToW - Level 15 Fortress

Lords Mobile ($6.48) -- Android Only

This is a city builder plus a fighting campaign game. You primarily focus on the city building, but can get some speedups through the campaign. Leveling up your heroes also helps because eventually you'll unlock the Colosseum where you can earn gems to purchase more speedups.
In general its a relatively simple, straight forward game. The simplistic game dynamics made me feel like the build times should have been should have been shorter then they were. I think that artificially made me a little frustrated with the game, but it honestly wasn't a big deal. It also could have been that I was really hoping to get this completed before the end of the month, which I was one day short of. I had made approximately $244 this month (June) and just wanted to get that as high as possible.
One item to note is that resources weren't a problem with this game. I ended with over 1 million of all the resources and could have had more if I had done more farming. Just didn't because there wasn't a need.
Time to Complete: 4 days for my "get to Castle level 11" offer, but relatively low time commitment. I kept opening it though wishing there was more I could do to speed things up. Unfortunately they wasn't.
Credit Experience: Credited immediately
Biggest Con: Long build times with only small speed-ups available. You'll get 1 minute and 3 minute speedups here and there, but seem to be proportionally less then other city builder games.
Recommendation: Would recommend on a double day. Its easy and low stress. Definitely shop around on this one though. I saw a slightly higher offer on GG2U a day after I started and then Swagbucks had a $7.50 offer two days after (the $7.50 Swagbucks offer came and went quickly).
Guide for Reference: No guide found and I kicked myself after reaching level 6 that I wasn't jotting down what was required to get to level 11. Focus on Barracks, Mine, Workshop, and Wall are the ones that come to mind. Also Watch tower, but that's not needed until level 10 -> level 11. I think I'm going to force my husband to play this and have him jot down the requirements so I can make a simple guide. Otherwise, level up your heroes so you can eventually earn join the Colosseum and earn some extra gems for speedups.

War and Magic ($14.64)

War and Magic is a city builder game that is for the most part similar to King of Avalon, Rise of Kingdoms, etc. However, there are some additional aspects of the game that you wont find in other city builder games. There are additional items on the world map as well as a different, turn-based fighting method (which can be put on auto).
Make sure to get into a good alliance to best ward off attacks. Do some alliance hopping if you need to.
Time to Complete: 7 days to get a power level of 1 million, although it could have been faster if I wasn't trying to learn the game as I went. Use the link below to the guide I wrote and maybe you can finish faster.
Credit Experience: Credited immediately
Biggest Con: It really wasn't bad for a city builder game. The game was interesting, although I felt like it was a bit less intuitive then I would have liked.
Recommendation: Would recommend on a double day, which is what I did. The offer is also available on GG2U for $15 right now.
Guide for Reference: [Guide] War and Magic


Hero Collecting Games


Raid Shadow Legends ($35)

This game is all about the grind! This doesn't seem like a game I would enjoy outside of Swagbucks, but maybe because I didn't really get into a Clan. I finished in just over 2 days, so atleast it wasn't a long, drawn out process. You can finish even quicker if you use an autoclicker.
The offer was a desktop offer, but I can't be near a computer very much so I played most of the game on my phone. Just download it to your computer, signup, and then sign in to the mobile app with the same ID. This does make it so you can't do the mobile offer on that phone since the app has already been downloaded, but for me it was either this way or not at all.
Time to Complete: Just over 2 days. You can't do too much on auto. The fight can be on auto, but you can't link fights together. This means you have to be near the "replay" button to keep things going. They do give you the ability to link 30 fights in a row each day, but that doesn't get you too far.
Credit Experience: Although the offer said it would pend, it immediately credited for myself and my husband. Other users commented that theirs pended without any issue.
Biggest Con: Unable to do fights on auto (unless you use an autoclicker), so can sometimes feel like a bit of a grind.
Overall Recommendation: My offer was two 5* champions in 7 days for $35. Most reddit commenters seemed to be able to finish within 3 days. Would definitely recommend any offer that is 7+ days.
Guide for Reference: [Guide] Raid: Shadow Legends (note that this guide references other guides as well)

Clone Evolution ($20.16)

Offer Caution!: You need to make sure you understand the offer you are selecting for Clone Evolution. On Adgem there is currently an offer to obtain 3 gold/orange heroes. This will NOT be do able so do not choose this offer. When browsing on my Android phone in the Swagbucks app I have also found an offer on RevU. This offer is for 1 gold/orange hero BUT gives a time limit of 7 days! I would also not recommend this offer.
This game is a relatively passive hero collector game. You need to collect heroes and then use them to color-up other heroes. The thing that makes this trickier then Raid is that the materials for coloring-up can be specific and those materials can take time to collect. Some of the materials are more rare and in all honestly take some luck to obtain.
Time to Complete: Average time is about 14 days. I was extremely lucky with Casino and Gene Bank pulls and completed in 10 days. I pulled Spartacus early from the Gene Bank, Founding Father from the Casino, and finished off when I had another lucky Gene Bank pull of Founding Father.
Credit Experience: Credited immediately upon completion
Biggest Con: The fact that a lot of it has to do with luck is definitely a turn off
Overall Recommendation: For $16 or $20, its a relatively low time commitment compared to other games, so would probably recommend. Although needing to rely on luck is a bit of a turn-off. Just make sure you get a 30 day offer and you should be fine.
Guide for Reference: There are several options in the game for collecting heroes, but the two most recommended are Cleopatra and Founding Father. When I started the game, these were the best two guides that were out there: Cleo Guide and FF Guide. Since that time, these two guides have been consolidated into one which can be found here: [Guide] Clone Evolution 1 Gold Hero. (different authors so like to credit both)


Casino Games


Pop Slots ($25)

This was by far and away the easiest Swagbucks game I've played to date. I completed it in under 2 hours. I wrote up a tutorial here.
Time to Complete: Level 28 offer took me less then two hours and I wasn't completely passive. Level 35 offer (which I helped my sister-in-law with on a non-Swagbucks site) took me 2 days, but we just had the phone sitting on the counter while we did other stuff. Needed a restock on tokens the next day for the level 35 offer.
Credit Experience: Credited immediately without issue.
Biggest Con: None
Overall Recommendation: Would definitely recommend. I've seen the offer amount go from $25 down to $5 back up to $15, so I would say hold out for atleast a $10 offer.
Guide for Reference: [Guide] Pop Slots

Huuuge Casino ($20)

Higher Offer Update!: Before you start this on Swagbucks, you might want to check out GG2U (Ref|NonRef). Their offer is currently $25 for level 200 in 20 days. GG2U has no fee cashout to PayPal with $7 minimum.
6/24 Update: RevU on Swagbucks has its Huuuge Casino offer doubled right now so it is $52 for level 200 in 20 days. (Android Only) It looks like there is still a Huuuge Casino $26 for level 200 in 7 days offer out there that I would again not recommend. I think 7 days is just too tight for level 200.
Another slots game like Pop Slots, but they also have some non-slot games like poker and roulette.
I did not complete this offer. My offer was level 200 in 10 days. By day 6 I was at level 164 and low on chips. With how much I was having to bet on slots or roulette with each level, I knew there wasn't any hope without spending money at that point. Out of curiosity I uninstalled and tried again to see if there was a different strategy that would be better. No such luck. My second attempt was even slower.
Here is a little write-up I did on some game tips. If I had known all these before I started, I would have definitely made it to level 200, especially the information about how to create a private room.
Today there was a post on the forum from someone who says they reached level 200 in 6 days after buying a $6.99 chip pack with 800+ million chips. (I've never seen a $6.99 price on a chip pack so I'm thinking this might have been $8.99 and they miss remembered). They also commented that the roulette grind was rough, taking 15+ minutes per level. Otherwise their tips were the same as what I had posted.
Time to Complete: Did not reach level 200, but without making any purchases I would say atleast close to two weeks. You can run the slots passively, but the non-slot games need interaction for each round/hand.
Credit Experience: n/a
Overall Recommendation: I would not recommend any level 200 offer unless maybe if it was not time constrained. There is usually also level 100 offer for less money (~$8). Give that an attempt on a double SB day.
Guide for Reference: [Guide] Huuuge Casino and Billionaire Casino

Billionaire Casino ($20)

I honestly hate the Huuuge branded slot casinos. They just aren't fun to play and you need to be semi-active for the roulette grind. This offer was to get to level 150 in 14 days, so the grind was much less then the level 200 Huuuge Casino offer. Yuck! I had some good luck getting 2 Charm event packs completed for big chip wins so I was able to complete in 3 days, grinding roulette when I had the time. The offer went pending after maybe 10 minutes.
If you're planning on doing Billionaire Casino, my tips write-up for Huuuge Casino also applies as they are basically the same exact game: here.
Time to Complete: 3 days, but lucked out with some event chip wins
Credit Experience: Pended immediately
Biggest Con: The grind! It can kill your spirit and your soul, especially if you're unlucky with wins, events, or the lottery wheel.
Recommendation: I would only recommended level 150 offers or lower. Pended without any issues, so expecting to credit in the next couple days.
Guide for Reference: [Guide] Huuuge Casino and Billionaire Casino

Club Vegas ($12.50)

Another casino offer. There are times in the middle of these casino offers that I just wonder why I put myself through this. I was at this point with about 15 levels to go and only 5 million chips when I happened to stumble across my own personal gold mine! It was the slot Spartan Gold. I am usually one of the unluckiest people when it comes to casino games, but I would hit huge win after win after win with that slot, including two Grand jackpots, one valuing over 400 million! I honestly think that slot might be bugged.
I had a hard time finding free chips for this game. I think because the name is just so generic. If you go into the App there is an About button in the upper right. You can follow this to Facebook page to get a couple chips. That's the best I've got.
Time to Complete: About 3 days to reach level 70
Credit Experience: Pended immediately
Biggest Con: You can't put the game on auto. There are "spin" or "collect" screens that will just wait there forever for you. I couldn't find any slots that didn't have this. So you need to be able to check on the game every couple minutes.
Recommendation: The time limit was 30 days, so even without the crazy luck I had, I wasn't concerned about eventually getting there. I'm just bored out of my mind of casinos so its hard for me to recommend. If you like casino games and can babysit the game, then yes I would recommend.
Guide for Reference: No guide found....might need to write something up for this one...


Other Games


Coin Master ($20)

This is an extremely easy game. You spin the slot machine type wheel to win coins or play mini games. You use the coins to build villages. Once you complete a village you progress to the next village level. The spins are refilled at a rate of 5 spins every hour with a max of 50 spins. You can win additional spins in events, which seem to be happening daily.
Check their Facebook page for free spins or coins. You can also get free spins or coins at this website, although new offers are only offered on a monthly basis:
Time to Complete: Very low time investment. Completed causally over two days for a "complete level 7 offer".
Credit Experience: The payout is very slow. They make you wait up to 32 days and then you can submit a ticket if you don't get it. It seemed like they bulk approved a bunch of people at the same time. And here's another post with bulk credit. I have heard that the lower paying Coin Master offers payout quicker, even immediately in some cases.
Biggest Con: Time to credit
Overall Recommendation: Piece of cake. Would recommend.
Guide for Reference: No guide found....honestly you don't even need one.

Strike! Real Money Bowling ($17.80 + $0.30)

This was a super easy game too. The offer pays 30 SB on download and another $17.80 on your first paid game. You can add money to the app to play the 60 cent paid game or you can earn cash in-game by winning 25 practice games. This will give you $2 to use to play a paid game.
I played the practice games inbetween other games. I would recommend trying a little since it'll take less time if you actually win. When I finally played a paid game I did win. I played 6 more and won all those too, so right now I could technically cash out for something like $1.50 on top of the offer money.
This game is a Skillz game. There are multiple Skillz game offers, but the disclaimers say that only one Skillz offer is redeemable per user.
Time to Complete: Casually over 2 days.
Credit Experience: Both myself and my husband didn't receive the $17.80 automatically. We both had to submit a ticket, which was credited in under an hour.
Biggest Con: The app is not available for download through the Play store since it is a gambling game. This could put people off from the game. I did not have any problems the game.
Overall Recommendation: I would definitely recommend, especially when offered by Swagbucks and not an offer wall (like adgem).
Guide for Reference: No guide found. Pretty straight forward but maybe I'll eventually throw one together.

Hexa Jigsaw ($5.94 on non-Swagbucks site)

I know, I know. I didn't play this one on Swagbucks so that doesn't really go with the title of the post. The game is almost always available on one or more offer walls at Swagbucks though so I wanted to note it.
This is a very simple game. There are small jigsaws you need to complete to earn stars. Each level is one star. I liked the background music and actually found the game decently relaxing.
However, the point of the game as far as the developers are concerned is to show you an Ad after completing every level or every other level. This can get SUPER annoying SUPER fast. You can get around this though by disconnecting from data (both wifi and mobile data). Then you get zero Ads! I would recommend turning on data again a couple levels before you complete the offer though.
Time to Complete: The number of levels needed varies a lot from offer to offer. I was trying to work it out and I think you should estimate about 1.5 minutes per level/star to estimate time to complete your offer.
Credit Experience: n/a since complete through non-Swagbucks site
Biggest Con: The Ads, but if you turn of data then its actually quite enjoyable.
Overall Recommendation: I would recommend if you need a game you can play offline (which is what I needed). If you're not into other types of game offers and need something more low-key, this game can also be for you. If you like the other game types, this game is usually a low-earner so might be a secondary choice, although $6 is not too bad either.
Guide for Reference: No guide needed


Future Games


Games In Progress

These are the games I currently have in progress:

Games I've been Advised to Do

These are some games that others have commented are easy and worth doing. They are on my To Do list.

Games I've Been Advised to Avoid

There are some games that are generally not worth the time and effort or are near impossible without spending money. This is a list of those games based on the Swagbucks sub:
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Casinos NOt On Gamstop

Regardless of when you need to play gambling club games, as long as you have a PC or cell phone and some type of installment technique close nearby then you are going to discover hundreds if not a huge number of various club locales will acknowledge you as a player.

In any case, you won't have such an enormous decision of gambling club destinations at which to play at on the off chance that you are an individual from the Gamstop administration, the same number of UK based club locales are going to close your records once Gamstop advise, at that point that you have added your name to their register.

These are the best UK gambling clubs not recorded on Gamstop underneath:

Wild Casino

BetOnline Casino

Storm Martin Casino



PlayHub Casino

PH Casino

100% Legal and Not on Gamstop Verified Bonus Mobile Friendly Advertiser Disclosure. Must be +18 to take an interest.

Rank Rooms Welcome Bonus Feature Promotions Review


Wild Casino


up to

$5000 (£4000)

(T&C apply. 18+)

250% First Deposit Code: WILD250

100% First Deposit Code: WILD100

$9000 (£7000) Crypto Bonus





BetOnline Casino


up to

$3000 (£2500)

(T&C apply. 18+)

Promotion Code: NEWBOL

10% Weekly Casino Rebate

20% Monthly Reload Bonus





Hurricane and Martin Casino


up to

€4000 (£3500)

+100 Spins

(T&C apply. 18+)

Reward totalling €4000 (£3500)

first Deposit 250% + 50 Spins

second Deposit 300% + 50 Spins


Hurricane and MARTIN CASINO



Crazyno Casino


up to

€500 (£450)

+50 Spins

(T&C apply. 18+)

250% up to €1500 + 150 Spins

15 Free Spins Every Friday

100% Bonus + 30 Free Spins





Tiger Gaming


up to


(T&C apply. 18+)

100% Code: TGCASINO

100% Code: NEWTG





PlayHub Casino


up to


+100 Spins

(T&C apply. 18+)

£500 +100 Spins Code: FIRST

£200 +20 Spins Code: MONDAY

£300 +50 Spins Code: FRIDAY





PH Casino


up to


+100 Spins

(T&C apply. 18+)

£500 +100 Spins Code: FIRST

£200 +20 Spins Code: MONDAY

£300 +50 Spins Code: FRIDAY




Here Is a List of the Best Non Gamstop Online Casino Sites:

BetOnline Casino

Wild Casino

Freespin Casino

Hurricane and Martin Casino

Crazyno Casino

TigerGaming Casino

PlayHub Casino

PH Casino

Each Online Casino in Detail

BetOnline Casino

BetOnline has for some time been responsible for its own games, making one of the most confided in gambling club goals for U.S. players. The gambling club set up for business in 2001 permitting itself to dispatch in the new thousand years with various thoughts how to improve the experience, and continuing probably the prescribed procedures it had aggregated 10 years before through its sportsbook arm.

Peruse my full BetOnline Casino audit here

As an enrolled business in Costa Rica, BetOnline Casino has gotten equal with trust, and assortment when we talk about iGaming and gambling club style games, particularly prominent now for them taking on GamStop-enlisted players. The gambling club packs a variety of highlights. You can encounter BetOnline on Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry, Windows and Mac.

There is a committed downloadable customer, many financial choices, a dependable and reachable client assistance, and not least – safe and secure gaming experience you can place your trust in.

BetOnline Casino Games, User Experience and Interface

With more than 300 great games, BetOnline Casino is certainly not a club you can stay apathetic regarding. Simple route, brisk and bother free ongoing interaction are only the beginnings of an extraordinary encounter. There are more than 250 openings, generally created by Betsoft Gaming, however you can discover other, similarly devoted programming suppliers, including Pariplay, ViG, Nucleus Gaming, Concept Gaming, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Betsoft Gaming normally takes the roar from most different designers, in any event in the video opening, portion, where we suggest giving "It Came from Venus" and the spin-off, "Back to Venus", a go. "Take the Bank" is another splendid game by Betsoft, offering cool mechanics, lovely visuals and incredible mood.

We comparatively suggest "Beast Pop" where you can encounter the Monster Fury include, which gets the beautiful, fruity-gazing beasts worked upward so much they begin spilling treasures! The gambling club is not really pretty much the spaces, however, and you will discover very much stuffed segments with games, including:

Table Games (American Blackjack, 21 Burn, Pirate 21)

Live Casino (Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat)

Video Poker (Jacks or Better, Aces and Eights, Deuces Wild 5 Line)

Claim to fame Games (Vegas Keno, Virtual Racebook 3D, Keno Fortunes)

The segments stretch a piece, and you can discover adaptable wagering limits extending from anything as low as $0.10 and as far as possible up to $120. Indeed, even the live vendor games will offer you low passage levels in the event that you are excited about giving them a go.

Installment Methods Supported

BetOnline Casino has chipped away at making one of the most instinctive clerk areas. There you will locate a snappy prologue to Bitcoin and how to go through the cryptographic money to speed your stores – and all the more critically, withdrawals.

The Help Section is similarly valuable, as you can immediately go through some famous inquiries concerning the gambling club and discover an answer on the spot. On the off chance that you need assistance to finish a store or a payout, you can generally depend on the Live Chat.

Presently to the store strategies themselves. BetOnline Casino permits you to pick from 10-odd installment strategies, a significant number of which are digital forms of money. On the off chance that you are not so much acquainted with crypto banking, don't stress.

BetOnline has help segments that clarify it in extraordinary detail. The key favorable circumstances of deciding on crypto banking is that you have a practically boundless command over the amount you store and pull back. For example, you can store $100,000 immediately and with no extra charges. There aren't a particular withdrawal limits.


BetOnline Casino exceeds expectations as far as rewards and advancements. You can discover different offers that offer a wide range of little money related motivating forces to your bankroll. You have a Refer a Friend offer and $100 Risk Free Casino Bet.

There is a 10% Weekly Casino Rebate just as the $15,000 Monthly Challenge, and a 20% Monthly Reload Bonus. A 100% Casino Welcome Bonus is likewise on the cards for the individuals who are keen on saving up to $1,000 and accepting an adaptable 100% coordinated reward.

Wild Casino

As another non-GamStop club, is an online titan authorized by the Panama Gaming Commission and fueled by Betsoft Gaming. The organization has been accountable for the absolute best iGaming items accessible to U.S. players and goes back to 1991 when it initially set shop. After some time, we have seen Wild Casino progressively present a greater and better arrangement of games, a sounder in general gaming item and a straightforward offer you can trust.

Peruse my full Wild Casino audit here

Wild Casino Games, User Experience and Interface

For some time there, Wild Casino wasn't in excess of a blip on customers' radar, however the presentation of Betsoft Gaming's ground-breaking gaming programming immediately changed the gambling club into a favored gaming goal.

Today, you will have the option to get within scoop of the absolute best iGaming items, included constant to the gambling club's offer. We suggest such trailblazer 3D opening games, for example,

Beast Pop

Back to Venus

Burn up all available resources

Crying at the Moon

Winged serpent and Phoenix

Past the brilliant illustrations and remarkable opening mechanics, that include clingy and extending wilds, re-twists and extra games, Wild Casino tidies up the interactivity with some awesome table games.

Players will be glad to discover European Roulette and American Roulette, just as Zoom Roulette and not least – Craps, for the individuals who want to toss dice. The blackjack choice accompanies a not too bad assortment too.

You can play Multi-Hand Blackjack, Pontoon, Pirate 21, Red Dog, 21 Burn Blackjack, and others. A speedy excursion to the video poker area uncovers more games, for example, Split Way Royale, Bonus Deuces, Joker Poker, 10's or Better, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

For those of you who lean toward live seller area accompanies every single anticipated kind of games, to name Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette, just as Punto 2000. The entirety of this accompanies a basic yet practical interface that has a to some degree square shaped plan, however enables all items on offer to remain to out.

Installment Methods Supported

Not any more searching for some component concealed in a dusty corner. Wild Casino is effectively a favored decision with regards to web based betting attributable to its assortment of installment choices, too Players can pick from five digital currencies just as 13 installment alternatives to store with.

There are eight installment strategies to utilize when you need to pull back your cash. The financial strategies utilized at the gambling club incorporate Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Visa, American Express, and a couple of others.


The gambling club offers a major invite reward worth $5,000 and another value $9,000 on the off chance that you decide to store with digital currency. All rewards accompany available terms and conditions and are proposed at new players.

For any individual who needs to gather up more bankroll reserves once they have settled down at the gambling club, there are The Hot Streak, $500 VIP Reload, Hump Day Special, Blackjack Tournaments, Refer a Friend, Wild Diamond 7S Progressive Jackpot and Slots Stampede.

The sums and extra conditions will change after some time to reflect changing player tastes, however you can have confidence Wild Casinos offers an arrangement of liberal games, with incredible come back to player rates and far superior assortment of games.
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Play Online Games at the Registered Casino Gambling Site

Play Online Games at the Registered Casino Gambling Site
To find a good online gambling site, it is very important to do the right amount of research. You will never want to jump to anything with a gambling site without first knowing everything on the site. You can find this information in two different ways.
There was a time when games meant being a carefree spirit and playing in the open field and these games were mainly outdoor games. The gaming industry has evolved a lot over the years. Today games are no longer something that appeals to children alone. She has managed to get everyone's attention, regardless of age. One can play them both online and offline. However, these days internet games are the most popular. There are a number of these applications that are available online and can be played with or against another Internet player. There are several websites dedicated to online games. Unquestionably, the Internet is the buzzword today, whether it's shopping, searching for information, or games. Provides the ability for us to play Internet games on casino gaming sites. For more information please visit:
Internet casino gambling is now a billion dollar industry and is continually growing at a rapid rate. More and more people play in online casinos, due to the advantages they offer. It is very convenient and satisfying to sit in front of the computer and enjoy online casino games and win cash without wasting time going to the casino. Also, nobody forces you to bet your money when you don't feel like playing. Casino gaming sites around the world allow you to play your favorite casino games like online poker, roulette, blackjack, crap, etc. with the comfort of sitting at home. You can select the casino game according to your skills, choice, knowledge, etc. Also, some websites offer tips and strategies for playing and winning. Bonuses are generally awarded to beginners when they register at a casino or poker room.
Beginners should review various bonuses awarded by various sites to find the best bonuses available. There are numerous casino gaming sites, but you should choose the one that is legally and licensed. If you want to play a 4 card buying game, then one of the registered websites that offers an entertaining gaming experience. Your site is created by a team of professionals with extensive experience in Internet games and in the international market. They are committed to providing their customers with fair, live, and secure gaming at all times and have a professional customer support team ready to assist you.
It is really easy to start. You only need to fill a short form to choose your username and password. If you want, you can signup on Sagame66.
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The Diamond Casino & Resort FAQ Megathread

Last updated 2:00 EST, 27 July
RIP my inbox
All new posts asking about information already provided here will be removed and redirected here to reduce redundancy.


As of 5:15 EST, the update has released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.
  • 3.4GB on PS4
  • 3.2GB on Xbox One
  • 2.9GB on Steam
  • 2.6GB on Social Club.
On the note of releases... Some countries will not be able to access certain content from this update due to gambling laws. Thankfully though, players from these countries will still be allowed to download the update in general.

Money for Diamond Casino

For ways to make money to afford the new DLC content, along with methods to make an empty lobby to do CEO/MC work, check the Mega Guide.
  • You only need $50,000 to register as a VIP! If you have at least that much, you can register as a VIP for 4 hours and get access to VIP missions (which can be done in an invite only session), giving you a lucrative way to save up.
  • If you own both a crate warehouse and vehicle warehouse, you could use them together to make more money overtime than you could by using either exclusively. Use your sourcing/exports between crate pickups and sales, and you'll be getting the best of both worlds, gaining from the postive money-making aspects of both.

Content and Prices

Content that has initially released with the update.
Southern San Andreas Super Autos
  • Weeny Issi Sport - $897,000
  • Vapid Caracara 4x4 - $875,000
Legendary Motorsport
  • Annis S80RR: $2.6million
  • Enus Paragon R: $905,000
  • Obey 8F Drafter: $718,000
  • Truffade Thrax: $2.3million
  • Cash Pad: $1.5million
  • Party Penthouse: $3.78million
  • High Roller: $6.5million
  • "Design Your Own": $1.5million
Penthouse Customizations
  • Colour options: $215,000 or $258,500
  • Pattern options: $92,000 - $210,000
Penthouse Addons
  • Lounge Area: $400,000
  • Media Room: $500,000
  • Spa: $800,000
  • Bar and Party Hub: $700,000
  • Private Dealer: $1.1million
  • Office: $200,000
  • Extra Bedroom: $200,000
  • Garage: $800,000


As this is a Casino-centric update, there's plenty of ways to gamble away your hard-grinded money.
The gambling in this game centers around a new form of currency, called Chips. These chips are pretty much like real-world gambling chips, with a one-to-one dollar value, except you keep your chips when you leave the casino. Chips are an actual currency in GTA Online, as they can be used to purchase exclusive items from a shop inside the casino, along with being used to bet with when playing the Gambling Games, listed below
  • Slot Machines: There's plenty of options to choose from, but they all perform the same way. Spend some chips, and let the RNG decide whether or not you earn anything from it.
  • Blackjack: Casino style blackjack with up to four simultaneous players, all of which play against the dealer. Anyone who beats the dealer individually wins, anyone who the dealer beats individually loses, and if the dealer gets Blackjack (an Ace and 10/face-card), everyone immediately loses. Assuming your initial hand isn't a Blackjack, you have the option of doubling-down, which doubles your initial bet with the caveat of only being able to hit once.
  • Poker: Three-card poker. You make your bets, check your hand, and similar to Blackjack, each player wins if their hand is better than the dealer's, and the dealer beats whoever has a worse hand than him. While there is no option to double-down, how much you win does depend on how good of a hand you have. The better your hand, the more you win. Also, while you can fold your hand, you lose your initial bet anyway.
  • Horse Racing: Pretty much standard horse racing bettering. You choose a horse, you put your money down, and if you bet correctly, you get double the amount you bet in return. Otherwise, you just lose the amount you bet.
To gain more chips, there is a counter inside the casino where you can buy them, however you are limited in how many you can buy per day (real-world 24 hours). As standard, you can buy a maximum of 20,000 chips per day, but if you own a penthouse of any tier, you can buy up to 50,000 chips per day. Chips can also be traded in for money, but there does not appear to be a limit on this. No matter how many chips you win from gambling, it appears that you can trade them all in at once for the equivalent dollar value.
Lastly, there is the Wheel. It's a roulette wheel that you can only spin once per day, which costs $500 per spin. There are twenty reward slots, and since some rewards are in multiple slots, they have greater chances of being selected. The biggest note about this wheel however is that there is one slot in which you can win a free car! What makes this so significant is that since the car takes a 1/20 slot on the wheel, that means you still have a 5% chance of winning a free high-value vehicle! Compared to most online games, that's pretty much the most generous RNG you can get.

Business and Missions

coming soon


Are there any differences between the penthouses
For once, yes! Well, technically... they're the same basic property layout, but each option gives you different addon options.
  • The Cash Pad: The basic Penthouse with no property addons available . You cannot purchase a garage, extra bedroom, lounge, etc. with the Cash Pad. You can, however, purchase penthouse customizations (colour and wall patterns).
  • The Party Penthouse: Gives you certain of the addon options: the main Penthouse, the Extra Bedroom, the Lounge Area, the Spa, and the Bar and Party Hub. You are locked to these options, no more, no less.
  • The High Roller: Gives you all of the property addons as standard, and the most expensive penthouse customization options... this means that you cannot choose your own colour and wall patterns with this version.
  • The "Design Your Own": ...What should be the standard option. It gives you the basic penthouse and allows you to choose which addons and customizations you want, with an extra cost for each one, of course. Just get this one. You can also renovate this option later, allowing you to purchase more addons and change your customizations later.
What do the Penthouse Addons do?
  • Lounge Area: Allows you to purchase the other Penthouse Addons (except for the Extra Bedroom and Garage, which are the only items addons that can be purchased without a Lounge).
  • Media Room: You know the cinemas around Los Santos? The ones that play a few 5 minute animated films on repeat? That, but in a Penthouse.
  • Spa: Gives you access to a hot tub and a Personal Stylist. The Stylist's services are the same as the ones spread around Los Santos (hair, contacts, and make up), but they're all free.
  • Bar and Party Hub: Allows you to consume drinks that instantly intoxicate your character, along with access to special arcade games that aren't available anywhere else in the game.
  • Private Dealer: Allows you to play gambling games in your penthouse.
  • Office: Adds a standard computer, a Gun Locker, and a money vault (don't get excited, it's just aesthetic).
  • Extra Bedroom: Bedrooms in owned properties in GTA Online are used as spawn points, so why can you pay to have an extra one? Because you can now allow a friend of yours to claim it! The Extra Bedroom allows a friend of yours to use your penthouse as a spawn apparently, though the exact implementation of this is not completely clear.
  • Garage: Access to the Penthouse's garage bay.
How do I get the armored car?
  • To recieve the Enus Paragon R (Armoured), you have to complete the Diamond Casino's mission series, which you must own a penthouse to access. Once of the missions are complete, you'll be given the vehicle for free! But remember, it's uninsured and you only get it once, so immediately go into passive mode and take it to the nearest Los Santos Customs to insure it, or else you could lose the vehicle permanently.

Passive Mode

Good news, passive mode has been fixed!
  • Passive Mode can now no longer be active when using a weaponized vehicle
  • A Passive Mode cooldown of 2 minutes is now in place for players who have just killed another player
  • Players now must wait 5 minutes before they can activate Passive Mode again after disabling it
  • Players now must wait 30 seconds before they can disable Passive Mode after activating it
These changes make is so that grievers can no longer abuse passive mode, or at least no where near as easily. If you start to get the upper-hand on a griefer and destroy whatever death-machine they're using to troll you, or if you confront them in a death-machine of your own, they can't abuse Passive Mode to try to get the upper-hand on you!

Solo Session

Check the Mega Guide for ways to push yourself into a public Online session with no one else in it. Keep in mind that some missions and abilities are unavailable if there's no one else with you though!

Bugs and Glitches

  • Apparently on PS4 and Xbox One, you must have full size of GTA V available to download the update, so if you have less than ~60GB free, you may have trouble downloading the update. This does not mean that the entire game is re-downloaded, it just means that the update may not download if you don't have that much space available.


Special Thanks: u/Rebored_Warrior - Sent me the official patch notes link!
  • u/LordMcze - Information on countries that restrict players from gambling functions.
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[Guide] Billionaire Casino™ Free Slots 777 & Slot Machines - Level 100


Edit: Just to make things clear: There's an offer on AdGate to reach a certain level in this game. Your earnings aren't determined by your luck with gambling.
As the name implies, this is a slots game. That means it is entirely luck based, and every user is going to have a different experience with it. I ran out of chips at level 53, the next day I struggled to gain chips, and the following day I woke up to 450m chips which I then quickly tripped that to 1.2B chips. This barely got me to level 100 before suddenly winning another 3B chips on my last auto-spin.
This game frequently gives out chips, and there isn't a specified deadline. Considering this game practically plays itself, it's definitely worth doing.
Edit 2: I took a look at Huuuge Casino Slots as mentioned by u/jraspberry and it seems to be almost exactly the same. There are just a couple differences with names. This offer is $17.66 with 2x Adgate on Swagbucks.
Just in case someone doesn't know the common conversions - K stands for thousand. M stands for million. B stands for billion. So, 500m would be 500 million or 500,000,000.
Offer Name Billionaire Casino™ Free Slots 777 & Slot Machines
Offer Wall AdGate Media
Device Used I use Android. I do not know if it works on iPhones.
Amount I got $18.40 from Swagbucks on their 2x SB day. Today 2/7/20 is a 2x AdGate day.
Time Limit None mentioned.
Time Spent I got to level 53 the first day before running out of chips. I completed the game in under 3 days. Total hands on time was maybe an hour tops. It mostly plays itself.

How to play & Tips

As the name implies, this game is about slots. (Note: They do have other games, but I didn't touch those.) Thankfully, they also include an auto spin feature, so you don't have to give it much attention. Just long hold the spin button until it starts auto spinning, and away you go. You may need to play the first game a couple times before this unlocks.
The goal of the game is to get to level 100. You gain XP simply by playing the game and spending chips. Spending more chips will give you more exp, and it seems to go up at a linear rate. I chose to bet 1% or less of my balance to prevent any heavy losses because my luck generally sucks. While it does feel slower, the game is playing itself, and I wasn't in a rush.
As you level up, you will gain access to more boards. If you are having a bad streak with one game, you can just swap to a different one. Make sure to use up any free spins before swapping games though, as they are forfeited when you leave. There is also a "Basic Pass" event you can do and you'll get a good amount of chips for hitting the goals for certain games. You can find this on the home page or in the individual games. If you're going to play a game anyways, might as well get the bonus. (Note: I played for less than 3 days, so this event might change).
At certain levels, you will get a 2x XP bonus for 5 minutes after hitting that level. These are often in the reward box every 5-10 levels. However, it also seems to happen with every level up starting around level 80-85. Since it's timed, it may be worth upping your bet during this time period.
Every so often you'll get a mini game that pops up. Some will autocomplete, others give a higher bonus for doing yourself, and some just disappear. If you notice it, it might be worth doing manually.
You will definitely want to join a club. It gives you 1M chips just for joining, and you'll get all sorts of bonuses. You can do this by tapping the Billionaire League button on the bottom bar of the home page. There didn't seem to be any individual participation bonus for participating in the club events, so you can chose whether or not to do them.

Getting More Chips

There are a number of ways to get free chips in this game.

Should you spend real money?

Spending money would definitely speed up your completion time. It's by no means necessary, but even spending $1 or $2 would let you finish the game quickly. Just look for the popups where you earn 300-350% more. I frequently saw a $1 offer for 70M chips, and a $2 offer for 168M chips. You can pull these offers up by hitting the "News" button on the bottom bar of the home page.
That being said, considering the game practically plays itself and there's no time limit, I didn't feel a need to spend anything.

Other Features

This game has a number of additional features, which you don't necessarily need to participate in as they don't benefit you. I'm putting them here for completeness, but you can just skip over this section if you aren't interested.

General Tip:

When you click the offer on the offer wall, download the app right away. As soon as it's done downloading, open the app right away and let it run for a while (play the game, make an account, let it sit, whatever). Do not navigate away at any point during the process. Taking too long or messing around while the game is downloading/installing may cause problems with it crediting later.

Common Questions

Can I do this if I already completed it on another offer wall or played the game before on my own?

Generally, no. Almost all of these games state that it's for new users only.

What if I do it on another site?


I don't see the offer! What do I do?

It's possible it simply isn't available for you. I'm from the USA, and many offers are not available outside the USA. If you are from the USA, try checking on the site I did the offer on or on a different site. Sometimes they're only on certain sites. It's also possible that the offer is no longer available.

I completed the task but I didn't get credit for it! What do I do?

First, wait 24 hours. Most of these games credit within a few minutes, but they may take up to a day sometimes.
Next, check to see if the offer has been completed through the offer wall. If it has not, you must contact the specific offerwall that you completed the task on. For example, if you do this task on Site-xyz through AdGate you have to contact AdGate. If the offer shows as completed but you did not get your points, then the points may have been held and you will need to contact the specific site.

This takes so long! Why would you waste your time for a couple bucks?!

I play these games in between other work or on the weekends. I don't do them instead of better paying work, but rather along side it in my down time or while I'm watching TV. Most of it is just waiting around for it to do its thing. I'm also a gamer, so I enjoy playing games.

Have any more tips? Let users know in the comments!

Looking for more ways to get paid to play games? Take a look here.
Is there a certain game you're interested in seeing a guide for? Let me know in the comments! Be sure to include the offer name, which offer wall it's on, what site you found it on, and approximately how many points it's worth.
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A Master Beginner's Guide to FFXIV - 1st Edition - Critiques welcomed!

Welcome to - An Intro to FFXIV and what to expect from Eorzea

Guide under construction for 5.0

About this guide/FAQ -

With an influx of WOW refugees from an overall disappointing release of WOW:BFA, and the arrival of 5.0, Shadowbringers (ShB) expansion, I thought to compile a list of useful info for someone who is interested in or new to FFXIV. This guide will contain a concise overview of most aspects of the game, such as how to get started, how to reach the end game, and what to do once you get there. Not every section will be useful to everyone, and nothing here should be taken as absolutes, but I hope new players can be directed here for an up to date(5.0), one-stop shop for a comprehensive overview of the FFXIV experience.

About the game (Pros and cons list will be partially subjective):

FFXIV is a subscription-based, classic tab-targeting MMO. It is currently on its 6th year, and the 3rd expansion just launched. The game, at its core, is still a Final Fantasy game. Meaning that it's heavily story driven, and its primary focus in on PVE. You don't need prior experience with other FF titles to enjoy this game. And no, it is not too late to start :)
  • Thriving and generally friendly community.
  • Welcoming for all skill levels.
  • Aesthetically/stylistically pleasing, and has seriously fantastic music scores.
  • Praised for the superb story-telling and writing as an MMO title.
  • Unique character system that allows players to do everything on one character, including becoming every job (all it takes is a simple gear change to enable a whole new set of skills). No need for alts and multiple story completions.
  • Overall stellar end game encounter and combat design.
  • Deep social and non-combat activities such as housing and crafting (among many more features).
  • Great controller support and seemless cross-platform play with PS4.
  • Lesser emphasis on PVP content relative to most other titles. Players can still very much enjoy the activities available, but usually not as the primary focus.
  • Old engine has strange quirks/limitations, and some players report server stability issues.
  • The initial playing experience and combat is incredibly slow, especially for a MMO vet. Many players abandon the game simply because there is a mountain of mandatory quests barring them from getting into the outstanding expansion/current contents. If quests aren't your thing, then you might struggle with this aspect.
Neutral Aspects:
  • Content releases are predictable and consistent. They are not looking to remake the game with each update, so you always know what to expect (new raids, dungeons, story, etc).
  • The game director has previously said that they don't expect players to stay subbed 100% of the time. The game can be taken month-by-month, based on individual goals.
  • There is a cash shop containing mostly cosmetic items as well as level/story skip potions. Does not offer any advantages in gameplay, and is not part of a pay-to-win model.
  • Jobs offer no customizations/skill trees/etc, but is very well balanced compared to most titles.
  • There is a strong emphasis on dealing damage regardless of your job choice. Healers and tanks are designed and expected to contribute significantly to damage output.
  • The Global Cooldown (GCD) is 2.5 seconds. Combat will be slow-paced until more Off-GCD abilities and GCD reduction buffs are introduced as you level up. Don't be discouraged by the early levels, and know that the combat builds on itself in layers through encounter and rotation complexity.
  • Unlike many other MMOs, almost the entirety of each job kit is useful from beginning to the end.
Sounds good! How Do I Start?
  • There is a no time-limit free trial, with a level cap of 35 on all classes/jobs. Note you can't go back to this after adding a full license.
  • The base game called the Starter Edition contains A Realm Reborn (ARR), and is good until level 50. If you buy the complete edition or upgrade the starter editon to Shadowbringers (5.0|ShB), it will also include both prior expansions, Heavensward (HW) and Stormblood (SB). This gives 7 new jobs, 3 new playable races, as well as raising the level cap to 80. Any edition can be upgraded to the digital collector's edition for extra mounts/minions/etc.
  • The base game comes with a 30-day subscription, but subsequent playtime has to be purchased at roughly $13-15 USD.
  • On PC, the game platform is either Steam or Non-Steam. Game licenses /accounts / purchases are separate from the two, so you will not be able to switch between them once committed.
  • There is an Official Benchmark Tool to see if your system can handle the game.

Your First Character

  • Gender / Clan / Race / Appearance have no meaningful impact on gameplay mechanically, pick what pleases you. This can be changed later with a Fantasia Potion (Only one is given for free when you play, otherwise it costs real $ to obtain more).
  • Your server will be in North America(NA), Europe(EU), and Japan(JP). Each region will have Data Centers(DC) which contain Worlds, and the Worlds within the DC will be able to do most content together (raiding, dungeons, and etc).
  • You may visit any world within your DC through the World Visit System, and be able to use most of the game's features.
  • Some worlds will have a preferred status, meaning that every source of experience will be doubled for a limited time. These servers are generally lower population, and is great for if you want to level multiple jobs. There is a 90-day lock-in before new characters can be transferred away to another server.
  • When a server is full during prime time, you will not be able to create a new character there. Try during less busy hours or a different server. You may only create characters on standard or preferred worlds. Congested servers will only open up when SE decides to. You may check server statuses here
  • Starting base class will dictate your starting city, but the storyline all converge at level 15 when you unlock the ability to travel to other cities and pick up new jobs/classes. Go with what you find interesting based on the Official Job Action Video / Official Job Guide.
  • If you want to read a more in-depth write-up, please check out this Comprehensive Job Overview & Selection Guide (under construction)
  • Tanks and Healers will have shorter queue times for group content typically, due to players having preference for damage dealing roles.

Starting out and the journey to end game:

  • Most content in FFXIV is locked behind the Main Story Quests (MSQ, denoted by a quest symbol with a meteor-shaped background). Unless you buy a story skip, you will need to do every single one. They range from basic overworld fetch quest to instanced combat. This will be your primary source of XP on your first job. It is generally recommended that you focus on completing these and not get side tracked too much.
  • A special kind of quest denoted by a blue background means that it will unlock some sort of feature upon completion. This can mean new job skills or access to glamour(cosmetics) and more. These are generally important and worth exploring.
  • The "Scenario Guide" UI element will help you stay on track if you get lost on the MSQ, and will also tell you when job/class specific quests are available (Character Configuration -> UI Settings -> Hide When All Quests Complete => Off). Remember to get your advanced job at level 30!
  • Plain side quests, deonoted by a yellow (!), are mostly optional and are done for a small amount of xp or extra lore. Some do unlock optional rewards/content, so you can check under this progression and level-locked content guide for some bonus items of interest.
  • Multiplayer instanced activities are done either via the Duty Finder(DF, default keybind "U"), or the Party Finder(PF). The DF is the game's automatic match-making system, where as the PF will be the manual option. Dungeons and Trials you come across the game as you progress is usually done through the DF. Leveling dungeons (15-47, 51-59, 61-69, 71-79) are a great source of XP if you happen to need them.
  • A feature located in the DF is the Daily Roulettes. They are categories of activities pooled together (such as all leveling dungeons, or all trials) to increase the use of older content by providing rewards/incentives for players of all level ranges that complete them. Note the bonus reward is only applied once daily per category.
  • Side quests, Fates (Overworld events), Leves, and Beast tribes, are also sources of solid XP.
  • You can treat the FFXIV leveling and story experience largely as a single player game, with numerous multiplayer dungeons and trials sprinkled throughout the journey. The early game does not do a good job making it easy to play/quest together with friends (Aside from the dungeons and trials).
  • The game isn't meant to be rushed. If you find yourself bored of the endless fetch quests and dialog, you are probably not alone. The 1-50, 2.0-2.4 ARR MSQ experience is generally considered super slow, but the buildup will all be worth it. Keep in mind that patch content was meant to be drip feed to players over months/years. Feel free to branch out and take breaks.
Things you probably wish you knew from the start -
  1. Starting out, attune to all the big/small aetherytes (teleport spots) when you pass by them. You can set large Aetherytes as preferred/home to reduce cost. Don't forget you have "Sprint" available when getting around.
  2. Each base class has a hunting log you can complete for some early XP. The weekly challenge log is also a great place for various rewards when starting out.
  3. Do the novice questline at level 15, which gives you solid leveling gear and a ring that boosts combat XP. Located at major cities' adventurer's guild (Green sprout icon).
  4. Do your best to always keep the Global Cooldown (GCD) spinning/rolling in combat by hitting your skills repeatedly before they come up. GCDs are skills tied to a global 2.5 second timer, and off-GCDs (abilities) can be used between GCDs. Minimize the time doing nothing in combat.
  5. Use Chocobo companion in combat when you can, they are cheap & helpful(unlocks at lvl 30). Ability to ride them will be unlocked via the main story in the early 20s once you join a Grand Company(GC). You'll need 200 GC seals to purchase it (Fates or Hunting Log are easy ways)
  6. Vendor gear is useful for replacing outdated gear (5-10 levels behind). Wearing level appropriate gear is very important.
  7. Do use Gil on teleports. Time > money. Note you can also click on the aetherytes in the mini-maps to teleport (hold Ctrl to bring to top).
  8. Logging off/staying in sanctuaries (area near aetherytes) give you "rested" bonus xp towards leveling. You'll notice a small moon-shaped symbol next to your XP bar.
  9. You interact with the Market Board(MB) via Retainers. You can look at price comparison and history when buying off of the MB or listing something w/ your retainers (also get retainers and send them out. They can still do ventures while selling). You can have 2 retainers for free.
  10. Read your tool tips and don't disable in-game help. Remember to look at the traits and role actions too. Equip all of your role actions as you get them.
  11. Be friendly, say you are new when joining group duties for the first time. Most people will be mindful. A quick and easy resource for encounter guides is the series done by MTQcapture. Also check out this handy tanking infographic.
  12. Limit break (LB), under general ability, comes in many forms based on your role. It is important to note that the LB meter is a shared resource across the whole party. The dps ones aren't just for hitting bosses. Using the ranged or caster limit break on multiple enemies can have more value, especially if you use it early enough and have time to generate another later down the line.
  13. Starting at level 50, you will start earning Tomestones of Poetics and you can buy some of the best level 50/60/70 gear available from Auriana, Hismena (Locked behind HW) and Enna (SB). I recommend to not use Gil on the MB for gear from this point onwards.
  14. You'll unlock the quest for the Zodiac/Anima relic weapons at 50/60. These are purely for glamour now so consider these end game activities.
  15. The level 50 raid, The Binding Coil is an optional series of fights with a story, but is intended to be difficult content at level 50. If you want to play through them, the current best options are using the PF and hosting it "unsynced" to be carried through, or find a dedicated group yourself to learn and beat the fights synced.
  16. Do not use the DF for difficult content like Extreme / Minstrel's Ballad / Savage content, more about this below in the high-end content section.
  17. Crafting and gathering is completely optional. It's a large commitment if you want meaningful objective returns. Feel free to take these as a way to break monotony from questing. (More on this later).
  18. I recommend using the legacy control scheme when using keyboard & mouse. Without going into too much details, it essentially boils down to how the camera will play weird quirks with your movement while casting and moving away from your target. Standard controls do allow a more complete control over character facing and is useful for warriors in particular, however. I encourage you do give both a try, even if you are coming from WOW.
  19. Default UI and keybinds leaves a lot to be desired in terms of convenience and accessibility. Customize early, and customize often. There are a lot of UI features that are hidden out of plain sight. (And the Official Guide)
  20. Macros are tricky. They are coded to not queue properly, so do not tie them to a GCD and only use them when you fully understand how macros work in this game.
  21. When using the DF on the JP data center, include all other language options to reduce queue time.
  22. When you need to travel to the Waking Sands later on, teleport to Limsa, then teleport to the arcanist guild aetheryte, and take the ferry.
  23. There is a timer's tab (Default Ctrl + U) that shows you when various weekly caps reset.
  24. Early zones may seem quiet and inactive, but that's because the majority of the player base hang out in certain end game hubs, cities, or housing wards. There is also no global chat aside from the Novice Network (NN), so many players will be conversing in their Free Company (Guild) chat or in private Link Shells (private chat rooms).
  25. The NN is a channel populated by mentors who have satisfied the requirements set by the game designers, and have the ability to invite new players in order to provide help. Ask anyone with a Crown symbol next to their name to do so. The quality of this channel is inconsistent, as mentors are not always helpful (but they can be), so use this at your own discretion.
  26. After registering a full game, remember to apply a recruit-a-friend code before buying subsequent subscriptions. /ffxivraf is an option if you have no preference on who gets credit.
  27. You can optionally add a 2-factor authentication to improve account security and gain a free teleport location.
  28. There is a Companion App for mobile that grants another cheap/favorite teleport spot and MB tools.
End game - Finally! Now that you are 80 and caught up with the MSQ, what's next?
Gearing -
  • Gear helps you do more damage, or take more hits, and is vital for tackling challenging content. Thankfully, it is not too difficult to catch up on gear to do current patch content.
  • Start doing level 80 content or roulettes at max level to earn Tomestones of Goetia and spend them at the end game hub for 340 gear, and Phantasmagoria Tomestones for 360 gear. -Hunts are a great way to earn end game currency and materia as well. Join a hunting LinkShell(LS) in your server by shouting (/sh) in major cities/hubs.
  • Dungeons currently award up to ilvl 340. Treat this as a means to access the various roulettes and ilvl gated content.
  • Normal mode raid gear is also an option - rewards up to ilvl 450 gear. The current raid for ShB is Eden.
  • In general, always expect there to be one set of crafted gear, one set of 24-men alliance raid, 2 sets of 8-men raid gear, and two sets of tomestone gear relevant to the most recent content.
Tips about gear -
  1. ilvl is generally the way to go. If you are unsure, pick the one with the higher ilvl.
  2. Weapon > Chest/Leg > Glove/Helm/Boots > Belt > Accessories in terms of stats distribution and influence.
  3. You may affix materias to gear, and doing so is crucial if you plan on tackling high-end content. More on this in that section.
Crafting(DoH) & Gathering(DoL) -
  • Probably the most intricate and nuanced crafting system in the genre, and requires significant time and gil investments to start seeing returns.
  • Great source of income as most crafted and gathered items are tradable/sellable to players.
  • Gatherers and Crafters are their own jobs, meaning that they have numerous skills, job quests, and their own rotations that have to be learned and mastered.
  • It is typically an all or nothing ordeal, because every DoH jobs have their own cross-job skills that can be used by all other DoH jobs. And as such, they are extremely vital in completing difficult recipes.
  • DoHs are the primary source of housing items, glamour, raid consumables, and many other useful items, but are not required at all for most content.
  • DoHs also allow players to repair their own gear, or (Over)meld materia to gear.
  • I recommend getting BTN/MIN leveled first. Gathering your own materials will make leveling the crafters much less costly.
  • The general leveling order of crafters is - Everything to 15, WVALC to 50, everything else to 50, then 60/70. This order prioritizes getting the more powerful aforementioned cross-job skills to ease the leveling process.
  • The systems in place are complex, and it takes time and resources to fully understand. It is best explained by this wonderful guide if you want to explore further.
  • A Crafting Simulator is helpful for figuring out macros.
What else can I do? -
  • There are a large number of mounts, minions, titles, and achievements to collect, and great resource regarding this is apkallufalls.
  • Housing can also be an lengthy endeavour if you want to secure a prime location and fully furnish it.
  • Try picking up a different job! They are all unique and have their own story and mechanics. For leveling alts, repeating the highest leveling dungeon available for tanks/heals is the norm (short queues), but dps might find the best results from spamming Palace of the Dead floors 51-60. (Full alt leveling guide)
  • Fishing, unlike its gathering counterparts, is generally more time consuming and is basically its own minigame. It can take a lot of time to collect them all.
  • Dive into a Deep Dungeon, you can go for challenges or use it as a alternative way to level up combat jobs (DoW/DoM).
  • The Gold Saucer is another side area filled with minigames and unique rewards.
  • "Glamour is the true end game" is thrown around for a good reason. There are numerous glamour communities focused on composing absolutely stunning media. GPOSERS | Light Party | EGI
  • Squadrons management.
  • Treasure hunting.

High-End Content

Here we are. These are some of the more challenging aspects of FFXIV, and is why some players choose to pursue the combat side of FFXIV. They reward players with the best available gear and is a noticeable step-up in difficulty from anything else you've done up to this point. Beating these near release at the intended ilvl will take practice. Expect to die/wipe, a lot, but it will all be worth it. The Ultimate Difficulty raids are some of the hardest content any MMO has to offer. All of these are balanced and done by 8-men parties, normally consist of 2 tanks, 2 healers, and 4 dps jobs. There is an excellent blog post by Bokchoy about diving into savage you should check out.
I will go over these from the easiest to the most difficult.
Extreme / Minstrel's Ballad -
  • Single fight format.
  • Lenient enrage timer and mechanics that focus more on individual performance.
  • Typically rewards a weapon only slightly worse than raid counterparts.
  • Has no weekly lockout on loot.
Savage Raids -
  • A souped-up version of the normal story raids. Somewhere around the mythic difficulty of WOW raids (Most easier, some harder). This is the core raiding experience for XIV.
  • Requires more planning, execution, as well as individual performance than extreme trials.
  • 4 Bosses per tier, 3 tiers per expansion.
  • Bosses generally ramp up in difficulty with each floor.
  • Loot is capped at one chance per week. Tokens are awarded to be exchanged for specific pieces as a safeguard for bad luck.
Ultimate Raids -
  • Only two available so far - UCoB and UWU.
  • Brutally difficult. Requires incredible skill, teamwork, and practice.
  • Awards the ultimate bragging rights, rare titles, as well as cool looking weapons for glamour.
Resources & Tips:
  1. Use the Party Finder for anything extreme +, not the Duty Finder. (Unless you are in JP).
  2. Everything aside from Ultimate is doable with a Pick Up Group (PUG) formed via the PF. But people form statics (a fix'd 8-man team) to increase consistency, clear speed, group synergy, and better loot distribution. You can find them in various discords or /FFXIVRECRUITMENT.
  3. Proper preparation is expected. This means getting the best gear available, with the right melds, and have high-powered consumables to help you eek out the most performance.
  4. Check out The Balance Discord. This is your go-to resource for job guides, gearing, raid strategies, and mentors who will be happy to answer job/encounter specific questions. Make sure you read all the pinned information first.
  5. Advanced Combat Tracker is the only "addon" available used to track player performance. This is only available on the PC clients and is technically against ToS, but Square Enix will turn a blind eye as long as you don't harass other players with information from it. This tool should just be used as a tool to help you improve. There will be consequences if you harass players with information obtained by this, you have been warned.
  6. ACT can be further augmented with Cactbot and Special Spell Timers.
  7. fflogs, xivanalysis, and xivrdps are tools to help you analyze player performance.
  8. There is an in-game system in place to evaluate readiness for these content called Stone, Sky, Sea.


  • Unlocks at level 30, and gear has no effect on player stats.
  • Has its own tailored/simplified set of skills/abilities for balance reasons.
  • 3 Main game modes:
    1. A three team, up to 72-player objective based brawl called Frontlines.
    2. A moba style, 24 v 24 game mode called Rival Wings.
    3. Small team, arena based mode called The Feast. (4 v 4 rankes and 8 v 8 unranked).
  • The Revival Wings Discord is your best bet in getting into Rival Wings matches.
  • Official PVP Guide.
  • Rewards are mostly cosmetic (Mounts/Titles/Glamour Items), in addition to some XP and tomestones.
Extra Misc. Resources
Thank you for reading!
Aww Jeff - Gilgamesh
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Inside Underground NY Poker #9

I just figured out that you can subscribe to this series by viewing my profile and clicking on "Follow". The next new chapters will now show up in your feed as soon as they are posted.

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The link is
Thank you for all of your support.

Previous: Inside Underground NY Poker #8
Spades — 1.8
Walking into a casino, for the first time, can be quite an overwhelming experience. There’s so much going on — all of the flashing lights, various sounds, the diverse amount of people flowing throughout, the list goes on. No matter where you look, there’s always something going on that can potentially pique your curiosity. Of course, at this time in the midsummer of 2007, I hadn’t a clue of what to expect. I had yet to step foot inside a real casino.

When Chris called and invited me to go with him on a road trip up to Turning Stone, my mood was not only of excitement, it was also flowing with curiosity. I figured that making the drive up to Turning Stone would not only be a great deal of fun, but would also be an excellent opportunity to learn more about professional casino poker.

During my phone conversation with Chris, we agreed that we would make the road trip up there after we finished our Sunday shifts at Spades. This gave us about 24 hours to gather up our buddies and put together a crew. Our main goal was to crush some live action cash games there, but we also wanted to let loose and party. I didn’t yet know it, but my version of partying was vastly different from Chris’ version.

I made some calls and sent some texts, and not too long after, had a few of my closest friends confirm that they were going to come on the trip. I was the youngest of my social circle in high school, still being only 17 at the time. All of the other guys were already 18, so legally, they wouldn’t have a problem at Turning Stone.

If you don’t know, Turning Stone Resort & Casino is located on an Indian Reservation, and as such, the gambling laws of New York state do not apply there — the legal gambling age there is 18, as set by the law of the land.

Now, since I was still only 17, this presented a potential problem. However, I looked a bit older than I actually was, and I also had a fake ID that I had been using for a while. Chris was also incredibly confident that it wouldn’t be a problem whatsoever — he even offered to lay me a bet with 3 to 1 odds for $100, that at no point would I be unable play because of my age. I declined the bet of course, not wanting to jinx myself.

In 2007, Turning Stone was a “dry” casino, which meant that they didn’t serve any alcohol. However, you were allowed to bring your own, and could indulge yourself to your own desire. As of today, this is no longer the case, but that’s the way it was back then.

We calculated that the drive would take us about 4.5 hours, not entirely too long by road trip standards, but could be enough of a mental strain that could potentially effect our ability to play poker, upon arrival. Given that both Chris and I would be dealing right up until our departure, we had made arrangements to take two cars in order to accommodate our entire crew. In exchange for each of us paying for the gas and tolls on the drive up to Turning Stone, neither of us would have to drive — this would allow us to rest up a bit.

My group of buddies consisted of four of my closest friends — Brian, Theo, Max, and Scott. I had brought Theo around to Spades more than a few times, and he regularly played poker, unlike the others. However, he wasn’t very good, but he was very lucky, and he had no interest in studying the game. He got better the more he played, but was by all means, a fish. He loved to gamble, and blackjack was his favorite game — most likely not a coincidence.

I had invited Andy to tag along as well, but he wasn’t interested and declined — he instead made me a standing offer, an open invitation if you will, to go crush poker in Atlantic City, where there was better action and nicer casinos. However, the offer was only good if we would be going to seriously grind poker. This was an offer that I would later redeem.

Chris had assembled his boys just as I had — three experienced poker players and gamblers, each in their early 20’s, just like Chris. The youngest of his crew was Rich, who was 21, and the two others were Derek and Joe, either 23 or 24 years old.

Finally, our plans were set and the rooms were booked. We’d all be staying for 3 nights and 2 days in two, separate, 2 queen bed suites. I was anxious, yet excited, and I seriously wanted to book a win in the poker room, considering it would be my first casino poker room session.

Sunday finally arrives, and I had decided to wake up a few hours early so that I could stock up on booze and weed. My buddies and I had agreed to split the cost of everything — 4 bottles of Smirnoff, an ounce of Sour Diesel, and four 24-packs of Coors Light. In retrospect, this was probably entirely too much for 3 nights at a casino, but what did we know? I wasn’t a big smoker at the time, although I would partake, but I did enjoy drinking when the time was appropriate to let loose.

While on my way driving to Spades, I hear my phone ring — it’s Chris.

“Hey dude, you on your way to the club?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there in about 15 minutes. I just finished running some last minute errands, stocked up on booze and weed for the trip.”

“Awesome. I’m good to go on my end, too. By the way, my plan is to splash around in the $1/$2 or $2/$5 games Turning Stone spreads. I’m bringing $10k.”

“What?! $10k??? Why?!”

“Well, dude, I’m gonna hit the pits too and play some blackjack and craps. We’ll crush some poker first, then afterwards maybe you’ll hit the pits with me.”

“I dunno, man. I’m only gonna bring $2k in total, and that’s for all my costs. Maybe I’ll assign half of that to my poker roll for the trip.”

“You should probably stick to $1/$2 then, and save some of your roll for blackjack, to try and run it up.”

“Alright, sounds good. I’ll see you at the club in a bit.”

I wasn’t convinced about hitting the pits to play table games, but then again, I surely wanted to make the most out of my first casino experience.

I arrive at Spades, set up for the Sunday afternoon tournament, and put in the hours for my shift. I wind up dealing the final table, and the tournament ends at around 11PM. Chris was dealing cash, but we had both made sure to get Vinny’s approval to leave early and take off for the next few days. It wasn’t really an issue for me, being that once the tournament was over, it meant my job was done, and I was free to have a good night. However, Chris made sure to get another dealer to cover for him, both the rest of the night and until we got back from our trip.

Chris and I walk outside to the parking lot — it’s time to go pick everyone up. We each get into our cars and drive off to scoop up each one of our buddies. An hour or so later, I shoot Chris a text letting him know that I’m about to start the drive up to Verona, NY, which was where Turning Stone is located. He responds, telling me that he had already started the journey about 10 minutes prior, and that he’ll call me when he gets there.

I have Theo take the wheel and get into the driver’s seat, as I jump into the back to close my eyes to try and clear my head for what’s about to come. Without making any stops, we finish the drive in just under 4.5 hours. We can see the illuminated, brightly colored sign — “Turning Stone Casino”, and my heart begins to pump just a little bit faster. I’m beginning to get excited. At this point, it was around 4:30AM. Sure, I was a bit tired, but the excitement and novelty of my first casino experience was keeping my adrenaline pumping.

I give Chris a call, letting him know that we’re about to park our car, and head into the casino towards the check-in area.

“Chris, we’re here man! This place is awesome!”

“I know dude, we got here about a half hour ago. I’m in my room changing, getting ready to go play some cards. Did you check-in yet?”

“Not yet, we’re about to head over to the check-in desk and get our room keys. I’m pretty tired man, are you sure it’s a good idea to go play right now?”

“Don’t worry about that, I already scoped out the room. There’s some good action going on in both $1/$2 and $2/$5. I already put our name’s on the lists. Text me when you’re done getting settled in, but drop by room after. Make sure you come alone.”

“Okay… I’m gonna tell my boys that we’re gonna play some poker for a little bit, while they hit the casino floor. My buddy Theo might want to join us. I’m not sure though, I have to ask him. My boys will probably want to get nice and toasty before they head out of the room.”

“Sounds good dude, don’t take too long. See you in a bit.”

My friend Scott handles the check-in, puts the incidentals coverage under his credit card, and I make sure to get a copy of the room key for myself. We head up to the room, we all change into presentable, formal, evening attire, and I crack open a beer, along with everyone else. I ask everyone what they plan on doing for the next few hours, while suggesting that I’ll be preoccupied playing cards in the poker room. This was nothing but expected, they all knew how often I played poker.

Everyone unanimously agrees that they want to hit the pits and gamble, of course, after they get hammered in the room. I casually ask Theo if he’s interested in playing poker with Chris and I, but he declines, saying that he’s not in the mood and would rather play tomorrow night, if at all.

I finish my beer, but not before forcing everyone to agree to a bet, in order to make things more interesting — whoever comes back to the room as the biggest loser gets $50 each from everyone else. We unanimously decide that it’s actually a decent idea, and everyone agrees. I leave our room and head towards Chris’ suite.

I arrive at Chris’ door, and I give it quick, but firm knock. A few seconds later, the door opens, and I find that there’s nobody in the room except Chris. All of his buddies had already gone downstairs, and were gambling on the casino floor. I tell him I’m pretty tired, and then I ask him why he wanted me to come alone.

“Chris, I’m pretty tired, man. You sure we should go play?”

“100%. I told you, I already scoped out the games that are running. The stacks are big and there’s some good money to be made.”

“Alright, fine. But, why did you want me to come here alone, by the way? Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, dude. Here, I wanted to give you this. Take two of these, you’ll be in the zone while you play for the next 8 hours.”

“What kind of pills are these? What are they going to do?” — I had never really taken drugs or pills before, other than drinking and smoking weed occasionally. I did, however, try Mushrooms earlier during the summer, and that was fun, but was completely inexperienced when it came to pharmaceuticals, or any other drugs for that matter.

“It’s Adderall, it’s a stimulant. They’re 20mg each, take two of them. It’ll make you much more focused and able to concentrate on the game for the next 8 hours or so. You might feel a bit more chatty, and it’ll kill your appetite, but I promise you, it’ll give you an edge. All those players down there right now are tired and worn out from playing. These will put you in the zone, if you know what I mean.”

“Fuck it, I’ll give it a shot. We came to have a good time anyway. I’m not gonna lose control of myself, am I?”

“Hah, no, dude. It’s nothing like that. They prescribe this stuff to people who have trouble focusing and paying attention. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. You’ll feel them start to work in about 45 minutes to an hour.”

Chris hands me two, orange-colored, oval shaped pills, and I swallow them dry. I had stashed $1k into the safe in my room before I left, and I had the other $1k in my pocket. We leave his room and head downstairs to make our way through the casino and into the poker room.

I was in a state of awe. This was by far the biggest poker room I had ever been in, up until this point. There must have been at least 30 tables. There were only a handful of games going during our arrival, but still, seeing everything all neat, organized, and ready for action, made me think about what this place would be like during peak hours.

I check out the $1/$2 game that’s going, and I see that the buy-in structure is not at all what I was expecting. It’s a $50 min and $200 max. Sure, there’s a few deep stacks on the table, but I felt like this game was much smaller than what I was used to playing. I decide that it’s going to be far too difficult to make any significant amount of money, unless I end up on the good side of a cooler. Overall, it would be a bad move to sit in this game.

On the other hand, the $2/$5 game that was running had a $200 min and $500 max buy-in. This was definitely more up my alley. Several players had stacks with at least $1k, and the average was probably right around the max, conveniently right around $500. With several players sitting deep and a couple of short stacks on the table, I come to the conclusion that this is the game I want to play, as I’m fairly certain that I have a decent shot at making some money at this table.

Chris had already put our name’s on the lists for both games when he had arrived earlier, so it wasn’t too long until our names were called. We were going to be sitting at the same table, and of course, made an agreement that if we were to get heads-up in a hand, either of us would make only one bet, and then check it down the rest of the way if the other called the bet. We weren’t there to take each other’s rolls, but if there were other players in the hand, then we weren’t going to soft play each other, nor try and sandwich anyone out of a pot.

Finally, my name is called, about 20 minutes after Chris had taken his seat, and I head over to the cage to buy $500 worth of chips — $280 in red, $200 in green, and $20 in white. Something I’ve always liked doing, still to this day, is buying at least a full stack of $1 chips.

The poker room had relatively nice chips, and I found them to be most excellent. They had a comfortable weight, handled nicely, and displayed a decent aesthetic design on them. They were definitely of a higher quality than any of the chips that the underground clubs used. That’s not to say that the clubs used cheap chips — of course, a few did, however only the casinos would purchase Paulson chips, which are the industry standard, despite them costing over $1 each chip.

I take my seat at the table, and all of a sudden, I feel this intense rush of energy. It felt like someone had turned my brain up to 11. Woah — I felt my eyes widen.

I introduce myself to the table, and I notice that I’m much more talkative than my normal self. However, I was able to maintain and participate in a fully-engaged conversation, while not missing a single detail of the action that was unfolding during each hand. I could multi-task like never before. I was faster at thinking through hands, I noticed more tells being telegraphed than ever before, and I was aware of the fact that my observations were razor-sharp. It felt like I had been wearing blinders up until this point, and now they were gone.

I was more astute than I had ever been before, accurately being able to predict who was going to play a hand, and who was going to fold, before they even made their action. I was paying attention to the game in the same way I would as if I was dealing it. I’d observe each player in turn, then move on to the next when their action was made.

I would also catch things out of the corner of my eye — a player’s posture suddenly becoming erect, while they would then immediately try to look disinterested, as they used their hands to protect their cards in such a manner that was subtle, yet distinct from their normal method of handling their cards. It was blatantly obvious to me now, when a player would deviate from their normal patterns of playing, behaving, speaking, bet sizing, time usage, and so forth.

I was playing really well. All of my value bets were getting called, my bluffs were getting through, and alarm bells would ring in my head, either to alert me of a perfect spot to make a squeeze play, or if something about the hand didn’t “seem right”. Something I definitely noticed about the Adderall, was that it made me feel much more confident in the plays that I made. It was much easier to pull the trigger, and when I did, I felt certain that my timing was right.

My range was also wider than it normally was. I was playing more hands, going for thin value on the river when I would normally check back, and had no problem laying down strong hands preflop, when I was sure I was behind, but would normally be too stubborn to let it go.

My session was going very well. Incredibly well, in fact. I made several huge hero calls, and I applied intense pressure on opponents who I deemed capable of folding, only to pick up pots I could never win at showdown.

About 3.5 hours had gone by at this point, and within the last hour a new player had taken a seat. His name was Duke, at least, that’s what other players were calling him. This guy was super aggro. He was opening every other hand, raising every C-Bet a player would make, and would just bully people out of the pot by shoving the river or bombing the turn with a $300 bet.

The majority of the table was getting annoyed with Duke. Whenever they would fold, they felt like he was bluffing with air, however, when they would inevitably get frustrated and make the call, he would actually have it, and get massive value. During the course of about an hour, he amassed a stack totaling around $900. He had absolutely no fear, and the money at stake, to him, was evidently insignificant. From his perspective, it seemed as if he was playing for, what you and I, would consider pennies.

I folded quite a few strong hands to his preflop 3-bets — AQ, TT, 88, and QJs. I would open to $15 or $20, and he would re-pop me to 4x or 5x. I even open folded AKo on an Ace-high, 3-flush board on the turn when he check-raised me all-in, only to show me complete air.

That was enough for me, this wasn’t going to continue — not tonight. I had now decided that I was going to be as patient as necessary, and only get involved in a pot with him if the situation was favorable to trap him. You can’t bully a player when the money at stake means far less to him than it does to you. Subsequently, you can’t get value from that same player who is good enough to recognize that you’re only showing him aggression when you have it — they’ll just fold instead of blasting off, knowing that you’re praying that they’ll come over the top.

About an hour and a half later, it was around 10AM now, and I had built my stack up to around $1200. Duke was sitting on just about the same, though slightly less, about $1100. He was still bullying people out of pots, and the majority, if not everyone else at the table was clearly annoyed with him. Low limit players often become angry when they encounter an opponent whose style of play isn’t within the same paradigm as their own. The key is to be capable of adjusting your own style of play.

Finally, preparation meets opportunity, and I pick up pocket Aces in UTG+1. I raise to $15, and of course get 3-bet by Duke in the Lojack to $60. The button cold calls, and for a split-second, I almost 4-bet, but I resisted what almost felt like a reflex, and decided to just call.

The flop comes A5A — I flop Quad Aces! That was the first time I ever flopped quads, let alone quad aces. I stick to my game plan of trapping, and I check my quads over to Duke, who also checks. The button checks as well, and we see a turn of a black 4.

The board now being A5A4 rainbow — every fiber of my being is burning on the inside, trying to tell me to start getting some value and make a bet to build a pot. Again, I resist, and check it. Both Duke and the button check back.

The river comes in, a red 9. The complete board run-out is A5A49 rainbow.

I check, again, for the 3rd time. Duke fires out $200 into the pot of $187, the button snap folds, and I immediately snap-shove on him for a total of around $1140. He looks completely perplexed, and then goes deep into the tank. Not a single player had yet displayed this level of aggression against him.

He’s now been thinking for about 6 or 7 minutes, and he announces to the table that he’s sorry he’s taking so long, but he needs some more time and has a decision here. Some random player chimes in, telling him to take all the time he wants, it’s the biggest pot of the night.

Another 3 minutes go by, and I’m starting to get agitated now. It’s been at least 10 minutes, the dealer is clearly annoyed, enough is enough. I call for the clock. The floor comes over and gives Duke the “countdown” speech, informing him that he has 30 seconds to make a decision.

Before the floor even begins the countdown, Duke announces, “CALL”.

Under the influence of the Adderall, I assume, I inexplicably get the impulse to table my hand similar to the way a blackjack dealer would table their cards.

I pull both cards adjacent to each other, now sitting side by side. Using one finger, I flip one of the Aces face up, and then use that same Ace to slide it underneath the other, and flip up the remaining facedown Ace. I somehow managed to pull this off with such finesse, that it all happened in one, smooth, fluid motion. It was most certainly a rare form of poker showboating, and it was an incredibly cocky, and unnecessary thing to do, however I just couldn’t help myself. I had just decimated the guy who was running over every single player.

The entire table is shocked to see that I reveal flopped quad Aces. Even more surprised, is Duke. He is absolutely stunned to his core. He tables Jack high. I immediately stand up from my chair, and lean in closer towards the table, while rubbing my eyes to confirm — yes, indeed. Jack high.

“You triple checked flopped quad aces.” — the tone of his speech indicating a statement, not even close to what asking a question would sound like, as if he was in disbelief of what had just happened.

“Yes, sir.”

“I just called you with Jack high.” — again, it seemed as if he was confirming, for himself, the reality of the situation that had just occurred.

“Yeah, you did, but why?”

“I couldn’t put you on a hand, and I thought that you had finally had enough of me pushing you out of pots. It didn’t make sense, how could you have anything there when you checked the whole way?”

“I took a risk, and I just figured that you would eventually try and steal it.”

“I’m not even mad, kid. Well played, very clever. I salute you.”

The dealer ships me Duke’s entire stack, plus the pot, and I toss him two green birds. I quickly start to stack all of the chips while I fold the next hand, and then I get up from the table, as does Chris.

“Dude! What a sick fucking play! What in the fuck! Triple checking quad aces?!!?!?”

“I know, right? I was waiting all night for that moment. I got stupid lucky that he called. I have no idea why he called me with Jack high. I mean, I heard what he said, but still, why? How?”

“You figured him out, dude. Plain and simple. Really nice play, I’m impressed. I don’t think I could ever have triple checked that.”

“Thanks, Chris. I think it was just the Adderall. I just felt like I absolutely knew that he was going to do exactly the same thing that he has been doing all night. Whenever he senses weakness, he bombs the river. I wasn’t expecting him at all to call my shove, but I knew that if I bet into two players while out of position, on an ace-paired board, after calling a 4x 3-bet from Duke with the button cold calling, they would both fold.”

“That actually makes a lot of sense. Great play, dude. Seriously, that was just sick. Let’s get out of here and see what the other guys are up to.”

Chris and I cash out, and we leave the poker room. I ran $500 up to about $2300. Chris booked a nice win himself, running $500 up to $1.1k. We both tipped the cashier behind the cage $10 each.

The two of us are still wired from the Adderall, but now only physically stimulated, and not at all under the influence whatsoever. Sleeping is not going to be an option, so we decide to head back to my room, and get to work on polishing off a few beers.

I insert the keycard into my room’s key slot, and slowly open the door, as I hear a circus of ruckus coming from inside the room.

All of the guys are inside — Theo, Brian, Max, Scott, Rich, Derek, and Joe — they’d gone through two bottles of Smirnoff, a bottle of Jameson that Rich had brought over, a 24-pack of Coors Light, a ton of the weed, and had now moved on to blow, which one of Chris’ buddies had scored from someone in the casino.

As far as I knew, none of my friends had ever done coke before. I certainly hadn’t. Everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves, though, and who was I to judge? I had just played an intensely long poker session on some drug I had never heard of before, I won a bunch of money, all was good, and so I just went with the flow and chalked it up to an isolated incident on a vacation-like casino trip.

I asked my boys who had lost the most money, both as a way to settle the bet, and to make a subtle brag about how much I had won playing poker. I wasn’t surprised at all — Brian was the biggest loser, totaling a net loss of a measly, yet exact, $100.

He was by far the cheapest person out of all of my friends. He would always argue down to the penny when it came to splitting checks, or getting reimbursed for fronting money for a purchase. Indeed, he sure was cheap, but he wasn’t at all stupid. He made sure that the other 3 guys — Theo, Max, and Scott — lost less than he did so that he could come out ahead on the bet. Of course, he took a gamble by not knowing the status of my winnings, but the worst that could happen was that he would either lose $100 or book a win taking a gamble with it. The 4 of us each paid up, $50 each, and he offset his $100 loss with a $200 gain, for a net profit of $100.

We all continued to drink, I tried a few lines myself, and everyone stayed up until the upcoming evening — it was now time to go gamble again. So, what did we do? We drank even more, smoked a blunt, and finished off the 8-ball of blow.

The 9 of us were thoroughly bombed. Any and all traces of our decision making skills were completely distorted.

Joe was playing $100 flips with Derek — they would cut a deck of cards and whoever cut to the higher card would win. Rich was playing beer pong with Scott for $50 a match, Theo, Max, and Brian were playing $20 rolls of C-Lo with dice that they had bought from the gift shop, and Chris and I were having a pipe dream discussion about how much we were going to win playing blackjack in the next hour.

About 30 minutes later, all of us, while undoubtedly lacking full consciousness, head down to the casino floor and make our way into the pits.

This time, I brought my entire roll, and so did Chris.

The first thing we did was stagger over to a roulette table, only to sloppily introduce ourselves to the dealer.

“Hey sweetheart, listen, we need your help. Black or red?”

“Are you trying to ask me whether I think you should bet on black or red?”

“Ya, of course. You know how you’ve been spinning that ball. Black or red? Which are you feeling?”

Chris and I both take out our rolls and count out $1,000 each.

“Whatever you pick, sweetheart. If we win, you get 10%. If we lose, you think you could get us a comp for 9 to the Wildflowers restaurant?”

“Put it on black, boys. How about we just concentrate on winning for the time being?”

“Let’s do it! $2,000 on black!”

With a quick flick of her forefinger, the dealer launches the tiny ball into motion, and it begins to spin around and around the track of the roulette wheel. The dealer waves her hand over the table to close the action.

“No more bets!”

To be continued…

Next: Inside Underground NY Poker #10
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Kickstarter Roundup: Aug 12, 2018 | 31 Ending Soon (including: Trogdor!! The Board Game) & 33 New This Week (including: Bargain Quest Second Printing)

What this is:

This is a weekly, curated listing of Kickstarter tabletop games projects that are either:
All board game projects meeting those criteria will automatically be included, no need to ask. (But the occasional non-board game project may also sneak in!)
Expect new lists each Sunday sometime between 12:00am and 12:00pm PST.

Ending Soon

Project Info Status Backers Avg Pledge Ending Comments
Thug Life Thug life is a fast paced, urban action game where players take on the role of Bosses battling for respect in the Streets! (Has currently earned $12,322 of $5,000) 246% 222 $56 08-13 kicktraq #take2
Clash Of Fate A combat-based strategy card game. Lead a team of legendary fighters against your adversaries! (Has currently earned $3,780 of $3,000) 126% 37 $102 08-13 kicktraq #take2
Call to Adventure featuring Name of the Wind Choose your path, cast the runes, and claim your destiny in this epic tabletop game of hero crafting. (Has currently earned $593,522 of $35,000) 1695% 8551 $69 08-13 kicktraq
Interstitial: Our Hearts Intertwined (An RPG of friendship!) A PbtA Tabletop RPG about traveling to other worlds, the bonds we have with other people, and how we're stronger for them. (Has currently earned $11,974 of $5,000) 239% 360 $33 08-13 kicktraq #rpg
TERA DICE - Traditional Japanese Architectural Design Dice Set out across seven intricately designed layers, with unique Japanese symbols and characters. A true work of art and a joy to use. (Has currently earned $66,334 AUD of $29,700 AUD) 223% 801 $83 AUD 08-13 kicktraq #dice
Over the Edge: A Roleplaying Game of Weird Urban Danger Return to the island of Al Amarja in this new edition of Jonathan Tweet's freeform roleplaying game of paranormal chaos. (Has currently earned $111,849 of $50,000) 223% 1784 $63 08-14 kicktraq #rpg
Caverns Deep! by Dwarven Forge: Handcrafted Game Terrain Beautifully sculpted, fully modular underground terrain for Dungeons & Dragons, available fully hand painted. Join our campaign! (Has currently earned $2,348,564 of $100,000) 2348% 2118 $1109 08-14 kicktraq #bling
Glory Recalled : Hong Kong 1941 Glory Recalled : Hong Kong 1941 is a board wargame based on the Battle of Hong Kong in December 1941. (Has currently earned HK$111,060 of HK$90,000) 123% 326 HK$341 08-14 kicktraq
UNICORNS AND ZOMBIES - Lose Friends. Gain Allies. Play Cards Unicorns & Zombies is a turn-based card game for 2-4 players which pits — unicorns against zombies. (Has currently earned $12,441 of $12,000) 103% 220 $57 08-15 kicktraq #take2
The Transformational Truth of Tarot Game Changer! The Transformational Truth of Tarot Game Changer Is Here! Get To Know Thself, Embark On The Fool's Journey and Reclaim Your World! (Has currently earned £3,131 of £2,500) 125% 51 £61 08-15 kicktraq
Dragon Dice - Swamp Stalkers (reprint) Something stirs in the marshes of Esfah! It is time for the Swamp Stalkers to return to the mighty world of Dragon Dice! (Has currently earned $24,073 of $12,000) 200% 229 $105 08-15 kicktraq #reprint bgg
Sabotage An asymmetric, team-based, hidden movement, roll-and-write miniatures game. (Has currently earned $127,043 of $50,000) 254% 1909 $67 08-15 kicktraq
Trogdor!! The Board Game Help the beefy-armed dragon Trogdor burninate the countryside in this cooperative game of burnination, majesty, and consummate V's!! (Has currently earned $1,158,369 of $75,000) 1544% 18935 $61 08-15 kicktraq
Era of Kingdoms A kingdom building strategy game for 1-4 players. Take your kingdom from the dark ages in to the enlightenment! (Has currently earned $44,555 of $8,000) 556% 1231 $36 08-16 kicktraq
Clear the Decks! Age of Sail Cooperative Ship-to-Ship Combat Card Game for 1-4 Players (Has currently earned $5,668 of $8,000) 70% 141 $40 08-16 kicktraq
Eldritch Century - Resin Miniatures Wave 1 High-Quality Resin Monster Miniatures for the universe of Eldritch Century. Digital RPG Primer for all backers. (Has currently earned $7,241 of $5,000) 144% 164 $44 08-16 kicktraq #minis
Super Camelot A boardgame for 2-4 players chalk full of adventure, slaying evil things and slashing bushes to collect gems, treasure and a shiny cup! (Has currently earned $18,963 of $20,000) 94% 280 $68 08-16 kicktraq
Deus lo Vult – The Board Game of Rampage, Betrayal and Agony Competitive board game based on medieval miniature and the strategic games played by the military aristocracy all over the world. (Has currently earned $42,563 of $30,000) 141% 767 $55 08-16 kicktraq
Thief's Hoard: Outbid. Outsmart. Outthieve. (Relaunch) A party game for 2-8 players, using bidding, bluffing, and quick card play to be the most infamous thief. (Has currently earned $7,158 of $6,000) 119% 179 $40 08-16 kicktraq #take2
The Acts Board Game Help the early church spread out from Judea throughout the Roman Empire in this simple, yet strategic, worker placement board game. (Has currently earned $5,776 of $4,000) 144% 135 $43 08-16 kicktraq
DUNGEON DEGENERATES: MEAN STREETS EXPANSION BOX The first expansion box for DUNGEON DEGENERATES (Has currently earned $42,411 of $35,000) 121% 701 $61 08-17 kicktraq #expansion base game
Bears vs Lumberjacks A 2-3 player card game! Bears vs Lumberjacks is an exciting, fast-paced 2-3 player micro card game. It takes around 10-15 minutes to play! (Has currently earned $1,161 of $600) 193% 92 $13 08-17 kicktraq
Gloomhaven Player Mats Officially licensed individual player mats for the massive hit board game: Gloomhaven (Has currently earned $99,622 of $38,500) 258% 1710 $58 08-17 kicktraq #bling
Thunderstone Quest Back to the Dungeon from AEG Mike Elliott's deckbuilding game of heroic adventure returns, and now features Barricades Mode for Solo & CoOp play! (Has currently earned $571,347 of $50,000) 1142% 5711 $100 08-17 kicktraq
Board Game Design Lab (PLUS) The BGDL is a weekly podcast that helps you design great games people love. Support this project to get access to exclusive content. (Has currently earned $3,151 of $750) 420% 85 $37 08-17 kicktraq #show
Flaming Pyramids game A quick and light tile-laying game where players build a pyramid together but win by getting rid of their own materials first. (Has currently earned $4,555 NZD of $4,000 NZD) 113% 127 $36 NZD 08-18 kicktraq #take2
Glorantha 28mm Miniatures. Enemies of Sartar Part 1 Mad Knight - the missing miniatures. Trollkin Raiders and Scorpionmen questers. (Has currently earned £6,370 of £500) 1274% 96 £66 08-18 kicktraq #minis
Pirates of Treasure Island A range of 28mm pewter miniatures set in the world of Treasure Island. For both Modeling and Miniature Gaming. And they're really cool! (Has currently earned $3,762 of $5,000) 75% 43 $87 08-18 kicktraq
The Grand Museum of Art A board game for art lovers? Yes! Collect famous artwork, put together thematic exhibitions and become the new Museum Director! (Has currently earned $31,342 CAD of $10,000 CAD) 313% 440 $71 CAD 08-19 kicktraq
Villains & Henchmen! Villains & Henchmen! - a board game for 1-4 players, where you get to be the bad guys!! (Has currently earned $4,733 of $10,000) 47% 97 $49 08-19 kicktraq #take2
Terrors of London Victorian horror-themed competitive deck-builder. (Has currently earned $68,709 of $12,000) 572% 1568 $44 08-19 kicktraq

New This Week

Project Info Status Backers Avg Pledge Ending Comments
GrimmoiR Card game focused on characters known from famous fairytales. The most important thing in the game is lack of randomness. (Has currently earned $1,007 of $10,000) 10% 51 $20 09-10 kicktraq
Trumped Tweets - a party game using REAL tweets A party game using real tweets to answer ridiculous questions. (Has currently earned $855 of $8,500) 10% 8 $107 09-15 kicktraq #take2
Kuzushi Seasons Strategy Game Portable abstract strategy game based on four iconic seasonal flowers of Japan for 2-4 players. (Has currently earned $595 of $2,250) 26% 17 $35 09-01 kicktraq
The Giants Dungeon - The Ultimate Tabletop Gaming Experience A totally independent, not for profit tabletop gaming and hobby centre dedicated to providing the ultimate gaming experience (Has currently earned €205 of €25,000) 0% 5 €41 09-10 kicktraq #cafe
Trump or Hitler. A fun game for interesting times. Each card contains a significant public statement from one of the leaders. Players guess which leader said what. (Has currently earned $12,086 CAD of $52,000 CAD) 23% 5 $2417 CAD 09-24 kicktraq #lolwut
Wallhalla: Modular Miniature Display Shelves Modular, 3d printable miniature display shelves. (Has currently earned $3,958 of $500) 791% 87 $45 09-09 kicktraq
RINGLEADER RINGLEADER is an exciting strategy game of risk & reward! SMUGGLE YOUR WAY INTO RETIREMENT! (Has currently earned $59 of $31,000) 0% 2 $30 10-09 kicktraq #lolwut
Dungeons of Doom V: Law Vs Chaos + Star Hat Miniatures Delvers Lost in the Dungeons of Doom 5: Law Vs Chaos. Heroic miniatures sculpted by hand and cast in metal for RPGs and Tabletop Games. (Has currently earned $4,977 NZD of $500 NZD) 995% 47 $106 NZD 08-30 kicktraq #minis
Lumber Merchant - a game requiring balance, tactics and luck Lumber Merchant is a balancing game with the goal of accumulating the highest score by loading logs according to dice rolls. (Has currently earned ¥211,509 of ¥100,000) 211% 34 ¥6221 08-29 kicktraq
Dreeples (Dragon Meeples) Dreeples (Dragon Meeples). A most stunning way to bling out your tabletop game. (Has currently earned $1,455 of $20,000) 7% 53 $27 09-05 kicktraq #bling
Dungeon Alliance (Second Printing + Expansions) Dungeon Alliance is a deck-building, dungeon crawling miniatures adventure game. Second Printing + New Adventure Packs! (Has currently earned $75,013 of $50,000) 150% 941 $80 08-31 kicktraq #reprint #expansion bgg
Kofre's Curse: A Treasure Hunting Game Set in Egypt A light RPG set in 19th century Egypt. Work cooperatively to excavate a haunted pyramid full of traps, monsters and treasure! (Has currently earned $1,860 of $10,000) 18% 68 $27 09-07 kicktraq
Survival of the Dummies: A party game for underachievers Earth has been taken over! Survive by playing a trivia-based party game that confuses your brain with fun and bizarre instructions. (Has currently earned $2,483 of $13,000) 19% 21 $118 09-08 kicktraq
Endogenesis Customize power sets and engage in an epic battle for godhood in this competitive strategic game for 3-5 players. (Has currently earned $52,446 of $5,700) 920% 734 $71 09-07 kicktraq
Bragging Rights - A Game of Competitive Bullshitting Earn street cred and compete with your friends to tell the best tale of your criminal exploits. The more ludicrous the better. (Has currently earned €2,611 of €10,000) 26% 86 €30 08-29 kicktraq
What's Under the Carpet - The Board Game What's Under the Carpet is a hilarious game with laugh-out-loud art. Even better, it comes with a really cool shaggy carpet. (Has currently earned $689 of $5,000) 13% 19 $36 09-06 kicktraq
San Francisco VS Fog - Card Game An Old Maid inspired card game about the hide-and-seek battle between San Francisco's landmarks and the fog. (Has currently earned $3,031 of $4,000) 75% 61 $50 09-06 kicktraq
Falling Koalas Battle to be the last koala alive in this hilarious card game. (Has currently earned $3,311 of $9,000) 36% 62 $53 09-06 kicktraq
WHISKEY BUSINESS! A Fun Strategic Tabletop Party Dice Game! WHISKEY BUSINESS! A new fun dice game from the makers of BREW HA HA! and READ BETWEEN THE WINES! This tabletop party game is top shelf! (Has currently earned $3,955 of $10,000) 39% 72 $55 09-07 kicktraq
Hellenica: Story of Greece Hellenica: Story of Greece is a 3.5x competitive game for 1-7 players set in Ancient Greece. (Has currently earned $64,966 of $20,000) 324% 619 $105 09-07 kicktraq
Domina Magica - A Magical Girl RPG Welcome to Domina Magica, the RPG about becoming a Magical Girl and fighting the forces of evil! (Has currently earned $20,142 of $10,000) 201% 349 $58 09-06 kicktraq #rpg
Dungeon Derby: A real-time, push your luck party game. Dungeon Derby is a party game filled with betting, strategy and a bit of luck. Non-stop action for players of all ages! (Has currently earned $22,418 of $15,000) 149% 325 $69 09-06 kicktraq
Rushin' Roulette A game of deceptively cute characters with dangerous motives. Will you be the last one standing or will your strategy backfire? (Has currently earned $4,431 of $7,200) 61% 111 $40 09-11 kicktraq
Joshua A.C. Newman's BLOODY-HANDED NAME of BRONZE Bronze-Age Sword and Sorcery roleplaying, inspired by TORAH and ILLIAD, GILGAMESH and ACHILLES, CONAN and THE DYING EARTH. (Has currently earned $10,956 of $24,000) 45% 237 $46 08-30 kicktraq #rpg
Sundae Drivers Card Game A fun, quick, and quirky family card game! (Has currently earned $115 of $2,500) 4% 7 $16 09-05 kicktraq
1759 Siege of Quebec 1 to 2 Player Game Designed for solitaire play and playable by 2 players. Refight the 1759 Siege of Quebec in the French & Indian War. (Has currently earned $17,503 of $1,000) 1750% 258 $68 08-20 kicktraq
Ruby Roundup! Set in the Wild West gold rush era, Ruby Roundup! is a frantic race to mess with your foes while grabbing as much treasure as you can! (Has currently earned $5,082 CAD of $54,000 CAD) 9% 39 $130 CAD 09-05 kicktraq
A unique turn-based strategic card fighting game! Inspired by video games, this tabletop game will have you fighting in an 1v1 or 2v2 battle to become the next Hairweight Champion!! (Has currently earned $6,067 of $17,000) 35% 98 $62 09-10 kicktraq
#BadPlots A Party/Trivia/Card game that challenges your opponents to identify a movie based on a terrible (but accurate) plot description. (Has currently earned $350 of $15,000) 2% 14 $25 09-05 kicktraq
Bargain Quest Second Printing + The Black Market Expansion! The second printing and a new expansion for the acclaimed Item Shop Board Game Bargain Quest! (Has currently earned $171,578 of $30,000) 571% 2768 $62 08-28 kicktraq #reprint #expansion bgg
80 Solid metal Goetia coins All 72 Lesser Key Solomon Demons Complete set of Lesser Key of Solomon coins -- All 80 Demon seals of the Ars Goetia -- Demonology sigil tokens -- solid metal (Has currently earned $34,155 of $1,200) 2846% 719 $48 09-05 kicktraq #bling
Saturday Morning Games Saturday Morning Games is a battle tabletop game, parodying popular 80's Saturday Morning Cartoons! (Has currently earned $981 of $5,000) 19% 23 $43 08-25 kicktraq
Duel of Kingz Tactical Card Game Duel of Kingz is a Hero based tactical card game for 2-4 players. Heroes use spells, equipment and minions to battle! (Has currently earned $256 of $2,000) 12% 10 $26 09-10 kicktraq
Looking for more comprehensive Kickstarter gaming information? Check out the meta listings on BGG, explore Kicktraq's data-driven views, or, of course, Kickstater's Tabletop Category.
## Footnotes - #hmm means that something about the project seems a little off. Buyer beware kinda thing. - #lolwut is reserved for projects that seem like trainwrecks. Check 'em out for amusement. - #take tags are for projects that have been restarted for some reason, with the number indicating what iteration we're currently on. - Did I miss something? Particularly something new in the last 7 days or ending in the next 7 days? Let me know in the comments and I'll add it in.
Tip Jar - Keep me in Kickstarter money.
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Roulette Betting Software I 2500€ Profits I Daily Winning System

Visit for gambling news, reviews, tips and comments A terrible two minutes, losing £200 in a couple of spins on Bagatelle roulette in William Hill. If you credit the ... Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBT) offer simple touch screen play, usually on a version of roulette, where people can gamble as much as £100 per spin, in theory every 20 seconds. 'Gods of the shop' roulette betting system, roulette best strategy, roulette casino live, roulette strategy 2020, ... online roulette tips contra bet roulette strategy european roulette strategy to win Strong Betting Strategy to Win Roulette More Chances to Win Roulette #roulettestrategy #dutanatintana #roulettestrategytowin. ... Sports Betting Tips - Sports Betting Strategy - Duration: 9:34. Roulette good run on numbers, maximum bet at William Hill (Gambling will ruin your life!) - Duration: 8:32. awilko0 755,421 views. 8:32. Cops n Robbers Gold £50 Mega Games High Roller Slots - ...