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The Truth About Climate Change. The Rabbit Hole Goes Much Deeper than Fake IPCC Conclusions.....

“The data doesn't matter. We're not basing our recommendations on the data. We're basing them on the climate models.”
“The models are convenient fictions that provide something very useful.”
"It doesn't matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true."
"Unless we announce disasters no one will listen."
"No matter if the science of global warming is all phony... climate change provides the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world."
Now on to the Club of Rome.
"The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself."
"We need to get some broad based support, to capture the public's imagination... So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements and make little mention of any doubts... Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest."
"We've got to ride this global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic and environmental policy."
"Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”
"[The Earth Summit will play an important role in] reforming and strengthening the United Nations as the centerpiece of the emerging system of democratic global governance."
"The concept of national sovereignty has been an immutable, indeed sacred, principle of international relations. It is a principle which will yield only slowly and reluctantly to the new imperatives of global environmental cooperation. It is simply not feasible for sovereignty to be exercised unilaterally by individual nation states, however powerful. The global community must be assured of environmental security."
"I believe it is appropriate to have an 'over-representation' of the facts on how dangerous it is, as a predicate for opening up the audience."
Maurice Strong sits on the board of directors for CCX.
Back before he became U.S. President Obama served on the board of directors for the Joyce Foundation when it gave CCX nearly $1.1 million in two separate grants that were instrumental in developing and launching the privately-owned Chicago Climate Exchange, which now calls itself “North America’s only cap and trade system for all six greenhouse gases, with global affiliates and projects worldwide.”
Essentially Obama helped fund the profiteers of the carbon taxation program that he then steered steered through Congress.
"The threat of environmental crisis will be the 'international disaster key' that will unlock the New World Order."
Mikhail Gorbachev, Former President of the Soviet Union, member of the Club of Rome
"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order."
"We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."
"Some even believe we (the Rockefeller family) are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure 'one world', if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."
**Other Club of Rome members include Tony Blair, George Soros Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Javier Solana, Kofi Annan, Bill Gates, The Dalai Lama, Hassan bin Talal, Javier Perez de Cuellar, Gro Harlem Bruntland, Robert Muller, Garret Hardin, King Juan Carlos of Spain and his wife Queen Sophia, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Prince Philippe of Belgium and many more people that include wealthy elites, 'new age spiritualists', former or current world political figures and former or current U.N. figures. **
See this link for much more! -
Additional Information
Watch Lord Christopher Monckton (Former Adviser to Margaret Thatcher) Speaking in St. Paul on the real purpose of the Copenhagen Treaty -
Beware the UN's Copenhagen plot -
One World Government The Real Aim of Environmentalism -
The Marxist roots of the global warming scare -
Al Gore could become world's first carbon billionaire -
Obama’s involvement in Chicago Climate Exchange—the rest of the story -
This site provides damning evidence of the agenda -
Club of Rome's Depopulation Agenda
"The Earth has cancer and the cancer is Man."
"… the resultant ideal sustainable population is hence more than 500 million but less than one billion.”
"A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells; the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people…. We must shift our efforts from the treatment of the symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer. The operation will demand many apparently brutal and heartless decisions."
"I believe that human overpopulation is the fundamental problem on Earth Today”
“We humans have become a disease, the Humanpox.”
“World population needs to be decreased by 50%”
“We must speak more clearly about sexuality, contraception, about abortion, about values that control population, because the ecological crisis, in short, is the population crisis. Cut the population by 90% and there aren’t enough people left to do a great deal of ecological damage.”
“A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”
In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it is just as bad not to say it.
"If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels."
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How to access the "Forbidden Wiki"

We all love Wikipedia, don’t we? A seemingly endless source of information, all consolidated on a well-formatted, visually pleasing website. And despite what your teacher might tell you, I can guarantee you that just about nobody’s trying to rewrite history pages with false information. Nobody has the time for that, nor does anybody care enough to do it.
Beyond research and general curiosity, there’s a ton of fun stuff you can do on the site. For example, there’s the Wikipedia game, where you start on one topic page and then click on related hyperlinks until you reach the pre-specified destination page. Also, did you know that if you go on a Wikipedia page relating to any topic, click on the first hyperlink and repeat the process, you’ll eventually find yourself in a loop that always directs you back to the page for philosophy? Deep stuff, really.
Now, that’s all fun and whatnot. But did you know that there’s something else you can do on Wikipedia? A ritual of sorts?
I recommend proceeding with caution. There is a certain level of risk involved when pursuing something like this. Would I recommend it? Not really. So why am I talking about it at all? Well, I’ll explain later.
This is what you’ll need:
A device with internet access. Preferably something mobile, like a laptop or smartphone. Make sure that none of your personal information is stored on this device. If it’s a smartphone, take out the SIM card, delete all your contacts, social media apps, photos, etc. This is not an optional step.
Internet access. Preferably public, like a library or a large, crowded coffee shop. Obviously not so feasible right now, so I’d wait until the virus dies down. You can also just use your home internet. Not recommended, though.
A weapon/bodyguard/vehicle. Optional, but also not at the same time. You’ll only need these things for reasons I’ll explain later. But more often than not, you won’t be needing these things. 15/100 times, I’d say. Still, better safe than sorry. Try and pack some heat.
Here’s what you’ll need to do. Sit down at a library, coffee shop, university campus, or any place with public Wi-Fi. Start off by visiting an extremely popular Wiki page. For example, Michael Jordan, World War 2, Elon Musk, Google, etc. Now, here’s where you gotta exert a bit of brain power. You’re gonna have to traverse from this popular page to an obscure page that has hardly been seen at all in comparison. But don’t go searching up something like “creepiest Wikipedia pages”, or “most bizarre Wikipedia pages” and try to get there. If those pages are on a list, then they’ve probably received a lot of traffic.
You’ll need to find a page about something truly unknown/inane, like some unheard-of Romanian folk singer from the 1960’s who only released 2 songs before dying in their 30’s or something. Doing this is harder than you might think. The page truly has to be something that very few people are aware of or would bother to learn about.
Once you’ve found a page that you deem suitably obscure and unseen, you’ll have to click on the Wikipedia home page, find another popular topic and repeat the process. Maybe 3, 4, 5 times at the very max. But don’t worry about clicking pages endlessly. You’ll know that you’ve done it right when you come across a seemingly blank page. The Wiki symbol and side options will still be there, but the page itself will be devoid of any pictures or text. Except for the title of the page at the top, that is.
It’ll say “INFORMATION LIMIT”, followed by a string of numbers. Remember that string. You’ll need it later. Also, don’t close the browser.
You’ve done it. The “ritual” has officially begun. At this point, you’ll have to leave the location you accessed it at. For the love of God, don’t just go back into your house. Get into your car or walk on foot to a remote location without internet access. You can’t just be disconnected from a network. There should be no networks available to scan for at all.
Make yourself comfortable and open that Information Limit page again. Hit refresh. Another page should load up, despite the lack of connection. It’ll be a login screen, with a single prompt.
“Enter access point: “
Enter the string of numbers you memorized earlier, EXCEPT for the last 2 digits. Most people who try this just type in the string as it is. Do not do this or you’ll be met with a horrible fate. Pay attention and refrain from fucking it up. Once this is done correctly, you’ll be directed to something that looks like the Wikipedia home page, but just a bit different.
Now, I’m not quite sure what kind of site this is, or where it even originates from. A lot of people just call it the “Forbidden Wiki”, myself included.
I need to note something of great importance here. If the page that loaded up is not in English or whatever language that you originally accessed it from, then click off immediately and go home. You… shouldn’t try and subject yourself to any of the images that may pop up on the pages you visit. They aren’t meant for you. Aren’t meant for human perception. If you glance upon these images, you’ll end up with a fate worse than the one that you’d get if you entered the entire string into the prompt. And that one is bad to begin with. You’re curious, but don’t take the risk.
But if the page is in the language you recognize, then go ahead and proceed. You’ll notice that the Wikipedia symbol will now be a bit different than the one you’re familiar with. It might be a different shape. A different color. Different symbols, perhaps. More often than not, it’ll look more ominous. More sinister, I suppose.
You need to keep in mind that the articles and topics you might stumble across on this site do not exist in our world. They are not something we need to be worried about. Don’t stay up at night thinking about what you’ll see. As far as we need to be concerned, they’re not real.
From this point, you have free range to explore as you please (somewhat). Be sure not to look at more than around fifteen pages, spending less than a minute on each. If you linger around forbidden knowledge for too long, they will know you’re looking. And they’ll be sure to look for you as well. This is information that you shouldn’t be privy to, and they’ll make sure it remains that way.
Who are “they”, exactly? Anybody who has a solid answer to that question likely isn’t around to divulge it. Just know that they are not from this plane of reality. That they possess far more strength and knowledge that you could ever imagine. Don’t think you’ll be able to evade or God forbid try and fight back against them. Even the most decorated government field agent who’s been through hell and back wouldn’t come close to succeeding. Humans that try and overstep the boundaries of what they’re supposed to know are nothing but pesky bugs that need to be exterminated to them.
Or in the worst case… bugs that need to be made an example out of first.
But don’t be too scared. Like I said, just don’t linger on any one page for too long and don’t visit too many. If you do this, you’ll more or less be able to bypass their detection.
But don’t think this means you’re somehow getting the best of them. You’d need to read and analyze these forbidden articles for upwards of hours before understanding what they truly mean and the ramifications of their existence in the multiverse. With less than a minute of exposure, you’ll only be able gain a surface-level understanding of the subjects at best. And “they” hardly care about that.
However… there is a way to legitimately bypass their detection, enabling you to look at the articles for a longer duration of time. But these involve complicated strategies that require extensive knowledge in both programming and arcane occult rituals. And even then… the risk is still astronomically high. Again, not recommended.
You might be wondering why you can’t just take pictures and look over them afterwards for however long you want. Well, I suppose you could. But it makes no difference. They’ll still know you’re looking and react accordingly.
So why bother bringing any kind of weapon, you might ask? Well, it’s not to fight back against “them”. Like I said, that’s a fruitless effort. Nah, these weapons are for the “Lurkers”. Sometimes, if you’re unlucky (around 15% of the time, like I said), your mere digital presence on the Forbidden Wiki will alert them to your location, and it’s something that can’t be helped. But even though the Lurkers aren’t in any way affiliated with “them”, they do have comparable goals. They don’t want you looking at that information either. But unlike “them”, the Lurkers don’t want you to have any kind of awareness of the subjects at all.
You won’t be able to anticipate them. They might fall out a tree if you’re in a forest. They might step out of a dark corner if you’re in an abandoned building. They might crawl out of a lake. You get the gist of it. You won’t see them coming.
Some will be more humanoid in appearance. Some will look more… unfamiliar. They will try and kill you in any way possible should you keep looking at the site. One sure way to guarantee your survival in these situations is to just close the browser, drop your device and take off. If you do this, they’ll have no reason to chase you down.
However… if you do want to keep looking, the Lurkers aren’t impossible to dispose of. In fact, if you’re armed well and have moderate combat experience, you should be able to wipe them out relatively easily and then continue exploring the site. Conversely, you could hire somebody else to deal with them on your behalf while you continue browsing. I’d recommend this option. Like I said, you can’t stay on one page for too long. And if the Lurkers start giving you trouble... then you might be a bit screwed.
I’m not quite sure what the deal is with the Lurkers either. One theory is that they’re simply interdimensional agents/mercenaries hired by a 3rd party who wants to protect their information from outsider eyes. But then who is this 3rd party? And why are they trying to protect the info? This is why I don’t bother with the theorizing. There’s simply too much that we can’t know.
Well, now that that’s all out of the way, let me tell about some of the pages I’ve come across on the Forbidden Wiki. Keep in mind that I had under a minute to glance over these, and despite having a fairly good memory, I’ll only be able to describe so much.
The Great Lakes Incident
“The Great Lakes Incident was a naval battle that took place across all five Great Lakes on the Canadian-US border from 2007-2011. Reports about a mysterious ship rising out of the water alerted Canadian authorities in late 2010… the belligerents were of an unusual nature, able to withstand conventional weaponry… possessing multiple heads, considered in between amphibian and humanoid… finally resolved using firebombs and chemical weapons…”
Inhabitants of the Bermuda Triangle
“…the beings living on these small, scattered islands are extremely hostile towards human contact… reported to be able to fly, causing trouble for aircraft travelling through… believed to have originated from a large, underwater volcano…
The Grand Canyon Void
“The Grand Canyon Void is a hole in the ground in Northwest Arizona measuring approximately 4.6 meters in diameter… hikers reported staring into the hole for hours on end, before they were dragged away from it by park authorities… an average of 12 hikers were reported to have jumped into it during the month of March, with their bodies turning up in different countries…”
Mr. Dream
“Mr. Dream is an Australian DJ from Perth… his self-proclaimed style is known as ‘infernal trance’. People at his live shows have been reported to experience moments of incredible euphoria, before disemboweling each other in the crowd… the manhunt is ongoing, with his latest show reported to have occurred in June 2019, at an underground venue in Paris.”
The Akroid mansion
“The Akroid mansion is a large estate located on the outskirts of Houston, Texas, belonging to the Akroid family… famously known for being the founding members of the cult known as ‘The Dawn of the collapsing Moon’… 77 attempts have been made to infiltrate the house, resulting in 587 Officer casualties. Only one known member of the Akroid family has been neutralized… the members are known to conduct rituals involving biological transformations of the human body… these creatures react in accordance with lunar cycles, exhibiting the most violent tendencies when the moon appears early in its first quarter…”
Channel 51 News
“Channel 51 news is a controversial news station that broadcasts on Channel 51 between 3-4AM… the reports presented on the program have been considered nonsensical and disturbing to the viewers watching… sometimes the hosts have reported incidents that have not occurred up until that point, only for these incidents to transpire one week after, as was the case with the Tokyo Massacre… The location the channel broadcasts out of remains impossible to pinpoint…”
As hard as it may be to believe, these are some examples of the more normal pages on the Wiki. Some of the other ones I’ve seen are… downright fucked.
The man inside your head
“The man inside your head is an arcane entity that exists within your subconscious. His intentions are malicious, and a good portion of your mental capacity is used to suppress him from escaping at any given time. Don’t let him escape.”
Eye in the Sky
“The Eye in the Sky is large eye measuring approximately 4400 meters in diameter that appears in the sky every so often, usually during violent storms. When it appears, it is advised not to look at it under any circumstances. The only exception to this rule is for those who have been forsaken and absolutely need to. You’ll know if you need to.
The corner in your basement
“The corner in your basement is that one dark spot in your basement tucked away in that far corner. No matter how much light you shine on it, it’ll never illuminate, and you’ll never know what’s lurking within it. You better figure out what it is soon.”
The Snowstorm Angel
“The Snowstorm Angel is that figure you see in your backyard during heavy snowstorms. You’ll think your eyes are playing a trick on you, and that your senses are somehow being distorted by the snowfall but make no mistake. It’s there. People often assume its nature to be benevolent, given its name. That assumption is incorrect.”
These kinds of articles were always shorter in length. In fact, what I described above pretty much represented the entirety of the text. These articles all included pictures as well. I regret ever looking at any of them.
You might be wondering why I’m telling you about the Forbidden Wiki at all, along with how to get there. As contradictory as it may seem, this is a precautionary tale. Most people will read this and believe it to be fake, or simply lack the time, energy or motivation to go through with it. Good. Be one of those people.
But then there’s the people who don’t fit that bill. The “thrill-seekers”, so to speak. These are the ones who’ll look for it no matter what. Eventually they’ll find another set of instructions written by somebody else. But one that might not include a proper warning. One that doesn’t tell the whole story.
I am here to give you that warning. Don’t do this.
I thought I was safe just browsing around. I followed all the rules. I hired hitmen off the dark web to accompany me in case the Lurkers showed up. I always made sure to not overstay my welcome on any of the pages, in order to keep myself hidden from “them”.
In reality, the Forbidden Wiki is a strange and complicated place. You may think that you’ve experienced enough and that you’ve figured out all of its tricks… but don’t underestimate it. We were never meant to lay our eyes on something like this.
I stumbled upon a ‘particular’ page the last time I paid a visit to the site. This was the page that ruined everything. The title was simply a phone number. A phone number that contained my area code. Here was the description. I remember this one verbatim:
“(XXX)-XXX-XXXX is a number that will be calling you in a few days. You are obligated to answer his call and follow his instructions. If you refuse, he will come to you. You will only have two chances.”
Here’s the thing. I live in an apartment so I don’t have a basement. I’m pretty sure there’s no demonic entity living inside my head. I’ve never seen a giant eye in the sky. I’m in the South, so snowfall is rare and sparse at best. Up until a point, the shit I’ve seen on the Wiki had been 100% separate and disconnected from my real life. I really thought I had no cause for concern.
But… I did get a call. A call from a number I really hoped I wouldn’t see again. I let it ring through without picking up.
One last chance.
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Official SOAP Thread 2020

Hi chickadees,
Ok, today is the day. This thread is for those M4s who will be SOAPing this week- ask for help, advice, commiseration, or anything else you need right here. PGY1s + up who have gone through the SOAP or anyone else who has advice/guidance, please chime in!
Are you SOAPing? First move: go to your Dean's office. Then check this thread.
This post is ONLY for comments relevant to going through the SOAP. If you see a comment that shouldn't be here, PLEASE report it and we'll take care of it right away. Looking for the Match Week Lounge? Here you go. Here's the Hub for Match Week with various links.
This post has the "Special Edition" flair which means that you can comment. using a throwaway.
Pertinent literature:
I SOAPed, And You Can Too! from u/schmiegola_mcbain
SOAP Reflections from 2019 from u/KiwiBanana_
Because people are asking about SOAP prep, I wrote this from u/tapatiocosteno
2019 SOAP Megathread
Check the official ERAS and NRMP twitters for announcements/updates- last year's shenanigans were often communicated thru twitter

Users who have SOAPed in the past and are available to PM or ping in the comments- We sent out the bat-signal for users who have successfully SOAPed in the past, and here's a list of redditors who are around if you need specific advice. (As always I am so touched that so many members of our community are willing to help)
u/schmiegola_mcbain Current PGY-1, SOAPed in the 2nd round last year, author of This Excellent SOAP Post
u/KiwiBanana_ Current gen surg PGY-1. Applied OB GYN, SOAPed into gen surg, author of This Excellent SOAP experience post
u/velomatic Private practice FM MD having SOAP'd into a prelim gen surgery year in 2015 after not matching EM, then re-applied FM and had an excellent residency experience.
u/Dyinginside2k19 Current PM&R PGY-1, Applied PM&R, matched into a prelim year, SOAPed into advanced PM&R spot
u/ATStillsbeard PM&R PGY-1, matched to advanced PM&R position, SOAPed into a prelim
u/jettymd PGY-4 Failed to match, failed to SOAP, did research, accepted into IM program, now in fellowship! (killing it!!!)
u/were_all_reggie_now Current anesthesia PGY1. Initially applied gas, SOAPed into gen surg, matched anesthesia last year, had red flags on app & happy to give advice about those
u/arorah13 IM PGY-1, US IMG, applied OBGYN, SOAPed last year into IM
u/sweg7 PGY-1, SOAPed last year
u/Broken_castor gen surg PGY-5, originally dual applied to gen surg and ortho (initially into ortho but realized late they wanted gen surg- penalized heavily for dual applying), SOAPed into gen surg
u/CulturalSafety89 Canadian Caribbean student who went unmatched, now PGY-1. Took time off to work in research and take Step 3 before ERAS re-opened.
u/Death_and_More_Taxes IM PGY2, applied EM, SOAPed into university-affiliated IM. Incoming chief resident, involved in their program’s SOAP process currently
u/Princess_Unikitty Peds PGY-2, applied psych, SOAPed into peds
u/Mymatchthrowaway PGY-1, initially applied PM&R, SOAPed into a TY, reapplied Rads and PM&R this year
u/synaptic_misfires Current PGY1. Matched Radiology but no Prelim in 2019, SOAPed into a transitional year
u/cingenemoon Applied gen surg, SOAPed into EM. EM program then shut down and had to find a new one. (Working a 12hr shift on Monday, may be slow to respond)
u/sherebelle514 PGY2, SOAPed into OBGYN
u/chuckEchedda PM&R PGY2, matched advanced but no prelim, SOAPed into prelim TY
u/futuremd2017 PGY3, applied to orthopedics and soaped into an IDR spot and prelim spot
u/tapatiocosteno author of Because people are asking about SOAP prep, I wrote this (may be busy in clinic and not answer right away)
u/mehoymenoy1 PGY-1, applied gen surg, SOAPed into surg prelim, matched gas this year
u/SirRagesAlot current PGY-1, SOAPed last year
u/skyisblue3 DO PGY-1, SOAPed last year
u/meshyme US grad, applied surgery, SOAPed into IM. In the Tampa area if anyone needs coffee.
u/joehino unsuccessful in SOAP last year, matched FM this year. In the Philly area if anyone needs coffee.
u/SirRagesAlot SOAPed from Psych to IM last year.
u/Gen3ricDO Ortho PGY-1, didn't match ortho last year, SOAPed into a TY, matched ortho this year
u/AwkwardStarfish1 non-US IMG, applied peds, SOAPed
u/DependentStudio4 pgy2, soaped into fm after leaving ob gyn and having a few red flags on application, happy to answer questions!
u/Moar_Input applied ortho last year, didn't match, SOAPed
Need your personal statement reviewed? Here's our (growing) list of volunteers- (ping me in the comments if you'd like to be added to the list)
u/Valiantlycaustic English grad available to edit personal statements
u/unchangingtask M4 available to help with PS, program research especially for programs in the Midwest. "Or just delivering coffee in the DC metro area if I am still allowed to do that" (THANK YOU I freakin love this community)
u/duodenojejunostomy Current IM PGY-1, didn't SOAP but available to review personal statements
u/truflc M4 available to read PS or just listen
u/lily1287 available to read PS or chat for support
u/123123sleep available to read PS or help with remote organization
u/Spriteling M4 available to read PS
u/aglaeasfather PGY-1 available to read PS (working Monday afternoon)
u/RamanKuttyMDPhD Intern available to read PS, can also give advice to anyone asking about Milwaukee/Wisconsin/Midwest.
u/HappyHiker1 M4 available to read PS- has experience with editing papers/PS in the past
u/usernamegameweak M4 available to read PS, psych focus
u/mokomann canadian student available to read PS
u/absie107 M4 available to help reading PS, looking up programs etc
u/no1fanoffingering available to read PS
u/weliketohave_funhere available to help w PS, research programs, DO/IMG focus
u/justjoshin93 M4 available to read PS, research programs
u/mglasses5 SO of an M4, available to read PS, lots of experience w editing PS
u/ExtraIkeaParts MS4 matched Peds, available for PSs, emotional support
u/Bone-Wizard M4 matched into OBGYN, available for PS review
u/lilchikinnugget M4 with experience in editing, available to help w personal statements, program searching, and delivery of coffee and hugs in the upstate SC region (Spartanburg, Greenville, Simpsonville, travelers rest, etc).
u/cotard_retard available for psych PS
u/proteinjellyroll M4 going into IM, available for PS in any specialty all this week
u/chowderandwaffle M4 available to help with researching programs in California or lend an extra hand for whatever in the SoCal region (coffee/food/person to talk to)! Has 2 golden retrievers if you need 2 hyper dogs jump on you and love you!
u/ouzieq123 MS3 taking research year available for PS etc
u/hemolyticanemia2020 M4 who loves editing, available for PS
u/First_fig M4 with lots of editing experience, available for PS, matched IM/OBGYN
u/Appropriate-Document available for PS editing
u/_shakespeer M4 married to an editor available for editing
u/medhead3533 M4 into psych, available for PS
u/RurouniKarly available to help with psych and FM PS
u/prettyhumerus MS4 matched EM, English minor in college. Also offering emotional support and coffee delivery to anyone in DFW area.
u/Crazy-Revenue MS4 available for PS review and venting
Friendos who haven’t SOAPed personally but kindly volunteered for help with personal statements, program research, etc (aw my heart)
u/choc0chipbananabread Current M1 happy to help with program research etc for SOAP if you need a little extra manpower (so sweet of them to volunteer!!!)
u/penndotsucks Significant other of someone who SOAPed last year, here for support – if you’re a SO of someone SOAPing, consider reaching out!
u/laska97 Spouse of FM resident who matched GS and then SOAPed to FM the next year. Available for support and research
u/ergle1bergle unmatched in EM last year, matched this year
u/falxcerebri unmatched in FM last year, didn't SOAP, matched this year here for support
u/bber54 didn't match psych last year, matched this year
u/lemonz333 didn't match last year, unmatched in SOAP, delayed graduation, matched psych this year
u/mglasses5 SO of an M4, available for venting
u/starri42 available for venting, DM them
u/Doctor___Strange M4 matched IM, available for IM/FM SOAPing on Monday
u/MrRentgen PGY-1 in Rads doing a TY, available for help
u/thelittlemoumou OMS4 available to help on Monday for neuro, research etc
u/O3DIPAMAAS M4 available in Arizona area
u/jadedquestionmark M4 available for venting, researching, in the Midwest
u/magikcity07 M4 available for moral support, PS, research etc. PM&R & IM
u/just4urpayissuesbro M4 into IM, PS and pep talks
u/Glass-Luck non-carib IMG 2014 grad, matched second time around after dual applying, here for help especially with IMGs
u/123123mail US-IMG available for PS review or support
u/MadRealWorldTyree M4 available to help out
u/spidey1290 OMS4 available for research, pep talks, venting

THANK YOU to everyone offering to be on this list- you guys are amazing
(Did you SOAP last year? Want to be available for advice? PM me to be added to this list)

We love you all and are sending good vibes- please don't hesitate to page me in the comments, PM me, or message modmail if you have other specific requests about how we can best help you
Lots of hugs,
the Mod Squad
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The Club of Rome's world government, climate-change and depopulation agenda exposed

“The data doesn't matter. We're not basing our recommendations on the data. We're basing them on the climate models.”
“The models are convenient fictions that provide something very useful.”
"It doesn't matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true."
"Unless we announce disasters no one will listen."
"No matter if the science of global warming is all phony... climate change provides the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world."
Now on to the Club of Rome.
"The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself."
"We need to get some broad based support, to capture the public's imagination... So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements and make little mention of any doubts... Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest."
"We've got to ride this global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic and environmental policy."
"Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”
"[The Earth Summit will play an important role in] reforming and strengthening the United Nations as the centerpiece of the emerging system of democratic global governance."
"The concept of national sovereignty has been an immutable, indeed sacred, principle of international relations. It is a principle which will yield only slowly and reluctantly to the new imperatives of global environmental cooperation. It is simply not feasible for sovereignty to be exercised unilaterally by individual nation states, however powerful. The global community must be assured of environmental security."
"I believe it is appropriate to have an 'over-representation' of the facts on how dangerous it is, as a predicate for opening up the audience."
Maurice Strong sits on the board of directors for CCX.
Back before he became U.S. President Obama served on the board of directors for the Joyce Foundation when it gave CCX nearly $1.1 million in two separate grants that were instrumental in developing and launching the privately-owned Chicago Climate Exchange, which now calls itself “North America’s only cap and trade system for all six greenhouse gases, with global affiliates and projects worldwide.”
Essentially Obama helped fund the profiteers of the carbon taxation program that he then steered steered through Congress.
"The threat of environmental crisis will be the 'international disaster key' that will unlock the New World Order."
Mikhail Gorbachev, Former President of the Soviet Union, member of the Club of Rome
"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order."
"We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."
"Some even believe we (the Rockefeller family) are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure 'one world', if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."
**Other Club of Rome members include Tony Blair, George Soros Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Javier Solana, Kofi Annan, Bill Gates, The Dalai Lama, Hassan bin Talal, Javier Perez de Cuellar, Gro Harlem Bruntland, Robert Muller, Garret Hardin, King Juan Carlos of Spain and his wife Queen Sophia, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Prince Philippe of Belgium and many more people that include wealthy elites, 'new age spiritualists', former or current world political figures and former or current U.N. figures. **
See this link for much more! -
Additional Information
Watch Lord Christopher Monckton (Former Adviser to Margaret Thatcher) Speaking in St. Paul on the real purpose of the Copenhagen Treaty -
Beware the UN's Copenhagen plot -
One World Government The Real Aim of Environmentalism -
The Marxist roots of the global warming scare -
Al Gore could become world's first carbon billionaire -
Obama’s involvement in Chicago Climate Exchange—the rest of the story -
This site provides damning evidence of the agenda -
Club of Rome's Depopulation Agenda
"The Earth has cancer and the cancer is Man."
"… the resultant ideal sustainable population is hence more than 500 million but less than one billion.”
"A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells; the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people…. We must shift our efforts from the treatment of the symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer. The operation will demand many apparently brutal and heartless decisions."
"I believe that human overpopulation is the fundamental problem on Earth Today”
“We humans have become a disease, the Humanpox.”
“World population needs to be decreased by 50%”
“We must speak more clearly about sexuality, contraception, about abortion, about values that control population, because the ecological crisis, in short, is the population crisis. Cut the population by 90% and there aren’t enough people left to do a great deal of ecological damage.”
“A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”
In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it is just as bad not to say it.
"If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels."
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Dear Future Dental Students

EDIT (May 18, 2020): Added some more content.
Know who you are and understand your why. These will be the first and most important steps in becoming a dentist in the future. It will also be a constant reminder of your motivation for the difficult years to come.
Albeit the lifestyle of being the owner of the clinic, leader of the dental team, dictator of your own work hours is a great reason to be interested in the career, this reason alone will only get you so far. There are so many other careers that have a similar lifestyle that requires less schooling. If it’s because of the prestige or because you have been told to become a dentist from family and friends, you will fail yourself. The journey is long and difficult, their desires alone will not help you surpass the mental fatigue that you will have to endure.
That being said, if you’re looking for a career that allows you to own a business and dictate your own hours, having the business being dental- or health-related, your options are more numerous than dentistry. Look into becoming lab technician (dental or medical), dental hygienist, denturist, or dental therapist. Yes, the money you earn won’t be the same as a dentist if you plan to work for someone else but as far as money made as a business owner, the sky is the limit. Speaking from experience, an average salary for a technician may be between $40,000 to - 50,000 but the business can bring in over twice or thrice that in profit (yes, after expenses) with time. Just a word of caution though, owning a business carries it own risks. Just like a dentist who opens their own clinic or buys out a clinic, you also have the chance of misfortune too. These risks affect everyone.
Know your why. It will be part of your personal statement. It will help you tie up why you volunteered where you did, why you participated in certain events, why you believe dentistry is right for you, and why you may be the unique candidate that fits well with their dental school family.
Understand what it means to become a dentist. It's not simply drill, fill, and bill nor is it just cleaning teeth.
Personally, I would recommend shadowing experience once as a high school student and once more as an undergraduate student. Ask your general dentist if you could observe their dental team. As a high school student, I would recommend that you shadow the dentist for a full work week during the summer break. As an undergraduate student I would advise you to shadow the entire team for a full ~40 hour work week. It is your job when shadowing as a high school student to determine if this is the sort of job and work you are interested in. Ask a lot of questions pertaining to the duties and lifestyle of a dentist. As an undergraduate student, you should have a better understanding of what dentistry is really all about. While shadowing, do not sit in a corner and observe. You are losing precious hours of shadowing experience unable to see the intricacies of handling the scaler or drill, unable to see how the dental team cooperates in the operatory, unable to visualize the difficulties a dentist may face while operating in the oral cavity. Make mental notes of relevant questions and ask the doctor in between patients, not in front of them unless the doctor is already addressing it or welcomes it. Convey your interests and ask questions you may have. As a high school student or undergraduate student, you need to build this professional relationship. This could be the source of one of your future letters of recommendation. It would also be wise to document this experience and the number of hours as it will play a role in your future application to dental school.
Know where you want to be, what is needed of you, and how you are going to get there. You should understand the application process like the back of your hand. You should know what is required of you by the start of your first year of undergraduate studies.
Know what you are required to have completed by the end of your undergraduate studies. Understand the conditions that you must meet: full-time student status, GPA cut-offs, completion of specific courses, required DAT components (such as the manual dexterity test), DAT score cut-offs, completion of a 3 or 4 year undergraduate degree (or not), how many letter of recommendations and from whom, shadowing experiences (number of hours), citizenship, etc. The list varies across dental schools. It would be a good idea for you to figure out where you want to go and compile the list of requirements such that it will not come as a surprise when you do apply. Use Google and figure this stuff out or join your school's pre-dental student club if one exists. Listen to dentistry-oriented podcasts or watch Youtube videos posted by dental students or read their blogs. The information is out there and very plentiful.
If you are seeking current dental students or dentists to inquire about the DAT exam, about how to get into dental school, how to apply, or any of these sorts of questions you are wasting their time and embarrassing yourself. These questions can be answered with simple google searches, do it yourself. If you require clarification, contact the organizations directly and obtain the information from the horse's mouth. Ask the dental students about dental school and dentists about the work field/industry. Ask about things that are not so readily available online. Ask about the cool things you heard, watched, read about dentistry online that is recent. For some, it was the potential rise and takeover of corporate dentistry, for others it was the integration of CAD/CAM and its impact on clinical dentistry. Perhaps the impact of COVID-19 and its future implications will be what you want to know more about. Stay with the times in the field. This will additionally benefit you when it comes to the interview process of dental school applications.
Know when. Understand your means and live within them. Dentistry is not right for everyone at any time in their life. Understand your (and your family's) financial capabilities. Understand what GPA and DAT scores you realistically need to matriculate into dental school. Compare your capabilities with the current class profile (projected cost of attendance, dental school class profiles with GPA/DAT score ranges and averages are provided by most schools online). Dentistry may not be right for you this year, perhaps not the next. But eventually.
GPA As I mentioned earlier, check the schools’ class profile/admissions statistics. Most schools publish these numbers on their website. It will give you the best picture of what your chances are like. Understand that most schools provide an ‘average’ and not a ‘range’. This means they admit people with both lower and higher GPAs than the one they state. The closer you are to this average, the better (obviously). The higher your GPA is, the more ‘wiggle room’ you have for any deficiencies you have in the rest of your application.
Double major? Double minor? Honors degree? Personally, I would pick the program/degree that would allow me to do my absolute best. The program that allows me to take courses I am most interested in generally sets me up to do well. I am interested, engaged, and not burning out.
You do not necessarily have to take a science-related undergraduate program. Non-traditional applicants do exist. Just make sure you completed the required courses.
Letters of Recommendation Generally, you would want two letters from science professors (who have taught you lecture-based courses) and one from a dentist. Just a recommendation, not a requirement. Schools have been known to accept or require a letter from the leader of your religious community. This also depends on the school(s) you are interested in applying to.
How do I approach this? Ask your science professors ahead of time (beginning of the semester that the course is in). If they are comfortable, they will provide you with conditions in which they will be willing to write you the letter. Determine if your interaction (or lack of) in class is adequate for them to judge you as a dental school candidate. If it’s a very large class and it lacks any discussion, it might be a good idea to attend office hours regularly and ask good questions. It provides opportunity for them to get to know you as a person and as a student. If you have developed a good relationship with your professor already, just ask them if they are willing to write you a letter. Your professors are there to help you attain success academically. Most of them actually care and want you to succeed and are willing to write you a letter as long as you aren’t being a pain in the buttocks about it. Treat them with respect. Update them as the application cycle progresses. Celebrate with them (via e-mail if you must) and keep them in mind in the future years. They helped you, remember this well.
AADSAS has instructions on how your referees can submit their letters. You will not be able to view these letters. Be aware, some individuals will ask you to ghost-write for them. At which point, you can: refuse, provide bullet points that you wish to highlight, or just write it. But, yes, ethics. Your call. Many before you have had to make the decision, I am sure you will find one that best suits your morals or writing ability. At the end of the day, you won’t know for certain what is submitted (unless they are literally showing you and submitting it thereafter, I suppose).
Shadowing Experience I mentioned it earlier. Some schools require a certain number of shadowing hours. Make sure you are shadowing a dentist. Shadowing auxiliary dental positions will help you understand the field better but the hours schools generally ask for are from a licensed dentist.
How do I find a dentist to shadow? Just drop by and ask in person or send an e-mail. The dental team will get back to you (or not, this can also happen). You may be rejected by some, don’t be discouraged. Some dentists will reject you out of conflict of interest as they may be a part of the admissions committee for a school. This is also not uncommon if you are seeking shadowing opportunities near a college/university town/city.
But COVID-19, I can’t shadow. Well, there are opportunities. You just have to be patient and tactful. Here’s a post you can follow up on:
Plenty of opportunities in your local community. Just look for it. I won’t be diving too deep into this. Generally, you can use volunteering to show you are well-rounded individual. You can also use it to show commitment (many hours over long durations of time). Just keep in mind that the volunteer experience’s description isn’t the only thing that matters. It would also be beneficial to add that some applicants are accepted with few volunteering opportunities and some are accepted with extraordinary number of volunteer hours with quite numerous organizations. Some even started their own organization. Just keep track of your hours and keep your superior’s contact information handy for your application.
DAT Exam Preparation Know which DAT exam you are going to take and scour the internet for reviews on DAT preparation resources. The Canadian and American DAT are different and contain different components, do your research well.
Everyone has their own opinion of which resource is the best. The truth is, each of them offer the same thing: first- and second-year undergraduate level knowledge of biology and chemistry.
Let’s face it. This knowledge hardly changes. What you need to determine is how they differ and which difference will propagate your success. For some, this means sitting in a classroom with an instructor. For others, it is at their own convenience on a phone app or whenever they have time to access the materials on a laptop. Perhaps you require more help in a specific area such as the perceptual ability test or reading comprehension. Just take any free material these different resource companies offer and determine if their premium material will be worthwhile or not based on how much the free stuff helped. Ultimately, the actual DAT exam is straight-forward and the depth of the scientific knowledge necessary is still basic. You’ll see what I mean when you dive into the material or take your first mock-DAT.
I have access to preparation material from 2010, do I need more recent material? Science at the level tested on the DAT hasn’t changed much. Look into whether the exam itself has changed between those years. Ultimately, you’re investing into your future. Allocate the necessary financial resources as you see fit. If you’re smart enough to become a dentist, you’ll be smart enough to decide whether the cost outweighs the risk.
Price is just too high? Look online for coupons and do your research on when they hold their sales. Your local pre-dental club may also have their own promotional code for a huge range of DAT preparation resources. These companies will also provide vloggers, bloggers, and podcast hosts promotional codes for sponsored content. Look out for them. They are everywhere, you just need to spend a little bit more time searching.
Score to aim for? Check the class profiles. Generally, you’ll see between an average DAT admission scores between 20-22 depending on the subject. The higher you can score, the better. I personally got 21 in every category except general chemistry, where I got a 19 (Canadian DAT, no manual dexterity test).
What did I personally use? Do I recommend it? I used Bootcamp but I would not recommend it over other resources. But if this is your choice, I advise you to cut your DAT Bootcamp cost by using their free resource before you buy their subscription. Here’s a link if you’re lazy: I also caution you that Mike’s General Chemistry videos were very basic and not helpful (in my opinion). I regret not checking out Chad’s videos. The reason I decided to use Bootcamp was because of their PAT generators. Everything else they provided (other than the mock exams and biology notes) were not helpful (excluding non-Canadian DAT subjects because I did not need to know it). Nevertheless, I got a good enough score to get in with less than a month of studying.
How I studied? I took it a day at a time and tried my best to complete one or two chapters (or sub-chapter in the case of physiology topics) a day. If I skipped a day, I made sure I made up for it in the following day. With less than a month to study, I used that ‘one a day’ minimum rule to make sure I went through all of the material at least once before my exam.
Final advice? Do not do a full mock-DAT the morning of your actual DAT exam. You’re probably nervous/anxious af but trust me, it was the worst thing I ever did to myself. I was completely burnt out after the first section of my actual Canadian DAT exam. Eat breakfast and keep food and water with you for your breaks. Eat food that you’re used to such that it doesn’t make your stomach churn in the middle of the exam. If you’re falling asleep between sections, do some jumping jacks or push-ups. Wear layers so you can achieve the right body temperature and comfort during your exam. The building may or may not have air conditioning or adequate heating. You ‘could’ appeal these conditions but you’re risking your future over something you could have controlled yourself.
General Dental School Applications Do your research. Know where you can financially afford to go and compile the list of requirements as I previously spoke about. Each school has their own unique set of requirements. Make sure you meet these requirements. Moreover, make sure that the school is accredited and have had no recent issues with maintaining its accreditation. Statistically, the more schools you apply to, the more chances you have of being accepted, but the more expensive it will become. Some admissions committees may ask you how many other schools you applied to, which ones, and why. This is not atypical. Be aware of this.
How many should I apply to? It depends on you and your situation. Only you can really give the best answer. Personally, I worked before going back to undergrad and had enough money to go wide in terms of number of schools I applied to. I filtered every school based on what I believed was the weakest part of my application, which was my GPA. I decided I would take the statistical approach – the more shots I take the more chances I would have. I knew I could afford this because I saved for it. I strategized. I knew mentally, I kept comparing myself to my friends from my first university who had finished their degrees and got their desired jobs. For me, the mental exhaustion from the need to re-apply year after year outweighed the cost of applying to more numerous schools.
What I should look into other than class profile/admissions statistics? Since all accredited programs will provide you with adequate education for licensing exams, look into things such as cost of living and how this affects other parts of your life (family, friends, significant other(s), source of income, etc).
Know that you will be required to order and send your official transcripts directly from your undergrad institution(s) and DAT score from the Canadian Dental Association (in my case). You will be asked to provide contact information of people who can attest to your community involvement experiences and any other extracurricular you claimed to have been involved in on your application. Be honest about it or the admissions committee will weed you out during the interview process for lying or over-exaggerating your claims. Know that your DAT scores must be submitted before your application will be looked at. There will be administrative fees for submitting your application(s) from both the third-party website (such as ADEA AADSAS) and the institution (dental school) themselves – yes, two fees.
Secondary/Supplementary School Applications follow the submission of your general application. This second application will come with the fee I described in the earlier section as well as contain a few essay questions with characteword limits. It is advised that you write these on an external document and have them proof-read by someone you trust before you submit them. It will improve your writing drastically. It would also be extremely helpful if they help you from the perspective of looking for any flaw to disqualify you as a potential candidate because I assure you that the competition is tough and that the admissions committee is looking for easy ways to eliminate as many candidates as possible to focus on the strongest of candidates.
Remember! Your application is incomplete and will not be looked at by the admission committee if ‘any’ component is missing. This will be especially important to note for anyone taking the Canadian DAT on that one day in November or February since interviews begin in September. Take into consideration of the time it will take for the Canadian Dental Association to mark the tests and submit the results via physical mail. For November exams, it could be around Christmas when it is finally marked and closer to February by the time dental schools obtain them. Interviews last up until the end of February but the later you interview, the fewer seats there are to interview for. This is especially disadvantageous for those who feel less competitive. You may be on the lower end of competitiveness (in how admissions committee scores you) and potentially get a chance to impress at the interview in the early applicant pool and may have even been offered a seat. If you were to wait until the late applicant pool arrives, you may fall even lower in the rankings and not even be invited for an interview let alone offered a seat for the upcoming year. Apply as early as possible! But do not be discouraged if you are late, it is still possible to be waitlisted or offered a seat.
Some secondary applications will ask you for a professional headshot. I was advised by a friend to use a limestone wall as a background as a professional photographer had advised him the year before I applied. Hopefully it works for you. At least wear something with a collar and show that you can be professional and dress accordingly.
Interviews At some point you will have to physically meet people from the admission committee in person and be interviewed. The structure will be important to understand as it will help you determine what information you need to adequately communicate within the short time period you have been provided. Know your application inside out, I mean it is your life and the cumulation of what you have done and what you believe up to this point in your life, should be easy to talk about.
Before you are even invited to an interview, it would be a fantastic idea to be prepared ahead of time. Your school will undoubtedly have a “student success center” (focused on helping graduates find success in obtaining a career), which will have interview practice sessions (and potentially sessions to help you improve your application). Use all of the resources you have available to you!
If you want to know what kind of questions you will get, check the Student Doctor Network (SDN) forum. They compile past dental applicant reviews of each school and the questions they were asked. No, you are not asked to sign a non-disclosure form. The information there is fair game and legal. Being able to answer the ‘types’ of questions from the institution that invited you for an interview will be a huge advantage in your preparation.
Research the school, their missions, values, outreach endeavors, renowned scientific research, specialties offered, etc. If the school values service or research, learn about them. If any of them interests you, make a mental note of it. It may come up as a question somehow on interview day. You know everyone else is bringing their “A-game”, why not bring yours, right? Personally, I know on my interview day, everyone spoke about how awesome their outreach efforts were, but no one spoke about the fantastic research that the school was known for. I think I scored some brownie points there. Everything helps. It is a competition at the end of the day.
Closed filed interviews? These people do not know anything about you. You will have to convey the best things about you during the interview and pique their interest for the most optimal results. Open file interview? They know everything written on your application. Try to give them something that is not already on there. In both cases, if there are things you could not include in your general or supplementary application, it would be wise to somehow incorporate them into your answers in this stage of the application process. Be creative but do not throw these experiences in as a shameless plug. It should come in organically. Some interviewers are very laid back and will simply have a conversation with you. Others will stick to a list of specific questions provided by the admissions committee. It’s a lottery as to which interviewer you will get. Make the most of it regardless of which end of the stick you receive.
Question period. You will have time to ask any question of your choice at the end of your interview. It might be wise to pay attention to your interviewer’s introduction and cater the question such that it is relevant to them, their field, or profession. Not everyone on the admissions committee owns a private practice, some are your future instructors, some are retired dentists who have an interest in what the future of dentistry will look like. If you are stuck on basic questions in your interview preparations, start listening to some dentistry podcasts where they often explore the ‘latest trends’ or ‘controversy’ in the field of dentistry.
Final advice for your interview? 1) “Suit up!” -Barney Stinson (and like anyone else in the world if they knew you were planning to go with a t-shirt and jeans) 2) Your interview begins the moment you arrive in the state/province/country. You NEVER know who you will run into and who they know or are affiliated with. Be professional. Even to your ubelyft/taxi driver. It’s a small world and any criticism that gets to the admissions committee will just be another factor used against you. 3) DO NOT FORGET YOUR INTERVIEWER’S NAME(S). If it is an atypical name or too long to remember, ask them to spell it for you. Whatever method works best for you. Bring a pen with you if you must. You’ll be provided an information package anyway and will have plenty of places to jot down a name or two. 4) Make sure your meals leading up to the interview is typical and will not upset your stomach. Avoid overeating. Some interviews will provide an information session followed by lunch before your actual interview. Be a normal person and have a small bite to eat. Pack a brush and floss (if you can) to freshen up after the meal before your interview. Avoid carbonated drinks or coffee if you can – burping and being jittery during your interview may be a big disadvantage despite how much these beverages helped you in getting to this point in your life. 5) Schedule your flight in/out of the state/province/country several hours or a day after your interview’s scheduled end to leave room for any socials/networking opportunities that you are presented with. Thank your admissions committee for their time and effort. If anyone stood out, mention them explicitly in the e-mail by name (or not at all). 6) If you suck at talking to new people, practice your interview questions aloud. It will train you to speak reflexively on specific topics. It definitely helped a lot of my answers roll off my tongue in a coherent manner.
No Offer of Admission It sucks. Take some time for yourself and get back on the grind soon. There are many things you can do to improve your chances for the next cycle: employment (preferably in a dental-related field), volunteer, research, post-baccalaureate programs, improve general application question responses, supplementary application responses, or on interview skills. If the admissions committee is able to provide you with feedback on your application, request it and learn from it. If not, ask a friend who got in. Ask the dentist you shadowed, family, or significant other. It will be beneficial to have different perspective of your application as it can help you figure out what your deficiencies were. Generally, if someone is invited to the interview stage, I personally say it is not a matter of ‘if’ they will get in but ‘when’. Admissions committees have generally been confident about candidates who make it to the interview stage being good enough on paper to become a dental student. So if this is you, consider improving interview skills.You will hear tales of people making it on their 6th application cycle. Yes, there are people who have applied for 5+ years straight. Do not be discouraged.
Offer of Admission Congratulations! Really. You did it. Now what? Go through the matriculation checklist. Attend the information webinars, etc. All of the things you probably did as a freshman for undergrad.
Consider your options. Know what the financial costs are and what other variables are affected if you choose to attend that specific school. All accredited dental schools will prepare you for the licensing exam in their respective country. Must you go there when there is a cheaper option? Do you plan to specialize? Will a pass/fail grading system affect your chances of specializing? Are the facilities adequate or do you have to struggle use the facilities over the four years? Are you ok with using these facilities for four years for the price point? Do you have a significant other? Have you spoken about long distance relationships or your future together and how dental school will affect these plans? Figure this stuff out.
Don’t be hasty with your decision but don’t be a dick and wait until the absolute final day to accept your offer. Many people are in the same boat as you and they are trying to wait for their dream school or just ANY school. The longer you take, the longer they and those after them remain on the wait list. Can you imagine the mental burden they’re experiencing? Of course, you probably had the same feeling up until you got your offer. So, if you know with certainty you want to attend a specific school and have considered everything else, just accept the offer damn it.
Thank those who have helped you get to this point. Yes, family and friends, your significant other, your kids, those who wrote your letter of recommendations, the dentist who you shadowed, the whole shabang.
This is it. This is basically all I intended to cover. Just remember to be the best dentist that you can be and not compare yourself to others too much. A little can encourage competitiveness but too much can be detrimental to your health and performance. Make friends, have a great time in dental school and make memories.
Imposter Syndrome (Feel like a fraud?) the persistent inability to believe that one’s success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one’s own efforts or skills.
No one speaks about this enough. It affects everyone but is often more severe in URMs. You are of the 0.01% in the world that made it into dental school and will soon join the field of dentistry as a dentist. If you got to this point, you deserved it. The admissions committees are seasoned veterans who have dedicated decades of their careers to this careful selection process. It is extremely unlikely for anyone to have made it to this point by chance. Offers of acceptance made in error (due to technical problems or what not) are typically resolved very shortly after. You should not worry about that at this point.
Find people who you can rely on for mental and emotional support. You will want them in the future as they can remind you that you are capable and can succeed. Dentistry is a demanding field, and everyone will feel like an imposter at some point in their student life, let alone in the actual workplace. It is likely that your classmates also feel imposter syndrome but do not speak about it. This does not mean you are the only person who believes they do not belong here and that the admissions committee will soon figure you out. It is important to be able to speak to your classmates and your loved ones about these insecurities. If you are still unconvinced, you could probably just directly speak to the admissions committee. I am sure they will set you right if you’ve become that desperate for proof. You wouldn’t be the first and you won’t be the last to do it.
Many geniuses have even experienced imposter syndrome. It’s not exclusive to only you. Though many people feel this, they do not necessarily know the name for it. But now that you do, you can do extra research on the topic to help you feel more at ease.
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Affordable Animation Colleges in Canada

Hey! I`m currently a senior highschooler in Brazil. I have been researching a ton of Canadian colleges, which made me pretty stressed out.
My family is financially okay to Brazillian standarts. However, Canadian tuitions are considerably high, especially if you consider that one real (Brazillian currency) is equivalent to four Canadian dolars. Not to mention the tuition for international students! I don`t know if I could get a scholarship or bursary, providing our financial stability here.
I would prefer a mixed program, with 2D and 3D animation. I heard that this would be ideal when juggling gigs later on.
I heard about Cambrian as an option, but there isn`t much information about their program, since it`s so recent.
Lastly, I intend to eventually work as an animator in Canada. In order to do that, it would de best to study in a college that would increase my chance to stay in Canada, with some sort of government affiliation ( ? ? ? ). I heard VanArts international students often have to return to their countries after their graduation.
I know I sound like a demanding teenager. I`m just really confused and stressed. Also, sorry for grammar or spelling mistakes
Thank you in advance
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UTSU's statement on police

Absolutely appalled by the bootlicker behaviour on a precious post someone made here about how the UTSU is going "too far" and "disrespecting the police". What are they going too far on? They haven't even asked campus police to lessen their presence overall if you read it properly, only at "student-led programming and events", and that if student organizers WANT the police there they can ask for them. Not all groups, especially many BIPOC and LGBT groups on campus, are comfortable with unwanted police presence at their student events so they are simply being asked to limit their presence for these cases.
Additionally, campus police has definitely had some racial issues in the past and present. Discrimination doesn't just come in the form of KILLING someone. Using the U.S's extreme example of racist police doesn't mean that things like profiling and excessive force against BIPOC still aren't problems with Canadian police, they just don't get reported on as often since everyone likes to pretend Canada is a racism-free model society (newsflash: it's not). How hard is it for the police to just release a blanket statement saying they apologize for any past incidents and that they'll commit to anti-racism? How is it disrespectful? It's literally the simplest thing in the world to ask for and people are crying on their behalf as if they're asking for them to be publicly humiliated.
The Western policing system involves giving people with too little training too much power, and all over Canada too, it has resulted in brutality and discrimination, even if this doesn't necessarily lead to death. That's a worst case scenario. The police need more training on peaceful deescalation, and funds need to be allocated towards having specialists like social workers handle certain areas. When you seek medical care, you don't ask your GP to perform heart surgery: there's a comprehensive network of trained professionals for every case at every step who are held at very high standards, and our justice system needs the same overhaul instead of handing full authority and power to people with minimal training who get to hold guns.
I'm absolutely willing to talk more about these ideas, I understand that a lot of people commenting are likely either white or Asian, and you have to understand that you will never be able to experience where BIPOC are coming from when they talk about these things. Just because you've had positive interactions with the police doesn't mean that everyone gets that treatment, it just means you're part of a privileged group. I'm Asian myself but fortunately I learned to have some empathy and understanding on how militant "justice" systems are not the best idea and often result in racialized abuse of power. I don't know what else I expected from folks that primarily use reddit, but the spineless neoliberalism and misinterpretation was heavily disappointing. I'm hoping at least one of you learned something here, but even if I get downvoted to hell, I've said what I needed to say.
Thanks for listening. As a disclaimer, I'm in no way affiliated with UTSU, before anyone tries to pull that card. This isn't even about UTSU, it's about how shocked I am at everyone's lack of understanding for the issues at hand (along with other posts where I've seen blatant racism). Please learn to think critically and with empathy.
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Old Microbiologist who spent 40 years working in bio-defense weighs in on the possibility that Coronavirus/Covid-19 is a bio-weapon, deployed by elements of the American national security apparatus against China and Iran - via

[The following is the republication of several long and very detailed comments by an unidentified purported expert on biowarfare that originally appeared on a recent thread of the Saker blogsite.]
I’ll throw my 2 cents in here. I have zero proof other than my gut feeling that this is a bio-weapon. I do have 40 year of bio-defense research experience behind me and worked at Fort Detrich on bacterial vaccines where I developed my own aerosol infection routes and developed multi-species models of pathogenesis to establish correlates of immunity. Because I was a one-stop shop doing everything including animal care, aerosol exposures, sample analysis, necropsy, and histopathology, etc. plus I had research programs in endemic areas studying the immunopathological response in human populations to establish immune correlates of protection for candidate vaccines all for the Biological Defense Research Program (BDRP).
I recall the early years when the Department of Homeland Security was stood up and they got the lion’s share of poorly performing civil servants un-fireable under the then OPMA policies. I was brought in as a technical expert as we were in dire straits for funding so I (and others) was lent out as a research prostitute. This is a little known problem with civil service employees. They are impossible to eliminate and generally rise to levels where they can cause the most damage. However, an opportunity arose whereby agencies in the Federal government had to contribute bodies to the new Department of Homeland Security (as no new vacancies were created when the agency was stood up meaning everyone had to sacrifice personnel) so most, if not all, employees sent to DHS were the worst of the worst. However, the DHS labs (specifically NBACC) also tied into some nefarious microbiologists working at the CIA (ostensibly part of DHS) and it is an understatement to say that what I saw being proposed horrified me. That work, I am certain was performed at Battle Memorial Institute in West Jefferson, Ohio under a DHS contract doing the work for the CIA under the auspices of NBACC. As I was very vocally opposed to this stuff I was removed from the secure access at DHS but not DoD to the offensive work which I had pointed out was not only illegal but unethical. I have since retired now more than 10 years and am far away from all of that. I won’t say more as they will reach out and seek retribution. But, if you look hard enough you can find still on the internet some references. There are some pissed off people out there should anyone care to actually do some leg work and try and figure this out. But, our news people no longer does this work so there is very little possibility of ever learning the truth.
However, that said, I notice some interesting things with COVID-19, that perked my ears up a bit. Yes, it could be a natural infection jumping species from bats to humans with a probable intermediate host, under conditions of human encroachment into world habitats. It is actually most likely to have been that, except for the strain differences being observed. That leads one to believe if it is in fact true, and I have no reason to doubt the Chinese on this, that it originated outside of China and it seems likely to have originated in the US. If, in fact, the US has 5 strains currently and China only one then it must have been percolating in the US for some time before it arose in China. Likely, deaths in the US were attributed to other diseases such as influenza and only retrospective sampling will determine this. It would be interesting to do a combination GPS-Molecular biology tracking of strains over time and distance. Also, a definite genetic analysis of strains over time would also be beneficial and can be done easily on every isolated strain. This would have value in attributing the course of the disease over time as part of a natural history study of the virus. We would need access to all samples of every lung disease related death for the past 12 months to be certain to track all potential deaths. NBACC is the key to figuring out what nefarious stuff was being funded.
It is possible that this virus has mutated over time to become more virulent. In particular engineered strains are generally unstable over multiple passages through multiple hosts. In my experience when testing strains for pathogenesis and lethality it is wise to first passage a frozen isolate several times through a susceptible animal host to regain full strength. If you test a lab isolate (usually frozen or lyophilized) generally it is wimpy unless you passage it at least 3 passages through an animal model. The worst strains are always those recovered from humans who died from the disease and not field collected strains. If this was perceived to be a useful agent from the likes of Bolton or Pompeo, who are terrible and evil people, then it is conceivable this was thought to teach the Chinese a lesson in economics. You have to be a complete idiot to release a virus for which you have no effective countermeasures but this administration seems to be filled with complete idiots. So, expecting normal behavior from these people is futile.
It could have been released during the 7th CISM military games held in Wuhan October 18-27, 2019 and that fits perfectly into the time scale for the actual infections. Now interestingly enough, I was a participant in several CISM competitions in Europe for skiing (I was on active duty for 26 years) so I am very well versed in who these athletes are. In general the best are Olympic competitors who are ostensibly part of the National Guard of their states who pay for their training by extended military active duty periods where their sole job is sports training. I used to lose every year to one of these guys and generally I placed a distant second place in cross country skiing. I also participated in the biathlon competitions and our soldiers were the very top level because they were in fact Olympic athletes. Rumor is that the US participants at CISM were atrocious which is very atypical so one wonders who these “athletes” were. I am reminded of the US military mission in Brazil to help flood victims which coincidentally was the exact same time that all the power transmission stations in Venezuela were destroyed. So, again a hackle or 2 rise when I heard about that. However, it is the perfect opportunity to release a virus on a target population.
I will also like to add that not all biological warfare agents are lethal. In fact, the worst are non-lethal as it consumes vast amounts of resources in treatment and lost productivity. Deaths are actually cheaper. So, a high communicability, low lethality disease is perfect for ruining an economy. As Trump’s administration claims they are waging war against economic enemies (currently China heads the list) using all possible actions. This fits perfectly into that; however, it may end up destroying the American economy which would be ironic.
I believe the Chinese response was exactly what a country would do if they were attacked with a bioweapon which explains a lot of their actions. I do not believe it was an accidental release from the BSL-4 labs in Wuhan. In fact, this may have been an irresistible opportunity similar to the alleged Novichuk release just 8 k away from Porton Down laboratories (the UK Fort Detrich). Interestingly, the potential release from PDL was never put forward as a logical explanation. Anyway, it sticks me that the CIA seems to have developed a pattern over time. As long as I am pushing my gut feelings I will throw out there the potential for a bioengineered adenovirus with c-fos and c-jun over expression which would cause sarcomas. That work was all published at the National Cancer Institute located where? Fort Detrich. I am certain it is just a coincidence. I can imagine the cackling going on at the CIA when planning this operation and again the coronavirus operation(s). I believe there were at least two attacks with Iran being the second and perhaps North Korea as well. However, evidence against it being a bioweapon is Russia, Venezuela, and Cuba are minimally affected. This could mean effective countermeasures or botched attacks. It is inconsistent though with the way the CIA operates.
Adenovirus is another virus similar to coronavirus in usage and easily aerosolized. I have made my own for over expression of medical treatments for wound infections. Has anyone other than myself noted that so many enemies of the US have died from sarcomas particularly in South America? My point is perhaps this stuff has been ongoing for quite some time and with some fairly good results. So, familiarity breeds contempt so as they gin more experience and begin to think this is good stuff, it is not out of the realm of possibility that this is in fact a bioweapon. That Iran was hit so hard is another hackle rising. It is just simply too good (for the idiots in the US government) to be a coincidence.
So, we are left with some interesting problems about this virus. Where was patient zero in China. What will be the results if a natural history study is conducted correlating geolocation, strain identity, severity of disease over time? Will that work be prevented? If so, that is yet another reason to be suspicious. Will it continue to mutate and what will be the outcome of this? Lots of good stuff to examine here and it will keep a lot of people busy for years.
Maybe you can explain this: “Coronavirus have not previously been known to cause severe disease in humans”. This is excerpt from the patent issued to CDC, US government. Link:
So the question for me is why should a harmless virus be patented by the US government and used for research in labs like US army research at Ft. Derick? That makes it military. Why is there then the SARS-CoV, and the latest COVID-19 which is SARS-CoV-2 ? The swineflu was likewise proven to be lab made at least in sources other than mainstream and WHO, the same was the case with Ebola, and even HIV. It immediately raises the question of ban of biological weapons labs in my mind, by internatiopnal treaties just like a ban on the use of napalm, landmines and so on, since a harmless virus are researched in army labs and suddenly appears as aggresive viruses .
It is an interesting question. Under the bioweapons conference treaty no offensive work can legally be done and any signatory can demand an onsite inspection of facilities for verification at any time. To my knowledge that has never been demanded of the US. It has been done to Russia and China is not a signatory, nor is Israel or North Korea. We have been caught doing inappropriate biodefense research several times now but only because it became known and there were no consequences.
The slippery slope within DoD is to make a counter measure you have to try and look forwards and using intelligence based informatics to design offensive agents. In my opinion this is fallacious as we can’t make countermeasures against the normal 10 agents on the high threat list (since the program’s inception in 1942) other than anthrax and smallpox for which we have had effective vaccines for decades. Since 9/11 no new effective and/or safe vaccines have been been made for any of the rest of the agents on the list. This includes several far more likely biothreats like the plague, tularemia, glanders, brucella, Ebola, Marburg, etc. This was despite pouring billions into biodefense research most of which went to universities. When things cooled down the funding dried up as always. USAMRIID is currently shut down and may never re-open. But contracted services still go on and are funded using black money so not under the purview of Congress. So trying to make vaccines against biothreat agents that don’t exist seems ridiculous when the real threats, some of which the US has used in warfare, are still out there without effective preventatives. What happens is when you pour money into an area as happened after 9/11 all kinds of ridiculous stuff gets funded with very little oversight. The goal is to spend the money and no one really cares if any actual product is created. In fact, success means the demise of your program so the incentive is to drag it out for as long as funding is available. I had programs managed under DTRA funding that because I got new program managers as often as every 3 months had no clue or even any expertise in the matter and had zero idea of what we were doing. I got tired of doing a new dog and pony show each time I was assigned a new manager who usually was some very young recent PhD graduate with no experience at all. Often they were nebutistic appointments and daddy was a Congressman or Under Secretary.
The intelligence based decisions are as usual idiotic as is most intelligence coming out of the CIA and its affiliates. You get better intelligence reading PUBMED than you get out of any intelligence agencies. The microbiologists who work at the CIA and its contract companies were all military microbiologists who because they were essentially incompetent drifted over to the CIA. Then you have some IMHO ridiculous events. I recall when Ken Alibekov “defected” he spoonfed a bunch of made up BS which the CIA bought lock stock and barrel. I had working for me at the same time several former Soviet microbiologists (one of who was a senior researcher at Biopreparat) who were in fact the real deal and all told me he was a bullshit artist. One thing he peddled was a chimeric smallpox-Ebola and another a Ebola-anthrax. So the CIA immediately funded an effort to create chimeric viruses. To my knowledge these were unsuccessful however, the COVID-19 may be being caused by a chimeric virus. The only good reason to make a chimeric virus is to develop a attenuated strain for use as a vaccine. But, as often happens some attenuated mutants become more lethal as an unintended consequence. Another event was trying to force photo data from Iraq to prove they had an offensive bioweapons program. These guys had no clue what laboratory equipment was in actuality and had offered up a cooking truck with pots and pans etc. as proof. They were and I assume still are, idiots.
DoD programs are actually transparent and managed by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. Less transparent are the foreign stuff being funded under the Nunn-Lugar Act which includes the debacle of the “white elephant” lab and its satellite labs in the Republic of Georgia. No one will ever look into any of this but likely will end up blaming Russia or China.
They tend to underestimate their adversaries. China has an offensive program and if they get convinced they were attacked then I believe something nasty will be coming soon to the US. But, China is not stupid and won’t release a biothreat agent they have no preventative or treatment for. I also had several Chinese scientists working for me and I respect them immensely.
That should be PROMED for current infectious disease reporting around the world. It is exceptionally good and not funded or controlled by governments. PUBMED is for online publications which is also good but controlled by the government. I am fully aware of censorship of research papers by the US. I recall I wrote a letter to the editor of Science back in 1999 when the government decided to stockpile billions of doses of ciprofloxacin. I did a quick BLAST search and found that only a single base pair mutation in anthrax made it completely resistant to cipro. That letter was published and after 9/11 never seen again. There are other example such as the Canadian paper maybe also in 1999 showing that anthrax delivered in envelopes was not very effective. That one disappeared as well and the same as the Canadian paper where they were aerosolizing B. cereus spores out the back of a moving truck and using aerial infrared cameras demonstrated that these streams of aerosolized spores agglomerated into cloudlets which moved along in the wind and would usually avoid detector arrays which sampled airflow for aerosol particles. That is still the current state of the art for battlefield detection and that paper showed it to be ineffective at best. I can think of dozens of papers that were removed. After 9/11 any research paper that could be used by a foreign actor to develop better biothreat agents was rejected for publication outright. Almost none of my work was published after that except in classified reports which I believe were never read by anyone. I recall part of the madness in setting up NBACC was to generate very lengthy “white papers” that scrubbed through all published articles to assemble the complete picture for the then 10 threat agents. I wrote or edited two of those and they were immediately buried in some deep classified archive to the researchers who might benefit from this work could never actually use it. A complete waste of months and a ton of money. If you are perceiving that the US government biothreat programs are a complete shambles then you are not wrong.
I’ll go into that a bit more as well. It used to be in the military programs we were “command directed”. This means the military made a decision to make a vaccine against a perceived threat agent. They would assemble a research group assign them the mission and give 5 years funding to be continued if milestones (reasonable given the pittance of funding given). If you made progress then you got another 5 years of funding. That funding agency located at MRMC Fort Detrick was a Research area managed usually by a Major and a Captain, both microbiologists and experienced. Two people. There were 5 research area Directorates so a total of 10 program managers and a couple administrative colonels. This managed the entire DoD biothreat research programs and did it well. However, someone decided we needed an Agency to manage this stuff and DTRA which was funded by the Nunn-Lugar Act was already involved in the disassembly of Soviet nuclear capabilities so they wanted a bigger piece of the pie so absorbed the Research Directorates. The BDRP program at DTRA (basically identical as before) was now managed by over 400 contractors. The money came out of the research money we were supposed to be allocated.
After DTRA took over the funding was no longer Command Directed and we were all required to go out and fu-ind whatever funding we could hence why we made “deals” with DHS and the CIA. We went to an annual funding cycle instead of 5 years and never ending Gantt charts and reports. This was the age of 6 Sigma and the end of Management by Objective. We were also charged rent and had to pay for every service at our Institute including the security and even the library. Even our higher command MRMC stole 6% off the top to pay for pet projects unfunded by anyone with a brain. So, this became the age of entrepreneurial research and the end of productive research. Our commander, as an example, had no idea what we were doing at all and was shocked at all the “cool” stuff we were doing. This is the new breed of commander who manages by committee and never goes out walking the floors to visit labs. What the old school commanders call management by walking around and poking your nose into everything. But now these guys sit in their office and are fed whatever the REMFs decide they should hear. This is management in the US government as a whole and there are so many hidden agendas and internal conflicts between programs it is difficult to describe just how awful it is to try and do research in that environment. A lot of the worst of those commanders or research Division Directors went on to be current heads of HHS, CDC, and their undersecretaries, etc. which explains why those agencies are so screwed up and why there is such a horrible response to this virus.
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How Express Entry Canada Specializes? Your Work Permit Now Made Easy

How Express Entry Canada Specializes? Your Work Permit Now Made Easy
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Make sure that you are eligible. You can find two methods to get yourself checked for this process. It is the part of the express entry.
  • You need to answer some questions which will be asked by the agents and expertise if you are worthy according to the minimum requirements.
  • You need to go through all the basics and most important provisions of each program.
  1. Prepare all the documents needed for checking and authorizations:
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  • Other miscellaneous documents
2. Deposit your profile for further inspections
Your express entry profile elaborates about your social and commercial activities. We will run evaluation based on your submitted documents, if eligible you will be opted into our pool of candidates.
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Express Entry for Skilled Worker Program?
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Hong Kong: No to Counterrevolutionary Rampage! Expropriate the Capitalist Tycoons! Defend China! Imperialists Hands Off! - September 2019

SEPTEMBER 2—For three months, anti-Communist mobs have rampaged through Hong Kong. They have blocked roads and stopped public transport, beaten opponents and Chinese mainlanders and bombarded police with bricks and Molotov cocktails. Protesters have raised mass-distributed placards with the appeal, “President Trump: Please Liberate Hong Kong” while singing the U.S. national anthem and waving American flags. Anti-China demonstrators have vandalized the Legislative Council building and raised the British flag, demanding the return of Hong Kong’s former colonial master. Aiming to end China’s control over its capitalist Hong Kong enclave, protesters are openly calling for imperialist intervention.
The U.S. State Department has repeatedly declared its support to the counterrevolutionary protests, as have the British and Canadian foreign offices. Democratic Congressional leader Nancy Pelosi joined with an array of Republicans in demanding U.S. intervention and pushing punitive legislation against Beijing. The U.S. rulers have funded, advised and helped organize the protesters as part of their strategic goal of overturning the 1949 Revolution and returning China to capitalist enslavement, with themselves as the chief robber barons.
China is not a capitalist country but a workers state. However, the workers state has been deformed from its inception by the rule of a parasitic bureaucratic caste that politically suppresses the working class. Since taking power through peasant-based guerrilla war, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has followed the Stalinist dogma of “socialism in one country” and its corollary, “peaceful coexistence” with imperialism. The CCP regime from Mao Zedong’s time to today has opposed the revolutionary internationalist program of Marxism. But despite bureaucratic mismanagement and corruption, the overthrow of capitalism led to historic social advances. While four decades of “market reforms” have led to large-scale foreign investment and the emergence of individual capitalists on the mainland, the economy remains controlled by Beijing, with the most important sectors collectivized and owned by the state.
Today in Hong Kong, we have a military side with the forces of the Chinese deformed workers state, including the police, against the anti-Communist mobilizations. This position stems from our unconditional military defense of China against imperialism and domestic counterrevolution. Such defense does not imply the least political support to the Beijing bureaucracy, whose backing of capitalism in Hong Kong under its “one country, two systems” rubric bears no small responsibility for the current crisis. As Trotskyists who seek to make the working class conscious of its historic task to bring about a socialist future, our perspective is the mobilization of the working people of Hong Kong and mainland China to stop the counterrevolutionary forces.
In 1997, the International Communist League (Fourth Internationalist) joined in cheering as the British imperialists relinquished their Hong Kong colony. At the same time, we warned that the CCP’s pledge to maintain capitalism there was a dagger aimed at the Chinese workers state (see “British Colonialist Rulers Leave, Finally—Beijing Stalinists Embrace Hong Kong Financiers”, Workers Vanguard No. 671, 11 July 1997). In 1984, Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping explicitly promised British prime minister Margaret Thatcher that the “previous capitalist system and life-style” would remain unchanged.
Since 1997, Hong Kong has been integrated into the People’s Republic of China as a capitalist Special Administrative Region, where every decisive aspect of the government is under Beijing’s control. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA), garrisoned in the enclave, guarantees that. Hong Kong’s Basic Law was established by China’s National People’s Congress, and the territory’s principal executive officers are appointed by the central government in Beijing. The members of its highest court are in turn appointed by the Beijing-approved chief executive. The CCP has made itself directly responsible for maintaining capitalism in Hong Kong, where the capitalist class is politically organized, with its own parties, newspapers and other media. Beijing’s policy has nurtured Hong Kong as a breeding ground for counterrevolution and an outpost for imperialist spying and intrigue. Upholding the interests of the Hong Kong bourgeoisie against those they exploit and oppress is a massive betrayal by the CCP of the working people there and on the mainland itself. We say: Expropriate the tycoons!
The fight against the filthy rich capitalists in Hong Kong is directly linked to the struggle of the proletariat throughout China against the corruption and inequality fostered by the Stalinist bureaucracy, which acts as a transmission belt for the pressures of the capitalist world market onto the workers state. What’s needed is a proletarian political revolution that sweeps away the Stalinist bureaucracy and puts power in the hands of workers, peasants and soldiers councils. Such a regime would be based on a perspective of international proletarian revolution, preparing the groundwork for eliminating scarcity in a world socialist order.
Imperialist Machinations
Who pays the piper calls the tune, as the saying goes. The U.S. government’s National Endowment for Democracy (NED) has poured millions of dollars into organizations behind the protests, from the Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor and the parties of the “pan-democratic” camp to the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions, affiliate of the anti-Communist International Trade Union Confederation. Such organizations are the main components of the Civil Human Rights Front, the chief organizer of the current protests. Joshua Wong, the Western media’s poster boy for anti-China protests, is also tied to the NED.
As journalist Dan Cohen described in a useful Grayzone (17 August) exposé, a key fixture at (and bankroller of) the protests is Hong Kong tycoon Jimmy Lai. Known as the Rupert Murdoch of Asia, Lai built a media empire based on scandalmongering, celebrity gossip, anti-Communism and anti-China bigotry. His press is notorious for waging a chauvinist campaign against “anchor babies” from mainland China, depicting mainlanders as hordes of locusts descending to devour Hong Kong’s resources. In July, Lai traveled to the U.S. for meetings with National Security Advisor John Bolton, Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, among others, requesting continued U.S. assistance for “resisting” Beijing. He later declared: “We in Hong Kong are fighting for the shared values of the U.S. against China. We are fighting their war in the enemy camp” (CNN, 28 August).
The U.S. and other imperialist powers pursue a multipronged strategy for capitalist counterrevolution in China. One approach is financing and promoting reactionary mobilizations like the Hong Kong protests. Washington also seeks to use its economic might like a battering ram, as in the current tariff war through which the Trump administration, with solid backing from the Democrats, aims to thwart China’s economic and technological development (see “U.S. Imperialists Ramp Up Trade/Tech War”, Workers Vanguard No. 1157, 21 June). At the same time, the U.S. is increasing military pressure on China, conducting regular military exercises near the Chinese coast, flying bombers over the South China Sea and repeatedly sending Navy warships through the Taiwan Strait. These moves are all part of a strategy of military encirclement of China by the U.S. and its allies.
The State Department recently approved Taiwan’s requests to buy $2.2 billion dollars’ [R32 billion] worth of tanks and missiles and $8 billion in advanced fighter jets. From the time of the 1949 Revolution, when the Chinese capitalist regime fled to Taiwan, and the onset of the Korean War the following year, the U.S. has viewed the island as its “unsinkable aircraft carrier”, the front line in a future war. The ICL stands for the revolutionary reunification of Taiwan with China, through social revolution to overthrow capitalism in Taiwan and workers political revolution against the CCP bureaucracy on the mainland.
As revolutionaries in the world’s predominant imperialist power, the Spartacist League/U.S. is dedicated to forging a Leninist vanguard party that can lead the multiracial American working class in the struggle for a workers government that would expropriate the capitalist exploiters. Central to this perspective is winning the most advanced layers of the proletariat to oppose its rulers’ machinations around the world, not least those directed against the Chinese deformed workers state. Workers can’t win new gains without defending those already won!
“One Country, Two Systems”: Danger to the Chinese Revolution
To launch the current wave of anti-China protests, organizers in late spring seized on an extradition bill being debated in Hong Kong’s Legislative Council, claiming that it would undermine the territory’s autonomy. The proposed law would have done no such thing. The measure, which was suspended in June, would have simply established an extradition process—not just between Hong Kong and the rest of China but also between Hong Kong and every country in the world that did not already have such an agreement. By treating mainland China like a foreign country, the law fell entirely within the CCP’s framework of maintaining a distinct capitalist administration in Hong Kong. The ICL has no position on this legislation because we do not seek to advise the Beijing bureaucracy on how best to administer capitalism in Hong Kong, since we oppose it remaining a capitalist enclave.
The Hong Kong demonstrators and their spin doctors in the bourgeois media have raised holy hell about supposed police violence. From the likes of the New York Times, this is sheer hypocrisy. In reality, the Hong Kong police have been highly restrained, focused on containing and dispersing protests rather than stopping them. Compare their conduct with the brutal cop state of siege that descended on Ferguson, Missouri, after protests broke out over the racist police killing of Michael Brown in 2014!
In Hong Kong, the restraint of the police expresses the policy of the CCP bureaucracy. The organizers of the protests are aiming for the overthrow of the Chinese deformed workers state. But Beijing is at pains to respect Hong Kong’s formal autonomy, which is written into its “one country, two systems” pact with the enclave’s capitalists and their imperialist masters. However, rather than appeasing the protesters, the CCP bureaucrats’ concessions have only emboldened them.
The Hong Kong bourgeoisie is not of one mind concerning the protests. While Jimmy Lai and his ilk openly support the mobilizations, Li Ka-shing, the richest man in Hong Kong, as well as several real estate tycoons and some banking interests have recently called for calm. They worry that the chaos around the protests is harming business. More broadly, several bourgeois financial analysts have warned that intervention by the PLA—or by the People’s Armed Police stationed across the border in Shenzhen—to stop the unrest would cause capital flight and other damage to Hong Kong’s economy.
Hong Kong under the tycoons has well earned its reputation as a white-collar sweatshop, where office workers routinely slave away for 12 hours a day with eight hours’ pay. With the CCP’s blessing, a frenzy of land speculation has driven up rents to the extent that working adults are unable to leave their parents’ homes, often sharing tiny rooms with several people. In one of the most expensive cities in the world, full of designer shops and luxury hotels, a fifth of the population falls below the poverty line. “Immigrants” from the mainland constitute some of the most oppressed sectors of the population, while the plight of Hong Kong’s hundreds of thousands of domestic workers, overwhelmingly from the Philippines and Indonesia, shines an especially harsh light on the enclave’s class divide. Meanwhile, venal CCP bureaucrats and their cronies and relations use Hong Kong to park their money or channel it out of China, and also as a venue for shopping sprees.
Hong Kong’s toilers should be a natural ally of the powerful and combative proletariat on the mainland. An authentic communist party in China would mobilize the working class against the counterrevolutionary protests on the basis of the workers’ class interests, championing as well the interests of the oppressed petty bourgeoisie. Expropriating the tycoons and converting their property holdings into low-cost public housing would resonate deeply with the population, as would replacing the luxury shops and restaurants with canteens and cooperatives run by and for working people.
These demands cut against the CCP’s class collaboration with the Hong Kong bourgeoisie, which has been the political basis for the relatively small pro-China counterprotests that have taken place in Hong Kong and internationally. The counterprotests have been designed to be compatible with the interests of the tycoons, whose “patriotism” hinges on their ability to reap profits from their investments on the mainland. The CCP also appeals to patriotism in calling for an end to protests. The Stalinists do not call on the working class to act: As a brittle ruling caste, the Beijing bureaucracy fears that workers’ mobilizations would represent a challenge to its rule.
For the CCP, maintaining capitalism in Hong Kong serves to promote foreign investment on the mainland by reassuring overseas capitalists that it’s safe to do business with China. Hong Kong remains a major hub connecting China with the global capitalist economy. Beijing’s policy toward Hong Kong is in keeping with its opening of whole areas of China to investment by the offshore Chinese bourgeoisie and the imperialist powers, including in the Special Economic Zones.
Any isolated workers state would need to seek foreign investment. Under revolutionary leadership, this would be done under the democratic control of the working class organized in soviets (councils), supported in countries like China by peasants councils. A revolutionary workers and peasants government in China would renegotiate the terms of foreign investment in the interests of working people. The domestic capitalists, on the other hand, would simply be expropriated and their property used in the interests of society as a whole. To defend and extend the gains of the 1949 Revolution, such a regime would strengthen central economic planning and re-establish a state monopoly of foreign trade.
Which Class Will Rule?
In Hong Kong, one of the most ardent champions of “democratic” counterrevolution is Socialist Action (SA), which fraudulently passes itself off as Trotskyist. (Along with the U.S. Socialist Alternative, SA is part of the self-declared majority of the recently split Committee for a Workers’ International, CWI.) [The CWI is represented in South Africa by the Marxist Workers Party, which split off last year from the Workers and Socialist Party.] Writing off China as capitalist, SA has issued a series of leaflets offering tactical advice to the protest organizers and calling “for united mass struggle of Hong Kong and China people against the CCP dictatorship” (, 19 July). SA’s main “contribution” has been to agitate for a one-day general strike to bring down the Hong Kong government and defeat the CCP regime. Their program, in short, is to sell out the workers to their direct class enemies: the Hong Kong bourgeoisie and its imperialist godfathers.
In fact, the counterrevolutionary protests have been overwhelmingly based on the petty bourgeoisie and hostile to the working class. The much-touted August 5 “general strike”, preceded by a “bankers strike” on August 1, was primarily a mobilization of students, lawyers, accountants, teachers and other professionals. Many employers encouraged their staff to take the day off and participate. The city was paralyzed as protesters blocked traffic and stopped public transport, threatening transport workers. Likewise, workers were attacked during the airport occupation of August 12-13, when hundreds of flights were stopped at one of the world’s busiest airports. Protesters have also vandalized the offices of the pro-Beijing Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions.
Embracing the call for free elections, which is aimed at toppling the Beijing-loyal local administration, SA is solidly in the camp of counterrevolution in Hong Kong. There it unites with people demanding that the enclave either become a protectorate of U.S. imperialism or return to the days of British rule, when the mass of the Chinese population lived in squalid slums and slaved away as dirt-poor laborers while Communists and trade-union militants were systematically repressed. Only in the lead-up to the handover to China did the British rulers grant a modicum of democratic rights, to be used as a weapon against the Chinese workers state.
SA’s program for Hong Kong and China is in line with the sordid history of the CWI, which avidly supported the imperialists’ campaigns against the Soviet degenerated workers state. In August-September 1991, the CWI’s forebears in the Militant tendency joined the capitalist restorationists on Boris Yeltsin’s barricades in Moscow. In contrast, our Trotskyist international tendency fought in defense of the workers state, distributing tens of thousands of leaflets calling on Soviet workers to crush the counterrevolutionary forces led by Yeltsin and backed by the George H.W. Bush White House.
The question posed by the crisis in Hong Kong is not “dictatorship or democracy” but “which class will rule?” In their drive to destroy the Soviet Union and the bureaucratically deformed workers states of East and Central Europe, the imperialists promoted all manner of reactionary forces, including those who waved the banner of “democracy” against Stalinist “totalitarianism”. The purpose was to overthrow the Communist regimes by one means or another, including using elections in which peasants and other petty-bourgeois layers as well as politically backward workers could be mobilized against the workers states.
A glimpse of what awaits China’s toiling masses if the 1949 Revolution were to be overturned can be seen today in the countries of the former Soviet bloc, where living standards have been massively thrown back and where such “democracy” as exists is a paper-thin facade for the class dictatorship that defines all capitalist societies. A quarter-century after capitalist counterrevolution in the Soviet Union, China is the largest of the remaining countries where capitalist rule has been overthrown. Capitalist counterrevolution in China would be a further massive victory for world imperialism and a defeat for workers and the oppressed across the globe.
The call for bourgeois democracy is a call for counterrevolution. We are for proletarian democracy—a government of elected workers, peasants and soldiers councils that would make decisions about the development of the economy and the organization of society. Under the leadership of China’s massive working class, non-proletarian sectors such as the peasants and Hong Kong’s office workers would in fact have far more of a voice in how society is run than they do in any capitalist republic. As Lenin explained of the 1917 October Revolution that brought the working class to power in Russia:
“The bureaucratic machine has been completely smashed, razed to the ground; the old judges have all been sent packing, the bourgeois parliament has been dispersed—and far more accessible representation has been given to the workers and peasants; their Soviets have replaced the bureaucrats, or their Soviets have been put in control of the bureaucrats, and their Soviets have been authorised to elect the judges. This fact alone is enough for all the oppressed classes to recognise that Soviet power, i.e., the present form of the dictatorship of the proletariat, is a million times more democratic than the most democratic bourgeois republic.”
—The Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky (1918)
The True Legacy of Tiananmen
SA and the CIA-backed protesters as a whole falsely link their counterrevolutionary efforts with the specter of “June 4”, the 1989 proletarian upheaval centered on Beijing’s Tiananmen Square that was bloodily suppressed by the CCP regime of Deng Xiaoping. SA & Co. present the 1989 upheaval as a mass movement for (bourgeois) democracy. It was nothing of the kind! The events began with students demanding more political freedoms and protesting the corruption of top CCP bureaucrats. The protests were joined first by individual workers, then by contingents from factories and other workplaces. Workers were driven to act by the high inflation and growing inequality that accompanied the CCP’s program of building “socialism” through market reforms. While some youth looked to Western-style capitalist democracy, the protests were dominated by the singing of the “Internationale”, the international working-class anthem, and other expressions of pro-socialist consciousness.
Various workers organizations that appeared during the protests had the character of embryonic organs of working-class rule. “Workers picket corps” and factory-based “dare to die” groups, organized to protect the students against repression, defied Deng’s declaration of martial law. Workers’ groups began to take on responsibility for public safety after the Beijing government all but disappeared and the police vanished from the streets. It was the entry of the Chinese proletariat into the protests, in Beijing and around the country, that marked an incipient proletarian political revolution. After weeks of paralysis, the CCP regime launched a bloody crackdown on June 3-4 in Beijing, driven by fear not of the student protesters but of the mobilized working class. Even after the massacre, millions of workers across China continued to wage strikes and protests.
The workers showed enormous bravery and willingness to fight, and they forged links with soldiers, who viewed themselves as the defenders of socialism. Seven senior PLA commanders signed a petition opposing the martial law measures that were ordered against the population. On their own, however, the working class could not come to understand the need for political revolution to overturn the deforming rule of the bureaucracy. To imbue the working class with such consciousness requires the intervention of a revolutionary Marxist vanguard party. We honor the memory of the proletarian heroes of 1989, whose struggle vividly demonstrated the revolutionary potential of the working class.
SA and its ilk spit on the legacy of Tiananmen as they serve the imperialist drive for capitalist counterrevolution in China. Seventy years after its revolution, China is not the country it was in 1949—a desperately backward, overwhelmingly peasant society plundered by the imperialist powers and ravaged by decades of civil war. Yet despite China’s enormous advances since then, it remains economically backward in many respects compared to the imperialist countries that dominate the world economy. With its program of appeasing the imperialists and the Chinese bourgeoisie and its political suppression of the proletariat, the CCP bureaucracy constantly undermines the gains of the 1949 Revolution.
The achievement of socialism—a classless society based on material abundance—requires an international planned economy that harnesses and goes well beyond the technology and productive capacity of the most advanced capitalist countries today. The road to socialism lies in proletarian revolutions throughout the capitalist world, crucially including the imperialist centers of the U.S., Japan and West Europe. This perspective is necessarily linked to the fight to mobilize the Chinese proletariat to sweep away its bureaucratic misrulers. But revolutionary struggle needs revolutionary leadership. Our historic model is the Bolshevik Party that, under V.I. Lenin and Leon Trotsky, led the October 1917 Russian Revolution as the opening shot of the fight for world proletarian revolution. The ICL is committed to reforging Trotsky’s Fourth International to carry the Bolshevik banner forward.
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Importance of Education

We all are part of a free world with the free will of education as one of our basic rights. Education is one of the fundamental components of an ideal life. It is a symbolic representation of awareness in all forms and often works as an important measure of development and quality of life of a country. The economic status of a country can be enumerated by its education system and proclaim it either as an underdeveloped, developing or developed country.
If you are planning on your further studies or looking for a guide to topmost international educational institutions, then read on. This blog comprises of a list of top 10 countries with the best education system in 2020 and which have been ranked based on certain parameters.
*First, let’s take a look at the country-wise education index featured in the human development report:
The report was issued in 2016 and might have slight changes ever since.
1. The United States
The United States holds the topmost position for being the most chosen international study destination. Every year more than 10,00,000 students enrol for various study programs in the US alone.
Most preferable locations have been found out to be New York, California and Texas.
The country has great career opportunities for potential candidates and its international recruitment process receives overwhelming applications. This fact alone is proof of the country’s outstanding education system. The US universities offer a huge spectrum of education programs out of which most promising has been turned out to be Engineering, Computer Science, business management and so on.
2. The United Kingdom
The UK education system has been placed among the topmost list of countries with the best education ranking. The country has a lot to offer in terms of quality of life, career opportunities, education excellence, etc.
Premier educational institutions in the UK have earned global reputation and popularity based on their top rankings. The UK has spent 4.2% of its GDP on Education alone leading to promising achievements and academic excellence.
Worldwide known public figures who have set a name for them are esteemed graduates of the University of Oxford, based in the UK.
The UK universities are known to produce elite graduates with highest employability rate. The Global University Employability Ranking featured 10 UK Universities in their list since 2017.
3. Canada
Canada is one of the ideal places for foreign education. The country has one of the most student-friendly application processes laced with student support, affordable study options and numerous post-study opportunities. Students after completion of their graduation from a Canadian University can easily apply for permanent residency. Many colleges in Canada provide work opportunities for students that enable them to earn work experience while studying. Since 2014, Canada has spent 6% of its GDP on education.
Most of the renowned Nobel prize winners have earned their degrees from Canadian Universities. 10 Nobel laureates and 7 Nobel prize winners are associated with the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia respectively. 5 Canadian Prime Ministers happen to be graduates from the University of Toronto.
4. France
France comes at 4th position after Canada for its remarkable education system. Every year, more than 1 million students get themselves registered for various programs offered at French universities. Out of these students, 20% of students are foreign applicants.
The educational programs are diverse and hold solid volume in terms of academic parameters. The universities in France offer over a 1000 technical and professional degree programs to international students.
France reflects quality in its higher education system and includes more than 3,000 public and private institutions.
5. Germany
For non-English speakers, Germany has been known to be the topmost preferable study destination. In the list of the world’s best Universities, Germany has 13 universities enlisted.
The elite college programs in Germany offers great scholarship schemes that are one of the major factors of worldwide student enrollment. Courses range from undergraduate to postgraduate courses offering over 100 subjects to opt from.
Being the origin of great discoveries and world-class innovations, Germany has earned a well-known reputation for itself.
6. Australia
The land of kangaroos is not only geographically blessed but is also home to the third-highest number of foreign students after the US and UK.
Ranked third in the higher education system ranking, Australia has one of the best-designed education systems in the world. In addition to it, 35 Australian universities have featured in the Times Higher Education’s 2018 “World University Rankings”. Australian National University is credited with having 6 faculty members and alumni as Nobel prize recipients.
Australia offers a multitude of career opportunities post education which is one of the major reasons for it being the topmost priority for international applicants.
7. Switzerland
The world-renowned education system of Switzerland is widely acclaimed for its high education standards, well designed academic methodologies and student-friendly curriculum structure.
The Universities of Switzerland offer top-notch education quality and diverse career opportunities for both Swiss and international students alike. There are special programs for international students provided by both central and private institutions with a wide range of subjects with best program features. The universities in Switzerland also consists of 10 local and 2 federal institutes of technology. Switzerland’s oldest institution, the University of Bern has been in operation since 1834 and is the third biggest university in Switzerland with over 18000 enrolled students.
8. Sweden
Despite comprising of a comparatively lesser population of 10 million people, Sweden has successfully secured its position as home to one of the world’s best universities. According to the World Population Review, Sweden’s top university, the Karolinska Institute, is ranked at 40 in the world.
Sweden’s educational bodies implement long term development programs which have a progressive and innovative approach to education. The country has been credited to affiliate various radical educational concepts that are very well reflected in its education system.
There are 14 universities, 17 public colleges and multiple independent educational institutions in Sweden out of which most frequently feature in the Times Higher Education World University rankings.
9. Japan
The most technologically advanced country, Japan also reflects a high pitch of supremacy in their education system.
The University of Tokyo ranks 23rd, Kyoto university ranks 35th and Tokyo Institute of Technology holds the position of 58 in the QS World’s University Rankings, 2019. These facts alone attribute to the level of achievement japan displays in the education field.
There are 99 national universities, 66 public universities, 457 private universities in Japan with a whopping number of over 2,000,000 students enrolled in various programs. It has over 500 colleges and universities offering a four-year program.
The educational institutions with a four-year course duration come under different categories. They range from national universities which are supported by the central government, then the government-supported public universities to state-funded or private institutions.
For international students, various Japanese universities offer scholarships and financial support. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) take care of financial needs of their students coming from different parts of the world.
10. South Korea
South Korea arguably holds the reputation of being the most educated country in the world on top of being a highly advanced high-tech nation. The country has been ranked at 22nd in the Ranking of National Higher Education Systems in 2018. The Seoul National University is ranked 36th in the QS World University Rankings in 2019. The prestigious university offers various undergraduate and postgraduate courses for international students as well and has been gaining on the global education charts with the ambitious aim of crossing over 10,00,000 students.
The South Korean government puts a massive emphasis on the education system which is conveyed through the highly impressive and extensive study programs. Graduates of top Korean universities dominate the elite government positions and business sectors.
The world is filled with opportunities! When you take a positive leap over your boundaries you get to learn and absorb wisdom from every possible source out there. Getting a foreign degree will enable you to avail infinite life-changing benefits. Key is to gather a prior knowledge of the education system of the country you are interested in and make your own decisions.
Contact now :-
SCO-9, First Floor, Sector-11, Panchkula, Haryana 134109
SCO -14 Kalgidhar Enclave, Zirakpur. 140604
Email :- [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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