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If you're not in bear gang, it's not too late to join, and I suggest you do so promptly because shits about to hit the fan frens. That being said, I plan on riding the "V" down and up on this one, and lastly, if you're a perma bull you're in luck I've got some companies at the bottom that I think will go up over the next few months.
What's about to happen:
Let's stick to the facts and correlate this puppy to a similar outbreak; H1N1: "From April 12, 2009 to April 10, 2010, CDC estimated there were 60.8 million cases (range: 43.3-89.3 million), 274,304 hospitalizations (range: 195,086-402,719), and 12,469 deaths (range: 8868-18,306) in the United States due to the (H1N1)pdm09 virus... Additionally, CDC estimated that 151,700-575,400 people worldwide died from (H1N1)pdm09 virus infection during the first year the virus circulated " [1]
Since H1N1 got memory holed and everybody forgot about it, the virus became a modern flu, we have flu shots for this thing and chances are you've probably had it at one point or another -- it's just one of the flues that floats around each season. But the Corona is different...
First off, this thing already has a reproduction rate higher than any of the previous outbreaks in the last 150 years [3]. AND it's one of the most deadly -- however only to certain age groups which is a big difference [4]. Now I do want to make it clear that the Spanish Flu was a lot deadlier to healthy adults, also the age demographics have changed. StatsCanada actually has a good tool that shows the population pyramid and you can compare Spanish Flu in 1918 to 2020 and it'll have some similar-ish results to the USA [5]. There's also population pyramid tool here for the USA but it only goes back to 1950 [6].
Buddy of mine with access to a Bloomberg terminal sent this to me the other day which tracks the spread of the Corona virus [7]. Think the code is 'Map Virus' or something. What matters is that we can see a very obvious trend of exponential growth, in fact that's how you model these things... This thing will spread like wildfire once it starts to hit the cities in America, and... already has. All it takes is one 'chad spreader' to jump on the subway and it'll be a matter of weeks and the entire city is infected. In fact it's already happened in Toronto so buy puts on $CANADA [8].
What matters is that we can see that something like ~60.8 million people who got H1N1 in the USA from 2009 to 2010 and this thing had an r0 of only like ~1.5ish. The bat soup virus currently has an estimated r0 at ~2.4 right now, mind you this is a number that varies through time and can decrease by human intervention (such as quarantines of cities), which will inevitably transpire...
If we assume that this thing spreads with even some level of similarity to H1N1 in 2009, this is going to be a bloodbath for the boomers. First and foremost, this will spread at a much higher rate among boomers and those in old folks homes, we've got evidence of that already [9].
But that's not all. Italy is fucked. They just announced a quarantine of 1/4 of their fucking population [10]. Take wild guess how that's going to fare for their economy. The FTSE MIB is down shy of 20% from it's highs as it stands right now and its only going to get worse [11]. Given that the Italy is basically a leading indicator of what's going to happen in the USA... I fucking DARE YOU to buy spy calls.
So let's get to the nuts and bolts of this. Some autist named Dr. James Lawler stated that worst case scenario this thing could infect 96m in the USA and kill 480,000 people [12]. However, funny enough his estimates are based on a mortality rate of 0.5%. The current mortality rate is ~3.5% so, rather, we could be looking at up to 3,360,000 dying in the USA if the mortality rate is what it currently is.
However, we can math this based on the population pyramids I posted above. In the USA if we take the known mortality rates and population pyramid and transpose that on the worst case scenario, we're looking at shy 1.9m dead (mostly older people) given that 30% get the virus in the next year [13]. If this spreads at the same rate as H1N1, then we're looking at a total of ~60.8 million infected in a year's time. This corresponds to ~18.6% of the population getting it and would result in ~1.16m people dead [14].
Now, I'm willing to bet that my boy Donnie isn't interested in losing a massive chunk of his voting block so I'm betting that we see quarantines very soon in the USA, entire cities shut down just like we've seen in China and just like we've seen in Italy and Iran. It's going to happen and when it does, the lemmings will be shocked. I mean, this shouldn't come as a surprise, there's already runs on toilet paper in Australia over this thing [15].
Anyways, I think we'll get a cure eventually and that everybody reading this will be fine, in fact I'm not a doomer whatsoever. Society will continue on and SPY will eventually recover and I'll join bull gang again, but I'm sure Monday will be a bloodbath after Italy quarantined like 16 million people.
But back to my point, just think about what'll happen to SPY when a US city announces a quarantine. They're already preparing for it by declaring states of emergency now [16]. The fear will be real and it already is...
EDIT: Figured I'd add a bit more on Canada as I don't think it's priced in up there quite yet. Again, I took some numbers from StatsCanada [17] and plugged them in against current known mortality rates and we ended up with this [18]. Estimated 234k dead which... is bad, but that's a flood of dead people in a short amount of time. Also I assume a 30% infection rate but I think this things going to have a much high infection rate because of the fact that we corral all our old into old folks homes... it just takes one sick caretaker and they've all got it and the worst part is that you can have it and spread it without even knowing [19]. So this basically becomes a catch-22. If elderly care takers don't show up to work because they're sick, elderly people die, if they do show up, there's a chance they're giving them COVID-19, it just takes one and they'll all catch it... real morbid stuff. Basically each old folks home is a tranche in a CDO for the few of you retards that know what I'm talking about...
So how do we profiteer from this? And what will inevitably transpire?
EDIT 2: SPX e-minis currently trading at shy of -5%... we're hitting the circuit breakers tomorrow. Fed will drop rates again by end of week.
I know half of you retards skipped to here but kudos to the champions that read everything I wrote.
  1. General stock market decline, puts on $SPY or high beta stocks if IV isn't too high
  2. for my perma-bull frens, calls on funeral home and burial companies: $SCI, $CSV, $MATW, $PLC:CA, $DTY:UK, etc. EDIT: (as u/dollarsandcents101 pointed out be careful on funeral homes... could ban funerals if this thing really get's going)
  3. Puts on old folks care homes because those are probably going to be vacant here very shortly and thus less cash flows to investors... stocks like: $WELL, $VTR $OHI, EDIT: $CSH.UN:CA (Canadian, option chain is a lot less liquid than USA so... be careful), SIA:CA (another one, already crashing, has options, less liquid though)
  4. I'm still bearish airlines and travel... I mean go look at the chart of $AAL. After 9/11 that stock went from $40 a share to literally $2 a share... in 2003. The same thing happened during the GFC, stock again went from over $40 a share to a fucking penny stock -- traded at like $0.30 per share. Get ready for round 3... I look forward to buying calls on airlines after this is all over.
  5. bearish any developing country/emerging market ETF's. They're going to get hit hard.
  6. I don't know anything about medical or medical research stocks but calls and puts on companies researching corona virus cure. Again... correct me if I'm wrong but to my understanding it's zero-sum, the company that gets a solid cure makes bank and the rest are fucked but again idk this isn't my area whatsoever. Also looks like a lot of these stocks are rocketing and IV is massive so I'm sitting on the sidelines on this one
If you're from all wanting to get in on the tendies, I saved a special one just for you! Go all in on $LVS 80C 3/13 calls, trust me. Cannot go tits up.
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Why you should support Hong Kong and oppose China (Part 2)

This is a continuation of the last post I made, highly suggest you to read it first!
D. You want your intellectual properties to be yours
China is famous for making bootleg stuff and it do be quite funny sometimes, but if you are the copyright owner you may not find it funny. If the manufacturer copied the products close enough, people go buy their products instead of yours and you don’t get the money that you deserve. Also, your original idea/design now got taken without any cost, which hurts a lot. Sadly, China often allow it to happen with its biased legal system.
First, let’s take a look at trademarks. in China trademark registration uses the ‘first to file’ principle instead of the commonly used ‘first to use’ principle, which allows local merchants to use trademarks from famous brands outside China if the brands haven’t registered it locally. Even Apple lost the battle in the attempt of getting its ‘iPhone’ trademark back(twice in a row!). Although other well-known brands such as New Balance has won the lawsuits, most of them still needed to go through the appeal process. If even global brands aren’t being respected in China, if you are a small-scale/newly founded company owner you just have to admit defeat.
Original designs are also being taken by Chinese merchants too. The designer of the selfie-friendly phone case Stikbox got his product pirated before his product even finished being crowd-founded. If you surf Taobao/AliExpress often you would know how cheap the products on them is, but they are often at a lower quality (see Chinesium) or pirated from somewhere, just like the phone case in this case (haha pun not intended).
China won’t know you are unhappy about that if you keep quiet. Urge China to make its legal system less biased towards local merchants and provide more guidelines for intellectual properties protection. If you/your friends or family is a merchant or designer of some sorts, you should speak out for yourself/themselves so that you all can get the reward for your hard work.

E. HK needs to be kept balanced, as all things should be
Hong Kong has always been an essential port for capital to flow out of and into China. A majority of foreign investors uses Hong Kong as a stepping stone to access China’s market. Also, as RMB is still far behind from being a widely used global currency but HKD is directly tied to USD, it’s natural for China to carry out most RMB-based payments in Hong Kong so as to make indirect connections between RMB and USD. In this case, Hong Kong having a strong relationship with China benefits the global community.
However, if Hong Kong is too close to China, investors and merchants will be scared away. Hong Kong’s independent, unbiased and reliable judiciary and governing system are widely acceptable in the western society, enabling Hong Kong to be given a unique status from the global community not found in anywhere else, such as US-HK Policy Act. Therefore, if Hong Kong starts to adapt to the China way of doing things, Hong Kong’s most critical advantage will be gone.
In order to maximize profit for investors or entrepreneurs like you, Hong Kong need to be in an equilibrium position, where there is just enough relationship between China and Hong Kong for people to invest in China via Hong Kong, but not enough influence to make the system unjust. However, from Cathay Pacific being pressured to lay off pro-democracy staffs, to CCP urging the legislation of national security bill under article 23, which can grant immense power to the government to suppress whoever they wants, China’s intervention to Hong Kong has become more and more obvious. China is trying to disturb the balance of Hong Kong, and it has to be stopped before everything collapses.
China never liked anyone to comment on Hong Kong’s affairs because apparently Hong Kong belongs to CCP fully(except that we don’t want to). Therefore, by supporting Hong Kong you can A. indirectly insult China because you support all actions against China and B. shows that everyone loves freedom and you want Hong Kong to have some too.
China trying to deprive us of freedom and HKPF’s overuse of force are all topics that I want you to keep an eye on. However, I deliberately leave them out of this article because sadly not much people are able to put themselves into our shoes. Even if we are crying and bleeding, it’s too distant for you to hear and see directly.
We are thankful of all the presses, councilors and all the people behind the scene that help spread the truth to the rest of the world, but IMO this anger-driven mode cannot create a long-lasting impact. Suppose you saw a piece of news about the police arresting hundreds of peaceful protesters on mother’s day and you were mad about that, how long would your emotion last? I bet after a week most people would move on with their life until another piece of news refreshes their minds. This is a real problem inside Hong Kong, let alone foreign areas. My mission is to relate the current situation to you personally, so that you’ll care about it a lot more and a lot longer.
If you are convinced and want to give your helping hand to Hong Kong, please tell me in the comments and I may write another passage on how you can do that.
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Online gambling legislation and regulation. Starting your own gambling product.

Online gambling legislation and regulation. Starting your own gambling product.

Mobile gambling
If you plan to develop an app with the ability to deposit and withdraw real money, then such a product automatically falls into the category of gambling and you will need to license your business for successful operation.
Mobile and Web Based Apps
So let’s talk about the different kinds of online gambling apps available on web and mobile. We’ll be covering both free-play gaming apps and real money casino app games you can find for iOS, Android devices and web browsers.
Mobile gambling is more common for poker, casino, bingo, and skill games. They have advantages in terms of a low barrier to enter the market, instant liquidity, product knowledge, and marketing expertise, minimal infrastructure costs, and the ability to bring a brand to the market quickly. Consequently, this form of gambling does not sit neatly with jurisdictional boundaries. Multiple gambling opportunities are available, including betting on various events and markets, in a relatively simple format. Gambling products can also be integrated into betting on television shows or virtual racing and sports games as well as offering lotteries, bingo, poker and casino games.
Most Popular Gambling Apps
Sports betting, casino, poker and lotteries are the most popular forms of online gambling. However, other forms are available too. These include the following: Bingo, slot machines, different card games, roulette and other game of chance. One of the best things about online gambling and betting apps is the number of choices you have.

Sports Betting

Betting means making or accepting a bet on the outcome of a race, competition, or other event or process, the likelihood of anything occurring or not occurring, or whether anything is or is not true. Today most sports betting is done via mobile-friendly sites and apps.
Today most sports betting is done via mobile-friendly sites and apps.
The introduction of live betting for sports like soccer and tennis means that bettors who are sitting inside stadiums watching games can now pick up their mobile devices and find real-time betting value with the best sports gambling apps. This has really unlocked a door to the future of sports gambling and the popularity of online gambling apps.


Many sites offer free poker, where no real money is wagered, although in some cases players can accumulate credits that can be exchanged for prizes. This is the case why people are going to play for real money. There is an ongoing debate over whether poker should be classified as a game of chance or skill. The parameters of legal poker playing are still unclear and differ between jurisdictions. Since you are not gambling with money, I’m pretty sure under the law it’s just a video game for now.


Blackjack is the game of choice to many high-rollers and do you know why? Because blackjack is a challenging, logic and skill-based game where your thinking, strategy, and calculations determine the outcome of the game.


Bingo is one of the most popular and socially accepted games in the world. Bingo is a traditional form of gambling that has seen considerable innovation in recent years. It is also the only form of gambling recognized in the Gambling Act that does not have a specific statutory definition, the Act providing simply that “bingo” means “any version of that game, irrespective of by what name it is described”. Bingo must be played as an equal chance game. For game to be classed as “bingo” it must meet the Act’s definition of “equal chance gaming” (as opposed to casino gaming). Thus, it: must not involve playing or staking against a bank, and must be a game in which the chances are equally favorable to all participants in the sense that each ticket or chance has the same probability of success as any other.
Licensed bingo is a well-regulated and socially responsible form of gambling that takes place in a safe environment. Many sites offer multiple forms of bingo with different features, types of games, and costs of play. These sites often cater specifically for women and some research suggests that they may appeal to markets who would not typically engage in traditional forms of gambling.


Slot machine is one of the most beloved game among the gambling community and it has been a part of the industry for a long time. They provide fun and entertainment and their simplicity allows gamers to start playing at once. This can play out in different ways depending on the machine you’re playing. For instance, there’s Pick a Fortune, a five-reel, 20 line game that puts players right in the studio of a television game show, including the potential to play a Deal or No Deal-style bonus round. A super trend over the past few years is mobile-friendly slot games. These apps and websites were developed to enable players to enjoy their favorite games on their smartphones at any time. Another dominant slot trend is licensed branded slots that are based on popular movies, television, and musicians.
Virtual Money vs Real Money
Let’s find out the difference between social gambling and real money gambling, as well as the differences between gambling through apps and gambling through a web browser. It can be quite confusing trawling through all the casinos, slots, and lotteries available, both through your mobile web browser as well as through mobile app stores, in the form of downloadable apps.

Virtual money

The main difference between virtual money and real money gambling is that the in-game virtual currency in social games and gambling-type games is used only like credits that are not paid out as winnings or anything given to player in cash, making these games exempt from gambling regulations.
Virtual money is loaded on user game accounts via in-app purchases in mobile applications or the game balance funding from a card via web based applications.

Real money gambling

Real money gambling via your mobile device is only allowed in countries where laws have been passed that allow for this type of gambling online, or there are no laws in place that prevent it. The payment systems are the legal way of services payment in the gambling app, performing as the intermediary between the gambling facility and the client. With their help, users replenish deposits and withdraw funds to personal accounts in financial institutions. If the application uses the payment system of a well-known brand, that gives players additional confidence in the resource. Nowadays, there is a wide range of payment systems, some of which operate all over the world, other systems are oriented towards the citizens of one or several countries. A number of services accept money of different world currencies, while others allow currency transactions of one state only.
What is an Online Gambling Licensing
The internet has a global audience, there’s no single piece of legislation that covers the legality of online gambling for the entire world. Mobile gambling doesn’t typically accept customers from every single country in the world. It often focuses on certain specific regions.
Instead, most countries have their own local laws that deal with the relevant legal and regulatory issues.
Ultimately, questions of legality all go back to the location of the casino or where the website operates out of. In closed regulatory systems, such as Italy, France, and the Netherlands, licenses, and advertising rights are limited to domestic providers, which must be located within their country’s geographical boundaries and these are only permitted to offer some types of products. Some jurisdictions, for example, Norway, Sweden, and Canada legalize and regulate online gambling, but this is limited to a single site that is owned by the government. Under such an approach, the government becomes the operator and regulator and all revenues are returned to the government.
Remote gambling is generally permitted. That means that an operator that is licensed may provide gambling services to citizens in the country via all forms of remote communication (and using equipment that may be located in the country or abroad). Equally, a remote operator may be licensed to offer gambling services to citizens in any jurisdiction in the world using equipment located in the country. The law provides that, for each type of gambling (betting, gaming, and participating in a lottery), there will be two forms of license available: remote and non-remote forms (land-based). If you provide facilities for remote gambling, online or through other means, and advertise to consumers you will need a license from the licensing jurisdictions or local licensing authorities. Before an online gambling site signs up its first customer, before it accepts its first bet before the first card is dealt, it must be licensed by a recognized governmental entity.
Certain regions in the world have specific legislation in place that allows them to license and regulate companies that operate online gambling sites or provide industry services (such as the supply of gaming software). These regions are referred to as online gambling jurisdictions or licensing jurisdictions.
Depending on what type of entertainment you are going to implement in your internet establishment, you will have to apply for the corresponding permissions. Online gambling laws in Europe vary from one country to the next. The industry is well regulated in some countries and less so in others. There are several online gambling jurisdictions located in Europe. Some of these are members of the European Union (EU), and thus subject to the various rules and regulations of that body, while others are independent. Each of these jurisdictions has an authority that’s responsible for approving gambling sites for licenses that enable them to offer their services legally. They also regulate their licensees.
Countries that Provide Gambling Licensing
Today there are lots of licensing jurisdictions located all over the world and offering different terms for their customers. Depending on the country, licenses can be local, international (distributed in several countries), have a different set of documents for registration, costs of registration and further support, various operating conditions and other special details.

Which gambling license is both internationally recognized?

The government of Ireland offers casino operators, software, and service providers in the gambling industry, with a gambling license that allows gambling operators to conduct business related to casino, lotto, and other gaming-related activities. Ireland Gambling License is one of the most popular license for online casinos worldwide. Ireland has long been recognized as one of the preferred locations for Online Gambling operators to base their operations. This success has been due to a combination of factors, such as a progressive legislative system, political stability, first-rate telecommunications facilities, and a well established financial services industry. A wide range of gambling sites operates out of Ireland including sports betting, casino sites, poker, bingo, and more.
In stark contrast, the UK is the largest regulated market for online gambling in the world, and corporations are already comfortable exploiting the intersections of gambling and gaming, betting in-play, social gaming, Bitcoin, financial trading and spread betting, betting exchanges, e-sports and, most profitably, mobile gambling. 40% and 60% of online gambling in the UK took place in Gibraltar.

International licensing

Europe is home to the following online gambling jurisdictions: Alderney, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Malta. Malta is currently the country that is most accommodating to gambling companies, and the license offers whitelisted online gambling in sports and casino games in many European territories. But takes an extreme amount of time in paperwork and background checks. Also, you pay 5% of all your gross profit to the EU.
Among countries offering gambling licensing services, the attention should be paid to Curaçao jurisdiction, which is considered to be one of the most promising for the online gaming business.
Curaçao Internet Gaming Association (also known as Curaçao eGaming) is both a regulator and a licensor, and its licensing works worldwide except Curaçao itself, USA, France and Netherlands. Using Curacao as an example, let us examine in detail the process of obtaining a license, the necessary documents and expenses.
How to get a License on Curaçao
  • Documents necessary for company registration:
  • criminal record;
  • passport scans;
  • bank account confirmation;
  • documents proving payments for utility services.
After the company is registered, an operator can apply for the license providing the following documents:
  • a document certifying the right of domain possession;
  • description of games planned to be used in the project;
  • a list indicating countries of potential operation;
  • illustration of server locations to be used in the project;
  • a copy of the agreement with a software provider.
Gambling license cost:
  • Bank account opening $1000
  • Company registration $3600
  • Company management per year $3600
  • Application processing fee $1000
  • License fee per year $4800
  • Equipment/software fee starting from $1500
  • Server maintenance per year $6000
Apart from that pay for technical support and maintenance every year. The entire license issuing process takes between 2-4 weeks. Curacao Internet Gaming Association (CIGA) also has the power to review a license and, if it finds that an operator has breached a license condition, has the power to impose a range of sanctions including revocation of the license.
Apple and Google Gambling Rules
You’ll be surprised at the limited number of real money gambling app options available on the AppStore and Google Play Store. Most real money casino gaming is done through gambler’s mobile web browsers and not through mobile gambling apps that you’ll find for iPhone and Android phones. Apple allows online gambling applications in a few forms, and not just in places where it is explicitly permitted. They do not allow any payments through the applications – those have to be done on the websites. Apple has far stricter developer guidelines for iOS apps than Google does for Android apps, so it’s fine to assume that whatever you choose to download from iTunes is usually safe, secure, and meets a certain standard.
Any real money casino in the iTunes app is required to have proper licensing and permissions before Apple will approve the app for use or downloads. While Google Play is technically regulated, it is much more loose in what can be hosted.

Apple Store

Gambling, gaming, and lotteries can be tricky to manage and tend to be one of the most-regulated offerings on the App Store. Apple has rules for apps that support real money wagering, including sports betting and poker. Those apps and lotteries must have necessary licensing and permissions in the locations where the App is used, must be geo-restricted to those locations, and must be free on the App Store, and Apple rate even simulated gambling apps as appropriate only for users 17-years-old and up.

Play Store

Google keeps the reigns tight. To be able to successfully upload apps to the Google Play store, developers need to have a valid license for the specific countries they are targeting and comply with their regulations. The app must be free to download and must prevent under-age users from gambling in the app. As a final precaution, all gambling apps are required to display prominent information regarding responsible gambling practices. This brings its policy in line with the Apple App Store.
Countries where gambling is illegal
It is also important to remember that while gambling is growing rapidly in many places, in others it is totally or partially prohibited. As well as in the majority of the US, sports betting is illegal in India, Pakistan, and China, three of the largest gambling markets in the world. Most countries have rules against gambling. Almost all Islamic countries prohibit gambling of every kind, but many turn a blind eye to online gambling or simply do not have regulations in place for this grey area.
In the United Arab Emirates, however, any kind of gambling is prosecuted. National lotteries are the only legal forms of wagering on the Asian country’s mainland. Cambodia, North Korea strictly forbids online and offline gambling amongst its own citizens but allows tourists to participate in these activities.
Qatar is the strictest country of all when it comes to gambling laws. All forms of gambling activities are considered illegal, and even sports betting is not permissible.
Starting your own gambling product
Numerous online casino platforms in the market offer fantastic casino games like bingo, poker, roulette, and many more.
If you have an idea, but don’t know where to start, we advise you begin with a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to pilot your proof of concept for investors. MVP spotlights your core features and lets your investors know there are bigger and better things to come.
For MVP you do not need a large team, just a few people are enough to create a fully functioning prototype. In the case of successful numbers of your prototype, the further development of a full-fledged product will require more team, resources and time, however you will be sure that your development and your costs will pay off.
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President's Speech - 17th Parliament

Members of the House of Representatives and Senators of the 17th Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, ladies, gentlemen, and those otherwise identified,
Recognition of the land our parliament stands upon, Ngunnawal land, shapes reflection upon the 40,000 history upon this continent, and the history and culture that so reflects and boldens who we are as a nation today. I wish to personally respect the Ngunnawal elders, both past, present, and emerging, and welcome all who have come across this land to be here at this time, as well as recognise those who have not been able to be with us at this time.
As we enter the 17th parliament, we shall take a moment to respect the duties and responsibilities that are handed to us as we are elected and sworn in as members of parliament or as Senators. To serve both chambers is a privilege, as is serving the people of Australia, and it is most important to have the best interests at heart in this chamber of serving the people of this country, and serving the nation of Australia with dignity and honour.
This incoming government will remain dedicated to fighting for the education of each and every Australian, and that starts with ensuring that our nation’s education remains affordable for everyone. By keeping tertiary education free, we can ensure that no Australian is disadvantaged by their financial situation in terms of their pursuit of education up to the highest levels.
My Government will also wish to reduce government funding to private schools by 30%, and put that money back into the public system, to also follow this goal of education no matter your personal finances. Beyond affordability, this incoming government will also help ensure education becomes more manageable for students, and teaches them more core skills in life. With our plans to reduce the yearly assessments by 25%, as well as reforming the Humanities curriculum from years 7-10 and making the overall curriculum assist students in gaining all-round development, we hope to ensure that students gain a better quality of education, while reducing the stress levels that come with constant assessments.
Finally, with my Government’s coming introduction of a targeted grad scheme for rural schools, we hope to ensure the students across this nation can receive the highest quality education from the highest quality teachers, regardless of their location. For this government, education is of the utmost importance, and you can expect to see that idea translate into legislation and government policy. Culture specific support for First Nations people to learn within the education system which takes into account their language and culture in curricula will be implemented, supporting aboriginal families and children to learn. My Government will also work to increase Australian history teaching opportunities in the field of Asian and Pacific migration, along with inclusion of aboriginal perspectives on colonial history within the education curriculum that discusses important and yet overlooked topics such as the Australian genocides as mandatory learning within the history subject at more mature levels.
This incoming government will strive to deliver the best possible outcomes for all Australians at home and abroad. This government will also work towards providing an accessible and modern path for Asylum Seekers and those seeking to move to Australia temporarily or permanently. This will involve the raising of the Refugee Quota, a streamlined process of Asylum Seeking and support to be provided to those with Work Visas who have been stranded in Australia and currently lack access to appropriate social services.
This government will also work towards establishing first a travel bubble between states which have currently contained the Coronavirus and New Zealand. This travel bubble may be extended to pacific nations as well and will serve to reinvigorate the tourism industry domestically and in our pacific allies. In the longer term, after the coronavirus crisis has been settled, this government intends to pursue an free movement union with New Zealand, and our Pacific neighbours such as Fiji, Niue, Samoa, Tonga and other Pacific States.
The government will also work towards a transparent security system for Australians. To do this, legislation will be implemented that will subject ASIO to Parliamentary Committees, ensuring that it is well regulated and achieving the best results for Australia and her security. Legislation will also be created that will restrict ASIO from spying or wiretapping Australian residents’ private devices without probable cause and legal warrant.
In line with the recent cyber attacks against Australian Government, Business and Individuals, a Cyber Defence Task Force will be created so as to defend Australian interests from malicious web based attacks. To this government, reform of immigration, increased integration with our pacific allies, increased accountability of security services to the public and a strong commitment to the continued prosperity of the Australian people is paramount. This government through legislation and government policy will implement these measures to the benefit of all Australians.
The coming government is committed to delivering the best outcomes on health and sport. Currently the incoming government is faced with a pandemic crisis that is causing a significant public health emergency. As a result, the #1 priority for the incoming government is the constraining and defeat of the pandemic. This involves coordination between state, territory and federal government and a commitment by the people of Australia to work their hardest to control the spread of the virus. This government will implement measures as appropriate to control the spread of the virus, including Lockdowns if necessary, to prevent the emergence of a second wave and to ensure the safety of Australians from this pandemic.
Outside of Coronavirus, this government is looking to upgrade hospitals across the nation in a Hospital Modernisation Scheme worth $500 million that will provide world class equipment to hospitals across all of Australia. The General Practitioner Accessibility Agency Bill that was passed last term will be further implemented and refined, improving access for regional Australians to a GP quickly and cost-effectively.
This government will also look to create and improve Telehealth for increased GP access, convenience and safety for the general populace, and for our medical professionals. This government will also look to increase funding for sports in regional Australia, such as Equestrian to drive tourism and reinvigorate these communities. The Formula E, electric car racing tournament will be sponsored to promote Electric Vehicles and to revitalise the economy through tourism and celebration.
Sports Integrity Australia will be created out of an amalgamation and strengthening of the existing multitude of Sport Integrity and Anti-Doping Agencies. This will ensure Australia is up to world standards in Sport Law and will furthermore provide an avenue for assistance for our Australian Athletes and Sports Workers to provide the best possible games to the Australian people. This government is clearly committed through investment and legislation to the combatting of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the promotion of regional Healthcare, to upgrading Australian Hospitals, providing Telehealth services to Australians and to the promotion of and the integrity of Sport across Australia.
This Government believes in the rights of LGBTQIA+ people, and as such it will immediately place a complete moratorium on unjust medical intervention in intersex people unless the intersex individual is of the age to give informed and independent consent to such operations (16 years old), or if such an intervention is deemed absolutely medically necessary for the physical health of the child by a doctor. Particular training on LGBTQIA+ issues will be given to all health professionals, and all government employees within prisons, police, courts, and the military for that after.
My Government will put together a specific Transgender Health division of the healthcare systme that will increase trans healthcare access for those who need it, and will streamline hte process of getting trans youth the psychiatric and medical support they need, along with increasing coverage of trans healthcare across Australia and increases to the funding of funding options for gender-affirming surgeries that are currently underfunded. In general, specific health programs will be set up to address the health needs of LGBTQIA+ people, with input from gender and sexuality diverse people and their communities.
As the COVID crisis develops, gaps in our mental health system have become exposed. A time of crisis is a time of mental strain, and this government will be committed to meeting the growing need for mental healthcare. This government will be providing teletherapy services so that those who cannot leave their homes are still able to get the treatment they need. In addition, it will work to reduce the cost of mental health care to ensure that it is easily accessible and end the days of mental health treatments being a luxury good.
In respect to the Treasury, it is a top priority for this government to correct the previous budget statement and it’s inaccuracies, and also institute a new budget for the financial year of 2021-2022, which gives infrastructure projects, suitable programs and reasonable response to the people of Australia in regards to the COVID-19 crisis. This government shall also aim to implement unitary taxation within Australia and to avoid double taxation, cooperate with governments in other countries to implement this policy and a financial transactions tax, so that multinational corporations will pay their share for the amount of profit they create in each country.
My government shall implement corporate tax brackets as well, in order to allow the government to separate small businesses from large businesses, and allow them to keep more of their profit proportionally. My government shall implement budget repair levies in order to repair the deficit that was caused by the COVID-19 crisis, to minimise the deficit and to be able to fund programs which are beneficial for the Australian people. On top of this they will look into putting together an Assets and Wealth tax that will ensure people with a net asset wealth over $1 million will pay a tax of 1% on that wealth, and people with a net asset wealth of $2 million will pay a tax of 2% on that wealth. This tax will feature exemptions for people who are asset poor and income wealthy, and people with major drags on their assets like mortgages and will be used to fund new benefit changes in the COVID-19 response. To encourage more top-down redistributive taxation, and bottom-up growth that can support our many spending initiatives, we will add two new tax brackets at $100k-149.999k earnings, and $150k up.
As economic effects of the COVID continues, my government shall look at the implementation of a Coronavirus Economic Support and Recovery Fund, which is to help provide economic support to industries hit by this pandemic. This Fund will look at providing support and economic relief to the arts and entertainment sector, the manufacturing sector and the renewable energy and electricity generation sector.
The entire economy has been hit hard by this crisis, but it is imperative that industries which have been unable to function, such as the Arts, are recognised and provided the help they need, and that Australian Manufacturing is finally given the opportunity it needs to become a dominant factor of our economic recovery. My government will therefore also put support into Australian Made, to get more money flowing into Australia’s locally made products and locally owned businesses, to support the economy from the grassroots and up during recovery.
As said, my Government will be spending a lot of money on supporting Australia’s residents through COVID-19 recovery, and for that it will undertake an unprecedented effort to close tax loopholes through a Parliamentary commission into loopholes, inefficiency, and evasion; and will work to monetise previously untaxed areas. For example, my government will look into introducing a tax on dynastic and inherited wealth at over $3,000,000 in net assets.
This tax will feature exemptions for people who are asset poor and income wealthy, and people with major drags on their assets like mortgages. Alongside this it will explore a progressive corporation tax that implements separate tax brackets to let small businesses keep more of what they earn whilst larger corporations contribute to Australia’s need for spending.
My Government overall will seek to focus the economy. COVID-19 has given Australia the perfect opportunity to start judging societal progress differently, not just based on GDP which is described by its own creator as inaccurate to judging success. My Government will rather use wellbeing factors such as wages, employment, and other socioeconomic factors that will place wellbeing as the main factor of economic growth, not just GDP.
My Government will work in the area of constitution and governance to correct major holes in our country’s systems and create a fairer Australia. This will start with a Presidential Commission into democratic reform, with the intention to implement a proportional representation electoral system that will consider the low representation of party’s general election votes in comparison to their seats won in the House of Representatives. In the spirit of democratic reform, my Government will also legislate the right of Australian citizens and permanent residents over the age of 16 to vote, and the right of incarcerated people to vote - as everybody deserves participation in our democracy. On top of this, it will legislate the right of public servants in their capacity as private citizens to engage in political advocacy and activism, participate in trade unions, and to represent or be elected to activist organisations - given the unique and often underrepresented view that our civil servants can often have.
To ensure fair elections, my Government will implement a complete ban on political donations from for-profit corporations, ensuring nobody who gets in bet with large corporations gets unfair advantages in campaigning. Alongside this, caps on individual public donations and donations from not-for-profits will be introduced. My Government will also look to introduce optional preferential voting for the senate, and to reduce the deposit required for a candidate to stand for election to Parliament, in the interest of removing financial barriers to democratic participation. Public funding of political parties and candidates for campaigns will be set at a level that increases democratic participation by voters, and reduces the influence that corporations have over the prominence of political parties further. My Government will legislate that all local councils use a form of ranked choice voting, if they do not already, to increase democratic representation in all levels of Government.
In a number of constitutional amendments, my Government will place sections in the constitution to recognise Australia as a constitutionally multicultural society, recognising the importance not only of aboriginal culture but of all non-white cultures in Australia. It will also replace the sections 44 and 45 of the constitution with more modernised and fair statute around corruption, treason, and serious criminal cases; rather than the outdated clause that was originally there. Political enfranchisement will be granted to offshore Australian territories such as Norfolk and the Christmas Islands, ensuring once again that all Australians are guaranteed participation in our democratic processes.
My Government will establish an Australian Bill of Rights that includes provisions in line with the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, that embodies international human, civil, and political rights, and includes factors such as race, sex, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, religion, gender Identity, gender expression, sex characteristics, etc, as classifications protected from discrimination.
After the previously government endeavoured to isolate Australia from the world, and stop Australia’s potential throughout the international community, my government will endeavour to take a new path to those prior. Instead of destroying alliances, or fear mongering trade partners, my government will work with the international community to promote trade, human rights, and unity through these troubling times that the world faces.
Within the new spirit of internationalism, my government will move to build upon the principles established under the First Youmaton Government and pursue an active foreign policy regarding the recognition of emerging nations and protection of human rights. My government recognises the incredible dangers nations such as Kosovo, Israel, Palestine and Sahrawi all face in their ongoing struggles to maintain recognition as other nations seek to gain from their dissolution, and within such my government will move to protect these nations alongside others through the creation of the protected recognition status. Nations with the protected recognition status will become recognised by Australia under law, removing the uncertainty that comes with a change in government revoking certain recognitions recognised by the prior.
The themes of peace and unity shall be recurrent within my government’s foreign agenda, promoting international cooperation and ensuring treaties signed by Australia are properly followed. My government is completely committed to the maintaining of the 1961 Antarctic Treaty, maintaining the incredible nature and wildlife of Antarctica, and ensuring scientific endeavours continue to happen across our portion of the continent. Pursuant to the commitment made by my government, additional funds will be allocated to the assistance of pacific island nations in their race to combat the coronavirus and climate change, alongside general measures to expand Australia’s cooperation with the Pacific region as the world recovers from the ongoing pandemic.
Protecting our Nation from external threats is one of our far most responsibilities as a Government. My Government shall ensure that our Australia is protected and there shall exist continued funding to enable our Armed Forces to purchase modern equipment which will enable them to protect Australia better. Protecting our borders is a duty that we are all bound to, and maritime borders are no exception, therefore my Government has decided on bringing in due legislation to ensure that no nuclear armed or powered forces should be deployed within Australia’s maritime borders.
In continuation with my Government’s desire to ensure that we have a peaceful world, the incoming Government has decided to issue due regulations to ensure that the use of the Australian Defence Forces must be only for defence or peace-keeping, not offensive or invasionary action, unless in the circumstances of averting a major violation of human rights in a foreign nation, or to counter the military invasion of a sovereign country, and this arrangement must take precedent ahead of international agreements.
My Government realizes that wars involve heavy blood shed, and huge losses to families, therefore, to prevent a future situation of war, my Government pledges to work towards a stop on the militarisation of space, supporting initiatives to clear space debris in cooperation with international space agencies and encouraging and participating in treaties that prioritise achieving arms control and global disarmament, my Government will also make it a policy that the use of violence against civilians or against elected governments, undertaken by the state, an organisation, or particular individuals, will be rejected and combated both diplomatically and militarily with all assistance provided to countries which need them.
My Government recognises that the “human” factor of the armed forces plays a very significant role in its operations, and to enable the safety and security of our women in the Armed Forces, my Government will create legislation to ensure that rape and sexual violence during armed conflict are to be tried as war crimes, under the protocols as described by the Geneva Convention. In order to promote an Armed Forces that is efficient and quick, my Government will conduct a Review into the current rank and structure of the Armed Forces and ensure we are having an efficient and workable Armed Forces and also create framework to remove all items with Royal titles and ensure that quality equipment and new generation defence equipment is given to our forces.
My Government understands and recognises the contributions made by our veterans in the Armed Forces throughout their tenure of service to Australia, and therefore, my Government pledges to create and fund a Housing Program using Defence Housing Australia for all Veterans to ensure that every veteran gets access to housing upon completion of tenure of service and also issue a formal Apology to all families whose members were or are involved in wars leading to poor mental health and significant injuries and develop and implement a Veterans Strategy to ensure that all of our veterans have a comfortable return after their tenure of service.
My Government recognises that in today’s world, International Cooperation is required, and at the same time, the limits for it must be drawn as well and therefore my Government pledges to strengthen global cooperation in Intelligence and look at expanding Intelligence sharing and Joint Military exercises with countries across the globe, excluding those who have committed Human Rights Violations, and primarily use arms that are banned as per International Conventions and kill indiscriminately such as landmines, cluster bombs, and depleted uranium; to ensure our military is prepared to fight in every terrain. My Government will immediately phase out joint exercises with all armed forces known to have committed human rights violations.
In continuation to our aims for peace and cooperation, my Government will work to ensure that the signals intelligence base outside Alice Springs designated ‘Pine Gap’ will be closed permanently in the next five years. Our Defence Industry is one to be proud of and at the same time be promoted and therefore my Government pledges to create incentives for investors and researchers in Australia to ensure that we are able to have cutting-edge technology and military sciences in Australia and also ensure that countries that commit Human Rights Violations and their country’s corporations are not included in such schemes. My Government believes that the global arms industry is a dangerous one, and that as long as Australia is mass exporting weapons to foreign countries we have no guarantees that those weapons won’t be used to commit human rights violations, kill innocent civilians, or wage unjust wars. As such, my Government will work to set a 10 year target on reducing the size of the Australian arms industry to be a locally sustained sector that supplied the Australian military and will, eventually, no longer be an export industry. This will begin with an end to the subsidisation of exports of weaponry, weapon components, and arms fairs.
In regards to Agriculture and Rural Affairs, my government shall look into eliminating the Goods and Service Tax on fertilisers and other essential farming goods that increase the yield of crops in order for farmers to gain more of a profit and have a more sustainable livelihood, and shall also look into subsidy programs for both of them. My government shall also aim to create a provincial agricultural scheme in order to increase the yield of agriculture and its efficiency in the long term, and so that farmers may benefit.
My government shall make sure that Australian Postal services and banking services are accessible in rural areas, as both are essential in daily life, and should be accessible wherever people are in Australia. It is important that we also make sure that we protect the ecological health of the Lake Byre Basin, so that farmers who use the resources may be able to do so in the best possible manner with the most effective outcome. My government shall also seek and invest in methods of water extractions so that farmers can gain the water they need to grow their crops, and to counter the effects of natural disasters such as drought.
Last month the people of Australia visited polling booths to decide the future of the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory within their statuses in this nation. Whilst my government expresses its regret in the Australian Capital Territory not being granted equal status to other areas of the nation, it expresses its incredible joy at the notion of the Northern Territory being approved to be a state by the population of Australia. My government holds incredible regard to the mandate given by the people, and unlike prior administrations will implement the results of this national vote in full, and as such the Northern Territory will become a state of Australia by the end of this term.
All aspects of the Australian economy have been hit hard by this crisis, and one of the hardest hit is Australian Manufacturing. Be it industrial hubs found in urban centers, or smaller towns in regional areas, workers and employers have been put under an undeniable stress which nobody should be forced to experience. As such, it is vital that we provide support to these hardest hit industries in our path to economic recovery. My government will follow the recommendations which have been made by the ACCC through various investigations and reports in previous periods across sectors which have been struggling, such as the dairy industry, to ensure that jobs and communities are able to stay afloat in an environment which benefits consumers, workers, and business owners. My Government will key and vital public infrastructure projects all across Australia, be they projects related to public transport, such as the supporting the Victorian Government's suburban rail loop, or projects related to water security which are found in Queensland. These projects help not only create a better environment for the community who will benefit from these projects, but provides essential work to the people who will be involved in the development of such programs.
For too long have the First Nations peoples right across our great continent.had to suffer several burning injustices through their entire life. Be it the average lower life expectancy Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders on average experience, the economic contributions they make which are often swept under the rug, or the systemic racism they experience on a daily basis. We simply cannot sweep injustice aside, ethically, morally, or practically.
My government will work towards implementing the fundamental principles of the Uluru Statement, and the recommendations of the Bringing Them Home inquiry, the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, the Ampe Akelyernemane Meke Mekarie Report, the HREOC Social Justice Reports into suicide and income inequality, and the Evatt Review. My Government will be seeking to pen a proper Treaty with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to address the wrongs done to them since colonisation and grant them a proper voice in Australia. My government will work towards establishing indigenous recognition in the Constitution through a referendum, while recognising and acknowledging the values and contributions of Aborigional People - and furthermore will work to grant aboriginal people with a representative body that will exist in an advisory capacity with the Federal Government, elected from all first nations people in Australia.
My government will continue to support the Makarrata Commission and will work with local land groups to work towards establishing a Voice to parliament, just one of the components of the Statement from the Heart. Furthermore, My government will work with those in the Northern Territory on their way to statehood to ensure that Indigenous people are able to control their own destiny, and are involved through the entire State-building process.
One of the founding principles my government upholds strongly is that of environmental justice, and the ongoing battle against climate change. Climate change is a crucial issue to tackle, which is why my government shall be implementing schemes to transition workers out of non-renewable jobs, into jobs that will support a renewable economy. We shall encourage families to assist in the fight against carbon emissions by looking at a subsidy scheme for families that implement solar panels in their home, and make use of other methods to increase efficiency in the home.
My Government shall seek to create an independent Environment/Climate Change commission, to advise the governments on programs and measures to counter climate change and to protect the environment, for the benefit of the people of Australia and the environment we live in. It will ensure that the Minister responsible for Climate Change will work with the Independent Environmental Commission to create yearly carbon budgets every year through to 2050, supported by a well funded and integrated emissions reduction plan that sets appropriate targets and provides reporting on all economic sectors that produce emissions on their progress towards the net zero carbon goal. My Government shall seek to end tax concessions and subsidies to businesses that actively harm the environment we live in, as the government of Australia should not assist industries that harm our environment and our wildlife. This government shall also seek to make it more difficult for corporations to clear land to protect the wildlife of Australia, as Australia has some of the most remarkable creatures on the planet, which are becoming extinct due to corporate negligence and activity.
Climate change is one of the biggest existential threats facing Australia today, and as such my Government will put together specific legislation that outlines step by step goals for climate change action (phasing out of coal power, energy transition, then carbon zero) in specific legislation, and gives power to the Independent Environmental Commission to consult with and pressure the government on these actions. This legislation would include a loose target of net zero carbon by 2040, with a leeway of 10 years more if the transition experiences holdups.
My Government acknowledges the importance of our watercare, and as such will adopt strong nationwide freshwater quality standards, including for pathogens, dissolved oxygen, nutrients, periphyton a.k.a. slime, and macroinvertebrate health. Furthermore, it will take action to protect waterways, wetlands and estuaries from excessive sedimentation caused by erosion and land use practices (including “spray and pray”) that lead to soil loss. As part of their efforts to protect the environment, my Government will place a complete moratorium on new coal power plants, fracking, and new offshore seabed exploration and mining. This will allow these fossil fuel industries a safe and secure transition that will allow the current projects to close naturally, while support networks are set up to get new workers into green industries and retrain previous workers. My Government will also put an end to subsidies and tax concessions for environmentally harmful industries, instead putting subsidies and support into the development of green industries and retraining to support this effort, through a Green Jobs Fund.
My Government will ensure that major polluting sectors shall pay a Carbon Tax with exceptions in the field of small business and small-scale farming or agriculture. Emissions pricing should be transparently set and managed by the Independent Environmental Commission, and should incentivise emissions reduction . Further consideration will be taken to ensure business sustainability and job protection to ensure equitable outcomes. To support these efforts from the Government end, my Government will be bringing energy generation and distribution under public control in order to facilitate a swift transition to 100% of Australia’s energy being generated from renewable sources, through increases to the energy target as well as other actions such as public investment, regulations to support renewable energy generation and ensure high efficiency standards under Government care in generation, storage, and conservation.
My Government will support the creation of a renewable exports industry, promoting growth in sustainable sectors for the future such as renewably-generated liquid fuel, direct connections to neighbouring countries economically, and the support of developmental green technology and energy alternatives. It will also promote agricultural, forestry, and land use regimes in which absorption of carbon emissions exceeds carbon emissions. A Government fund will be set up to research into the effects of climate change and innovative ways of combating it, alongside increased funding for environmental legal aid. To support the efforts against Climate Change from the grassroots up, my Government will put together a subsidy for individuals, families, and rental owners who work to improve the insulation of their homes, and make their homes more efficient by installing solar power generation to them. This same standard for the subsidy will be applied to new social housing to ensure that the public sector makes the effort.
In respect of Social Services, my government shall aim to provide a COVID-19 Poverty Response plan in order to benefit those who are put in difficult financial situations due to the consequences of COVID-19 and subsequent policies. My government shall also aim to provide a family support payment in order to support those who are less fortunate, but have children to look after. It will consist of $178 dollars for each family for the first child, and then $112 per subsequent child to a cap of three children. This will put money in vulnerable families pockets to support their children, and get families through the hardships of the pandemic.
In these times of COVID-19 and for the future, my government shall also implement a Mental Health Fund that seeks to increase youth health coverage, lower the cost of therapists and psychiatrists, train new mental health workers, and properly support people with mental health issues. This is for an effort to extend mental health support across Australia, so that all Australians may have adequate access to mental health support for the recovery of COVID-19, and beyond. On top of this, my Government will ensure that all Centrelink staff are properly trained and supported to ensure that people can promptly access their full entitlements and provide individual tailored assistance to help people find work, including people with disabilities.
On top of this, my Government believes that our public media entities should be properly controlled by independent democratic boards elected from the people that work there, in order to be truly cooperative and fair businesses. Furthermore we believe that the ABC and SBS should be free from advertising, and should be funded properly to compensate for the funding they receive from advertising.
The money levied off of high net assets and wealth will be used to fund the COVID-19 Poverty Response Plan. This will constitute a massive social services overhaul that will replace *all* working age benefits with a single Guaranteed Minimum Income payment of $306 per week. Sole parents, people with disabilities, and/or people who cannot work will get an additional rate of $103 dollars, bringing their base payment up to $409. The Guaranteed Minimum Income payment will apply to all working age people who cannot earn the amount of money they’re entitled to under it from working, and will have no abatement rate so as to encourage people to work more if they want more money in the pocket. This will put more into the hands of Australia’s most vulnerable workers affected by the pandemic, and will simplify beneficiary administration to lower costs in the long run. This transformative policy will mirror the successful benefit changes seen in other like-minded countries, and will give Australia the grassroots-and-up boost it needs to get back on its feet economically as we push through the pandemic, and help create a better Australia than the one that went into the pandemic.
RunasSudo AK President
Hon. NGSpy MP Prime Minister
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I will bet that You didn't know that Canada, the USA and indeed across the globe, at any second, at any moment, any one of us good citizens could you put on a secret list courtesy of extremely covert and well funded organized criminal gangs. Much of what you will read here will sound like the ravings of someone on a manic high. Thats fair enough, but, please keep this in mind, this is the most powerful tool these sadistic monsters have in their evil arsenal. They know they can divide and conquer with just that one tool. As a matter of fact, they can count on this "crazy card" every time, wth every crime and act of electronic Torture they committ. Anyone who tries to assert their human rights gets further labeled as "needing help" which effectively removes lawful help we all deseerve. These evil people get away with slowly poisoning good innocent people to death using their wide variety of almost impossible to detect directed energy weapons. As I type at this very moment, I feel sharp pains pop up in my back, feet, hands, head and heart. I could not even make this kind of nightmare up if I had tried. There is a family of electronic torturers and gang criminals above our apt bombarding both my wife and I with extremely dangerous cancer and heart attack causing radio waves. They easily convert old microwave ovens, stun guns, radar guns and others into these almost impossible to detect direct energy weapons. This family have also acted as Quasi Superintendents of this building for over 30 years. They, along with the landlords and owners have tried five times to evict my wife and I for literally no good reason. Each time they would drag us into an eviction hearing at the Landlord and Tenant Board of Ontario and each time they lost, thanks to our legal team at Aboriginal Legal Services here in Toronto.
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My wife verifies that the moment I awake and go to our washroom, we both hear their footsteps follow me from above. Then, in 99% of these times, wherever I stop, they too stop and always they then plop down something heavy and metallic on their floor above. Then, within 30 to 60 seconds, I experience sudden hot flashes, inexplicable sudden onset of stomach butterflies which are then always followed by extremely troubling and downright terrifying heart palipitations. Some of their ttacks are more aggressive than others. They attack harder or more aggressive whenever i have the audacity to try to shelter myself from their attacks! We live in the greatest country on the planet, but how the hell did this obvious takeover take place. Everyday and night our life in this apt is a literal hell on earth because of this organized gang of stalkers, liars and murderers. We are law abiding citizens, we both litetally have survived multiple attempts on our lives while barely surviving homelessness together twenty years ago here in Toronto. We have both overcome severe, long term alcohol, crack, cocaine and opiate addictions. We both still struggle with depression and a lack of self worth as the result of our former self destructive lifestyles. We both live with tremendous guilt, especially considering the decades of hurting and disappointing those we love so very dearly.. We have already paid a hefty price for this and we have both lost most of our so precious friends in out lives. Still, we had motored forward, we admit far too slowly but we did manage to build an impressive multi channel, hyperlocal, low cost business model that connects underemployed creatve and cultural workers to local businesses and shops. All businesses need marketing, but priced low enough to continue marketing on an ongoing basis. Our cteative Members work for less to help shops in their own neighbouthood in teturn for cash paid the same day as the contract is fulfilled. Our years of research, product and services testing and fulfilling local marketing contracts have helped us to drill down into very certain business niches and our fifth business plan shows this. Even before COVID, there was an urgent need for ongoing and low cost advertising and marketing across omni channels both online and offline together. We connect online and offline together as a rule or mission statement simply by utilizing qr codes to even marketing playing fields. We believe that we could be one of the first independent businesses to develop QR Code classifieds as well as QR Code Shops, which are basically paper points of sale. We had worked long and hard to figure out how we could custom design, build, further develop and then market test and then launch our own very own automated business and QR Code publications. We research the products and setvices to sell and then we design each paper store, configure qr codes, print the posters, flyera and stickers and then distribute them throughout one Neighbourhood at a time. We then use Google Analytics to watch sales live as they happen! All of this ground breaking work is not at the hands of a delusional indane man, like these criminal gangs assert. We've even developed our own digital out of home ad networks that work in conjunction with all of our, and equally our local clients marketing, online ecommerce and offline print publishing goods and services. We have even attracted expert investors who clearly see validity in our bisiness model. We could go on forever but right now, we are in urgently in need of your help to save our lives, especially my life because as Leona will testify in court, they target and attack me around the clock, absolutely and literally! They cause sudden and extremely dangerous spikes in my heart rate, not a couple times a day but, many dozens of times each day and night, awake or asleep!! They also cause sudden sharp pains and or numbness in the back of my head, burns on feet and legs and too much to go into right at this moment. Please someone help us. There just has to ve someone out there who will believe our nightmare. This gang family wont stop until i am dead. There just has to be one person, one detective one politician who can and will help. I pray that readers of this article will reach out to good people im law enforcement in Toronto or Canada. Most honest readers of this letter will clearly see that I am not insane and this is all 100% fact and our lives are in imminent danger. If only one person could conduct some type of scan of our apt to see what is happening to us.
This is exactly why we started this organization, to team up with millions of others going through this hell too. One of our central missions is to build an action advisory board that will act mediayely on behalf of other innocent Targeted Individuals by making calla, emails, paper lettera urging action from rach Targeted Individuals own community. In this way, they too will be believed! Thank you and God Bless You. Gotdon Welke and Leona Sackaney, Toronto, Ontario Canada.
Here is how their attacks un fold: Through endless years of living here we too thought their following us was somehow innocent. However, I really took notice in the past months that when i stop to use the washroom ,shower, cook, sit to work on computer and, if you can believe, while we sleep or watch a classic movie, these sick and horrible people begin their incideous and invasive attacks right through their floor and down through our ceiling onto both of us innocent, loving, accepting, rent paying Canadian citizens.
My wife finally knows for certain what they are up to. I have had notes dropped to me yelling me that i am being set up for electronic murder so these gangs can collect big life insurance claims after paying years of secret very high monthly payments that pay off in the millions should they succeed in murdering me or directly causing mine or Leonas severe illness or cancer. I/we ate all alone. There is no help for us, or so it seems. I get that this all sounds like far too much but, just dont fall for their evil incideous game, where anyone, any good human being that dare speak out about these crimes are labeled as delusional, schitzophrenic or insane. Please do your own Independent research and most importantly, listen to your heart or follow your gut, please.
So, What's happened to our true north and free, the Canada we knew? This hurts me to tell you all but, these organized fascist gangs are now closer and closer to full and total control of our government, our police and our emergency services and most likely our military as well, basically our country we hold so dear. You have been fooled, we have been fooled, our collective goodness has been taken as weakness time amd time again. The only way to stop a total fall of the leftover good in our Canada is not through any violence, because that is exactly what this gang wants. We must, and I do mean we must, Unite and stand up for each other trying every conceivable legal and peaceful method we can. If this fails, we all know what could be coming our way, dont we?
Please know that every community in Canada is involved and thia Nazi organization can just go ahead and illegally put any innocent Canadian on their targeted list. They then go ahead and illegally create a completely fake history. Yeah and then they enlist other so-called soldiers are also gang stalkers to assist in spreading lies to family and community, employers and potential business funders and banks. These gang members are committing domestic terrorism, electronic murder and treason to say the least. The so-called experts say that there's tens of thousands of targeted individuals but this is not true. In reality there's Millions yes millions in Canada alone!! These organized stalkers, also widely finally being called perps and most recently referred to as "despicables," can nominate any innocent Canadian to be put on their very illegal but very powerful terrorist watch list. Can you imagine this is where we at in Canada. This is not fear mongering, this is not mental illness, this is the horrifying absolute fact and truth. So you may ask me how I know this how I know it's all true? I know this because I am on their targeted list!
I want the world to know Who is doing this to me. My experience, like many TI's, is hell and these monsters have our hands tied unless we join together and begin to fight back with everything we've got! I have quickly accumulated this unwanted expertise and I can say that I also have media, marketing and a long list of additional transferrable skill sets to develop and launch an organization to help ourselves, but, not without your help. Please join us, we need big numbers to get the message out to our politicians. We members can jump into action inviting authorities, lawyers, security experts and so on so forth. Just what they're attacking me with we can't say for certain but I do have months of shocking videos that show the absolute arrogance and severity of what they are doing to us, and Around the clock! Whayever they are doing to me is the same game 24 hours a day. They follow me until I stop somewhere in our apartment and then, they plop down something metallic, their Direct Energy weapon of some sort and they hit me by flicking some type of switch. I have even recorded this weapon recharging after they discharge it on me.
Also, please visit our You Tube Channel INJUSTICE CANADA that has #ome interesting videos. Join us here or on YouTube
submitted by INJusticeCanada to Gangstalking [link] [comments]

I'mma head out

a abandon ability able abortion about above abroad absence absolute absolutely absorb abuse academic accept access accident accompany accomplish according account accurate accuse achieve achievement acid acknowledge acquire across act action active activist activity actor actress actual actually ad adapt add addition additional address adequate adjust adjustment administration administrator admire admission admit adolescent adopt adult advance advanced advantage adventure advertising advice advise adviser advocate affair affect afford afraid African African-American after afternoon again against age agency agenda agent aggressive ago agree agreement agricultural ah ahead aid aide AIDS aim air aircraft airline airport album alcohol alive all alliance allow ally almost alone along already also alter alternative although always AM amazing American among amount analysis analyst analyze ancient and anger angle angry animal anniversary announce annual another answer anticipate anxiety any 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Mega-List: Israel's Crimes and Controversies

Updated on 11June 2020, Arranged in Chronological Order
All articles cited are from reliable and trustworthy sources (some may be NSFL):
Use this website to read any paywalled site you might encounter in this list.
Major Incidents:
ONE. Assasination of Jacob Israël de Haan (1924), a Dutch-Jewish diplomat, for attempting to make a peace deal with the Emir of Mecca - his plan was a Palestinian state in a Jordanian federation, the Zionists would drop the Balfour declaration and any claim to a state in exchange for unrestricted immigration. He was assassinated when leaving a synagogue by Avraham Tehomi (who admitted to it much later), on the orders of Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, who later became the 2nd President of Israel:
Wiki, Haaretz, 972mag
TWO. King David Hotel Bombing (1946) where right-wing Zionist terrorists attacked a British HQ located within the hotel killing 91 and injuring 46. The leader of the perpetrators, Manachem Begin became the Prime Minister of Israel in 1977:
Wiki, Haaretz
THREE. Deir Yassin Massacre (1948) where 110 villagers were slaughtered, some members of the perpetrators were at a later time, absorbed into the IDF, one even became PM of Israel:
Wiki, Haaretz, Britannica
FOUR. Document from IDF archives (1948) which after translation states:
"In the villages lying between Nahraiya and Tarshiha there are no foreign troops for the time being.The villages are armed and ready for action1. Your orders are to occupy, kill the men2, destroy and burn down the villages of Kabri, Umm al-Faraj and al-Nahr."
[1] Ilan Pappe notes that the villagers had no proper arms, only for hunting purposes and people who served in the police; without Arab troops that were absent they stood no chance [2] In April 1948, the Intelligence of the Hagana defined men as anyone above the age of 10
-Photo taken from IDF Archives 1676\51\12
-Benny Morris, The Birth of the Palestinian refugee problem, 1947-1949, ISBN 0-521-33028-9. P. 133
-Hagana archives, 100\35, dated May 19, 1948
FIVE. Palestinian Exodus "Nakba" (1948) was an expulsion of 700,000 Palestinian Arabs from their Homeland during the war and establishment of Israel in May 1948, these includes testimonies of massacres, rape and looting. During and immediately following the state’s creation, Israel expropriated approximately 4,244,776 acres of Palestinian land.
Haaretz, Haaretz, Atlantic, Vox, TheWallsOfJerusalem
SIX. Assassination of Folke Bernadotte, (1948) UN Mediator for Palestinian Refugees by Israel's Zionist Paramilitary Group, Lehi. The killing was approved by the three-man 'center' of Lehi, one of which, after the assassination, became 7th Prime Minister of Israel (Yitzhak Shamir). No one was convicted for the assassination:
Wiki, Independent, Haaretz, WRMEA
SEVEN. Lavon Affair (1954) a failed false flag operation where Egyptian Jews were recruited by Israeli Military Intelligence to plant bombs inside Egyptian, American, and British-owned civilian targets, their foiled plan was to blame the attacks on the Muslim Brotherhood:
Haaretz, TimesofIsrael, Wiki
EIGHT. Kafr Qasim Massacre (1956) where Israeli Border Police killed 49 Arabs (19 men, 6 women, 23 children, 1 unborn child) returning home from work during a curfew they were unaware of. Those involved in the massacre were found guilty but were pardoned and released from prison in a single year. The highest ranking official prosecuted for the massacre confessed before his death, that the massacre were planned to ethnically cleanse Israeli Arabs from the region, and that his trial was staged to protect Israeli political and military elites, including Prime Minister Ben Gurion, from taking responsibility for the massacre:
Wiki, Haaretz, 972mag, Medium
NINE. Apollo Affair (1965) an incident where 200-600 pounds of highly enriched uranium disappeared from a Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Highly suspected to have gone to Israel's Nuclear Program particularly given the visit of Rafi Eitan who was under the guise of a chemist but later revealed as an Israeli spy and who was later involved in the Jonathan Pollard incident:
Wiki, LATimes, Mondoweiss,
Archive of the findings of Roger Mattson, a Physicist who investigated the Incident for the Nuclear Regulatory Commision,
YouTube, 1968 FBI Report, FBI's Declassified Memo PDF
TEN. USS Liberty (1967) where Israel deliberately attacked an American Cargo Vessel killing 34 without any repurcussions:
YouTube, Haaretz, Wiki
EVEVEN. Operation Trojan (1986) according to ex-Mossad agent in his book, Mossad instigated the US bombing of Libya by planting a transmission device and impersonating as the Libyan Govt sending terrorist orders to its embassies around the world. (Story in Page 113-117) (Downloadable PDF File):
Other Side of Deception PDF
TWELVE. Cave of Patriarchs Massacre (1994) Israeli Settler Baruch Goldstein opened fire in Ibrahimi Mosque, killing 29 worshippers and wounding more than 125:
Wiki, JPost
THIRTEEN. Qana Massacre (1996) IDF fired artillery shells at a UN Compound where 800 Lebanese civillians were taking refuge. 106 civillians were killed, 116 injured, 4 Fiji UN forces were also seriously injured:
Wiki, AlAraby, Independent, DailyMotion
FOURTEEN. 2nd Qana Massacre (2006) air-strike carried out by IDF on a building Lebanon during the war. 28 civillians were killed out of which 16 were children. Upon investigation, IDF concluded that there was in fact no rocket launched from Qana on the day of the deadly strike by IDF:
Wiki, BBC, Norman Finkelstein
FIFTEEN. Israeli Mossad posed as CIA agents to recruit terrorists to carry out False Flag Operations against Iran (2007-2008)
Haaretz, ForeignPolicy
SIXTEEN. Four Iranian nuclear scientists were assassinated and another was seriously wounded in an attempted murder between (2010-2012). US officials confirm that Terror Group, MEK was financed, trained, and armed by Israel in killing the nuclear scientists:
NBC, Guardian, Guardian
What is Zionism?
Palestine before Zionism (Pre-1948):
Youtube (1896)
Youtube (1900s)
Youtube (1930s)
Youtube (1946 - Arrival of Illegal Zionist Immigrants)
Divide & Conquer: An interactive map explaining the Israel divide and control of Palestinian Land (2019):
Interactive Map
JIDF: Israeli Government is paying and giving away scholarships to students who fight internet battles and spread propaganda (2013):
BBC, USAToday, Huffington Post
Israel's JIDF Hasbara App (2017):
App on GooglePlay where people defend Israel on Social Platforms to gain points (2019):
Intl Law:
Apartheid Against Palestinians:
Protected Wiki
International Law (Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions of 1949, UN Resolution 37/43) dictates that Palestinians have a legal right to an armed struggle to resist occupation:
Add. Protocol I, Geneva Conventions (PDF), UN Resolution 37/43 (PDF)
Israel's building of settlements in occupied territories such as the West Bank and East Jerusalem are illegal under international law, violating Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 as well as the Statute of Rome, Art. 8 (2)(b)(viii) which states: "The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies.":
Wiki, UN, International Law on Occupation, Al Jazeera, Amnesty, Amnesty, B'Tselem, YouTube
Israel's destruction of homes in occupied territories such as the West Bank and East Jerusalem are illegal under international law, violating Article 53 of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 which states: "Any destruction by the Occupying Power of real or personal property belonging individually or collectively to private persons ... is prohibited, except where such destruction is rendered absolutely necessary by military operations.":
Fourth Geneva Convention (PDF)
Israeli former nuclear technician turned whistleblower was lured to Italy where Mossad drugged and abducted him back to Israel for the trial that was held secretly behind closed doors. He spent 18 years in prison, including more than 11 in solitary confinement. Says he suffered "cruel and barbaric treatment" at the hands of Israeli authorities while imprisoned because he was Christian. After his release in 2004, he was subjected to a broad array of very strict restrictions on his speech and movement (1986):
Wiki, Youtube, NYT, Guardian, CNN, Wired, Telegraph
2nd Intifada, 12 yr old boy shot dead, father severely injured (2000):
CNN, Twitter
Breaking the silence - targeting civilians with grenades and machine guns during the 2nd Intifada (2000):
5 Israelis working for an Israeli Company "Urban Moving Systems" were arrested on 9/11 after being seen photographing and celebrating the attack on the WTC. Owner of the company fled to Israel after the incident. FBI still lists him as a 9/11 suspect but Israel refuses to extradiate him (2001):
9/11 War by Deception, YouTube, Forward, NYT, Haaretz
Netanyahu caught on tape: "America is something that you can easily maneuver and move in the right direction" (2001):
Netanyahu lying during his speech at the US House of Representatives on Saddam Hussiens WMDs which doesn't exist (2002):
Advocating racial purity in Israel, Chinese workers in Israel sign no-sex contract (2003)
Tom Hurndall, a British Peace Activist, was shot in the head by an IDF sniper while he was helping Palestinian children flee from cross-fire in Rafah, Gaza strip. His killer was released from prison 2 years early of his 8-year sentence (2003):
Wiki, BBC, Guardian, Evening Standard
Rachel Corrie, American Activist who was run over by an Israeli bulldozer destroying Palestinian homes in Gaza (2003):
Imgur, BBC
New Zealand imposed diplomatic sanctions on Israel over an incident where 2 Australia-based Israelis, who were allegedly working for Mossad, attempted to fraudulently obtain NZ Passports by claiming the identity of a disabled man. 2 others, Ze'ev Barkan and David Reznick, are believed to have been the 3rd and 4th men involved in the scandal but they managed to leave NZ before being apprehended. NZ PM viewed the incident as "not only utterly unacceptable but also a breach of NZ's sovereignty and international law". The following year, Israeli foreign minister apologized for the incident. (2004)
Wiki, NZHerald
Breaking the Silence, testimonies from IDF Whistleblowers (2004):
Not guilty, IDF Captain who empties his magazine on a 13yr old girl, says he would have done the same if she was 3 yrs old (2005):
Phosphorus and cluster bombs which is illegal under international law heavily used by Israel during the Lebanon war (2006)
Israel celebrates Irgun Hotel Bombing (2006):
Former Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben Ami: “If I were a Palestinian, I Would Have Rejected Camp David” implying that the Camp David Summit Offer by Ehud Barak in 2000 was unreasonable and designed to be rejected (2006):
Jewish National Fund (a charity) owns 13% of the land in Israel and stipulates that only Jews can buy, mortgage or lease their land. (2007):
Economist, Wiki
Operation 'Cast Lead', estimated 1391 Palestinians killed, 759 to be civillians, 344 children, 110 women 13 Israeli killed, out of which 10 are soldiers (2008-2009):
BBC, Haaretz, Haaretz, Amnesty
Israel admits using White Phosphorus during their military offensive on Gaza (2009):
Palestinian who claimed to be a Jew after a consensual sexual encounter with an Israeli woman jailed for 'Rape By Deception' (2010)
Israeli Organization, Kav La Oved: "Israel owes billions of shekels to Palestinian workers" (2010) (Downloadable PDF File):
KavLaOved PDF
Using Palestinian captives as human shields (2010):
Imgur, Guardian, Haaretz, Haaretz
Gaza Flotilla, Israeli Commandos raid 6 civillians ships carrying humanitarian aid and construction materials, 9 activists were killed, 10 Israeli commandos wounded (2010):
Guardian, CNN
Hashomer, Haganah, Irgun and Lehi which operated against the British Government and Arabs in Palestine used to hide weapons in synagogues, women's rooms and kindergartens. Something Israel criticises Hamas of doing today. (2011):
IDF soldier caught kicking a Palestinian child (2012):
Hierarchy of the Human species according to Eli Ben-Dahan, Israel's former deputy minister of defense: Goyims (Non-Jews) placed below Homosexual Jews (2013):
Israeli Trade Minister: "I've killed alot of Arabs in my life, there's no problem with that" (2013)
IDF soldier posting an Instagram pic of a Palestinian clild in his rifle crosshairs (2013):
Ethiopian Jews injected with contraceptive birth control without their consent (2013):
Haaretz, Independent, Guardian
In 2013, Israel awarded 'Genie Energy', an American Oil and Gas company, rights to drill in Golan Heights (Syrian territory occupied by Israel) despite international opposition. In 2015, Israel claimed a massive discovery of oil in the area, which Israeli officials reportedly believe could supply the country’s oil needs for many years to come. (2013):
Here are the prominent figures in Genie Energy's Board of Advisors:
Jacob Rothschild (British banker of the prominent Rothschild family), Dick Cheney (Ex-Vice president of USA), Rupert Murdoch (Billionaire American Media Mogul), James Woolsey (Ex-CIA Director), Lawrence Summers (Ex-Head of US Treasury), Bill Richardson (Ex-Energy Secretary of USA), Michael Steinhardt (Wall Street Trader, Investor and Hedge Fund Manager)
BusinessInsider, TRTworld, Yahoo Finance
4 boys playing soccer in an open beach bombed by an Israeli warship, a later report in 2018 then revealed that it was two missiles fired from an Israeli armed drone that actually killed the boys (2014):
NYT, Intercept, Haaretz, Independent
Israeli police officers beats up a 15yr old American boy a week after the boy's cousin was killed, no jail time was given to the officers (2014):
BBC, TimesofIsrael
Palestinian boy beaten and burned alive by Israeli settlers (2014):
Guardian, Wiki
Israelis cheering on the Gaza bombing (2014):
Statistics of Palestinian children killed in Operation 'Protective Edge' (2014):
Avraham Shalom (Former Head of Shin Bet) compares Israel's Occupation to Nazi Germany's actions in WW2 towards the Czechs, Poles and Dutch (2014):
Killing Gaza: Documentary on war crimes committed by the Israeli Military, with direct testimonies and evidence from survivors (2014):
IDF beating up a Palestinian man who told them to stop firing tear gas (2015):
Eli Ben-Dahan, Israel's former deputy defense minister: "Homosexual Jews are superior to Gentiles (Non-Jews), a jew always has a higher soul than a gentile, even if he is a homosexual" He also says "To me, they (Palestinians) are like animals, they aren't human" (2015):
Israeli Foreign Minister says disloyal Arabs should be beheaded with an axe (2015):
Israeli Radicals celebrate by stabbing picture of Palestinian baby that was killed in a firebomb attack (2015):
Beitar Jerusalem, the most racist football fanbase in the world (2015):
IDF Soldier assaults and beats up Palestinian Shopkeeper as he was loading boxes (2015):
Former IDF Soldier Ido Gal Razon testifies to murdering people in Gaza (2015):
Israeli racist police officer assaults their own african soldier (2015):
Shir Hever, Israeli Economist: "78% of Palestinian aid money ends up going to Israel" (2015) (Downloadable PDF File):
ShirHever PDF
Brooke Goldstein (Director of the Lawfare Project who has assisted in many lawsuits towards Palestinian activist groups) declared to enthusiastic applause at a meeting of key Israel lobby operatives in New York: “Why are we using the word Palestinian? There’s no such thing as a Palestinian person” (2016)
Many Palestinians including children are detained in Israeli prisons without trial or charges (2016):
Time, Haaretz, 972mag, B'Tselem
Jewish Community Watch: "Israel becoming a safe haven for paedophiles worldwide" (2016):
IDF Soldier throws disabled man out of his wheelchair after he attempts to help a 14yr old who was shot (2016):
IDF throws stun grenade at unarmed Palestinians talking outside their home (2016)
IDF soldier laughs as Palestinian man is crushed at the gate (2016):
IDF killing a 15yr old Palestinian travelling home from a family outing (2016):
Report: Israel's repetitive destruction of EU-funded projects in Palestine (2016):
Former Director of Mossad defends Israel providing aid to Al-Nusra Front (Al-Qaeda's Affiliate) in Syria (2016)
Youtube, WSJ, Haaretz
Israeli Former Defence Minister says ISIS fighters apologizes to Israel after mistakenly launching an attack on IDF. Refused to comment on how they expressed their apology. Have since forgiven ISIS (2017)
Independent, DailySabah
Reports of Torture during custody from Palestinians held imprisoned without charges or trial (2017):
IDF Veteran: "I was the terrorist" (2017):
Israel seizes solar panels donated to Palestinians by the Dutch govt (2017):
Israelis speak candidly about Palestinians to Abby Martin, includes lots of racism (2017):
Gaza: World's Largest Open-Air Prison (2018):
Sentence to 9 Months after killing 2 unarmed Palestinian teens (2018):
972mag, WashingtonPost
Unarmed protestor holding flag shot by live bullets (2018):
Unarmed protester shot in the head during the protest (2018):
IDF assaulting medics and injured protesters (2018):
Abdullah Shamali, was shot while standing and talking with his friends 700 metres away from the fence (2018):
Muhammad Ayoub, 15yr old was shot in the head while running away from the fence (2018):
Mentally disabled man shot in the back of his head as he was walking away (2018):
Elderly man waving a flag and a medic got shot at by a live round (2018):
Shot dead for waving flag (2018):
Medic shot dead by an IDF sniper (2018):
IDF edits video of Palestinian Medic who was shot dead by them to misleadingly show that she was a human shield for Hamas and justify her death (2018):
Independent, BuzzFeed
Canadian Doctor shot by IDF sniper (2018):
Israeli Border police throws stun grenade at a Palestian couple and their infant baby as they were fleeing (2018):
IDF Snipers cheering as they shoot an unarmed Palestinian (2018):
Similar incident, cheering after shooting a Palestinian (2018):
"Nation State" Law gives Jews exclusive rights over Arabs living in Israel (2018):
List of active discriminatory laws in Israel:
Did you know that 97% of drinking water in Gaza (under Israeli control) is contaminated? (2018):
IDF Soldiers shooting tear gas into a Palestinian school (2018):
Israeli settlers beating up Palestinian farmer in front of his children (2018):
Former Chairman of Israel Labour Party says relationships between Jews and Non-Jews are "an actual plague" (2018):
4 year old child dies 4 days after being shot by the IDF while protesting (2018):
Reuters, PressTV
An alternative view, Palestinian Christians on Israel (2018):
Chief Rabbi calls black people "monkeys" in his weekly sermon (2018):
Israel's Supreme Court rejects legal challenge on the military's rule where soldiers can fire on UNARMED protesters (2018):
Mohammed Tamimi, 16, who was shot in the head by Israeli forces held in prison for 2 days without explanation (2018):
Haaretz, Haaretz
Most demonstrators shot by the IDF with live rounds are unarmed and not in immediate vicinity of the perimeter fence (2018):
IDF edited out key footage of Gaza missile strike which killed 2 Palestinian teenagers (2018):
Youtube, 972mag, B'Tselem
Multi Award-winning short documentary on the occupation of Gaza (2018):
What if your whole family was being forcefully evicted from a home you lived in since 1948 to make way for new settlers? (2019)
Palestinian Boy on the way to school shot in the head by Israeli Police (2019):
Video of war crimes screened at UN Human Rights Council (2019):
Top Rabbis in Israel defending and calling for donations to an Israeli charged with killing a Palestinian woman (2019):
Haaretz, Haaretz
Israeli Settlers attack Palestinian Mother and her son (2019):
IDF Harrasses ambulance crew and demands for their key (with sound) (2019):
"Israel is the nation state of Jews alone" Netanyahu responds to TV star saying Arabs are equal citizens (2019):
Arresting children in school, IDF threatened breaking the teacher's arm if he doesn't let go of his student (2019):
IDF Soldiers laughing as they assault a Palestinian Father and Son handcuffed while in custody (2019):
i24News, Haaretz
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Yes, Mr. Trump's fans are more than happy to win the lottery when the first black billionaire in the US and also the founder of Black Entertainment TV, abbreviated to BET, is an American paid TV channel aimed at the audience. that fake African-American was Robert Louis Johnson when he left the trajectory of the Democratic Party to choose for himself and at the same time called on the black voters or would be neutral between the Democratic and the Republican Party for how to form a separate party for blacks, or stand with Mr. Trump.
In an extensive interview with Fox News that touched on politics in 2020, civil unrest and more, Johnson gave an unending assessment of the current relationship between leather voters. black and the Democratic party. Mr. Robert L. Johnson said:
- Vice President Biden told an African American, a black American on his program that "even if you think about voting for Donald Trump, you are not black." To have that mindset, you have to have the attitude that we, black Americans, we own you. We can take you for granted ... That, to me, shows you that black Americans are an annex to a party.
- It is the biggest revenue I have heard from a politician for a long time.
These statements by Robert L. Johnson show that the love that the first black billionaire in the US for Joe Biden and the Democratic Party has "flown away" even though Mr. Johnson is considered himself a a lifelong Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter. Indeed, the affection that Mr. Johnson has for Joe Biden and the Democrats has ended when the first American black billionaire made statements and urged black Americans to act as follows:
  1. The attitude of Mr. Johnson with which presidential candidate he will vote for:
Although Mr. Johnson sees himself as a lifelong Democrat and a supporter of Hillary Clinton, he does not decide in the 2020 race between Biden and Trump.
Mr. Johnson said he would determine his vote in November 2020 based on which candidate would do the best for African-Americans, saying, "I have not decided at this time".
  1. Mr. Johnson's sentiment for President Trump:
Mr. Johnson gave Trump high praise for how to handle the economy and promote black jobs with the following statements:
- Mr. Trump took on a one of the biggest problems faced by African Americans is unemployment, and thus a lack of income which leads to the widening gap between the rich and the white. This, the Democratic Party and its predecessors could not do better than President Trump in reducing unemployment but especially on the unemployment of blacks.
- I met with new President Donald Trump at Bedminster, NJ, a golf club in 2016. President Trump told me that he will bring more African-Americans to work and in a more historic way than ever. All over, and I, Johnson welcomed him.
- It is very likely that a 12% black one-sided vote towards Donald Trump could make President Donald Trump become president after November 1120 election. That's leverage and black Americans should recognize this leverage.
  1. Statements of Mr. Johnson's neutral attitude:
3.1. On Mr. Johnson's attitude to the Black Lives Matter wave:
- I disagree with some efforts of BLM and its allies, calling the police "silly ideas" and mocking "border anarchists" who want to overthrow Lien statues intelligent and historical.
- I see a need for a group to stand up for the sole purpose of fighting for African Americans because the Democratic Party has not proposed a way to overcome the systematic gap between rich and poor white Americans and black people.
- No minority has ever gained significant power in the two-party system when they were locked into one side and deemed inaccessible by the other.
- Permanent interests of African-Americans have diverted in many ways to the Democratic Party; Now, with the nation behind the Black Lives Matter movement and the racial injustice at the forefront, it's time to take action.
- I suggest that an independent party formed by the Black Lives Matter should repeat the founding principles of the original Black Caucus members of Congress in 1971. Black Americans should not have permanent friends, no There are permanent enemies, just permanent benefits.
The appearance, accompanied by statements and calls to action of the first black billionaire in the US, Mr. Johnson made Mr. Trump's fans more happy than winning the lottery. Because now, after the Chinese Communist Party and the Democratic Party have failed to politicize the Kung Flu pandemic in order to lower the reputation of President Trump and the Republican Party, the Chinese Communist Party and the Democratic Party have had to switch to fighting. new method is to provoke racism in the United States to create chaos in the United States, to hit the moral standards of President Trump after the drama from the plot is the death of the rogue George Floyd, provoking terrorism. Antifa, performing the "butcher Truong Ba's soul" to stimulate the Black Lives Matter wave.
The new approach of the Chinese Communist Party and the Democratic Party would be pointless without the one Democrat hailed as the "spiritual leader" of the black man, former President Obama. So it comes as no surprise that Obama generously supported Antifa, Obama, and the Democratic Party, kneeling and crying at the death of rogue hands George Floyd and Obama calling for the launch of the Black Lives Matter wave throughout the United States. , across five continents and spread to Ba Dinh, where "buffalo do math" is the hand Ngo Bao Chau led the Black Lives Matter Hanoi movement.
It will be a big problem for President Trump before the current Black Lives Matter, but the timely and timely arrival of the first black billionaire in the US, Mr. Johnson, with statements and calls for action Johnson's campaign made the Chinese Communist Party and the Democratic Party conquer victory or defeat.
If Obama is the "spiritual leader" of the black people with supporting the black people with only winged words, false promises, Mr. Johnson is the bowl of rice before the hungry people instead of the Obama's sutta. Of course, Mr. Johnson's rice bowls will be more meaningful than Obama's recitations and blacks will trust Mr. Johnson more than he believes in the puppet Obama. Just a quick look at the biography of this first black billionaire in the US as shown below to know just how much Mr. Johnson's reputation with black Americans is:
  1. Robert Louis Johnson is an American businessman, media magnate, executive, philanthropist and investor. He is a co-founder of BET, acquired by Viacom in 2001. He also founded RLJ Enterprises, a joint stock company investing in various business areas. Mr. Johnson is the owner of the majority of former shareholders of Charlotte Bobcats. He became the first black American billionaire. Mr. Johnson's companies were counted among the most prominent in African-American businesses in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.
  2. Mr. Johnson is a prominent black person in the field of charity. In 2007, Mr. Johnson created the Liberia Business Development Fund with an investment of US $ 30 million. This fund provides credit for Liberia-based businesses. In 2011, Mr. Johnson worked with Morgan Freeman to raise funds for storm recovery in the Bahamas. Mr. Johnson released a line of neckwear in collaboration with PVH and The Ella Rose Collection, RLJ Ella Rose Africa Tie Collection in 2012 to benefit the charity Malaria No More.
In particular, Mr. Johnson is a pioneer and a big supporter of a $ 14 trillion financial package in the consequent payments to African-American slaves.
In short, the fact that the first black billionaire in the US, Mr. Johnson, appeared promptly after the reappearance of the corrupt former president Barack Obama as a shield to help the president. Trump neutralized the blow of the Chinese Communist Party and the Democratic Party before the presidential election and the US Congress. Mr. Johnson's prediction that Mr. Trump will win against Joe Biden as well as Mr. Johnson's choice of middle position or as he called for black Americans or prioritized the creation of a separate party independent of Democrats and Republicans or see "a 12% black one-sided vote toward Donald Trump could make President Donald Trump president after November 11, 20 election. That's leverage and black Americans should realize this leverage "are both meant to bring advantages for Mr. Trump and the Republican Party but very detrimental to Obama - Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.
God supported Mr. Trump and the Republican Party, but God destroyed the Chinese Communist Party and the Donkey Party turned upside down. Mr. Trump's fans are more happy than winning the lottery.
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Why would you not spreadbet if you live in the UK? How does spread betting work? - MoneyWeek Investment Tutorials Lesson 30: A Powerful Spreadbetting Trading Strategy Spread Betting: What is a Spread Bet? Steve Ruffley: Short Term Trader and Day Trader

an independent supplement from mediaplanet in association with ix investor about spread betting and cfds, distributed in the t imes spread betting & cfds 22 february 2007 a private investment alternative. “Spread Betting Broker Reviews Independent Investor” Written on: 04/09/2014 by KmbrlSams99a (1 review written) If you are new to trading, specifically financial spread betting, Forex, CFDs and binary betting and share trading, then I highly recommend you take a visit over to Independent Investor. spread betting, cfds, forex, share trading - independent investor: description: independent investor specialises in comparing and reviewing online financial spread betting, share trading and contract for difference (cfd), forex brokers. keywords: financial spread betting, share dealing, stock broker, stock trade, share dealing, cfd, contract Core Spreads is a new, independent, low-cost financial spread betting business. They’ve seen how other spread betting firms do it and have deliberately built a different type of business. They offer very few ‘nice-to-haves’ that are costly to provide (complex charting software, real time news feeds, seminars, webinars and reams of unfocused market commentary) – and they share the Independent Investor is a comprehensive and independent investment guide for private investors. We analyse and compare many investment options available, including Financial Spread Betting, Contract For Difference (CFD), Forex, and Share Dealing accounts.

[index] [13359] [5516] [5932] [11051] [5970] [713] [9812] [4748] [2498] [9738]

Why would you not spreadbet if you live in the UK?

Spread Betting Strategies and Ideas ... How to Make Money Trading Options - The Vertical Spread - Duration: 9:52. Sky View Trading 924,588 ... Investor Inspiration 111,745 views. Established in 1974 as the world’s first financial spread betting firm, we’re now the world’s No.1 provider of CFDs and spread betting* and a global leader in forex. Welcome to the official IG UK YouTube channel. Here you will find everything you need to become a successful trader. Learn more about IG's products, the econ... 🔵 Derivatives – In both CFD dealing and spread betting, investors do not own the underlying asset. 🔵 Tax – The main difference is the tax implications of spread betting vs. CFD trading. Do you consider yourself a trader or an investor or both? Do you only trade at certain times? What mediums do you use to trade? What kind of trader are you? (swing trader/momentum trader/scalper ...