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A Beginner's Introduction to the 16/17 Capitals

There was a thread a couple days ago by a guy who was becoming a Caps fan and wanted to know about the team. I started writing this for him before noticing he was some sort of serial fan base-joiner, and he deleted the thread after I asked him what was up. Anyway, I assume there might be other people actually joining the fan base, and while it’s easy enough to learn the rules, it’s tougher to get to know the players just based on looking at numbers and watching a game you’re new to. When I got into European soccer a couple years ago, I would’ve loved to read through brief summaries of guys playing styles and weaknesses, so I thought I’d go ahead and make this on the off chance anyone like me is getting started following the Caps. For most of you on this sub there’s not gonna be any new info in here since I tried to orient it to someone new to hockey, so if you don’t want to read 3000+ words about stuff you already know, no hard feelings. I don’t even want to read it again to look for typos. For anyone willing to read what’s currently six and a half pages single spaced, I’d appreciate any critiques or suggestions so that you can do my proofreading for me.
Left Wing Center Right Wing
Alexander Ovechkin Nicklas Backstrom TJ Oshie
Andre Burakovsky Evgeny Kuznetsov Justin Williams
Marcus Johansson Lars Eller Tom Wilson
Daniel Winnik Jay Beagle Brett Connolly
First Line: The Do-It-All Line
Alexander Ovechkin: If you’ve heard of the Caps, you’ve heard of Ovie - greatest Cap of all time, and likely the greatest goal scorer of all time. His combination of electric goal scoring ability and raw size, speed, and physicality is virtually unprecedented in NHL history. Critics call him a one dimensional player, but he’s improved his defensive play under head coach Barry Trotz, and his playmaking ability has gone to waste over the last few years with linemates who won’t shoot and a power play system that focuses solely (and not unsuccessfully) on his cannon of a shot. A lot of the scrutiny comes from him being a Russian with a personality in a league where both of those qualities are frowned upon.
Nicklas Backstrom: The jack-of-all-trades, master of several, Backstrom has been centering Ovechkin for over a decade. Nicky is one of the best playmakers in the game, but also brings an element of physicality and strong play in the defensive zone. His skating leaves something to be desired, and he’s frustratingly reluctant to use his sneaky-good wrist shot, but Backstrom is about as complete a player as you’ll find.
TJ Oshie: A relatively new addition to the Caps, Oshie was acquired from the St. Louis Blues in the summer of 2015 to fix what had been a revolving door of right wings on the top line. Although highly talented, he came with the label of a playoff no-show, which significantly lowered his price. Like Backstrom, TJ plays a defensively responsible game and a physical style that far outstrips his small (by NHL standards) stature. In the offensive zone, Oshie is one of the best stick-handlers in the NHL (making him perhaps the greatest shootout-taker in the world), a talented playmaker, and is willing to fight for the puck along the boards, although his shot leaves something to be desired. His first season with the Caps was something of a qualified success – he clicked immediately on the power play, which helped him set a career high in goals, but didn't quite click with the top line at even strength. His first playoffs, on the other hand, blew all expectations out of the water, and it’s fair to say the “playoff no-show” label is gone.
Second Line: The All Offense Line
Andre Burakovsky: The important thing to know about Burakovsky is that he is very young. Only 14 players his age or younger outscored him last season, and most of them are considered surefire superstars. Suffice it to say, Burakovsky’s offensive potential is extremely high, and how the Caps do this year will depend to a good degree on how he and some other young players develop over the course of the season. Bura already has one of the best shots on the team, strong passing ability, and the size and speed to put those skills to good use and hopefully round out his game in the future. At 6’3, 198lbs, there’s the potential for Andre to fill out his frame a bit more and add a physical component that would make him a truly elite forward. We saw glimpses of this in the middle of the season, but he understandably ran out of steam down the stretch in his first full NHL season.
Evgeny Kuznetsov: Caps fans spent years hearing about Kuznetsov while he played in Russia, being told he was perhaps the greatest prospect outside North America. After an adjustment period during his first year and a half in the NHL, he exploded last season into a superstar, leading the team in points and ranking 9th in the entire league. Kuzy’s effortless skating ability, incredible vision, and pinpoint puck-handling and passing made him one of the best playmakers in the league, rivaling even Backstrom. His signature behind the net pass is a perfect example. While still raw in terms of physicality and defensive play, he has the size, stick control, and hockey smarts to grow into those roles. For now, even with his deficiencies, he’s by far the best second line center the Caps have had in the Ovechkin era, finally and definitively plugging a hole that has plagued the lineup for over a decade.
Justin Williams: Williams was brought in in the summer of 2015 for one reason: the playoffs. Known as Mr. Game 7, Williams has won three Stanley Cups during his long career, and has compiled and astonishing 7 goals and 7 assists in game 7’s, a situation that the Caps have struggled in for their entire existence. Naturally, the Caps were knocked out last postseason without getting to put his game 7 expertise to use, but that doesn’t mean his first season with the Caps wasn’t a total success. After seeing his production decline in recent years with the Kings, Justin dispelled all notions that his age was catching up to him by recording 52 points, his highest total in four years. The wily veteran is one of the smartest players in the league, which has made up for any loss of physical ability. At 34, Williams is still a strong player in all facets of the game, willing to put in effort in the defensive end and in the dirty areas along the boards and in front of the net where many players fear to tread. While it’s impossible to know what goes on in the locker room, it’s a safe bet that Williams is providing value as an experienced leader and a mentor for the Caps many young players.
Third Line: The Shutdown Line
Marcus Johansson: Johansson is one of the two most polarizing players on the Caps roster. Many fans hate him for his lack of physicality or strong play along the boards, his drop passes to no one, and his frequent disappearing acts in the playoffs, when physicality ramps up and soft, perimeter players like Johansson often struggle to produce. Others say his skill at carrying the puck into the offensive zone is integral to the power play, his offensive production is impressive than it appears in a league where scoring is gradually drying up, and he his versatility from being able to play all three forward positions makes him an valuable fill-in in case of injuries in the top 6. Bottom line – he’s a speedy skater who can compliment better offensive players and play respectable defense, but he won’t carry a line or win many board battles. Whether that’s worth the contract he received this offseason will probably be a matter of debate for as long as he’s on the team.
Lars Eller: One of two new additions from this past summer, Eller is the prototypical third line center. Teams typically use their third lines to match up against the opponents’ top line in an effort to shut them down, so they’re expected to be doing a tough job that won’t make it easy to produce offensively at the same time. As such, you want the center on this line to play a strong defensive game, have the size, strength, and speed to match up with elite scorers, be capable at face-offs, and if they can chip in offensively that’s just a bonus. Lars checks every one of those boxes. On his previous team, the Montreal Canadiens, Eller didn’t have the confidence of his coach (which Canadiens fans will tell you is not a knock on Eller), and ended up shuffled around the lineup and frequently playing with offensively inept grinders, so there’s a possibility that his offensive ceiling is higher than he’s shown recently.
Tom Wilson: Wilson is, unfortunately, a perfect example of how a team can botch a player’s development. When the Caps drafted Wilson in the first round in 2012, he was already a 6’4, 194 lbs wrecking ball with hints of offensive potential that made him a very rare sort of prospect. The power forward is a dying breed in hockey – big forwards capable of delivering punishing hits or taking the punishment as they stand in front of the net to block the goalie’s vision and put in rebounded shots off the goalie. With his physicality already almost fully developed, the main question about Wilson was whether he could develop the skill to be a true offensive threat. The Caps failed to put him in a position to do that. Just a year after he was drafted, then-coach Adam Oates and GM George McPhee elected to keep him on the roster rather than sending him for another year in the minors. Over the next two seasons, Tom toiled on the fourth line getting minimal playing time with unskilled grinders. Today, Wilson has developed into a gifted defender and maintained a level of physicality that has made him one of the most feared players in the league, but his offensive growth has effectively stalled, leaving little hope that Wilson will ever reach his ceiling as an elite power forward.
Fourth Line: The Grinding Line
Daniel Winnik: Acquired from the Leafs at last season’s trade deadline, Winnik had a reputation as a strong defensive forward who could chip in offensively more than the typical grinder. While the first part proved true, the offense never manifested in Washington. Unfortunately, Winnik’s contract reflects his past his past scoring ability, so he’s fairly overpaid for what he brings.
Jay Beagle: It’s cliché to try to distill someone down to one word, but if there was ever someone to do it with it’s Jay Beagle, and the word is effort. Jay is not a skilled player, but he’s the hardest working player in the league. He’s the kind of guy who does this in overtime in a playoff elimination game, who draws praise from commentators despite rarely making a mark on the score sheet. Beagle’s made himself an excellent defender and one of the best faceoff men in the league, and you can’t ask for much more than that from a fourth line center.
Brett Connolly: The second of the Caps’ two offseason additions, Connolly is probably the biggest unknown on the team. Whether or not he makes the starting roster is still to be determined. It’s hard not to be intrigued, though, because after Ovechkin, Backstrom, and Alzner, the 24-year-old former 6th overall is the next highest draft pick on the team. The offensive potential is there, and at his age there’s still a slim chance he manages to reach it. Regardless, his play last year on the Bruins indicates he should be more than capable of holding down a spot as the fourth line right wing, and there are no clear alternatives that wouldn’t be better served getting more playing time with the Caps’ AHL affiliate, the Hershey Bears. Edit: There's also the possibility that Connolly sees time in the top six this year, even as high as first line right wing, a move that would improve his chances of finding that next offensive level and would spread the wealth a little more by pushing players onto lower lines. (credit to u/ABighouse for the tip)
Left Defenseman Right Defenseman
Karl Alzner Matt Niskanen
Dmitri Orlov John Carlson
Brooks Orpik Nate Schmidt
First Pairing: The Shutdown Pairing
Karl Alzner: He’ll never be much of an offensive contributor, and he won’t deliver bone-crunching hits, but Alzner is the definition of a defensive stalwart. Karl’s strengths are in his smooth skating, intuitive positioning, selfless shot-blocking (thanks u/piratecowboy), and smart use of his stick harry puck carriers and break up passes. Nothing Alzner does is flashy, but what he does do is vital. When he’s doing his job perfectly, you’ll hardly notice him at all.
Matt Niskanen: One of general manager Brian MacLellan’s first moves after assuming his position in 2014 was shoring up a defense that his predecessor had left continually understaffed for over a decade. He signed two defensemen – Brooks Orpik and Matt Niskanen - to lengthy, expensive contracts, moves that were met with mixed response. Niskanen had just broken out as a high level offensive defenseman, but he’d done it on a loaded Pittsburgh team and there was statistical evidence to suggest that luck had played a significant part. Many expected an offensive regression, and they proved correct. What no one expected was that Niskanen would develop a defensive game to match Alzner’s, with similarly elite skating and positioning, transforming him into a fantastic all-around defender. For the last two years, Alzner and Niskanen one of the most capable and consistent shutdown pairings in recent Caps history, anchoring a defense that surrendered the second goals against in the league last season. Edit: That isn't to say this pairing is set in stone, however. Trotz has said he sees Dmitri Orlov pairing with either John Carlson or Niskanen, so Matt may end up on the second pairing in a less demanding role, with Carlson taking his spot on the shutdown first pairing. (credit again to u/ABighouse for the tip)
Second Pairing: The Offensive Pairing
Dmitri Orlov: Orlov has the tools to be a first pairing defender, but it remains to be seen whether he’ll put them all together. He possesses a cannon of a shot, smooth skating ability, and physicality out of proportion with his size. He’s also extremely prone to serious lapses in judgment, particularly turnovers in the defensive zone. It’s unclear where he’ll slot into this year’s lineup, but statements by Trotz seem to indicate he’ll be the left side of the Caps’ second pairing. This spot represents the weakest point in the Caps lineup. At times, Orlov has demonstrated the ability to play on the second pairing or higher. If he can maintain that level throughout the season, the Caps will be a much stronger team. If not, the defensive burden will fall heavily on the first pairing to take up the slack, which doesn’t bode well for a deep run next spring.
John Carlson: He may be on the second pairing, but make no mistake – Carlson is the Caps’ top defenseman. John has been strong in his own end since entering the league, and has always shown offensive skill, but he’s come into his own since stepping out from under the shadow of offensive dynamo and former Cap Mike Green. Taking over Green’s role on the power play, Carlson has developed into one of the top offensive defensemen in the game without sacrificing his play in his own end, something Green never quite managed himself. He lost a significant portion of last season to injury, but while healthy Carlson posted the 9th best points per game amongst defensemen. His play has cemented him as one of the top 20 defensemen in the NHL.
Third Pairing: The Other Guys
Brooks Orpik: The second of the two major free agent defensemen signings, Orpik’s tenure with the Caps has not been as positive as Niskanen’s. When the deal was signed, many wondered whether Orpik – an aging, physical player with no offensive contribution, a lengthy injury history, and whose play was in decline – would last over the course of the expensive five-year contract. Brooks experienced a resurgence in his first season with the Caps, quieting the naysayers by being a strong defensive presence next to Carlson and being one of the Caps’ stars in the playoffs. This past year, on the other hand, has been exactly what the doubters feared. Orpik looked sluggish and struggled defensively, while also picking up an injury that cost him half the season. The Caps now enter the season with their second most expensive defenseman playing on the third line, a situation that will only get worse over the final three years of the contract. The matter is settled for now, but in the next offseason the Caps will have to choose between paying to hefty price to get rid of Orpik’s contract or losing a significant player to free agency for lack of cap room.
Nate Schmidt: Like Orlov, Schmidt has flashed the ability to play at a higher level, but hasn’t managed to stay at that level consistently. At his best, Schmidt is something of a Niskanen-light, skilled in positional defense and transitioning the puck from the defensive zone to the offensive one. At other times, mistakes make him a defensive liability. Time is slowly running out for Nate to make the next step and play his way into a bigger role on the Caps.


Braden Holtby Philip Grubauer
Braden Holtby: Holtby stops pucks from going into the net. He even got an award as the best player in the league at stopping pucks from going into the net last season. Frankly, I don’t know enough about goaltending to delve into much greater detail than that. I’ll just say that in all my years of watching the Caps, I’ve never been more at ease than when Alzner, Niskanen, and Holtby are on the ice together.
Philip Grubauer: Grubi is like Holtby, but he lets more pucks go into the net. He’s also younger, shorter, and has a less impressive beard. As far as backups go, he’s pretty good – good enough that some team will give him a shot as a starter in the next few years. It probably won’t be the Caps, but whoever it is will pay the Caps a decent price for the privilege (unless Las Vegas takes him in the expansion draft).
Head Coach General Manager
Barry Trotz Brian MacLellan
Barry Trotz: Trotz took over as the Caps’ head coach in the summer of 2014 after spending 15 years as the first coach of the Nashville Predators. Trotz had relatively little success with the Predators, but coaching an expansion team with a meager budget Trotz developed a reputation for making the most of what he was given through a hard-nosed, defensively responsible brand of hockey. With the Caps, he’s adapted that strategy to allow a more free flowing offensive approach that still emphasizes defensive play, though not to the degree it had in Nashville. The result has been a transformation from a team that missed the playoffs the year before he took over, to one that came in fourth in the conference in his first season, to one that was historically dominant in the past regular season. But Trotz has still failed to advance the team past the second round, and some question whether his grasp of offensive strategy is strong enough to make the right adjustments when they become necessary. Whatever doubts fans have, they all agree Trotz is a massive step up from his predecessor.
Brian MacLellan: After the Caps missed the playoffs in 2014, owner Ted Leonsis cleaned house, getting rid of head coach Adam Oates and long-time general manager George McPhee. Leonsis promised to bring new eyes to the club, something fans were happy to hear after the stagnation under McPhee’s watch. Reactions were then understandably negative when Leonsis opted to hire McPhee’s right hand man, Brian MacLellan, raising fears that the organization was not committed to the sort of drastic change that was needed to turn the team back into a true contender. As it turned out, MacLellan really did have a radically different vision from his former boss, identifying holes in the lineup and proactively fixing them, rather than hoping the stars would make up for shortcomings elsewhere. There have been mistakes along the way, but the importance of additions like Niskanen, Oshie, and Williams cannot be overstated.
Jason Chimera: While the departures this offseason were all relatively inconsequential, this one will easily hurt fans the most, and not just because Jason signed with the rival New York Islanders. Acquired from the Columbus Blue Jackets part way through the 09-10 season, Jason Chimera almost immediately became an integral part of the Caps’ third line. While his offensive play left plenty to be desired (and his shooting in particular earned him the nickname Stonehands), he more than made up for it with his blazing speed and gritty play in all facets of the game. The fiery veteran also endeared himself to fans by consistently upping his game in the playoffs, and he’ll always be remembered for the double overtime game winner he scored against Henrik Lundqvist and the New York Rangers in the 2011 playoffs. Still, as well as he played last season, it’s only a matter of time until the 37-year-old’s physical style of play catches up to him, and the Caps couldn’t afford to offer him a contract that could match the one he received from the Islanders. Expect an emotional tribute when he returns to the Verizon Center on October 15th.
Mike Richards: The Mike Richards experiment was one that made sense at the time, when injuries had crippled the Caps’ depth at center, but ultimately failed to make much of an impact. Five years ago, Richards was considered one of the best two-way centers in the game, a player as adept defensively as he was offensively. He signed a long, expensive contract with the Philadelphia Flyers, but was traded to the Los Angeles Kings, a team that heavily emphasizes defensive accountability to the detriment of offensive production. While in Los Angeles, Mike won two Stanley Cups, but seemed to be gradually ground down by their style, and his play deteriorated to the point that he was sent down to the Kings’ AHL affiliate. His fall from grace culminated in his arrest at the US-Canada border for possession of non-prescribed oxycodone, which the Kings seized on as an excuse to immediately terminate his massive contract. When the charges against him were dropped halfway through the season, the Caps signed Richards (who had been in a men’s league in his hometown to stay in shape) to a small contract in the hopes that a less repressive system might allow him to regain some of his former glory and play the sort of third line center role that they now expect from Eller. He quickly proved that he was still a strong defensive player, but his offensive production never materialized, leaving him nothing more than a fourth line center on a team that already had a perfect one in Jay Beagle. The Caps allowed him to walk this summer, and Richards is currently a free agent, his future as an NHLer in serious doubt.
Mike Weber: Weber was acquired at last season’s trade deadline from the Buffalo Sabres with the idea of providing an additional depth option for the defense in the playoffs, one who in particular could match up with the more physical opponents. He plays a heavy style that is slowly becoming obsolete as the speed of the NHL game continually increases, rendering slow, lumbering defensemen nothing more than liabilities. His only major impact was a game-ending giveaway that cost the team Game 4 against the Pens and put them on the brink of their eventual elimination. He’s currently playing with the St. Louis Blues on a tryout contract, serving as a monument to NHL general managers’ unwillingness to acknowledge and accept change.
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[Table] I Am a Legal Medical Marijuana clinic owner...maybe not for long, you may Ask Me Anything. Ill go to the looney bin with you.

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Date: 2013-05-19
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Questions Answers
What is the strangest thing someone told you to get some marijuana? He didn't say anything, he just tried attacking me with a dildo.
Is this him? Ahahahah! No he wasn't black.
animated... Witty foo.
Do you personally prefer sativas or indicas? Sativa during the day, Indica at night.
Ever spotted an undercover narc posing as a patient? No, but iv heard of stories in Pasadena of sting operations on delivery services. One of our drivers did get arrested and they tried to get him to rat us out. He didn't and got a bonus. Obviously we paid for his legal fees and bail. And got all his stuff back.
What kinds of profit margins does your clinic make, and what's a normal range for MMJ clinics in general? Clinics with store fronts require more regulation but can clear 60 to 100k a month net. We do about 27k net, much less overhead.
Do you see national legalization soon to occur? I'm optimistic, not sure if the legal driving limit for blood Alcohol going down is a good or bad thing. But something tells me they won't make it nationwide till there is an instant test for marijuana.
I thought there was one. You lick a strip or something and it tells them right away? Never seen that i will look it up! Ty.
(1) Why do you think the LA city council has been pushing on MMJ clinics so hard the past few years? Optics? Downtown revitalization? Standard constituency service? The problem is, bad clinics don't pay tax. Another is people go to the clinic, medicate, then drive home.
(2) This Tuesday's election (remember to vote, everyone!) has a number of confusing MMJ measures. Which, if any, do you support? We only support measure D apparently NORML says yes on all three. But we only support D.
How and/or why did you start this? My brother in law and friend started growing illegally about three years ago. They took a loss because they could never get it right. My BIL and i met a guy who was doing a delivery service in the inland empire, so we asked him a few questions and started our own. I was reluctant at first but I'm glad i stuck in there.
What are your thoughts on the current law agianst cannabis? Do you that it Should be legal for everyone over the age of 18? And also thanks for doing this AMA (you have my dream job) ;) If marijuana became legal today in the us, the country would be making a boat load of money and save money on incarceration of criminals violating such laws. Probably would cut illegal sales in half over night and world reduce the price obviously. I know terminally ill 14 and 16 year olds that would not be able to eat on a regular basis if it weren't for medical marijuana, and they don't smoke it, they take tincture, a couple drops under your tongue when you wake up.
Has anyone ever asked you if you sold other stuff than marijuana, like illigal stuff? Heck yeah, people call asking for cocain, prescription pills all the time. We happily turn them away.
Which has the best profit range per plant? Well retail... You can make a lot off of the less potent strains, often you can grow those for cheap, high plant yields per light. The OG strains are very popular, very difficult to grow correctly, longer duration and more meticulous to take care of. But with the OGs, you never get stuck with them.
Thank you. How much time of care needs a home grown plant every day? Figure 8 to 10 min per plant per day, that's with everything, trim water nutrients.
maybe not for long. Why's that? The laws are screwy, you never know when a city could out right ban you.
Ah, OK. Thought maybe you've received specific threats. Good luck! No, for every bad experience, you have 100 good ones. Thank you!
Ever spotted an undercover narc casing your operation? Casing... I don't know, but when you show a judge you pay taxes on income, you're almost always safe.
How much do the trimmers get and do you pitch in on some of the work yourself? Our drivers double as trimmers, they get ten per delivery or ten per hour for trimming. They do about 300 to 350 deliveries a month plus tips.
And yes we fill in as drivers as well as trim when needed.
Thanks, it looks like im not getting ripped off. Also just curious if you use the majority of your trim for hash oil, and if so how much it goes for in your neck of the woods? We do not deal in oils or wax, they are considered illegal. We use the left over for edibles.
What would you like to see on the resume of someone applying to a place like this? You would be surprised, when push comes to shove, its more difficult finding someone to take this kind of risk for a few grand a month. So we often find our selves going with the only one or two people that apply.
Do you or have you ever sold on Silk Road? What are your opinions of it? I have never used that, i feel like its a burn. The only online service we use is weedlist, which is ran by weedmaps.
Are you worried about being robbed,etc on deliveries? Do you take any precautions against this? We have a protocol but we have done nearly 13 thousand deliveries in a little more than a year and iv been robbed once in gardena and a driver was robbed in cypress. Both times about $1500 was lost. Not too bad!
Is that a challenge? I'm pretty sure you have to challenge me since I'm on top ohhh.
How is the particular strain selected for each patient? If you do not receive instructions in the prescription, what medical training qualifies you to make that decision? The patient is able to sample any strain before they make a donation.
I honestly don't mean this to sound loaded, but doesn't it seem odd to have patients sampling medication at random? So... An MD is able to prescribe you medicinal marijuana, you give us that prescription and we fill it. The patients are usually privy to what you're of strand they like. Its all personal preference, the medical affects are nearly the same for all strains.
Are they really? The other discussions I've had on the subject led me to believe it was claimed that different strains had different effect, which would make it strange for dispensary operators not to be medical professionals. Sorry about that. Sativas are high in THC percent, these could affect your head more. Much like smoking hash. Indicas are high in CBD percent which is more of a body high.
And when i say medical effects i mean, appetite, pain relief etc..
Did the building you work at happen to be a KFC? Lol no... We don't have a public store front, you call we come to your house.
Ok then, do you got Fisherman's Friend and Island Breeze? I'll take 7 oz. of each. Iv never even heard of those!
What are your thought on the medical marijuana stocks? bubble or accurately priced? The price per pound has gone down dramatically over the past 5 years. In California the market fluctuates depending on the month, and unfortunately if there have been federal busts. Top shelf herbs go for about 2600 to 3000. 3 to 5 years ago the same went for 4 to 4500 per lb.
Damn I'm on the East Coast and I'm still paying $4500/ lb. Yeah i get lots of calls asking if i would ship to the east.
Did you watch "Weeds"? If so, did you like it? Is it at all accurate? I'm guessing not. I watched it for the first five seasons, i enjoyed it more for its satire than its plot, became a little boring for me.
How much in a day would you say you smoke? Not too much, i used to smoke more, i smoke about a gram a day. If you count my friends who come to my house, then about 2.5g
Damn.. me and my buddies smoke around a half o to an ounce in a weekend, I can't imagine if we had your job..-.- You would probably get sick of it to be honest, i naturally slowed down just cause it was so readily available.
Hey i hope its not too late. Did your drivers have their own cars and did you pay for any repairs? Does your dispensery have an accountant/book keeper? How common do you think these types of places will be in the next few years? They drive their own cars we don't pay for gas or repairs, we do our own bookkeeping. Delivery services are steadily growing since more collectives are closing down.
Hi what were the steps of creating such a business? I want to get into the field of legally growing marijuana and want to know where to start :). Well if you don't have a store front, you need to come with waiver forms consistent with state law. Verify all patients using the Web or phone number detailed on the prescription. Then you are known as a co-operative without even having to submit a license to the city or state. You will however, need to do this once you pay tax on the money you earn, all your employees need 1099 forms as well. A collective is different, it requires a store front and is much more regulated.
you need to come with waiver forms consistent with state law. Sorry, but could you reword that for me? For some reason my sleep deprived self can't understand what that sentence is trying to say. You need come up with a waiver for patients to initial and sign when they first sign up. The waiver notifies patients of their rights and legal statutes pertaining to medical marijuana in the specific area.
So I could do this without even getting a license from the state and it would be legal? You would be very surprised how protected you are when you pay tax.
In all honesty. Starting a Medical Marijuana a plus or helper to cover your ass when selling and being able to smoke? If you don't mind paying tax on it.
Is there a quality difference between street herb and dispensary greens? Depends on your dealer i guess, its all grown the same way, and you often find people are much more connected than you think. But street weed is certainly more expensive.
Suppose the nation decided that it wasn't the state's decision on whether or not to legalize marijuana. Would you continue on the down low, or would you go into another business (if so, what)? I wouldn't continue, id go back to cleaning windows and giving drum lessons probably.
Ive always wondered what do you say to the cops when youre pulled over making a Delivery of that quantity? You don't tell the cops anything, we keep a dub in brown bag that's stapled in case they complain about the smell, usually works. Just tell them we came from the pharmacy and show them our rec.
Just curious. Do you have to employ security guards? No, because we don't have a store front we don't really need them.
What is the strongest strain of weed that you've tried and/or sold. A form of OG kush, we call it scarface.
I need herb today please. First fifa, then bowls.
No fifa!! I'm bringing NHL... and possibly In n' out... I'll let you know. Pretty down for nhl... Bowls.
I work doing the same thing,ever had the police hassle your drivers.also,how much do your driver carry on them.just pre-orders or do they bring along the selection. The drivers keep about 7oz on them, different strains. we have only had two incidents with police, one involved me, one involved a driver. Both times our lock boxes and money were taken, both times we got it all back.
Yeah that's what I figured on the wax.well gotta keep on paying that rent.thanx for the advice.def talk to the boss man.goodluck with everything too. Thanks man... you too! you in so cal?
I heard you bring up Pasadena,we used to do that area.but yeah 626.you hiring,jk.Bet you get that a lot. We stay out of dena now...
That's a pleasant visual. :)
Me pictures a fat roll of Grants stuck in bignshan's pooper like a wine cork. I'm practicing my butt clinch.
How does it feel to break federal law every day? I'm not sure i like your tone! I could ask the IRS the same i suppose.
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[Table] IAmA: We are Yahoo! Sports' NHL hockey experts, here for the 3rd round of the playoffs. AMA!

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Date: 2013-05-31
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Questions Answers
Will the Sharks ever win the Cup? And will it be in my lifetime? Depends. How young are you? -SL.
How old are you? -Sam.
29. You got some time. Next year will likely be the last hurrah for their main core. It will be interesting to see what kind of moves Doug Wilson makes this summer. Does he go for broke next year and stock up or keep an eye to transitioning the team into Logan Couture's hands. -SL.
1) Do you find it problematic that the final 5 teams were the last 5 teams that won the Cup? No, and I think this story is woefully overplayed. NYNJD/PHO/LAK in the final 4 last season, a.k.a 1994/2003/NeveNever.
On a scale of 1 to Vancouver, how ugly would it have gotten if Seabrook hadn't scored that game winner in OT? And do you think a Chicago loss there might have led the league to actually take a look at the officiating? I've been consistent in saying there was nothing wrong with Walkom's call. Players make far, far more mistakes than officials do - and missed/wrong calls tend to even out IMHO. -SM.
3) Do the Leafs re-sign Bozak or does he walk? I think he re-signs, and I think it's important to Kessel that he does.
What is the Stanley Cup Final match up that you want to see? Pittsburgh-Chicago. Two star-studded teams who play entertaining hockey. Think we'd see a similar series to Detroit-Chicago - the way hockey's meant to be played. - SM.
Pittsburgh vs. Chicago. But mostly because those are my picks. - Wysh.
What's the consensus opinion about next year's realignment plans? Do you guys like the divisions? What teams do you think are poised to be in the best position for a long time? I like the geography of it, and love Columbus moving East more than Detroit, whom I believe the West needs for TV purposes. But the playoff format makes me nervous. -Wysh.
What was the biggest downfall for the Sharks in the second round? An inept road PP? The Torres suspension? Not screening Quick? Something else? Not taking Game 2 in LA. Rare will be the opportunities to beat that team on home ice. -Wysh.
San Jose being top-heavy, LA stealing Game 2, and LA being better. -- HM.
Thanks for doing this guys. Can we talk 2014 Olympics briefly? What are the real chances we don't see NHL players in Sochi? Could you also give us a few guys pushing to make the Team USA roster? Zero percent chance the NHL doesn't go to Sochi.
Quick should be the Team USA starter. Two names I'm intrigued by: Derek Stepan and Kevin Shattenkirk.
They'll go. 90% they'll go. -Sam.
With the new divisional realignment set for next season, do you think teams like Carolina and 'Lumbus will have any chance to hang with the other teams in that division? it seems it's expected they'll be perennial punching bags. The way the playoff situation will work under realignment, there are going to be some good teams missing the postseason. Teams like the Canes and Blue Jackets will have a tough time cracking the divisional top 4. -SL.
As someone who has never watched the sport, what should I pay attention to when I put on a game? What was the best goal or play that you have witnessed? Pay attention to what players without the puck do, whether it's getting open for a pass or defending a play.
If you could hang out with your favorite player, what beer would you drink or what sci-fi movie would you watch together? Don't just watch/look for the puck. Watch how the players skate to find space and create scoring chances. I would drink an Old Speckled Hen with Karl Alzner and MST3K the shit out of "After Earth" Pick a player wand watch them for their entire shift.
When was your first experience with hockey? First experience was playing in my driveway with my older brothers. We used milkcrates as goals.
Where will Ryan Miller land? Where will Luongo land? Will it be on the Isle or elsewhere? Miller's an interesting one, because I'm not sure where the options are. Could Philly kick the tires? The Islanders? What about a team that really needs an upgrade like Edmonton?
Luongo ... sheesh, who knows? -Wysh.
After what Mike Babcock has done with this year's group of Red Wings, is it too much of a stretch to say he is the clear-cut best coach in hockey? He's now won the Cup, Olympic Gold and several IIHF Championships at various levels. If not, who would round out a Top 5? Not sure if he's the "clear-cut" best because other coaches deserve kudos too...but if you want to say Babcock's the best coach in the NHL, I won't fight you on it. -Sam.
Any thoughts on the supposed Islanders interest in Luongo? "Interest" is the key word. All teams have interest in players. 29 teams have "interest" in Sidney Crosby. Reality says the Islanders don't take on such a long-term and rich contract, given their current spending habits. -SL.
I still comes down to whether Luongo would play there. How this fact seems to always get ignored in fantasy trade casting is beyond me. - Wysh.
I think they're interested, and I think Luongo would go there. I honestly think the idea that he'd only go to Florida is overblown. He himself said he never vetoed a trade last summer, and while that's been reported, I don't buy it. I think he just wants to play, and I think he'd happily do it in Long Island/Brooklyn. -- H<
My jersey has 44 and "Pickles" on the back. I love it, and he chuckled when he signed it, but: Nickname = Jersey Foul? (If yes, I'll dig up a picture and you can publicly humiliate me.) Tough call. There's some thought that an official nickname might be OK. But those are the people with No. 28 Jiz jerseys.
How do you feel about torts "dismissal"? He didn't become a horsebleep coach overnight and the Rangers' decision to not keep Prust and Rupp didn't help him. But he's not the right guy to direct this roster. - SM.
Had to happen. Players stopped playing for him, and it's gotten to the point where Lundqvist needs to win every playoff game 2-1 or 1-0. That's untenable. - Wysh.
Why can't Michael Ryder catch a break? He dented the Stanley Cup. It's a curse. -SL Link to sports.yahoo.com
Which basement dweller team do you see having a breakout season next year and making a run at the playoffs? At some point over the next 2-3 seasons the Oilers and their young talent will breakout. Right? -SL.
Last week I made the clutch Twitter decision to unfollow Wyshinski and follow Mooney instead. I'm happy so far, but what are your thoughts on the decision? Your "hockey song parody" intake just increased by 100%. -SL.
I can only assume palpable boredom is your path to happiness. #CallTheYawning - Wysh.
You know you can follow two people, right? In fact, I've heard you can follow more than two and you don't even have to pay or anything! For real though, Wysh sucks compared to me. Sucks. -- HM.
Who will win the first game between Chicago and la and what will the score be? It's in Chicago, the Kings have struggled on the road, so...LA, obviously. Final score: 12-8. -Sam.
Is it possible to pick against Gabe Landeskog? -SL. Seriously? It's Henrik Lundqvist. No contest. He's the most beautiful person in the world. Even Tortorella thinks so... -Sam. Yes, because Henrik Lundqvist exists. Give your head a shake, Leahy. -- HM.
How will the Kings defend their title? Hopping on Jonathan Quick's back and hiding in Penner's beard when things get, uh, hairy. -SL.
Has the sharks window closed entirely? so much talent and regular season dominance for so many years and not even a single stanley cup appearance to show for it. Not at all. One more kick at the can in 2013-14 before Jumbo and Marleau go UFA. - Wysh.
Sharks still have a couple years left with this core. -Sam.
Do you think this post seasons "do no harm" policy regarding headshots and suspensions is the new line going forward? What I mean is do you think the bar has been raised yet again in regards to what constitutes a good hockey hit? Great point and it has. Players going to have to think really hard about making open-ice hits after the Gryba hit on Eller in the Sens-Habs series.
As a disgruntled Caps fan, do you read anything into the Rangers lack of penalties at MSG (In the Bruins series as well)? They were a disciplined team in the regular season too -- fewest minors. - GW.
They lost some Burkian truculence with the departures of Prust and Rupp. More a matter of discipline than any conspiracy theory re: MSG.
I've got a theory that if Pittsburgh wins again the cup this year or next year, Malkin is going to want to leave the Penguins to take on a new challenge and have his own team instead of being on Crosby's team. Am I crazy? Ah, yes, The Scottie Pippen Theory. Think both are quite happy to be Penguins, winning titles, all of that. -Wysh.
Is the NHL ever going to get over the fact that penalties in the regular season should also be penalties in the playoffs? Powerplays and Penalty kills are an important part of the game too! I do think they're getting better at it. Intensity and physicality gets ramped up in playoffs compared to regular season, so it's difficult for refs to quickly adapt to more rugged, clutchy-grabby style of play. -Sam.
Do you think the history between Jagr, and the penguins is gonna add some more tension to the game? Probably more for the fans than the players/teams. Jagr left Pitt so long ago, he doesn't have much of a connection to today's cast of Penguins.
Do you think that having Torey Krug will make a change in the win loss ratio currently held between the two? ___ If the Bruins are relying on Torey Krug to continue being the difference-maker, I think they're in trouble.
Do you know if Tim Thomas is still going to the islanders, or do you think he is retiring ? My guess is we don't see Tim Thomas in the NHL again. -Sam.
Do you guys hate the sharks as much as every other eastern media sight does? I was pulling for the Sharks to win the Cup this year. Best story ever. - Wysh.
Are you kidding? I've predicted the Sharks to win the Stanley Cup for the past 8 years in a row... - Sam.
How does one hate Joe Thornton or Logan Couture or Patrick Marleau? OK, so Jeremy Roenick hates PM, but... -SL.
Sharp or Lundqvist? Too much handsome there to choose. -SL.
Do you guys think the situation in Phoenix will ever get sorted out? Do you think it's more likely they stay or get moved if it does? Is that you, Shane Doan? -Sam.
Seriously...no idea...it's been a soap opera for a decade and the NHL has owned/run the Coyotes for 3+ years...but for some reason, I think it gets sorted this year. The league will find a buyer who'll keep Coyotes in Phoenix. For a while, anyway. -Sam.
I'm sure there have been many questions about coaching with the recent firings, but who do you think is Vancouver's best option for a coach? And what do you guys think the Canucks need to to do win a Stanley Cup? Re-tool, re-build? Thanks! Whoever gets Lindy Ruff will be very happy. But my 5-cent guess is that he doesn't end up in Vancouver. The window to win is still open for the Canucks. I think they got a couple years left with this core. -Sam.
Are the Sabres crazy for keeping Regier at GM? Seems like when you miss the playoffs 4 out of the last 6 seasons there's a talent problem that should have been addressed. I was surprised there wasn't total regime change, but Darcy did some good things at the trade deadline. - Wysh.
I know nothing about hockey. At all. I live in Raleigh, and my coworkers have way too much to say about the Hurricanes. Can you give me something smart to say to get them to leave me alone about my lack of hockey knowledge? Or at least a talking point that will get them to converse amongst themselves for ten minutes? You should to go a Canes game. The atmosphere there is incredible and they might have the best tailgate party in the NHL. -SL.
Tell them you won't rest until Marc Staal is a Hurricane. -Sam.
Which do you think we will see first: The leafs win the cup, the return of halley's comet? How about Sidney Crosby's beard will finally grow in? -SL.
What am I, an astronomer? -Sam.
Jonathan Quick: Robot Ninja, or Cyborg Jedi? Robot Sith, like Cyborg Darth Maul - GW.
I know this doesn't relate to this playoff round, but do you see the Lightning making it to the postseason next year? It's going to be awfully difficult in their new division once realignment kicks in. They'll have tough competition from the Bruins, Habs, Red Wings, Leafs, Sens, and maybe an improved Sabres team. -SL.
No secret that the Bolts need to improve defensively and get better goaltending. I like the potential of Bishop-Lindback tandem. -Sam.
Rask, Crawford, Quick, or Vokoun? Quick every day of the week. -SL.
I'd f--k Crawford, marry Quick, kill Rask and pin it on Vokoun.
That was the question, right? - Wysh.
Will Toews show up this series? Short answer is...yes. He's too good to be held off the scoresheet for long. And don't forget he does a lot of things that don't show up on the scoresheet, too. - Sam.
Now that San Jose is out, the road to the Stanley Cup no longer goes through Vancouver. This streak lasted three years. What fresh area of pain will Canucks fans use to fill this void of victimhood? Maybe they'll trade Roberto Luongo, the goalie, in exchange for Roberto Luongo, the head coach? - Sam.
Where do the NY Islanders go from here? i don't know where they stand for draft picks, but with their current youth, you'd think now is the time to trade for some star power. Do you think they retain Nabokov? Other than goaltending where is the most pressing need? I think the Islanders need to package picks and prospects and upgrade their defense. Get a true, veteran stud back there. Maybe come knocking on Vancouver's door for one, in exchange for younger players.
Hossa is in the same buyout conversation as Richards. Assuming NY and CHI pull the trigger for safety's sake, where do you think they land as UFA's? do you suppose they'll take cuts or just sign somwhere at the same rate for shorter deals? I'd be stunned if Hawks buy out Hossa this summer. Richards...you know, I think the Rangers will keep him...but if he bets bought out...how about going back to Tampa Bay? -Sam.
1) How strongly do you believe in advanced statistics? 2) I may be wrong, but the NHL had indicated that they wanted to start officially recording advanced statistics. Do you know which ones they have planned? Although I'm an old-fart sports journalist, there's a big appetite for advanced stats. Cam Charron who writes for our Buzzing the Net blog, is one of the best out there. Going to read a lot more from him in the future. Link to ca.sports.yahoo.com
Why hasn't Vokoun broken into your Conn Smythe watch? Here's been serviceable, not spectacular. Malkin, Sid and Dupuis have been better. - GW
Due to the capitals early round exit, do you guys think ovechkin will want to be traded because he is unhappy with Washingtons postseason performances over the last 5 years? Nah, I think Ovechkin is a Capital for life. Which is sorta the problem. -Wysh.
What do the St. Louis Blues need to do to get a cup? Who do you see in net for them next season? And can you see them shipping any of the mainstays (Stewart, Oshie, Backes, etc) away for a real-deal center? Money goaltending in the playoffs is a good place to start. Otherwise, there's a lot to like about the Blues. -Sam.
Who gets booed more in Boston -- Matt Cooke or Jarome Iginla? Uh, Matt Cooke. And it's not close. -Sam.
After I pointed out to a friend yesterday that the last four cup winners are still in contention, all dominant American franchises, he asked me what I thought of the NHL rigging games so that Canadian teams don't make it very far into the playoffs. Why do so many Canadian hockey fans go about our teams' failures as if we were cheated? The only people who should be blamed for the Canucks not winning a game or the Leafs collapsing in Game 7 or the Sens not being able to compete with the Pens are the teams themselves, wouldn't you agree? There hasn't been a good conspiracy sine the moon landing -- and Montreal won the Stanley Cup that year. -Sam.
What team is going to make the most drastic moves this offseason? How will teams like Philly, Vancouver, and San Jose get out of cap jail? I'm watching Buffalo, Colorado, Edmonton, NY Rangers, Ottawa, Philly (always Philly), Tampa & Vancouver. -Sam.
No Lambert still? Ugh. Who will the Rangers hire for their next head coach? Messier? Ruff? Maurice? I like Ruff for the Rangers. Vigneault has been getting some mention too. -Sam.
Who do you believe is front runner right now for playoff MVP? The way Quick is playing, no one is in his stratosphere. -SL.
I think it's Quick. The Kings obviously have to advance, but he's so damn good right now I think there's a chance he goes back to back. - Wysh.
Sexiest swede in the league? Is it possible to pick against Gabe Landeskog? -SL.
Seriously? It's Henrik Lundqvist. No contest. He's the most beautiful person in the world. Even Tortorella thinks so... -Sam.
Do you think expansion will or should happen in the NHL? I think 32 teams makes a lot of sense. Where? Another one in Toronto and a return to Quebec City. If there's relocation (cough coyotes cough), how about Seattle? -Sam.
Yes, because Henrik Lundqvist exists. Give your head a shake, Leahy. -- HM. Oh, wow. How did I forget Hank? I'm sorry. I will go to church and say 100 "Hail Henrik's" as penance.
Is Borje Salming still in the league? Takes chiselled good looks to new heights. - SM.
1) With Roy as the new Avalanche coach, how successful do you think he will be? 1) Think Roy will be fine for the Avs. He paid his dues and learned the coaching ropes with the Remparts. What will be interesting is how his style works at the NHL level. Will he demand as much from his players like he did himself as a player?
2) What do you think the Avs are going to do with the 1st pick? I think the odds are on Jones, but some rumors about even trading the pick away are coming through the pipes. 2) I think they take Jones. Roy saying they might look to trade the No. 1 is to allow some drunk NHL GM to offer him some ridiculous package for it, which in this league is possible. -SL.
3) What are your general thoughts about the short-term future of the Avalanche, considering their youth, first overall pick and the hiring of Roy as coach and VP of hockey ops? Patrick Roy...part of me thinks he'll be boom-or-bust as an NHL coach. But really, he's so competitive and knowledgeable, and such a hard worker and garners so much respect that I think he'll do well. Probably be a learning curve for the first season, and Avs are certainly no lock to make the playoffs next year. -Sam.
Of all the Puck Daddy crew which of you can actually say you can lace em up and play some form of ice hockey? Harrison does some ice dancing, but not at a competitive level. -Sam.
You need a scoring winger? 'Cuz I got my skates in the car. -SL.
Which team do you think can take more positives from these playoffs-Detroit or Ottawa? Ottawa. They again succeeded despite numerous injuries that would have crippled other teams. -SL.
Sens. -Sam.
Ottawa. A lot of young guys got a shot this year thanks to all the injuries and showed that they were ready for an increased role. It could expedite their process towards becoming a real contender. -- HM. Sens for sure. Anderson put himself in play for a spot on the Olympic team, Turris took a step forward and Murray looks pretty damn smart for the Methot pickup.
Harrison - If you could pick a second-tier comic book hero to represent you in a single-elimination bracket, who would it be? I'm not Harrison. So can I pick Harrison as my second-tier comic book hero? -Sam.
Luke Cage, a.k.a. Powerman. At one time just a gangsta in Harlem, he was recruited for an experimental cell regeneration process based on a variant of the Super-Solider procedure that made Warhawk. Unfortunately, as he's undergoing the procedure, one of his enemies messes with the controls, hoping to kill him. He fails, and instead the accelerated limits of the program give him superhuman strength and NEAR IMPERVIOUS SKIN. Have you ever skinned your knee? Hurts like a bitch, and every time it happens I'm like, damn, I wish I was Luke Cage right now. In closing, Luke Cage. -- HM.
Can the Bruins physical play slow down the high scoring Pens? Will Pittsburgh be able to expose the young Boston defense? Problem for the Bruins: Pittsburgh can beat you with offensive flourish and with gritty, dirt goals too.
Hey Wysh - Love listening to the MVSW podcasts! Quick question for you - How much do you love watching Pascal Dupuis play and who do you think's going to offer him way too much money this summer? Dupper has shown his versatility time and again and I can't see some team making him a offer he couldn't refuse (> 4+ million). Thoughts? Comments? I've always liked Dupuis's game, but I think we can all agree that he's very much a product of his center. I think he'd get $4m as a free agent, but those numbers can't be replicated. - Wysh (and thanks for the kind words)
Will Gulutzan have to get an AHL job again before he can land another NHL gig? I think he would have been great for Colorado and got the blame for the transition front office in Dallas, just like Tip. With the many big names (AV, Ruff, Torts, maybe Tip) on the market, coupled with GG's inexperience at the NHL level, you'd have to think he'll end up in the AHL before getting another crack at The Show. The NHL loves to recycle old coaches. He might have to wait his turn to get back in. -SL.
I think Gulutzan is really respected around the league, and people feel he got the shaft in Dallas. Wouldn't surprise me to see him get the Pete DeBoer thing -- fired from a bad team, hired by a good team after cutting his teeth in the NHL. - Wysh.
Do the Kings have what it takes to repeat? How do you see the Vokoun-Fleury issue playing out? Will that be the Penguins Achilles heel? Vokoun has been steady as she goes since taking over from Fleury - don't see goaltending being an issue for the Pens in this series.
Who do you think the Pens will be able to keep this off season? Who will they lose? Who is most important to re-sign? Wonder if they can fit Iginla in with a 2- or 3-year deal? -Sam.
Do the Russians have a legitimate chance at the Gold in Sochi? Or is it another U.S. vs. Canada fight to the death pretend animosity? Any nation I'm seriously overlooking? Sweden is always going to be a contender. Russia is going to face ungodly pressure to win. Canada's stacked; the U.S. will again try to do it with goaltending. - Wysh.
Russia definitely has the players to win gold. At home and highly motivated. Canada, US and usual suspects Sweden and Finland...the Czechs, the Slovaks on the next tier. -Sam.
What is the key factor for the bruins to pull off the upset? Staying out of the penalty box/limiting the Penguins' power play. And Rask outplaying Vokoun/Fleury/Gilles Meloche in goal. -Sam.
Do you think this is the best conference finals the NHL has ever sceen? These are two great matchups with lots of compelling storylines. Let's just hope they can come close to matching the hype. -Sam.
What is going to happen with Fleury at season's end? I think they might kick some tires if there's any interest, but having Vokoun for at least one more year, I think they can let him try and figure out his playoff issues. -SL.
I mean, you can't rely on a late 30's goalie for future seasons, but Fleury has shown he can't be trusted in the postseason. Do you think they try to trade him at the draft for a prospect, young goalie, or picks to take a goalie? I think Penguins keep Fleury and hope he gets back on track. -Sam.
This isn't related to the playoffs but... What do you say are the Oilers greatest strengths & weaknesses? If you had to trade one of the young guns (Hall, Nuge, Ebs, Yak or Schultz) who would you trade and for who in return? Oilers need to shore up their back end somehow. That's a tough one because I like the four young forwards you mention. If I can get a 2-3 D-man, however, I'd give up one of those guys. You still have Gagner in the mix and I'd keep him.
Thoughts on the newest 538 piece on why Cananda isn't winning any Stanley Cups? I only got thru the first 238 pieces, so don't feel qualified to answer... -Sam.
Can the TBL win the cup next year? Nah ... too many holes in that lineup. - Wysh.
Too soon, too soon... -Sam.
Assuming Richards gets bought out what team does he go to and why? Back to Dallas on a discount maybe? - Wysh.
If the RedWings would have won on the blow call int he 3rd period of game 7, what do you think the NHL would have done? Same thing the league is doing now. Backed Walkom on the call. -Sam.
Do you think Torey Krug keeps it up in the Eastern Conference Finals, or do you think Pittsburgh brings him back down to Earth? He has to come back down to Earth, right? Right? He'll probably cool off vs. the Penguins. -SL.
Gonna go way out on a limb and predict that Torey Krug does NOT score a goal-a-game in the East conf final. -Sam.
What chance do you give of the Bruins beating the Pens? 45.5% -Sam.
A lot of Chicago meatballs cry that Ray Emery should be starting over Crawford, which is ridiculous, but do you see Crawford being the 'Hawks netminder for the foreseeable future? Yes. -Sam.
Dear Sirs, Should I make the announcement Now that I am carrying Patrick Sharp's lovechild, or wait until the playoffs are over?? Wait till the playoffs are over. -Sam.
Will the Caps ever win the cup? I'm tired of being disappointed every year and I know it has to happen sometime. Keep the faith. -Sam.
How much interest do you think there will be in ryane clowe this offseason? If he wants 5 years at $5M per, as was rumored when he was traded to the Rangers, that seems like too long and too much. But it's a thin UFA crop, and Clowe brings physicality and skill and surely played through injury...so who knows, maybe somebody needs a power forward and pays up. -Sam.
Tons, because he's a big winger that can score a bit and that's all you need to be to make a fortune. -- HM.
Any advice for someone who's trying to get more involved in hockey? (Watching/learning game, not playing) If you have the chance to see live games -- whatever the level, minor pro, junior, kids, beer league -- get yourself to the rink. Nothing like being there. Also, fantasy pools are a good way to connect to NHL and get to know the players.
Go to see live games as much as possible to see how plays develop, get a sense of the speed of the game, etc. - Wysh.
Who do you like for the cup? Ask me 4 times, I might give you 4 answers. I'll pick the penguins, but it is truly wide open and it'll probably come down to the hottest goalie. -Sam.
I picked LA at the beginning of the season and Chicago at the beginning of the playoffs. But I think Boston has the deepest forwards corps and the Penguins have Crosby, so... one of those four. -- HM.
Who do u like in the Hawks-Kings series? It's 50-50, but I like the Hawks. -Sam.
Like the Hawks but I can't bet against the Kings - tough team to play against, they have the best goalie going in the spring tournament and they're da defending champeens. - SM.
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[Table] IamA EA Games User Researcher, AM(A)A!

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Date: 2013-12-30
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Questions Answers
You use Steam more than you use Origin, right? Right?? Im mostly a PC gamer, so I use and like both. I also hate both, frequently at the same time :) Both have some good holiday sales on atm, for example.
Am I ever gonna be able to play through the single player without the game crashing and corrupting all my save files on bf4 for ps4? Cause I'd like that... My crystal ball says, "Absolutely"
My utter lack of any actual information says, "I hope so dude"
Do you feel like the company you work for deserves it's horrible reputation? Not at all. Nobody is perfect, but I'm happy to work at EA, and proud of most of what we do. I own a bunch of EA stuff that I wear regularly, and in the real world, have never had anything but positive reactions.
Are you proud of SimCity? I played it and enjoyed it. I had nothing to do with the game, so nothing to be proud of or ashamed of.
Regarding public opinion, it's not something I can talk about, I'm not a PR dude, and I doubt they'd appreciate me trying to do their job :)
Lucy Bradshaw (Maxis GM) posted a good article about it: Link to www.ea.com
How was your day until now? You know that "I should not have done that" meme? :p It's ok, I have no illusions about what a lot of this'll be like.
What is your personal opinion on micro-transactions? When done right, they're fine. I've sunk a lot of money into Clash of Clans and FIFA Ultimate Team, for example. They're very easy to do very wrong though, and you have to design the game from the ground-up to accomodate them. Bolting them on gets you bad results.
As long as it's not pay-to-win, and the game isn't artificially frustrating to try to coerce you into paying to skip shitty stuff, they can work. I'm less a fan of MTX for $60 games - the latest crop of games from everyone on XB1/PS4 is frustrating, as it seems like everyone is trying to get onboard. They work best for totally optional game modes like FUT, or ME3 multiplayer - we get to develop that content for players because of the money the MTX provides, but if you don't play it, you're still getting great value for the $60 base game.
In your opinion do you think EA is the industry's leader for sports games? Were they? Are they? Why has there been such lack of reinvention in their series' as compared to NBA 2K from 2K. Being such a large company I think a lot of people in the world expect them to dominate game quality and 2K. But from my personal experience and others' EA got destroyed on their next gen (PS4 XboxOne) games when compared to the other releases. Why do you think this is? I think we're the leader for western spots games, for sure. We dominate with FIFA, Madden/NCAA, Tiger, NHL, but we're obviously getting stomped in basketball. We used to do baseball.
2k puts out a very, very good basketball game every year. They share baseball with Sony, but that's a small market.
Not sure which games you're talking about where we got destroyed by other releases on gen4.
I understand :P and i completely agree. an entire year will do such great for the gaming industry — cant wait for what is to come. Yeah, there's a lot of awesome stuff coming down the pipe industry wide.
How about a skate 4? ;) I've love for that to happen. SSX is pretty similar, but I'm a fan of skate for sure.
It's at the point where I'd love to play through skate 3 again but its just the same over and over, even with free skate. Need more spots to hit! Check out skatePark for Skate 3, it's user-generated content :)
Why do games published by EA often seem to intentionally be designed to make it hard for users to create mods? They can add tons of replay value to a game, and make more people want to buy the game. Mirror's Edge, for instance, had the console deliberately removed, despite it being a standard feature of the Unreal Engine, and several commands were disabled to prevent them from being manually bound to keys in the config files. What's your personal opinion on the matter? Re: mods, I don't know enough about the situation to even have a personal opinion. From a QA/design standpoint, giving people that ability makes the game much more complex. The Skate series for example did "create a spot", which was a sandbox for skateboarding. It was awesome. Once a game company releases mods, they also can't control quality. Check out the Skyrim forums, and all the problems that stem from users installing stuff that doesn't work, and then going to Bethesda for support about it.
I love your games, mostly Fifa and BF, so , thanks for that. Also, what do you think of EA releasing a broken game like BF3 and BF4? That shows total disrespect for your costumers. I have nothing to do with BF at all, other than talking to a few people on their team, so can't say much about what went wrong.
PS: Your customer service sucks donkey balls, EA, work on it please. If you need CS, call them, don't use the online stuff.
What did you study? I didn't, actually, which is unusual. Most folks that do what I do have degrees in HCI, or in experimental psychology.
Any intel about the next need for speed? And buy intel I mean, is it going to be arcadeish like Hot pursuit, Most wanted 2012 and Rivals, or simulator? Sorry, couldn't say even if I knew.
Ah, too bad. Guess I'll have to wait, thanks thoiugh! Cheers. I've been playing Rivals as a cop and enjoying it, for arcade racing. For sim, I think Shift 2 was the most recent. I haven't played it, but heard good things.
Do you realize EA killed the battlefield series? does anyone over there feel bad? they should. I can't speak for anyone at BF, just myself. Personally, I don't think we have, but I hope the team can fix the game for people.
What does it feel like to hack off a third of the finished product and sell it over the course of time from that release to the next product's? No, I'm not such an asshole. Really though, what's with all the microtransactions? It's alright if you can't talk about it, but seriously, is there even that much profit to be had? MTX used well is done in one of two ways - it supports a F2P game, or it's used to make a game mode that a company otherwise couldnt do otherwise. The more it makes, the more they can improve it, etc.
MTX in general is still new in the west. There's going to be a lot of bad implementation until the market decides what 'good' implementation is. Support the stuff you like, and the market will have it's way given time.
Do any of your immediate contemporaries recognize that battlefield 4 might not have been well received by the pc community? Nice that you should reply, though. I honestly don't know, sorry. I bought a copy, but haven't actually installed it yet.
Well, i wish you success in your future projects. question; what's the best way to pitch a game idea to a developer? who do you talk to? what do they want to see? I'm not an expert, and other folks could probably answer better, sorry. Way outta my baliwick.
How so, because I had no clue they were doing well in the eastern markets either. It's much more aggressive, far less player-friendly, and exploitation of psychology is very, very prevalent. Gacha is the japanese term, but the principle is the same. Puzzle & Dragons is a common example you might be familiar with.
Please don't be bothered, i just want to have a quick pick at your brain - what sort of demographic boundaries are producers looking to include with new games? I haven't heard designers really use that as a starting point. If someone recognizes an untapped market, that's one thing, but I don't think many designers start with the market, then design the game for it. I know we're constantly trying to be more inclusive, particularly for women gamers. Double your potential market right there. More and more games are getting pushed worldwide and localized, and that's an industry-wide trend.
What do you personally think about the way EA is operating right now? Also, what do you think about the way people think about EA as a company and do you share that opinion? Mostly positive, but there's always mistakes made. Overall, we're not evil. Bad calls get made. I wish stuff went better, and part of my role is to help improve game quality by using player feedback.
EA puts out a -lot- of games, and we're a huge company, so the quality is going to vary. Comparing Bioware to Tiburon to Criterion is something people naturally do, because "EA" is on all the games, but the teams are totally different. Hopefully everyone does great, and good people work hard trying to make that happen.
People always focus on the negatives, which is understandable, but I get to see a lot of the positives too. We do a crapload of charity stuff (I can get $300 for a charity if I do a small number of volunteer hours, employee donations are matched, we do outreach/donations a -lot-, etc), and the company treats full-time employees pretty well.
Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. Just to stop talking about the negatives, or the negative view some people have on EA: what is your best memory working there? Thanks, but I expect the negatives :)
Best memory for me was doing design work on the newer NBA JAM. As a well-intentioned but woefully inexperienced QA guy helping the team, it was an amazing experience, and people mostly liked what I did, which is absolutely awesome.
As someone in the industry does this not seem like a very fast way to lose your job? Did anyone approve this before you did it? I'm not a PR guy, just a regular person answering questions with publicly-available information. If I disclosed anything confidential, absolutely.
How much do you get paid? I'm a full-time employee, pay is ok. In general, the gaming industry isn't where you go for great pay, but from what I've seen, EA does better than most in that regard.
Benefits are fantastic though. Standard medical/dental etc, but also get $100/year to buy online games, got $100 rebated for buying a gen4 console, and get 5 free EA games a year (10 if on PC).
I spent a lot of the last 2 years helping the FUT team make that more accessible, so hopefully it'll be better for those that choose to check it out. What sort of things did that entail? Balancing of drop frequencies? UI for managing your team? It's the kind of question I'd love to answer, but can't. If you play both, hopefully you'll see the results of the work we did, I'm proud of it.
What type of experience did you have before becoming a game user researcher? Really interested in what type of degree you have, if any, and if they ever hire psych researchers. I'm a weird anomaly, in that I don't have a degree in anything. Ran my own businesses, did some cool gaming-related stuff, but no formal education. Most of my team is very intelligent, highly educated folks. We have 1 phd, 4 masters degrees, 1 game design degree, and 2 of us without degrees. Both of us non-edumacated yokels spent years in QA learning a lot, and performing very well.
There are a lot of games-industry academics, but very few people actually work in the industry - there's just not a lot of jobs. The demand is growing fast though, so if you're interested, do your research on it. Most people that make the jump to industry get degrees in HCI or psych. Psych tend to have PHDs rather than Masters, but I don't know why. Psych is really useful in understanding player motivation, and in designing good, scientific experiments to measure results. Clubbing video games with science is a pretty awesome gig.
Awesome. Thanks so much for answering. I'm working on my phd in psych now. I like to keep tabs on my private industry options. Academia gets old quickly. Quite welcome. More big brains in the industry are always welcome.
Why does Bill Budge no publish titles with EA? Quality of titles have gone down since you folks stopped publishing his work. Well played :)
Hopefully you can answer this, something that I've always wondered. With FIFA Ultimate Team, what are the chances per pack of getting someone like Ronaldo, Messi, Ibrahimovic or say Neymar? I've been playing UT for over 2 years now and spent around €300 on UT and never got any big name player. Definitely not something I could talk about, sorry.
Can you even say there is a certain method in how them types of players are given out, or is it complete random? KSI must be making an absolute fortune off FIFA. I can't, sorry. Some advice if you're finding it difficult to compete with what you've got, is hit offline Seasons for easy coins. Team of the Week on high difficulty is awesome too.
I really wish UT was easier for people to start off in, not in actual divisions etc but building teams, so expensive to start off. FIFA 14 has a new feature where you can compare items in your trade pile to the market prices, which makes it easier to identify expensive players. I had a silver striker that I sold for something like 80k coins, never ever would have expected him to be expensive without that feature.
What do you think about origin? It's got a lot of potential, and I like a lot of the stuff we're doing with it. Origin has the (afaik) only digital return policy on games, and we've done some awesome promotions like the Humble Bundle a while back. The possibilities for cross-game promotions are cool too. It's certainly not perfect, but it's constantly getting better.
When people test sports games like NHL or FIFA do they just test basic gameplay or do they test Career type modes? Obviously this would take more time but is important to improve on such popular areas of the game. We do a lot of different testing. Most of it is targetted gameplay, because that's faster, but we also do multi-day testing of things like career modes. QA does that kind of stuff as well.
We also do At-Home testing, where we give copies of the game to people, and have them fill out surveys and such after the game is launched.
How do you get involved with this testing do you put out job ads or what? We advertise via Facebook and local advertising around our playtesting studios. Folks sign up online, we send them surveys for playtest applications, and folks fill 'em out. If they meet the demographics we need, we contact them to come into the studio.
It's -not- a job at all, we give you EA developed games as thanks for your time. Sometimes it's a $60 game for 15 minutes, sometimes it's 5 games for 3 days of playtesting, it varies a lot :)
What is the most under-represented demographic that EA markets to, that may be profitable in the future? That's an awesome question that I wish I could answer. I don't have anywhere near enough facts to have a good guess, and if I did, it'd be information I have to keep internally.
Where's MVP Baseball 2014? Best I can do is point ya to this: Link to www.polygon.com
of all, thank you for doing this. Can you tell me the reason why there is no more Madden & NHL on PC? You're welcome, unfortunately I can't help with your qeustion. Even if I knew, which I don't, it's not something I could talk about. I'm a PC gamer and NHL player myself, so I'd love to see it come to PC again. My first QA project was on NHL 09, for PS2 and PC, so it'll always have a spot in my cold, dead heart :)
As a Linux user, why should I be interested in EA and Origin? Not something I know much about. Any thoughts yourself?
Why, in Gods name, if I play the Bruins on GM made in NHL 14 and I sim I never end up with more than 31 wins? the team is much better than that. Would you agree that the ratings are misrepresentitive? expecially when Buffalo had won the Atlantic division the last time I played... No idea, sorry. I've got some unflattering commentary about the Bruins, being a casual Canucks fan, but I don't think it'd be relevant ;)
Ratings are impossible to get "right", because nobody can agree on them. We do a lot of work trying to make them as accurate to real life as possible though, and it's why updating during the season is awesome for both us and players - if something gets overlooked, we can fix it.
If you had to take a straw poll of the guys who work on the NHL Franchise who do you think they would be fans of for the most part? Hrm, probably more Canucks fans than any other team, but that's because we're in Vancouver. There's a wide, wide variety of fandom though - there's a lot of jerseys being worn around the studio in general :)
How would one get a job like yours? Step 1: Be astoundingly lucky. Step 2: Work your butt off.
Most people that do what I do have post-graduate degrees in HCI or experimental psychology. I work with a lot of very big brains. I'm an oddball, since I came through QA, where I basically just outworked most people and performed at a high level long enough to get noticed, and then got extremely lucky to be in the right place at the right time.
Getting a full-time job in the gaming industry is hard work, because it's extremely competitive. Keep working on your own skills to make yourself more valuable to yourself and your team, regardless of whether you have one at the moment.
Any hope for skate 4 on next gen? Sorry, couldn't say anything even if I knew.
How does one apply to test a game in development? To test as QA, it's a job, can find them the usual way. For playtesting, it's not employment at all, just a fun way to play a game, get some games for your time, and help make games better. I'd post links, but they'd get trolled to death. If there is an EA studio near you, hit their website, or google their name and "playtest".
There are some great titles EA makes but im also often left scratching my head on some releases coming out being not ready. Do the developer sometimes lose control of their games? I work directly with developers, and they all want to make a great game. If that game sells well, they know they'll probably get to keep making great games.
Will EA ever release another NHL game on PC? I hope so, i buy it every year, and would rather play on my PC than a console. Whether we will, sorry, couldn't say if i knew.
I might be several hours late here, but I'm going to give it a shot anyway - what does it take to get picked for a playtest? I'm in near the Burnaby campus (I visited with my class once a couple months ago too, it was fun), and I've applied countless times, but never gotten picked. Any tips? Answer screeners honestly is the best you can do. Unfortunately, we get so many applications that we can't bring in everyone, but we constantly try to get new faces in.
Any insight to why the Vita has gotten snubbed in regards to sports games from EA other than a sub par Madden 13 and Fifa? Small market share. I'm hoping it gets better with the PS4 cross-features, but dubious.
Ditto WiiU.
The fact that Fifa Football, Fifa 13 and Fifa 14 on PS Vita have been exactly the same minus rosters and Kits is actually appalling, the game engine feels like its stuck in Fifa 11. FIFA 14 on Vita won't have the same features as FIFA 14 on XB360, for example. Hopefully you'll enjoy it.
I'm still more than slightly annoyed that we seem to have ditched the WiiU. It was an interesting platform to work on that showed a ton of promise. Too bad early sales weren't strong enough to keep our attention :( Everyone but Nintendo and Ubisoft has left, it seems. I was optimistic about the Wii when it first came out, but not WiiU. I agree, there's some neat stuff. I really liked the map/companion powers on the screen for Mass Effect, and Nintendo has some neat games on it.
How extensively do games get playtested before they are released? (On average) I have no idea about actual numbers, and couldn't share 'em if I did. Games for consoles get tested very heavily - developers (or their publisher) will test it, then it has to be tested by the console holder (Sony/MS/Nintendo) and pass their certification process. PC and mobile is the wild west, which is why there's so much shovelware. EA tests those games just as thoroughly, because we've got the resources and infrastructure to do so.
What folks usually don't realize is that the sheer scale of people means even "obvious" stuff gets found by the community far faster than any test team could find it, and that'd discounting stuff that breaks because of the scale of people (usually online servers; see: every popular online release in history).
A team of dozens or hundreds of QA folks can't compare to hundreds of thousands of players hammering the game. QA does it's best, but AAA games are just too complicated to ensure perfection.
When are you guys gonna let someone else make an NFL football game so we can actually get a good football game? Link to kotaku.com
That has a link to a guy doing an AMA that answered your question better than I ever could :)
Also, meta.
How do I get to be one of the people that comes in to test the games? We do playtests at some of our studios, so if you're near one of them, your best bet would be to contact the studio, or do a search for the studio name and "playtest".
What is your opinion on EA's "bundling" of indie games? Fantastic news for everyone. Humble Origin Bundle was awesome.
Any tips for breaking into the business end of the industry? Particularly QA, Marketing, Logistics or HR. Sorry, that's way too broad for anyone to help with, let alone a dude that has nothing to do with that kind of thing. There's a ton of writing that's been done about it online though, if you're passionate, hit the books and enjoy the ride.
EA dosnt have playtesters? But just get random people to do it on a regular basis... Well that explains alot. Playtesting is not QA. We do both. QA is professional bug testing, Playtesting is regular gamers giving us feedback while games are in development.
Can you mail me some games like that other EA employee that did the secret Santa ? Serious answer: I couldn't say. I can point you to some public stuff, but that's the best I can do.
Mass Effect 4? Link to www.gamespot.com
Whens nfs underground 3 coming out, i miss car customization Haven't heard anything about it, sorry. Rivals just came out and is decent, some similarities to Underground gameplay-wise. Might worth checking out.
Tell me at some point EA had or has the idea of a Bowling Game. I'm sure the idea has been had, but I can't see it selling well enough to get made. And really, could we improve on Wii Bowling? ;)
I worked on a demo/internal project that was curling on the DS. It was based on the Playground engine and was actually pretty good! I'd have loved to see that, that might be fun. I guess we could sell it in.. um.. Saskatchewan? :p.
How do you feel when /circlejerk calls ea employees like you "nazis" On an unrelated note: are you Aryan? It's the internet. I'm a white dude with a lot of Jewish friends, so no. They've told me some awesome Jew jokes, does that count?
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