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[OC] Almost on this day 100 years ago, the Decatur Staleys played the Taylorville Independents for the Central Illinois Championship. Taylorville, who had shut out all but three opponents since their creation in 1914, was upset 21–7.

Okay, this isn't being published exactly 100 years ago, but November 11, 2019 is a Monday. Assuming Sunday's game doesn't go our way, I don't want to be the band playing music while the Titanic was sinking (or for a more Bears-centric analogy, I don't want to be the college kid weighing himself while the Eastland was capsizing). Regardless, let's tackle this.
The year is 1919. The Super Bowl wasn't a thing, let alone an NFL championship game. Hell, the NFL wasn't even in existence yet!
100 years ago today, our heroes on the original Decatur Staleys played their Super Bowl.

The Big One: vs. Taylorville Independents

Exactly one year after World War I came to an end, the Staleys visited Taylorville to take on the Independents.
To say Taylorville was a formidable team would easily be an understatement. When the team was created in 1914, they shut out every opponent they faced that year and scored a combined 436 points; in one of their games, they defeated a team from Virden 102–0.[1] The following year, they lost for the first time (and what would be their only defeat up to this point) in a 14–2 loss to the Moline Indians; those 14 points were the only points anyone scored on Taylorville that year. In 1916, they allowed just eight points, six of which were from Decatur's predecessor team (also named the Indians), and dropped 350 total.[2]
After a 1917 campaign in which they won all seven games and once again shut out everyone (while scoring 361), they closed up shop in 1918 due to the war and flu pandemic.[3][4] In 1919, they returned in full force and entered the Staleys game undefeated.[2] Unsurprisingly, all four of their victories in 1919 were shutouts, including a 78–0 thrashing of Carlinville.[5]
On the other side, The Decatur Herald simply referred to the Staleys as "an unknown quantity", perhaps a reasonable description for a club still in its first season; even so, the paper noted the team had "made a remarkable showing since it has started playing."[2] After all, a 3–1 record with the lone loss being a 3–0 defeat in the season opener was nothing to scoff at.
Headlines were aplenty on both sides. Although brothers Red and Baldy May were both on the Independents, neither started in the game against their former team. Speaking of players, Taylorville newspapers published reports alleging the Staleys were going to spend $4,000 in ringers to play for them; Fritz Wasem denied the accusations, saying he had "a strong enough team to go down there and defeat those fellows without doing so."[5]
Regardless, he wasn't going to take any chances, especially when what was supposed to be a tune-up game last week ended up closer than expected; as a result, he pushed his players harder in practice than ever before. Preparations for Taylorville began even before the Champaign game, with Red Brannan hosting late-night strategy meetings and using the word "Pep" as a team motto.[5] Practices began at 2 PM and ran into the evening.[3] Despite Wasem shooting down the rumors of hiring ringers, however, Brannan signed a pair of Millikin University stars in halfback "Sunshine" Sidney Gepford and guard Roy Adkins; in their latest game, Millikin defeated Charleston 32–0 as Gepford saw time at running back and quarterback.[3][6][7] Adkins, whose father Charles was a Congressman, also happened to be an employee at A.E. Staley, working on Sundays and Mondays to pay for college.[8] You might wonder how two college players were allowed to play professionally, but we'll get to that later.
In Taylorville, fans were all in on their team, including placing bets on the Staleys not scoring a touchdown. However, they conceded a shutout might not be possible due to Jack Mintun's leg strength.[5] For Taylorville coach Grover Hoover, he emphasized special teams to stop Mintun, including creating a new field goal block formation, and drilled his defense to shut down the halfback duo of Walt Veach and Jake Lanum. Even with Staley quarterback Chuck Dressen enjoying a solid season and having stymied opposing defenses with the Decatur Indians, Hoover felt he wasn't a priority concern since he had gained weight and therefore lost most of his mobility.[9] To better prepare for their opponent, Hoover sent scouts to the Staleys' warm-up game against Champaign.[10]
Overall, fans on both sides and even neutral onlookers had reason to be excited. The Herald wrote, "From a dope standpoint the fans figure that the two teams are of about equal strength and that there will be a battle royal on when the whistle blows for the start of the contest."[2]
With high stakes in store, the Staleys arranged for a special train to Taylorville, with Wasem bringing his entire roster along even if some weren't going to play.[9] A.E. Staley closed down its mechanical and construction plants to let workers in those departments accompany the team, but those in the manufacturing plant weren't as lucky. Leaving on game day, those wishing to attend were charged $180 (about $2,671 in 2019) for the train ride and a dollar ($14.84) for admission plus tax that had been added thanks to the war.[11]
The train left the Illinois Central Station on game day at 1 PM and made occasional stops to pick up fans wanting to attend the game; Augustus Staley himself and company superintendent George Chamberlain (the man who would later be responsible for recruiting George Halas to the company) also decided to tag along.[2][3] Since Taylorville was hosting a homecoming event that day, those on the train were advised to eat beforehand to avoid having to find concessions there.[3]

Game Day

To accommodate the influx of Decatur fans, Hoover Field added an extra 800 seats to the south side.[2] Unfortunately for those spectators, part of the stands collapsed during the game, though no one was injured.[12] Approximately 3,000 attended what The Decatur Daily Review called "a right lively and interesting celebration of Armistice day."[13][14] Here's a collage of fans at the game from the Staley Fellowship Journal's December 1919 issue.
Taylorville won the coin toss and elected to receive. Despite gashing the Staley defensive line early on, the Independents' offensive progress came to a halt and had to punt.[15] From there, the Staleys quickly ended Taylorville's shutout streak as Lanum finished an early drive with a touchdown run, receiving aid from a 15-yard run by Dressen and multiple short gains by Veach and C. Lawrence Thrift. The Independents tried to respond and entered Staley territory before Veach intercepted QB Jones' pass and returned it 60 yards for the pick-six.[12] Neither team would score for the rest of the first half.
In a scoreless third quarter, Lanum shanked a punt that went out of bounds on Decatur's 40. From there, Taylorville fullback Mullen tried to push his team downfield and into the red zone. Although they reached the one-yard line, the Staley defense held and forced a turnover on downs. Both teams exchanged punts once again.[15]
To start the fourth quarter, the Independents finally found their stride as halfback Miller led a 40-yard drive that ended with him scoring on a one-yard run. The Staleys went three-and-out, but Taylorville lost a fumble on their 35. Now in prime scoring position, Decatur marched to their opponent's five. There, Dressen executed what The Herald called "one of the cleanest plays of the day" with a fake throw followed by an end-around to take it into the end zone for the game-sealing score.[15]
Now down by two scores, the Independents were desperate to add points in front of their home crowd. They switched to a pass-heavy attack, many of which fell incomplete as the plan unceremoniously backfired.[15]
The Staleys have done it. They have taken down the best team in the state 21–7.
The aforementioned Staley Journal from December 1919 had a lot to say about the win:[16]
The climax of the season came when we met the strong Taylorville team at their field on Armistice Day, Nov. 11th.
And that was a great game. The rooters from Decatur filled a special train. Before the game started, Taylorville fans said they had to hand it to us that we were the biggest crowd of rooters who had ever come to town. They said that to console us for our coming defeat as they canvassed the bleachers to put up their money. Oh, but it was a fine day, and a great game!
Taylorville has had the State championship team for six years and under the skillful guidance of Coach Hoover has developed into a machine capable of giving any team in the country a good battle. They were not entirely satisfied with their home players, however, and in order to strengthen their team, Coach Hoover went as far from home as Columbus, Ohio, for two famous warriors. As a matter of fact, he might as well have saved his tine and money for they looked like any others to the Staley bunch.
Taylorville has not allowed a visiting team to cross their goal since 1916 when Moline defeated them,—but within the first five minutes of play a touchdown was made by Staleys followed immediately by Veech, Staley back, intercepting one of Taylorville's forward passes and executing a beautiful 60-yard run with perfect interference for a second touchdown. Jack Mintun, famous Staley center, kicked goal each time.
During the second half, Taylorville managed to score, but this was evened up by Charlie Dressen pulling off his original fake pass and carrying the ball around right end for the third touchdown while the Taylorville players stood open mouthed wondering where the ball had gone.
The shock of a defeat to the famous Taylorville Independents by the newly organized Staley's virtually numbed the Christian County fans, but as soon as they could regain the use of their voices, alibis galore were presented. Some paid the Staley back-field the high compliment of being the back-field of the Hammond (Indiana) All Stars,— others thought sure they were taken direct from Notre Dame. One of the boys from the Reclamation plant was picked out as being a famous kicker from the University of Illinois. Some of the disappointed ones who had wagered odds that their favorites would humble Staley's howled because their old quarterback was not there: some others accused one of the Staley men of buying off one of the Ohio world beaters simply because some years ago he had played on the same baseball team.
As a matter of fact, the Staley team won the game and the Independent football championship of Illinois through superior coaching, better generalship and far better team work. Very few, if any, of the big college teams can give a better exhibition of clean, hard playing football than was given by Staleys on November 11th, and too much credit cannot be given the fellows who trained so long and faithfully and who obeyed so well the instructions given by the peppery little coach "Red" Brannon. There can be no doubt in the minds of those who have listened to the wails of the losing team and its backers that a great part of the trouble is the chagrin produced by the results of Coach Brannon's work with a team of players new to each other and to him in a few short weeks as compared to that of the Taylorville team after six years coaching by Hoover. Atta-Boy, Red!


The football Staleys weren't the only ones celebrating a victory that day. Shortly after watching their colleagues win on the gridiron, the Staley bowling team defeated Taylorville in their sport 2,238 to 2,070.[17]
The victory didn't come clean for the Staleys, with Dressen nursing a broken shoulder blade and Wasem and Veach both suffering knee injuries.[15][18] But what mattered to them was that they were the best team in Illinois, and they made sure to show it to everyone. The day after the game, Staley Football Club and future Bears executive Morgan O'Brien proclaimed:[12]
We're claiming the State Independent championship of Illinois football teams this morning.
Taylorville has held the title for several years. The Rock Island team I suppose is also claiming it but we can't get a game with them. Outside of that, I don't suppose any other team will contest our claim. Spring Valley is out of it because Kewanee beat them recently and next Sunday Taylorville plays Kewanee and it is almost a cinch that Taylorville with win.
Even with the loss, Taylorville wanted payback and immediately reached out to O'Brien with the hope of arranging a rematch on Thanksgiving Day. Although the Independents had a game scheduled against Spring Valley that day, they had beaten them multiple times before. For Taylorville fans, they had found their new rival, and all they wanted now was to get another crack at them. In response to the calls, O'Brien said, "We have no game scheduled for Thanksgiving. If we do not get a better offer we will go to Taylorville and whip them again."[19]
However, Augustus Staley and Wasem had other plans and quickly shut those talks down.[18] As Staley explained, there was no reason for the Independents to try playing Decatur again if they were just going to get smacked and lose by multiple scores for a second time, meaning they would have to rely on ringers if they wanted to even have a chance at beating his team.[20]
Regardless, O'Brien and the Independents tried to get a late-season game going. A November 30 date in Decatur was turned down since Taylorville had the Spring Valley game on Thanksgiving, while a December 7 attempt fell apart due to fears of bad weather.[21] On the plus side for Taylorville, while a rematch wasn't feasible, the Staley game was one of just two on the 1919 schedule that netted them a profit with $500.[22]
The Staleys might be Central Illinois Champions, but their season wasn't finished yet. With Taylorville out of the picture, Staley and Wasem turned their attention to other teams like Rock Island and Beardstown; although they ultimately played neither, Rock Island would become a bitter rival of the Staleys/Bears once they joined the APFA/NFL. In the meantime, O'Brien scheduled a game against the Arcola Independents.[20]

Gepford and Adkins

Despite the jovial attitude in Decatur, things weren't all sunshine and rainbows. Okay, maybe Sunshine was involved.
When he received word that Gepford and Adkins were playing pro football for the Staleys, Millikin head coach Norman Wann made his way to Taylorville and watched the second half. The next day, he kicked the two off the team despite their repeated denials of playing, while the university board considered expelling them before ultimately letting them stay in school. University president J.C. Hessler called their actions "the yellowest thing that has ever been done by a Millikin athlete."[7][23]
Brannan was singled out by Hessler and Wann as the one responsible for the Gepford/Adkins signing (since playing football and getting a paycheck along the way is pretty neat, regardless of time period). Wann in particular said he was "certain that the men did not voluntarily offer their services to Staley's. It makes no difference that they were tempted with the offer made to them, they knew what they were doing when they went to play against Taylorville."[23]
Staley defended Brannan:[24]
"Coach Brannan should not be blamed for inducing Sidney Gepford and Roy Adkins to play with the Staley team against Taylorville. On the other hand he warned them against injuring their collegiate standing but they wished to get into the battle and Adkins had a personal interest in the game, as he is an employee of the firm.
"Personally I did not know that the two Millikin men were to play in the game until I got down there. The company does not want to do anything that will injure the spirit of clean sport for Millikin. I have nothing to do with the details of sport carried on by the Staley clubs as the athletic director has charge of that, but I would not want him to do anything that would injure Millikin in the least."
Later in the week, Wann changed his tone as he clarified he was not accusing Brannan of enticing the two to join the Staleys. "I believe the responsibility lies with the boys themselves," he said. "I am heartily sorry for the whole affair."[25]
Now that they were considered pro athletes, they went for the best option available: staying with the Staleys. When George Halas took over the team in 1920, Gepford and Adkins became members of the original APFA/NFL-era roster.[8][26]
Tragically, this story did not have a happy ending for Gepford. In 1922, he and Adkins were recruited by an old Millikin line coach to enroll at Bethany College in West Virginia and play college football again; since Bethany didn't care for amateur athlete status, the two were joined by other former APFA players, including three ex-Staleys.[8] A year later, Gepford suffered a concussion in a game against Butler, but kept playing. This decision led to severe headaches through the following summer as he continued working at A.E. Staley and prepared for his job as a high school teacher.[26]
On September 9, 1924, he shot and killed himself; he was 28 years old. At his funeral, his mother blamed the head injuries from his playing days for causing his suicide. Of course, from today's perspective, we know this as CTE. Although his concussion technically happened in a college game after his pro career ended, Gepford is perhaps the very first NFL player to die of brain injuries caused by football.[26]


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Official /r/TheB1G Week 10 Power Rankings

Week 10 Power Rankings:
Okay, Nebraska, we get it. You can brigade any internet poll. Congratulations. We had a record number of voters this week, as well as a record number of obvious troll votes that had to be thrown out (almost exclusively Nebraska fans, many of whom voted their team #1 and/or Iowa #14). This is a reminder that I remove those votes, so your blatant trolling was for naught.
Rank Team Points Average Rank Prev. Change Variance
1 Michigan 145(145) 1.00 1 0 0.00
2 Ohio State 311 2.14 2 0 0.39
3 Northwestern 669 4.61 5 +2 3.67
4 Penn State 680 4.69 3 -1 2.26
5 Michigan State 740 5.10 6 +1 3.34
6 Purdue 837 5.77 8 +2 2.51
7 Wisconsin 897 6.19 7 0 2.58
8 Iowa 1044 7.20 4 -4 3.65
9 Nebraska 1382 9.53 12 +3 3.49
10 Maryland 1471 10.14 9 -1 1.79
11 Indiana 1602 11.05 10 -1 1.50
12 Illinois 1707 11.77 13 +1 0.98
13 Minnesota 1723 11.88 11 -2 1.69
14 Rutgers 2017 13.91 14 0 0.12
For team standings and records, visit the /TheB1G sidebar.
Schedules and Results
Team Rankings By Week
Team Average Rankings By Week
Rank Commentary
1. That’s three-straight dominant wins (42-7) over a ranked team as the revenge tour rolls on. Michigan won the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball and set the tone early. They sacked Trace McSorley twice on the opening drive, which established the kind of day it was going to be for the PSU offense (186 total yards). They bottled up Miles Sanders (14 yards on 7 carries), McSorley was just 5 of 13 passing, there were five sacks, and two interceptions (one each for Tommy Stevens). Once again Josh Uche led the pass rush with two sacks…he’s now second in the B1G with seven, all coming in the past five games. His quickness, speed, and athleticism are tough for O-linemen to handle. Brandon Watson returned an INT for a TD and Michigan cornerbacks now have scored four touchdowns, twice the amount they’ve allowed. Crazy. A PSU touchdown with 1:59 remaining prevented the shutout. Don Brown IS the king of DCs. The offense established the running game early as the Wolverines went 76 yards on eight plays on their first drive, all runs, to take a 7-0 lead. That was a statement in itself. Michigan outran PSU 259 yards to 68 with Karan Higdon going for 132 yards to give him seven-straight with 100-plus yards. Shea Patterson ran for 42 yards and accounted for three scores, one rushing and two through the air, including a pretty scoring strike while rolling to his right to Donovan Peoples-Jones, who now has seven TD grabs. Most importantly, the offensive line is developing into a strength. They not only opened holes for the running game but limited PSU to just one sack (3.5 per game coming in). Sitting at No. 4 in the CFB Playoff Rankings, the Wolverines are in a good place ten weeks in. B1GLove
2. Good news: our running game finally showed up again and Brendon White actually looked like a competent safety when he got the chance to play. Bad news: The defense still can't stop the run and LB play is still just as bad as always. Michigan is going to score at will against this defense. Up next: A road trip up to East Lansing where our defense will do their best to make Sparty look like an offensive juggernaut. Strangely enough considering how hotly contested OSU/MSU games have been lately, but Sparty hasn't actually beaten the Buckeyes in East Lansing since 1999. I wouldn't be surprised if that streak ends this week. topher3003
3. LeinadSpoon
4. Well, that wasn't what I expected. Michigan absolutely trounced Penn State in a game where the offense could do absolutely nothing to get going. If not for a Tommy Stevens garbage time TD, the Lions would have been shutout. I have to give the defense some credit for keeping the game within two scores up until the half. I don't even fully fault them for the second half collapse because they were tired from being on the field for ⅔ of the game - the offense did little other help. Hot take: at this point, I don't think the Lions should be ranked. Even our best wins are unconvincing, looking back. My confidence in Rahne is shaken as any chance we have have left for a second tier bowl game hinges on this weekend against Wisconsin. 2ndHalfTeam
5. A solid win over a program in turmoil and it seems MSU is getting this season back on track. The defense is coming around nicely as players return from injury. The offense is still shaky as neith QB looked good this week. The wind was certainly a factor, but the Lewerke injury and Lombardi's inexperience make things tough moving forward, despite the plan to stick with Brian for the moment. Next week is a big game against an OSU team that has struggled as of late. Getting a win here puts MSU in line for a NY6 bowl if cards begin to fall in the right way. FoxMcbowser42
6. Purdue knocked off another Top 25 team at Ross-Ade to improve to 3-0 on the season. It's incredible how different this team looks now vs. the first three weeks. David Bloug had two killer interceptions, but he also had three long touchdown passes and another short one to help Purdue secure the game. The end of the game was a thriller; after allowing Iowa to take a one point lead, Purdue's final drive started from midfield and included a 4th and 2 conversion. Spencer Evans converted a chip shot field goal for the game winner. Next weekend, the Boilermakers go on the road to Minnesota, witha good chance to become bowl eligible before the last game of the season for the first time since...who can remember that long ago. dgahimer
7. Woo, we beat Rutgers! Hornibrook did not have a good day in his return from his concussion. He went 7/16 with 2 INTs, but the worst was that right before halftime he was tackled, landing on the back of his helmet and had to leave the game. On the bright side, coming out of halftime the Badgers said, "You know what? We really don't need to pass the ball." Wisconsin did not throw a pass in the 3rd quarter and unlike last week, Jonathan Taylor was able to carry the offense in Hornibrook's absence (with a little help from the O-line of course) to the tune of 208 yds and 3 TDs. Although Rutgers was able to score some points in the 4th quarter, the game was effectively over after the 3rd. pianobadger
8. Missed the game. Got married. Pretty sure I got the better end of that deal. Heard there was some suspect officiating and some terrible secondary play by Iowa. trumpet_23
9. In a season like this, the best medicine is to find the good things to build on. Well I’ll take the bitter pill and talk special teams. How is it possible to be so grotesquely terrible at every single facet of special teams? We get punts blocked, but even clean punts don’t go very far. We always lose the field position game. We miss field goals and PATs. We kick off out of bounds. When we manage to keep the kickoff in play, we can’t stop long returns. We are terrible at our own kick returns. We do this? On the bright side, the rest of the season really looks winnable. But also losable. This week is Illinois, Nebraska holds the all-time lead 11-3-1. Nebraska_Actually
10. Guess I'll start out with the happenings of last week... The BoR's decision to retain Durkin, Evans, and Loh was unfathomable. Even if you didn't care about the optics, the two reports outline so many failings and infighting at all levels of the university that there is no way to continue with the status quo. And the media is so caught up in their narrative that the culture killed a player that no one has even bothered to talk about the fact that the trainers who failed to properly treat McNair are still employed. The very students that organized protest at the decision to retain Durkin failed to show up and support the student-athletes even after he was fired. Then we have a backup punter tried to use the situation to air his own personal grievances by running media and the Murphy law firm to slander a teammate. As someone who loves my university, it's painful to witness this whole situation. I have so much respect for the players and their handling of this because their resilience through this challenging time is one of the few bright spots of the last few months. Anyways, onto our previously scheduled programming. It's gotten kinda bland writing this blurb because I probably could have gotten away with only writing two of them this whole season. Last week Maryland's run game was unstoppable and the pass game got involved against a bad opponent. This week we faced a tough run defense and the Maryland offense looked completely inept from start to finish. Stop me if you've heard this before. Maryland has not played a game that was within 21 points since Week 1. Down 17-3 in the 4th quarter, Maryland very nearly flipped the script. With MSU backed up in their own redzone, Byron Cowart corralled a deflected pass and was going to take it to the house for a pick-6. However a MSU player snuck up on his blindside and punched the ball out short of the goal line. Michigan State recovered the ball in the endzone, gaining them 4 yards on the play and would score an 80yd rushing touchdown on the next. So it goes. Next week is basically the last chance for Maryland to reach a bowl. They hit the road to play Indiana before facing Ohio State and Penn State. Pray that the trend continues. Wicked_UMD
11. BYE manofruber
12. There really was nothing to say about the Illini game 2 weeks ago against Maryland. Last week was a whole new game and we would have won 55-17 if the second team didn't allow 2 garbage time TDs. Nonetheless, this was probably the most complete game I have seen from the Illini. Our offense exploded for 646 yards with Reggie Corbin and AJ Bush contributing all but 92 of the yards. On defense however, we allowed 436 yards which really isn't an improvement with Lovie as the play caller. Yes there were blitzes and packages other than a boring Cover 2, but our linebackers and DTs are too inexperienced and continuously missed tackles, mis read the offense and failed to adjust to the playcall. This defense is not ready for prime time play and will need to grow and mature to compete at a high level week after week. Nebraska next week scares me, especially with the way their offense has been playing. But in the end, all hope is not lost, at least until Saturday. the_reddit_intern
13. No offense to the Illini but that was embarrassing on so many levels. I feel like a broken record with these losses, giving up huge plays repeatedly is killing us. There is not much to highlight on the Minnesota side of the ball in this one, the one optimistic point is the firing of defensive coordinator Robb Smith. I've been calling for it for a couple of weeks now, however I assumed due to the friendship between Fleck and Smith that it wouldn't happen until the end of the season. Nice to see Fleck make the hard decisions. Our schedule does not get any easier, so interim DC Joe Rossi and Fleck have some scheming to do if they want to at least match years win total. kShnarsty
14. Good teams win, great teams cover. And this past Saturday, Rutgers was a great team (at least for bettors who took them to cover the -29 spread). Screw that shark making tons of money betting against Rutgers in Vegas earlier in the season. Blink for a second, and what do you know, Rutgers is now a decent 4-5 on covering the spread this season. Anyway, enough of my NJ self-loathing. This Rutgers performance was what fans were expecting all year. Solid and competitive against top teams, that's all we were asking for. Sure, Wisconsin isn't the playoff hopeful they were at season start, but this is still a really good football team, though "One Horni Boi" played poorly. And sure, the 14 point margin occurred only with 1 minute left in the game, but I'll take it. It was a breakout performance for RB Raheen Blackshear, who caught 8 passes for 152 yards and a TD. QB Art Sitkowski actually played "Lit-kowski" with a 261 yards and 1 TD, and importantly, no turnovers for the second straight game. Hopefully we play a solid game against Michigan, who beat us a by a super embarrassing 78-0 score the last time they played us in Piscataway. MRC1986
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List of all the early week 1 betting lines.

So I decided instead of comparing AP#1s and movies/TV shows I should make a post that could actually have a function. Since I'm a fan of making money off of CFB I figured I there were others that enjoyed the same. So I went and compiled all the early week 1 lines from the major sportsbooks. And since these are still not the final lines I will update the table and repost it the day before games start. List of Bovada lines. List of remaining sportsbook's lines
A few lines against the spread (Bovada lines) that jump out at me currently: Florida +4, Maryland +17, Utep +44, WMU +26, Georgia Southern -35, Troy +12.5, A&M +3 (super iffy ab this one tho).
Quick side note: It is a travesty that I couldn’t use Sparky as the flair for Arizona State. Win that alternate flair ASU fans.
Teams Bovada Westgate Superbook MGM Mirage William Hill CG Tech. Stations BetOnline
Oregon State @ Colorado State CSU -3.5 CSU -3.5 CSU -3.5 CSU -3.5 CSU -3.5 CSU -3.5 CSU -3.5
Hawai'i @ UMass UH -1.0 UH -1.5 Umass -1.0 UH -1.0 UH -1.0 UH -1.0 UH -1.0
USF @ San José State USF -20 USF -20 USF -19 USF -20 USF -21 USF -20 USF-20
Rice @ Stanford SU-31.5 SU -31.5 SU -31.5 SU -31.5 SU -32 SU -32 SU -31.5
Ohio State @ Indiana OSU -20.5 OSU -21 OSU -21 OSU -21 OSU -20.5 OSU -21 OSU -21.5
Buffalo @ Minnesota UM -26.5 UM -26.5 UM -26.5 UM -27 UM -27 UM -27 UM -26.5
ULM @ Memphis Memphis -27 Memphis -27.5 Memphis -27 Memphis –27 Memphis -27 Memphis -27 Memphis -27
New Mexico State @ Arizona State ASU -25 ASU-25.5 ASU -25 ASU -25.5 ASU -25.5 ASU -25.5 ASU -25
Charlotte @ Eastern Michigan EMU -12.5 EMU -12 EMU -12.5 EMU -12.5 EMU -12.5 EMU -12.5 EMU -12
Washington @ Rutgers UW -30.5 UW -30.5 UW -31 UW -30.5 UW -30.5 UW -30.5 UW -30.5
Navy @ FAU Navy -14 Navy -13.5 Navy -14.5 Navy -14 Navy -13.5 Navy -13.5 Navy -13.5
Boston College @ Northern Illinois BC -3.0 BC -2.5 BC -2.0 BC -3.0 BC -3.0 BC -3.0 BC -2.5
Utah State @ Wisconsin UW –29 UW -29 UW -29 UW -29 UW -29 UW -29 UW -29
Bowling Green @ Michigan State MSU -19.5 MSU -20 MSU -20 MSU -20 MSU -20 MSU -20 MSU -20
Arkansas State @ Nebraska UN -16.5 UN -16 UN -16.5 UN -16.5 UN -16.5 UN -16.5 UN -17
Wyoming @ Iowa Iowa -13 Iowa -13 Iowa -13.5 Iowa -13.5 Iowa -13 Iowa -13 Iowa -13
Louisville @ Purdue UL -26.5 UL -26 UL -26.5 UL -26.5 UL -26 UL -26.5 UL -26.5
Akron @ Penn State PSU -33 PSU-33 PSU -33 PSU -33 PSU -33 PSU -33 PSU -33
Kent State @ Clemson CU -38.5 CU -38 CU -38 CU -39 CU -39 CU -39 CU -38.5
Ball State @ Illinois UI -8.5 UI -7.5 UI -8.5 UI -8.5 UI -9 UI -9 UI -9
Miami (OH) @ Marshall Marshall -1.0 PK Marshall -1.0 PK PK PK PK
Nevada @ Northwestern NW -24.5 NW -25 NW -23.5 NW -24.5 NW -24 NW -24.5 NW -24
South Carolina @ NC State NCS -5.0 NCS -5.5 NCS -4.5 NCS -5.5 NCS -5.0 NCS -5.0 NCS -5.0
Michigan vs Florida UM -4.0 UM -4.0 UM -4.5 UM -4.0 UM -4.0 UM -4.5 UM -4.0
Maryland @ Texas UT -17 UT -16.5 UT -16.5 UT -17 UT -17 UT -17 UT -17.5
UTEP @ Oklahoma OU -44 OU –44 OU -45 OU -44 OU -44.5 OU -44 OU -44.5
Temple @ Notre Dame ND -15 ND -15.5 ND -15 ND -15 ND -15 ND -15 ND -15
Western Michigan @ USC USC -26 USC -27 USC -25.5 USC -26 USC -26 USC -26 USC -26
California @ North Carolina UNC -12.5 UNC -13 UNC -12.5 UNC -13 UNC -13 UNC -13 UNC -12.5
Georgia Southern @ Auburn AU -35 AU -35 AU -35 AU -35 AU -35 AU -35 AU -35
Troy @ Boise State BSU -12.5 BSU -12.5 BSU -12.5 BSU -12.5 BSU -12.5 BSU -12.5 BSU -12.5
Kentucky @ Southern Miss UK -10 UK -10 UK -10 UK -10 UK -10 UK -10 UK -10
Appalachian State @ Georgia UGA -14 UGA -14.5 UGA -13.5 UGA -14.5 UGA -14.5 UGA -14.5 UGA -14
Tulsa @ Oklahoma State OSU -17 OSU -17 OSU -16.5 OSU -17 OSU -16 OSU -17.5 OSU -16.5
Houston @ UTSA UH -13.5 UH -13 UH -14 UH -13.5 UH -13.5 UH -13.5 UH -13.5
South Alabama @ Ole Miss Locked Miss -25 Miss -25.5 Miss -24.5 Miss -24.5 Miss -25 Miss -25.5
Alabama vs Florida State Bama -7.0 Bama -7.0 Bama -7.5 Bama -7.5 Bama -7.0 Bama -7.0 Bama -7.0
Vanderbilt @ Middle Tennessee Vandy -5.5 Vandy -4.5 Vandy -5.5 Vandy -6.0 Vandy -6.0 Vandy -6.0 Vandy -6.5
BYU vs LSU LSU -13 LSU -13.5 LSU -12.5 LSU -13.5 LSU -13 LSU -13.5 LSU -13.5
West Virginia vs Virginia Tech VT -4.5 VT -4.5 VT -4.5 VT -4.5 VT -4.0 VT -4.5 VT -4.5
Texas A&M @ UCLA UCLA -3.5 UCLA 3.5 UCLA 3.0 UCLA -3.5 UCLA -3.5 UCLA -3 UCLA -3
Georgia Tech vs Tennessee UT -3.5 UT -3.5 UT -3.0 UT -3.5 UT -3.5 UT -3.5 UT -3.5
FIU @ UCF N/A UCF -17.5 UCF -17 UCF -17.5 UCF -17.5 UCF -17.5 UCF -17
Colorado State vs Colorado N/A Colorado -7.0 Colorado -7.0 Colorado -7.0 Colorado -7.0 Colorado -7.0 Colorado -7.0
UMass @ Coastal Carolina N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
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NC63's 2 Round Mock - Part two! (With Analysis)

Round 2 will be in the comments, since I made this post way too fucking long.
Also: If you want to read this in good docs instead of scrolling: Here is the link
1. Cleveland Browns: Myles Garrett, DE (Texas A&M):
We all know Garrett is the best player in the draft. Not going to bore you with a blurb about why. The Browns need defensive talent bad, and Garrett is a great place to start.
Grade: A+
2. San Francisco 49ers: Reuben Foster, ILB (Alabama):
I am sticking with foster here for the 49ers. Lots of people did not like this pick from my first mock, but it seems 49ers fans slowly have warmed up to the idea of taking foster here with Kizer and Trubisky dropping down boards. Although getting an amazing EDGE prospect would be preferable, there isn’t one (right now) after Garrett. I think Foster is BPA (Except Allen), and injecting as much talent into that defense is important, instead of reaching for an EDGE guy.
Foster has some really great instincts. He is the leader of an absolutely loaded Alabama defense. He isn’t fantastic in coverage, but he is workable. In run support, Foster is elite. He takes his time and hits the right hole, and can shed blocks pretty well. He is exactly what you want in a Middle linebacker. The biggest perk for Foster is his feel for the game. He seems so comfortable on the field, and always knows where to be.
Grade: A
3. Jacksonville Jaguars: Leonard Fournette, RB (LSU)
With a new coach coming in this offseason, and maybe a new GM, it is anyone’s guess what the Jags will take. Bortles has been garbage lately, but I really don’t think it is time to move on from him. Giving Bortles a weapon like Fournette to hand the ball off to could help in ways unimaginable right now. Maybe Bortles isn’t the guy to win a championship for the Jags, but he can be a game manager with a monstrous run game. Maybe that is all they need to be a playoff team (with entirely new coaches, of course)
Fournette is an absolute monster. I linked his game against Ole Miss. Fournette needs only a few feet of space to do work, once he gets in space he is gone. His top end speed will immediately be one of the fastest in the league. Lots of people say that he is not a complete back, because he can not catch passes out of the backfield or pass block. I disagree with that. There is a difference not being able to, and not being asked to. LSU worked to Fournettes strengths, and lined him up to succeed by letting him run downhill. I could absolutely see an offense focused on him. He can catch passes and pass block, he is just rarely asked to. He has the body and intelligence to be a sufficient pass blocker. He caught a few gadget passes in the Ole Miss game linked. I don’t think it will be an issue at the next level honestly. If he can’t find any space, he does get a bit frustrated. Most of Fournette’s games start with him running into a wall of lineman 5 or 6 times until he finds his groove. With Fournette, every game is just a time bomb until he finds a hole and breaks away for 60 yards. He can pummel any safety coming in for a tackle, and is elusive enough to go through tight areas. He is without a doubt my favorite player to watch in this draft.
Grade: A
4. Chicago Bears: Jonathan Allen, DE/DT (Alabama)
The Bears are in a full fledges rebuild. In a true rebuild, you take the BPA. In my mind, that is Allen. I believe the Bears won’t take a QB early this year, because next years class is stacked, and none of the prospects this year are worth the #4 pick to them. Barkley, and whatever other QBs they roster next year will be servicable. For now, I think the bears are just looking for Blue Chip talent.
Watching film on Allen was interesting. He is not the type of player to jump out on the screen as the best player on the field, even though he usually is. He does not rely on speed and quickness. He also doesn’t rely only on strength, which is why I love him. Allen just does everything right . He has great hands, always keeps his arms stretched out to keep distance, and never gets bullied. Out of 3 full games I watch on him, he only got pushed back about 3 times. He eats double teams so well. He is so technically sound I am generally amazed. I liked watching him more as a DT not a DE personally, but he can line up anywhere. I wouldn’t expect him to rack up sacks in the NFL. He can anchor a line, but he is not best suited as a pash rusher. He takes his time when the ball is snapped, gets great pad position, sets his feet, and then starts the play. I see a ton of Aaron Donald when I watch Allen. Not the flashiest guy, but just gets shit done.
Grade: A+
Previous pick: Mitch Trubisky , QB (North Carolina)
5. Tennessee Titans(From Rams): Jamal Adams, SS (LSU)
The Titans miss out on Allen. Bummer. Their consolation prize is my personal favorite guy to watch in the Draft. Jamal Adams is an absolute monster on the field. He isn’t the highest need for the Titans, but this CB draft class is deep. Titans fans will love this pick if they go watch a few minutes of film from him.
Fuck I love Adams. He has the highest motor on any field he steps on. He can tackle in the open field, he can play zone, he can cover man to man, and he can go in the box in run support. A complete safety if I have ever seen one. Adams is an absolute ball magnet. He is so involved on every play because he makes himself involved. As a coverage safety, he doesn’t get thrown at much. He has really great speed and acceleration, so he rarely gets burned deep. He is a pretty good open field tackler, he misses a few here and there but generally wraps up well. My favorite part about watching adams is his run support. He can get right in the box and hold his own. Not great at shedding blocks, but makes some nice tackles if he is being ran at. Overall, Adams just pops on screen. He gives his all and is athletic as shit. I would kill to have him on my team if he fell that far.
Grade: A
Previous pick: Jonathan Allen, DE (Alabama)
6. New York Jets: Corey Davis, WR (Western Michigan)
The Jets have taken a defensive prospect 1st round every year since ‘06 (Except Mark Sanchez). It is clear they prefer to build their defense. A lot of people say they draft based off of BPA, but I am calling bullshit. If you bet that the Jets would draft a CB, S, or Defensive lineman RD1 the past 10 years, you’d be a rich man. I think BPA to the Jets means their favorite defensive guy on the board, hopefully pushing a need. I had a ton of trouble with this pick. Allen and Garrett are gone. Adams is gone. No top CB prospect has emerged as a worthy pick at #6. They have 2 project QBs already (Petty and Hack), and I don’t think they are ready to give up on them and draft a QB here. Their D-line is pretty good, and their linebackers are serviceable. They have invested a ton of draft capital into their defense. At this point, they are losing Marshall, Decker is question mark, and Bilal Powell and Forte have proven to be an OK duo. I am giving them Davis here to add some starpower into the Receiving Corps that will be lost with Marshall. I will probably be hated on for this pick, but I just can’t find any defensive guy worth the value at their position; also, it doesn’t hurt to spice it up a bit and throw Davis top 10 instead of to the Eagles.
The kid is pretty special. The entire WMU offense runs through him. Watching his film, I spot a few flaws. For how big he is, and playing G5, he should have won more jumpballs. He probably wins about 50% of them, which is high, but for a 1st round WR in G5 I was looking for some better technique in that area. The other problem was how the WMU offense is run. It is extremely simple, and I don’t think Davis is going to have much a defined route tree entering the league. He can run a deep post, go route, a slant, and screens. That is about it. A positive note is he runs these few routes extremely well. He seems to always have 5 yards of room on his post and go routes. This is a testament to the garbage defenses he plays, and him running great routes. I wish there was more film on him having to fight for those deep balls, because it seems a lot of his routes make it way too easy to properly gauge if he can play like this for an NFL team. He has great hands, but sometimes seems to revert back to catching with his body. Once he drops a ball doing that he snaps out of it, but it seems to be an issue that when he isn’t thinking about it, he body catches. His speed and athleticism is excellent, but he needs to be refined to be a #1 at the next level.
Grade: B+/A-
Previous Pick: Deshone Kizer, QB (Norte Dame)
7. Carolina Panthers: Takkarist Mckinley, DE, UCLA
Panthers fans seem to have a hard-on for Barnett, but I just don’t see it. I saw Takk going late 1st-early 2nd in a lot of mocks, but I think I may have been watching a different player. Mckinley is an absolute game changer in my eyes. Every play he seems to blow up. His pass rushing ability is one of the best this year. He has a disgusting swim move, and his bull rush is fantastic. Mckinley has a motor that does not stop. His length and strength pairing make him almost impossible to block. He is gifted enough to use moves to get past you, and strong enough to bull rush you if a lineman gets to comfortable on his heels waiting for a swim/spin move. His length is underrated-once he gets his hands on you they stick, and many guys don't have the arm length to get a good grip back. This is a reason why Mckinley gets away with so many moves. In run support, Mckinley is just as talented. He can take on double teams, shed blocks, stuff holes, and is a talented tackler. He doesn’t bite on read options generally, and plays smart.
Grade: A
Previous Pick: Marlon Humphrey, CB (Alabama)
8. New Orleans Saints: Zach Cunningham, LB (Vandy)
Saints fans are obsessed with saying “we don’t need cornerbacks, all of our good ones are on IR”. Since Cunningham is a perfect fit, and I don’t want to deal with Saints fan’s shit, I am taking Cunningham here. I truly believe the Saints will take Tabor or Jones come draft time, but for now, a great LB prospect doesn’t hurt.
Cunningham is a really exceptional prospect. He is 6’4 230, so he has the size to play in the NFL. He is long and lanky, but still has speed. He can drop into coverage and lay a hit behind the LOS. Cunningham has a good feel for the game; he can read the quarterback's eyes well, doesn’t get tricked on play action often. He has a knack for finding the ball, and seems to always be involved in the play, a lot like Jamal Adams. He is definitely raw, but athletically can be a monster in the coming years. Unlike a lot of “raw” prospects, Zach actually has put it together this year. He doesn’t look like an athlete playing football, he looks like a football player. His tackling leaves a bit to be desired, and he can get pushed around a bit by lineman because he isn’t the best at shedding blocks, but overall, I think he will go top 15.
Grade: A-
Previous pick: Derek Barnett, DE (Tennessee)
9. Cleveland Browns (From Eagles): Deshone Kizer, QB (Norte Dame)
The Browns pass on Kizer at 1, but he is sitting here at #9 and all the Blue Chip defensive prospects are gone. I have read a few articles that Browns scouts are eyeing Kizer heavily. At 9, I really don’t think they pass, especially with all the draft Capital they have obtained.
Kizer was an interesting guy to watch. At first, I really did not like him. The more I watched, the better he seemed to look. Kizer has a few things going for him: Measurables, arm strength, running ability are all top notch. I do question his decision making and accuracy quite a bit. Kizer has an absolute missile of an arm. He makes some really nice throws when he has time. He rarely, if ever, throws off his back foot, and always has poise in the pocket. His pocket presence and awareness is actually very impressive. He has issues that a lot of young quarterbacks have: He stares down his receivers all night long, his accuracy is a bit questionable. My biggest issue with him is his ability as a runner. One of Kizer’s biggest strength is he is fantastic on Read Options and designed run plays. He relies way too much on his running ability to get him out of bad situations, and a lot of the offense revolves off of his ability as a runner. In the NFL, he will need to stay in the pocket. Coaches and GMs saw with Cam Newton that it’s very dangerous to put a QB out in the field, because it makes them so vulnerable. If Kizer goes to a good team, I doubt he will be doing much designed running, maybe one or two plays a game. Kizer really needs to work on going through his reads if he wants to be an NFL QB. Overall, Kizer isn’t a great prospect, but he is pretty solid. He will go high in this years poopy QB class.
Grade: B+
Previous Pick: Dont’a Foreman, RB (Texas)
10. San Diego Chargers: Malik Mcdowell, DT (Michigan State)
In my opinion, I am not a huge fan of Mcdowell. He is the definition of high upside, but lacks some technicality in his game. If he goes to a team with a bad defense, a bad scheme, and no great coaches, I think he will bust. Malik takes advantage of his strength and size; he knows he is the strongest person on the line. Because of this, he eats up a ton of double teams. A problem I see with Mcdowell is he never uses his hands, and always puts his head down. He has missed a ton of tackles and puts himself in bad positions because he bullrushes all the time. I think with some good coaching, this can be fixed. And on pass rush plays where Mcdowell keeps his heads up and uses his hands, he looks absolutely elite. In the NFL where everyone is bigger and stronger, I think Malik will go through a huge learning curve. He relies way too much on his size to succeed the same way he does at the NFL level. I hope a team with some structure in place drafts him and molds him, because he can be a truly great lineman if he puts his head to it. He can line up as an end and pass rush rather well. He can also be a DT and stuff run plays. His motor is generally very nice, I rarely saw him take plays off. Overall, he isn’t my favorite guy to watch, but he can be a really game-changing D-lineman.
Grade: A-
Previous Pick: Malik Hooker, S (Ohio State) Hooker has decided to not declare, so I took him out of my mock completely.
11. Arizona Cardinals: Mitch Trubisky , QB (North Carolina)
LB and CB are needs, but Trubisky falling to 11 is too much to pass up. The Cardinals do not seem like the type of team to trade up for a QB, but when one falls to them like this, they pull the trigger. Trubisky is a really solid prospect all around. He’s got the Size and mental ability to be an NFL QB. Overall, Mitch has pocket presence, excellent arm strength, and the ability to run. He rarely stares down receivers, and makes accurate throws. The only issue I had with Trubisky was how the offense was run. I don’t think we got to see his full potential as a passer, as a lot of plays were designed screens to the RBs and Switzer. His games against duke and Miami aren’t insanely impressive, but if a good NFL coach can get his hands on Trubisky I really believe he can be a top 15 QB in a few years.
Grade: B+
Previous pick: Zach Cunningham, LB (Vandy)
12: Cincinnati Bengals: Tim Williams, EDGE (Alabama)
This just feels like such a Bengals pick. It’s a need, but sort of a luxury pick. I don’t really know what to do with the Bengals here. Their O-line is average, their receiving corps leaves a bit to be desired, but with a healthy AJ Green it is solid, they have two startable running backs. On defense they seem to have above average players at most positions. They took a CB last year first round and he has yet to see a snap. The Bengals are stuck in Limbo, and there is no one they can draft at their position that can change the team.
As a pure pass rusher, he is top 3 in the draft. Garrett is better, and I think he is tied with Lawson. I am not super high on Williams. I think he is a great gadget for a defense to have. A reason Williams is such a successful pass rusher is the Alabama D-line is so fucking good that Williams rarely gets double teamed. As a unit, the D-line gets pressure almost every play. This gives Williams a beautiful opening to perfect his pass rushing. He almost never gets double teamed (because they have to double team Jonathan Allen). If Williams was the focal point of a D-line, I don’t think he would be doing as well. Williams does not jump out as a generational athlete to me. He isn’t twitchy and have speedy acceleration like I am a fan of. But, he uses his hands really well, always gets good jumps on the snap, and uses a ton of moves to get to the QB. Some team in the later round of the first half is going to love having him, if they already have a pretty complete defense.
Grade: B+
Previous pick: Jamal Adams, SS (LSU)
13. Indianapolis Colts: Raekwon McMillan, MLB, Ohio St
This is a reach, I get it. McMillian is a perfect fit for the Colts in my eyes. He is an excellent run stuffer, which is what the colts need. He is also a leader on the Ohio State defense. The Colts are really missing out on some young talented blood in the LB position, so I think they reach here. Mcmillan is a great prospect for a team with a need at the ILB position. He is 6’2, 240. He is big on the field, and loves to hit. He won’t be the type of linebacker to do it all, like go into coverage or be an 8 sack a year kind of guy, but he is very good at stopping the run. He has solid footwork, great vision, can diagnose plays well, and plugs holes. He isn’t a fantastic tackler, but he gets the job done. He isn’t very nimble, so I don’t think he can play zone against quick slot receivers, but as a run stopper I think he has a place on an NFL defense. I feel like if someone misses out on Foster and has a need at ILB, they will be eyeing Mcmillan.
Grade: B+
Previous pick: Malik Mcdowell, DT (Michigan State)
14. Buffalo Bills: Marlon Humphrey, CB (Alabama)
Humphrey has a few things going for him. He is tall, athletic, has a high Football IQ, and got coached under saban. He rarely gets bullied by bigger receivers, and creates a solid push for the first 5 yards. In the film I watched, I rarely saw Humphrey get burned. It may be because the Alabama D-line is insanely good (it helps quite a bit), but regardless, he holds his own. He isn’t very twitchy like some CBs (Adoree Jackson), but he does mirror well. He seems to never get burned on slant routes, which I am a huge fan of. Humphrey is great at anticipating what will happen without jumping routes and getting burned. He plays big and safe. I think he will be best on an already complete defense, like Arizona, where he is not the focal point.
Grade: A-
The Bills seem to have no method to their madness based off their past drafts. They just draft whoever they like, usually leaning towards defense. I expect the Bills to move on from Rex Ryan this offseason, so based on their upcoming moves, it really is a crapshoot who they will draft, depending on who they bring in as the next coach, and who they re-sign.
Previous pick: OJ Howard, TE (Alabama)
15. Tennessee Titans: OJ Howard, TE (Alabama)
On the surface this looks like a bad pick. Just hear me out. Delanie Walker is a great TE, he can block, catch, and overall is a star on the Titans offense. Now what if you had two of those! Howard is a monster. He has a Gronk like ceiling. The team has a lot of needs elsewhere, but they have so much draft capital they can fill those in round 2 and 3. As a pounding, run first team, running two tight end sets is common. If both of those tight ends are excellent blockers and receivers, teams have to respect the play action, and it opens up the field so much more. The patriots showed this year having two star Tight Ends can work extremely well. Most teams don’t have a CB or LB that can cover one TE well, let alone two. The Titans needed a receiver in this draft, and this is how they can get one.
OJ is underrated so far I believe. He runs great routes, he blocks extremely well, he has great hands. He is everything you want in a Tight End. Watching his film is pretty intriguing. He jumps out of the screen whenever he gets the ball in his hands. His measurables are really nice; he is tall, but fills his figure well and is not skinny or overweight. I think it will be interesting to see how he does at the combine, if he has a really good combine, I could see him going top 15. The way he plays as a receiver reminds me a lot of Jimmy Graham. In the Alabama offense, he isn’t asked to do a ton, but when a play is designed for him and he gets a route deep or in the seam, it is going to be a big play. His run supports isn’t pro ready as of this moment, but I believe he can be a really solid blocker at the next level. He has strength; he rarely gets out-muscled. Sometimes he puts himself in a bad position, either with his hand placement or pad placement. Even with these faults, he still makes key blocks whenever he is on the field for Bama.
Grade: A-
Previous pick: Adoree Jackson, CB (USC)
16. Philadelphia Eagles (From Vikings): Teez Tabor, CB (Florida)
Dalvin is on the board, and Eagles fans are pissed they didn’t take him. I did this for a few reasons: I think the Eagles will pay in free agency for WRs and maybe a new RB, Star CBs are harder to come by than Star backs, this draft is STACKED with startable RBs, and Dalvin just doesn’t seem like a fit for the Eagles here. They air it out way too often. With the running backs they have now, and with them drafting Smallwood, it is easy to see the eagles prefer shift, speedy backs over a bruiser like Dalvin. The Eagles look to pass first, and Dalvin is the type of back you need to run all game to wear down the defense, which isn’t their offense (think Titans). Go ahead, tear me apart, but It is my opinion. RD 2 you can still grab a great back (go look, you did).
The Florida DBs are really hard to figure out. Lots say Tabor is the best prospect, others say Wilson. They also have great safeties and linebackers. Regardless, I think Tabor is a first rounder. He plays tough. Lots of corners nowadays are more nimble, and play more clever with small tugs of the jersey and quick pushes. Tabor, while using these types of tricks in his own right, plays physical as fuck. He straight wrecks people if he gets the chance. He is really good in run support, which I think teams value more than most realize. He can take on blocks and shed them easily. There is a reason many say he is the best prospect in the draft, he is a physical specimen. Despite being so physical, he is a smart player. You rarely see Tabor out of place or get burned. Unlike most physical college guys, he doesn't rely on his athleticism to be a good player. I really like him as a true #1 CB. Reminds me of Sherman or PP based on the way he plays
Grade: A
Previous pick: Corey Davis, WR (WMU)
17. Baltimore Ravens: Dalvin Cook, RB (FSU)
I am not changing this pick, no matter how much Ravens fans say they will snag a lineman here. I was listening to an NFL podcast, and the guys were talking about the Steelers vs. Ravens matchup. The thing that tilted it into the Steelers favor was Le'veon. Having a star that you can just give the ball to and let him go to work is important. The Ravens offense is mediocre because they have mediocre players at WR and RB. Dixon is not the answer, no matter how many times you say it. He is a change of pace pack. Perriman is average, but not the star you were hoping to draft. Smith is almost 40 years old. Wallace is past him prime. West is not a starting running back on a great team. As a Steelers fan, I would be legit scared if the Ravens picked Cook. He is insanely good, and can bruise. He is made for the AFC north.
Dalvin is the definition of a complete back. He can catch, he can run between the tackles, he can beat you with speed outside, he can pass block, and much more. He does everything well. Dalvin has some really great vision, and seems to breakaway for more yards because of it. He pops it outside routinely and uses his speed to take the corner. Between the tackles, he runs big. He is not looking to be shifty or elusive; he barrels downhill like no ones business. Overall, Dalvin is a really complete back. His top speed isn’t as high, but he reminds me a lot of Zeke in the way he runs.
Grade: A
18. Denver Broncos: Caleb Brantley, DT, Florida
Brantley is straight up disruptive, and an excellent run defender. The Broncos should go offense here, but I doubt it, as they have had so many issues this year getting ran all over. Late 1st- Early 2nd round talent in my eyes. Fantastic hands. Has a ton of moves in his disposal to get to the quarterback. His push/pull and swim move are deadly. In the few games I watched he could’ve easily had 5 more sacks on his resume that were missed by centimeters. He is clever with his hands, but also can use his strength to push people around. All around solid D-line prospect.
Grade: B+
Previous pick: Ryan Ramcyzk, OT (Wisconsin)
19. Washington Redskins: Carl Lawson, EDGE (Auburn)
Keeping this pick. Redskins need pass rush and Lawson is good. Pretty simple for me. Lawson is my second favorite EDGE guy in the draft. He looks at home on the outside. Lawson has a variety of pass rush moves in his disposal, and always is hand fighting for position. Unlike Barnett, Lawson looks uber athletic; he has that “twitchy” look when he bursts off the line and pass rushes. Pretty solid in run support; he is big enough to hold his ground and doesn’t over commit. Stays home often. I didn’t see him get mauled or handled in the film I watched, he is super stout and holds his ground well. A very solid EDGE prospect in my eyes. Not a crazy high ceiling, but not a low floor either.
Grade: A-
20. Green Bay Packers: Jabrill Peppers, LB/S, Michigan
It is clear the packers need help in the secondary. It may be a coaching issue, who knows, but I think this is an OK spot for peppers to go. This is honestly the highest I would put him. Whether or not he gets interceptions or is great in coverage, it is hard to argue he is a disruptive playmaker. Packers fans, how do you feel about this pick? I don’t really see peppers as a safety. At Michigan, he was constantly in the box, and seemed to be rushing the passer like 40% of plays. He is valuable to have on the field, as defenses have to adjust to his versatility. He is big and can take on blocks, but I don’t see him as a talented blitzer at the next level. He has speed, but just isn’t a great safety. He has decent vision as a runner, and reliable pre-play recognition. I personally don’t see him as the game changing guy he is made out to be; but to each his own.
Grade: B
Previous pick: Teez Tabor, CB (Florida)
21. Houston Texans: Cam Robinson, OT, Alabama
Someone is going to take Cam before the first round is over. With Ramcyzk going into surgery, he is the only possible tackle guy left. The Texans desperately need O-line talent; they are pretty complete everywhere else (Except QB).
Not going to lie, this is one of the few guys I haven’t watched a ton of film on, so take my opinion as you will. He is massive, but has flat feet. He isn’t very quick with his feet, and loses some hand battles. I definitely agree with people saying he should move to guard, but hey, that won’t stop a tackle hungry team from trying him out there.
Grade: B
Previous Pick: Pat Mahomes, QB (Texas Tech)
22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: John Ross, WR (Washington)
Keeping this pick. The fit seems too perfect, like Mccaffrey to the Pats. Such a fun guy to watch. One of my favorite guys I have watched. Ross has excellent footwork and is super shifty. He reminds me of Le'veon Bell in the open field. He is patient waiting for blocks on end around and screens, so shifty and has such great acceleration, I rarely see him get tackled on screens. Ross also has really nice hands. His hook routes and slant routes are absolutely dangerous.
Grade: B+
23. Miami Dolphins: Pat Elflein, C/G, Ohio State
After a lot of (angry) discussion with Dolphins fans from my last mock, I changed this pick to Elflein. He can play guard or center, and it is a big position of need for the Dolphins. With Ajayi in the backfield, a smart play here would be taking an interior lineman. Physical, big, nasty, and versatile. Elflein plays the game the way you want an interior o-lineman to play. His hands seem to stick to guys once he latches on. Great strength in run support, and amazing balance. He can pull and get to the second level. I think he has a very high floor.
Grade: A-
Previous pick: Mike Williams, WR (Clemson)
24. Pittsburgh Steelers: Charles Harris, DE, Missouri
After my last mock, I watched a lot of film on DEs and King. I realized King was a reach at 24. There is so much potential and talent at the CB position in this draft class, they can definitely pick one up round 2 or 3. For now, we need pass rush. I fell in love with Harris watching his film. He seems like he belongs on our D-line.
Harris is as pure of a pass rusher as they come. He is big, physical, has great hands, and is surprisingly quick. He has a ton of moves he uses, stunts well, and has great vision. He seems to give up a bit on run plays, but many pure pass rushers do. He is big enough to eat up blocks, but is a bit stiff and upright from what I have seen. His length leaves a bit to be desired, but I am just nitpicking at this point. I really like Harris. I think he is one of the best pass rushers in the draft, definitely top 5. I could see him going before Tim Williams and Barnett.
Grade: B+
Previous pick: Desmond King, CB (Iowa)
25. Detroit Lions: Solomon Thomas, DE (Stanford)
Lions fans want a Linebacker here most likely, but there just isn’t any value. The lions have also taken a O-line or D-line guy 1st round the past 6 drafts. I expect that trend to continue. Solomon is the backbone of the Stanford defense. He is athletic, has great hands, is smart, takes on blocks well, and racks up tackles. He isn’t eyepopping like Garrett, but he really gets the job done in the trenches. He doesn’t have amazing bend, and seems a bit stiff rushing the passer, but makes up for it with his athleticism and hand fighting game. I think a playoff team will take him as late 1st round. He can be a leader for an NFL D-line.
Grade: B+/A-
Previous Pick: Marshon Lattimore, CB (Ohio State)
26: Atlanta Falcons: Derek Barnett, DE (Tennessee)
I’ve seen Barnett as high as #2 in some mock drafts. I find that absolutely insane based off my personal opinion. The Falcons need D-lineman, and Barnett is good value at 26. I personally am not super high on Barnett. He has good measurables, he just strikes me as a bit lazy at time. Interestingly enough, he dropped back into zone coverage a ton, and even had to guard a WR 1 on 1 in some film I watched. He has got some deceptive speed in him, and is very athletic. He is ok at timing the count and getting a good jump, not elite though. The biggest thing I don’t like about Barnett is he doesn’t use his hands. It seems like he has a predisposed idea of what pass rush move he is going to use first, and if it doesn’t work, he is a lost cause. He gets caught like a fish in some tackles grips, and can’t get out. One move I wanted to see was a bull rush, but he only seemed to use a quick inside spin, swim, or just use his quickness to go around. It scares me that he doesn’t have that strength that helps DE’s be elite. I think if he learns to hand fight he can be way better all around, as tackles can’t just gobble him up and wait for the QB to throw.
Grade: B-
Previous pick: Taco Charlton, DE, Michigan
27: Seattle Seahawks: Mike Mcglinchey, OT (Notre Dame)
Even though there is a lack of quality tackles this class, someone is gonna get taken eventually. At first I had Quincy Wilson here, but that is not really a need. Their defense is pretty complete as is. A RB is possible, but I don’t know if Rawls is still the answer Seahawks fans think he is, plus they took 3 RBs last year. A receiver is possible, maybe Westbrook. Mcglinchey has Franchise Tackle ability. He is a bit slow on his feet, but is average at everything. A jack of all trades.
Grade: B
Previous pick: Dan Feeny, Guard (Indiana)
28. New York Giants: Jarrad Davis, LB (Florida)
If Cook is here, I think the Giants take him. I also think a guy like John Ross or Westbrook would be a good pick; but the Giants desperately need some LB help, and Jarrad seems like a really good fit for the way their defense runs.
I am not super high on Davis. He completely over commits to the run, and gets tricked on every play action I see. He isn’t very active before the snap. I don’t think that Davis can be the leader of a defense, or even a leader of a linebacking corps. Although he has these faults, Davis is still a good prospect. He is very athletic, even though he doesn’t get to use his athleticism as much as I would like. I wanted to see more film of him in coverage, but there wasn’t a lot. When he did drop into coverage, he was serviceable. Davis has extreme quickness, and is very agile for a linebacker. Another valuable attribute of Davis is he can take on blocks well, and is definitely solid as a run defender.
Grade: B
29: Kansas City Chiefs: Quincy Wilson, CB (Florida)
Chiefs fans really want a CB here. With Wilson being mocked as a top corner, the Chiefs are taking him. He is big, has long arms, can tackle, and plays man coverage well. This is the perfect fit for the Chiefs in my opinion, I think their fanbase would be extremely happy to see Wilson on the team.
Wilson’s technical CB skills are extremely impressive. His hips, hands, and eyes are always in the right position. He mirrors very well, and rarely gets caught holding or lost. Seems to be a smart player. My issue with Wilson is he gets thrown around a bit, considering how big he is. If anyone gets their hands on him for a block, you can pretty much count him out of the play. I just sense a lack of tenacity. As far as prospects go, I really don’t see a situation that Wilson is better than Tabor purely off football ability, although both are good in their own right.
Grade: B+
Previous pick: Cam Robinson, OT, Alabama
30: Oakland Raiders: Lowell Lotuleilei, DT (Utah)
The Raiders are a pretty complete team on offense. I see them going DT or CB here based off their needs and past drafts. I could absolutely see Sidney Jones being taken here. I think they will opt for Lotuleilei here though, since they need D-line help and this class is deep in Cornerbacks.
This guy is extremely disruptive in the middle. He is a monster pass rusher, and can stuff runs. He isn’t a wilfork type NT that will eat up run blocks, but I think he has a place as a DT in the NFL. He gets a great jump off the ball, and uses clever hand placement and athleticism to do what he does instead of just having a large body. Not a ton to write about him, except that he is overall solid.
Grade: B
Previous pick: Jourdan Lewis, CB (Michigan)
31: Dallas Cowboys: Sidney Jones, CB (Washington)
Dallas really lucked out that Jones fell to them this far. EDGE is a more pressing need, but picking Jones here is hard to argue against.
Sidney Jones is my safest CB in this draft. Lots of other Corners have concerns. Humphrey because of the Saban shuffle, Wilson covers almost exclusively #2 WRs, King seems to have a medium ceiling, Adoree gets burned consistently and has rough footwork, Lewis is very small. Sidney has some solid measurables at 6’0 and 180 pounds. He plays in a very solid defense. Jones takes on pretty much every #1 WR. You will rarely see Jones get straight up burned, as he is very quick and recovers well. He has some solid open field tackling. He is a very smart player, and always seems to be in the right place. Jones passes the eye test 100%. He looks poised at all times. We will see how solid he is once he plays Alabama.
Grade: A-
Previous pick: Tim Williams, EDGE (Alabama)
32. New England Patriots: Chris Wormley, DT (Michigan)
If we are being honest, no one has any inkling of a clue who the hell the Patriots will draft. Their front 7, especially D-line, is probably the weakest part of the team, and Bill usually drafts based off need, unless someone special falls to him. As of now, I am putting Wormley here for one reason: he is versatile. He can move around anywhere on the line, he can pass rush and play well against the run. Belichick could really benefit from having a guy like him to move around. Solid jump off the ball. Very versatile on the D-line. He can pass rush as a DE and help in run support as a DT. He doesn’t use a ton of moves on pass rush, but gets solid pad level and is strong and quick, which helps him get a lot of pressures. He is athletic, and has an exceptional motor.
Grade: B
Previous pick: Sidney Jones, CB (Washington)
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One trade that could turn each top 25 team into a contender: Part 1 (25-21)

25. Florida Gators 2015 Record: 10-4 (7-1 SEC) 2015 Result: 7-41 loss, Citrus Bowl vs. Michigan Trade partner: Cincinnati Bearcats
Florida receives: QB Gunner Kiel (Sr.)
Cincinnati receives: DE Antonneous Clayton (Fr.)
Background: Florida was well on its way to being one of the best teams in the country through the first six weeks of 2015, looking good in non-conference games and defeating SEC contenders Tennessee and Ole Miss. Redshirt freshman QB Will Grier played well and kept the offense rolling enough to complement a lockdown defense that ranked eighth in the country in yardage allowed (310.2 YPG) and eleventh in scoring (18.3 PPG). Backup Treon Harris took over the team after Grier was lost to a suspension for PED use and the offense sputtered, recording less than 300 yards of offense in five of the last eight games en route to ranking just 111th in total offense (334 YPG) and 100th in scoring (18.3 PPG). The defense, loaded with stars like Jalen Tabor, Marcus Maye, CeCe Jefferson, and Jarrad Davis, looks formidable once again despite losing five starters to the NFL. The offense, on the other hand, doesn’t look much better than last season’s iteration. Grier and Harris have both transferred off the team, leaving an uninspiring battle between Austin Appleby (seven games started at Purdue) and Luke Del Rio (former Alabama walk-on and Oregon State backup) for the starting gig. The running game has potential with sophomores (and former four star recruits) Jordan Cronkrite and Jordan Scarlett, but their production is lacking (78 carries, 338 yards, 4 TDs combined in 2015). Wide receiver is a similar story; Antonio Callaway is a great player and there is plenty of talent in the ranks with veterans Brandon Powell and Ahmad Fullwood, top freshmen Tyrie Cleveland, Freddie Swain, and Josh Hammond, and others, but this was a relatively unproductive unit last season even with fourth-round pick Demarcus Robinson. If this team is going to take the next step, it needs a signal-caller who can who can provide consistent results with the ability to take over games if necessary.
Why it works for Florida: He isn’t a perfect quarterback, but Gunner Kiel has shown a ton of promise in his two seasons as the Cincinnati starter. His 3,254 yard, 31 TD 2014 season was highlighted by a 352 yard, 4 TD, 0 INT game against eventual national champion Ohio State (his 199.3 QB rating was significantly better than the 152.9 mark that Heisman winner Marcus Mariota posted against the Buckeyes in the title game). He dealt with injuries in 2015 that caused him to miss three games and regress a bit, but his talent is undeniable and he’s a proven performer against top competition. A passer like Kiel could help the skilled Florida wideouts take the next step and open up running room for Cronkrite and Scarlett, elevating the whole Gator offense and assisting the defense by sustaining drives longer. Head coach Jim McElwain has been called a “QB whisperer” for his work with players like John Parker Wilson, Greg McElroy, and Garrett Grayson and his guidance could help Kiel improve and develop his game even more and become the top quarterback in the relatively QB-sparse SEC.
Why it works for Cincinnati: Kiel is a great player, but his final year in Cincinnati is likely going to be wasted with a depleted WR corps – his top six targets from 2015 are all gone, and the best returning pass-catcher, Nate Cole, has 38 career receptions for 446 yards and 3 TD. With an experienced, if inconsistent, sophomore Hayden Moore waiting in the wings and a two-headed rushing attack with Tion Green and Mike Boone, it’s time for the Bearcats to look to the future. There are promising pieces in sophomore receiver transfers Jamil Kamara (Virginia) and Avery Peterson (LSU), both four star recruits, and a trio of three star freshmen at RB, so it makes sense for Tommy Tuberville to focus on rebuilding his defense to get back to the top of the AAC.
The Cincinnati defense ranked 78th in total defense (408.6 YPG) and 91st in scoring defense (31.2 PPG), but more alarmingly finished with the fourth-lowest sack total in the nation. Antonneus Clayton, the #2 DE in the country and a top ten player overall, was the crown jewel of the 2016 Gator recruiting class and has a very bright future in Gainesville, but he will have a tough path to playing time in 2016 due to the quality depth that Florida has in the trenches. He had offers from eighteen of the 2015 top 25 teams and had 25 sacks, 48.5 tackles for loss, and seven forced fumbles in his junior and senior high school seasons. A good pass-rusher is the most important non-quarterback piece a team can have, and Clayton could single-handedly transform the identity of the Bearcat defense for years to come.
24. Western Kentucky Hilltoppers 2015 Record: 12-2 (8-0 C-USA) 2015 Result: 45-35 win, Beach Bowl vs. South Florida Trade partner: Texas State Bobcats
Western Kentucky receives: QB Tyler Jones (Sr.)
Texas State receives: RB D’Andre Ferby (So.), WR Xavier Lane (Fr.)
Background: Western Kentucky’s defense wasn’t great in 2015, ranking 53rd in scoring defense (25.9 PPG) and 89th in total defense (405.2 YPG), but it was good enough to supplement their elite passing offense. The offense is entirely driven by the quarterback, and that’s a great strategy when you have current Miami Dolphin Brandon Doughty, who was one of the best QBs in all of college football during his three seasons as the Hilltopper starter and led the country in passing yardage and touchdowns in 2014 and 2015. Last season, WKU had the third-highest scoring offense in the NCAA (44.3 PPG) and the ninth best offense by yardage (526.4 YPG), but there was a marked discrepancy between their passing rank (4th, 372.2 YPG) and their rushing mark (89th, 154.1 YPG). The problem with that strategy is that when your all-time great QB leaves and you don’t have a viable replacement, your offense is primed to take a nosedive. That’s the situation Jeff Brohm faces heading into 2016, with five quarterbacks who could conceivably win the starting job but zero who he should feel confident about rolling out on Saturdays. The defense should still be somewhat effective and the skill position and offensive line players returnees are promising, but without a sure thing at QB, none of it will matter.
Why it works for Western Kentucky: I have to admit, it was really tough to find a good trade to get Western Kentucky a quarterback. Pretty much every other G5 team with a top QB either has a good shot at winning this year and wouldn’t trade him or doesn’t need players that WKU could offer in return. Texas State quarterback Tyler Jones may not be a program-changing prospect, but he’d be a good bet to keep the offensive wheels turning in Bowling Green. He’s thrown for over 5,000 yards and 36 touchdowns over the last two seasons, and while he has shown some inefficiency (17 INTs in that span), he makes up for it with mobility (1,131 yards and 16 TDs on the ground). He suffered a bit of statistical regression last season, but if there’s one team equipped to help a talented-but-inconsistent QB improve, it’s Western Kentucky. Doughty threw for less than 3,000 yards and posted an unimpressive 14 TDs and 14 INTs in 2013, but when Brohm was promoted to head coach in 2014, the numbers skyrocketed (4,830 yards and a 49:10 TD:INT ratio). He somehow managed to improve even more as a senior, topping 5,000 yards and completing an absolutely insane 71.9% of his passes in 2015. Brohm could work wonders with a talent like Jones, and the presence of superstar WR Taywan Taylor would ease the transition as well. While Doughty wasn’t much of a threat to run (-285 rushing yards in his career) and the offense functioned well, the added threat of Jones’ legs could help keep defenses honest and open up rushing lanes for Anthony Wales and Leon Allen.
Why it works for Texas State: To be frank, Texas State isn’t playing for much in 2016. They’ve been a decent team since joining the Sun Belt, but they’re losing so many pieces on both sides of the ball that the best course of action (in the context of this article) would be to go into a full-on rebuild. Jones is the best quarterback on the roster, but the Bobcats actually have pretty solid depth behind him. Connor White and L.G. Williams are both promising underclassmen, and getting them some game experience could be the best option for the team’s future. The cupboard looks especially bare at the offensive skill positions, so getting some weapons for the QB to work with should be of the highest priority.
The TSU ground game was effective last season, but the departure of Robert Lowe leaves Tyler Siudzinski as the top back on the roster. He rushed for a decent 4.9 YPC last year, but only totaled 290 yards and doesn’t have as much experience as you’d like to see out of your top rusher. D’Andre Ferby platooned with senior Anthony Wales last season and performed well, rushing for 650 yards and 11 TDs while receiving just about half of the team’s carries. He had some great games, such as his 112-yard outing against Miami (OH) and his 7.7 YPC effort against Florida Atlantic, and looks like he could develop into an important contributor given a larger role. Ferby could spend another season in a timeshare if the coaches like what they have in Siudzinski, but he should be able to step up and become a feature back for two seasons in 2017 and 2018.
While the potential starting quarterbacks are promising, they aren’t going to get much help from their receiving corps. They are losing eight of their top nine pass-catchers from last season, and of the five returning players with at least one career reception, only two are wide receivers. Of those two, one is a junior who caught one of five targets last season after transferring to TSU from Hawaii and making the switch to WR from DB. Folks, this is about as bad as it gets. Xavier Lane might not be able to drastically improve the unit on day one, but he’s a good prospect who would be the highest-rated WR recruit on the Bobcat team. He has great size (6’4″ 200 lbs) to play outside alongside junior Demun Mercer as the #2 receiver for two years before assuming the top spot as a junior (or earlier depending on his development – Mercer hasn’t exactly made an unimpeachable case for the job).
23. Northwestern Wildcats 2015 Record: 10-3 (6-2 Big Ten) 2015 Result: 6-45 loss, Outback Bowl vs. Tennessee Trade partner: Western Michigan Broncos
Northwestern receives: WR Corey Davis (Sr.)
Western Michigan receives: DT Jordan Thompson (So.), WR Flynn Nagel (So.)
Background: Northwestern’s defense was exceptional in 2015, finishing twelfth in the country in scoring defense (18.6 points per game) and thirteenth in total defense (318.9 yards per game). With key players like LB Anthony Walker, CB Matt Harris, and FS Godwin Igwebuike returning, that trend should continue into 2016. The Wildcat offense, on the other hand, was exceptionally awful in 2015, finishing 114th in scoring offense (19.5 PPG) and 115th in total offense (327.1 YPG). While star running back Justin Jackson returns and young QB Clayton Thorson has the talent to become something special, there isn’t a lot of reason for optimism when examining the depth chart. In particular, it looks like the development of the offense will be limited by the performance of a stable of pass-catchers that has a lot of bodies, some of them very talented, but a dearth of reliable, go-to players. Austin Carr, the top returning WR, is a former walk-on with 23 career receptions and 402 career yards and Jackson has the next-best yardage total of any returning player with 162. That’s a recipe for another dismal season through the air, and it’s likely that Northwestern’s win total will regress significantly if the defense continues to be put in situations to bail out a struggling offense.
Why it works for Northwestern: Remember when I said Northwestern was missing a go-to guy who can create big plays reliably? Northwestern doesn’t have the depth of talent to acquire a top receiver from another Power 5 team, but they don’t have to since Corey Davis is exactly the kind of player they need. While his 89 catches last season were second on the team to the 102 hauled in by Chicago Bears draft pick Daniel Braverman, Davis was the engine that made the Broncos offense go. Braverman played the Wes Welker role to his Randy Moss, manning the slot and hauling in shorter passes in the middle of the field while Davis stretched the secondary deep and used his massive 6’3″ frame to assert his dominance over cornerbacks. Adding Davis, the FBS leader in career receiving yards among active players, to the Wildcat arsenal would provide two benefits to the offense: it would give a huge boost to Thorson’s development as a passer by allowing him to sling the ball downfield with confidence that his target will be able to make a play, and it would take pressure and defensive coverage off of other receivers like Carr and Solomon Vault, allowing them to perform more specialized roles tailored to their skillsets rather than be forced into a demanding all-purpose WR mold. Additionally, bringing Davis to Evanston provides a great narrative: Thorson (Wheaton North) and Davis (Wheaton-Warrenville South) played high school ball at rival schools six miles apart, and the offensive core of Thorson, Davis, and Jackson all grew up within 40 miles of Northwestern.
Why it works for Western Michigan: Losing Davis would be a huge blow to WMU in 2016 given that they would lose their top two receivers in the same offseason, but head coach PJ Fleck is working to build a long-term powerhouse in Kalamazoo. Even with their high-powered offense (their 490.8 YPG were the third-best in the nation), the Broncos finished 8-5 and dropped two games against MAC opponents. With major losses on the offensive line and a defense that may not be able to hang with the top tier of the conference, this year may be yet another where the team makes some noise but ultimately settles for less than a conference title. Despite this, the outlook for the next few seasons is bright. Fleck has brought in the top MAC recruiting class in each of the last three seasons and improved the team’s 1-11 record in 2013 to 8-5 in each of the past two years. Trading a one-year rental of Davis for valuable young depth could prove to be a savvy move that allows the team to compete for MAC titles and better bowl games in the years to come.
The Western Michigan defensive line, which really struggled outside of end Keion Adams last season, lost two of its top three 2015 contributors and has only nine sacks from returning players. The future depth at the tackle position looks grim as sophomore nose tackle Ken Finley is the only underclassman with any game experience, and the addition of Thompson could work wonders for a unit that is hungry for talented depth. Thompson, a former three star recruit who would have the highest composite rating of anyone in WMU’s front seven, entered the Wildcat rotation as a true freshman in 2015 and played in every game. His eleven tackles don’t jump off the page, but he is an immensely skilled player who could shore up the 3-technique tackle position immediately and work there for the next three seasons. He has a great combination of speed, agility, and power and at 6’3″ and 275 lbs has the versatility to kick out to defensive end if necessary.
The addition of Nagel (a former Western Michigan target) could give Fleck the potential Braverman replacement that the current roster is missing. Nagel, who also earned playing time as a true freshman, saw action in just three games before suffering a season-ending injury in the Big Ten opener against Minnesota. However, his potential is apparent; he was being integrated as a regular in the team’s offense as a slot receiver before the injury and his high school stats (196 receptions, 2919 yards and 48 touchdowns in his junior and senior seasons) are mind-boggling. He would be the only wide receiver on the roster rated higher than a two star prospect and could immediately earn a prominent role in the offense, and while he wouldn’t come close to replacing Davis’ production in 2016, he could help lay the foundation for more strong aerial attacks in the coming years.
22. Tennessee Volunteers 2015 Record: 9-4 (5-3 SEC) 2015 Result: 45-6 win, Outback Bowl vs. Northwestern Trade partner: Texas A&M
Tennessee receives: WR Josh Reynolds (Sr.)
Texas A&M receives: OG/C Jack Jones (So.)
Background: The Volunteers return seventeen starters from a 2015 team that was talented enough to go toe-to-toe with any team in the country, losing four games by a total of seventeen points and taking eventual playoff team Oklahoma to overtime. The offense was above-average, ranking 52nd in the country in yardage (422.3 YPG) and 29th in scoring (35.2 PPG) but was carried by a great three-headed rushing attack featuring 6’4″ bruiser Jalen Hurd, the quicker Alvin Kamara, and dual-threat QB Josh Dobbs. The defense, which finished 36th in yardage (362 YPG) and 16th in scoring (20 PPG), has star power at every level with top NFL prospects in DE Derek Barnett, LB Jalen Reeves-Maybin, and CB Cameron Sutton. There really aren’t a lot of glaring holes on this team; the closest thing this team has to a weakness is the passing game, where no receiver had more than 409 yards last season. Top WR Von Pearson is gone, leaving a unit that is heavy on talent – Josh Malone, Preston Williams, Juaun Jennings, Jeff George, Tyler Byrd, and Marquez Callaway were all top ten recruits at their positions – but light on production.
Why it works for Tennessee: Does Tennessee really need to acquire another wide receiver to contend? Not necessarily, due to the elite recruits they’ve acquired in recent years, but 2016 might be the Vols’ best shot at a championship before they lose a lot of talent to the NFL and it wouldn’t hurt to bring in a proven contributor at the position. Reynolds led the Aggies with 842 yards and 13 TDs in his first season at A&M after transferring from junior college and then managed to rack up 907 yards in 2015 despite playing second fiddle to freshman phenom Christian Kirk. UT hasn’t had a receiver that prolific since Justin Hunter in 2012, and adding a proven playmaker could open up Butch Jones’ playbook and provide a huge challenge for opponents. Stacking the box to stop the run leaves your defense vulnerable to getting beat deep (Reynolds has averaged 17 yards per catch over his career), while any extra DBs on the field won’t stand a chance when Hurd is barreling toward them.
Why it works for Texas A&M: Reynolds is a really good player, but he’s just one cog in a WR corps that is even more talented than UT’s. Sophomore Christian Kirk and juniors Speedy Noil and Ricky Seals-Jones are all former five star recruits who were top three receivers in their respective classes. While the latter two haven’t exactly lived up to the hype at this point in their careers, removing Reynolds from the lineup isn’t exactly a death sentence for newly-acquired Oklahoma transfer QB Trevor Knight. The more important issue will be keeping him upright, as TAMU only returns one full-time offensive line starter from last year. Knight is a pretty mobile quarterback, but his success and the success of newly-acquired Oklahoma transfer RB Keith Ford will depend on how the line performs in the trenches.
The left side of the Texas A&M line should perform well, with senior tackle Avery Gennessy and sophomore guard Keaton Sutherland returning to start again, but those two players are the only linemen on the roster with any starting experience. In terms of talent vs. production, this unit looks a lot like Tennessee’s receiving corps – there are several promising recruits, such as former four stars Jermaine Eluemunor and Connor Lanfear, but it may take a few games for all of the new pieces to build chemistry. The center position, which will likely be manned by two star redshirt freshman Erik McCoy, looks especially shaky. Adding a more talented and experienced piece there could go a long way for this offense, and that’s exactly what Jack Jones offers. Jones is a former top ten recruit who started (and played somewhat well in) the game against Alabama and saw action in eight others as a true freshman. An added benefit for the Aggies: while he would be an instant upgrade at center, he has the versatility to play any spot on the interior of the line should the situation call for it (although he’s unlikely to start for the Volunteers this season, he’s competing with veteran Coleman Thomas for the center job despite starting his career as a guard).
21. Wisconsin Badgers 2015 Record: 10-3 (6-2 Big Ten) 2015 Result: 23-21 win, Holiday Bowl vs. USC Trade partner: Duke Blue Devils
Wisconsin receives: CB/S DeVon Edwards (Sr.)
Duke receives: RB Taiwan Deal (So.), LB Jack Cichy (Jr.)
Background: The 2015 Wisconsin team was exactly what comes to mind when you think of prototypical Big Ten football. They put together an incredible defense that finished first in the nation in scoring allowed (13.7 PPG) and second in yards allowed (268.5 YPG), but failed to pair it with an explosive offense as running back Corey Clement struggled with injuries. Seniors QB Joel Stave and WR Alex Erickson did their best to carry the offense with backup RBs Dare Ogunbowale and Taiwan Deal filling in for Clement, but the Wisconsin offense is predicated on using a running game that is both consistent and explosive to set up the pass. While the quarterback situation is still up in the air for 2016, Bart Houston and Alex Hornibrook are both capable passers who can manage a game if Clement is healthy and running like he did against Rutgers (11 carries, 115 yards, 3 TD). The defensive front seven is a strength again with senior Vince Biegel leading a very deep LB corps. The question marks for 2016 are in the secondary, where the Badgers will have to replace safety tandem Tanner McEvoy and Michael Caputo and top CB Darius Hillary. Those three players accounted for 20% of the team’s tackles and virtually all of their interceptions last season, and it will be tough to replicate last year’s seventh-ranked pass defense with the safeties currently slated to start.
Why it works for Wisconsin: DeVon Edwards may not be a household name, but he’s one of the most electric players in all of college football. As a safety in Duke’s 4-2-5 scheme, Edwards was overshadowed by consensus All-American Jeremy Cash, but he can do everything. In his three years at Duke (33 starts), he has 299 tackles, eleven tackles for loss, four interceptions, twenty pass deflections, and five forced fumbles. Those numbers are unbelievable, and he does it while possessing the positional versatility to play either safety or cornerback. Adding Edwards to the back end of the defense would make life a lot easier for Derrick Tindal, Sojourn Shelton, and whoever ends up taking the other starting safety job. If you still aren’t impressed, consider that DB isn’t even Edwards’ best position. He’s an elite kick returner who ranked fifth in the country with an average of 29.4 yards per return last season, and he has six return touchdowns in his career. Thanks to his efforts, Duke finished seventh nationally in average kick return yardage, and his contribution could be invaluable to a Badgers team that ranked 93rd in kick return average last season. Natrell Jamerson is not a bad returner, but he’s very inconsistent and averaged just 22.4 yards per return. If the offense continues to struggle to find an identity, starting field position could be invaluable in the team’s offensive performance.
Why it works for Duke: The Blue Devils are in an interesting position heading into 2016 in that they don’t have any glaring weaknesses, but they also don’t have many clear strengths. They’re looking for talent upgrades across the board, and losing Edwards is survivable due to their great depth at defensive back. Last season, six different DBs had at least 30 tackles, which shows the sheer volume of snaps they rotated their defenders through, and Shaun Wilson looks capable of taking over primary return duties after returning four kicks for 164 yards and a TD in the bowl game against Indiana. Their biggest problems were inefficiency on offense, particularly in the run game, and a completely absent pass rush. Their seventeen sacks last season were tied for 114th in the country and were the third fewest of any Power 5 conference team. This lack of pressure gave opposing quarterbacks way too much time to pick apart their secondary despite the talented players they had.
Sophomore running back Taiwan Deal, a former four star recruit, could be just what the Blue Devils need to reenergize their stagnant ground game. In 2015, three players split carries and all finished with around 500 yards and three touchdowns. While two of them, senior Jela Duncan and junior Shaun Wilson, return, neither of them proved to be a particularly effective option to help out quarterback Thomas Sirk. Deal is expendable for a Wisconsin team that looks to be carried by Clement and that also has 1100-yard player Dare Ogunbowale in the backfield, but he is definitely talented enough to claim a starting job and a bulk of the carries in Durham. He posted a fairly pedestrian 4.3 YPC last season as a redshirt freshman, but I would expect that number to rise if he were to be given a feature back role where his development could be expedited. Plus, he gives Duke a potential offensive centerpiece for the next three seasons as Duncan and Wilson are nearing the ends of their careers.
Jack Cichy is the answer to the pass rush problem. He primarily plays backup inside linebacker for Wisconsin, but he demonstrated versatility in limited playing time last season by racking up 46 tackles and four pass breakups in addition to five sacks. Three of those sacks came on consecutive plays in the Holiday Bowl, which turned out to be a breakout game for him when he lead the team in tackles and sacks despite missing the first half due to a targeting penalty. Despite being a former walk-on, Cichy would likely be an upgrade over Tinashe Bere and Zavier Carmichael and could create a formidable duo with four star sophomore Ben Humphreys. There’s also a possibility that he could be placed into a roving safety/linebacker hybrid role like Cash’s given their similar frames (they are both 6’2″ and Cichy is about 10 lbs heavier) and his nose for the ball. The Badgers simply have too many quality linebackers to make the most of, and Duke could reap the rewards.
Did I screw up and miss something about your team? Do you have a much better idea? Let me know in the comments! And watch out for the rest of the top 25 in the coming weeks!
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Compilation of week 1 lines.

So I made this post for CFB and will make a weekly one during the season. But I figured it may be beneficial here to get a good look at how all the sportsbooks are feeling about the games. Sorry if this isn't appropriate for the sub.
So I went and compiled all the early week 1 lines from the major sportsbooks. And since these are still not the final lines I will update the table and repost it the day before games start. List of Bovada lines. List of remaining sportsbook's lines
Teams Bovada Westgate Superbook MGM Mirage William Hill CG Tech. Stations BetOnline
Oregon State @ Colorado State CSU -3.5 CSU -3.5 CSU -3.5 CSU -3.5 CSU -3.5 CSU -3.5 CSU -3.5
Hawai'i @ UMass UH -1.0 UH -1.5 Umass -1.0 UH -1.0 UH -1.0 UH -1.0 UH -1.0
USF @ San José State USF -20 USF -20 USF -19 USF -20 USF -21 USF -20 USF-20
Rice @ Stanford SU-31.5 SU -31.5 SU -31.5 SU -31.5 SU -32 SU -32 SU -31.5
Ohio State @ Indiana OSU -20.5 OSU -21 OSU -21 OSU -21 OSU -20.5 OSU -21 OSU -21.5
Buffalo @ Minnesota UM -26.5 UM -26.5 UM -26.5 UM -27 UM -27 UM -27 UM -26.5
ULM @ Memphis Memphis -27 Memphis -27.5 Memphis -27 Memphis –27 Memphis -27 Memphis -27 Memphis -27
New Mexico State @ Arizona State ASU -25 ASU-25.5 ASU -25 ASU -25.5 ASU -25.5 ASU -25.5 ASU -25
Charlotte @ Eastern Michigan EMU -12.5 EMU -12 EMU -12.5 EMU -12.5 EMU -12.5 EMU -12.5 EMU -12
Washington @ Rutgers UW -30.5 UW -30.5 UW -31 UW -30.5 UW -30.5 UW -30.5 UW -30.5
Navy @ FAU Navy -14 Navy -13.5 Navy -14.5 Navy -14 Navy -13.5 Navy -13.5 Navy -13.5
Boston College @ Northern Illinois BC -3.0 BC -2.5 BC -2.0 BC -3.0 BC -3.0 BC -3.0 BC -2.5
Utah State @ Wisconsin UW –29 UW -29 UW -29 UW -29 UW -29 UW -29 UW -29
Bowling Green @ Michigan State MSU -19.5 MSU -20 MSU -20 MSU -20 MSU -20 MSU -20 MSU -20
Arkansas State @ Nebraska UN -16.5 UN -16 UN -16.5 UN -16.5 UN -16.5 UN -16.5 UN -17
Wyoming @ Iowa Iowa -13 Iowa -13 Iowa -13.5 Iowa -13.5 Iowa -13 Iowa -13 Iowa -13
Louisville @ Purdue UL -26.5 UL -26 UL -26.5 UL -26.5 UL -26 UL -26.5 UL -26.5
Akron @ Penn State PSU -33 PSU-33 PSU -33 PSU -33 PSU -33 PSU -33 PSU -33
Kent State @ Clemson CU -38.5 CU -38 CU -38 CU -39 CU -39 CU -39 CU -38.5
Ball State @ Illinois UI -8.5 UI -7.5 UI -8.5 UI -8.5 UI -9 UI -9 UI -9
Miami (OH) @ Marshall Marshall -1.0 PK Marshall -1.0 PK PK PK PK
Nevada @ Northwestern NW -24.5 NW -25 NW -23.5 NW -24.5 NW -24 NW -24.5 NW -24
South Carolina @ NC State NCS -5.0 NCS -5.5 NCS -4.5 NCS -5.5 NCS -5.0 NCS -5.0 NCS -5.0
Michigan vs Florida UM -4.0 UM -4.0 UM -4.5 UM -4.0 UM -4.0 UM -4.5 UM -4.0
Maryland @ Texas UT -17 UT -16.5 UT -16.5 UT -17 UT -17 UT -17 UT -17.5
UTEP @ Oklahoma OU -44 OU –44 OU -45 OU -44 OU -44.5 OU -44 OU -44.5
Temple @ Notre Dame ND -15 ND -15.5 ND -15 ND -15 ND -15 ND -15 ND -15
Western Michigan @ USC USC -26 USC -27 USC -25.5 USC -26 USC -26 USC -26 USC -26
California @ North Carolina UNC -12.5 UNC -13 UNC -12.5 UNC -13 UNC -13 UNC -13 UNC -12.5
Georgia Southern @ Auburn AU -35 AU -35 AU -35 AU -35 AU -35 AU -35 AU -35
Troy @ Boise State BSU -12.5 BSU -12.5 BSU -12.5 BSU -12.5 BSU -12.5 BSU -12.5 BSU -12.5
Kentucky @ Southern Miss UK -10 UK -10 UK -10 UK -10 UK -10 UK -10 UK -10
Appalachian State @ Georgia UGA -14 UGA -14.5 UGA -13.5 UGA -14.5 UGA -14.5 UGA -14.5 UGA -14
Tulsa @ Oklahoma State OSU -17 OSU -17 OSU -16.5 OSU -17 OSU -16 OSU -17.5 OSU -16.5
Houston @ UTSA UH -13.5 UH -13 UH -14 UH -13.5 UH -13.5 UH -13.5 UH -13.5
South Alabama @ Ole Miss Locked Miss -25 Miss -25.5 Miss -24.5 Miss -24.5 Miss -25 Miss -25.5
Alabama vs Florida State Bama -7.0 Bama -7.0 Bama -7.5 Bama -7.5 Bama -7.0 Bama -7.0 Bama -7.0
Vanderbilt @ Middle Tennessee Vandy -5.5 Vandy -4.5 Vandy -5.5 Vandy -6.0 Vandy -6.0 Vandy -6.0 Vandy -6.5
BYU vs LSU LSU -13 LSU -13.5 LSU -12.5 LSU -13.5 LSU -13 LSU -13.5 LSU -13.5
West Virginia vs Virginia Tech VT -4.5 VT -4.5 VT -4.5 VT -4.5 VT -4.0 VT -4.5 VT -4.5
Texas A&M @ UCLA UCLA -3.5 UCLA 3.5 UCLA 3.0 UCLA -3.5 UCLA -3.5 UCLA -3 UCLA -3
Georgia Tech vs Tennessee UT -3.5 UT -3.5 UT -3.0 UT -3.5 UT -3.5 UT -3.5 UT -3.5
FIU @ UCF N/A UCF -17.5 UCF -17 UCF -17.5 UCF -17.5 UCF -17.5 UCF -17
Colorado State vs Colorado N/A Colorado -7.0 Colorado -7.0 Colorado -7.0 Colorado -7.0 Colorado -7.0 Colorado -7.0
UMass @ Coastal Carolina N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
And also another post I made for CFB I made a table of teams that have done the best against the spread. Which can help here seeing who does the best as underdogs. I know it only means they cover ATS and not actually upset the other team but it can still be helpful.
Definitions for the table columns: ATS Record: The number of ATS covers, no-covers, and pushes. Cover %: The percentage of time the team covered, net of pushes. MOV: The average margin of victory (negative in losses). ATS +/-: The average amount of points that the team covers the spread by
Team ATS Record Cover % MOV ATS +/-
Temple 21-7-0 75.0% 11.8 +5.6
USF 17-8-1 68.0% 11.4 +5.9
Toledo 16-8-1 66.7% 13.2 +4.9
Western Michigan 18-9-0 66.7% 15.0 +6.6
BYU 17-9-0 65.4% 10.4 +3.7
Navy 17-9-1 65.4% 10.8 +6.3
Miami (OH) 16-9-0 64.0% -7.2 +1.4
Florida State 16-9-0 64.0% 12.2 +1.4
Colorado State 16-9-1 64.0% 3.7 +1.5
Tulsa 16-9-1 64.0% 5.0 + 5.5
Ohio 17-10-0 63.0% 3.0 +1.3
Stanford 17-10-0 63.0% 10.7 +2.6
Texas Tech 15-9-1 62.5% 0.8 -0.9
Idaho 15-9-1 62.5% -5.9 +3.9
Georgia State 15-9-1 62.5% -3.9 +3.4
Northwestern 16-10-0 61.5% 2.3 +2.5
Oklahoma 16-10-0 61.5% 18.3 +3.2
Miami 16-10-0 61.5% 7.7 +1.8
Washington State 16-10-0 61.5% 7.8 +3.9
Alabama 18-12-0 60.0% 22.9 +4.5
North Carolina 16-11-0 59.3% 12.0 +4.3
Eastern Michigan 14-10-0 58.3% -8.1 +1.1
Wisconsin 15-11-0 57.7% 12.9 +3.1
Colorado 15-11-1 57.7% 3.5 +1.8
NC State 15-11-0 57.7% 5.8 +1.0
San Diego State 15-11-2 57.7% 15.1 +4.8
Wyoming 15-11-0 57.7% -5.7 +1.5
Arkansas State 15-11-0 57.7% 7.8 +3.1
Iowa State 13-10-1 56.5% -5.7 +2.8
Duke 14-11-0 56.0% 0.9 +1.1
Middle Tennessee 14-11-0 56.0% 5.7 -1.8
Vanderbilt 14-11-0 56.0% -3.3 +1.4
Wake Forest 14-11-0 56.0% -4.4 +2.0
Washington 15-12-0 55.6% 18.2 +8.2
Louisiana Tech 15-12-0 55.6% 10.7 +0.6
Air Force 15-12-0 55.6% 8.6 +0.3
SMU 13-11-0 54.2% -13.2 -1.9
San José State 13-11-0 54.2% -4.6 -1.3
Northern Illinois 13-11-2 54.2% 2.0 -1.0
Syracuse 13-11-0 54.2% -8.3 +0.5
Nebraska 13-11-2 54.2% 3.8 -2.3
Bowling Green 14-12-0 53.8% 0.9 +1.0
Oklahoma State 14-12-0 53.8% 10.6 +3.1
Tennessee 14-12-0 53.8% 11.3 -0.1
Penn State 14-12-1 53.8% 6.9 +3.2
Central Michigan 14-12-0 53.8% -0.1 -1.3
Southern Miss 14-12-1 53.8% 9.0 +2.1
WKU 15-13-0 53.6% 19.6 +6.6
Clemson 16-14-0 53.3% 19.0 +4.0
Tulane 12-11-1 52.2% -10.1 -1.4
Virginia 12-11-1 52.2% -8.8 -1.9
Minnesota 12-11-3 52.2 % 2.3 +0.4
Troy 13-12-0 52.0% 5.9 +4.0
USC 14-13-0 51.8% 9.1 +0.7
Virginia Tech 14-13-0 51.8% 8.6 +2.0
Houston 14-13-0 51.8% 16.2 +4.0
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Sportsbooks list the Ohio State Buckeyes as 17.5-point favorites to open the Big Ten season with a road win at Indiana on Saturday (Sep. 14th). Bettors are taking the Buckeyes at every turn. Bob Duff looks at the latest odds, the betting trends, and the history of this matchup. Ohio State Buckeyes vs Indiana Hoosiers Odds - Saturday September 14 2019. Live betting odds and lines, betting trends, against the spread and over/under trends, injury reports and matchup stats for bettors. Live betting odds for Ohio State Buckeyes vs Indiana Hoosiers - Saturday, September 14, 2019 at Memorial Stadium (Bloomington, IN) on Saturday, September 14, 2019. Up to date offshore betting odds No. 6 Ohio State at Indiana (+14): Ohio State has cruised through its first two games of the season against FAU and Cincinnati, but it will open Big Ten play against an Indiana team that's given Dobbins, Fields help No. 6 Ohio St. knock out Indiana 51-10. J.K. Dobbins ran for 193 yards and scored twice Saturday while Justin Fields threw three touchdown passes to lead No. 6 Ohio State to a

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