Timeline Of Major Sports Betting Scandals

Kieran Trippier has been charged with misconduct by the Football Association for allegedly breaching betting rules. The charges relate to alleged betting around Trippier's £21.7m transfer from Tottenham to Atletico Madrid in July 2019.

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Paul Scholes has been fined for breaching betting rules while he was a co-owner and director at Salford City. It was alleged the former #MUFC midfielder placed 140 bets on football matches between 17 August 2015 and 12 January 2019.

Paul Scholes has been fined for breaching betting rules while he was a co-owner and director at Salford City. It was alleged the former #MUFC midfielder placed 140 bets on football matches between 17 August 2015 and 12 January 2019. submitted by Body_Languagee to reddevils [link] [comments]

[Sports] - Paul Scholes charged by FA for allegedly placing 140 bets on football matches | Guardian

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[Sports] - Paul Scholes charged by FA for allegedly placing 140 bets on football matches

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Press Association Sport understands Rangers midfielder Joey Barton is under investigation for allegedly breaking football betting rules

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Joey Barton charged with allegedly placing 44 bets on football matches | Football

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Putting an asterisk on every VFL/AFL premiership ever

Recently there's been a bit of a debate around the traps concerning this 2020 season and whether or not the eventual premiership should have an asterisk next to it. And that's a silly debate, because of course every VFL/AFL premiership ever can have an asterisk next to it. Just pick and choose the asterisks that you personally believe should exist:
Year Premier Reason this premiership gets an asterisk
1897 Essendon didn't even have a Grand Final
1898 Fitzroy general clusterfuck
1899 Fitzroy too much rain
1900 Melbourne Melbourne winning the flag from 6th so bullshit they changed the final system in response
1901 Essendon umpiring error gives Essendon the semi-final 'win' - should have been Fitzroy in the GF
1902 Collingwood season tainted by Essendon's 'Goodthur' controversy
1903 Collingwood Collingwood's captain was called "Lardie" that's not even a real name
1904 Fitzroy Crapp umpiring
1905 Fitzroy MCG too wet and soft
1906 Carlton fake Grand Final, was just the prelim in disguise
1907 Carlton fake Grand Final, was just the prelim in disguise again - also illicit Geelong pre-season affair with the VFA's Richmond clearly taints the whole season
1908 Carlton Essendon clearly psychologically scarred by vicious Fitzroy riots
1909 South Melbourne Argus system 'challenge match' is kinda bullshit
1910 Collingwood season tainted by Carlton bribery scandal
1911 Essendon season tainted by player expenses shenanigans
1912 Essendon rules tinkering: players have to be branded with numbers on their backs so that fascist 'Stewards' can report them - I mean what is this, the Napoleonic occupation of Iberia???
1913 Fitzroy silly finals system allows Fitzroy to play St Kilda again in the GF after losing to them in the prelim
1914 Carlton Jamieson illegally in the back of Bollard, South robbed, #justice4bollard
1915 Carlton comp too imba after University pulls out
1916 Fitzroy wrong for spooners to also be premiers
1917 Collingwood season compromised by WW1
1918 South Melbourne Carlton too distracted by the Allies thumping the Kaiser to perform well
1919 Collingwood season clearly unbalanced by the winless Melbourne having their first professional season (ie. with paid players) eight years after the rest of the comp
1920 Richmond a player debuts in the Grand Final for Richmond and plays a key part in the result? that's too implausible to be true
1921 Richmond Richmond's season tainted by ball-stabbing incident in R7
1922 Fitzroy season tainted by Richmond fans death-threating an umpire into retirement
1923 Essendon Grand Final played on Caulfield Cup day? that's not even close to September
1924 Essendon nonsense round-robin finals system that was immediately scrapped
1925 Geelong compromised draw with the three expansion teams
1926 Melbourne Collingwood into the GF without winning any finals - a contrived win for Melbourne
1927 Collingwood GF the lowest-scoring match in 20th or 21st centuries, not good enough to count as a real GF
1928 Collingwood Pies players under a bribery cloud
1929 Collingwood Pies hoarding all the goals and premiership points actually the cause of the Great Depression? #wakeupsheeple
1930 Collingwood Geelong defeats Collingwood in the Preliminary Final but the Pies get to go again because the Argus system is a joke
1931 Geelong R6 was played in two halves, either side of R7 and R8? you can't count 1931! how do we know who even really won?
1932 Richmond uh... Melbourne playing three games for premiership points at the Motordrome and losing all three clearly tainted the season in ways we can't fully appreciate
1933 South Melbourne Bloods deviously importing so many players from WA they should be called the "Swans"
1934 Richmond I mean technically Richmond kicked more goals on the day but that's no match for Bob Pratt's 150 goals in the season
1935 Collingwood Bob Pratt taken out by a brick truck the Thursday before the GF and you can't prove it wasn't a Collingwood player driving the truck
1936 Collingwood Gordon Coventry rubbed out for 8 weeks and missed finals but clearly he was just a fall guy and they should have suspended the whole team
1937 Geelong Sellwood? Hawking? Abbott? if the Cats were going to time travel modern champions back to take the cup at least they should have come up with better fake names
1938 Carlton MCG 12,000 over capacity? some people actually watched the game from on the grass inside the fence? well that's just unsafe
1939 Melbourne rules tinkering: VFL trying to get holding the ball called more often - now you can't just drop the ball when tackled!
1940 Melbourne if you don't think St Kilda winning the Patriotic Premiership was the real premiership that year then you might as well go kiss A-dolf Hitler's boot
1941 Melbourne season compromised by WW2
1942 Essendon season compromised by WW2
1943 Richmond season compromised by WW2
edit: Methuen's suggestion - Jack Broadstock shouldn't have been on the field: went AWOL in order to play and was arrested by military police before Jack Dyer intervened
1944 Fitzroy season still compromised by WW2 (no MCG)
1945 Carlton Bloodbath
1946 Essendon some of the Bombers' record 11 third-quarter goals have to be fake, it's statistics
1947 Carlton season clearly should have been called off in shame after the Big V went down to WA in Tasmania of all places
1948 Melbourne clearly the season should have ended on the drawn Grand Final, 69 to 69
1949 Essendon Coleman kicks his 100th goal for the season in the concluding minutes of the GF - a story stolen directly from Jack Titus in 1940, you have to ask what else was faked about Essendon allegedly 'winning' this premiership #fakenewsflag
1950 Essendon Essendon's captain was the biggest Dick ever to play Aussie rules
1951 Geelong Coleman set up by Caspar
1952 Geelong season tainted by weather so wet and muddy they had to introduce white balls mid-season
1953 Collingwood Cats' full-forward caught having an affair and forced out of the team, they then lose the GF and you can't prove it wasn't a Collingwood player in disguise sent to seduce him
1954 Footscray season tainted by Fitzroy betting scandal
1955 Melbourne Melbourne's kamikaze tactics
1956 Melbourne season compromised by accommodations for the Olympics
1957 Melbourne allowing everyone to compete for the night series clearly tainted the real finals somehow
1958 Collingwood MCG bias
1959 Melbourne uh-oh, Essendon implementing a special high performance training regime, sounds suss
1960 Melbourne Melbourne shouldn't have been able to play a Grand Final with no opponent, that's clearly unfair
1961 Hawthorn just the expansion teams playing, doesn't really count
1962 Essendon medical shenanigans
1963 Geelong whole of round 11 postponed due to weather, season obviously invalid after that
1964 Melbourne Fitzroy clearly should have won the premiership: their lay down misère (zero wins, #1 worst offence and #1 worst defence) was clearly the highest bid
1965 Essendon crowd support drove the Dons to the prelim win and a GF berth after a brutal attack off the ball on one of their players but was it a false flag operation?????
1966 St Kilda timekeeper was a big St Kilda fan you say? oh sure, we can toootally trust that the siren was correctly sounded in this close fought St Kilda game
edit: showmanic also suggests St Kilda kicking the ball out of bounds deliberately (legal until 1969) to use up time at the end of the match
1967 Richmond competition clearly unbalanced by players wanting to play for the Galahs rather than compete for the premiership
1968 Carlton too windy
1969 Richmond VFL tinkering with the dang rulebook again to try to boost scoring: now you get a free kick if the opposition kicks it out of bounds on the full??
1970 Carlton Syd Jackson probably should have missed the game through suspension
1971 Hawthorn R21 Fitzroy v Carlton played in zero-visibility fog clearly a sign of interference by ghosts, season should have been abandoned
1972 Carlton too many goals
1973 Richmond take your pick of option 1, cheap hits and punches take out three Carlton players or option 2, Francis Bourke and Royce Hart not supposed to be playing but played anyway
1974 Richmond Tiges tainted by R7 brawl at Windy Hill
1975 North Melbourne season ruined by pointless rules tinkering: bizarre, wacky centre 'square' introduced to replace sturdy, traditional centre diamond
1976 Hawthorn pre-equalisation era resource disparity: Hawthorn had a complete monopoly on former captains tragically about to die from cancer at too young of an age as a source of motivation, North Melbourne forced to rely on just wanting to win the premiership
1977 North Melbourne rare second-ever drawn GF clearly contrived for the advantage of the first TV broadcast
1978 Hawthorn political interference: North Melbourne supporters clearly too exhausted from booing Malcolm Fraser in R20 to effectively encourage the team to victory
1979 Carlton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6orWbfMkWDI&t=8s
1980 Richmond bottom of the ladder Fitzroy had more points for than top of the ladder Geelong? clearly a fake season
1981 Carlton Garry Sidebottom misses the bus
1982 Carlton Carlton illicitly obtains special powers from Helen D'Amico
1983 Hawthorn Morwood/Foschini transfer clusterfuck making a mockery of VFL transfer rules - plus the Big V goes down to both SA and WA, just call off the season already
1984 Essendon season destabilised by breakaway competition rumours
1985 Essendon season tainted by biff: Lethal breaks Neville Bruns' jaw, John Bourke for the Pies reserves gets suspended for 10 years and 16 matches
1986 Hawthorn illegal Tasmanian bank account
1987 Carlton compromised draw with the new expansion teams
1988 Hawthorn compromised draw with the new expansion teams
1989 Hawthorn illegal Tasmanian bank account
1990 Collingwood replay of drawn Pies v Eagles QF pushes back whole finals schedule, disadvantging Essendon
1991 Hawthorn take your pick of option 1, you can't play a legitimate GF at Waverley or option 2, match tainted by Bound for Glory
1992 West Coast Vic teams get their zones taken away and a foreigner team wins as a result #AntiVicBias
1993 Essendon Baby Bombers bust their way through the salary cap
1994 West Coast rules tinkering: arbitrarily changing the length of quarters from 25 to 20 minutes
1995 Carlton Diesel Williams the recipient of not only payments outside the salary cap but also one of the first ever racial vilification charges
1996 North Melbourne West Coast forced to play 'home' semi final at the MCG
1997 Adelaide psychological warfare: Port Adelaide entering the comp and blasting innocent ears with their terrible club song - Crows unfairly advantaged by being already partly immune to Port bullshit - alternatively steroids in the AFL
1998 Adelaide Crows somehow allowed to win flag from 5th on the ladder edit: and while losing their first final, just like Carlton the next year
1999 North Melbourne finals system is so shit that Carlton finishes 6th, loses first final, yet progresses to semi-finals where they play West Coast who are once again forced to 'host' a semi at the MCG - Blues make it to the GF where they're rolled by Norf
2000 Essendon season compromised by accommodations for the Olympics (and retrospectively, Lions' intravenous saline scandal and Carlton's salary cap breaches)
2001 Brisbane Lions Lions' intravenous saline scandal (and retrospectively, Carlton's salary cap breaches)
2002 Brisbane Lions six games not involving Carlton forcibly moved to Princes Park after Carlton moves games to Docklands - meanwhile Carlton wins the spoon and then has their salary cap cheating exposed, fuck 2002 Carlton basically - also Adelaide forced to 'host' a semi-final at the MCG
2003 Brisbane Lions all the non-Vic teams made finals #AntiVicBias
2004 Port Adelaide Brisbane forced to 'host' home prelim at the MCG - also because Port's win triggers insufferable debates about whether to count SANFL Port's flags
edit: lbguitarist's suggestion - St Kilda's PF momentum ruined by ground invasion after the G Train's 100th
2005 Sydney Barry Hall escaping suspension after the prelim
2006 West Coast druuuuugs
2007 Geelong 1) Cats commit murder in broad daylight and get away with it, 2) disgraceful Melbourne v Carlton spoonbowl with priority draft pick at stake, 3) 'Guttergate'
2008 Hawthorn morally bankrupt Hawthorn triple team Fev to stop him also getting to 100 goals
2009 Geelong take your pick of option 1, season tainted by Melbourne's tanking or option 2, Hawkins hitting the post
2010 Collingwood St Kilda robbed in broad daylight and the police did nothing about it
edit: NitroXYZ's suggestion - St Kilda robbed of momentum by replaying the GF the following week rather than playing extra time, replay replaced with extra time from 2016 season onwards
2011 Geelong tainted by Meatloaf and the lavish Gold Coast concessions
2012 Sydney season tainted by Essendon doping regime and the lavish GWS concessions
2013 Hawthorn season tainted by revelation of Essendon doping regime
2014 Hawthorn Brendon Bolton coaches Hawks to five wins from five games while Clarko out with Guillain–Barré syndrome yet nobody tests Bolton to see if he's some kind of cyborg or superman (though clearly swapped back for the real human version to go coach Carlton)
2015 Hawthorn treatment of Adam Goodes puts a stain on the whole comp
2016 Western Bulldogs umpiring so biased the AFL had to apologise for it
edit: NitroXYZ's suggestion - Cats forced to play 'home' QF at their opponent's home ground; veryparticularskills' suggestion - Cotch dodges suspension after PF
2018 West Coast Sheed played on
edit: PyrrhicNicholas' suggestion - Maynard was blocked
2019 Richmond Gilstapo intimidation
2020 ? pandemic-affected season
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Rangers' Barton charged for alleged football bets

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[#850|+5|2] Joey Barton charged by the FA for allegedly placing 1,260 bets on football matches between 2006 and 2016. [/r/soccer]

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Art “The Chief” Rooney’s North Side Golden Rule

The Chief
“My father always used to tell us boys, "Treat everybody the way you'd like to be treated. Give them the benefit of the doubt. But never let anyone mistake kindness for weakness." He took the Golden Rule and put a little bit of the North Side in it.” — Art Rooney Jr. on his father
What a man “The Chief” was.. Just a man of the people, no other way to put it. A kind hearted, sports loving, and gambling degenerate we can all relate too.
Before paying the franchise fee of ONLY $2,500 ( I now know without a doubt, the first thing I’m doing with a time traveling machine) The Chief was a boxer in college that qualified for the Olympics. Played minor league baseball and served as the Player-Manager, awhile leading the team in several stat categories. Then, he starts playing Halfback/Manger with two semi-pro football teams in Pittsburgh that he eventually takes over, combines the two teams and named them after himself. Just out there making moves.. This team would later become the pro franchise after only paying $2500... This guy was basically who Jackie Moon had wet dreams about.
Chief Rooney’s Legendary Day at the Track
Just three years after purchasing the team, The Chief hit a parlay at the Saratoga race track of 160,000!!Using an inflation calculator that comes out to 2.9 Mill in 2020! Now there is some dispute about the actual number, some reports was it was close to 250,000. Either way, The Chief loved the ponies and that’s a shit ton of money back then. Obviously, he used those earnings and invested it into his football team and other ventures. Allegedly, The Chief NEVER bet on Steelers games. It was only the ponies, I actually choose to believe that. I think he loved the team to much to risk losing it.
Source -“Rooney`s connection with the operation surfaced during the trial of Paul Hankish, 58, whom the government said started running a bookmaking operation in Bridgeport, Ohio, in 1957.” - “U.S. Attorney William A. Kolibash wrote in a statement released Tuesday that a Hankish associate took out-of-state bets over the telephone ''from a Pittsburgh-based group headed by Art Rooney, who they code-named No. 42.'' - “No. 42'' placed bets with a Mississippi and Texas bookmaker totaling $100,000 a weekend, the statement said. But the statement referred to several No. 42s and it was unclear whether it referred to Rooney.” - “The Hankish associate, Norman Farber, said he met Hankish in 1957 after setting up a small-time horse betting operation. This was the middle man for the horse bets. - “Mr. Farber had a gambling connection with Mr. Rooney not involving football, Mr. Rooney was not betting on Steelers games.''
It wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows for our Chief, the Steelers franchise went through some rough times. Before hiring Noll... One playoff game in 36 years. But, that never broke his love for the organization and players. Chief, would invite the grounds crew to the team box for dinners. This man treated EVERYONE with the same level of respect. It’s easy to see why the Rooney rule exits.
-Howard Cosell on the Rooney’s, “The Rooneys are the finest people, the people I most respect in American sports ownership. I've always felt that way. And there's no reason to change. They are people of integrity and character. The way they put the Steelers together, to hire a man like Chuck Noll, to emphasize the team concept. I have a whole transcendental feeling for the Steelers and the Rooneys and Pittsburgh. — Howard Cosell, October 1982
-Inviting a groundskeeper up to the owner's box for dinner, “I'll never forget the way he introduced me, 'This is Ralph Giampaolo, a member of our organization.' Not a member of our ground crew. Not some rinky-dink bum. But a member of 'our organization'. As far as [Curt] Gowdy knew, I was vice president of the team. Mr. Rooney made me feel 10 feet tall.”
We should all live by the North Side Golden Rule. If Art Rooney isn’t in your top 10 list to have a beer with after this... what are you doing with your life?
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A group of British footballers facing match-fixing charges say they fear attack by associates of the alleged ringleader of a betting syndicate.

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Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ May 13, 2002

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-7-2002 1-14-2002 1-21-2002 1-28-2002
2-4-2002 2-11-2002 2-18-2002 2-25-2002
3-4-2002 3-11-2002 3-18-2002 3-25-2002
4-1-2002 4-8-2002 4-15-2002 4-22-2002
4-29-2002 5-6-2002
  • Okay, look, here's the deal. The obituaries, as sad as they are, contain some of Dave's best work. But good lord, they are looooooooooong. And they never contain anything newsworthy that is relevant to 2002 or anything. But they're always super interesting from a historical perspective. But last week, Dave wrote a brief obit for Lou Thesz (only 5,000 words, ahem) and promised to go into more detail this week. So this week, we open with a 16,000+ word obituary for Lou Thesz and I just can't. Sorry. It's really good though, you should all go read it. But I've got, like, a family and a job and responsibilities and stuff. I can't recap this. It's an incredible piece of work though.
  • The World Wrestling Federation is no more. On May 5th, the company unveiled its new name, World Wrestling Entertainment. Dave recaps the history of the company briefly (was originally called "World Wide Wrestling Federation, or WWWF, until 1979 when it was shortened to WWF, which is has remained for the past 23 years). But as of this week, the company has been rebranded to WWE. The website domain was changed to WWE.com and all references to "WWF" were changed to "WWE." The scratch logo was also changed, with the F being removed, so now it simply looks like "WW" (which, honestly, never really did make much sense to me. Even though the logo has changed, it's still "WW" to this day). Anyway, this all stems from the World Wildlife Fund lawsuit over in the UK, in which the WWE lost every court case and appeal. They were planning to appeal the ruling in the UK's highest court, their final last-ditch effort to save their name, but the reality is, they weren't going to win that case. Vince McMahon and the company blatantly and repeatedly violated the agreement they signed in 1994. It was 1000% obvious they were in the wrong here and they had gotten spanked by every single court before, often losing their appeals by unanimous decisions. So they weren't going to win this final appeal either and they knew it. So they dropped the appeal and threw in the towel and finally agreed to just change the name. The WWE has until May 15th to remove all references to "WWF" from their shows and merchandise. Any merch with "WWF" on it can no longer be sold after that date. All video packages and posters will have to be changed and any "WWF" mention or logos after that time on television or in past footage will have to be censored. Last year, during the court case, the WWE claimed it would cost them more than $50 million to change their name and to deal with all the legal and rebranding headaches that come with it. But this week, they backtacked on that and said it wouldn't be that expensive after all. Who knows if that's true, but the idea of this costing $50 million was enough to make the shareholders shit themselves, so Dave says they claimed it won't cost that much in order to keep the stock from plummeting. Anyway, none of this had to happen. In 1994, Vince McMahon and the Wildlife Fund signed an agreement that the wrestling company would not use the "WWF" name for promoting itself outside of the U.S. (since the Wildlife group is based overseas) and that worked well for a year or two. But then Vince McMahon apparently decided, "Meh, who cares about agreements?" and began repeatedly and blatantly violating it, constantly, for years, at which point the Wildlife group finally got upset enough to file a lawsuit. Anyway, on the first Raw since the name change, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler repeatedly stumbled over the new initials, accidentally saying "WWF" multiple times. Gonna take time for everyone to get used to calling it the new name.
  • The buyrates for Wrestlemania 18 are in and it appears the event will have to settle for being the #2 biggest money show in wrestling history after it came up short and failed to surpass Wrestlemania 17. Final numbers aren't in yet, but latest estimates put it somewhere around the 800,000 buys range (ended up being about 880,000) which is quite a bit down from WM17. It was also #2 in total revenue from live gate and merch. Internally, it's actually being seen as something of a disappointment because with the power of the Hogan/Rock dream match, they were hopeful this show would top 1 million buys but unless something drastic changes with these buyrate numbers, it looks like the final total will be a good bit short of that.
  • NJPW's latest Tokyo Dome show is in the books. The show drew a sellout crowd of 57,000 fans, there to see the Masahiro Chono vs. Mitsuharu Misawa dream main event (which ended up going to a 30-minute draw). It was the biggest non-Jan. 4 crowd NJPW has drawn to the Dome in 2 years. So that's the good news. The bad news is that the show flopped in the ratings on TV. A big part of that is because the Chono/Misawa match didn't air as part of the show (due to the Asahi-TV/Nippon TV network issues discussed in past issues) so the televised show was built around the Shinya Hashimoto/Naoya Ogawa vs. Scott Norton/Hiroyoshi Tenzan match and man, the fans sure didn't seem to give a fuck about that. In fact, the rating was so bad that there's concern that this will be the end of pro wrestling on prime time TV in Japan for the foreseeable future. But there are justifiable reasons for the rating. The show went head-to-head with the Kirin Cup soccer tournament, which was a huge deal and did more than double the rating the NJPW show did. Unlike the U.S., wrestling and "real" sports in Japan have a major crossover audience, so having real sports competition severely hurt NJPW's show. Also, while Ogawa is a draw as a singles star, putting him in a tag match against Norton and Tenzan isn't exactly setting the world on fire. The show lasted 6 hours, which was way too long and the crowd was burned out before Misawa vs. Chono even started.
  • Other notes from the NJPW show: it opened with an hour long 30th anniversary ceremony. They had a 10-bell salute for Lou Thesz and brought out a bunch of legendary NJPW names from the 70s and 80s. Then they did an angle where Antonio Inoki came out to give a speech, but he was attacked by Tiger Jeet Singh. But then Chyna made the save, attacking Singh, running him out of the ring, and challenging him to a match. Inoki's ex-wife, famous Japanese actress Mitsuko Baisho then made an appearance, getting a huge pop, and she and Inoki did his famous catch phrase to kick off the show. Minoru Suzuki of Pancrase (who started with NJPW as a pro wrestler) was also there. Jushin Ligher and Minoru Tanaka won the IWGP Jr. tag titles and then Liger challenged several NOAH wrestlers who were at ringside (most notably KENTA) and they all jumped in the ring and it ended with a staredown. The Steiner Brothers reunited to face Hiroshi Tanahashi and Kensuke Sasaki, with Chyna as the special referee. Tanahashi was working hurt, but he still worked. They did a spot where Tanahashi ran into Chyna and he went down off the bump instead of her and Dave seems annoyed by this since Tanahashi is a guy they really need to be pushing who can be a huge star for this company. Dave doesn't like him selling bumps for Chyna. Anyway, decent match but the Steiners basically steamrolled them and Tanahashi was pinned by Scott Steiner. Chyna then challenged several All Japan Women at ringside as well as Scott Steiner, Tanahashi, Sasaki, and even IWGP champion Yuji Nagata, saying she wanted a title match. Dave thinks this company has lost its damn mind. Speaking of Nagata, he retained his title in the next match. And then, of course, the main event. Usually during interpromotional matches, the crowd is always super pro-NJPW but this time, they went insane for Misawa and it was clear there were a ton of NOAH fans in the building. Chono did some Inoki moves and Misawa did some Great Baba moves, to kinda have a spiritual "Baba vs. Inoki" tribute in the match I guess. Ended in a draw and by the time it was over, no matter how big the dream match was, the crowd was burned out and weren't as hype for the match as you might expect once the entrances were done.
WATCH: Misawa vs. Chono highlights
  • Goldberg has received a full buy-out of his WCW contract from Time Warner and as of this week, he is now an unsigned free agent. Goldberg did not request the buy-out, the decision was made by the Time Warner side after the most unprofitable quarter in their history. The company was looking to cut expenses, even at a loss, just so the books can look better in future quarters. Goldberg reportedly received almost all of his remaining salary (more than 90% of the nearly $3 million he was still owed) in order to get him off their books. When Goldberg realized he's going to be a free agent a year earlier than expected, talks with WWE started up. But as usual, they went nowhere. WWE (I feel like I'm having to get used to typing that all over again. Really does feel like 2002 again) has interest in him, especially given the way ratings continue to plummet lately. But Goldberg has always wanted more than WWE is willing to pay. Plus, they're feeling burned right now after signing Hall and Nash to big money, long-term contracts for part-time work, only to have Nash get injured and Hall likely to get himself fired at any moment (that moment is coming sooner than you think), and neither of them really getting over in any meaningful way. Even Hogan, who is also making big money for a reduced schedule, was hot for a minute and boosted ratings and buyrates. But after only a few months, that train already seems to be out of steam and TV ratings are back to floundering with Hogan as champion leading the shows. So WWE is kinda gun-shy on opening the checkbook and paying out the ass for these big stars, futilely hoping that one of them is the quick-fix that can stop the bleeding.
  • There's also the question of how Goldberg would fit within the WWE locker room. He hasn't been shy about his dislike for Triple H, dating back to WCW when Triple H trashed Goldberg in a radio interview and saying that even if Goldberg was available, they wouldn't want him (which, at the time, when WCW was still alive and Goldberg was the biggest star in the company, is just about the dumbest thing he could have said. In 1998, WWF would have gladly traded 10 Triple H's for Goldberg). Anyway, Goldberg took the comment personally and even confronted Triple H face-to-face at the Toy Fair convention in New York a couple of years ago, in a bit of an ugly scene where Goldberg was yelling at him and Triple H and Stephanie kept their heads down and said nothing. Goldberg also has a lot of dislike for Scott Hall, which is another of Triple H's good friends, so ya know. The latest on Goldberg is that he's considering working some in Japan but he's just fielding offers right now. Word is he's interested in working with PRIDE as well as NJPW. Of course, if he's looking to maximize his money potential, WWE is still the place to go if you want to make big bucks. If promoted right, matches against Rock, Austin, Triple H, and others could do huge buyrates. And if they keep Goldberg and Austin apart for a year and build to a match with them at Wrestlemania, well, needless to say, that show would set records. Dave talks about how Goldberg got nuclear hot in 1998 and even in 1999, he was the biggest drawing wrestler in the business. But by 2000, the company was dying, Goldberg was injured, and "Jesus Chris with an Etch-a-Sketch" couldn't have drawn in WCW. Dave again does the math and talks about how WWE should have brought Goldberg in for the Invasion angle. Yes, it would have cost them a lot of money and upset the salary structure, but he would have more than made up for it with the kind of buyrates he could have drawn with those dream matches and the Invasion angle might have had a chance. But alas.
  • And of course, who's to say how WWE would use Goldberg? They already have Brock Lesnar and they're currently giving him the unstoppable monster push. Lesnar is bigger, younger, and a more legitimate athlete (for whatever that's worth). And WWE probably isn't going to give Goldberg an endless string of jobbers to beat. In WWE, he's going to be expected to work longer matches, sell for people, etc. They won't book him the way WCW did so who knows how he'd get over in WWE? If they wanted to build to an Austin/Goldberg match, it would make sense that Goldberg first has to plow through guys like Triple H, Undertaker, etc. And politically, that just ain't gonna happen. Dave doubts NJPW can afford him for anything more than one or two big shows. As for PRIDE, he could probably make a lot of money there, but the problem is.....PRIDE is a shoot. They haven't had "worked" matches in a couple of years and doing so now would kill their credibility. Which means Goldberg would have to go into a legit shoot and one embarrassing loss there would severely hurt his future earning potential. In the end, Dave thinks it's inevitable that Goldberg will end up in WWE, but probably not any time soon. But he's certain it will eventually happen. There's too much money on the line for both sides and WWE's ratings woes are making them desperate, so it'll happen some day (yup, less than a year from this).
  • And the moment is here! For those of you who had "under 3 months" in the "How long will Scott Hall last?" pool, come collect your prize. Scott Hall was released by the WWE this week due to misbehavior on the European tour. Firstly, he went on a drunken binge during the entire tour and was even worse on the plane ride home (much more on that in a bit). Dave says this was inevitable. WCW fired him. Even ECW stopped using him when he got arrested at one point. And even though he was seemingly behaving during his Japan tours, even NJPW cut ties with him shortly before he went back to WWE because they were fed up with some of his antics. And now WWE has fired him. Dave talks about how Hall made a drunken spectacle of himself in the locker room on his very first day back in WWE, before the NWO even debuted on TV, then he showed up in Toronto for Wrestlemania in no condition to perform (later came out that he was hungover from the night before), which caused Austin to insist on ending their feud at WM (which was the plan, but Dave says Austin has continued working with Hall afterwards simply because they don't really seem to have any other credible opponents for him). Hall's match with Bradshaw at Backlash was an embarrassment and the night before that show, agents had to help him back to his hotel. Just endless incidents like this. In Europe, Hall was such a blatant drunken mess that even the other wrestlers were calling for him to be fired. Hall was 45 minutes late for the bus they all took to London and then passed out in the locker room during the show. On the plane ride back, he was starting fights with people and eventually passed out and it got to the point that people were worried about his health. When they got back to the U.S. for Raw, they literally had to wake him up from a drunken stupor backstage to send him to the ring to do his segment (and yes, he wrestled). After the show, they fired him. No one came to his defense, and even Hall's closest friends are now admitting that he simply can't handle the pressures of being on the road and being released is the best thing for him right now. Dave talks about how a lot of wrestlers have been fired in the last couple of years for drug and alcohol issues and that's all well and good, but the big problem is why hire them in the first place? Scott Hall's issues were not a secret. It wasn't like he cleaned himself up before he came to WWE. He was getting in trouble and collecting arrests like Pokemon all the way up until the day they brought him back. Anyway, Hall had a 2-year deal, believed to be worth $600,000-per-year downside for only 10 dates per month. So a really sweet deal, but it's gone now.
  • Hey, speaking of that European tour, turns out there was a bit of trouble on the flight back to the U.S. Perhaps you've heard of it. Most of the trouble wasn't even due to Scott Hall. Turns out Vince McMahon didn't make the trip and lots of people decided that was a good reason to cut loose and have fun. Plus, since everyone has seen Hall get away with being drunk 24/7 for the last few months, they figured nobody would get in trouble. So....folks got DRUNK. Among the various incidents on this flight: Goldust got on the speaker system and began drunkenly serenading his ex-wife Terri with love songs. Terri was extremely uncomfortable and begged him to stop and then Jim Ross had to go sit him down. Ric Flair also "started to get wild" but Jim Ross calmed him down as well (Dave doesn't seem to know just yet exactly what Flair "getting wild" entailed, but if you don't know, it involved getting totally naked except for his robe and started helicoptering his dick at flight attendants. And it gets worse if you feel like researching it. The flight attendants later filed a lawsuit against Flair and accused him of sexual assault). Curt Hennig was spraying people with shaving cream and he kept trying to get Brock Lesnar to fight him. Lesnar, being a newcomer, didn't know how to handle it and didn't want to get in trouble, but he ain't gonna let Hennig talk shit to him either. So anyway, Lesnar got up and basically annihilated Hennig, repeatedly taking him to the ground and embarrassing him because, well, of course he did. It's Brock Lesnar. At one point, Lesnar slammed Hennig up against the side of the plane, right into the emergency exit door, which freaked everybody out for obvious reasons. Michael Hayes got into a scuffle with Bradshaw and then tried to pick a fight with Hall (although everyone on the plane said Hall had it coming). Anyway, Hayes was apparently obnoxious as hell and annoyed everyone. But then he made the mistake of falling asleep and someone (believed to be X-Pac) cut his hair off. When Hayes woke up, he was furious and tried to fight several people. The next day at the Raw tapings, his entire mullet was in a plastic bag, pinned to the wall of the locker room for everyone to see. Gerald Brisco, Arn Anderson, and Hayes all caught a ton of heat from Vince afterward since they were the people who were supposed to be in charge. Anderson and Hayes especially, since their jobs are to keep the boys under control, but they were apparently having just as much fun as everyone else. Everyone's waiting to see how Vince is going to handle this situation. As noted, Hall was already fired and Hayes got an earful from Vince, Stephanie, and JR at Raw the next day, but there will likely be more fallout. Undertaker was also said to be furious over how out of hand everything got (I'm sure we haven't heard the last of this).
  • Anyway, while they were in Europe, WWE presented its latest UK PPV, Insurexxtion. As usual with the UK PPVs, this was little more than a glorified house show. They announced the show as sold out, but there were empty seats everywhere. RVD vs. Eddie Guerrero for the IC title was the show-stealer according to every report Dave heard, and was said to be far better than their Backlash match. Brock Lesnar teamed with Shawn Stasiak (lol wut) and lost to the Hardyz. Brock beat up everybody after the match. Triple H beat Undertaker in the main event and Dave doesn't know why since Undertaker is the one challenging Hogan for the title at the next PPV. The top rope broke during the match when they did an Irish whip into the corner and when the rope snapped, a metal piece broke off from the corner and flew into the crowd and barely missed hitting a small child in the face.
  • Smackdown on 5/2 drew the all-time lowest rating in the history of the show. Dave says that's the scariest thing to happen to WWF in the past 5 years. It was also the 3rd lowest rating for any Smackdown or Raw dating back to 1998. The rating was a full 18% drop from the week before, which was already scary. The rating was even lower than previous holiday episodes. So what was the problem? Well, it was headlined by Hogan defending the WWF title against Chris Jericho (as it turns out, the final time the "WWF" title was ever defended). Dave says the title has been meaningless for years now and Hogan's steam is running out. And Jericho hasn't recovered from spending the first part of the year being emasculated and playing second fiddle to Stephanie McMahon in the Wrestlemania feud. Add all that together and you've got a recipe for a shit ratings night. Among other things. Dave isn't blaming this all on Hogan and Jericho by any means, there's a lot of problems with the company as of late, from bad storylines to failing to make new stars, and it's all starting to come home to roost.
  • Keiji Muto wrestled a match in AJPW under his alternate gimmick of Kokushi Muso. Turns out "Great Muta" isn't his only other persona. The Kokushi Muso gimmick is basically like Hakushi in WWF, where he's covered his entire body in Japanese writing. He originally debuted the gimmick in Michinoku Pro last year, when teaming with....Hakushi (Jinsei Shinzaki, who occasionally brought back the old Hakushi gimmick in Japan). Anyway, same thing here. He teamed with Hakushi for this match, while using that gimmick (Muto would use that gimmick a handful of times throughout the years, always when teaming with Hakushi. It's like that was only his gimmick for that team. The last time he used it was in 2009, also in a tag match with Hakushi).
  • Former NOAH Jr. champion Naomichi Marufuji underwent knee surgery this week and should be out around 6 months (ends up being 9 months).
  • NJPW is doing an angle (according to Dave) similar to the Vince/Flair angle last year where Antonio Inoki and Masahiro Chono are battling over control of the company. Although it's more realistic. Inoki is in the press talking about how many of NJPW's shows aren't doing well and is pushing for them to use Naoya Ogawa more, while Chono doesn't want to. Inoki is also saying Chono needs to retire from wrestling and focus his energies on managing the day-to-day business of the promotion full-time. Dave says this is an angle, but it doesn't sound like much of one to me, and I think later years have kinda proven there was a lot of blurring between fiction and reality here, because there was a ton of behind the scenes turmoil in NJPW during this period.
  • Will Smith appeared alongside Antonio Inoki at the Japanese movie premiere for the film "Ali" based on Muhammad Ali's life. Crowd went absolutely insane for Inoki (I've tried like hell and can't even find a picture of them together. But then again, I can't find a single pic from the premiere at all).
  • When reviewing the recent Dos Caras Jr. shoot fight in Japan, Dave talks about the guy's potential as a wrestler. He has a strong amateur background, legit shoot skills, and a famous name. Dave thinks, if he's even halfway a decent worker, he can almost be a guaranteed star in Mexico (based on his name alone) and probably Japan too, if he decides to pursue that career (indeed he did, and indeed, he was fairly decent at it. Of course, he later became Alberto Del Rio, accused rapist and pretty much confirmed all-around piece of shit).
  • Former long-time WCW referee Randy Anderson passed away this week after a long battle with testicular cancer. Back when WCW was still around and he first got diagnosed, they did an angle out of it where Eric Bischoff fired him and then laughed at his wife and kids when they begged him to give Anderson his back. Of course, he was later re-hired when Flair became on-screen commissioner and continued to referee until 1999 when the cancer forced him to retire.
  • Random news and notes: Bobby Heenan is said to be in good spirits and is especially excited because WWE recently contacted him about doing a WWE Magazine feature on him. Verne Gagne's wife Mary passed away from cancer this week. Goldberg will be appearing on this week's Wrestling Observer Live show to be interviewed. Mil Mascaras is releasing an autobiography (in Spanish of course) and man, I'd love to find an English translation of that because I bet it'd be interesting. Chyna appeared on "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" this past week.
WATCH: Chyna on Sabrina The Teenage Witch
  • Bruno Sammartino turned down an invitation to attend the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame ceremony in New York (yes, that HOF existed and still does, in a different city now). Bruno did an interview with the local paper and said "Wrestling is how I made my living and supported my family, but it's over. I don't want anything to do with it anymore." Bruno managed to turn the discussion to the WWE, despite them not having any affiliation with this HOF and grumbled about how Vince McMahon blocked him from being inducted into the Madison Square Garden Hall of Fame. However, the new MSG owners have apparently promised Bruno he'll be inducted this year, since he sold the place out 200 times (Dave jumps in here to correct it and says the real number of sellouts is closer to 45. Bruno only main evented the Garden 127 times and by no means were they all sell-outs. But it's one of those myths that has been perpetuated for so long that Dave begrudgingly recognizes that people are always going to believe the 200 number is true, but it's not even close. He compares it to the claim that Andre The Giant was 7'4, which also wasn't true but people repeated the lie so often that it became accepted as fact).
  • Afa Anoa'i Jr., the son of the legendary Wild Samoan, is a star football player at his high school and is being recruited for Penn State. He also sometimes wrestles on his father's indie shows (that would be Manu, who was very briefly part of Legacy with Orton, Dibiase Jr., and Cody).
  • Former WCW announcer Scott Hudson will be doing commentary for Jerry Jarrett's new promotion, and Bob Ryder is said to be in a major front office position.
  • Jarrett has put out a press release saying that his new promotion has had talks with Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior. Word is Warrior wanted a 15% ownership stake in the new company, which pretty much ended those talks right there. They're also apparently interested in Scott Hall now too, with the idea that since they're only doing 1 show per week, he won't be a screw-up here. Dave is skeptical. Anyway, currently Road Dogg and Brian Christopher expected to be some of the company's top stars and Dave's not optimistic.
  • XWF wrestlers were told last week that a television deal should hopefully be finalized this week. But Dave has been told no chance it's happening that soon. The rumors are that the deal is either with the FX or Fox Kids networks. Ted Turner had inquired about buying this promotion a few months ago, but when he learned how much it would cost to get them off the ground and make them competitive, he lost interest (TV deal never materializes, company is already dead, etc. etc.).
  • The Scorpion King slipped to 2nd place this week, falling to the new Spider Man movie which did a record breaking $114 million opening weekend. Randy Savage has a small role in that movie.
  • Speaking of, The Rock worked his first match in about a month at a Fort Lauderdale house show, teaming with Hogan to beat Jericho and Angle. After the match, Hogan tried to get Rock to pose with him, but Rock wouldn't do it. Rock thanked the fans for the success of Scorpion King and said it would likely be his last match for awhile. There was a ton of local media there, but Rock didn't talk to any of them. Basically, the house show was in his neck of the woods and he simply decided to show up and work it just so he could see his friends and hang out with the locker room, he had no interest in doing interviews. He was just there because he wanted to be. Backstage, Rock was telling people that Hollywood higher-ups have told him he has to leave the wrestling business if he wants to be taken seriously as an actor. Those in the company feel it's a certainty that Rock really is leaving and he's likely going to break out of wrestling into Hollywood and actually become a rare success story (yeah, you could say that).
  • Look how long this is already. Imagine if I had covered that Lou Thesz obituary in full. JUST IMAGINE!
  • Notes from Raw: Dave compares it to an episode of Thunder, with the crowd half-dead for everything. Also, the roster was exhausted after just returning from the Europe trip (and the plane ride shenanigans) and that was apparent too. Brock Lesnar won his match via pinfall instead of the usual ref stoppage and Dave says that word is Triple H got in Vince's ear and convinced him to end the ref stoppage gimmick for Brock. Sure, why not? Hogan was supposed to ride off on Undertaker's bike at one point, but then the motorcycle wouldn't start. It was one of those awkward live-TV moments where time stood still and nobody knew what to do. Flair finally turned heel on Austin, to a shocking lack of heat from the crowd. Nash returned, etc. Dave recaps the rest of this show and it sounds like a lot of bad WCW stuff, coincidentally enough with a lot of the same people.
WATCH: Hogan can't start the motorcycle
  • The man who played the effeminate gay guy applying to be Vince McMahon's secretary on Smackdown a few weeks ago was new creative team member David Lagana. He recently joined the company and has written for several other TV shows, including "Friends" and has a strong knowledge of the industry (Dave says if you've been reading the Observer closely for the last few years, you're probably familiar with him, he's written in to Dave a lot over the years).
  • Dave goes on a brief rant about how to use older stars. In the past, everyone, even Vince McMahon, talked about how you should use guys like Hogan and Flair in small doses and how WCW's reliance on older stars like that is what made them less special. Dave talks about back in the day in Memphis, Jackie Fargo would come back once or twice a year and he was always the biggest star in the company when he did. Because he was used sparingly. But WWE has pretty much built its company around Hogan and Flair (and to a lesser extent, Vince and Undertaker) over the last few months and they've been totally overexposed because of it. Just 6 weeks ago, Hulk Hogan was getting some of the largest crowd reactions in the history of the business. Now, he and Undertaker are practically hearing crickets during their on-screen interactions.
  • Lita underwent neck surgery this week and isn't allowed to do anything physical for 9 months. Scotty 2 Hotty also had neck surgery and is expected to be out for about a year. Both are expected to make full recoveries though.
  • Jesse Ventura admitted this week that he received WWF stock options as partial payment for some work he did with them. Dave doesn't know if it's related to the Summerslam appearance a few years ago or the XFL announcing gig. Ventura says he has 10 years to exercise those stock options but wouldn't give any further details.
  • Scott Steiner told WWA he will work their next UK tour but after that, he's going to WWE. Dave is skeptical. Reports are that Steiner was in horrible pain after every match he worked on the last WWA tour and there's significant doubt that his body will hold up to a WWE schedule.
  • The new Steve Austin "What!" DVD has a lot of WCW footage, including the full Austin vs. Steamboat match from WCW Bash at the Beach 94. Dave doesn't say so, but I believe this is the first time WWE used any of the WCW library for commercial release after they purchased it the year before.
  • Someone writes in and asks Dave to stop spending so much time writing about steroid use in wrestling and instead says he should write a story about racism in the business. This person writes about the allegations from years back of Dusty Rhodes using the N-work with impunity, or the time DX parodied the Nation by wearing blackface. The WCW discrimination lawsuit, the embarrassing angles they've done with Mark Henry such as Sexual Chocolate, etc. This guy is asking why is it white wrestlers outnumber black wrestlers by 35-to-1 ratio in the U.S. (70-to-1 in Mexico and 80-to-1 in Japan). He wants to know why Dave isn't writing about that stuff. Dave responds and agrees that the blackface DX promo was racist, and it was racist when Buff Bagwell did it in WCW and when Roddy Piper did it in the 80s. Dave says wrestling, especially from the 70s through the 90s, had a horrible history of exploiting stereotypes and/or saying and doing racist things. You can argue it's gotten better, but no doubt the problem still exists. Dave lists some examples but he also pushes back on some others. For example, he's heard people complain that Booker T isn't being used properly due to his race and Dave disagrees. It's true that Booker T probably deserves a bigger push, but you can make the same case for guys like RVD and Jericho and Raven or DDP (when he first debuted, at least) and that didn't happen either, so Dave doesn't necessarily think Booker's lack of top-star push can be blamed on his race (we're less than a year away from Triple H definitively proving otherwise).
  • There's also 2 letters about the Rock/Hogan match at Wrestlemania and they couldn't be more different. One guy writes in and he can't understand why people are praising that match because if you put aside the hot crowd, it was awful, everyone's moves looked bad, it was embarrassing, etc. and says Hogan should have retired afterward. Then someone else writes in and says he was there live and, taken as a whole, Rock vs. Hogan was the greatest match he's ever seen. Basically the same "love it or hate it" opinion people have about that match to this day. Also, someone else writes in about the recent Low-Ki vs. American Dragon match from an ROH show and puts it up there among some of the greatest matches of all time (listing off several classic WWF matches like Shawn/Razor and Owen/Bret at WM10 for example). So there ya go.
NEXT WEDNESDAY: more fallout from the Plane Ride from Hell, more on the beginning of Jarrett's new NWA-TNA promotion, more on the NJPW Tokyo Dome show, and more...
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A bit of recap and my take on Griezmann’s situation

Just as a warning, this is probably going to be a huge post, so feel free to stop reading if it’s too long.
Before joining us, Griezmann was a very good prospect on a very competitive Real Sociedad squad. Him and Carlos Vela were a pair of dynamic and skilful wingers. After Vela turned down our offer, we decided to go for him on the summer of 2014.
I remember that when we first signed him I was very exited but I couldn’t have guessed not on a million years that he would end up being one of the best players on the planet at our club. As it happened to many, he struggled at first, but ended up doing a pretty good first campaign, even winning a title against Madrid.
Haters tend to criticise Cholo for destroying players, but nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that if a player has the mentality and willingness to improve, el Cholo will guide them to their peak level. Griezmann embraced cholismo and has been, in my opinion, the best example of what I just said.
He was our star and best player our attacking reference, but that is precisely when things started to go wrong. Every summer he was getting linked with either Barsa or Man. U. Those rumours were never addressed which generated instability on the club and I’m sure that also on the locker room. I’m pretty sure he would have gone if not for the transfer ban that we were imposed and the fact that the UCL final was on our stadium, in the end, he helped us a ton on winning the EL on a season that left us with a bittersweet feeling I would say.
And boy oh boy here we come, the next season. As I said before I’m completely sure that the contacts between Barsa and Griezmann started much longer ago, but this season and the following one, it all blew up. I comprehend that as a footballer you look for your own interest, but there are ways to do it with respect to the club and fans who support you. I don’t know if you remember, but similar to what it has happened with Thomas this summer, his family started to publicly pressure the club. This pissed me off so hard, especially because one of the main arguments that they used was that he wanted to win titles. HE had the chance of winning the CL on his boots with that penalty. I was on that stand, behind the goal and as I saw him walking to the penalty spot I could tell that he was going to miss for fuck sake.
Well anyways, after a relatively good season on which we had to tolerate his family complaining all day, his teammates having to convince him like a child, we even fucking made him the captain of the team before players like Godín, Koke, Torres, Saúl or Oblak. After all of these, the shitshow of La Decisión came. If I as a supporter couldn’t help but feel that he was laughing at our faces and at Barsa’s face, imagine what were their teammates thinking, he was sharing locker room with club legends and with players that gave 200% on the pitch but were never recognised as much as him, and yet he still demanded a special treatment and a mind-blowing salary of 700K a week which is more that what Neymar allegedly earns at PSG in comparison.
This unsustainable situation for the club was a liability, but once we did the investment, one should expect performance, and above all, COMPROMISE. I think I speak for all Atleticos when I say that among all the things that I’ve said, Griezmann’s compromise is undoubtedly what pisses me off the most. He had everything here, a team that played for him, supporters that loved him, a manager that trusted him like his son, he had status and one of the best salaries in the world, and most importantly, he was on a team that could fight for every piece of silverware available. He was our star.
12 of March of 2019. Atleti have to play against Juve the second match of the tie of UCL. Griezmann, who hadn’t been active on the first match of the tie, did one of the most horrendous matches I remember him with the Atleti’s shirt. Don’t get me wrong, I know that the whole team performance on that day was shambolic, in fact, I was discussing it with a friend, and on my 15 years of supporting Atleti, I’ve never felt so angry with the team. But my point is, we, as fans, found it out later, but how do you think the climate t on the locker room was, knowing that your star player is not focused on the team.
Later, we found out that now only Griezmann was going to one of our biggest rivals, but that he had signed a deal with Barsa in the middle of the season, which btw was illegal given his situation at the time. Honestly I didn’t just felt like I’d been betrayed, I felt as if a friend came to my house, stayed all day, just for him to then bet me up, steal my pc and spit on my face before he leaves.
I, as well as a huge majority of Atleti fans, don’t support, and I will never support the chants of ¨Griezamann die¨ that were sung by Frente when we faced Barsa, but one part of me can’t help but to feel angry after what he did to us. However, I maybe I’m part of a minority here, but I can’t also help but to feel sad. Sad because of the way that Barsa are treating him, this won’t stop if EL CLUB DE AMIGOS is still present at Barsa. Sad because he looks depressed, lost and I’m sure that regretful.
Maybe the thing that I feel the most is ,hearing his wife, after all the effort she put on convincing him to stay, tell him: ¨Te lo dije, gilipollas.¨ Which means: I told you, fucking idiot.
Thank you for reading this! And just a reminder that this is my opinion and you don’t have to agree with it.
Hope you liked it!
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Seventh circle of quarterback Hell

After seeing the Pittsburgh media interpret GM Kevin Colbert's comments as him saying that they "view Mason Rudolph as heir to the Ben Roethlisberger throne", I had to see what hope there realistically was. I have perused the film numerous times, but I wondered if numbers could show me something I was missing. Raw counting stats often do not do quarterbacks justice, both on the positive or negative end, so I went a little deeper in just the numbers.
DVOA or Defense-adjusted Value Over Average breaks down the entire season play-by-play, comparing success on each play to the league average based on a number of variables including down, distance, location on field, current score gap, quarter, and opponent quality. While it can be used as a measure of total team performance, it differs from other power ratings found throughout the Web because it can be broken down to analyze team effectiveness in any number of ways: down, quarter, rushing vs. receiving, location on field, passes to backs vs. passes to receivers, and so on.
QBR incorporates all of a quarterback's contributions to winning, including how he impacts the game on passes, rushes, turnovers, and penalties. Since QBR is built from the play level, it accounts for a team's level of success or failure on every play to provide the proper context, then allocates credit to the quarterback and his teammates to produce a clearer measure of quarterback efficiency. I personally chose to use QBR because year in and year out, it provides the most accurate single statistic to rank quarterbacks.
So with this I wanted to see at what level of QB play is there no return. I somewhat arbitrarily decided I would look at quarterbacks had less than 20.0% DVOA and less than 40.0 QBR as in recent years, it would separate bad QB play from the atrocious. What I found was more interesting then I ever thought.
Minimum 200 passes
I would like to start this off by apologizing to the Jacksonville Jaguars; I had no idea how bad it has been for you guys down in Duval. Now onto the actual findings. The majority of the time, a quarterbacks poor play coincides with with poor team performance. Now this creates the chicken or the egg situation for me; does poor quarterback play cause teams to perform poorly or do poor teams ruin quarterbacks? The truth is somewhere in between.
Eli Manning, Jared Goff, Ryan Tannehill, and Brett Favre are the names that stand out as success stories in this landfill of garbage. Eli Manning's 2013 season caused many to ask about his future. Similarly, Jared Goff 's rookie season caused many experts to question whether he had any future in the NFL, but he was only 22 at the time Ryan Tannehill was in one of the worst situations in football, but will also still face a large regression from 2019. Brett Favre was on his lat legs in Minnesota.
It does appear as though wins will skew opinions, usually for the negative. Players who have winning seasons cause upper management to put more faith in them than they realistically should. I think the best example of this is John Skelton is 2011.
Age does not appear as though it is as major of a factor in teams deciding whether it is time to move in a different direction which was unexpected. Some of the youngest quarterbacks on this list were the first ones out of the league, while many of the older ones had longer careers. I wonder what would have happened with Deshone Kizer or Josh Rosen in New England or New Orleans.
My favorite realization for this entire list is the amount of improvement in quarterback play as a whole over the last 10 years. Nearly half of the players that make this list did so from 2010-2012. Only five quarterbacks have qualified in the last two seasons. When debates about Mason Rudolph in particular start, many will reference Terry Bradshaw as a quarterback who struggled mightily at the beginning of his career, but figured it out. Therefore, the team should move forward with Rudolph waiting in the wings. The expectation for quarterback play has been raised over the years, which makes Rudolph look worse by comparison.
The main point of this was to see where quarterbacks reach the point of no return. And the answer is... inconclusive. I could realistically say there is no point of no return with Jared Goff coming back from one of the worst seasons in recent NFL history. However, Goff represents the extreme outlier. Goff was put in the perfect situation to succeed with Sean McVay leading the offense. Eli Manning also rebounded nicely. Most of these quarterbacks experience short, middling at best careers following their worst season.
So when is it time to move on from your current quarterback and look in a different direction for the future? The question I initially sought out to answer. It's completely impossible using just numbers; teams like the Broncos, Giants and Jets have all moved on from relatively high draft picks in Paxton Lynch, Davis Webb, and Christian Hackenberg who never even had a chance. Other teams, like allegedly the Steelers, will hold out hope for as long as they can.
But if your quarterback does appear on this list, don't bet on winning a Super Bowl or much future success at all. No team who had one of these quarterbacks should have felt confident in their quarterback situation, even if they won games. You cannot count on them moving forward; it is not sustainable. I believe a maximum of five of the quarterbacks would have been considered "good" at any part of their career. But if you do want to make the best with one of these guys, be sure to surround them with talent, a great defense, and an offensive genius, so you can sign him to a $134 million contract. Then you might just find yourself in a new circle of Hell.
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Mega-List: Israel's Crimes and Controversies

Updated on 11June 2020, Arranged in Chronological Order
All articles cited are from reliable and trustworthy sources (some may be NSFL):
Use this website to read any paywalled site you might encounter in this list.
Major Incidents:
ONE. Assasination of Jacob Israël de Haan (1924), a Dutch-Jewish diplomat, for attempting to make a peace deal with the Emir of Mecca - his plan was a Palestinian state in a Jordanian federation, the Zionists would drop the Balfour declaration and any claim to a state in exchange for unrestricted immigration. He was assassinated when leaving a synagogue by Avraham Tehomi (who admitted to it much later), on the orders of Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, who later became the 2nd President of Israel:
Wiki, Haaretz, 972mag
TWO. King David Hotel Bombing (1946) where right-wing Zionist terrorists attacked a British HQ located within the hotel killing 91 and injuring 46. The leader of the perpetrators, Manachem Begin became the Prime Minister of Israel in 1977:
Wiki, Haaretz
THREE. Deir Yassin Massacre (1948) where 110 villagers were slaughtered, some members of the perpetrators were at a later time, absorbed into the IDF, one even became PM of Israel:
Wiki, Haaretz, Britannica
FOUR. Document from IDF archives (1948) which after translation states:
"In the villages lying between Nahraiya and Tarshiha there are no foreign troops for the time being.The villages are armed and ready for action1. Your orders are to occupy, kill the men2, destroy and burn down the villages of Kabri, Umm al-Faraj and al-Nahr."
[1] Ilan Pappe notes that the villagers had no proper arms, only for hunting purposes and people who served in the police; without Arab troops that were absent they stood no chance [2] In April 1948, the Intelligence of the Hagana defined men as anyone above the age of 10
-Photo taken from IDF Archives 1676\51\12
-Benny Morris, The Birth of the Palestinian refugee problem, 1947-1949, ISBN 0-521-33028-9. P. 133
-Hagana archives, 100\35, dated May 19, 1948
FIVE. Palestinian Exodus "Nakba" (1948) was an expulsion of 700,000 Palestinian Arabs from their Homeland during the war and establishment of Israel in May 1948, these includes testimonies of massacres, rape and looting. During and immediately following the state’s creation, Israel expropriated approximately 4,244,776 acres of Palestinian land.
Haaretz, Haaretz, Atlantic, Vox, TheWallsOfJerusalem
SIX. Assassination of Folke Bernadotte, (1948) UN Mediator for Palestinian Refugees by Israel's Zionist Paramilitary Group, Lehi. The killing was approved by the three-man 'center' of Lehi, one of which, after the assassination, became 7th Prime Minister of Israel (Yitzhak Shamir). No one was convicted for the assassination:
Wiki, Independent, Haaretz, WRMEA
SEVEN. Lavon Affair (1954) a failed false flag operation where Egyptian Jews were recruited by Israeli Military Intelligence to plant bombs inside Egyptian, American, and British-owned civilian targets, their foiled plan was to blame the attacks on the Muslim Brotherhood:
Haaretz, TimesofIsrael, Wiki
EIGHT. Kafr Qasim Massacre (1956) where Israeli Border Police killed 49 Arabs (19 men, 6 women, 23 children, 1 unborn child) returning home from work during a curfew they were unaware of. Those involved in the massacre were found guilty but were pardoned and released from prison in a single year. The highest ranking official prosecuted for the massacre confessed before his death, that the massacre were planned to ethnically cleanse Israeli Arabs from the region, and that his trial was staged to protect Israeli political and military elites, including Prime Minister Ben Gurion, from taking responsibility for the massacre:
Wiki, Haaretz, 972mag, Medium
NINE. Apollo Affair (1965) an incident where 200-600 pounds of highly enriched uranium disappeared from a Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Highly suspected to have gone to Israel's Nuclear Program particularly given the visit of Rafi Eitan who was under the guise of a chemist but later revealed as an Israeli spy and who was later involved in the Jonathan Pollard incident:
Wiki, LATimes, Mondoweiss,
Archive of the findings of Roger Mattson, a Physicist who investigated the Incident for the Nuclear Regulatory Commision,
YouTube, 1968 FBI Report, FBI's Declassified Memo PDF
TEN. USS Liberty (1967) where Israel deliberately attacked an American Cargo Vessel killing 34 without any repurcussions:
YouTube, Haaretz, Wiki
EVEVEN. Operation Trojan (1986) according to ex-Mossad agent in his book, Mossad instigated the US bombing of Libya by planting a transmission device and impersonating as the Libyan Govt sending terrorist orders to its embassies around the world. (Story in Page 113-117) (Downloadable PDF File):
Other Side of Deception PDF
TWELVE. Cave of Patriarchs Massacre (1994) Israeli Settler Baruch Goldstein opened fire in Ibrahimi Mosque, killing 29 worshippers and wounding more than 125:
Wiki, JPost
THIRTEEN. Qana Massacre (1996) IDF fired artillery shells at a UN Compound where 800 Lebanese civillians were taking refuge. 106 civillians were killed, 116 injured, 4 Fiji UN forces were also seriously injured:
Wiki, AlAraby, Independent, DailyMotion
FOURTEEN. 2nd Qana Massacre (2006) air-strike carried out by IDF on a building Lebanon during the war. 28 civillians were killed out of which 16 were children. Upon investigation, IDF concluded that there was in fact no rocket launched from Qana on the day of the deadly strike by IDF:
Wiki, BBC, Norman Finkelstein
FIFTEEN. Israeli Mossad posed as CIA agents to recruit terrorists to carry out False Flag Operations against Iran (2007-2008)
Haaretz, ForeignPolicy
SIXTEEN. Four Iranian nuclear scientists were assassinated and another was seriously wounded in an attempted murder between (2010-2012). US officials confirm that Terror Group, MEK was financed, trained, and armed by Israel in killing the nuclear scientists:
NBC, Guardian, Guardian
What is Zionism?
Palestine before Zionism (Pre-1948):
Youtube (1896)
Youtube (1900s)
Youtube (1930s)
Youtube (1946 - Arrival of Illegal Zionist Immigrants)
Divide & Conquer: An interactive map explaining the Israel divide and control of Palestinian Land (2019):
Interactive Map
JIDF: Israeli Government is paying and giving away scholarships to students who fight internet battles and spread propaganda (2013):
BBC, USAToday, Huffington Post
Israel's JIDF Hasbara App (2017):
App on GooglePlay where people defend Israel on Social Platforms to gain points (2019):
Intl Law:
Apartheid Against Palestinians:
Protected Wiki
International Law (Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions of 1949, UN Resolution 37/43) dictates that Palestinians have a legal right to an armed struggle to resist occupation:
Add. Protocol I, Geneva Conventions (PDF), UN Resolution 37/43 (PDF)
Israel's building of settlements in occupied territories such as the West Bank and East Jerusalem are illegal under international law, violating Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 as well as the Statute of Rome, Art. 8 (2)(b)(viii) which states: "The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies.":
Wiki, UN, International Law on Occupation, Al Jazeera, Amnesty, Amnesty, B'Tselem, YouTube
Israel's destruction of homes in occupied territories such as the West Bank and East Jerusalem are illegal under international law, violating Article 53 of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 which states: "Any destruction by the Occupying Power of real or personal property belonging individually or collectively to private persons ... is prohibited, except where such destruction is rendered absolutely necessary by military operations.":
Fourth Geneva Convention (PDF)
Israeli former nuclear technician turned whistleblower was lured to Italy where Mossad drugged and abducted him back to Israel for the trial that was held secretly behind closed doors. He spent 18 years in prison, including more than 11 in solitary confinement. Says he suffered "cruel and barbaric treatment" at the hands of Israeli authorities while imprisoned because he was Christian. After his release in 2004, he was subjected to a broad array of very strict restrictions on his speech and movement (1986):
Wiki, Youtube, NYT, Guardian, CNN, Wired, Telegraph
2nd Intifada, 12 yr old boy shot dead, father severely injured (2000):
CNN, Twitter
Breaking the silence - targeting civilians with grenades and machine guns during the 2nd Intifada (2000):
5 Israelis working for an Israeli Company "Urban Moving Systems" were arrested on 9/11 after being seen photographing and celebrating the attack on the WTC. Owner of the company fled to Israel after the incident. FBI still lists him as a 9/11 suspect but Israel refuses to extradiate him (2001):
9/11 War by Deception, YouTube, Forward, NYT, Haaretz
Netanyahu caught on tape: "America is something that you can easily maneuver and move in the right direction" (2001):
Netanyahu lying during his speech at the US House of Representatives on Saddam Hussiens WMDs which doesn't exist (2002):
Advocating racial purity in Israel, Chinese workers in Israel sign no-sex contract (2003)
Tom Hurndall, a British Peace Activist, was shot in the head by an IDF sniper while he was helping Palestinian children flee from cross-fire in Rafah, Gaza strip. His killer was released from prison 2 years early of his 8-year sentence (2003):
Wiki, BBC, Guardian, Evening Standard
Rachel Corrie, American Activist who was run over by an Israeli bulldozer destroying Palestinian homes in Gaza (2003):
Imgur, BBC
New Zealand imposed diplomatic sanctions on Israel over an incident where 2 Australia-based Israelis, who were allegedly working for Mossad, attempted to fraudulently obtain NZ Passports by claiming the identity of a disabled man. 2 others, Ze'ev Barkan and David Reznick, are believed to have been the 3rd and 4th men involved in the scandal but they managed to leave NZ before being apprehended. NZ PM viewed the incident as "not only utterly unacceptable but also a breach of NZ's sovereignty and international law". The following year, Israeli foreign minister apologized for the incident. (2004)
Wiki, NZHerald
Breaking the Silence, testimonies from IDF Whistleblowers (2004):
Not guilty, IDF Captain who empties his magazine on a 13yr old girl, says he would have done the same if she was 3 yrs old (2005):
Phosphorus and cluster bombs which is illegal under international law heavily used by Israel during the Lebanon war (2006)
Israel celebrates Irgun Hotel Bombing (2006):
Former Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben Ami: “If I were a Palestinian, I Would Have Rejected Camp David” implying that the Camp David Summit Offer by Ehud Barak in 2000 was unreasonable and designed to be rejected (2006):
Jewish National Fund (a charity) owns 13% of the land in Israel and stipulates that only Jews can buy, mortgage or lease their land. (2007):
Economist, Wiki
Operation 'Cast Lead', estimated 1391 Palestinians killed, 759 to be civillians, 344 children, 110 women 13 Israeli killed, out of which 10 are soldiers (2008-2009):
BBC, Haaretz, Haaretz, Amnesty
Israel admits using White Phosphorus during their military offensive on Gaza (2009):
Palestinian who claimed to be a Jew after a consensual sexual encounter with an Israeli woman jailed for 'Rape By Deception' (2010)
Israeli Organization, Kav La Oved: "Israel owes billions of shekels to Palestinian workers" (2010) (Downloadable PDF File):
KavLaOved PDF
Using Palestinian captives as human shields (2010):
Imgur, Guardian, Haaretz, Haaretz
Gaza Flotilla, Israeli Commandos raid 6 civillians ships carrying humanitarian aid and construction materials, 9 activists were killed, 10 Israeli commandos wounded (2010):
Guardian, CNN
Hashomer, Haganah, Irgun and Lehi which operated against the British Government and Arabs in Palestine used to hide weapons in synagogues, women's rooms and kindergartens. Something Israel criticises Hamas of doing today. (2011):
IDF soldier caught kicking a Palestinian child (2012):
Hierarchy of the Human species according to Eli Ben-Dahan, Israel's former deputy minister of defense: Goyims (Non-Jews) placed below Homosexual Jews (2013):
Israeli Trade Minister: "I've killed alot of Arabs in my life, there's no problem with that" (2013)
IDF soldier posting an Instagram pic of a Palestinian clild in his rifle crosshairs (2013):
Ethiopian Jews injected with contraceptive birth control without their consent (2013):
Haaretz, Independent, Guardian
In 2013, Israel awarded 'Genie Energy', an American Oil and Gas company, rights to drill in Golan Heights (Syrian territory occupied by Israel) despite international opposition. In 2015, Israel claimed a massive discovery of oil in the area, which Israeli officials reportedly believe could supply the country’s oil needs for many years to come. (2013):
Here are the prominent figures in Genie Energy's Board of Advisors:
Jacob Rothschild (British banker of the prominent Rothschild family), Dick Cheney (Ex-Vice president of USA), Rupert Murdoch (Billionaire American Media Mogul), James Woolsey (Ex-CIA Director), Lawrence Summers (Ex-Head of US Treasury), Bill Richardson (Ex-Energy Secretary of USA), Michael Steinhardt (Wall Street Trader, Investor and Hedge Fund Manager)
BusinessInsider, TRTworld, Yahoo Finance
4 boys playing soccer in an open beach bombed by an Israeli warship, a later report in 2018 then revealed that it was two missiles fired from an Israeli armed drone that actually killed the boys (2014):
NYT, Intercept, Haaretz, Independent
Israeli police officers beats up a 15yr old American boy a week after the boy's cousin was killed, no jail time was given to the officers (2014):
BBC, TimesofIsrael
Palestinian boy beaten and burned alive by Israeli settlers (2014):
Guardian, Wiki
Israelis cheering on the Gaza bombing (2014):
Statistics of Palestinian children killed in Operation 'Protective Edge' (2014):
Avraham Shalom (Former Head of Shin Bet) compares Israel's Occupation to Nazi Germany's actions in WW2 towards the Czechs, Poles and Dutch (2014):
Killing Gaza: Documentary on war crimes committed by the Israeli Military, with direct testimonies and evidence from survivors (2014):
IDF beating up a Palestinian man who told them to stop firing tear gas (2015):
Eli Ben-Dahan, Israel's former deputy defense minister: "Homosexual Jews are superior to Gentiles (Non-Jews), a jew always has a higher soul than a gentile, even if he is a homosexual" He also says "To me, they (Palestinians) are like animals, they aren't human" (2015):
Israeli Foreign Minister says disloyal Arabs should be beheaded with an axe (2015):
Israeli Radicals celebrate by stabbing picture of Palestinian baby that was killed in a firebomb attack (2015):
Beitar Jerusalem, the most racist football fanbase in the world (2015):
IDF Soldier assaults and beats up Palestinian Shopkeeper as he was loading boxes (2015):
Former IDF Soldier Ido Gal Razon testifies to murdering people in Gaza (2015):
Israeli racist police officer assaults their own african soldier (2015):
Shir Hever, Israeli Economist: "78% of Palestinian aid money ends up going to Israel" (2015) (Downloadable PDF File):
ShirHever PDF
Brooke Goldstein (Director of the Lawfare Project who has assisted in many lawsuits towards Palestinian activist groups) declared to enthusiastic applause at a meeting of key Israel lobby operatives in New York: “Why are we using the word Palestinian? There’s no such thing as a Palestinian person” (2016)
Many Palestinians including children are detained in Israeli prisons without trial or charges (2016):
Time, Haaretz, 972mag, B'Tselem
Jewish Community Watch: "Israel becoming a safe haven for paedophiles worldwide" (2016):
IDF Soldier throws disabled man out of his wheelchair after he attempts to help a 14yr old who was shot (2016):
IDF throws stun grenade at unarmed Palestinians talking outside their home (2016)
IDF soldier laughs as Palestinian man is crushed at the gate (2016):
IDF killing a 15yr old Palestinian travelling home from a family outing (2016):
Report: Israel's repetitive destruction of EU-funded projects in Palestine (2016):
Former Director of Mossad defends Israel providing aid to Al-Nusra Front (Al-Qaeda's Affiliate) in Syria (2016)
Youtube, WSJ, Haaretz
Israeli Former Defence Minister says ISIS fighters apologizes to Israel after mistakenly launching an attack on IDF. Refused to comment on how they expressed their apology. Have since forgiven ISIS (2017)
Independent, DailySabah
Reports of Torture during custody from Palestinians held imprisoned without charges or trial (2017):
IDF Veteran: "I was the terrorist" (2017):
Israel seizes solar panels donated to Palestinians by the Dutch govt (2017):
Israelis speak candidly about Palestinians to Abby Martin, includes lots of racism (2017):
Gaza: World's Largest Open-Air Prison (2018):
Sentence to 9 Months after killing 2 unarmed Palestinian teens (2018):
972mag, WashingtonPost
Unarmed protestor holding flag shot by live bullets (2018):
Unarmed protester shot in the head during the protest (2018):
IDF assaulting medics and injured protesters (2018):
Abdullah Shamali, was shot while standing and talking with his friends 700 metres away from the fence (2018):
Muhammad Ayoub, 15yr old was shot in the head while running away from the fence (2018):
Mentally disabled man shot in the back of his head as he was walking away (2018):
Elderly man waving a flag and a medic got shot at by a live round (2018):
Shot dead for waving flag (2018):
Medic shot dead by an IDF sniper (2018):
IDF edits video of Palestinian Medic who was shot dead by them to misleadingly show that she was a human shield for Hamas and justify her death (2018):
Independent, BuzzFeed
Canadian Doctor shot by IDF sniper (2018):
Israeli Border police throws stun grenade at a Palestian couple and their infant baby as they were fleeing (2018):
IDF Snipers cheering as they shoot an unarmed Palestinian (2018):
Similar incident, cheering after shooting a Palestinian (2018):
"Nation State" Law gives Jews exclusive rights over Arabs living in Israel (2018):
List of active discriminatory laws in Israel:
Did you know that 97% of drinking water in Gaza (under Israeli control) is contaminated? (2018):
IDF Soldiers shooting tear gas into a Palestinian school (2018):
Israeli settlers beating up Palestinian farmer in front of his children (2018):
Former Chairman of Israel Labour Party says relationships between Jews and Non-Jews are "an actual plague" (2018):
4 year old child dies 4 days after being shot by the IDF while protesting (2018):
Reuters, PressTV
An alternative view, Palestinian Christians on Israel (2018):
Chief Rabbi calls black people "monkeys" in his weekly sermon (2018):
Israel's Supreme Court rejects legal challenge on the military's rule where soldiers can fire on UNARMED protesters (2018):
Mohammed Tamimi, 16, who was shot in the head by Israeli forces held in prison for 2 days without explanation (2018):
Haaretz, Haaretz
Most demonstrators shot by the IDF with live rounds are unarmed and not in immediate vicinity of the perimeter fence (2018):
IDF edited out key footage of Gaza missile strike which killed 2 Palestinian teenagers (2018):
Youtube, 972mag, B'Tselem
Multi Award-winning short documentary on the occupation of Gaza (2018):
What if your whole family was being forcefully evicted from a home you lived in since 1948 to make way for new settlers? (2019)
Palestinian Boy on the way to school shot in the head by Israeli Police (2019):
Video of war crimes screened at UN Human Rights Council (2019):
Top Rabbis in Israel defending and calling for donations to an Israeli charged with killing a Palestinian woman (2019):
Haaretz, Haaretz
Israeli Settlers attack Palestinian Mother and her son (2019):
IDF Harrasses ambulance crew and demands for their key (with sound) (2019):
"Israel is the nation state of Jews alone" Netanyahu responds to TV star saying Arabs are equal citizens (2019):
Arresting children in school, IDF threatened breaking the teacher's arm if he doesn't let go of his student (2019):
IDF Soldiers laughing as they assault a Palestinian Father and Son handcuffed while in custody (2019):
i24News, Haaretz
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Saudi Wealth Fund "Shopping Spree" Belies Economic Pain

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 75%. (I'm a bot)
Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund has snapped up around $8 billion worth of stakes in global giants - from Boeing to Facebook - in a spree that belies deep and unpopular austerity measures at home.
The PIF is also backing a proposed £300 million takeover of football club Newcastle United, though the deal looks to be in trouble over allegations that Saudi Arabia was behind a pirate sports broadcaster.
"Companies are happy to see their stocks in demand and share prices buoyed," Karen Young, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, told AFP. "However, it is more important to think about how Saudi citizens view their savings and collective national nest egg being spent on international equity markets at a time of a national economic crisis."
"The PIF is making big bets on a few stocks," said Ali Shihabi, a Saudi analyst and author.
The Facebook investment has raised concern among US watchdogs after two former Twitter employees were charged last year with spying for Saudi Arabia.
"I'm particularly concerned about the large Facebook stock buy given that we already know the Saudis had agents at Twitter to spy on Saudi dissidents," Ben Freeman, a director at the Washington-based Center for International Policy, told AFP. "Would the company remove a disinformation campaign run by one of its stakeholders?".
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: Saudi#1 billion#2 Investment#3 PIF#4 austerity#5
Post found in /Economics.
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Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund has snapped up around $8 billion worth of stakes in global giants -- from Boeing to Facebook -- in a spree that belies deep and unpopular austerity measures at home

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 75%. (I'm a bot)
Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund has snapped up around $8 billion worth of stakes in global giants - from Boeing to Facebook - in a spree that belies deep and unpopular austerity measures at home.
The PIF is also backing a proposed £300 million takeover of football club Newcastle United, though the deal looks to be in trouble over allegations that Saudi Arabia was behind a pirate sports broadcaster.
"Companies are happy to see their stocks in demand and share prices buoyed," Karen Young, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, told AFP. "However, it is more important to think about how Saudi citizens view their savings and collective national nest egg being spent on international equity markets at a time of a national economic crisis."
"The PIF is making big bets on a few stocks," said Ali Shihabi, a Saudi analyst and author.
The Facebook investment has raised concern among US watchdogs after two former Twitter employees were charged last year with spying for Saudi Arabia.
"I'm particularly concerned about the large Facebook stock buy given that we already know the Saudis had agents at Twitter to spy on Saudi dissidents," Ben Freeman, a director at the Washington-based Center for International Policy, told AFP. "Would the company remove a disinformation campaign run by one of its stakeholders?".
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Mark Zuckerberg is tailoring Facebook’s policies to suit Trump, warns former mentor

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 23%. (I'm a bot)
Asked if he believed that Mr Zuckerberg was making a bet on President Trump, he said: "I have no idea, but it sure looks that way," citing the cloak of secrecy around the founder's meetings with Republicans, which were not disclosed beforehand and whose contents have not been revealed.
"A spokeswoman for Facebook said:"Mr. McNamee hasn't been involved with Facebook for many years and has ignored massive investments we've made in teams and technology to make our products safer, better enforce our policies and protect elections around the world.
For many years, Facebook has endured being treated as a political football by both the American Left and Right, who each accuse it of being systematically biased against the other side.
Mr McNamee's comments follow a report by the Washington Post alleging a years-long pattern of appeasing and flattering Republicans, driven by Facebook's vice president of global public policy Joel Kaplan, who was previously chief of staff to George W Bush.
Just after the 2016 US presidential election, Mr Kaplan, one of numerous Republicans hired into Facebook's senior ranks, reportedly nixed a secret plan to remove dozens of fake news pages for fear that it would provoke a conservative backlash.
The pages were mostly Right-wing on the surface, but were thought to be financially motivated.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: Facebook#1 Republicans#2 pages#3 Kaplan#4 conservative#5
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Reaction: The Impact of a Team Like Ours Signing the GOAT, From a Winston Apologist

What a whirlwind the past 24 hours have been. Truly, this is the most media attention my team has gotten since the Bucs won Super Bowl XXXVII. Recently, the only reasons for any national spotlight have been due to the erratic decision-making of incumbent signal caller Jameis Winston, both off and on the field (2018 and 2019 seasons, respectively).
In spite of all his indiscretions, I feel endeared to Winston’s Dr. Jekyll, where he is an outspoken leader both in the locker room and in local Tampa classrooms. While the Arizona Uber ride allegations and the 30 INT season are obvious calls for alarm (and sometimes just plain befuddlement), I always hoped that the Bucs would hold off on showing him the door. Winston has been the subject of no reports of further off-the-field transgressions since the 2016 Uber incident. He regularly uses his social media platform to promote his faith and family.
In some ways, I’m going to miss that itch on the top of my head that our old quarterback frequently seemed to cause…
…But if we have to lose him for anyone, a 6-time Super Bowl winner will certainly ease the pain.
If signing Tom Brady does nothing else, it shows a statement of intent from the organization that the Bucs are serious about their on-field product. It also communicates that they recognize the unique opportunity they have right now. The conditions are set for the Bucs to be a contender.
Provided Brady can be a steadier ball steward than Winston, the Bucs are probably an offensive lineman or two away from being among the most well-rounded teams in the league. In terms of a window to make waves in the playoffs and beyond, it doesn’t get much more opportune than the current conditions:
· Possessing an elite receiving corps (two big play wide-outs AND two massive target tight-ends!)
· Greatly-improved play from the two defensive areas of need (the line and secondary)
· The NFC South continues to weaken with the departures of players like Devonta Freeman and Gerald McCoy
· The Big Game returning to T-Town!
Over the past five years, Jason Licht has done a great job putting together a talented locker room and deserves some recognition. It’s unfortunate that before adding the greatest quarterback of all time to it, that fact was lost on most living outside Central Florida. The response from the fans so far has been predictably ecstatic, and that’s amazing to see. Anecdotally, I sat in a Ticketmaster queue of almost 2,000 last night to secure season tickets.
As a longsuffering Bucs fan, it has been such a joy to hear ESPN pundits laud the Bucs’ weapons on offense and give the team the attention they deserve. I think Mike Evans and Lavonte David are two who stand to benefit the most this season, as their stars will rise to the national level if they continue to perform like they have week after week when far fewer eyes were on them. I’d bet anything Raymond James Stadium is going to be open late more than a few nights this year. I only hope Matt Gay can handle the pressure.
The opportunity for the fan base to grow outside of Tampa is obvious, but this signing alone will work to improve the team’s own local identity, reinvigorating Tampa Bay with a genuine pride in its football team, akin to the city’s rally around the Lightning in recent years. The significance of this "small-market" team managing to go out and land this particular player cannot be understated.
And the cultural significance is the bare minimum. If Head Coach Bruce Arians’ partnership with Tom Brady can realize its full potential, the sky is truly the limit for this squad.
Cannons will fire constantly.
Maybe even into February.
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[The Athletic] Rebooted: When Murdoch tried to buy Manchester United

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9 months remain until election day. Here is why Trump MUST lose.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is (Not My) President’s Day, and in about 9 months, Americans will be voting in the election. It still seems as though former Vice President Joseph Biden is the Democrats’ best bet at defeating Trump. The trial for Trump’s impeachment is still ongoing, and it will determine whether or not he will be removed and convicted for abuse of power and obstruction of congress. Today, I have a list of things that Trump has said and done to discredit him as President of these United States, and I want to be able to convince everyone, if not just anyone from the Far Left to the Moderate Right, and all in between, to support removal, or at least a Biden victory in the election this November.
First and foremost, the detention centers. Even holocaust survivors have compared these to Nazi concentration camps; the only things missing are the forced labour and experimenting, as well, to an extent, the torture and ruthless killing. They’re overcrowded and disgusting. Kids are not only being separated from their parents, but they are forced into cold cells with up to 100 other migrants, some even having to stay outside because the facilities are so overcrowded. The children are being denied tooth brushes, showers, beds, a changing of clothes, phone calls, sometimes the basic need to feed themselves (both food and hydration wise), and the closest thing they have to blankets are sheets of Aluminium foil. Some kids are even getting sick, some to the point that they can’t even eat when actually given food. Even still, the food is low quality, and the “water” is almost pure Chlorine. There are allegations of sexual abuse of the prisoners (I thought HISPANICS were supposed to be the rapists), as if them crossing illegally wasn’t already negated by the conditions they are put in, simply for SEEKING ASYLUM in the land of opportunity. The kids are being held for well over the maximum custody period of 72 hours, some being detained as long as 11 days. This a brutal piece of legislation that Trump is depraved enough to finally take advantage of to such rampant levels. He has done far worse than build a wall, or deport the immigrants. What’s more is that he has had critics of his immigration policies ARRESTED against the grain of the first amendment, guaranteeing freedom of speech. However, his supporters’ hypocrisy went on full display, as they did not condemn this, as it happened to a person with a more Liberal view on the issue, but when The_D****d (censored so I don’t get banned from EnoughTrumpSpam, hopefully) was quarantined in June of last year, THEN they began protesting that free speech was being suppressed BY LIBERALS through SOCIAL MEDIA, and not in the real world, where rules that websites impose have NO jurisdiction.
The second most concerning thing about his presidency is that he was acquitted on his impeachment charges; Abuse of power and obstruction of congress. You talk about the most unfair impeachment in American history? This is the most unfair ACQUITTAL. Let’s be honest, it’s that blind loyalty that Republicans are associated with; I mean at least Mitt Romney, Obama’s opponent in 2012, sided with the Democrats. Aside from that, Senate Republicans voted AGAINST hearing what witnesses have to say. You can’t get any closer to plugging your ears and yelling “LA LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”, because this is exactly what the Senate looks like. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is either smitten with Trump’s disgusting abuse of position, or doesn’t want to believe Trump is as bad as the rest of the country says he is. The senate is run by radicals that would be all over having witnesses testify if Trump were a Democrat, but will blatantly break their oath just to keep a Republican president safe from conviction. This was the most ridiculous trial, and an absolute sham, and a disgrace to our democracy. A miscarriage of justice. I don’t know what Nancy Pelosi was thinking when handing in the articles of impeachment to the Senate. Pelosi wanted to ensure a fair trial, and nothing short of it before sending in the articles. Either she failed the democracy she fought to keep, or somewhere in there, the Senate Republicans lied to her. What’s even more grotesque about this acquittal is the fact that Trump was able to get away with mocking the national anthem on Superbowl night, a night where you’d have to be a complete and utter fool to assume no one was watching you, as President Of The United States. You’d also have to be a complete and utter fool to think, after his actions on Superbowl night, that Trump has learned his lesson from impeachment. It WILL happen again, whether it takes a week, a month, 9 months, or (and please don’t jinx it) 5 more years with him in office. He will be the first President to face 2 impeachments. The Senate is beyond saving, but hopefully this serves as a signal to the vast majority of American voters that the Republicans are a corrupt party.
In other violations of the First Amendment, Mitch McConnell had protestors rallying for him to defend the constitution over the President arrested. He’s made it clear that he wants removal of Trump from office via impeachment to be as difficult as possible as long as he is the majority leader. Although what we don’t know is if the protestors had permits. So it’s rather an allegation that Mitch McConnell is also 100% for desecration of the constitution, as long as it benefits the Republican party.
We’ve also heard Trump promise that he will LEGALLY enforce prayer as part of school routine. Um, no. There are already Christian schools designated for that purpose. There is church, and “Sunday school” programs. From an Agnostic standpoint, it is with my utmost confidence that prayer and religion becoming a component of the schools that do not (currently) sponsor religion is not necessary, and that if Christian families are adamant enough that their children follow the teachings of Christ, they would be signed up for Christian schools, Sunday school sessions, and would religiously (no pun intended) attend church every Sunday. And besides that, Trump’s promise is pushing a fine line, being that the founding fathers wanted to separate state and church. I’m really just calling out this statement as a bluff, I wouldn’t expect this to actually be enacted. I think Trump is just trying to lure back the rogue enlightened evangelicals that are picking up on his lack of morals, and are subsequently calling for his removal.
Not necessarily a Trump issue, but states across the country had women living in fear because of the strict abortion laws that were almost implemented tlast year, proposing to restrict the time window to just 6 weeks, with the exception of Alabama, which apparently tried to outlaw the procedure completely. These states tried to restrict abortions, even for exceptions of rape, incest, and the mother’s health. Founding father Thomas Jefferson has been quoted, 2 of his quotes I’d like to bring up; the first of which being “When the government fears the people, there is liberty; when the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”; The second of which being “Rebellion to tyranny is obedience to god.”. Jefferson was also a believer in science, which has agreed that 24-28 weeks, also known as viability, is the ideal legal time window for abortions, if there should be a legal window in the first place. Women were already being sentenced to life when they were first signed into law, while Georgia had (apparently) considered the death penalty. It’s as if getting an abortion is the modern equivalent to practicing witchcraft; it’s a witch hunt! But on a good note, it seems as if these laws were dropped towards the end of the year.
Same goes for the states that have apparently been trying to ban labelling vegan products as “vegan products”. Because apparently, a specific diet is now offending Republicans, especially those with the power to enact this stuff. Yet we’re the crybabies.
Any and all rape accusations against Trump should’ve been taken as seriously as they were when it was Bill Clinton being accused. Clinton was impeached over it, Trump, however, wasn’t, until his abuse of power and obstruction of congress forced Nancy Pelosi’s hand. But let’s not forget his case in 2016 before the election, his accusations by E. Jean Carroll (who even offers evidence), and the Epstein case in July last year, where he was said to have been involved. There is no excuse for voting for a sex offender, a rapist, a pedophile, other than Republican elitism. Biden may be a creep, but he’s done nothing nearly as bad as Trump has, in regards to sexual violence/unsolicited romantic gestures.
Unless the majority of his supporters are boomers who have no interest or regard to the things Trump says on the internet, or are ignorant to the internet in general, it should also be massively noted that Trump has praised the Chinese Communist dictatorship for abolishing term limits for their head of state. This allowed Xi Jinping to rule for life, the man who is imprisoning innocent ETHNIC Uyghurs, as well as other Muslims, in Xinjiang/East Turkestan, and throwing them in concentration camps WORSE than that of which underage Hispanic immigrants are being held in at our southern border. He has also attacked free speech by describing the grounds of “dangerous speech”; writing bad about something that is good. Surely, he thinks he and his supporters are the good guys, and thinks “fake” news, Liberals, and other CRITICS are the bad guys. He has become the second Republican, at least in politics and that I know of, to attack free speech, after Rush Limbaugh. Many of his supporters, especially those over on The_D****d (and others), have suggested making him KING of The United States, while some of his allies have already PUBLICLY, ONE THE NEWS, accused the Democrats of regicide. This is most certainly beyond Conservatism; it is full bore Monarchism (intermediate right wing). This is what we expelled from our land during the Revolution. We wanted a President whose power was kept in check, not a tyrannical monarch with unlimited authority. Trump has gone from the worst President since Andrew Jackson, to the worst supreme head of state ruling over America since King George III.
The claim about his supporters having no interest or regard in the internet is actually (somewhat) verified by his supporters taking after him, and dismissing Trump saying that he could shoot and kill anyone and not lose ANY support, as fake news. So suppose he actually does it, with video evidence going viral. Is it still fake news? Does he have to actually be sentenced? Even if he is miraculously found innocent, is he not a terrible person? Trump SUPPORTERS have crossed the line between undying loyalty and blind obedience. Something tells me that that Republican elitism is, in fact, there, and people WILL vote for Trump, despite not only his rape accusations, but this entire list of things he HAS said and done.
He seems to lack knowledge as to how to use social media. Something tells me that Trump never used a computer before 2010, and if he did, he still hasn’t fully learned how. He is easily fooled by phony Reagan quotes, and has tagged a retired teacher who actually hates him, thinking [the teacher] was cartoon character Alfred E. Neuman, simply because his username was @AlfredENeuman99, on Twitter. If he is unable to adapt to this modern world, then god knows what Kim Jong-Un and the others are pulling.
I don’t know how big of a deal global warming was when he was in high school (1959-1964), but I distinctly remember global warming being brought up in my science classes from middle school to high school (2013-2019). So for him to dismiss it as a Chinese hoax shows that he is not only unwilling to make sacrifices to slow down or even halt greenhouse gas effects that are inching closer to the point of no return, but this also shows that he is very ill-informed. For the life of me, I cannot wrap my head around the conclusion that the Chinese are responsible for any global warming myths, or why/how they would come up with them, or how they would benefit. And that is, by bringing that up in the modern day, to ruin American business, instead of way back, so as to make part of their mythology. They certainly don’t believe in it, because if they did, the Brown cloud wouldn’t be a problem, or they’d at least be scrambling to fix it.
In continuation with the previous point, I find it absolutely hilarious that Trump is throwing a fit over not being named Time’s Person Of The Year for 2019, but rather Greta Thunberg. He was so upset that he had his team photoshop his face onto Greta’s body, which by the way, was a complete failure. He looks smaller than he actually his, and I mean in regards to both weight and height. He looks shorter, he looks way thinner than he actually is in that photoshop, and I feel like they rushed this out just to one-up Greta Thunberg. Donald Trump, you were impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of congress. You blatantly asked foreign governments to investigate the Bidens and interfere with this year’s election. Greta Thunberg, meanwhile, is raising awareness to the issue of global warming, which is something that you, and every ignorant Republican elitist like you doesn’t believe in. Greta Thunberg has even cut school just to contribute to this good cause; HOPEFULLY doing her school work from abroad, might I add. You have kids in concentration camps, you have your goons across the country striking fear in women who see abortion as an acceptable option, you are an accused rapist, you’re a racist who uses the “Pocahontas” Native American slur, and you’re claiming you could shoot someone and not lose support. Who did you think was going to win Person Of The Year? Are you really surprised? Harassing her on Twitter isn’t helping your case much either. The fact that you have to bully people online shows that you are not a real man. You are not fit for the office of President Of The United States Of America. I would trust that 16 year old woman over a 73 year old BOY like you, with the office.
His other intellectual shortcomings include believing the planet Mars is part of our Moon, thinking the kidneys are part of the heart, writing fractions backwards, thinking the Kurds didn’t fight on the side of the allies during WW2 (they did, as “Iraqi Levies”), thinking Napoleon Bonaparte is still alive, wanting to build a wall over Colorado, because, why, south of the state, there’s a another state with “Mexico” in its name? Believing the Kansas City Chiefs Football team is a Kansas team, where as the team resides in Missouri, and believing there were airports (and thus, aircrafts) during the Revolution.
He also has an issue with spelling and grammar. I’m not just saying this as a grammar elitist, I’m saying this as a person who questions Donald Trump’s overall legitimacy; this is just icing on the cake. He needs to take a break from the internet when he gets to the point that he’s typing so erratically that he’s inventing words such as “covfefe” and “hamberders”. You really have to wonder if it’s actually him, and not just a robot malfunctioning, overworking itself posting negative tweets, accusing the New York Times of pushing fake news.
His other spelling fails include “Alcaida” (Al-Qaeda), “peopel” (people (although it was probably more of a typo than a deliberate misspelling)), and moot (moat). What’s more is that he is trying to convince *people that he is actually a good speller. The “thousands if inocent civilians” error; The “if” part, I can allow to slide, since I make that mistake often myself, and it’s so annoying. It’s because the “I” and the “O” are close together on American keyboards.
Where him and other Conservatives would go on about Obama doing nothing but vacationing in Hawaii, Trump spent more money in just his first 100 days, vacationing at Mar-A-Lago, than Obama did in all of his 8 years as President. And guess who’s paying for the Mar-A-Lago trips? Not the billionaire President, but taxpayers. Taxpayers, the poor, the rich, the Liberals, the Conservatives, all of us are paying for his parties, his women, his Soleimani death celebration, pretty much coordinating attacks from the golf resort. But Obama is bad just for visiting Hawaii.
He has also violated Native American land rights. Where construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline was halted under the Obama administration, Trump continued it, with no regard for possible oil spills on the sacred land of the Standing Rock reservation. Imperialist American police forces are also responsible for harm done to Native American people protesting the construction of the pipeline, by spraying them with water in freezing cold temperatures. The completion of this pipeline not only brings up controversy around the violation of Native American land rights, the damaging of Native American sacred land, and the civil and human rights of Native Americans, but also environmental issues.
Yes, Trump and his administration are built on racism. And believe me, there’s more to it than that ridiculous wall, or the travel ban. which are stupid in their own right. As a matter of fact, I could argue against those 2 without even bringing up race. But Trump’s racist tendencies do not spare Native Americans nor African Americans. The President is completely fine with using the “Pocahontas” racial slur, as he used it in reference to Elizabeth Warren, who has revealed that she is 1/64 Native. He has also told representatives Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib, all four of which who form what is known as “The Squad”, to go back to “their” terrible countries and improve them. What he did not know, however, is that 3 of which, except for Ilhan Omar (from Somalia) were born in The United States. Ilhan Omar has been a citizen for 20 years, which, funny enough, is longer than (Slovenian) Melania Trump’s citizenship status (14 years). Cortez’ grandparents were Puerto Rican. Pressley, if I had to guess, like most African Americans, had ancestors who ended up here as a result of the slave trade. Tlaib’s parents were immigrants from Palestine, the country which Trump pretty much endorses the colonization thereof by Israel. That whole thing got him slammed by other world leaders, and even other Republicans. “BUt tRuMpS nOT a rAcIsT!” And why’s that? The best reason the Trump administration could give was because MITCH MCCONNELL’S wife is Asian. Yes, because white men have never married Asian women because of a certain sexual stereotype, or to have them as a courtesan.
The fact that the man entitled to the office of President of this country has quoted Pastor Robert Jeffress that if the Democrats were to be successful in removing a Republican President from office, that it would cause a new Civil War, as if he could actually come together and orchestrate such a thing, proves that he expects to be able to get away with every disgusting act he makes as President, as well as that he is desperate to hold on to power, and will do anything to keep it. Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, Ralph Peters has called this a grave crime. How can he and his supporters expect to be seen as a legitimate force in this country if he has to threaten civil war? I swear, this happens every time the Democrats succeed in popularity and/or the elections; These people who were proud Americans when a Republican was in power suddenly want to reform the Confederacy, or something equally as bizarre. And people are forming ARMED MILITIAS to protect his presidency. People are preparing to force a Neo-Confederate state into existence, and start the Second American Civil War. What is this? Is this Sudan? Is this William The Bastard vs. Harold Godwinson? You cannot be more blind, and vehemently Anti-Liberal. I don’t care who you are, at this point. Please take off your “Make America Great Again” hats, and look at his Twitter for 2 seconds, and try telling me he is not a threat to American DEMOCRACY. He is a huge threat to our democracy, and it seems there is nothing short of imprisoning him and arresting his armed militias via the military that is going to stop this power grab. You know, despite having mostly Liberal views, I’ve never agreed with gun control, but after all the mass shootings last year, one of them taking upwards of 50 lives, and now Republicans and Neo-Nazis arming themselves to LITERALLY fight the Democrats, I kind of hope it happens. Half of me just wants to trigger them, and the other half thinks that these people really are crazy, and SHOULD have their weapons taken from them. This is why people want abortions. They don’t want to raise a kid in a messed up world where the Right is reaching for the Left’s throat like this. Would you, if Democrats were teaming up with Communists to form their own country, and kill all the Republicans?
I mentioned earlier that he is calling for foreign governments to interfere with the elections, and investigate Biden, the #1 threat to his re-election. The amount of desperation of a President to remain in office really never has been seen before in American history. His main plan is to bring up some dirt on Biden and his family, so maybe he will either lose support, or get him booted out of the primaries. Trump was investigated for this, and it’s no one’s fault but his own that he was impeached. He’s getting these foreign governments involved because he knows that Biden can and will win if he becomes the Democratic candidate, and even with the senate voting to acquit him, he’s helped his opponent deliver the finishing move to his Presidency.
Oh lord, of course I was going to have to mention the war. Did I mention the Kurds? And so why did Trump leave the Kurdish people to die by the hands of invading Turkish forces in Syria? Because (he thinks) they didn’t help us in the Second World War. You want to talk about the Second World War? During that time period, the Kurdish Iraqi levies probably didn’t have the power to station themselves across the world; They were probably mostly just fighting Vichy France (the Nazi puppet state, which occupied modern day Syria) and Rashid Ali’s government (The Kingdom Of Iraq, which supported the Nazis). What’s more, what use, what potential do you see in 1940’s Kurds that they would’ve been an effective ally against the Nazis and Japanese outside of being a small splinter militia of the British military? Are you kidding me? Moreover, let’s talk about the fact that during the Second World War, the Germans and Japanese were literally FIGHTING us, yet we still hold alliances with those 2 countries. So what is the big deal? If countries (and apparently non-sovereign militias, now) helping us win the Second World War is such a passionate issue to you, why haven’t you broke off with Japan and NATO, declared war on Germany and Japan, and use our massive nuclear arsenal to wipe them off the face of the Earth? Why bother with tariffs? Why worry about money when these 2 countries were, nearly 3/4 of a century ago (because I guess by his logic, no 2 countries can change so quickly without faking it to some extent), were trying to take away our freedom and reign down with terror WORSE than that of 18th century Britain? While we’re on the topic of countries that fought against us, let’s talk about the Ottoman Empire, Turkey’s predecessor state. They were on the Central Powers, we were on the Allies. Why not just invade that whole region and be done with it? Should we sanction Turkmenistan for not helping us, even though they were still part of the Soviet Union at the time? Or is it going to be the mere fact that they WERE part of the Soviet Union that we do? Or does he think that Muslims are going to beat each other up until there’s practically nothing left of the religion, and he’s going to kill them off that way, and is just using not fighting for the Allies in WW2 (even though they did) as an excuse to withdraw? I know you want Muslims to just kill each other off, but at least get your facts straight before giving a stupid reason to withdraw. WHY did we even leave if we knew Turkey would begin slaughtering Kurds, only to sanction them when they actually start? Jesus, is there anything beyond “stupid” that we can call Trump? So much for “Stable genius”. Maybe that could apply if used sarcastically. Wouldn’t be surprised if NATO breaks up because of this, seeing as how he thinks NATO (or really any alliance we’re in) is unfair for us to him. Maybe that’s his plan with this. Who really knows. When you have someone confused over your completely and utterly ridiculous actions as President, that’s when you know you screwed up. Oh yeah, remember that line about him believing Napoleon is still alive? He thinks Napoleon CAN be the one to save the Kurds. I’m sorry, but what in god’s name is that supposed to mean? I mean MAYBE he was just saying that to be funny, but given his previous remark about airports during the Revolution, I find that hard to believe. To his credit, he did include the modern day based Russia and China. But still, Napoleonic France? Napoleon wasn’t even still alive when Trump was born (1946). Napoleon died in 1821, over 100 YEARS before Trump was born. Christ in Heaven, next thing you know, he’s coming out and saying that by “Russia and China” he meant “The Russian Empire and The Qing Dynasty”. I’m assuming Canada is still a British colony? Does Brazil still belong to Portugal? What’s next? How much more idiotic and delusional can Trump get? I would bring up that time he called the Italian President “President Mozzarella”, and that The U.S. and Italy have been allies since Ancient Rome, but I heard it was the one example of fake news that Democrats were, for once, spreading.
I don’t know who will agree with me on this one, because it seems that Democrats and Republicans share common ground on this one thing. I know I shouldn’t let this get to me because I don’t smoke, but it still ticks me off that the Trump administration raised the minimum age to purchase cigarettes AND vaping products to 21 federally. I’m more upset because I feel like this takes some of the meaning away from being an adult for those that are 18, or are still 19 or 20. Trump signed it into law while awaiting his impeachment trial, and did it as part of a series of defense bills. What? So when an individual turns 18, they are immediately allowed to own their own house, get married, have a mortgage, join the military, get a tattoo, heck, they can even go into the porn industry! But as of December 20, 2019, they are barred from purchasing cigarettes, as well as the less dangerous alternative, vape pens. They lowered the age in the first place because it was deemed unacceptable that people between the ages of 18 and 20 were being sent to fight in Vietnam. What happened to that? Suddenly that no longer matters because the draft is no longer being used? So what would happen if war with Iran were to break out tomorrow? We’ll surely be drafted for that. Can we see the smoking age return to 18 though? Or will we see the voting age also return to 21? Can we please make up our minds how old we must be before we are legal adults? It’d make sense if we legalized marijuana federally, for a trade in. Give us at least that much. Weed is legal, but we have to wait until we’re 21 to buy either a tobacco product, a vape product, or a cannabis product. I think we should ban cigarettes in exchange for marijuana legalization, but right now, the law is stupid, and to me, comes off as another Elitist Conservative move by the Trump administration, and I hope that individuals between 18-20 that are hooked on cigarettes will vote Democrat in November.
Him and his supporters are expecting a Nobel Peace Prize as if it’s in the natural order of the universe. But what has Trump done that shows his Presidency in a positive light? Is the economy better? Maybe. But according to some sources, we’re on track for a recession this year thanks to the trade war with China. And plus he’s cutting food stamps for thousands of poor Americans, laying off steel mill workers in Detroit, killing off dairy farms in Wisconsin, and limited benefits for college students. So by feeding off the American people, maybe the economy is better. I also would have brought up serving Daesh, but they were already on the decline before Obama was out of office, as well as denuclearizing North Korea, but I guess the Kim regime is still tossing nuclear threats at us. And let’s not forget that he almost started WW3 THREE TIMES; Once when he ignored Russia’s warning in consequence to a strike on the Assad regime, again when he approved a strike on Iran but pulled out at the last second, and now with the killing of Qasem Soleimani. Taking on a country like Iran seriously isn’t going to “Make America Great Again”, it’s only going to break the figurative back of this country. We are already the most spending country military-wise by nearly $500 billion. If the war with Iran actually happens, our annual spending could’ve potentially jumped from $716 billion to over $1 trillion. I’m surprised our GDP is able to keep up with the spending rate as it is. Not only would a war with Iran be super costly, it could also set the stage for a Chinese ascension to the #1 largest economy, and breed more terrorism in the Middle East. And also, let’s not forget that he’s holding immigrant children in concentration camps, is willing to let the Earth become a scorched, polluted, lifeless wasteland, wants to rule over the most powerful country like a tyrannical king, is a widely accused rapist whose lapdogs, governors in Republican states have women living in fear that if they get pregnant through a broken condom or a rape, that they wouldn’t have had access to a safe and legal abortion had they been more dedicated to overturning Roe v. Wade, has violated the rights of the people who are TRULY entitled to the land that us European-Americans ruthlessly and illegally conquered, and live on today, has threatened a civil war if the political process does not go in his favour, is leaving Syrian Kurds to die in a potential genocide at the hands of invading Turkish forces, asked foreignh governments to interfere with a guaranteed free and fair election coming in November, is cyberbullying a 16 year old girl just because he doesn’t agree with her stance on climate change, and because she got Person Of The Year when he believes he was entitled to it just because he’s the President, or whatever outweighed reason that I’m not currently aware of, and even made history in a negative way, by being the third President to be impeached. Now tell me, how many Presidents who were impeached won a Nobel Peace Prize? What’s even more on the border issue, is that he was prepared to deal with the migrant caravan in 2018 as a MILITARY INVASION from Mexico and other Central American countries, and was preparing to use military force to repel this “invasion” in a scene reminiscent of the Boston Massacre.
Did I mention that far-rightists TRUST Trump and his supporters? I mean maybe that’s obvious when Neo-Nazi groups are teaming up with Republican elitists to prepare for a civil war against the Biden administration, but British Anti-Muslim, Tommy Robinson wants to live in our country as a political refugee as our former tyrant overlords are becoming increasingly Left leaning, although so much so that you can’t even JOKE about The Third Reich without legal rammifications. I mean, what the Nazis did was terrible, no one (except for nut cases like Tommy Robinson) would argue with that, but if those rules applied here, lord help me I’d be crucified. But that doesn’t matter. When we have Anti-Muslim Neo-Nazis trying to reach out to our President, saying that they agree with his policies, and expressing a desire to migrate as a political refugee, that’s a serious problem.
I will keep repeating this list through this year, through the primaries, through the election, and possibly until inauguration in January 2021. I will be posting this on a number of Anti-Trump subreddits, and possibly Pro-Trump subreddits to hopefully wake up his supporters that this is not the America that seceded from The British Empire. If the founding fathers were put into a time machine on course to this date, they would be absolutely disgusted, and would be calling for not yet brainwashed Americans to take advantage of the second amendment, and prepare to oust this President who has lost all credibility, or at least protect ourselves from the increasingly violent tendencies of the opposite party.
Although these times are so desperate that the Trump administration is allowing kids to be detained separate from their families and be thrown in concentration camps so overcrowded that they have to stand and sleep in potentially freezing cold temperatures, probably without proper protection, and have to worry about being sexually assaulted and/or systematically killed, and that we ought to take matters into our own hands, I want to share some advice to my partners further Left on the spectrum, as well as the entire Left in general; be sophisticated and nonchalant towards Trump and his supporters. Show your hatred towards them through the disdain in your eyes, not the anger in your face. In other words, do not instigate physical combat with his supporters out in public. In December, a video surfaced on Facebook of a group of Democratic teenagers beating up a Trump supporter on a bus ride, last month. This violent behaviour should be condemned as an accurate example of the Radical Left that Trump repeatedly blames the entire Democratic party for. It’s embarrassing and degrading to our cause. Followers of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. did not allow violence to drive them, and it succeeded in making British colonisers and segregationists look like heartless savages. The same might be said about the Trump supporters that are trolling all over Anti-Trump subs. Trump, on the other hand, encouraged [violent] behaviour against Hillary supporters during the 2016 election season, and had offered to pay his supporters’ legal fees. Let’s not stoop to his level. We are smarter, and generally better people than they are. We know this, but we must make sure of it. The only Democrats that have anything to prove are the candidates competing for nomination to the election, and what they have to prove is that they’re the better choice. As for the border issue; let’s trust that when Biden is elected and inaugurated, that he will do everything in his power to reverse the decision made by the Trump administration, and have that situation squared away as soon as possible. I really do worry about those kids, because if that was me when I was 6 years old, moving to a new country, probably legally even, and being detained anyway, and separated from my parents with maybe only my 2 year old baby brother with me, him and I would be scared to death. Knowing this, I refuse to stand with Trump, especially on immigration. He’s a heartless demon. My parents would probably resist something like this, and on top of that, we’d have to witness them being beaten, arrested, probably even killed.
Trump has all the makings of a tyrant. His strategy is to bend the rules, and blatantly break a few, to rule like one.
To Conservatives and other Rightists that have been convinced that Trump is a terrible President, but choose to not support a Democratic candidate, there is an alternative; Bill Weld. At this point, I don’t even care if it needs to be a different Republican, but Trump needs to be stopped. Support Weld in the Republican primaries, please!
I remember this one nonsensical tweet in particular from him, where he CALLED FOR HIS OWN IMPEACHMENT. Well, your wish had been granted, Mr. President. You could’ve at least accepted it, you sadist.
When Christianity Today, the top evangelical newsletter is calling for his removal ahead of impeachment, and questions the unconditional loyalty Trump supporters have for their choice of President, that’s when you know it’s a must. Christianity Today isn’t too Liberal, either. Seriously, they couldn’t help but sneak in their anti-abortion sentiments. Let’s make this the last stop of the Trump Train before we send it to the junkyard for scrap.
I have one last address, to fellow Democrats, before I end this article. A screencap had been floating around various Anti-Trump subs through this month, of Ivanka Trump quoting Thomas Jefferson’s denial that he had raped Sally Hemmings, a woman that he had kept as a slave, “which he did, in fact, do”. Let me just start by saying, I hate rapists and sexual predators of all kinds. Rape is actually the ONE crime I see fit for the death penalty. I am not, nor have I ever been, and I certainly never will be, an apologist. But the accusation that Jefferson raped Hemmings, to me, is outlandish and baseless, and it hurts to see this coming from my party, because Thomas Jefferson, a man who was very Liberal himself, is my favorite founding father. Despite owning slaves himself, he wanted to write a condemnation of slavery in the Declaration Of Independence, but out of fear of losing support from the Southern colonies, he deleted it from the final draft. A bachelor in history described it best him/herself; Their affair started in France, where slavery was ILLEGAL. Hemmings followed Jefferson back to the states. She consented and was devoted to Jefferson. This is deemed common knowledge by the person who wrote this, and I, myself certainly find it implausible that Jefferson would be capable of such an atrocious crime with the morals and principles that he had. Yet the opposition I saw towards Jefferson was sickening, saying he played the victim card, calling him a “white male” as if it’s a bad thing? “White male”? I’m sorry, but how can we be dedicated to the erasure of racism AND sexism if being a white male is supposed to be a bad thing? I’m a white male, am I demon just because of this? I’ll bet there are tons of white male Democrats who will do everything in their power to sway the support and the odds of winning in the favor of the Democratic candidate. Making being a white male a bad thing, not only that, but attacking a person who, if they were alive today, would be vehemently Anti-Trump and vote Democrat himself, is how you LOSE Moderate support. We don’t want that as we get closer to the election. I’m a Liberal, but not like this.
Sometimes you just have to know when to criticize your party. It’s the reason I call forth the support of enlightened Republicans.
May this list expand as I stay with you, and help expose Trump’s tyrannical and unpolitician-like behaviour. May you have a friend in the Progressive Moderate u/frantzianleader.
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FOOTBALL DAILY’S END OF SEASON PREDICTIONS!  #WNTT Betting on youth football? Parents, coaches claim it's happening Inside Story - Football, a corrupt sport? PROOF of Point Shaving Corruption Scandal NCAA Game Arizona St vs UCLA Bruins 1/12/14 VEGAS RIGGED Touré On His Infamous BET Interviews, Russell Simmons Allegations, Tax Problems + More

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Allegations surfaced that coaches might be betting on youth football games. Even in an 'anything goes' town like Las Vegas, it's not illegal, but it is extreme. 13 Investigates uncovered there ... Does the NFL Shave Points for Sports betting??? - Duration: 8:23. TRUTHBETOLD IATTT 54,809 views. 8:23. How Good Was 5 Foot 3 Muggsy Bogues - Duration: 10:29. NBA Got Game TV Recommended for you. Allegations surfaced that coaches might be betting on youth football games. Even in an 'anything goes' town like Las Vegas, it's not illegal, but it is extreme. With the rest of the season just days away, the Football Daily team each predict their Top 6, bottom 3, Golden Boot winner, FA Cup Winner, Champions League victor and Europa League winner ... Inside Story takes a closer look at match-fixing in football and how more recent corruption allegations may affect the future of the sport. This episode of Inside Story aired on Tuesday, July 5, 2011.