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My Forex Story

Hello amazing forex community, a quick brief introduction about me. I'm 19 and I've been learning about the forex market for about 3 years now. been pretty consistent the past 8 months as I've found my strategy and way of thinking after many many many hours and countless nights of research backtesting etc. Went through the whole phases of looking for those magical indicators, systems etc, following signals providers and all of those fake ig guys. Finally learned proper trading mentality after reading trading in the zone and after I lost 2.5k in just one day losing 30%ish of my account just hoping it would turn( but we've all bee there lol). Or seeing 1.5k profit turn to 300 because I was money hungry. like they say price action is the best and primarily trade naked charts now with support and resistance levels. and I have my trading plan and trade management. I've mentored a buddy of mine for the past 6 months and he's about ready to go live. I took this semester off college to focus on trading full time. primarily focus on the daily charts and look at 4hr and 1hr for entries when approaching a zone

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Forex stories

Hi. Any forex traders here who care to share their stories and experience?
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What's the story with all these forex traders/scammers on Instagram?

Any young people (or anyone else at all, I got roped into this when I was a naive 21 year old) on here heed my warning when I say avoid these people. They are making zero money from their trades and majority of their money is generated by trying to get suckers like you & me to sign up and deposit money that we will eventually lose.
Think about it if they were really so good at investing and their returns were as good as they promise why the FUCK would they waste their time trying to teach someone else to do it and potentially ruin their trading strategy by loads of people adopting it?
These people are con artists/marketers and they only make money from you, not from trades.
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So lately this guy has been trying to contact me on IG. I know it's too good to be true i.e. he posts about vacations, working from home, checking his notifications to see that he's made $4000 in one day etc. I'd never heard of it so I googled forex and came up with foreign exchange market? Doesn't seem like an mlm from what I see on Google but there's a lot of stuff I read in the search results I don't I decided to give you guys a try. Maybe it's an investing strategy? I don't know smells very fishy and scammy so obviously I want to know more. Haha!
EDIT: Received auto message from group with a list of mlms to check out. Forex was on now I pose the question:
Anyone have any forex stories?
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Forex Trader success/Inspiring story

We’ve all been here for a while, some of us are struggling, some of us are making some wins and progressing.
Wouldn’t be good if we take a step back from all the TA and FA, take a deep breath, and hear some success/ inspiring story from the traders here?
Share us your stories you successful traders! What’s your “AHA” moment, or the turning point that you’ve made that make you from negative to profitable?
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Haven't had a single Losing day sinceFebruary

Haven't had a single Losing day sinceFebruary
Hey guys, So this is my Forex story so far.
  • Graduated from Engineering in April 2018 from a top University in Canada. Started trading Forex in October 2018.
  • Fell in love with it. Since I am strong in Mathematics and statistics. I loved looking at numbers and graphs all day.
  • Opened a demo account on Tradingview. Lost 20% value in First month. Infact kept loosing until December 2019.
  • Started to learn about trends, currency strength and currency correlations.
  • Modified some indicators available on tradingview. Performed some studies on highly coorelated currencies like EURGBP, AUDNZD.
  • I simply trading using my currency strength algorithm and only look at stocastic or RSI for entry points.
  • In the last 30 days I have grown my demo account by over 35% and haven't had a single losing day. My win percentage is over 95%. I have proof if you guys want.

So my question: Do you think what is happening with me is a fluke?? Should I open a real account? Am I ready. Has anyone experienced this??
These are the trades I made today
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Forex Scammers Story

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Do you have a story about signing up for one of the online “day trading” “online marketing” “forex” etc. mentorship programs often touted in YouTube ads and if so how was it?

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Do you have a story about signing up for one of the online “day trading” “online marketing” “forex” etc. mentorship programs often touted in YouTube ads and if so how was it?

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A forex mlm recruiter IG story

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The Story of a Forex Margin Call. Tom.

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Im about to get my feet wet in forex. Would be nice to hear some stories (success or not). Would be good to have good stories so it can motivate me!
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Your money story could be joyous or miserable so far due to Corona or something else. But, today is the time when you can change it into a better one by listening to the experts in Finance, Fintec, and Forex trading business at

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My story (still strugglin) and how Forex broke me in more ways than one + need support

we all know the stats, although I have yet to see them official somewhere. Nevertheless, 90-98% of traders fail.
Reasons are many, most of them give up within a year. You know the bunch, saw some flashy indicators and stuff, thought "hey, whats so difficult, I'm gonna trade this MA crossover" and they have a winning run and feel high and mighty until they go down burning.
Then you have the people on the right track, where they still get tired after many attemps at a profitable strategy.
Then, you have people who finally have an approach in terms of analysis, and then they realize the entry technique is just half of it - and suck at exits, leaving their stops unprotected, or watching idly as the market brings them into 30 pip profit just to reverse and whip their stops, only to continue afterwards.
And finally, you have the people who have an approach, have a full on ready strategy, know how the market moves, and start losing money due to FOMO, and emotions in general.
I'm one of those people. And that does not make me unique, I know that, but what is also a fact, and is giving me a hard time today, is something that is not often spoken about.
You see, I actually stopped overrisking and I mitigated FOMO. I put scripts on my platform to manage my risk instead of me, locking me out if I risk too much. I automated that part, and now I face the weirdest of all issues.
I have a profitable strategy, giving a really nice R return on backtesting and forwardtesting. But, when I put money in, I bail out. I trade it, it's not that I'm scared, but I fail to believe in my own making.
And I have been at it for 6 years; this is not an overnight thing. The strategy I made, it took me 6 years to make it mine and perfect it.
Yet, every time I take a couple of losers (whilst I know my strike rate is below 50% and a couple of losers in a row mean absolutely nothing) I look at what others are doing. I go to fintwit, or I read some new (or old but forgotten) book. I caught a couple of losers and started scalping (my main strategy is swinging on 1hr chart) on the 1 minute chart, b/c I read a book some time ago, teaching that method.
I've lost 30+ accounts (i don't demo trade, i deposit a micro account of ~100 usd just to test stuff) and losing is now embedded in my psyche. Every time I make a loss, my mind is so broken, I bail and look for alternative methods. Many untested. And I try to alternate my strategy in the fly.
As of writing this, I should have acted on a very nice signal on eurusd, perfect on my strategy. Screenshot
Instead, i had a crappy day prior, and started doing this

You always hear about them. Greed, Fear, and all the other emotions that ruin a trader; but they refer to specific entries or situations.
What do you do, when you can no longer trust your judgement? When you lost all faith in your own doing, feeling everyone else is better than you, trying to emulate other people's work... Even if you don't even have full access to it? When you are so broken, you don't trust yourself, even with a couple of dollars? When you feel you'll never crawl out?
How do you get out of the abyss?
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Question for those with “average” success stories trading forex

Those who are consistently making decent profit ($200 to $500 or so return a month). 1. How much money did you initially start off with? 2. How did you learn to be profitable? 3. Best course, book YouTube videos or anything to learn how to be profitable with forex?
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A lot of recipe pages have stories that go on and on and so I'd like a website where you can paste a web address from one of those nonsense novels/recipes and it would translate the page into a list of ingredients, measurements, and steps, with maybe just a picture of the finished product.
No fuss, muss, or bother.
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Where's the option for "pls stop spamming ig stories with Forex stuff"?

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@AlphaexCapital : USDCHF and USDJPY tried to go lower but the boy that cried wolf stories can't phase the market for long #forex #investing #bitcoin #crypto #xrp #btc #eth #forexsignals

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antiMLM | Image | "Friend from high school posted this on his story after people were calling him out about Forex referrals"

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Your Pre Market Brief for 07/16/2020

Pre Market Brief for Thursday July 16th 2020

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Beating the UK brokerage via true arbitrage - £8k -> £98k ($128k) since 21st April

Beating the UK brokerage via true arbitrage - £8k -> £98k ($128k) since 21st April
Alright you American autists, here's a gains post from the UK across the pond - listen up because it's pretty incredible, managed to screw over our broker to turn ~£8k into £98k / $128k USD by reading the small print, true u/fuzzyblankeet style.
Unfortunately, we don't have options trading, commission free robinhood which crashes, or any other US based degeneracy, but instead we British chaps can trade "CFDs" ie. 'contracts-for-difference', which are essentially naked long / short positions with a 10-20% margin (5-10x leveraged), a 'holding cost' and you could theoretically lose more than your initial margin - sounds like true wallstreetbets autism, right? Well grab a lite beer (or whatever you lite alcoholic chaps drink over there) and strap in for this stuff:
So, CMC Markets, a UK based CFD brokerage, wanted to create a West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil 'Spot' product, despite WTI contracts trading in specific monthly expirations which can thus have severe contango effects (as all of you $USO call holders who got screwed know) - this was just a product called "Crude Oil West Texas - Cash", and was pegged to the nearest front-month, but had no expiry date, only a specific holding cost -> already a degenerate idea from their part.
So in early April, just before when the WTI May-20 expiry contract 'rolled' at **negative** $-37, the "WTI Cash" was trading at $15 at the time, but the *next* month June-20 expiry was still $30+ we (I am co-running an account with an ex-Goldman colleague of mine) simultaneously entered into a long position on the "WTI - Cash" product, and went short on the "WTI Jun-20 expiry", a pure convergence play. Sure enough, the June-20 tanked the following week, and we made over £35k, realised profits. But meanwhile the May-20 also tanked, and we were down £28k. But rather than realise this loss, we figured we could just hold it until Oil prices recover, and profit on both legs of the trade.
However, CMC Markets suddenly realised they are going to lose a lot of money with negative oil prices (Interactive Brokers lost $104m, also retards), so they screwed everyone holding the "WTI - Cash" product trading at $8 at the time, and pegged it to the December 2020 expiry trading at $30, with a 'discount factor' to catch up between the two.
Now fellow autists, read the above email and try to figure out what the pure arbitrage is. CMC markets will charge us a 0.61% **per day** holding cost (calculated as the 10x levered value of whatever original margin you put up, so in our case £8k*10x=£80k*0.61% = £500 per day, £1.5k on weekends for extra fun) on our open positions, but also "increase" the position value by 0.61% per day vs. the **previous day's** WTI - Cash value. Got it yet? No? Still retarded? Here's where maths really helps you make tendies:-> If your 'cost' is fixed at 0.61% of your original levered position, but your 'gains' are 0.61% of the previous day's position, then your gains will be ever increasing, whereas your costs are fixed.
So we added some extra £££ (as much as we could justifiably put into a degenerate 10x levered CFD account) and tried to see if it works. Long story short, it does. At this point in July we were making **over £1k per day on a £8k initial position*\* regardless where the WTI Dec-20 fwd moved.
Unfortunately, eventually CMC markets realised what utter retards they were, and closed down the arbitrage loophole, applying the holding costs to the previous day's value. But not before we turned £8k into £98k, less holding costs.
Long story short, puts on $CMCX they're total retards, and given what a startup robinhood / other brokerages are, never assume that only they are the ones taking your tendies away, sometimes you can turn the tables on them!
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New to Forex, want to hear your stories.

Originally I read a few posts here and there which got me interested in forex trading. I'm currently learning the ins and outs on babypips. Once completed I want to practice trading on a demo account until I develop my acumen for such. I feel that this to me will be an overall positive experience as well the possibility to earn decent living.
Im committed and the more I learn the more interest I develop. But I do worry about one thing. In my opinion I feel that I'm intelligent enough to do well in anything that catches my interests. Im very disciplined, patient, analytical and creative etc I'm just quite confident regarding my potential. But the fear is the lack of personal growth from this.
If education / experience is enough to do well. I would like to hear your attitudes on when you first started to where you are now. Why you started, why was FX a failure or success for you, what principles were develop and also what advice would you give to your past self.
I want to know the individual, the journey from this, or is it all just for riches? That where in your life do you want to go or be. Is there time spent doing something better, what would that be?
I'm soon to be a student, soon to be studying a degree in bussines (finance & management) and psychology. I would like to become a psychologist and start my own business around mental health. I feel that Forex trading will help develop my understanding of financial independence, is there more to it, keen to see what I may soon discover, fear that there is nothing to it over than riches. What were your experiences; I would like to hear your stories?
Thank you in advance if you've taken your time to comment. I will find your efforts insighful!
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My Forex Story - Part 1 Struggle To Massive Success Stories  Forex Trader Motivation My forex Trading Story Form 2017 To 2020 A Day in the Life of a Forex Trader FOREX IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK - MY STORY

They can be delayed, based on past data and don’t always tell the whole story. Price action analysis is a simpler and sometimes more accurate way to make the right decision. By combining this guide to Forex price action analysis with forex trading tools , you’ll have a good grasp of trends and how to manage your money. Paul's Forex Success Story Hi, my name is Paul and I am trading forex for just over six years now. Initially I did not want to share my story but over the past year I have noticed a sharp increase of forex related stories which are not only complete non-sense, but also false and misleading. is a registered FCM and RFED with the CFTC and member of the National Futures Association (NFA # 0339826). Forex trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Full Disclosure. Spot Gold and Silver contracts are not subject to regulation under the U.S. Commodity Exchange Act. The history of the Forex market began during the middle ages where currency was traded through the international banks. This helped the Europeans spread currency trading throughout Europe and the Middle East. 1875 marks the most essential event in the history of currency trading, when the Gold Standard Monetary System was created. The History of Forex; The History of Forex. The foreign exchange market is an important event in the economic life of the global community. It is no surprise that Forex has its history of rise and development. Moreover, the roots of establishing the currency market go back to the middle of the 19th century, when a unified system named the Gold

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My Forex Story - Part 1

My Forex Story part 2. On this video i talk about my Forex Journey in 2019 in a nutshell. I am a forex trader but not an established one. I clumsy trade but everyday i learn to improve myself ... Struggle To Massive Success Stories Forex Trader Motivation - Duration: 17:06. Etienne Crete - Desire To TRADE 110,425 views. 17:06. How To Use Fibonacci - Part 1 - Duration: 26:44. Whether you're aspiring to achieve a Forex success story for yourself or trade in any other market, this video will provide you the trading motivation you need! SUBSCRIBE TODAY: Will be letting out a lot of information and wisdom in this new series plus a lot of my personal struggles and how God helped me to overcome them,so stay tuned for part 2 of my Forex Story,God ... Day In The Life of a Forex Trader (lol) on holiday. Went on a short trip to Portugal with my fwends! Thought I'd take you guys along and document how I go about trading while being on holiday. Hope...