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How to start affiliate marketing for beginners

How to start affiliate marketing for beginners
If you’ve ever had any interest in making money online, then there’s a high probability you have heard of affiliate marketing. It is currently one of the best ways to make extra money on the side. While most people have made a small amount of money from affiliate marketing, some have seen huge success. Affiliate marketing remains one of the most effective ways to develop a secondary income for marketers. With that in mind, it does take time to develop a strong network which is primed for affiliate marketing messages or simply has a high enough volume of traffic to convert leads into customers. For those seeking to venture into this passive income marketplace, this piece is for you.


Affiliate Marketing — What Is It?

In simple terms, affiliate marketing is a business model that pays you a commission each time you promote the products or services of others and successfully close a sale. An affiliate marketer is simply someone that receives a commission each time he promotes the products or services of others on their website. Some folks confuse these two words “affiliate” and “merchant” with one another. However, that is simply not correct. An affiliate as rightly stated above is a person that receives a commission each time he promotes products and services; while a merchant is a person that has or owns a product to be promoted.
To get a better idea of how an affiliate marketing program works, we will provide an example. An affiliate marketer can be likened to a real estate agent. The duty of the agent is to search for properties to be sold, promote them to his list of clients and earn a commission each time one of them makes payment for any of the properties promoted. The amount of money earned as the commission will depend on the cost of the property and the agreed percentage. With this example in mind, let’s explain how an affiliate marketer works.
• An affiliate marketer searches for products and services that can be promoted the same way the real estate agent mentioned in the above example would search for properties to advertise and sell. • An affiliate marketer has to understand the sharing formula (that is how much he/she earns each time he promotes a product and the customer ends up buying it). • With proper knowledge of the sharing formula, the affiliate marketer promotes or advertises the product or service. • Once a customer the affiliate marketer advertises to decides to make payment for the product or service advertised, the affiliate marketer earns a commission for that. • This process is repeated again and again by the affiliate marketer.
Bear in mind that there is no limit to how much you can make as an affiliate marketer. For example, if a merchant pays you $10 each time you refer a customer who makes a purchase for a product at his store. This means that if you refer 10 people, you get $100.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing

While the affiliate marketing industry faces many challenges, the development of a decentralized solution can put an end to this. Users around the world benefit when there is not a middle man taking a hefty fee upon each section of the transaction. Since affiliate marketing can have slim margins, users are especially encouraged to take advantage of cheaper solutions offered by decentralized networks.
Individuals seeking to venture into this the passive money making business should follow these steps if they are to start earning a commission.
Step 1 — You Need To Pick A Niche
The famous saying goes, ‘there is riches in the niches.’ Follow this advice and seek out a niche! A niche simply refers to an area of expertise or interest. It is one of the most important things you have to do if you really want to make it in this industry.
There are a number of reasons why you should choose a niche. First, having a niche will ensure that you are able to identify your target audience. One of the reasons most people have not made a commission from affiliate marketing is because they have failed to identify their audience and this has to do with the lack of a niche. Secondly, having a niche will save you so much time.
When you have a niche, you are able to identify your target audience and create ads and content that they will relate to. It does not just save you time, it gives you a direction and purpose. To this point, there are a couple of niches you can choose from including the healthcare industry, technology sector, family services, entertainment industry, and many others. It’s critical to find a niche in an area you enjoy so that you have the willpower to go through the long process of building a network and foundation.
Furthermore, as a beginner, it is advised that you pick sub-niches inside those niches mentioned above. For example, in the health industry, instead of focusing on all health products, you can simply choose those that fall under the “fitness” category. This helps you narrow down your target audience.
Step 2 — Start A Blog
Once you have successfully picked a niche and sub-niche, the next thing to do is to start a blog. While you can promote affiliate products and services without necessarily owning a blog, if you want long term success in this industry, then owning a blog is of utmost importance.
Basically, a blog affords you the opportunity to interact with your readers, share helpful information relating to your sub-niche with them, and also help you build a subscriber base. In addition, blogging about your niche will give your readers the idea that you are an expert and so would definitely trust you enough to try out products you recommend to them. Instead of simply directing your affiliates to the merchant’s store, you could direct them to your blog first, help them see why getting this product or service from this merchant is better. When you do this, you do not only make money, you get loyal blog readers who trust your every word. This even opens an opportunity to advertise other affiliate products that may not be on your sub-niche from time to time.
Step 3 — Join An Affiliate Program
Once you have created your blog and have posted content relating to your niche, the next thing to do is to sign up for affiliate programs.
To ensure that you promote only original and helpful products to your loyal blog readers, it is important that you only join an effective and trustworthy affiliate program. Before picking an affiliate program, be sure to read the reviews and also inquire from others who have used the same platform before. Some of the merchants you promote their products may give you these products to try out first before advertising to your blog readers.
There are a couple of affiliates you can join:
• Clickbank affiliate • Amazon affiliate • Commission Junction • Linkshare • Impact Radius
Once you’ve joined any of these programs, you have to advertise your product and earn a commission each time your referral makes a purchase. The Affil Coin decentralized affiliate marketing platform will definitely change how this industry works, until then, this is the best way to get started. In closing, the team here at Affil Coin is happy to help where we can. So, if you ever have any questions, stop by the Affil Coin Telegram chat and talk to a member of our team!
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Got my first gaming PC ever! Want to improve speed, will this SSD improve my PC speed?

Hey everyone. I'm a rookie so explain things simply to me please. I bought a pre-built fast gaming PC with an i7 9700 and 2080 in it, 16gb of 2,666 ram.
However, it came with some off brand 1tb SSD I'm not familiar with. It's called a Teamgroup L5 Sata lll Lite.
I have some folders with lots of files inside and the files seem to open slowly. I'd like to increase the speed of that, as well as opening programs/files in general on my PC.
Again I'm a rookie. Somebody recently explained to me that a new type of SSD, something called an NVME would be better and open folders/files faster, do you think I'd notice a difference?
I also ironically found two NVME SSD 1tb cards on sale today, and if they are really better, I'm wondering which of these is the smarter buy?
  1. Here's the first NVME SSD I found, Here is the link here
But... Then in the comments section somebody also pointed out THIS SSD for sale, and said it's only $30 more for like twice the speed and a bigger name brand/more longevity. I have no idea if that's true.
  1. Here's the second one that may be best?
Then I saw this one randomly:
  1. And here's the third
Which one of those is the best purchase/best performer? The $30 difference doesn't really matter to me. Do you think I'll notice the difference?
Also, yes, my motherboard does have a slot that says Ultra M.2 on it. I'm assuming I could buy one of these and also use that cheaper normal SSD in the Sata slot as a backup drive for files I don't need quite as fast?
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Two Year Update - Start Justly

I started my site in mid-February, 2017. I posted a couple of case studies before but never kept up with it. So, I just wanted to give an update now that I’m nearing two full years working on this site.
It’s really hard to believe that it has been that long already.
To start with, my site isn’t an Amazon affiliate site. I probably have around 50 different companies that I’m an affiliate for (though have never made money from ~10 of them). Some of them are on sites like Linkshare, ShareaSale, Viglink, etc but that’s the minority. Most were found either from seeing an affiliate section on their site or reaching out directly to them.
These are digital products which I assume makes it a lot easier for companies to start up an affiliate program. Because there are so many different companies, tracking earnings is a little bit messy. A lot of them don’t have somewhere that I can check earnings directly, instead, I’ll get email updates, sometimes once a month, other times once in six months.
I don’t have very clear stats for earnings from the first year. I just made a bunch of notes for earnings, but looking back, they’re pretty confusing to compile. So, starting with the second year…

This is nearly entirely affiliate earnings. In the last few months, I’ve added Ezoic ads to the site as well though.
Expenses were pretty high from March-July as I was outsourcing some articles during that time. I ended up cutting down the outsourced articles though. Back then I was working with 3-4 different writers, now it’s just me and one other writer who does an article or two a month.
I have mixed feelings about my experience and working with writers. For the most part, the quality was okay enough. But, they still needed heavy editing from me. The content is nearly entirely reviews and a lot of it is subjective. It felt like there was a lack of consistency when the content came from so many different places.
Most of the other expenses are from another freelancer who helps me put together resource lists that I can add to the site. It’s basically research and compiling what she finds. Also, the big earnings spike in July/August was bc my biggest earning affiliate had a problem with their tracking code. So, for two months nothing was registered. But they went back and gave me credit for all sales that were used from my coupon code. It seems like more people use the coupon than click the link. I think the coupon code must be shared on sites that aren’t mine, unfortunately, I only make money if they click the link with it.
I’ve had a pretty awesome spike in traffic this last month, and hopefully, earnings follow suit. January seems to be a good month for my site, I’m expecting it to level off for the next few months, but we’ll see.
Traffic is spread out across lots of the posts. My highest trafficked post gets maybe 12.5% of page views. That also just started ranking #1 pretty recently which could explain some of the traffic jump.
Wordpress says I have 126 posts, 26 pages, and 401k words. I’m pretty sure this is overestimating things by a decent amount. Some of the pages are basically duplicate content, and think those words may be counted several times. Also, a lot of my early reviews are still on my site, but I’ve rewritten and redirected them to an updated review.
What’s Next
The vast majority of my posts so far are reviews, and then maybe 10-15 comparison/best of posts. Now that I’ve reviewed a lot of the products in various silos, I want to start adding in more best of roundup posts. I do also have a solid number of individual reviews to write as well still.
I don’t really have any informational content and I’m not planning on doing that anytime soon. The reason is that I think other people have already done the informational content better than I can.
I’m putting together a digital product (or rather, several small ones) now. Hopefully, they'll be available to start selling by March. I’m kind of nervous, and not so sure if it’ll work or not. Most of the work on it I’ve been outsourcing. I’ll probably end up spending $1500 or so on this first test run.
Some lessons, random thoughts, etc.
That’s the reason I started my site in the first place. It seems like all the other sites in my niche are just so full of shit. A lot of the products they recommend are terrible. Fairly often, I’ll recommend free alternatives over a paid product that I’d earn affiliate commissions from. Occasionally, even when I give a fairly negative review, people will go on to buy the product anyway.
Not long ago someone here was talking about it and it’s definitely true. Saying something different and contrarian seems to work well. For example, for one product review, there are maybe 20 other websites with that review, either praising it or with a generic title. I’ve done alright by pointing out something I dislike about it, even if I still like the product overall.
I have a lot of individual reviews that get very little search volume. I try to review everything that could be helpful to readers, though of course, I prioritize those that I can earn money off of. I’ll still write reviews of products that get 0 search volume. Just today, one product earned me $200 and the kw “product name + review” gets 0 searches per month. Of course, this isn’t the norm, but you get the point.
This probably wouldn’t work so well for Amazon sites though bc the commissions are so low.
Obviously, this isn’t possible for most people here. But, 95% of the reviews have been written after having used the product for several hours, at a minimum. Being able to provide really in-depth details about what it’s like to use seems to go a long way.
An average review probably takes me 10-15 hours to make. I have no idea how people can knock out so many articles so quickly. Perhaps I could shave an hour or so on each article by hiring someone to do all of the formatting in Wordpress. They probably average around 3k words but that’s not really intentional.
I’ve only gotten a few backlinks manually. I’ve written maybe 5 guest posts. I also paid for one link from Authority Builders (pretty cheap and nothing special). I’ve only gone through the prospecting/outreach attempt once or twice. Both times, I felt like it wasn’t worth the effort. It just didn't feel like I was adding any value to my site or my readers.
I imagine if I were in a different niche or going after different keywords, this wouldn't be an effective strategy.
I put links in the text and add a few buttons they can click, but for the most part, I don't really try to sell anything. I don't know if this is smart or not, maybe I'm leaving a lot of money on the table. For the most part, I try to stay neutral (not always easy) and give an honest opinion. I feel like if I were to do the salesy copywriting style that it would kill the trust, plus I think I'd hate doing it.
Just starting makes all the difference. I didn't spend much time analyzing the niche. I just saw that the competing sites were super shallow and untrustworthy. I highly doubt I would have ever started if I were to spend an extra few weeks researching first. I'm sure luck played a large factor here as well though.
I mostly enjoy the progress and feeling of accomplishment that comes from building this site out, but it’s a lot of work. Sometimes the last thing I want to do is sit down and start writing another post. Sometimes I procrastinate hard and others times I knock a lot out quickly. But, I also tend to give myself breaks when I just need to stop thinking about it for a while.

I feel super fortunate and grateful to this community. When I was starting, I read through pretty much every case study and learned so much from everyone here. If anyone has questions, I'll try to help out though I'm far from an expert on this stuff.
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Adidas UB/NMD Deal List

Ultraboost Mocha
Price: $119
Code: LKSZON20
Sizes: 8-10, 11-12, 13

Ultraboost Triple Black
Price: $168
Code: 20ADI20
Sizes: 6-9

Ultraboost Core Black
Price: $109
Code: SOLE10
Sizes: 7-12

Ultraboost Triple White
Price: $109
Code: SOLE10
Sizes: 7-12

NMD Stencil Pack
Price: $104
Code: LKSZON20
Sizes: Depends on which CW

Hope some of this helps!

Ultraboost Parley
Price: $109.98
Code: N/A
Sizes: 10, 11, 11.5

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Know about 10 most significant growth hacking strategies for 2019

Growth hacking has changed the way marketers look at marketing today. The great part about growth hacking is that you can achieve high levels of growth without spending too much time, efforts and money.
'One of the best ways to understand growth hacking is to do growth hacking. -Neil Patel
So let's dive deep into the top 10 most effective growth hacking strategies for 2019, which every growth hacking agency follows!
Strategic Content Marketing
'62 % of millennials said that their online loyalty towards a brand is driven by online
content: -NewsCred Study
Content creation is not a new trend. But businesses need to revamp it. You must make it strategic. Your business needs to be dressed with content that suits it best.
Don't just create content on anything and everything. Just having a content marketing strategy is not enough. Make sure it reaches the right people in the proper sense. Before starting with content creation, keep these things in mind:
-Who's your target audience?
-What makes you better than your competitors?
-How your content will be useful to your readers?
-How will it make your readers come back to you?
After coming out with answers to these questions, curate your content keeping it finely tuned with your business model.
•Use Content Gap Analytics
•Use Content Analysis Tools
•Publish content every week. It's indispensable to organize your content schedule. You can use tools like HootSuite, CoSchedule, Zoho Social, etc.
•Answer questions on Quora and Reddit. Pique curiosity and address concerns.
•Guest post on influential websites.
•Content is judged at a glance. The average human has usually an attention span of eight seconds. So put visuals and give weight to the format.
•Use content upgrades in exchange for contact information.
• When posting content on social media, you can tag the writers or any other concerned person.
• Perform a content audit to know which type of material or distribution channel has been working or not.
Take HubSpot's content strategy, for instance. The million dollars valued company owes to its content marketing strategy. It incorporated three things: content upgradation, relatable content and a content sharing hub.
Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing is an authentic way to connect with customers, and it's continuously evolving to fit in today's social media - savvy world. It just adds a bit more fuel to 'the word of mouth policy'.
'39 % of marketers plan on increasing their influencer marketing budget.'
- a study conducted by Linqia
It is the fastest-growing customer acquisition method.
Please consider these questions before giving a shape to your influencer marketing strategy.
- Does the person's persona match your brand's?
- Does the influencer only has to reach a vast audience or he can reach potential customers? Identifying the type of influencer is a must. So set clear expectations.
And yes, don't underestimate the power of micro-influencers. You must make them a part of an aggressive marketing strategy. Twitter reported that about 40% of people decide to buy an item after being influenced by an influencer's tweet. That's the power of micro-influencers. Gifting and unboxing is an excellent approach to Influencer marketing.
Take the example of this retail company, Lo & Sons. They gifted free products to influencers having 100,000 followers or more and asked them to create sponsored content for the campaign. Influencers promoted this campaign by posting pictures with campaign-specific hashtags.
3) Influencer takeovers too have a significant impact. Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority are hiring DJ Khaled to acquisition their Snapchat account helped them to get 3,50,000 views in just two days.
Email Marketing
'The average email marketing ROI is 122%.'
-E-marketer(It's four times higher than any other digital marketing channel)
What a great driver of the revenue! This makes it imperative to have a powerful email marketing strategy.
-Personalize your emails. Address the reader by name. It will increase open rates.
'47 % of all emails are opened because of their subject line.'
-Experian Study
-Use real names while sending emails instead of the company name. It will improve credibility and help build relationships.
-To make the above technique more effective, add an image to the Google+ profile.
-Segment your database by company size, industry and sales cycle.
'All key email marketing KPIs perform better when you segment your email list.'
- A HubSpot study
Gamification is an exciting way to add buzz to your business. You need to cater to the needs of today's customers with gamification.
New content increased RoI, engaged users. Gamification is the one-stop solution for all these. You can very easily add an element of fun in your Marketing strategy. Consider these:
1 Using bars or profile strengths
LinkedIn uses the completeness bars which motivates users to complete details to their profiles. In other words, it encourages users to score better.
2 Contests
Contests are a very budget-friendly way to engage your customers. E.g. at the time of launch of Neo Range, Adidas invited people to post a picture inspired by Adidas using the hashtag #MyNeoShoot. The best Instagrammers were given lucrative prizes. And guess what? This campaign helped shoot Adidas' New Range page's followers to another 70,000.
3 Loyalty programs
Reward programs are very enticing.`` My Starbucks Reward Program' is the perfect example of how you can design your loyalty program. They have such a crisp set of rules which appeal much to a customer. At the same, it's a great way to earn customer retention.
'Gen Z doesn't know a world before mobile technology.'
- Business Insider
.40% of time spent on the Internet is through mobile technology. Channel this!
-Incorporate a Q.R. code on your printed paper ad. This is what Nissan did to promote its new electronic car. You can link this code to your blog or any fantastic content you have generated.
-'70 % of Mobile searches have to lead to an action to a website within 1 hour of searching.'
You can't ignore SEO
-Create mobile-friendly sites.
-Mobile ad spends expected to represent 72 per cent of all digital ad spend in the U.S. by 2019.
-Hosting facts
-Mobile Ads
Utilize mobile analytics tools which come with features like behavioural segmentation, finding patterns in App store reviews, mobile attribution, etc.
-'Global average open rate of SMS is 94%.'
Don't mistake the massive reach of a text message.
A/B Testing
Sometimes even the best laid out plans don't work out as expected. That's where you need a/b testing.
Every kind of business needs more out of its existing traffic. A/B testing is showing two variants to similar visitors at the same time. The option which leads to a higher number of conversions will be considered the goal achiever. You can test anything from paragraph texts to u/x sequences.
The former U.S. President Obama was able to raise $60 million for his election campaign just through a/b testing and optimizing the website accordingly.
'The beauty of A/B testing is that it exists to allow us to make decisions that are based on real behavioural data rather than presumed knowledge about our customer bases.'
Google Analytics
We just need a direction before we head towards the implementation of a plan. For this, we need to analyze data.
Some of the questions that you need to set clear before going ahead with a plan are:
1) What's the most visited page on your website?
2) How many people visit your site daily?
3). How many of them are repeat visitors?
When you have clear answers to these questions, you will have better chances of success. Google Analytics is the one-stop solution for this.
It is a pack of data analytics tools, which include Analytics Intelligence, data analysis and visualization, data collection and management, data activation, integration. It will give you a complete picture of your audience.
A call to action is a piece of text or a button that prompts your visitors to take some work. You need to have a killer set of CTAs to get a fantastic response from visitors. CTA is a conventional marketing tactic that is here to stay. Its primary goal of driving conversions hasn't changed, but you need to continuously evolve its usage to sync with today's customers' psychology.
1) Use action words
2) Keep feelings and emotions in mind while designing CTAs
3) Highlight benefits
4) Quench curiosity
5) Make it sound like an invite
Example 'Read more', 'Claim your free trial', 'Join our team', etc. They all make a solid offer.
Netflix has used a very reassuring CTA to induce visitors to sign up for the free trial. It has used the phrase 'Cancel Anytime' above the 'Join Free for a Month' CTA.
Referral marketing
Visitors are four more times more likely to buy when a friend refers to them.
-Research by Nielson
Referral marketing is a great strategy to use the pool of your current loyal customers to attract more customers. It is the most trusted form of advertising as per research. You can give rewards, points and incentives to induce your customers to refer their friends.
A valid referral marketing strategy should not contain too many rules. The eligibility criteria and sign up procedure should be simple and clear. Offer rewards which are affordable to your business and which at the same time are valued by your customers.
Designing the referral strategy is half the work done. It's quite important to promote it as well. Feature your referral program on your social media pages, websites and emails.
Dropbox's referral program is an all-time favourite example of growth hackers. Dropbox offered 500 MB space for both the referred and the referee. This lead to an increase in signups by up to sixty per cent.
Affiliate Marketing
'Away for a company to sell its products by signing up individuals or companies ("affiliates") who market the company's products for a commission.'
-Entrepreneur India
Affiliate marketing has been around for years but evolving exceptionally quickly. The premise is that you need to provide a link to your affiliate partner that is assigned to you individually. The link is tracked so that if any conversion takes place on your site, your affiliate partner will earn a commission.
Anyone having a product to sell be it a startup or a fortune 500 company can be a part of Affiliate marketing.
For example, if you own a travel agency, you can use affiliates which target the same market as hotels or airlines. This enables you to broaden your customer base. You can join an affiliate marketing network like Commission Junction or Rakuten LinkShare which provide a platform where you can advertise your affiliate program to other affiliate marketers.
Business goals can be varied. For some, success is profitability, it is survival, and for others, it is growth. It is inevitable for a business to continue to evolve to stay innovative, relevant and achieve growth. When you are not growing, you're dying. But is growth that easy to make? Of course, you need a lot of dedication towards the business, but dedication would do nothing alone. It should be coupled with some mind-blowing hacking strategies to ensure that your efforts, time and money go in the right direction. You can also get in touch with a growth marketing agency to implement these strategies for your business.
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[LF] Adidas ZX Flux Xeno - Black sz 12.5/13

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Nike LunarEpic Lows

JackRabbit is having a sale on the LunarEpic Lows for around $70-80. Use the code LUNAREPIC20 to get an additional discount. If you have ShopRunner, it's free 2-day shipping. Bought one for me and my girlfriend for around $130.
The site loads up very slow so be patient!
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How I increased my commission by 86% in one month

This is a summarized version of a write-up I did on my blog discussing the same thing, I wanted to share it here as I've yet to publish a thread and I thought this might be very useful for those who have established affiliate sites and are looking to maximize revenue.
As we all know, Amazon changed their commission structure in March of this year, which meant the majority of affiliates which focused solely on Amazon were about to get a pretty big reduction in commissions, I've heard most are seeing reductions of 20 - 30%.
Instead of crying about it, I decided to put a plan into action, fortunately, I was already preparing to push this plan live. However, the Amazon commission changes simply motivated me to do it sooner than I had planned.
Revenue Comparison
From February to March I achieved an 86.65% increase in revenue for this particular site due to the actions I am going to discuss below.
Action Plan
It began at the start of the year, the site had been performing well, however, I knew I was missing out on a share of the market. That share was the companies which did not use Amazon to sell their products and instead sold them via their own website.
I knew I wanted to reach out to these companies, I also knew it would be time-consuming and also meant moving away from a platform I was extremely comfortable with, to a whole new level of affiliate marketing - communicating directly with brands and marketing managers, setting up accounts on new platforms and split-testing completely new and bespoke E-commerce platforms that might not convert.
During January & February, I did the market research and compiled an Excel sheet which included the following information:
Once I had compiled this list, I noticed that many of the brands had lower commission offerings than Amazon, so you can kind of see why I didn't pursue this with much haste.
That was until Amazon announced their commission changes, once this happened the next stage of the action plan was put into action.
The majority of brands were part of other affiliate platforms, such as:
Fortunately, I already had accounts with each of these platforms so I began requesting to join the programs. For those which were not a part of any affiliate program I contacted them directly, in some cases they had private affiliate programs which they were happy to set me up an account on and in other cases they didn't reply - win some, lose some, I will continue contacting these though.
Note: Just because a brand doesn't publicly announce they have an affiliate program, it doesn't mean they don't have one. Don't be shy, simply send them an E-mail and ask.
Next step - Negotiating Commissions
This is something a lot of affiliates forget to do, especially those who are predominantly Amazon affiliates. When you are working directly with brands or through affiliate platforms such as the ones listed above, you can and SHOULD negotiate commissions, most brands will expect this and most brands will be flexible especially if you have something to leverage (large social following, organic traffic, competitor sales, brand sales).
By contacting the brands, I were able to increase my commissions from 5% to 8% and from 10% to 12% and in one case I was even able to negotiate commissions from $100 - $150 and then additionally add a performance tier which boosted my commission to $160.
We are now discussing additional performance tiers for May, flat fee bonuses for hitting a certain number of sales.
The point I am trying to make is that you should not settle, don't be lazy and be sure to hustle.
And that's all I did...
By targeting brands outside of Amazon I immediately had additional content to add to my website. On top of this, the competition for ranking for these brands was much less due to the fact that most affiliates focused on Amazon only.
Another benefit is that most of these affiliate programs have far better payment terms than Amazon's 60 days. In most cases, they're between 7 days and 30 days and in some cases, you can negotiate these further with the brands directly.
Another benefit is the cookie period, most offers had a default cookie length of 30 days and again this can be increased by talking to the brands, I think I have 180 days for a few brands now.
I implemented my first non-Amazon affiliate link on the 9th March and in March the commission generated outside of Amazon was $17,205.00 and this month (April) it's going to be around $30,000.00.
If anyone has any questions at all, feel free to comment below and I will get back to you asap.
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The Verge has undisclosed affiliate links in its "the best after-Christmas deals"

It looks like Steam is the only link (from my understanding) at the top of the page where it lists the stores which is not an affiliate. Please help me determine the other ones.
I know for sure (from my limited, technical understanding) that the Tigerdirect URL has a Verge ID in it and it states that they get 3% commission in the affiliate programme page, on their site.
Tigerdirect - 3% commission
Edit: Added Microsoft
Microsoft - up to 10% commission
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Once you have your blog up and running, now it’s time for some action. If you need help creating your blog, I recommend using Problogger
Content – Pictures matter. Your first top 12 images make the first impression. Find an aesthetic theme you like. I used to have bright colors theme and now I have found a theme what truly represents my personality. I recently talked about how I edit my pictures (on IG). I use vsco app or Lightroom software to edit my pictures. I mostly use C’s and M6 sometimes. If you use your phone as a camera, do less editing, IG does take down the quality a bit. Also, if you are serious about blogging, invest in a camera. I use Cannon 6D. Find your niche – This is the key factor. How do you connect with your followers? Why should they follow you instead of others? What do you offer to them which they can’t get anywhere else? These are questions we need to ask ourselves. Don’t worry if the topics you love are already talked or written about by others. You are using your voice and sharing your perspective to connect with others. Some influencers share their DIY projects or blogging resources. Build your tribe – This is hard work which requires a lot of time. Reply to comments and emails. Reach out to other influencers and brands you like on IG and/or other social media platforms. Leave comments on their page regularly. This can only lead to good things. One of the things I am still working on is to reply to comments on my blog and reach out to other blogs. This can take a lot of time, but if you do just little bit every day. It will add up and give amazing results. Make a real connection – There are a lot of support groups of bloggers on IG and Telegram app. I recommend utilizing them initially when you are starting out (you will learn a lot through them). Personally, I left most of them a while ago. As much as I believe in the goodness of the support of those groups. It can take a toll on you. Building a connection with few bloggers is far more important to me. These connections will eventually lead to real friendships. Only do what you can, don’t beat yourself up. Instead make a real connection with people who inspire you. I am inspired daily by some of the amazing influencers I follow, they motivate and inspire me to do better each day. Stay consistent – Make sure to create a schedule for post and stick to it. You have to set expectations for the readers, by keeping them engaged. They will be looking forward to your post on IG and/or your blog. I post daily on my social platforms and weekly or bi-weekly on blog. Use hashtags to gain right exposure on Instagram (see my earlier post here on how to use hashtags). I take break on the weekends. Statistically social media’s efficiency drops on the weekends because people are out doing things. I make use of the weekends by working on my blog post or photo shoots and spending time with my family. Not everyone is going to like your work (and, that’s Ok!) – Congratulations, you are on the internet. I had recently seen comments where people just didn’t like my work. It did hurt at first but then it made sense. I don’t like some brands so I stick to what connects with me. People stick to what they find attractive, so not everyone is going to fall in love with your work. That’s why you need to find your tribe. One thing we need to remember is success doesn’t come over night or in few weeks. We need to continue slow and steady and build our brand through the years. Only hard work pays off. Sign up with programs – Now that you have some following and engagement, it’s time to make some money. Most of the programs are free to you, these companies tend to take little percentage as commission. I recommend keeping an excel sheet and bookmarking all these sites and ensuring to visit them daily to see any new proposals. Here are few I personally use: Linkshare ShoppingLinks Hashtagpaid Social Native Socialix Famebit Amazon affiliate program BlogMeetsBrand Influenster Preen.me Rewardstyle (Invite only or you can have fellow @likeitknow blogger refer you) Is your Resume Ready? – Brands want to know why they should hire you? What benefits do they get by collaborating with you. Your blog page views count, I currently get around average of 500 views daily on my blog. I encourage you to create your media kit once you have a good following and engagement. You can create this on word document and save as PDF file. You can download my template from the bottom of this page. This template should include: Bio (with a picture) Blog page views monthly Social platform following Social platform average impressions per post Rates Previous work and sales Invest at the right time – Now that you have good amount of content (at least 6 scrolls of IG page). You also have some good amount of following already. Some of you might have noticed IG engagement has dropped dramatically. See the thing is, Instagram creates their revenue through ads hence they created Business profiles. They want brands, and business including influencers to invest in their ads in order to reach the masses. They have changed their algorithm so it only reaches specific users. Your post is not seen by all of your followers any longer which I know doesn’t feel so great, only 20% of your followers actually see your post. One way to reach followers is to advertise on Instagram when you think the time is right. Before your start the advertisement, learn how to target market on an ad prior to placing one, you don’t want to waste your money. All social platforms mostly have this option. Last but not least, Ask questions – I recommend joining Instagram groups on FB. They are extremely helpful, it’s a real community of bloggers who are sharing almost everything. I have two favorite ones, one is Instagram Posse and Blog and Biz BFF . Ask questions to other bloggers, things now a day change faster than ever. To keep up with everything you need to know, make sure you engaged in conversations.
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WholesaleStore.net Domain Name Speaks For Itself ! Huge Market ! High Searches. Low Reserve.

This premium, highly searched, exact match domain one of the top complete English words presents itself with an infinite amount of development possibilities making it an extremely valuable domain!
There is without a doubt a huge value in owning this exact match, .com! But, you can be the judge of that.

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Are you a domain reseller looking for that perfect identity for your online store or marketplace? Well it doesn't get much better than this! The most killer brands on the internet are usually the most easy to remember and a name like this is POWERFUL.

Premium Domain Names: What Makes a Domain Name Valuable?

Exact match words that name a product, service, industry etc :

A word or two word domain name that speaks to a huge business classification or geographic area (for instance) will dependably order a premium. Samples of this include: Computers.com, Chicago.com, Furniture.com, RunningShoes.com, and so on. Names like this are frequently alluded to as classification characterizing space names.

One-word brandable names :

Names like “WholesaleStore.net” or Slide.com have value as a brand name for a corporation/business. Even though they don’t name an exact product or service, these names are always in demand as branding assets.
The “WholesaleStore” niche is HUGE. WholesaleStore.net is a great looking domain in this niche. It is an everlasting niche and not a "fad" that will be gone tomorrow.
This domain has tremendous potential for growth. Since it covers a very broad range of topics, you could easily take it in any direction you wish. You can continue adding a variety of content or you can focus in on a specific niche if you like.
Many companies have also realized that owning category-defining domain names can boost their existing brands by allowing them to capture online traffic that they might not otherwise receive. For example, whenever internet users type the domain Mortgage.com into their browsers, they are directed to CitiMortgage.com, Citi's mortgage page.
This is a unique area that can be utilized as a part of countless. What's more, we accept in the event that it is produced the correct way, it will bring about a FLOOD of benefit and movement for the new proprietor!
The capability of this space to be an enormous cash producer is REAL! It ought to be utilized for the hotel and so on..! The possibility to draw in more that pay tremendous repeating commissions take the estimation of this area over the top!
“Having a domain name is the first step to your online identity. Whether it is to promote your website, or as part of a more global online strategy, domain names are like the window display of your shop, the neon on top of your club, the plate in front of your cabinet or simply the next call to action on your flyer.”
Easy to remember domain:
WholesaleStore.net is short and easy to remember domain and sounds good. Of course short domain names are harder to find but if you can find one it has a number of advantages such as, it’s easier to brand, easier to remember and it’s harder to misspell.
Advantages of having your own domain :
A domain name is your own unique identity and always will be as long has you continue to use that name. You can promote your website instead of someone else’s when you’re sending emails as your domain name will be in the email address. Domain names are so cheap nowadays that there’s no excuse for not having one. Now that your ready to get yourself a domain name here’s some pointers to help you choose a good one.
Why Buy This Domain:
• Short, Top Level Domain Name: yourdomain.com
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The domain once set up so you can make a very passive income with:

Google Adsense Program

Google Adsense is by far the easiest way to make money on the Internet. The Adsense ads on this site are strategically placed and specially designed to blend in with the rest of the site.

Amazon Affiliate Program

The Amazon Associates program is one of the most respected and favorite affiliate programs on the internet. You can feature your website once setup an integrated shopping cart with 1000's of products for sale.

Clickbank Affiliate Program

Clickbank offer up to 75% commissions so you could easily make up to $150 with just one click! There are many Clickbank affiliates that make in excess of $10,000 a month, while an average figure is between $3,000 - $5,000 per month!

Other Affiliate Programs

Here is the list of the most popular programs available today to monetize the website : Linkshare, Commission Junction, ShareASale, Google Affiliate Network, ClixGalore ...

CPA Networks

Same as affiliate networks, but CPA is often used these days. CPA means Cost Per Action, and includes Pay per Lead and Pay per Sale.
PeerFly, MaxBounty , Neverblue ...

Bannelink ads

Placing banners and link ads on your website is another great way to make money with your website. The way it works is similar to how newspapers make money by selling advertising in their classified ads column

----- SEO -----

This domain can be easily SEO optimized for the best search engine rankings with keyword-rich content.
The entire domain can be targeted towards different Keyword related stuff.

After Sales Support

You will not be left hanging once the sale is over. I will be there every step of the way to help make the transition as smooth as possible and ensure your website is up and running. Your satisfaction is of central importance to me. As an added bonus, BIN Buyers enjoy full “after sale” support for a period of 7 days!

Why am I selling it?

I know what you're thinking, if it's so profitable and with so much potential, why on Earth would I sell it? The short answer is that since I started it, I've gotten full-time employment elsewhere doing a job that I absolutely love. The result is that I've lost the time to start working on this.
· Buyer is responsible for Escrow fees.
· Domain is at Dynadot.com.
· Questions or concerns?
· Please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm happy to help!
AUCTION TERMS ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤
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· Please respect the listing and leave the comment area clean unless it pertains directly to your purchase of the listing. Irrelevant commenting will be reported.
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· Accepted payments include: PayPal, Escrow.com, Flippa Escrow, bank wire, & credit cards
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Please don't hesitate to contact us, we're always glad to help. We frequently offer amazing deals on high quality domain names, so be sure to visit our profile page and click "Watch Seller" so you don't miss out.
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Want to build a cheap hackintosh for basic use with parts from Amazon

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using. Just needs to play league of legends on low-med. settings with 60 fps and some old steam games such as Civ V
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes? I'd like to keep this machine under $300.
I would like the computer to be compatible with these parts: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?sdtid=7251250&EdpNo=9502748&SRCCODE=LINKSHARE&cm_mmc_o=-ddCjC1bELltzywCjC-d2CjCdwwp&utm_source=Linkshare&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=lw9MynSeamY&AffiliateID=lw9MynSeamY-wfrnHUC8uxl._LmdH4EUfg
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy. I'm in no real hurry to do this, but anything before december is fine.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Don't need OS/Towe/monitokeyboard/mouse. Just need the basics minus what is included in the tiger direct bundle.
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location? I would like to purchase all the remaining parts on Amazon and I'm from the U.S.
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated. Read above.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Do you need a copy of Windows 7 or 8.1 included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference for one or the other?
Going to use OS X 10.9
Extra info or particulars:
I know this is a very specific set of circumstances and I'm not sure if it's possible to do. Thanks!
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Ultimate List of Affiliate Marketing Networks

Looking for ways to monetize your niche blog or website?
This list will help you find products and services to resell to your audience.
I’ve been collecting links to affiliate marketing networks for a while now and I thought it was time to publish the list of URLs along with some details about each network.
There are literally hundreds of affiliate marketing networks online that have thousands of products and services for almost any niche imaginable that you can resell and earn commissions.
Below is the list along with a description of what the Affiliate Marketing network does and a little bit about their partnership programs. Some of these I am a part of and some I am in the process of testing out.
This list was researched and compiled over the last few months and I will continue to add to it as I find more great Affiliate Marketing networks.
If you see one that I’m missing, please leave me a comment at the bottom and I will add it.
Here’s the list of 30 affiliate marketing networks
1) AC Nutryst
Over the last few years, AC Nutryst has created a huge impact in the world of affiliate marketing. It is the ultimate integrated platform for both affiliates and advertisers. The platform enables highly targeted advertisement campaign and enhanced conversion through its proprietary marketing solutions. AC Nutryst also ensures transparency by using its top-notch power of communication to improve marketing service.
The high-performing CPA network mainly focuses on Nutra offers. All kinds of health offers like diet, muscle, blood, weight loss, pressure, brain, male enhancement, and skincare are included in their integrated program.
As a full-service affiliate and advertising platform, AC Nutryst works hard toward its goal of maximizing exposure and sale; while minimizing CPA.
URL: www.acnutryst.com/
2) Adcombo
Adcombo is an exceptional name amidst a crowd of CPA networks. Innovative and new ways of confirming a lead are what make Adcombo an effective affiliate platform. They work directly with advertisers, eliminating any middle man influence, to ensure the highest possible payout for publishers.
Founded in 2014, Adcombo is based in the United Kingdom. The Adcombo team comprises some highly talented people who are experts in their respective fields. Before launching the platform, they spent a whole year testing the network incognito.
URL: https://adcombo.com/
3) Affiliatefuture
Affiliatefuture’s client list includes over 700 businesses, starting from small stores to FTSE 100 companies. A digital marketing company named, Progressive Digital Group, owns the platform listed on the London AIM market. Its parent company is TMN (IBG), which was bought by Progressive Digital Group in 2007.
Since its inception, AffiliateFuture has been able to expand its service at an explosive rate. By the end of 2002 it bagged 60 clients, which ever since kept increasing.
URL: https://www.affiliatefuture.com/
4) Affibank
AffiBank is popular for its wide range of product offers. Most of this offers pay as high as 75% commission. Besides, they have their own integrated affiliate tracking system.
At the moment Affibank boasts a formidable 100,000 active affiliates. They are striving to ensure the best user experience for their affiliates.
URL: http://www.affibank.com/
5) Avantlink
Avantlink works as a connector between marketers and businesses. Marketers can reap the benefits of Avantlink by boosting their brand value with increased profit and sale. It helps merchants reach new spheres, which would otherwise not be possible with traditional marketing tools.
As an affiliate platform dedicated to technology products, Avantlink brings together affiliates and merchants. The technology focused platform is at the moment leading the way in affiliate technology.
URL: http://www.avantlink.com
6) Avangate
Particularly developed for the technology/software industry, Avangate helps to launch new products, increase revenue, and grow market reach. The biggest advantage about this tool is that it offers different modules, enabling users to customize the platform according to their need.
Currently, over 4,000 businesses spread across 180 countries use the platform. Some of Avangate clients include Absolute Software, Kaspersky, Brocade, and Bitdefender.
URL: www.avangate.com/
7) CPAlead
CPAlead is one of the best CPA platforms in the world. Since its launch in 2006, it has paid over 100 million USD to affiliates across the world. At the moment many marketers are making a handsome income using this state-of-the-art network. CPAlead offers 3 revenue models, which are: CPI, CPA, and CPL.
CPAlead is experienced in working with leading marketers and publishers in the industry. Moreover, it is one of the biggest incentive based CPA networks out there.
URL: https://www.cpalead.com/
8) ClickBank
ClickBank is not just another affiliate network. It allows affiliates and product developers to make money without going through rigorous hassles.
For any new affiliate marketer it is the ideal platform to get started. Unlike more advanced affiliate networks, it is quite easy to handle. Besides, there is no limit to start selling; you can sell right away without getting 90% approval first.
URL: www.clickbank.com/
9) Clickbooth
Clickbooth is best described as a meeting place for potential affiliates and merchants. Clickbooth offers all necessary tools required by affiliates and merchants to work together.
Clickbooth makes use of contextual, mobile, social, native, email, search, and display mediums to drive high quality traffic on CPA basis. Besides, in Clickbooth you only pay for what you get – that means it is result oriented.
URL: https://www.clickbooth.com/
10) Commission Junction
Many well-known advertisers are on Commission Junction’s list, which regular visitors in your blogs could already be familiar with. This means more clicks and higher earning for you.
Once you are accepted in their network, Commission Junction advertisers are likely to invite you to join their network. That means you would not have to apply to each and every advertising network, separately.
URL: http://www.cj.com/
11) Digital river onenetworkdirect
The network is versatile enough to empower any publishing mechanics, which include email campaign, comparison sites, blog posts, PPC, social, video, or any general content. You can also choose data feed access while customizing your service plan. It means an unlimited number of affiliate links that are also trackable. You can even add every product in your catalog.
URL: onenetworkdirect.com/
12) eBay Partner Network
eBay Partner Network is quite similar to AdSense. However, it is an affiliate program directed at eBay. Since eBay is one of the biggest online marketplaces, eBay Partner Network is a great dedicated program to earn big.
eBay Partner Network will give you the opportunity to use some great tools to promote your blog or whatever advertisement channel you opt for. The program will also allow you to choose from a wide range of colorful graphic ads to use in your blog.
URL: https://partnernetwork.ebay.com/
13) Flexoffers
The Flexoffers network is primarily targeted at attracting high-end merchants, which means you can market a range of interesting products. It is a great tool for merchant and publishers to work on different campaigns with an integrated approach.
Many renowned brands like Hallmark ECards, Kmart, HP, and Macy’s use this exclusive network to grow their business. So, in a way, it works as a bridge between publishers and those valuable brands.
URL: www.flexoffers.com
14) JVZoo
JVZoo is known for its reliability and effectiveness in the “make money online” niche. Mostly, they sell info products like plugins, software, video tutorials, apps, and ebooks.
They pay instant affiliate commission through PayPal. And, there is no cost to become a JVZoo affiliate.
URL: https://www.jvzoo.com/
15) Growsumo
Growsumo makes use of highly customized software to let you build a community, to establish active interaction with businesses. Their specialties are referral programs and customer advocacy.
Growsumo works as a personal brand builder, which shows influencers why they should promote you in the first place. Influencers are rewarded based on their performance, which ensures overall control over ROI and CAC.
URL: https://www.growsumo.com/
16) Linksynergy – Rakuten Marketing
Rakuten LinkShare is one of the oldest affiliate networks out there. It has been working diligently since its beginning in 1996. It has over 1,000 advertisers. The network can be used to compliment display advertising.
It is suitable for business and merchants willing to start an affiliate program without investing too much time or money.
URL: https://rakutenmarketing.com/affiliate.html
17) Linkconnector
Linkconnector offers a unique online application for affiliate marketers and merchants to maximize revenue. The fully automated program has seen rapid growth in the recent years. Its revenue tripled since 2007. Among others, it features creative product offering and proprietary technologies to serve online retailers.
URL: https://www.linkconnector.com/
18) Maxbounty
The journey of MaxBounty began in 2004 with a goal of giving publishers the largest share of money possibly earned from marketing efforts. The minimum payment ceiling for this program is set at no less than $100. Its rich CPA network is robust. Maxbounty has been able to play its role to plug in the gap in the world of affiliate marketing.
URL: https://www.maxbounty.com/
19) Madrivo
Madrivo is one of the most creative ad agencies that helps you make the most out of each dollar spent. They have no less than 100 million customers in their database; all of which are authentic. In the first two quarters of this year their business has grown by 400% – making sure Madrivo remains a market leader.
Madrivo’s client list includes big players like University of Phoenix and AT&T. Necessarily, the list doesn’t stop there.
URL: http://www.madrivo.com/
20) Peerfly
As a unique cost per action affiliate network, PeerFly features more than 1000 offers. Till date, they have served thousands of publishers. The platform is 100% custom built, which is a prerequisite for reliability and flexibility. PeerFly caters to publishers across the world.
PeerFly’s overall network conversion rate revolves around 8-16%, which is followed by above average EPCs.
URL: https://peerfly.com/
21) Pepperjamnetwork
At the moment, Pepperjam Affiliate Marketing Network is one of the largest programs with some costless features. Pepperjam Affiliate Marketing Network works with top brands to get maximum exposure.
Pepperjam Affiliate Marketing Network offers their services on social media and mobile. More importantly, they have offices located in different countries. Pepperjam Affiliate Marketing Network is now working relentlessly to shape the future of affiliate marketing.
URL: https://www.pepperjamnetwork.com/
22) Revenuewire
Revenuewire is an e-commerce platform for people who are interested in earning through the promotion of digital products and software. The e-commerce platform works best for businesses that sell digital products and services online.
The award winning e-commerce service provider specializes in recurring payment in an affiliate network. Its client can receive payments in 33 currencies across 200 countries. It also offers multiple payment opportunity.
URL: https://www.revenuewire.com/
23) ReviMedia
ReviMedia pays highest attention to customized lead generation as a form of marketing tool. Their scalable solutions are the key to success for a vast client base.
ReviMedia uses its proprietary platform, PX to generate valuable and legit calls and leads in sectors like financial services, insurance, and home services. The automated lead routing logic used by ReviMedia delivers a high intent prospect to increase sale.
ReviMedia will also give you access to market leading campaigns based on years of experience.
URL: https://www.revimedia.com/#!#solutions
24) ShareASale
ShareASale’s area of concentration spreads over all mainstream products, which include everything starting from green products to business services. Its stock of affiliate publishers boasts a wide range of product listing, meaning it has the ability to serve different business models.
ShareASale supports regular publishing models like video and regular content. You can also make use of social platforms to promote your products through PPC and email on desktop and mobile.
Since ShareASale only focuses on sale, it exclusively supports cost per sale action models; so predefined features like CPC and CPM are not available.
URL: https://www.shareasale.com/
25) Shareresults
Shareresults offers distinctive service and timely support to both merchants and affiliates. Shareresults also features ease of use, in term of technology used by them. Moreover, their state-of-the-art web based application allows users to implement new technological developments without any hassles, like download or installation.
Shareresults also provides affiliates and merchants with accessible, secure, and reliable tracking information. Last but not least, the network includes a range of CPL, CPA, and revenue sharing models.
URL: https://www.shareresults.com/
26) Tradedoubler
Tradedoubler offers different payment models to choose from; and they are performance-based. The first of which is the Cost per acquisition or sale or CPA.
One great thing about Tradedoubler is that it features the cost per download model which maintains download tracking as successful conversion, and offers payment based on that. For apps marketing schemes and mobile platforms this is a huge opportunity. Lastly, it also offers a cost per call model, which means compensation is available for calls to the call centers upon finalizing sales.
URL: http://www.tradedoubler.com/en/
27) Tradetracker
Tradetracker entered the affiliate network industry in 2004, and, since then, it has been able to spread its business in 19 countries. Currently, it is eyeing the European market. If you join this network, you will get connected with 5000 advertisers.
Tradetracker takes every blog or website owner seriously. Its perspective is based on the theme that each customer is different and, therefore, requires an individualized strategy. Their way of optimizing revenue is in accordance with that is of their clients’.
URL: https://tradetracker.com/
28) Viglink
First of all, Vigilink offers a juicy referral stake of 30%. Vigilink works best when you have a number of posts that motivate people to buy something and to use it following your guidelines. With proper adjustment, it would be possible for you to significantly increase income over time.
URL: http://www.viglink.com/
29) W4
W4 is working toward its goal of improving the industry capacity and reach the optimum level achievable. A prosperous channel which includes renowned publishers and leading advertisers is what makes W4 affiliate network a success. They also offer assurance technology, backed up by continuous support.
W4 primarily focuses on smart channel management and long-term campaign efficiency. Their reward program is quite simple and offers 1% cash back of the total revenue generated.
URL: http://w4.com/
30) Webgains
Webgains commenced its journey in 2004. The platform is known for world-class customer support – both online and telephone support. Their in-house technology certainly helps clients to be one step ahead.
Webgains offers technology that helps users to overcome various challenges in the world of affiliate marketing. Making use of technological advancements, Webgains secures guaranteed payments and foolproof network for their clients.
URL: http://www.webgains.com/public/en/
Summary If you made it this far, awesome! Thanks for reading.
I hope you found this affiliate marketing network list useful and found some networks to join and products to promote and resell.
If you see one that I’m missing, please leave me a comment at the bottom and I will add it.
Original Post: http://craigcherlet.com/ultimate-list-of-affiliate-marketing-networks/
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Monetizing a Blog or Website

Blogging has been around for years. I have ran into a large amount of people who have blogs and other websites that get substantial traffic. The only problem is they don't know how to leverage that traffic into a source of income. Having ran a couple successful websites and earned some decent income on them I would like to discuss the different ways to monetize a blog or other website.
Easy Difficulty
Google Adsense
Google Adsense is the easiest way. In order to sign up for an account all you need is a website that has been up and running for a couple of weeks. After that you can sign up and start displaying ads on your website. It won't make you a ton but with enough visitors you can make a small amount of income.
Its the easiest way to monetize your website but also the lowest income one.
Medium Difficulty
These require outside setup and some basic skills. These should be do able by pretty much everyone however they take a little bit more time to get working properly. That being said the payoff is quite a bit better.
Viglink l non
Viglink is a program that gives you access to their affiliate network. They replace all of your links with affiliate links whenever possible. Then when someone clicks one of your links, Viglink earns commission from the affiliate and they in turn pay you a percentage of that.
Whenever you post a link on your website. (lets say expedia.com) Viglink will replace that with their own affiliate link for expedia. So when people click on it Viglink will earn affiliate commission and they will pass part of it on to you.
The commission you earn is dependent on what the affiliate pays however you can some pretty decent income from this.
Whats even better is that Viglink has a script that you can install on your website or blog. Once installed it converts everything for you. So after initial setup there is no work needed to be done by you.
This program is great for beginners or people who don't want to do a ton of extra work trying to find affiliates. They pay very well and give you access to more affiliates than you could ever hope to get on your own.
Amazon Affiliates
Amazon allows you to provide links to their products as well. They are one of the easiest companies to become an affiliate of. After you are set up you can begin placing ads for their products on your site. There is a couple of ways to do this.
Direct This involves placing ads for items you are talking about. Having a banner for newly released video games if you do video game reviews. Linking to a specific book or e-book if you do book reviews. This can work for a multitude of different products.
Omakase This is a widget that Amazon allows you to put on your site. It then displays recommended products based on your sites content and your visitors preferences. Like Viglink this is a set it and forget it method. It is very good for those looking to monetize there site without putting a ton of work into it.
Sponsored Reviews
This is a website that allows advertisers to pay you to post about their product on your blog. Its pretty simple to get started with. Just be careful about over doing it because you don't want to lose readers.
Harder Difficulty
This involves signing up for an affiliate network and then applying to become affiliates for different companies. This includes sites like:
Commission Junction
Rakuten Linkshare
In order to get affiliates on these networks, it requires a site that has had high traffic for a while. Once you get approved for programs you can begin adding banners and referral links to your website.
This is by far the most involved process and requires quite a bit of time to do correctly.
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^( (Review) Niche Website Templates (Low Price)

( (Buy) Niche Website Templates (Program)

Click Here To Get More Info About Niche Website Templates

PreMadeNiches......PLR...Blogs......Turnkey...Starter...Sites XSitePro...website...design...software...is...designed...to...make...it...easier...and...quicker...than...ever...to...build...great-looking,...professional...quality...websites....XSitePro...website...design......
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Click Here To Get More Info About Niche Website Templates

)^ (Free) Niche Website Templates (Free)
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r/SC Financial Update (12/31-2/17)

I thought I posted an update in January but apparently I was mistaken, which means that it's been a while since my last update. If you want the details, as always, you can check the spreadsheet which has the full breakdown.
If you're wondering why the numbers don't add up (revenue is on page 1, costs are on page 2), it's because I've added in all incoming revenue. That is, we haven't actually received any money from Amazon/Newegg/etc yet, with the exception being a small portion of money from Blip. This means that the first page totals will be greater than the second page totals. Surprisingly, we're not stealing the money.
Reminder- I'm only listing sources that have gotten us >$1 (USD) in revenue since I last checked.
Amazon- US: $240.90
Amazon-CAN: $3.24
Amazon-UK: $2.8
Linkshare (Newegg US+CA, GoGamer, Direct2Drive): $4.36
Blip: $115.19
Zen Magnets: $100
Various Redditors: $1108.10
Justin.tv: $1000
GGButton: $100
Total: >$2.6k!
We've got 2 main ways of getting money, and one other thing that's just good to do.
First, we get ad revenue from the ads on our Justin.tv account and our blip channel. Consider turning off adblock for those sites. Every little bit helps!
Second, we have a large Affiliate program (list of all current links are from my last update, here. What this means is we get a small commission on every purchase you make at say, Amazon or Newegg if you've clicked on our link recently. If you're thinking of buying something online, see if we've got a link up!
On a completely different note, I'm looking for volunteers to help organize the daily KotHs. One organizer for each of the 6 nights we have KotH. No experience necessary, but you should be able to use all of the following before applying:
SC2 chat channels
SC2 private messaging/whatever it's really called
Google Docs
If you don't know how to use them, all of those are incredibly easy to pick up. If you're interested, PM me on IRC or email [email protected] with the title "KOTH Organizer". I'll tell FG to add this to his post as well.
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Links for Columbia IV's

I'm not copping so thought I'd pass on some helpful information. Release is at 10 AM EST / 7 AM PST.
Nike: http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/air-jordan-4-retro-ls-shoe/pid-10201921/pgid-10300969?cp=usns_aff_080113_je6NUbpObpQ&site=je6NUbpObpQ-YPUWrC2Mnjy30pC._jCGqA
Champs Sports: http://www.champssports.com/product/model:173251/sku:14254107/jordan-retro-4-mens/?SID=6453&cm_mmc=Linkshare-_-Deeplink-_-Text-_-Champs
Finish Line: http://www.finishline.com/store/catalog/product.jsp?productId=prod765889&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=linkshare&utm_campaign=program_level&siteID=je6NUbpObpQ-ZU6que4WXo6e545HbEkKDg
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First post here! What kind of monthly traffic do you need to make decent affiliate marketing dollars?

I'm currently using Amazon's Affiliate Program, LinkShare's Udemy affiliate offering, and FlexOffer's Betterment offer. I know a lot of success has to do with how I present these products.
I'm curious though, what kind of traffic does a successful affiliate marketer get on their website? Successful to me is $200/month as this is just a side passive income endeavor.
edit Can anyone provide their revenues and traffic as examples?
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Horrors and atrocities of Elan School recounted in spell-binding book by a former resident

Wayne Kernochan recounts the atrocities and abuses he experienced and witnessed during his stay at a troubled teen facility, Elan School. What he shares will chill you to the bone, and ultimately destroyed many lives.
Author's Statement:
A Life Gone Awry: My Story of the Elan School is now available in print and as an e-book. 100% of the proceeds go to CAFETY and The Jani foundation to fight for the rights of children in residential treatment programs. Please spread the word. Children are being abused and killed in the name of therapy. Others are denied help because of laws that protect insurance company profits. This is my attempt to fight back. I can't do it alone.
In Print
Kindle on Amazon
Barnes and Noble e-format
Facebook Event
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Thinking of getting soccer pants, reviews?

I've been eyeing these Adidas pants for quite some time now. http://www.finishline.com/store/product/mens-adidas-tiro-13-training-pants/_/A-2513?productId=prod750589&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=linkshare&utm_campaign=program_level&siteID=je6NUbpObpQ-vqsXHmURWOkLUfdJ6fvBuQ Can anyone that has experience with them tell me how they feel/should feel, and if they are worth getting?
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[Tips] Monetizing Content

Let me start this by saying that I am by no means an expert on making money via blogging. I am just learning how to turn a profit myself, and like my other resource pages, this one will remain active and live so that I can switch it up as I get better at this!
Affiliate marketing is a simple concept: you become an affiliate for a certain company and offer advertisements and specials for your readers on your website and each time you generate a sale, you earn a commission. This can range from rather small (a couple of cents or pence) to up to a couple of hundred dollars per item depending on the product or products your reader purchases. Affiliate marketing is rather simple in concept and very easy, but I find it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of the companies you are “working” for as many are hosted independently or via several different affiliate marketing sites.
Although I haven’t yet had much success with affiliate marketing, I attribute that to my not having found my niche within the market and that my traffic isn’t huge. Affiliate marketing is most successful when targeted specifically to your readers and when you have a very large readership. If you have hundreds of thousands of hits, most people will simply click through your ads or affiliate links. But if you’re selling for a program that gives you, say $50 per each product sold and 10 people buy it, you’ve made $500.
When affiliate marketing, it can be tempting to just go for every brand that offers you an opportunity, but as a rule of thumb, I only affiliate myself with brands I would actually endorse. As an affiliate, you have the potential to create a relationship with brands or individual sellers, so it is important you believe in the products you are promoting. Sometimes brands will invite you to test out products in person and receive free products through affiliate programs, which is an awesome perk and a way to get more insight into the brand itself and the products you’re helping them sell.
Skimlinks Links most affiliate networks together so you're not searching for specific sales categories. This is by far the best as everything is there all in one place.
Linkshare Link share is a typical affiliate program that allows you to place products or brands on your site and earn a commission based on your readers purchasing the items. Linkshare is fairly simple to use and works with large brands like ASOS, Nordstrom, The Bath and Body Shop, Benefit Cosmetics, and Saks Fifth Avenue to name a few. With Linkshare, you typically have to apply for each company’s program individually and may be rejected based on traffic, layout, etc. Each company will either offer a flat fee per sale or a percentage commission.
ShareASale Similar to Linkshare, this affiliate program allows you to partner with companies such as Melia, Shutterfly and ModCloth.com. Share-a-sale operates very similarly to Linkshare and offers you either a flat fee or a percentage of commission.
Commission Junction Similar to the two listed above. It allows you to work with brands like GoDaddy, Belk, ELF Cosmetics, Yahoo, Zappos, etc.
Bluehost Bluehost offers a flat fee of $65 per sale.
Etsy Etsy offers an affiliate program for all of the products on their site, which can be very useful if your blog deals with décor and DIY.
Amazon Associates One of the bigger programs, Amazon Associates allows you to earn a commission on all products on the site that you refer customers to. They also offer a flat fee for special programs like Amazon Prime or other specials they have. Your commission is graduated depending on how many sales you make (the more sales you make, they more you will earn).
ShopStyle ShopSense If you have any passing interest in fashion, you’ve probably used ShopStyle, which allows you to look at a variety of clothing options across several websites by price point and keyword. You can participate in their ShopSense program that allows you to place items of clothing on your site (via a simple, clean looking widget that is rather easy to browse) and earn per reader that clicks on the items. Although it is only a few pennies, with high traffic, you can earn quite a bit.
eJunkie I admit, I haven’t quite figured this one out yet, but it allows you to market for smaller businesses and brands.
Many in the lifestyle category offer sponsorship options to blogs and small businesses. These are typically offered in a variety of sizes, with the bigger and more expensive ads offering more perks such as guest posting, a featured post, social media mentions, options for giveaways, etc. Sponsored ads help you build community within the blogosphere in addition to introducing your readers to new content/making connections with bloggers for future collaboration (which benefits you both). However, sponsorship, as with most everything in monetization works best for those with high traffic as there is a bigger chance of the advertisee’s ad or post being seen, therefore they are willing to pay at all for an ad on your site and will be willing to pay more depending on your traffic.
You can choose to offer sponsorship privately or through websites like Passionfruit Ads (which charges you a flat monthly fee of $9 a month in order to charge people to place ads on your site) or Buy Sell Ads. These two sites offer simple copy and paste coding so that you can get the ads up and running fairly easily and quickly and so that you don’t have to keep track of how long someone’s ad is supposed to run (it will automatically remove it when their pay period is over). The $9 a month for Passionfruit is very reasonable if you’re selling a large volume of ads, but too much if you’re not selling any.
Sponsored content is when a company, blogger or brand pays you for posting about their website, company or product. In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), you MUST disclose that you received either monetary compensation or free items for your sponsored content. Again, with anything else, you only want to endorse items and products you have tried yourself and give honest reviews. If you love everything ever, it becomes exhausting for your readers and they may find it difficult to build trust in your recommendations. You should also only recommend products your readers might be interested in.
Some places to consider for acquiring sponsored posts:
BlogHer (a women’s only network that you must be approved for—they also allow you to participate in campaigns for your social media networks that pay per social media mention of a particular brand. The brands are typically well-known and those you likely have tried before.) MassiveSway Weave Pollinate Passionfruit (offering an option on your menu for users to purchase sponsored mentions or posts) 
You can also reach out to brands you love to see if they would be interested in sponsoring you (more often than not, it will be a no unless your blog has a huge readership), but when your blog is small to medium sized, smaller businesses may be interested in sponsoring you for a small fee. Be sure to include a policy for business and PR inquiries on your site as businesses may occasionally contact you as well and you can negotiate a price directly whether it be monetary or with free goods. Ad networks are typically pay-per-click (or PPC). You simply place your ad somewhere on your blog and earn a fraction of cent for every person that views the ad and a few cents per reader who clicks on it. The amount you earn varies on traffic (higher traffic sites are those advertisers will pay more to have their ads seen on and thus a higher pay-per-click ratio).
I have only ever really used Google Adsense, one of the most popular but there are several ad networks you can use to monetize your content. A few ad networks will allow you to choose the types of ads that are displayed (all will let you customize the size) whilst some will simply show readers products and services they have recently been searching for. Some such are:
BlogHer (for women only and you must be accepted into the program) Sovrn Kontera Chitika Google Adsense 
eBooks and courses are a great way to monetize your blog if you have an expertise in a certain area. For example, the website Pinch of Yum makes a killing with a self-published eBook on food photography. You can also sign up your courses or eBook with affiliate programs (such as the ones listed above) to allow bloggers to advertise your item for a cut of the price. These affiliate programs, however, only really work if you have full access to your course (i.e. it is not hosted on a website like Udemy or Curious.com where you share a percentage of your earnings with the site) or the book can be sold straight from your site (i.e. not participating in Kindle Direct Publishing or any other program that asks for exclusive digital rights of your book). eBooks and courses work well for subjects like design, photography, history, blogging, YouTubing, etc., but work best for courses that offer your readers a skill that can improve their website or work life and in the long run, earn them more money. However, if your site is say, about history, and is very high traffic, an eBook or course on history may be somewhat successful (going with the idea that if your course is $100 and you have 50,000 visitors with 10 users purchasing, you have made give or take $1000).
Building trust is incredibly important with your readers, so it is important to either seamlessly integrate monetized content onto your blog (such as discussing your make-up routine and including affiliate links to some of the make-up products that you are actually using) or to limit the amount of sponsored content. Readers won’t want to navigate to your site if it simply looks like a giant ad and you want them to respect your opinion and recommendations. If someone likes or seems to recommend everything willy-nilly, why would you trust them?
Along the same vein, it is important to recommend products made by brands you trust or have tried before. Sometimes I will include affiliate links to products I have not tried, but they are always ones I would consider purchasing.
Monetizing your blog, like anything else in the blogging world, takes a fair bit of time and you need to build up your readership in order to really see profit coming in. But with hard work and persistence, you will eventually see the fruits of your labor!
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Make money with Squidoo.com articles + referral/affiliate links.

Hey guys. Been a long time since I contributed anything of value here, so I decided to do a write-up on how you can make money from writing articles on Squidoo and plugging your referral or affiliate links in them.
What is Squidoo? It's a free platform that lets all registered members create pages (called 'Lenses') about anything and everything they want. You can write about your favorite sports team, your favorite survey sites, or upcoming electronics. I started writing Squidoo lenses around the same time I created this sub and if you go back to some of the oldest posts on here, you'll probably find my Opinion Outpost and Survey Savvy reviews which were written on Squidoo.
So, how do you make money with this? Two ways. First, each Squidoo page is monetized with a whole bunch of ads that visitors click on. So each of your lenses will be generating money. Once a month, this ad revenue is divided among all lens writers (or 'Lensmasters'). The size of your fraction is determined by how popular your lenses are. All lenses are ranked in their respective categories and the higher your rank, the more money you get. The bad news is that there are hundreds of new lenses posted every day, so you'll have competition. The good news is that Squidoo has a high page rank, which means that search engines love it, which means that your lenses will get an automatic boost in search results that you would never get with your blog (unless you're big time). So with a bit of research and some keyword-smart writing, you can have your articles rank as high as #1 in Google (but anywhere on page 1 is an achievement). Of course you won't be #1 overnight, it will take some time. But here is where the second way of making money comes in.
Go to Google and search for 'SurveySavvy review'. What's the first result? That would be my Squidoo lens that I wrote back in 2011. You can also check for 'HCDSurveys review', 'Virgin Gaming review', and 'Essential ska albums'. These lenses rank at #2, #1, and #5, respectively. I also used to rank #1 for 'opinion outpost review', but this lens got pulled after like 2 years when Squidoo got a little tougher with their linking policies. They gave me some time to make changes, but by that point I was already busy with other ventures, so eventually they just pulled it.. Anyway, all these lenses have my referral and affiliate links. What does that mean? It means that when every couple of months when I suddenly remember that I wrote these, I can head over to SurveySavvy and withdraw like $50-$100 since SurveySavvy pays you every time your 1st and 2nd level referrals complete a survey. And I do have a couple of those.
So what can you do? You can write review articles about your favorite survey sites and sprinkle your referral links throughout the article. Your lens can be about one site or many different ones. You can also use a hundred different angles: surveys for moms, surveys for college students, surveys for Canadians, etc etc etc. Pick a keyword or phrase and repeat it a couple of times throughout the article. Mine was 'surveysavvy review'. Just don't overdo it because then it will be considered 'keyword stuffing'. That's why my Opinon Outpost review lens got pulled. Google's Keyword Tool is best for finding good keywords and phrases.
And don't limit yourself to just survey sites. Join affiliate programs. Amazon Associate is the most obvious one. Black Friday is coming up, millions of dollars will be spent on online shopping. What do people do before they buy a TV? They read reviews. Pick a product on Amazon, write about it, leave your Amazon link, get some backlinks to the article and chances are you'll be on page one of Google. The more obscure the product you pick, the better. Because then it will be easier and faster to get it to page one. It may be too late to rank your lens for 'plasma tv' already, but you can get a head start and go for 'plasma tv 2014'! Update the lens throughout the year, and you should rank high.
AllPosters also has a good affiliate program. I used to have a 'Posters for dorms' lens that ranked high. CJ, ShareASale, Webgains, LinkShare - all are affiliate programs with tons of products that you can promote on Squidoo.
Well, that's about it. I probably left a bunch of stuff out, so if you have any questions, ask away.
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How To Join Our Program On The Rakuten Linkshare Network. step 1. Complete our online application - its quick and easy. VIEW APPLICATION; step 2. Pick the links that you would like to use. step 3. Post your new links and promote them to your visitors. step 4. Watch the sales come in and collect your monthly commission! contact us. If you have If you’re looking for solid affiliate programs to join, Rakuten Linkshare is probably one of them. Founded in 1996 and voted as the best affiliate network for the 6th consecutive year, this company has a lot to offer for both advertisers and publishers alike. This post is part of a series on Affiliate Programs for Blogs. LinkShare (aff link) is another affiliate megamart like Clickbank whereby you sign up as an affiliate and then have access to hundreds of affiliate programs all via the one system. If you want to get into the affiliate programs of names like iTunes, Dell, Disney, Footlocker then LinkShare is your best bet. The LinkShare affiliate network is a little tough to join but once you’re in its pure choice. You’ll likely spend hours digging through the endless options of top brands. We’re already on board with big affiliates like Walmart, AT&T, Macy’s, and more. Linkshare.com is one of the biggest affiliate services provider for e-commerce and online businesses all around the world. They are currently known as Rakuten Affiliate Network and they have been voted as the best affiliate network for 3 consecutive years. The Rakuten Linkshare Corporation was first launched in 1996 by Stephen Messer and Heidi Messer and their Headquarters is located in New

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