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[CNBC] Robinhood traders cash in on the market comeback that billionaire investors missed. One Chicago-resident flipped his sister’s stimulus check into nearly $10,000.
One 26-year-old Robinhood trader made $1,500 in less than 24 hours betting on a beaten-down airline stock, while many so-called experts on Wall Street warned about buying into an overvalued stock market that was bound to tumble again amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Last Thursday, Lequon Godbolt, purchased a call option for American Airlines that made him $200 on the millennial-favored stock trading app.
After seeing reports that the airline was increasing domestic flying for summer travel, Godbolt bought another call option minutes before the close. When the market opened higher last Friday after a surprisingly positive jobs report, Godbolt raked in his profits.
“I just started taking it seriously about two months ago,” Godbolt — a New York resident— told CNBC. “I’ve been watching AAL since the beginning of that time and I felt eventually, once Covid relaxed, markets would move up.”
Godbolt is not alone is his success trading this market. One Chicago-resident flipped his sister’s stimulus check into nearly $10,000.
Robinhood traders lived up to their outlaw name during the coronavirus market downturn. The young investors booked profits — trading stocks with some of the best returns in the past two months — while other Wall Street veterans were left scratching their heads.
“There’s nothing like momentum begetting momentum,” Tim Welsh, founder and CEO of wealth management consulting firm Nexus Strategy, told CNBC. “The aspect of just access is really driving a lot of this and the whole upward tick in the markets, again, just fuels demand.”
Young investors, like Godbolt, appeared to have a prescient understanding of the market, unlike the billionaire hedge fund managers who said stocks would retest their lows. Longtime investor Stanley Druckenmiller — who misjudged equities’ comeback — said Monday that the market’s strong performance over the last three weeks has “humbled” him and that he underestimated the power of the Federal Reserve.
Even legendary investor Warren Buffett sold his stake in airlines during the pandemic. Of course, the Berkshire Hathaway chairman is a long-term, bargain shopper and the airline industry’s long-term outlook is yet to be determined.
V-shape after all? Signs are pointing to a V-shaped recovery — a sharp fall in economic activity followed by a dramatic rise — in the economy. This theory was rejected by economists and investors who found it unrealistic due to the detrimental ramifications of the mandated shutdown of the U.S. economy.
Stocks have soared in June, helped by the historic Labor Department jobs report that showed the U.S. economy added a record 2.5 million jobs in May. Wall Street was calling for a decline of 8.3 million. The unemployment rate dropped to 13.3%, far better than the expected 19.5% rate.
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Don't be an idiot - A newbies guide for newbies

Whenever I'm about to buy retarded FDs, I think, would an idiot do that? And if they would, I do not do that thing - (Dwight Schrute) and Also Every WSB autist before reloading their broker account with funds for the 69th time after making a YOLO brokerino play thinking that they would not do it again.
I usually post stuff like this when I see retards talking about their plays in the daily threads, plays that no one should be making, EVER.
I posted a comment in the daily thread this morning that received little attention, lot of comments suggesting I reduce my adderral/meth/coke intake and a few DMs asking me to convert it to a post. So here we are.
TLDR; Don't listen to me, I'm an autist who's been trading options for 5 months; Up 177% in March, Down 22% in April - stubbornly bag holding SPY 5/15 220p for a month before finally letting go (I know) - currently down 7% All-time.
For what it's worth, I'm under the illusion that I have a few tips to share and hopefully help some people here because I'm fairly certain most of you dipshits are more retarded than me and don't yet realize that you're playing a losing battle. So let's begin.


1. Closing Positions (Consistent locked gains >>>> bag holding with hopes of a 10 bagger)
  • Every morning there are a huge number of retards asking Up Bigly on $TICKER pre-market *rocket emoji* *penis emoji* , should I sell at open or hold? If you're one of them, I want you to do two things -
  • First, take a look at your All-time performance. For most of you, this should be enough to snap you back to reality and answer the question whether you need to lock these fucking gains for the sake of your portfolio or bag hold in hopes of a 10 bagger with a risk of being wiped out.
  • Second, remind yourself that we are in the middle of a fucking pandemic, with multiple countries possibly heading into recession, and you're trading in this absolute shit show of a market that is waiting for a single bad news to drop dead, and yeah lets not forget about a possible trade war brewing on the side.
  • Personally, I lock in gains when I'm up over 40% on a play, which in this retarded market is not hard to find and look for a re-entry with increased capital.
  • Don't be stubborn like I was and hold bad positions for too long, if you made a 2k investment on a few SPY contracts and it dips beyond 30%, either open a small hedge position or close your positions and take a one day break to reset. 1.4k capital in hand is way better than a full 2k loss.
  • It's your money, you're free to YOLO and diamond hands with dreams of catching a 10 bagger, but for the sake of your peace of mind please don't. I'm fucking sick of looking at all the loss porn from blown up accounts in our subreddit. This is coming from someone who went from +177% to -22% in three weeks. It is absolutely fucking brutal.
2. Gambling YOLO FDs on current market trend (Dumb fucking bulls, this one is for you)
  • I consider buying current market trend FDs (SPY had a +2% day and you're buying more calls betting in the direction of the current market trend) as a YOLO.
  • Buying more calls is a YOLO because you’re purchasing inflated option contracts with a gamble that it climbs further. So be wary before placing a bet because it can be wiped off very quickly if shit hits the fan.
  • So many people don’t know this but VIX(VXX/UVXY) calls are an amazing hedge when you YOLO into SPY calls during rallies like a retard. Surprise intra-day dumps (like the one that happened today and one day past week) will fuck with your peace of mind and force you to panic sell if you don’t have insurance(VIX Calls) - having VIX calls will keep you in the game longer and they’re a fuckton cheaper than SPY contracts.
  • Even worse, if the dump rolls over to the next day and you couldn't close your calls waiting for a EOD pump - your hedge will keep you solvent and might even make bank depending on how it plays out.
3. Buying FDs against current market trend (Fellow bear brothers, this one is for you)
  • As opposed to current market trend FDs, options that reverse the current market trend should never be a YOLO. You should be fucking building a position slowly that is resilient to small market movements (Newbies, this means that if the current market trend is uppies - you should be buying shorts at least 2 weeks or a month out so that you don't get cucked by Greeks if the rally continues for a few days).
  • Let’s say SPY has been rallying for days in a row and weekly SPY puts have become dirt cheap. I know a lot of you autists will fucking YOLO into weekly puts and then bitch about how the market is fucking retarded when the rally continues and your puts end up toast.
  • It’s fair to be agitated but it’s better to be smart and build a monthly put position slowly averaging in depending on how the market is behaving.
  • You can be even smarter and get a few slightly OTM weekly calls (weekly calls that are +5/7$ above current stock price are dirt fucking cheap for SPY) to hedge against the loss that your PUT position will be bleeding in the long run if the rally continues and give you a decent chance to exit with a minimal loss if you feel the play is no longer aimed at a feasible strike price and allow you to roll-over to a better strike price.
4. Maintaining your sanity (saved the best one for last)
  • I was(??) a very emotional trader, the rush when you're trading naked Tesla FDs and making tendies is beyond fucking amazing. But I realized I'm becoming fucking desensitized to profits. When I went up from 150% to 177% just rinse repeating buying SPY puts I barely felt anything (market was in super fucking easy mode in March). My friends went fucking crazy and were really happy for me but I wasn't feeling anything inside, like yeah, whatever.
  • As I dropped down to -22%, I realized both profits and losses can make you desensitized. There were times where I would be thinking about the market all day, watching futures all night like a fucking degenerate and barely sleep 4hours a day except for weekends.
  • If there is one piece of advice that I really wish for you autistic fucks to pick up from this post is this: LEARN TO FUCKING ENJOY THE GAINS YOU MAKE BEFORE YOU FUCKING YOLO IT BACK INTO THE MARKET YOU GREEDY FUCKING BASTARDS.  
  • I was up 8K during yesterdays rally. After closing my calls yesterday, for the first time, I transferred some money back in to my bank account (holy fucking shit, can you imagine that this move also exists?) and it felt sooooooo fucking good. Never thought of doing this when I was up bigly in March.
  • Also purchased a bunch of stuff that I've been wanting to buy for a long time but kept delaying because it didn't make sense to buy expensive materialistic goods during a pandemic but my brain is OK with me gambling on expensive option contracts? Fucking unreal.
  • I'm not saying buying material possessions are a gateway to happiness but I know all you dopamine whores are exactly like me. You fucks would think twice or thrice before buying a new hoodie/sneakers/expensive earphones or whatever shit you're into but will willingly fucking YOLO your gains into a new play in a heartbeat like true autists, before doing something that you enjoy with that money and end up losing it all. It's beyond fucking crazy.
  • In closing, I want to remind you guys that there is no point in being hard on yourself when you're making bad plays and getting too cocky when you're making tendies. Try to learn from bad plays, read about different options strategies, relax and fucking enjoy the tendies once in a while, that's what makes us human after-all.
  • Tyler Durden said it best:
    Man, I see in WSB the autistic and gayest men who've ever lived. I see all this potential, and I see it squandered. God damn it, an entire generation buying YOLO FDs, bag holding dumb plays without locking profits – retards with -99% portfolios. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need. We're the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our great war is a spiritual war. Our great depression is our lives. We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars, but we won't. We're slowly learning that fact. And we're very, very pissed off.
Alright folks, sensei out. Good luck to everyone, lets get them tendies without losing ourselves in the process.
If this post doesn't get removed, mods can I get a flair replacement? I'd like WSB Tyler Durden Wannabe or Dopamine Whore.
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The Mouthbreather's Guide to the Galaxy

The Mouthbreather's Guide to the Galaxy
Alright CYKAS, Drill Sgt. Retarded TQQQ Burry is in the house. Listen up, I'm gonna train yo monkey asses to make some motherfucking money.

“Reeee can’t read, strike?” - random_wsb_autist
Bitch you better read if you want your Robinhood to look like this:
gainz, bitch

Why am I telling you this?
Because I like your dumb asses. Even dickbutts like cscqb4. And because I like seeing Wall St. fucking get rekt. Y’all did good until now, and Wall St. is salty af. Just google for “retail traders” news if you haven’t seen it, and you’ll see the salty tears of Wall Street assholes. And I like salty Wall St. assholes crying like bitches.

That said, some of you here are really motherfucking dense & the sheer influx of retardation has been driving away some of the more knowledgeable folks on this sub. In fact, in my last post, y'all somehow managed to downvote to shit the few guys that really understood the points I was making and tried to explain it to you poo-slinging apes. Stop that shit yo! A lot of you need to sit the fuck down, shut your fucking mouth and listen.
So I'm going to try and turn you rag-tag band of dimwits into a respectable army of peasants that can clap some motherfucking Wall Street cheeks. Then, I'm going to give you a mouthbreather-proof trade that I don't think even you knuckleheads can mess up (though I may be underestimating you).
If you keep PM-ing me about your stupid ass losses after this, I will find out where you live and personally, PERSONALLY, shit on your doorstep.
This is going to be a long ass post. Read the damned post. I don't care if you're dyslexic, use text-to-speech. Got ADHD? Pop your addys, rub one out, and focus! Are you 12? Make sure to go post in the paper trading contest thread first.

  1. Understand that most of this sub has the critical reading skills of a 6 year old and the attention span of a goldfish. As such, my posts are usually written with a level of detail aimed at the lowest common denominator. A lot of details on the thesis are omitted, but that doesn't mean that the contents in the post are all there is to it. If I didn't do that, every post'd have to be longer than this one, and 98% of you fucks wouldn't read it anyway. Fuck that.
  2. Understand that my style of making plays is finding the >10+ baggers that are underpriced. As such, ALL THE GOD DAMN PLAYS I POST ARE HIGH-RISK / HIGH-REWARD. Only play what you can afford to risk. And stop PM-ing me the second the market goes the other way, god damn it! If you can't manage your own positions, I'm going to teach your ass the basics.
  3. Do you have no idea what you're doing and have a question? Google it first. Then google it again. Then Bing it, for good measure. Might as well check PornHub too, you never know. THEN, if you still didn't find the answer, you ask.
  4. This sub gives me Tourette's. If you got a problem with that, well fuck you.

This shit is targeted at the mouthbreathers, but maybe more knowledgeable folk’ll find some useful info, idk. How do you know if you’re in the mouthbreather category? If your answer to any of the following questions is yes, then you are:
  • Are you new to trading?
  • Are you unable to manage your own positions?
  • Did you score into the negatives on the SAT Critical Reading section?
  • Do you think Delta is just an airline?
  • Do you buy high & sell low?
  • Do you want to buy garbage like Hertz or American Airlines because it's cheap?
  • Did you buy USO at the bottom and are now proud of yourself for making $2?
  • Do you think stOnKs oNLy Go uP because Fed brrr?
  • Do you think I'm trying to sell you puts?
  • If you take a trade you see posted on this sub and are down, do you PM the guy posting it?
  • Do you generally PM people on this sub to ask them basic questions?
  • Is your mouth your primary breathing apparatus?
Well I have just the thing for you!

Table of Contents:
I. Maybe, just maybe, I know what I’m talking about
II. Post-mortem of the February - March 2020 Great Depression
III. Mouthbreather's bootcamp on managing a position – THE TECHNICALS
IV. Busting your retarded myths
VI. The mouthbreather-proof trade - The Akimbo
VII. Quick hints for non-mouthbreathers

Chapter I - Maybe, just maybe, I know what I’m talking about
I'm not here to rip you off. Every fucking time I post something, a bunch of dumbasses show up saying I'm selling you puts or whatever the fuck retarded thoughts come through their caveman brains.
"hurr durr OP retarded, OP sell puts" - random_wsb_autist
Sit down, Barney, I'm not here to scam you for your 3 cents on OTM puts. Do I always get it right? Of course not, dumbasses. Eurodollar play didn't work out (yet). Last TQQQ didn't work out (yet). That’s just how it goes. Papa Buffet got fucked on airlines. Plain retard Burry bought GME. What do you fucking expect?
Meanwhile, I keep giving y'all good motherfucking plays:
  1. 28/10/2019: "I'ma say this again, in case you haven't heard me the first time. BUY $JNK PUTS NOW!". Strike: "11/15, 1/17 and 6/19". "This thing can easily go below 50, so whatever floats your boat. Around $100 strike is a good entry point."
  2. 3/9/2020: "I mean it's a pretty obvious move, but $JNK puts."
  3. 3/19/2020, 12pm: "UVXY put FDs are free money." & “Buy $UVXY puts expiring tomorrow if we're still green at 3pm. Trust me.”
  4. 3/24/2020: “$UUP 3/27 puts at $27.5 or $27 should be 10-baggers once the bill passes. I'd expect it to go to around $26.”
And of course, the masterpiece that was the TQQQ put play.
Chapter II. Post-mortem of the February - March 2020 Great Depression
Do you really understand what happened? Let's go through it.
I got in puts on 2/19, right at the motherfucking top, TQQQ at $118. I told you on 2/24 TQQQ ($108) was going to shit, and to buy fucking puts, $90ps, $70ps, $50ps, all the way to 3/20 $30ps. You think I just pulled that out of my ass? You think I just keep getting lucky, punks? Do you have any idea how unlikely that is?
Well, let's take a look at what the fuckstick Kevin Cook from Zacks wrote on 3/5:
How Many Sigmas Was the Flash Correction Plunge?
"Did you know that last week's 14% plunge in the S&P 500 SPY was so rare, by statistical measures, that it shouldn't happen once but every 14,000 years?"
"By several measures, it was about a 5-sigma move, something that's not "supposed to" happen more than once in your lifetime -- or your prehistoric ancestors' lifetimes!
"According to general statistical principles, a 4-sigma event is to be expected about every 31,560 days, or about 1 trading day in 126 years. And a 5-sigma event is to be expected every 3,483,046 days, or about 1 day every 13,932 years."

On 3/5, TQQQ closed at $81. I just got lucky, right? You should buy after a 5-sigma move, right? That's what fuckstick says:
"Big sigma moves happen all the time in markets, more than any other field where we collect and analyze historical data, because markets are social beasts subject to "wild randomness" that is not found in the physical sciences.
This was the primary lesson of Nassim Taleb's 2007 book The Black Swan, written before the financial crisis that found Wall Street bankers completely ignorant of randomness and the risks of ruin."
I also took advantage of the extreme 5-sigma sell-off by grabbing a leveraged ETF on the Nasdaq 100, the ProShares UltraPro QQQ TQQQ. In my plan, while I might debate the merits of buying AAPL or MSFT for hours, I knew I could immediately buy them both with TQQQ and be rewarded very quickly after the 14% plunge."
Ahahaha, fuckstick bought TQQQ at $70, cuz that's what you do after a random 5-sigma move, right? How many of you dumbasses did the same thing? Don't lie, I see you buying 3/5 on this TQQQ chart:
Meanwhile, on 3/3, I answered the question "Where do you see this ending up at in the next couple weeks? I have 3/20s" with "under 30 imo".

Well good fucking job, because a week later on 3/11, TQQQ closed at $61, and it kept going.
Nomura: Market staring into the abyss
"The plunge in US equities yesterday (12 March) pushed weekly returns down to 7.7 standard deviations below the norm. In statistical science, the odds of a greater-than seven-sigma event of this kind are astronomical to the point of being comical (about one such event every 160 billion years).
Let's see what Stephen Mathai-Davis, CFA, CQF, WTF, BBQ, Founder and CEO of - Investing Reimagined, a Forbes Company, and a major fucktard has to say at this point:

"Our AI models are telling us to buy SPY (the SPDR S&P500 ETF and a great proxy for US large-cap stocks) but since all models are based on past data, does it really make sense? "
"While it may or may not make sense to buy stocks, it definitely is a good time to sell “volatility.” And yes, you can do it in your brokerage account! Or, you can ask your personal finance advisor about it."
"So what is the takeaway? I don’t know if now is the right time to start buying stocks again but it sure looks like the probabilities are in your favor to say that we are not going to experience another 7 standard deviation move in U.S. Stocks. OTM (out-of-the-money) Put Spreads are a great way to get some bullish exposure to a rally in the SPY while also shorting such rich volatility levels."
Good job, fuckfaces. Y'all bought this one too, admit it. I see you buying on this chart:
Well guess what, by 3/18, a week later, we did get another 5 standard deviation move. TQQQ bottomed on 3/18 at $32.73. Still think that was just luck, punk? You know how many sigmas that was? Over 12 god-damn sigmas. 12 standard deviations. I'd have a much better chance of guessing everyone's buttcoin private key, in a row, on the first try. That's how unlikely that is.
"Hurr durr you said it's going to 0, so you're retarded because it didn't go to 0" - random_wsb_autist
Yeah, fuckface, because the Fed bailed ‘em out. Remember the $150b “overnight repo” bazooka on 3/17? That’s what that was, a bailout. A bailout for shitty funds and market makers like Trump's handjob buddy Kenny Griffin from Citadel. Why do you think Jamie Dimon had a heart attack in early March? He saw all the dogshit that everyone put on his books.


Yup, everyone got clapped on their stupidly leveraged derivatives books. It seems Citadel is “too big to fail”. On 3/18, the payout on 3/20 TQQQ puts alone if it went to 0 was $468m. And every single TQQQ put expiration would have had to be paid. Tens or hundreds of billions on TQQQ puts alone. I’d bet my ass Citadel was on the hook for a big chunk of those. And that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to all the other blown derivative trades out there.
Y’all still did good, 3/20 closed at $35. That’s $161m/$468m payoff just there. I even called you the bottom on 3/17, when I saw that bailout:

"tinygiraffe21 1 point 2 months ago
Haha when? I’m loading up in 4/17 25 puts"
Scratch that, helicopter money is here."
"AfgCric 1 point 2 months ago
What does that mean?"
"It means the Fed & Trump are printing trillions with no end in sight. If they go through with this, this was probably the bottom."

"hurr durr, it went lower on 3/18 so 3/17 wasn't the bottom" - random_wsb_autist
Idiot, I have no way of knowing that Billy boy Ackman was going to go on CNBC and cry like a little bitch to make everyone dump, so he can get out of his shorts. Just like I have no way of knowing when the Fed decides to do a bailout. But you react to that, when you see it.
Do you think "Oh no world's ending" and go sell everything? No, dumbass, you try to figure out what Billy's doing. And in this case it was pretty obvious, Billy saw the Fed train coming and wanted to close his shorts. So you give the dude a hand, quick short in and out, and position for Billy dumping his short bags.
Video of Billy & the Fed train

Here's what Billy boy says:
“But if they don’t, and the government takes the right steps, this hedge could be worth zero, and the stock market could go right back up to where it was. So we made the decision to exit.”
Also, “the single best trade of all time.” my ass, it was only a 100-bagger. I gave y’all a 150-bagger.
So how could I catch that? Because it wasn't random, yo. And I'm here to teach your asses how to try to spot such potential moves. But first, the technical bootcamp.

Chapter III. Mouthbreather's bootcamp on managing a position – THE TECHNICALS

RULE 1. YOU NEVER BUY OPTIONS AT OPEN. You NEVER OVERPAY for an option. You never FOMO into buying too fast. You NEVER EVER NEVER pump the premium on a play.
I saw you fuckers buying over 4k TQQQ 5/22 $45 puts in the first minutes of trading. You pumped the premium to over $0.50 dudes. The play's never going to work if you do that, because you give the market maker free delta, and he's going to hedge that against you. Let me explain simply:

Let's say a put on ticker $X at strike $50 is worth $1, and a put at strike $51 is worth $2.
If you all fomo in at once into the same strike, the market maker algos will just pull the asks higher. If you overpay at $2 for the $50p, the market maker will just buy $51ps for $2 and sell you $50ps for 2$. Or he'll buy longer-dated $50ps and sell you shorter-dated $50ps. Max risk for him is now 0, max gain is $1. You just gave him free downside insurance, so of course he's going to start going long. And you just traded against yourself, congrats.

You need to get in with patience, especially if you see other autists here wanting to go in at the same time. Don't step on each other's toes. You put in an order, and you wait for it to fill for a couple of seconds. If it doesn't fill, AND the price of the option hasn't moved much recently, you can bump the bid $0.01. And you keep doing that a few times. Move your strikes, if needed. Only get a partial fill or don't get a fill at all? You cancel your bid. Don't fucking leave it hanging there, or you're going to put a floor on the price. Let the mm algos chill out and go again later.

RULE 2. WATCH THE TIME. Algos are especially active at x:00, x:02, x:08, x:12, x:30 and x:58. Try not to buy at those times.
RULE 3. YOU USE MULTIPLE BROKERS. Don't just roll with Robinhood, you're just gimping yourself. If you don't have another one, open up a tasty, IB, TD, Schwab, whatever. But for cheap faggy puts (or calls), Robinhood is the best. If you want to make a play for which the other side would think "That's free money!", Robinhood is the best. Because Citadel will snag that free money shit like no other. Seriously, if you don't have a RH account, open one. It's great for making meme plays.

RULE 4. YOU DON'T START A TRADE WITH BIG POSITIONS. Doesn't matter how big or small your bankroll is. If you go all-in, you're just gambling, and the odds are stacked against you. You need to have extra cash to manage your positions. Which leads to
RULE 5. MANAGING YOUR WINNERS: Your position going for you? Good job! Now POUND THAT SHIT! And again. Move your strikes to cheaper puts/calls, and pound again. And again. Snowball those gains.
So you bought some puts and they’re going down? Well, the moment they reach $0.01, YOU POUND THOSE PUTS (assuming there’s enough time left on them, not shit expiring in 2h). $0.01 puts have amazing risk/return around the time they reach $0.01. This is not as valid for calls. Long explanation why, but the gist of it is this: you know how calls have unlimited upside while puts have limited upside? Well it’s the reverse of that.
Your position going against you? Do you close the position, take your loss porn and post it on wsb? WRONG DUMBASS. You manage that by POUNDING THAT SHIT. Again and again. You don't manage losing positions by closing. That removes your gainz when the market turns around. You ever close a position, just to have it turn out it would have been a winner afterwards? Yeah, don't do that. You manage it by opening other positions. Got puts? Buy calls. Got calls? Buy puts. Turn positions into spreads. Buy spreads. Buy the VIX. Sell the VIX. They wanna pin for OPEX? Sell them options. Not enough bankroll to sell naked? Sell spreads. Make them fight you for your money, motherfuckers, don't just give it away for free. When you trade, YOU have the advantage of choosing when and where to engage. The market can only react. That's your edge, so USE IT! Like this:

Example 1:
Initial TQQQ 5/22 position = $5,000. Starts losing? You pound it.
Total pounded in 5/22 TQQQ puts = $10,824. Unfortunately expired worthless (but also goes to show I'm not selling you puts, dickwads)
Then the autists show up:
"Hahaha you lost all your money nice job you fucking idiot why do you even live?" - cscqb4
Wrong fuckface. You see the max pain at SPX 2975 & OPEX pin coming? Sell them some calls or puts (or spreads).
Sold 9x5/20 SPX [email protected], bam +$6,390. Still wanna pin? Well have some 80x5/22 TQQQ $80cs, bam anotha +$14,700.
+$21,090 - $10,824 = +$10,266 => Turned that shit into a +94.85% gain.

.cscqb4 rn

You have a downside position, but market going up or nowhere? You play that as well. At least make some money back, if not profit.

Example 2:

5/22, long weekend coming right? So you use your brain & try to predict what could happen over the 3-day weekend. Hmm, 3 day weekend, well you should expect either a shitty theta-burn or maybe the pajama traders will try to pooomp that shite on the low volume. Well make your play. I bet on the shitty theta burn, but could be the other, idk, so make a small play.

Sold some ES_F spreads (for those unaware, ES is a 50x multiplier, so 1 SPX = 2 ES = 10 SPY, approximately). -47x 2955/2960 bear call spreads for $2.5. Max gain is $2.5, max loss is 2960-2955 = $5. A double-or-nothing basically. That's $5,875 in premium, max loss = 2x premium = $11,750.
Well, today comes around and futures are pumping. Up to 3,014 now. Do you just roll over? You think I'm gonna sit and take it up the ass? Nah bros that's not how you trade, you fucking fight them. How?
I have:
47x 2960 calls
-47x 2955 calls

Pajama traders getting all up in my grill? Well then I buy back 1 of the 2955 calls. Did that shit yesterday when futures were a little over 2980, around 2982-ish. Paid $34.75, initially shorted at $16.95, so booked a -$892 loss, for now. But now what do I have?

46x 2955/2960 bear calls
1x 2960 long call

So the fuckers can pump it. In fact, the harder they pump it, the more I make. Each $2.5 move up in the futures covers the max loss for 1 spread. With SPX now at ~3015, that call is $55 ITM. Covers 24/46 contracts rn. If they wanna run it up, at 3070 it's break-even. Over that, it's profit. I'll sell them some bear call spreads over 3050 if they run it there too. They gonna dump it? well under 2960 it's profit time again. They wanna do a shitty pin at 3000 today? Well then I'll sell them some theta there.
Later edit: that was written yesterday. Got out with a loss of only $1.5k out of the max $5,875. Not bad.
And that, my dudes, is how you manage a position.

RULE 7 (ESPECIALLY FOR BEARS). YOU DON'T KEEP EXTRA CASH IN YOUR BROKER ACCOUNT. You don't do it with Robinhood, because it's a shitty dumpsterfire of a broker. But you don't do it with other brokers either. Pull that shit out. Preferably to a bank that doesn't play in the markets either, use a credit union or some shit. Why? Because you're giving the market free liquidity. Free margin loans. Squeeze that shit out, make them work for it. Your individual cash probably doesn't make a dent, but a million autists with an extra $1200 trumpbucks means $1.2b. That's starting to move the needle. You wanna make a play, use instant deposits. And that way you don't lose your shit when your crappy ass broker or bank gets its ass blown up on derivative trades. Even if it's FDIC or SIPC insured, it's gonna take time until you see that money again.



Do you think the market can go up forever? Do you think stOnKs oNLy Go uP because Fed brrr? Do you think SPX will be at 5000 by the end of the month? Do you think $1.5 trillion is a good entry point for stonks like AAPL or MSFT? Do you want to buy garbage like Hertz or American Airlines because it's cheap? Did you buy USO at the bottom and are now proud of yourself for making $2? Well, this section is for you!
Let's clear up the misconception that stonks only go up while Fed brrrs.

What's your target for the SPX top? Think 3500 by the end of the year? 3500 by September? 4000? 4500? 5000? Doesn't matter, you can plug in your own variables.

Let's say SPX only goes up, a moderate 0.5% each period as a compounded avg. (i.e. up a bit down a bit whatever, doesn't matter as long as at the end of your period, if you look back and do the math, you'll get that number). Let's call this variable BRRR = 0.005.

Can you do the basic math to calculate the value at the end of x periods? Or did you drop out in 5th grade? Doesn't matter if not, I'll teach you.

Let's say our period is one week. That is, SPX goes up on average 0.5% each week on Fed BRRR:
2950 * (1.005^x), where x is the number of periods (weeks in this case)

So, after 1 month, you have: 2950 * (1.005^4) = 3009
After 2 months: 2950 * (1.005^8) = 3070
End of the year? 2950 * (1.005^28) = 3392

Now clearly, we're already at 3015 on the futures, so we're moving way faster than that. More like at a speed of BRRR = 1%/wk

2950 * (1.01^4) = 3069
2950 * (1.01^8) = 3194
2950 * (1.01^28) = 3897

Better, but still slower than a lot of permabulls would expect. In fact, some legit fucks are seriously predicting SPX 4000-4500 by September. Like this dude, David Hunter, "Contrarian Macro Strategist w/40+ years on Wall Street". IDIOTIC.

That'd be 2950 * (BRRR^12) = 4000 => BRRR = 1.0257 and 2950 * (BRRR^12) = 4500 => BRRR = 1.0358, respectively.

Here's why that can't happen, no matter the amount of FED BRRR: Leverage. Compounded Leverage.

There's currently over $100b in leveraged etfs with a 2.5x avg. leverage. And that's just the ones I managed to tally, there's a lot of dogshit small ones on top of that. TQQQ alone is now at almost $6b in AUM (topped in Fed at a little over $7b).

Now, let's try to estimate what happens to TQQQ's AUM when BRRR = 1.0257. 3XBRRR = 1.0771. Take it at 3XBRRR = 1.07 to account for slippage in a medium-volatility environment and ignore the fact that the Nasdaq-100 would go up more than SPX anyway.

$6,000,000,000 * (1.07^4) = $7,864,776,060
$6,000,000,000 * (1.07^8) = $10,309,100,000
$6,000,000,000 * (1.07^12) = $13,513,100,000
$6,000,000,000 * (1.07^28) = $39,893,000,000.

What if BRRR = 1.0358? => 3XBRR = 1.1074. Take 3XBRRR = 1.10.
$6,000,000,000 * (1.1^4) = $8,784,600,000
$6,000,000,000 * (1.1^8) = $12,861,500,000
$6,000,000,000 * (1.1^12) = $18,830,600,000
$6,000,000,000 * (1.1^28) = $86,526,000,000

And this would have to get 3x leveraged every day. And this is just for TQQQ.

Let's do an estimation for all leveraged funds. $100b AUM, 2.5 avg. leverage factor, BRRR = 1.0257 => 2.5BRRR = 1.06425

$100b * (1.06^4) = $128.285b
$100b * (1.06^8) = $159.385b
$100b * (1.06^12) = $201.22b
$100b * (1.06^28) = $511.169b

That'd be $1.25 trillion sloshing around each day. And the market would have to lose each respective amount of cash into these leveraged funds. Think the market can do that? You can play around with your own variables. But understand that this is just a small part of the whole picture, many other factors go into this. It's a way to put a simple upper limit on an assumption, to check if it's reasonable.

In the long run, it doesn't matter if the Fed goes BRRR, if TQQQ takes in it's share of 3XBRRR. And the Fed can't go 3XBRRR, because then TQQQ would take in 9XBRRR. And on top of this, you have a whole pile of leveraged derivatives on top of these leveraged things. Watch (or rewatch) this: Selena Gomez & Richard H. Thaler Explaining Synthetic CDO through BLACKJACK

My general point, at the mouth-breather level, is that Fed BRRR cannot be infinite, because leverage.
And these leveraged ETFs are flawed instruments in the first place. It didn't matter when they started out. TQQQ and SQQQ started out at $8m each. For the banks providing the swaps, for the market providing the futures contracts, whatever counter-party to whatever instrument they would use, that was fine. Because it balanced out. When TQQQ made a million, SQQQ lost a million (minus a small spread, which was the bank's profit). Bank was happy, in the long run things would even out. Slippage and spreads and fees would make them money. But then something happened. Stonks only went up. And leveraged ETFs got bigger and more and more popular.
And so, TQQQ ended up being $6-7b, while SQQQ was at $1b. And the same goes for all the other ETFs. Long leveraged ETF AUM became disproportionate to short AUM. And it matters a whole fucking lot. Because if you think of the casino, TQQQ walks up every day and says "I'd like to put $18b on red", while SQQQ walks up and says "I'd only like to put $3b on black". And that, in turn, forces the banks providing the swaps to either eat shit with massive losses, or go out and hedge. Probably a mix of both. But it doesn't matter if the banks are hedged, someone else is on the other side of those hedges anyway. Someone's eating a loss. Can think of it as "The Market", in general, eating the loss. And there's only so much loss the market can eat before it craps itself.

If you were a time traveller, how much money do you think you could make by trading derivatives? Do you think you could make $20 trillion? You know the future prices after all... But no, you couldn't. There isn't enough money out there to pay you. So you'd move the markets by blowing them up. Call it the Time-travelling WSB Autist Paradox.

If you had a bucket with a hole in the bottom, even if you poured an infinite amount of water into it, it would never be full. Because there's a LIQUIDITY SINK, just like there is one in the markets.
And that, my mouth-breathing friends, is the reason why FED BRRR cannot be infinite. Or alternatively, "STONKS MUST GO BOTH UP AND DOWN".


On Jan 14, 2020, I predicted this: Assuming that corona doesn't become a problem, "AAPL: Jan 28 $328.3, Jan 31 $316.5, April 1 $365.7, May 1 $386, July 1 $429 December 31 $200."
Now take a look at the AAPL chart in January. After earnings AAPL peaked at $327.85. On 1/31, after the 1st hour of trading, when the big boys make moves, it was at $315.63. Closed 1/31 at $309.51. Ya think I pulled this one out of my ass too?
Yes you can time it. Flows, motherfucker, flows. Money flow moves everything. And these days, we have a whole lot of RETARDED FLOW. Can't even call it dumb flow, because it literally doesn't think. Stuff like:

  • ETF flows. If MSFT goes up and AAPL goes down, part of that flow is going to move from AAPL to MSFT. Even if MSFT flash-crashes up to $1000, the ETF will still "buy". Because it's passive.
  • Option settlement flows. Once options expire, money is going to flow from one side to another, and that my friends is accurately predictable from the data.
  • Index rebalancing flows
  • Buyback flows
  • 401k passive flows
  • Carry trade flows
  • Tax day flows
  • Flows of people front-running the flows

And many many others. Spot the flow, and you get an edge. How could I predict where AAPL would be after earnings within 50 cents and then reverse down to $316 2 days later? FLOWS MOTHERFUCKER FLOWS. The market was so quiet in that period, that is was possible to precisely figure out where it ended up. Why the dump after? Well, AAPL earnings (The 8-K) come out on a Wednesday. The next morning, after market opens the 10-Q comes out. And that 10-Q contains a very important nugget of information: the latest number of outstanding shares. But AAPL buybacks are regular as fuck. You can predict the outstanding shares before the market gets the 10-Q. And that gives you EDGE. Which leads to


Are you one of those mouthbreathers that parrots the phrase "buybacks are just a tax-efficient way to return capital to shareholders"? Well sit the fuck down, I have news for you. First bit of news, you're dumb as shit. Second bit:

On 1/28, AAPL's market cap is closing_price x free_float_outstanding_shares. But that's not the REAL MARKET CAP. Because the number of outstanding shares is OLD AS FUCK. When the latest number comes out, the market cap changes instantly. And ETFs start moving, and hedges start being changed, and so on.

"But ETFs won't change the number of shares they hold, they will still hold the same % of AAPL in the index" - random_wsb_autist

Oh my fucking god you're dumb as fuck. FLOWS change. And the next day, when TQQQ comes by and puts its massive $18b dong on the table, the market will hedge that differently. And THAT CAN BE PREDICTED. That's why AAPL was exactly at $316 1 hour after the market opened on 1/31.

So, what can you use to spot moves? Let me show you:
Market topped on 2/19. Here’s SPY. I even marked interesting dates for you with vertical lines.
Nobody could have seen it coming, right? WRONG AGAIN. Here:
In fact, JPYUSD gave you two whole days to see it. Those are NOT normal JPYUSD moves. But hey maybe it’s just a fluke? Wrong again.
Forex showed you that all over the place. Why? FLOWS MOTHERFUCKER FLOWS. When everything moves like that, it means the market needs CASH. It doesn’t matter why, but remember people pulling cash out of ATMs all over the world? Companies drawing massive revolvers? Just understand what this flow means.
The reversal:
But it wasn’t just forex. Gold showed it to you as well. Bonds showed it to you as well.
Even god damn buttcoin showed it to you.
And they all did it for 2 days before the move hit equities.

You see all these bankruptcies that happened so far, and all the ones that are going to follow? Do you think that’s just dogshit companies and it won’t have major effects on anything outside them? WRONG.
Because there’s a lot of leveraged instruments on top of those equities. When the stock goes to 0, all those outstanding puts across all expirations get instantly paid.
Understand that Feb-March was a liquidity MOAB. But this will end with a liquidity nuke.
Here’s just HTZ for example: $239,763,550 in outstanding puts. Just on a single dogshit small-cap company (this thing was like $400m mkt. cap last week).
And that’s just the options on the equity. There’s also instruments on etfs that hold HTZ, on the bonds, on the ETFs that hold their bonds, swaps, warrants, whatever. It’s a massive pile of leverage.
Then there’s also the ripple effects. Were you holding a lot of HTZ in your brokerage margin account? Well guess what big boi, when that gaps to 0 you get a margin call, and then you become a liquidity drain. Holding long calls? 0. Bonds 0. DOG SHIT!
And the market instantly goes from holding $x in assets (HTZ equity / bonds / calls) to holding many multiples of x in LIABILITIES (puts gone wrong, margin loans, derivatives books, revolvers, all that crap). And it doesn’t matter if the Fed buys crap like HTZ bonds. You short them some. Because when it hits 0, it’s no longer about supply and demand. You get paid full price, straight from Jerome’s printer. Is the Fed going to buy every blown up derivative too? Because that's what they'd have to do.
Think of liquidity as a car. The faster it goes, the harder it becomes to go even faster. At some point, you can only go faster by driving off a cliff. THE SQUEEZE. But you stop instantly when you hit the ground eventually. And that’s what shit’s doing all over the place right now.
And just like that fucker, “I’m standing in front of a burning house, and I’m offering you fire insurance on it.”

Don’t baghold!
Now is not the time to baghold junk. Take your cash. Not the time to buy cheap crap. You don’t buy Hertz. You don’t buy USO. You don’t buy airlines, or cruises, or GE, or motherfucking Disney. And if you have it, dump that shit.
And the other dogshit that’s at ATH, congrats you’re in the green. Now you take your profits and fucking dump that shit. I’m talking shit like garbage SaaS, app shit, AI shit, etc. Garbage like MDB, OKTA, SNAP, TWLO, ZM, CHGG etc.
And you dump those garbage ass leveraged ETFs. SQQQ, TQQQ, whatever, they’re all dogshit now.
The leverage MUST unwind. And once that’s done, some of you will no longer be among us if you don’t listen. A lot of leveraged ETFs will be gone. Even some non-leveraged ETFs will be gone. Some brokers will be gone, some market makers will be gone, hell maybe even some big bank has to go under. I can’t know which ones will go poof, but I can guarantee you that some will. Another reason to diversify your shit. There’s a reason papa Warrant Buffet dumped his bags, don’t think you’re smarter than him. He may be senile, but he’s still a snake.
And once the unwind is done, THEN you buy whatever cheap dogshit’s still standing.
Got it? Good.
You feel ready to play yet? Alright, so you catch a move. Or I post a move and you wanna play it. You put on a small position. When it’s going your way, YOU POUND DAT SHIT. Still going? Well RUSH B CYKA BLYAT AND PLANT THE GOD DAMN 3/20 $30p BOMB.

Chapter VI - The mouthbreather-proof play - THE AKIMBO
Still a dumbass that can’t make a play? Still want to go long? Well then, I got a dumbass-proof trade for you. I present to you THE AKIMBO:

STEP 1. You play this full blast. You need some real Russian hardbass to get you in the right mood for trading, cyka.
STEP 2. Split your play money in 3. Remember to keep extra bankroll for POUNDING THAT SHIT.
STEP 3. Use 1/3 of your cash to buy SQQQ 9/18 $5p, pay $0.05. Not more than $0.10.
STEP 4. Use 1/3 of your cash to buy TQQQ 9/18 $20p, pay around $0.45. Alternatively, if you’re feeling adventurous, 7/17 $35p’s for around $0.5.
STEP 5. Use 1/3 of your cash to buy VIX PUT SPREADS 9/15 $21/$20 spread for around $0.15, no more than $0.25. That is, you BUY the 21p and SELL the 20p. Only using Robinhood and don’t have the VIX? What did I just tell you? Well fine, use UVXY then. Just make sure you don’t overpay.

Chapter VII - Quick hints for non-mouthbreathers
Quick tips, cuz apparently I'm out of space, there's a 40k character limit on reddit posts. Who knew?

  1. Proshares is dogshit. If you don't understand the point in my last post, do this: download and Easier to see than with TQQQ. AUM: 1,174,940,072. Add up the value of all the t-bills = 1,686,478,417.49 and "Net other assets / cash". It should equal the AUM, but you get 2,861,340,576. Why? Because that line should read: NET CASH = -$511,538,344.85
  2. Major index rebalancing June 22.
  3. Watch the violent forex moves.
  4. 6/25 will be red. Don't ask, play a spread, bag a 2x-er.
  5. 6/19 will be red.
  6. Not settled yet, but a good chance 5/28 is red.
  7. Front run the rebalance. Front-run the front-runners of the rebalance too. TQQQ puts.
  8. Major retard flow in financials yesterday. Downward pressure now. GS 180 next weeks looks good.
  9. Buy leaps puts on dogshit bond ETFs (check holdings for dogshit)
  10. Buy TLT 1/15/2021 $85ps for cheap, sell over $1 when the Fed stops the ass rape, rinse and repeat
  11. TQQQ flow looks good:

Good luck. Dr. Retard TQQQ Burry out.
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Dragonstone - Chapter 24

Chapter 23
I stand before the Hearttree.
My mother stands to one side, my brother to the other. My mother is one of the most respected former Primes, revered might be more appropriate. Gathered around us are the Emerald. All of them. They crowd into the clearing around the tree, they gather at the edge of the forest where there is no space, they stand in silence and look up.
“I, Prasinius Feram, son of Caelia Filios, have broken ancient traditions of our kind.” I begin, my voice carrying through the gathering, they remain silent. “I brought a human to a sacred Hearttree. I sang to the Emerald while he stood here. I called upon all Emerald to aid in war, that which we have sought to avoid.”
They grumble among themselves, sounds that resonate in their chests and fill the space.
“These actions were taken willingly, knowingly, and with full awareness of the consequences. I, therefore, am stripped of the status of Prime. Is this accepted?”
There is no hesitation among the gathered Emerald.
“It is.” They rumble, as one voice. I lower my head to them and step back to the Hearttree. We are a unique breed, the position of Prime is not coveted as it is among other dragons. Citrine plot to seek leadership, Onyx fight, Sapphire covet wisdom and knowledge, Rubies their vast hoards. We do not.
Those among the Emerald may now step forward to offer candidates they feel would bear the burden of leadership with honor, as they once did for me. There is a long stretch of silence where it is contemplated among the Emerald, there was little warning and they must consider carefully who they might select.
Then, from the back, a young Emerald comes. While the elder Emerald gathered to the front, the young are welcome to speak but must come forward to do so. They part, each Emerald showing their throats in respect of the moment. I smell a nervous but determined scent to this child, only a few hundred years old. At the bottom of the hill, this youngling shows her throat to us, then takes a deep breath and turns to face the gathering.
“I, Rosaceae Audensius, would speak. Would you hear?”
“We will hear.” The gathered say as one. We have many traditions. I know that in our history one such gathering lasted for nearly two months, impassioned speeches made to the cause of various Emeralds. My mother earned the honor then, before I was hatched. I listen, the young have much to teach us just as we have much to teach them. This is the Emerald way.
“I am young.” She begins. “Some here have lived my lifetime a dozen times. Some have watched the humans grow, some have helped, some have hindered. Forests have grown, lakes have dried, mountains themselves have been laid low in your lives. Thousands of years of tradition have been laid before today and in a single day, with a single choice, a Prime has shattered that tradition.”
There are murmurs of discontent, and agreement, but they fall silent. It is her right to speak whether they approve the words or not.
“Prasinius Feram has been Prime for my lifetime. I remember no other. But I have heard the stories. I have heard of how the great Caelia broke tradition to save a single human life. My father told me of Narcissia, she that broke tradition and sang a song of war to drive the humans from a path of destruction.”
I do not know where this youngling is going but she speaks with growing passion, rapturous enough that even the eldest among us listens in earnest.
“I humbly suggest that the Emerald stand on tradition as a shield. Tradition protects us from decisions that we do not wish to make, from changes in this world that we may not wish to face. Tradition is the barrier between our discomfort of difficult decisions and the comfort of a life lived in the trees, lakes, dunes, or ice. I humbly suggest that traditions are meant to be shattered, new ones forged from the remnants. I suggest that the humans are no longer creatures we must live in proximity to but beings we must coexist with.”
The murmurs begin again, this time with more fervor. Rosaceae continues, ignoring it.
“Times are not changing, they have already done so! Prasinius Feram has bonded with a human, the rumors are no longer simply whispers in the shadows from the trees, they are true! Do we not owe it to all living things to seek the light instead of cowering in the dark?”
There is an uproar among the Emerald. Elder dragons begin to shout, forgetting themselves. My mother watches, amused. She always did find the traditions stifling, some of the elders too resistant to seeking life outside their caverns and trees. She is just too practiced in the politics of our kind to speak this openly. Rosaceae plunges ahead, voice rising over the gathered.
“We should not hide our heads and ignore what is happening! We must change too! The continent will descend into war and destruction if we do not!”
“We cannot bring peace by spilling blood!” One of the elders roars, others agree. “The human conflict is not ours, no matter how heartfelt Prasinius’ feelings are! What are two human lives?”
“You speak of peace but you truly desire cowardice and ignorance! It is my right to speak, elder! If the young can hold their tongues so should you!” Rosaceae roars, baring her teeth. My mother smiles again, watching an elder Emerald shrink from the words for the barest of moments. And with that, he is silenced, shamed.
“Traditions are meant to change, they can be remembered but they should not define every moment, they were born of a time that is not this one! Emerald, I put to you that we should shatter tradition fully.”
They erupt as one, two sides immediately defined. She is not finished though. She speaks above the din and her words are followed by a deafening silence.
“To that end, I vote Prasinius Feram as Prime among Emerald and I choose to follow him to war!”
They all look at me. I cannot contain my surprise at this. Tradition dictates that a Prime can not be nominated again, such is the price of their choices. This is not law, though.
“Can she do that?” I hear from the Emerald.
“Weren’t you listening?” The voice is shouted down. Young dragons from the trees begin to shout, shortly joined by some of the elders. I hear their words but I cannot process them. They are confusing to me.
“I vote Prasinius Feram as Prime among Emerald!” They shout, a dozen, two, three, four. I stand in confusion when my mother leans closer to me. She reeks of amusement now.
“I like her.” She whispers. Then she straightens and casts her vote. My brother does the same.
It is for me.
In the end, there is silence among the Emerald. Two others come forward, nominating candidates. One is the elder that shouted down Rosaceae, Sentius. Another is a young Emerald, Cedran, who seems uncomfortable with the idea. This is good, an Emerald should not desire Prime.
Then the voting must take place in the proper way. Those who are nominated may not vote. I must stay silent while Emerald come to the Hearttree and whisper to it, their heads placed against the mighty trunk of the living world itself. Then they will pluck a single leaf from the lowest branches and place it under a stone, of which three have been placed beneath the tree. Then Cor, the eldest of us, will lift the stones.
One by one, hours pass us by and we remain, watching.
The youngest is the last to vote, a hatchling of no more than fifty years. All Emerald have the opportunity to vote, it is our way. Then it is over. Cor speaks.
“Come forward.”
I step to the Hearttree, Cedran and Sentius with me. We stand in the shade of the leaves and listen to the wind, it sings to us of our nature and the world that we care for. Of change. I close my eyes and listen, feeling myself swept away in the moment. A beating heart of the continent, connected to all life.
It is wondrous.
The whispers of the wind stop. I open my eyes and Cor looks at me. They all look at me. Cor has lifted the stones. I was placed in the center, Cedran to my left and Sentius to my right. Cor holds the leaves in place with a single claw, pierced through their center.
It is unanimous.
“Emeralds have chosen!” Cor raises his voice. “Prasinius Feram, by the new traditions of our people, you are Prime among Emerald.”
Cor’s eyes spark with green fire when he speaks and then he shows me his throat. Cedran follows, so too Sentius. They will accept the will of the Emerald. They rejoin the gathering around the Hearttree. One by one, the gathered Emerald accept this. Of course they do, they voted for it. I cannot help but feel a trembling chill run down my spine. Someone begins to sing. Rosaceae.
It is my song. Others join. Soon the clearing is filled with the sound once more.
And so, the Emerald have chosen.
“Brother.” Aquilos stands near to me, solemn and whispering into my ears. “Your army awaits.”
“I just wanted to keep them safe.” I say.
“That time has passed.” He says, chuckling in his chest, a wry noise.
“Now is the time to give them an empire.”

I hate the cold.
I pull my cloak tighter, shuffle my feet inside the fur lined boots, wiggle my fingers inside thick leather gloves. My breath frosts in the air before me, my beard decorated with ice. Wood docks creak with the waves, icy water lapping up at the supports and heaving the tenders against their ropes. A frozen wind whips in from the ocean and across the city, crashing into the thick stone walls and into the multitude of wooden shutters.
These people are hard as the ice, a life in the cold and on the sea makes them so. While they embrace the warmth of a hearth and a roaring fire, they are as comfortable in this weather as I am uncomfortable in it. Only the richest quarters have the steam vents that keep the streets almost tropical even in the dead of winter. This is not a rich quarter.
I wait in the darkness of an alley, concealed perfectly from any passers by.
It helps that they’re all stinking drunk on imported beer and local spirits that may well be made from the seething rage remaining in a dead northman’s bones. I lean against the stone wall until the cold seeps through my layers, my many, many layers, then I shift.
I watch for the night watchmen with their lit torches and thick, short spears and rounded shields. Broad swords hang from their waists and chainmail drapes their bodies, which is why I wish to avoid them. Any fool wearing metal in this is more dangerous than I’d like to consider.
I’ve kept watch for what must be three days, or maybe three hours, when finally my target exits the tavern’s back door. Light spills out from the open door, music with it and the sounds of off-key singing and calls for a brawl. I’ve been told that a good night in a northern tavern involves at least one broken chair and the chairs are made from the same sturdy timbers as their ships and docks and sometimes their walls.
So that’s impressive.
I watch, my target warily eying the streets. I sink back into the shadows even further, I cannot risk being spotted now. Satisfied, he pulls his own cloak up and paces off into the street, his cloak billowing behind him in a delightfully theatrical way.
Mine does not billow as I follow, carefully, watching his turns and stops to see if he is being followed. It is simple tradecraft but he is no spy, no assassin. He’s trying his best but I needn’t have worried, his best wouldn’t have passed my first classes.
He takes a right turn and I wait the requisite fifteen seconds to ensure he has walked far enough that I don’t risk stumbling into him, flitting to a darkened doorway and looking down the street that he should be on.
Except he isn’t. Oh, sneaky bastard.
I curse, under my breath. I take a few steps into the open street and look but he is nowhere. Not in a doorway, there are no alleys to hide in here, just a stone street leading up towards the governor’s palatial estate atop the hill that overlooks this whole forsaken city of cold, ice, and stone.
Damn it. Damn it!
I hear voices from behind me. The glow of a torch, three, maybe four. Guards. Damn it, again!
Where could he have gone? Where did he disappear to? Where?
Then my eyes find it. The small, rounded metal disc that seals off the city sewers from the street. It isn’t askew but it must be the answer, it can be the only answer. I pry at it but my gloves make the work impossible. I use my teeth to pull them off, tucking them into a pocket and working furiously while my fingers nearly fall off in the frigid air.
The guards come closer, their boots thudding on the stone. Another thirty seconds and I will be in their light, I will have to explain myself and that is precious time. I work more furiously and then…finally! It lifts, I tilt the cover and slip my feet down, hoping I find the metal ladder rungs that should lead down into the tunnels.
What luck! I find them. I close the grate as quietly as I can, and as quickly. I hold my breath, hands pressed to the metal and I listen. I hear the muffled voices come closer, closer, closer, further, further, further.
I let out the breath.
In the darkness I feel with my feet until I find the next rung, and again and again until my foot finds a stone floor beneath it. I think that half my palm skin came free in the descent, stuck to the cold metal, and I curse this place once more. I fish my gloves out and tug them back on, grumbling.
I hate the cold.
Let it never be said in hushed circles that Ashur Rama, Spymaster by default, let the cold stop him from his duty.
But, I really, really hate the cold.

I only have the faintest glow of light to follow through the winding tunnels beneath the city. I stop to listen for the telltale sound of footsteps in the dark or heavy breathing, even as my eyes adjust to the darkness I can’t see more than a few feet through the moonlight that finds its way through the grates above. There are no torches or lanterns down here.
Only criminals sulk down here in the dark. I have heard that every year there is a purge of these tunnels.
All for show, I assume. I’m sure the criminal element under the streets pays their dues to the guard and the governor, theater is always important though. It makes the people feel better. And what is the guard and governor for if not to make people feel better?
I hurry and am remotely thankful that the tunnels keep out the wind, though the stench is something to be less than grateful for. What I wouldn’t give for a hot bath, warm meal, and to be a thousand miles from this stupid land of ice and angry, bearded men.
I hear voices ahead and slow my steps. I can walk as silent as the whispering wind should the need arise, and the need has arisen. Aroused? Arisen, probably.
I creep forward, pressing my back against the stone.
“-they know?” This is a man’s voice, thick and gravelly.
“How could they, Dunkan?” A woman. I do so enjoy when conspirators use their names. It makes my job so much easier.
“Don’t say my name, Bella.” Dunkan hisses.
“Then why would you say mine?” She whines. Surely, I am up against the greatest criminal minds that have ever been seen.
“Stop it, both of you!” Another woman, this one does not whine, she has presence. Dunkan and Bella fall silent, but I hear the sound of someone being slapped. Children, I have been tasked with hunting a criminal ring of children.
“They couldn’t know.” My target speaks, I have heard his voice before, since I followed him from that doomed city. Last I heard a flood washed the entire thing away, a Sapphire wrought flood. Damnedest thing I ever did hear. “All these years and no one has ever suspected anything. Our plan is secure.”
“Was it the plan to destroy my town?” Dunkan says, raising his voice. Ah. That Dunkan. Suspected slaver and retired Legionnaire turned bandit, ferrying slaves from the eastern coast to ships that carried them away to unknown fates. Six spies had infiltrated the corridor, six spies had never reported back. We suspected Dunkan hid out near Watersford, which would seem to be confirmed.
“Yes, Dunkan, the plan was to destroy the hub of our trade and cripple the routes that we use. Exactly the plan.” Bella says,
“Then it was a bad plan.” Dunkan announces, to silence. I can almost hear the slow blinks from here.
“It wasn’t the plan! You great hulking moron!” This is another voice. That makes five, at least, conspirators.
“Don’t call me a moron, Niles!”
Ah. Niles. Captain Niles von Krescher. Trader to distant, mysterious lands. Explorer. Slaver.
“Enough!” My target speaks harshly. Governor Wolff, guardian of the Northern Provinces, does not have time to waste on this nonsense. He certainly has time to sulk off into taverns and alleys, disappear down sewers though. A governor, a bandit, a ship’s captain, someone named Bella, and a woman that has not slipped her name into conversation yet.
“Enough.” The Governor controls himself. “They cannot know that one of them is turned. Watersford was unexpected but the Emperor’s movements were unexpected. Marching legions over the mountains?”
“Insanity.” Bella says.
“Is it crazy if it works?” Niles says.
“Shut up, both of you.” Governor Wolff continues on. “This was not the plan but the plan is adaptable for that reason. We knew that it was impossible to predict anything, a dragon harboring the children?! Nonsense. We adapt. Our friends will arrive on schedule, the Emperor fights a civil war, our man with this Knight Gardiner keeps us appraised of their movements. By the time they realize what has happened, it will be too late.”
Interesting. This is about more than slaves.
“What about the one that was captured?” Niles speaks again.
“You will take the captive on your ship, he may be useful to us yet.” Governor Wolff says.
“Silence.” The woman with presence says. Her voice drops to a harsh whisper. No one speaks, there is a crushing silence. “Someone is listening.”
That’s bad. That is so, so very bad. I move on my heels, as slowly and carefully as I can so as not to make a single, solitary, lonesome sound. My heart pounds.
“You caught me.” The speaker is a man, older. I let out a breath that I did not know I was holding. My hands tremble in my gloves and not just from the cold.
“It’s rude to eavesdrop.” The woman with presence says.
“It’s rude to forgo the invitation to your benefactor, Soph.” The man says and I hear the sinister smile in his voice. It sends chills down my spine. He sounds like an accented snake, an accent I cannot recognize and I have traveled the entire continent at least three times and perfected a half dozen languages and accents.
“I have to ensure that none of you are finding this…difficult.” He says, his voice moving around whatever room they are standing in. I find it hard to take them seriously standing at the intersection of a sewer but I am beginning to take them seriously nonetheless.
“They hang slavers here. Traitors too. We are not finding this difficult.” Soph, the woman with presence, says. Her voice is clipped now, she does not like this man. I do not like this man and I have yet to see him.
“They do, they do. Though they often perform, extraneous punishments prior to the hanging, for traitors.”
This is true, I can attest to that. I have been witness to and in some cases performed those punishments.
“Ask the Imperial spy listening in.”
I do not try to move slowly this time. I whirl and sprint. I hear a great roaring shout and something metal strikes the stone, I feel the wind from the weapon brush against my neck. It might have even shaved a few neck hairs off. I drop to a knee and slide on the stone, turning my body and throwing two small orbs of a glossy white at a man who, I assume, is Dunkan. That’s an educated guess just from the size of him. I shield my eyes with my forearm immediately and open my mouth wide.
The orbs explode in a brilliant white that fills the tunnel with a sudden shock of light. They burst with a concussive force that stuns the ears, unless one offsets the sudden pressure change, as I did. It still causes a hell of a ringing in them.
I take off running again, leaving Dunkan behind screaming and pawing at his eyes. I chance a look over my shoulder and suck in a breath at the sight of the woman that is following me. Bella, of course. Former Knight Bella Dyanna.
Not good, not good.
I don’t have any more tricks.
Wait, I’m a spy, I have a lot more tricks. I take a hard left, hoping that somewhere down this path will be another ladder up to the street level. It’s a sewer, seems a safe bet. Always have a secondary escape plan, mine is to run like the fires below are after me and get lucky.
After the turn I fish out a small, swirling green orb and drop it behind me. It does not burst loudly or with a brilliant white flash, instead if explodes and instantly packs the tunnel with a thick green cloud of particulates and smoke. Former Knight Bella Dyanna skids to a stop, coughing and choking in breaths and sparing what little air she gets for curses hurled at my back. I make another hard turn, this time to the right, and slip on the wet stone.
Something whips over my head as I slip, my gloves skidding on the stone as I try to right myself. It hisses angrily and turns in midair, which things should not be able to do. I find myself eye to eye with a dragon.
A dragon?
No, yellows are the smallest and they aren’t this small, I’ve never heard of one this size. It’s dog-sized. Impossible.
Not to mention the fact that the damn thing isn’t covered in yellow scales. I scramble to my feet and feel a claw pull at my cloak. I throw an elbow and it lands, feels like slamming my elbow into a sheet of metal or a wall. The thing lets out a tinny scream as it’s tossed to the ground and I keep running.
“Run, run and tell your story!” A loud voice booms behind me, echoing in the tunnels. It is followed by a laugh, a laugh at my expense. “Tell them the Brass Lord comes!”
In my panic, in the dark, flailing, I find a cold metal rung. I ascend with speed I did not know my arms or legs possessed and throw my shoulder into the round metal cover of the sewer. I find myself under a dark sky, on a city street, with a cold wind whipping past and a dusting of snow falling down. I breathe hard and it mists above me, each gasping breath a reminder of how much I hate the cold.
Then I am bathed in a warm, flickering, yellow light. Torches and faces appear over me.
“Look lads.” One of them speaks, his thick beard coated in ice crystals and his grin a few teeth short of full. “Sewer rats are getting bigger.”
“I can explain.” I say.
“Arrest that thief!” I hear the voice from ahead in the street. Governor Wolff throws back his fur lined hood and points a thick finger at me. His beard is grander than any of these men and gone mostly gray. I can only hope that I look so healthy in my seventies.
If I make it to them.
I am on one knee when the swords are drawn and pointed at me. I hold up my hands slowly, watching the Governor approach. He will have me hanged, beheaded, anything that he wishes and no one will know his role in…whatever this conspiracy is. I need more information.
“Make a move.” The one with more teeth than brains, and not so much of either, says, the tip of his sword resting on my shoulder.
“If you insist.” I say. I have one trick left. Well, I have lots of tricks but I only have one that will work in this situation. In my hand I hold a single, matte black orb. I open my palm and drop it, preemptively wincing. Someone shouts to ‘catch it’, I do not recommend that but I also don’t offer that advice. Instead I steadily suck in breath until there is no space left in my lungs.
The orb bursts and immediately my world turns to fire. Small particulates fill the air and where they touch skin it feels as if that skin is aflame with the fire of a thousand dragons. I keep my eyes closed tight and run, a mental picture of the watchmen in my head. They will have gasped in pain at the first touch, sucking in the particles and setting their lungs on fire.
I avoid this, by being educated and instructed in the methods of the use of these spy tricks. I cannot open my eyes so I move, away from where Governor Wolff was. I hold my breath as long as I can and I sprint away, feeling the cold stones under my boots just as clearly as I feel the fire across my face. I count out the steps and hope, wish, pray that when I make my turn I don’t run face first into a wall.
I make the turn and…I don’t hit a wall. I open my eyes and gasp cold air down, then regret that almost as surely as I would have regretted breathing in Dragon Dust. I keep running, hearing the shouts behind me, fading slowly. I weave into alleys, across streets, and I stop. A brightly lit tavern stands ahead, music and laughter still filtering out into the street. I am in a richer part of town, where the shops have glass windows to display their goods.
There will be more watchmen here, they will come soon. Especially with the Governor on the case.
Bells begin to ring from the great stone churches across the city, where the northerners pray to the ocean gods, gods of wind and stone and ice. Superstitious bastards. The bells wake the city to a threat, a spy in their midst. To me.
They will shut the gates and they will board every ship, including mine that waits in the harbor with a crew of southern sailors, traders that ply their wares up and down the vast oceans.
Not good.
I stare at myself in one of the glass shops and sigh. It’s a sigh of relief. I was tired of being a northern man, not being myself. I miss my face.
I blink and the face is gone. Gone is the light colored beard of a northerner, gone is the broad nose and wrinkled brow, the blue eyes. In that blink it is replaced with my own face, a dark black beard kept short and dark brown eyes. I must move quickly for the docks and reach my ship, I have names now and I have a target. I also have questions.
Like who is the Brass Lord? And who do I tell that he is coming? It's all very ominous. I don’t like ominous, not in my line of work. Only one thing matters now, finding answers. That means it is time to go to work.
It’s time to sail.
I pull my cloak tighter.
I hate the cold.
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Thread posting my trades with basic explanation for any novices...feel free to ask questions.

Thread posting my trades with basic explanation for any novices...feel free to ask questions.
5/18/20: Update: I've been super sick for a week and half and basically been borderline functional. I'll try and update this and how I managed these trades in the next couple days.
__________________________________________________________ 5/6:
Today's trades: The usual, selling outside the money calls and puts. However, slightly riskier with some expiring in 9 days. Just the way the timing worked out. Still looking at PTON and a few others.
Just over $2,200k in profits in closed trades since starting this last week, and several trades still open.
Closed DIS for $217 profitClosed GM for $75 profitClosed WING for $178 profitClosed SHOP for $400 profitClosed ATVI for $100 profitClosed AMZN for $360 profitClose CLX for $200 profit
Still open
TRIP: Currently $15 profitX: Currently $20 profitMCD: Currently $60 profitC: Currently $30 profitLUV: Currently down $159
I'm "defending" my LUV trade by "rolling it out" to June and also selling a May call. Specifically, by roll out I mean I buy to close the current LUV put and then sell to open June 19 put at the same strake (at the same time). I'm also selling a call at the same strike (27.5) with the expiration (June 19). This creates a "short straddle". Received $430 credit.
More earnings trades later today. And you if you haven't figured it out yet, I'll be selling calls and puts. If I have a slightly bullish stance (ie. think the stock will go up) I usually sell two puts and one call. If I have a slightly bearish stance (ie. think stock will go down) I sell two calls and one put.
Earnings trades:
Another busy day, but I'll get to question soon.
Closed half of SHOP (the call credit spread, aka closing both calls) for about $0 (i think actually $5+).Leaving the puts (the sold put and the bought put) going into earnings. This is now a put credit spread (bullish trade). Same thing with AMZN.
LUV naked put is now in the money, which is fine (like I said I don't mind buying 100 shares if I get assigned). If IV (aka volatility) goes up a little I will probably sell a call.
IV has gone down in many underylings (stocks) and the job report comes out friday so I may close a lot of positions before the end of the week.IV dropped a ton in MSFT and TWTR:Closed MSFT (bought to close the call and put) for $150 profit (74% profit)Closed TWTR (bought to close call and put) for $80 (64% profit)
New trades:*Beginner trade: I think CLX will keep going up and CLX IV rank is 28-ish. A year ago this would be high IV, but in this market it could be debated if this is high or low. However, I think IV will go up again in the future in CLX. Thus, I bought a call. However, I rarely if ever just buy a call. I also sell a call. This creates a call debit spread. Research indicates this is strategy has a higher probability of profit, and research also indicates the most profitable call debit spread is to buy the (approximately) 60 delta call and sell the 40 delta call approximately 45 days out. Also, it costs less than buying a call. Here was the trade:
If i had just bought the 195 strike, june 19 call it would have cost $960. This trade cost me $635.
Other trades (I actually made this yesterday and closed it today because IV dropped and I made 50% profit, just didn't have time to post it yesterday):
For $60 credit
I'm going to look at earnings trades later today (for companies announcing earnings throughout the week) and will post those. Looking at the ones with the highest IV like PTON, ATVI, GM, BUD, ETSY, BYND.
Might do a YOLO play as well. I typically reserve 5% of my account for YOLO trades just for fun.
5/4:Crazy couple days with work, but I'll try and get to everyone's questions later today.
Notes/thoughts from over the weekend: I love Tesla and think long term they are the future. However, those who saw my comments below or were on discord saw my comments about Tesla (TSLA). New people love to trade "sexy" companies like Tesla. ...But you never know what Elon is going to say and the swings in price are very unpredictable. This is why I avoided TSLA and typically avoid companies like TSLA.
**Trade:**AMZN 1 15-May 2120 put (bought put)
\-1 15-May 2130 put (sold put) \-1 15-May 2500 call (sold call) 1 15-May 2510 call (bought call) 
Cost: Received $265
DTE: 14 days (which is about as short as I go). 45 daysish out required to much "buying power" (ie. them holding to much of money as sort of collateral that I then couldn't trade with).
Strike prices: TLDR: I wanted to sell options in AMZN because vol is high, but AMZN share price makes that to risky of a trade (very high $$ potential loss). I limited potential loss (and also some of the credit aka $ I received) by also buying options.Longer: Based on delta. Sold the 20 delta put and sold the 15 delta call. This is a slightly bullish trade. Generally speaking a 16 delta call or put is 1 standard deviation out. I will explain this later. But I considered doing selling a 16 delta call and a 16 delta put. However, I think the stock might go up so I slightly shifted the strike prices to a more bullish trade by moving the put up to the 20 delta put (higher strike price) and the sold call to the 15 delta (higher strike price). However, have a naked call (ie sold call) and a naked put (ie sold put) in a $2300 stock is to risky for me (and not allowed in my small account for Reddit) because if the trade goes against me (ie. goes really really bad) I could be required to sell 100 shares of AMZN at 2500 if AMZN goes and stays above 2500 or sell 100 shares of amazon at 2130 if goes and stays below 2130 (and I don't have any amazon shares). So I bought the put at the next lowest strike and bought the call at the next highest strike. Max loss now is around $700.
Intermediate level explanation: I thought about doing a strangle but did an iron condor instead to reduce risk.
Why this strategy: I noticed AMZN volatility was still high after earnings (which is not common). I expect volatility to come down over the weekend. The ideal scenario for this trade would be that vol drops to 0 and the stock price stays the exact same.
What helps me in this trade: Time (ie. every day that passes), decreased volatility or no change in volatility, AMZN stock price staying between 2130 and 2500.
What hurts me: Increase in vol, stock price going above 2500 or below 2130.
Probability of profit if hold this to expiration: ~65%
Trade hack: If you are selling a call or put you can estimate the chance of profit by subtracting the delta of the call or put from 100. Example, selling the 20 delta put has an 80% chance of making a profit.
Note: Sometimes delta is in decimal form (ie. 0.2 instead of 20) or negative for puts (ex. -.2).
For those that are interested in a more advanced (mathematically) explanation of how "expected move" of a stock/underlying, here is a good video
I'm terrible with technology. If anyone wants to help with editing videos DM me. In exchange I'll give you some of the Reddit gold kind strangers gave me!
Power just went out in Philly, sorry to those on the live stream. I need to double check some things are work are fine with the brief power outage. Livestream to resume at 3:30. Sorry all.
Since I have a quick break at 3pm EST today I will be streaming live here. Numerous people have asked, "Should I buy a call in XYZ". Specifically, I will explain why i'm not going to buy a call in X (literally the US Steel, X) even though I think it's going up, and explain the trade I am going to do instead.
Trades i'm considering for today:
UUL earnings tradeAAPL earnings tradeAMZN earnings trade (maybe, have the same concern I did with TSLA)Visa earnings trade (maybe)Short position in RLLong position in X (steel)Still look for longer term oil (or related to oil) trade:
Previous trade updates:
Closed FB for $450 profit. All other trades still open. I SOLD calls and put in all trades so time is in my favor. Thus, now I wait.Current profit/loss since opening:
To people asking me if they should buy options and don't understand selling options (or why I'm selling options) here is a good video to start with (fast forward to 1:50).
Yesterday and today I am fairly busy with work, but I'll get to everyone's questions go over yesterdays trades. Now that my tech naive self finally figure out streaming and uploading YouTube videos I may answer questions and go over trades there. I'll post a link here if I do.
If you have a specific question (or comment) about a video it might be easier just to comment in the YouTube comments.
Also, if people are interested I can try and do a live stream this afternoon, just let me know. Related to videos, if someone wants to make me a super cheesy YouTube thumbnail I'll happily use it. ...i've never been able to tell if 'influencers' and who not make those as a joke or seriously...
Today's trades:
Details coming soon but all similar reasoning to the TWTR.
Video of TWTR trade with reasoning and thought process here.
Not going to live stream today, but can tomorrow if there is interest.
Potential trades I'm looking at today:
-MCD earnings-MSFT earnings-Create synthetic stock position in an oil company (or company related to oil)-Short XBI (biotech ETF) position-TSLA (maybe)-SPX (maybe)
Current trades (approximately):
LUV +$30SHOP +$140C -$45 - I need C stock to stay between 35 and 55. It gone up since i opened the position and is now at 49. I'm watching this one (I set alerts so I don't have to literally watch), but if it C stock hits 55 I'll make an adjustment. Specifically, I'll "roll up" the sold put. Meaning that I sold a put with strike price of 35. If C hits 55 ill buy to close that put and sell to open a new put with a higher strike price.
General advice after talking to some people who work for me: If you don't have a ROTH IRA and you are eligible to open one, you should do that ASAP. Even if you only have $100 to put in it. Happy to explain why if you want. Eligibility is based on a couple things (students loans, annual income, marital status, etc.) but if you are single will make under $124k in 2020 or married and will make under (combined) $196k you are definitely eligible.
I opened a new account with $5,000 to show how I would (and will) make trades in a smaller account. I realize some of the trades I posted here are a little complicated, so I'll definitely make some basic trades and post those. Also, I know the livestream had some technical issues and in retrospect some of the things I talked about were more complicated than I had planned, but I'm happy to do another one and answer questions or actually make trades.
I'll also keep track of profits/losses, mainly because I feel like there are a lot of scammers out there who try and sell all sorts of stuff that falsify trades and profits_______________________________
Live stream will be at 3:00 pm (EST) here. No set plan, so come and ask any questions. Especially very entry level or beginner questions.
Update for 4/28
Updated Discord link here
Thoughts: All trades from yesterday appear to be profitable (or will likely be profitable outside of some crazy event). Meaning that I'm not going to do anything with those trades (ie. I'm not adjusting them). A mistake I made when I was younger (that typically led to losing money) was constantly tinkering with trades. But all of my trades have time to their advantage, so now I just wait.
I had a request on discord to do some more simple trades. I have to do some work to do during the day today (and everyday) but will take a break at 3:00pm to stream live where I will demonstrate some trades and answer questions. I will post the link here and discord. To the people that I asked, I use the TastyWorks platform and will give examples on there. I have no affiliation with them, but if you are going to download it you can use my referall and I think you get something free (link here).
3:15 pm. That might be all my trades for today. Since I trade mainly based on mechanics and odds of potential profit it doesn't take me much time to find/place the trades. Plus I have real work I do most of the day, trading is just a nice break. But I am looking at a few more trades before close. I'll update if I make them.
Earnings trades:
LUV naked put:
Sold the May 18th put with strike price 27
Cost: $95 credit.
Strike price and DTE: I'll explain in the why this strategy part.
Why this strategy: To extremely and way overly general there is more money to be made by selling puts vs selling calls for reasons that don't really matter at this point. But you can basically thing about it like a put costs more than a call. So when you sell a put, you get more credit ($) than selling a call.
"Hey mbhudson1, you sold a naked put in an airline? Isn't that a bullish trade meaning that you think the price of the stock will go up after earnings?! You realize nobody is flying right now, right?"
Another good question person that doesn't exist.
In this circumstance I'm using an interesting strategy that not a lot of beginners typically know about. In the long run I don't think airlines are going out of business, especially LUV. At some point I plan on buying stock in LUV. Ideally I would buy at the bottom of the market, just like everyone else wants to do. However, nobody can predict the bottom. So what i'm doing is selling a put with the full expectation that this might expire in the money and I get assigned 100 shares of stock. This is almost always how I buy stock because it's sort of a win-win.
Scenarios: LUV stock goes up: I keep the $95 LUV stock stays the same: I keep the $95LUV stock goes down a little: I keep the $95LUV stock goes below 27 (and is below 27 on May 15): I now own 100 shares of LUV....and I keep the $95.
C (Citigroup) strangle
Also not a beginner trade, but you could turn this into an iron condor.
Cost: Received $170 credit
DTE: I could have done this for a shorter DTE since it's an earnings play, but 53 days out is much less risky for naked options.
Strike prices: Picked strike prices that are outside how far the stock price is estimated to move after the earnings announcement. This can be estimated several ways, but I just went with closest call and put to 15 delta (which is around 1 standard deviation out). I could have gone even farther out on the strike prices (ie. higher call strike and lower put strike) to be less risky, but there is very limited profit potential in a lower priced stock (lower compared to something like SHOP) when you get out to 5 and 10 delta options.
Why this strategy: Volatility almost always goes down after an earnings announcement. Instead of trying to bet on which way the stock price will go on the earnings announcement, I'm essentially just betting that it won't go below 35 or above 55.
Other strategies here: I considered a ratio spread (which I can explain to beginners later) and also just considered selling a put.
This is not a beginner trade FYI. I'll let you know when I do what I consider beginner trades.
Iron condor in SHOP
FYI: In case you don't know -1 means it's a sold options contract +1 means i bought a contract.
Cost: I received $605 credit for this trade. This does require a lot of buying power (ie. collateral).
Days to expiration (DTE): I do most options trades around 40-55 DTE. I'll explain why later.
Strike prices: I like to sell calls and puts out of the money. Specially I like to use what is referred to as delta to determine which strike prices to sell. Typically I sell 10 delta calls and 5 delta puts. It might sound complicated but the delta is given in many trading platforms (here is an example on Tasty Works:
"Hey mbhudson1, you said you like to sell calls and puts and that -1 means it's a sold options contract. Why are there also bought options in your trade?". Good question person that doesn't exist. Selling a call and put in SHOP (which is called a strangle) is to risky for me. Selling an option alone is called a naked option. Naked options have a lot more risk (technically unlimited potential risk). By buying a call at a strike price higher than the sold call and by buying a put at a strike lower than the sold put I have made this a "defined risk" trade. I do sell naked options many times, but typically not if the underlying (ie stock) price is in the triple digits. A lot of big time options traders lost a lot of money on naked calls in TSLA back in Feb.
Why this strategy: I'm betting on volatility dropping here. SHOP currently has relatively high volatility. I can tell that by looking at the implied volatility rank which on an overly simplified level is where the volatility ranks today vs days in the past. Right now it's at 67%.
Also, time is to my advantage here. If nothing else changes (volatility, price of SHOP stock, etc.) every day that goes by I make money.
Plan moving forward on this trade: If I make 50% profit I will close this trade. To close this trade I would buy the 930 call and buy the 385 put while selling the 960 call and selling the 300 put. If the trade "goes against me", I will defend it but will wait until that happens to explain it.
Summary of this trade: I try and use as many things as possible to my advantage. In this trade time is to my advantage, decrease (or no change) in volatility is to my advantage, and changes in SHOP price don't really effect anything (unless they are massive like to 930 or 385). When you hear people at wallstreetbets complaining about how everyday their calls or puts are decreasing in value...i'm one of the people on the other end of those trades.

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Falling Stars, Part 1

[INFO] Background electromagnetic interference has dropped to safe levels, restoring primary systems from hibernation. [WARNING] Primary generator offline. Energy capacitor charge below 20%. Estimated time before discharge: 35.712 days. [WARNING] Corrupted sectors detected on disk. Attempting recovery. [INFO] Disk repair completed in 00:14:58, Final data corruption: 12.366% [INFO] Hyperlink signal not found, recommend disabling to conserve power. [INFO] System test has not found any damage to primary systems. Proceeding with full system start. 
I found myself face down in a snowdrift. In the back of my mind hundreds of messages and errors were screaming for my attention. It was going to take a while for me to sort through it all. Before that however, I needed to figure out where I was and what had happened to me. I slowly stood up causing all of my joints to let out a metallic creaking. They had gone stiff from not moving for an unknown period of time.
Once I was on my feet, I surveyed the environment around me. It was a barren, frozen waste. Large mountains and crags covered in snow and ice stretched as far as I could see. It was night and the sky was full of stars. A pair of small moons were shining a dim glow across the landscape. I scanned the star field for any patterns or constellations I recognized but couldn't see anything familiar. I turned around to get a glimpse behind me. There was a small shuttle that clearly had a hard landing. The metal panels in the front had been crumpled together from the impact and the now sun bleached paint was thoroughly scorched from when the ship entered the atmosphere. The ship was surrounded by clean, unbroken snow which hid the scar left in the earth by the shuttle when it crashed.
After I got my bearings I found the shuttle door which took a surprising amount of force to pry open. Once inside, I found the ship had been mostly untouched since it had landed. A good layer of dust had settled on everything which made me feel a little like I was exploring some forgotten ruin. The interior of the shuttle was fairly basic. Behind the cockpit, there was a single table with two benches on either end. Behind that were additional rows for passengers. Cabinets lined the walls on one side for storing various supplies. I took a seat in one of the benches by the table after brushing the dust away. The torrent of messages in my head was not letting up and I needed to sort through it all. I hoped once everything calmed down I would be able to figure out what had happened.
For whatever reason, some random electromagnet pulse had forced my subconscious system to put me to sleep to protect my systems. I had no idea how long I had been asleep, but it was long enough for my internal battery to slowly drain until it was almost empty. Thankfully, I managed to wake up before it drianed completely or I would have shut down forever. As for what caused the pulse in the first place I couldn't remember. The pulse had corrupted my memory of the several weeks leading up to the catastrophic event leaving me in the dark and with a lot of questions.
Thankfully, the rest of it was still intact. I knew the shuttle I was in was from the PCS Hawking, the ship I had lived on for several years. I was a pathfinder, A team of scientists, engineers, explorers, and diplomats working to refine space travel by charting hyperspace routes, developing new technologies, and building relationships with other species we encountered. I had a special relationship with the ship as I was the first of seven androids assigned to it. I remembered that being pretty special at the time as an android was still a novel and rare sight. We were a lot different from the average robot as we were still basically human. I became an android when I was only 15. After being injured, I was almost killed by an infection that was resistant to all the medicine the hospital had. As a last resort, they decided to upload my mind into a mechanical body. It got me a lot of attention at the time since the whole process was still really new. Those first few months were rough especially since those first models looked more robot than human. Since then, a lot of people had worked to provide androids like myself ways to improve the way we looked and functioned. Now I look more like I did back then which actually makes me look far younger than I really am, but I'm not complaining. I joined the pathfinders about five years after becoming an android which had been my dream since I was little. I had many adventures and experiences, especially with everyone else on the ship. Turns out being surrounded by scientists and engineers leads to a lot of questioning, as well as a lot of tinkering. I can safely say there aren't many androids with as many fun toys and gadgets than I got installed.
The more I browsed my memories, the more I started to be grateful It didn't all get wiped when I was hit with that random EMP. I was in a very uncertain place right now. I had no idea where anyone else had gone or if they were even still alive. There was a good chance I would never see them again. Even then, I could still have hope. The chance that the main ship had crashed onto this planet along with me was fairly high and that created the opportunity of eventually running into some remnant or clue for finding it. I also wasn't the only android on the ship at the time so I could run into them as well. Either way, I was certain I needed to start my search soon. I had only just over a month of charge left in my capacitor and there wasn't much on the ship that was still functional. I needed to find something soon or I wouldn't last long.
Looking out the ship's windscreen, I noticed light radiating over the horizon. It wasn't broad and soft like a sunrise, but instead was concentrated to a single area. I knew immediately that the light was artificial, and artificial light meant power. I got up from my seat excitedly. I was ready to leave immediately, but thought it would be smart to make a quick glance around to see I there was anything I could take with me. The only thing I found in the containers that I could use was a single handgun and a few gas cartridges. All the other supplies were designed for normal people and I couldn't afford to carry the extra weight with my limited power. I decided to leave most of it behind. I stepped back outside, the snow crunching under my feet, and said goodbye to the ship before starting my journey towards the distant light.
Despite what everyone says, being a gate guard is boring. You get put through all these drills and training exercises every day and for what? The only thing you would ever do was greet the occasional traveler and close the gate when some petty thief or criminal tried to run off into the wilderness. The city knew that too. Since I joined the guard my pay had never been much more than what a bookkeeper's assistant could expect. Had I known any of this I would have never joined. I should have done what my cousin did and join a guild. Every letter he sends always talks about some monster he slayed, or the places he visited, or the women he seduced. I swore by the twin moons that I would get out of here as soon as my conscription was over. I clearly was not the kind of guy that would pick something like this. I could tell most people here were only here because it was essentially easy free money. I would bet most of the guards here would rather sleep all day. Tonight was turning out to be especially boring. Usually every night greets you with an occasional trader, traveler, or wizard as they get on with their business, but tonight there hasn't been a single person. It was annoyingly quiet and I was ready to zone out. That was until my partner Risieri broke the silence.
“Hey Landolf, Do you see anything out there by the Starburnt hill?”
“No not rea-.... actually yeah I do, looks like someone is out there.”
“That's what I thought, who do you think that is?”
“Who knows, it's probably some wizard doing some ritual or whatever it is they do.”
“I don't know, I don't think I've ever seen a wizard over there before. Something about that person is weirding me out.”
“Well it looks like they are coming this way so you can ask them all the questions you want when they get here.”
Risieri replied with a sigh and we both moved towards our posts by the gate. Whoever that person was they still had quite a ways to go before they were at the gate. Even then, from what I could tell from a distance, I was starting to understand Risieri's feelings a little bit. Whoever that was they didn't appear to be wearing very heavy clothing. It may be the season of fire, but it was still well below the ice point. Both me and Risieri were each wearing very heavy sets of padded armor that even had heat runes sewn into them for extra warmth. I couldn't see how someone with anything less could be comfortable or even safe out in the extreme cold. That was why the city was built underground, it made it a lot easier to keep things warm. As the mystery person neared the gate, Risieri continued to make his own observations.
“Hey, She's pretty cute for an elf don't you think?”
I gave Risieri a disappointed look before turning my attention back to the girl.
“Risieri, are you sure she's a elf? She looks too short. Maybe she's a fey?”
“A fey outside their lands? You know their empire would never let that happen.”
“It's happened before, not all of them pledge to that dictator.”
Risieri gave me a doubting look so I doubled down.
“I mean why else do you think they haven't engulfed the surrounding territories by now? The Fey are distracted with internal conflict.”
I could tell Risieri didn't really care that much. He turned back to the mystery traveler with another sigh.
“Whatever, I guess we will find out soon enough.” He said.
The Girl stopped a few steps away from me as I raised my hand, giving me a good chance to see who we were dealing with. She clearly wasn't a Fey, Elf, or even a dwarf. Her height was somewhere in between a dwarf and fey even when you considered her apparent age (which looked very young). Her eyes were a shade of blue and had an odd pattern in them. On the sides of her head was a pair of strange blue and gray accessories which covered her ears and extended back like the ears of a rabbit. Those alone would probably draw the most attention if it wasn't for her hair. It was long and straight ending below the shoulders. It was also the brightest red I think I had ever seen in my life. No way that was her natural color. It must have been dyed or altered with magic or something. Only the Limamuda had hair that color, and even then it was really more slime than hair.
Her style of clothing was also pretty unique. She was wearing a rugged looking gray fabric coat that covered her arms and extended to her waist. The front also sported a pair of pockets near the waist. Near the collar I could see what looked to be a blue undershirt. She was also wearing pants (which was weird) and they looked to be made of a similar material to her jacket only the color was darker. It also sported a good number of pockets. Overall everything she was wearing was very strange, but it did look surprisingly practical. On one of her pockets was a silver guild pin. I couldn't recognize which guild it belonged to, but it's style and material matched other pins I had seen in the past. That would explain why she was used to traveling in harsh conditions. While I was observing her, Risieri went ahead and addressed her.
“Greetings and welcome to Almera, we are eager to have you enjoy our city. Judging from your pin are you an adventurer from a guild?”
As soon as he said this her eyes widened slightly and she looked a little confused. She lowered her head and held a hand to her chin clearly thinking deeply. After an almost awkward amount of time she gave an embarrassed smile and simply spoke:
“Yes I am.”
The response had a very heavy accent that I could barely understand. It was obvious that she had traveled a very long way to get here. I decided to give her a quick rundown of the town in case this was her first time visiting.
“Very well, The gate will lead you to the main walkways of the city. Signs are posted at each intersection. If you are looking for an inn they are on the lower floors.” I told her, pointing to the gateway behind me.
“Thank you.” she responded after a pause.
With that she walked past us through the entrance to the city below. All her responses were simple but fairly standard. As for my partner, he was clearly thinking about everything he witnessed. I decided to ask him about it:
“Hey, what did you think about her?” I asked Risieri.
“Her accent was odd, I have never heard anything like it.” He responded.
“Neither have I. Where do you think she's from?”
“What makes you think I know? Is she even one of the common races?”
“She has to be. She was wearing a guild pin.”
“Well if you really want to know so bad, why don't you just find her later and ask?”
He was making a good point. After all, if she was part of a guild then perhaps she would be my ticket out of this awful job. All I would have to do was find and befriend her.
“That could have gone better,” I muttered quietly to myself. I had hoped I could just slip in without saying a word so I could have enough time to get the language sorted out but that wasn't something fate had in mind. I'm usually pretty good with these kind of things, but back there I was struggling. I only had the vaguest idea what they were asking and thankfully it seemed like they understood my own answers at least a little bit. I had no idea why they wanted to know if I was an explorer but At least now I could expect to be mostly left alone while I finished learning the language.
The path I was on seemed to lead somewhere underground as it had a steady downward slope. The tunnel was well lit by the occasional cut crystal hanging from the ceiling. As I walked I gazed at each one as they passed by. They looked like they were glowing without anything powering them. The more I stared at them the less I understood how they worked. In fact, there were a lot of things so far that I found really odd. For one, the kingdom felt very medieval in most things yet there had been many other things that showed otherwise. The coats the guards were wearing was one thing that came to mind. They were obviously designed to protect against ancient style metal swords yet they were giving off a lot of energy as if they had their own power supply. The architecture also felt beyond the capabilities of a simple feudal society. The walkway I was on was built with simple cut stones, but the precision of the work made it obvious that none of it was done by hand. As I walked, I was starting to become very curious about this strange world I found myself in and I was excited to know what I might see next.
The end of the tunnel led to a large open courtyard that extended farther than I could see in front of me. The roof was of glass and was braced by large stone arches spaced every meter or so. Snow would slowly collect on the roof preventing a view of the sky above, however it didn't remain for long as it would be swept away by the occasional worker. Dividing the long courtyard down the middle was a decorated planter box full of various miniature trees, flowers, and other interesting flora. Beside the planter was also the occasional stone bench. As I walked further into the city, the courtyard I was following would meet an intersection and would split into several more identical halls to my left and right. I also started to see more people as I moved further inward. Eventually I found myself in the middle of a shopping district. By now it was almost midday and the area was bustling with people. Dozens of individual storefronts were built into the walls which gave the whole area a look almost like a shopping mall. I spent the next few minutes browsing around to see what kind of things the people here had in this strangely advanced pseudo medieval city.
My explorer mindset was in full force at this point as I bounced from store to store trying to understand these unique people. There was a seller for everything you would expect, Clothing, tools, animals, and even books. One of my economist friends, Jordan, once told me you could learn a lot about a civilization based on the items sold in their market. That advice occasionally came in handy once or twice when we made contact with other species so I had no reason to doubt it. As I continued to make mental notes of everything on sale I began to get the impression that everything was made locally. I couldn't see the large variety of items that you would see with a lot of trade. It made sense why they wouldn't have a large number of traders as I remembered having to trek through heavy snow my entire way here.
The items these people made themselves were too advanced for a medieval economy. I was struggling to understand how they had been able to make any of it. I couldn't find any evidence of electricity anywhere which was both fascinating and worrying. I had used up over two days of my remaining power supply trying to get here and I haven't found any way of getting it back. I would have to keep looking. My mind turned to the odd lights from the tunnel. I wanted to know how they worked. They had to be powered by something. I had seen books being sold at a fair price in one of the shop stalls so there was a good chance there was a library of some sort. I looked around for someone I could ask for directions and eventually walked up to what looked to be a guard.
“Excuse me, I'm trying to find a library do you know where one is?” I asked.
The guard looked respectful but clearly confused and for a moment I wondered if I hadn't refined the language yet.
“I'm sorry, you're trying to find a what?” The guard responded.
“A library, a place with books people can read to learn.” I clarified.
“Oh! You're looking for the Magisterium. It's in block 196-118. Just head down that side path until you reach the third set of stairs and it should be on the fourth floor down.”
I mentally reviewed what the guard said to make sure I translated it correctly before I thanked him and went on my way. As it turned out, the city was laid out in a perfect grid with each block being given a number code. At this point I couldn't be surprised anymore with how organized and structured everything was. There was a staircase about every 20th intersection so it took several minutes to make it to the one the guard told me about. The staircase was similar to the others only this one was more ornate. It was made of stone and was over five meters wide. It spiraled both upwards and downwards. In the center of spiral staircase was a large stone sculpture of various individuals which also had a waterfall flowing around them. I could only guess each person was some famous historical figure of some kind. When I reached the floor of the magisterium It wasn't hard to spot it. It was a large building that featured two large sections beside a central domed hall. The facade of the building was adorned with statues and intricate tile. Water flowed down channels cut into the buildings walls. The ornateness of the building made me hesitate. I wasn't sure if I could trust myself with the language yet and the building looked more like a palace or religious center than a school or library. I had confused the two before, and it got me thrown in an alien prison. I didn't want to make that mistake again. However, before I could figure out the true purpose of the building, my attention was turned away by a faint noise. It was distant and quiet, quiet enough that I was pretty I was the only one who could hear it.
It was a scream, not a fun scream or a teasing scream, but the bone chilling scream of abject terror. Someone was in real danger and needed help. For a moment I forgot about my limited power and I ran to the noise.
“No! Please! Go away, I haven't done anything wrong!” I pleaded with my attackers. The two dwarves in dark hoods had grabbed me by the arms and dragged me to a dark and quiet part of the city. I was alone and scared. I had no idea where I was or what they planned to do with me. I could only be as loud as I could and hope someone would hear me.
“Shut your mouth fairy girl!” one of the dwarves screamed before he slugged me in the gut. The hit made me keel over in pain and I felt sick. Before I could recover, one of the two dwarves then kicked me into the wall.
“The Minister may have allowed you into our city but that doesn't mean we will.” The other dwarf said. “You're going to pay for all the people that tyrant has killed.”
“” I weekly said trying to look at them. The dwarf on the right made a scowl and drew a knife from his belt. “What do you think Gerrod, a cut for every soul?” The dwarf with the knife suggested. The other dwarf let out a menacing chuckle of approval.
I looked in horror as the dwarves approached me and held me down. Then without warning The knife in the dwarf's hand slashed into my right leg. It was nothing like I had felt before. I had cut myself a few times in the past but this was different. The knife had been inscribed with a rune to inflict pain and it burned like acid. I started to scream uncontrollably unable to handle the torture. The longer it went on the more I wished they would just kill me and end it. But they wouldn't stop. Over and over again they made small cuts in my legs intentionally making it last as long as they could.
And then it suddenly stopped. I moaned in relief as the dwarves turned their attention to the person behind them.
I was getting closer, I could hear it. The sound had led me several floors down into the deeper parts of the city. Each floor had less light than the one above and I began to see less people. If someone wanted to break a law this was certainly the place to do it. I hoped I wasn't too late. I picked up speed and nearly hit 18 kph before I found what I was searching for.
Sliding to a stop I saw the source of the screaming. Two figures in dark robes had captured a blonde girl and were torturing her with a knife. The yellow dress she was wearing was soaked in blood and she was whimpering in pain. My eyes met the girls and her's went wide. She stared at me with a look of pleading mercy that I had seen several times in the past, and it was making me very angry. As A human I always had a short temper and tended to lack mercy which carried over when I became an android. I couldn't wait any longer and called out to the hooded figures.
“Hey! What the Hell are you doing!”
The two figures, who ended up being dwarves, quickly shot around, clearly not expecting company. Their looks of shock quickly became rage once they saw me.
“You made a mistake coming here bunny ears,” the dwarf holding the knife said darkly. It wasn't a very good insult, but his tone did wonders to rile up my temper. I drew the gun on my hip and powered it on.
“I want you to tell me why you're torturing that girl or I will kill you.” I said resolutely.
“Try it dross, End her Gerrod” The knife holding dwarf ordered.
The dwarf next to him held out his hand and fired a bolt of purple light. It struck me in the chest creating a cloud of black smoke. The girl behind the dwarves cried out in fear as strange light coursed all over me. I feared I was hit with something bad. I hadn't expected that kind of attack to suddenly shoot from his hand. I was prepared to deal with a charging man with a sword, not some chemical attack. I cursed myself for not being prepared as I expected to be defeated. But I felt nothing. The smoke and light around me turned out to be pretty mundane. Honestly, I felt tricked and my patience had run out. Using my infrared sight I aimed my gun at the dwarf who cast the spell and fired.
I couldn't believe it. I called out to the girl hoping the spell hadn't killed her. How could a dwarf know death magic like that? I was terrified and dismayed. I didn't know what to do. My rescuer had come to save me only to be snuffed out by cheap tricks and rare magic. I wanted to cry. Both dwarves were laughing and making jokes about their victory. Suddenly a loud crack forced me to cover my ears. I looked up to see the dwarf who cast the spell on the floor without a head. The other dwarf had reeled in shock and fell backwards. The girl who came to my rescue walked out of the smoke, her eyes glowing bright red. Both myself and the remaining dwarf could only stare in shock. She took a few steeps toward the remaining dwarf and pointed the weapon in her hand at him, its tip venting glowing steam.
“I can only take pleasure in killing scum like you.” She said with a vicious sneer that chilled the atmosphere.
The dwarf went pale. “Wha- What are you?” he spoke quietly. Terror tinged his voice. In total panic he tried to crawl backwards but was stopped by the wall behind him.
“I'm an android. I would say it's a pleasure to meet you, but it's not nice to lie. Goodbye.” She said taking aim. The tip of the object began to glow.
“No! Please! I-” The dwarf was cut off with a flash of blue light accompanied by a crack like thunder. The dwarf slumped over dead with a hole through his chest. The girl blew out the steam from her weapon and spun it into a sheath at her side. The red glow in her eyes subsided leaving behind ones that were soft and blue. Turning her attention to me, she lowered a hand down offering to help me up.
“Aurora Westinghouse, Pathfinder engineer. Lets get you home shall we?”
I stood up with her help, my legs still in pain from the cuts. Powerful feelings of relief and gratitude washed over me. Tears filled my eyes and I fell into Aurora crying like a little girl. She put her arms around me and we stayed like that for a few minutes. Finally it was over. I had come to this city trying to escape the terrors of my home, but in the end those terrors just followed me here.
"Thank you............ thank you............. thank you......." I said repeatedly through my tears.
I did my best to comfort the girl as she let her trauma out. Meanwhile I started to make plans to get her out of here. The gunshots were going to attract a lot of attention and I didn't want to stick around to learn the city's legal process.
Carrying her was going to be difficult as she was almost a foot taller than me. She was going to have to limp which meant I needed to do something about her legs. I cut some cloth from the now dead dwarves and bandaged her legs as best as I could. I wasn't a medic by any means but I was decent with tying knots which I hoped would let me make do. Placing one of her arms around my shoulders, I supported some of her weight and helped her along as we made our way out of the area to the floor above.
“Alright, I think we are far enough away from all of that. Do you know anyone who can help you with your legs?” I asked.
The girl nodded her head. “My brother is a healer, he can help. Our home shouldn't be too far from here.”
“Alright I can help you there. you never told me your name by the way.” I said trying to cheer her up.
“Sorry, I'm Eris.” She responded with a small giggle.
“That's a pretty name. Do you have any idea why those dwarves would attack you?”
She went silent, the question was clearly bothering her. I decided to not push it any further. We continued to slowly make our way through the dim hallways of the lower city without much conversation. The hallways were flat, utilitarian, and lacked the ornamentation of the upper floors. The whole place smelled like mold mixed with sewer and the air was very hot. Thankfully we didn't stay down there for long as Eris motioned me to take the next staircase up. We continued to make steady progress until Eris broke the silence.
“How?..... How did you do it?” She asked.
“I don't understand what you mean.” I responded. Eris looked flustered.
“What do you mean you don't understand? How did you survive that spell? I saw the magic hit you! You should have died instantly but you didn't! How did you do it!?”
I thought about her question. That was magic? I knew it shouldn't be possible, but the more I thought about it the more the existence of magic started to explain a lot of the things I had seen since coming to the city. I thought about the implications. Maybe I could use magic as a way to recharge myself? I would probably be forced to look into it sooner than later as all that action drained my battery to uncomfortable levels. At best I had about a week of charge left. As for Eris's question, I really didn't have a good answer. I had no idea how any of it worked, only that it didn't work on me.
“I, I don't know. I guess it just didn't have any effect on me.” I responded.
Eris went quiet again, this time in an attempt to understand what just I told her. She looked at me with a confused expression.
“what did you say you were again?” she asked.
“An android. Well technically I'm still a human, but not everyone agrees with me.”
“What do you mean not everyone agrees? Are you undead?” Eris had a worried look
“Ah, no I haven't died yet,” I said with a chuckle,“but I almost did and only survived thanks to this mechanical body.”
“What happened?”
“I got really sick. There was no cure.” I reflected.
“I see... So you're really a golem then? A living golem?"
"I guess you could say that."
"That's... new. Anyway, we're almost at my home. I want to talk to you more after this is over.”
“Sure, I can do that.”
Her home was one of hundreds of small apartments on one of the lower levels of the city a good distance from where I found her. I could tell the housing was designed to be as cheap as possible. Her home was one of many small units stacked three or even four high all made from stone block that wasn't cut as cleanly as the stone I saw higher up. Access to each building was provided by cheap iron scaffolding with a mesh grating acting as the floor which wobbled slightly as we made our way across.
Walking up to her apartment door, I gave it a good knock. After a few seconds the door was opened a crack before being flung open revealing a tall, slender man. He had light brown hair, a short beard, and green eyes. He also stood a good foot and a half taller than me. Upon seeing us he gasped and quickly set down the book he was holding.
“Hey Liam.” Eris said. She was starting to become delirious.
“Oh twin moons, What happened to her?” He said with a worried tone.
“Nothing good. She said you could help her.” I told him.
“Yes, of course. Please bring her in.”
Liam motioned us in and we both stepped through the narrow doorway. The apartment looked small and only had a few rooms. We entered into a common room which also doubled as a kitchen. In the center of the room was a short stone table surrounded by floor cushions which I placed Eris down on. Lining the walls were several bookcases each overflowing with books of various sizes plus a small stove with a cooking pot. I found an open cushion to sit down on while Liam was in the process of gathering supplies from various cabinets and chests. Soon after he returned with various objects with unknown purpose and he began to work on his sister.
“Now how did this happen?” he said as he unraveled my makeshift bandages from around her legs.
“I herd her screaming and I came to rescue her from a pair of dwarves. They were tor-” I tried to explain before being cut off.
“That's good enough. I don't need the details.” He said in a brisk but polite tone.
He was in the process of rubbing a clear gel into each cut. I watched closely out of curiosity as he worked. Once he was finished, he pulled out a small yellow crystal on a chain as well as piece of chalk. He turned to the side shuffling towards the table then drew a pattern of complex characters onto the surface. Halfway into his drawing he suddenly stopped and reviewed his work. Then, anxious about its accuracy, he got up to grab a book from one of the many shelves in the room. Flipping through a few pages, he compared his work to the one in the book before finishing the drawing using the book as reference.
“Help me lift her onto the table.” he said to me after he returned the book to its shelf.
I nodded to him and grabbed a side. We both moved her as gently as we could onto the table. Once everything was set, Liam took out a small paper card embossed with more symbols.
“Eris, I'm going to put you to sleep now okay?” Liam said.
He tapped the card onto her forehead causing it to shimmer. Almost immediately, I saw Eris grow drowsy and fall asleep. When she was fully under Liam took the crystal in his hand and started to whisper something under his breath. As he spoke, the chalk markings on the table began to glow with a white light that quickly grew very bright. I shielded my eyes with a hand and took a step back. The light was making it hard to see exactly what was going on but I had to keep looking. The number of questions I wanted to ask had been increasing almost exponentially by this point and now I was confident I could rely on Liam for answers. His collection of books was impressive even by my own standards and they all looked worn and well used. I had to wait until after he was finished before I could start conversation so I made some plans in my head to ensure we could talk afterwards. For now I could only watch the miraculous things that were occurring before me and take some mental notes. This was magic I thought to myself. I guess calling it anything else would have been redundant. Liam was in the process of bending the laws of nature to his will. Energy flowed into Eris sealing up her wounds with remarkable speed. Eris was almost completely healed before I finally noticed something familiar. Something that would shatter my current view of this world. I had been so focused on watching the healing unfold that I had practically ignored Liam. My attention snapped to the spellcaster, and I could only stare at him with a look of complete consternation.
Liam was speaking German.
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Job Details: Purpose of the role As a Sports Trader, you will work in a team of self-organised Traders who specialize in US sports. In your position you will cover a wide variety of sports markets and perform pre-match and live trading. You will be responsible for: • Compiling odds for a variety of desk specific markets • More... If you are a financial trader looking for a new asset class to invest in, you shouldn’t find sports betting far from your regular day job. One consequence of the 2008 financial crash, and the subsequent low-yield environment for investing, has been the move of city traders into betting traders, for all the reasons mentioned, and because it Live Betting US Sports Trader A major online sports book, requires a Live Betting US Sports Trader to join their highly professional US sports team. You will be responsible for supporting and maximising the growth in profitability of the products by providing effective day to day trading and liability management of US sports in play markets. Trading Jobs. Click on the Details/Apply button next to each job to see the full posting, or check the boxes next to the jobs that interest you and click View Selected to see several jobs together. You may also add one or more jobs to your Wish List by clicking on the check boxes next to them and then clicking Add to Wish List.. 5 Jobs found, viewing matches 1 - 5. Live Betting Football Trader A major online sports book, requires a Live Betting Football Trader to join their highly professional Football Team. You will be responsible for supporting and maximising the growth in profitability of the product by providing effective day to day trading and liability management of football in play markets.

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Trading for a Living: Best and Worst Parts of the Job

Episode 1: Follow professional sports bettor Jonas Gjelstad's journey, as he turned $10,000 into over $1,000,000 in 12 months. Watch Episode 2 to learn more about the highs and lows of ... See this quick review about Gruss Betting Assistant. One of the three main softwares that are used within the trading community on Betfair and Betdaq... A video showing how to program macros in VBA for the Gruss Betting Assistant, learn how to automate your betting. The Betting School Insiders Club is dedicated to helping you win with your betting ... 6 Questions You're Probably Be Asked in Your Job Interview. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE. How ... BettingJobs is the global leading Headhunting, Consulting & Recruitment Solutions provider to the Sports Betting, Gaming & Lotteries sectors. We pride oursel...