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+ We are putting out an open call for volunteers to send out our Github link to all news outlets! +
UPDATE 6/5: WE ARE MOST IN NEED OF ASSISTANCE FROM THOSE LOCATED IN: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, Wyoming, Washington D.C, Puerto Rico
ALSO: Any states that have a Univision, UniMas, or Telmundo news channels in your area!
  1. Read the FAQ and all of these instructions carefully!
  2. Please check under your state’s comment to see if your area has already been covered - direct links are below.
  3. Copy the script (located at the bottom, after the FAQ), modify if you need to (especially if you’re personally affected by this), but stick to the facts.
  4. Go to your local market’s news stations’ and newspapers’ websites and submit info. You may have to dig around a little -- some have direct links on where to submit, some have embedded fill-forms, others have news tips email addresses.
  5. It is up to you whether you want to remain anonymous or not. But please stick only to the facts… we’re doing this on an honor-based system, so we trust you to just deliver only the factual information we provide.
  6. Once done, comment below your state’s thread with the city, affiliation (CBS, NBC, Los Angeles Times, Milwaukee Journal, etc.) and the stations’ call signs, if applicable (KTLA, WNBC, etc.)
  7. That’s it! It takes mere minutes to do, but your small part contributes to a much, much larger cause.
  8. Bonus! If you happen to see your local news use any of our footage, please reply to your comment with a link from their website.
+++ FAQ +++
+ What is this I’m submitting and why?
This is a link to our (growing) catalog of all incidences of brutality instigated directly by the police. A lot of these videos are being removed from social media for various reasons (political, TOS violation, etc.) As these are removed, this gives the press less of a chance of accessing these important stories.
We believe that all markets, large or small, across all 50 states and 5 U.S. Territories need to see this. This is (as far as we know) the only place where all these instances are being catalogued and preserved, but not everyone has the ways and means to access this vital information.
+ Why not just contact the major news conglomerates directly?
Because that defeats the purpose - if Sinclair decides that they don’t want the affiliates to broadcast this, then that knocks out some very large markets. By submitting directly to the “small guys”, it gives them more of an option to use this footage.
Also, we feel it is important that this is submitted directly by YOU, the local viewer*… not by just one person who has no ties to that specific market.*
+ Why should I report back to you after I submit?
This gives us an idea of which markets still haven’t been contacted yet, and we can put in a call to action asking for help or fill in the blanks ourselves.
We also don't necessarily want to flood the major markets with the same info and script over and over again.
In the case that your news affiliate does use this information and you reply with a link, we are able to add this to our records.
+ What about my local representation? Can I send it to them, too, and not just the media?
YES, PLEASE. You can find ALL of your representatives here:
UPDATE 6/5 - Minneapolis City Council votes for changes to police dept. Start small - contact your local councilperson and your state reps. They have more power than you know!
+ I’m not in the United States… can I submit this to my local media and officials?
YES! The more global eyes see this, the more the corruption can be exposed. More exposure = more action. Please add under the “International” comment to let us know who you reached out to for our records.
+ I still have questions/comments… what’s the best way to ask?
Feel free to ask under the “Question/Comments"!
+ How else can I help?
A couple of people have asked this... first of all, thank you! We are always looking for more assistance. Please check out the Request for Mods and Content Creators -- though we are set on mods, we could stand to have some more Content Curators (such as myself) on board.

SUBJECT: Nationwide Police Brutality Compilation
BODY: Hello,
I have found where some concerned citizens, such as myself, are documenting examples of excessive force being used by law enforcement officers during the 2020 protests sparked by the death of George Floyd.
Their catalog is constantly growing as the protests continue, and I believe this is something you should definitely keep an eye on:
Thank you!

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Permanently banned from r/television for linking to a thread in r/conspiracy posted by an NBC employee discussing an email to participate in a scripted Black Lives Matter PSA.

The first submission was strangely removed for "Bad Title." I sent a pm to the moderators asking what was wrong. No answer.
I posted a comment on the 2nd submission noting a correction to the title.
[–] meme_kat[S] -1 points 6 minutes ago
Mods I've corrected the error in the title on the previous submission that stated "Sinclair Media."
Sinclair Media != Sinclair Broadcast Group
fixed. if there's an issue please comment before removing.
Minutes later
You have been permanently banned from participating in television. You can still view and subscribe to television, but you won't be able to post or comment.
Note from the moderators:
You saw your post was removed once for your shitty title, and then you go repost it with the exact same shitty title. You clearly haven't learned a thing, so we have no interest in dealing with you posting a third time.
Shortly after
The mod in question responded to my initial pm sent before he banned me
television Why was this submission removed for bad title?
[–] to /television sent an hour ago
It's an accurate title. No different from this:
The mod then responded.
[–] from 2th[M] via /television sent an hour ago
Your is a shitty, sensationalized title that links to an image on /conspiracy. The other is a PBS article where the title on reddit is the title from the article. One is legit, the other is tinfoil hat bullshit that cannot be confirmed. And you couldn't even wait for us to respond before you decided to repost with the exact same shitty title. No. Just no. We do not tolerate that behavior. You could have waited for this response, but you didn't. So we have no desire to deal with you any further.
[–] to 2th[M] via /television sent an hour ago
One is legit, the other is tinfoil hat bullshit that cannot be confirmed.
The screenshot of an internal NBC email was submitted by an NBC employee at a local station affiliate. He did not reveal himself for obvious reasons.
Why are you banning for something so innocuous? Did you try to pm him?
You could have left a comment noting what you took issue with in the title when you removed the first thread.
I did everything correctly. It seems like you are personally annoyed that I posted this.
[–] from 2th[M] via /television sent 51 minutes ago
The screenshot of an internal NBC email was submitted by an NBC employee at a local station affiliate. He did not reveal himself for obvious reasons.
A screenshot I can easily fake in 5 minutes of photoshop. The person would have to verify they indeed work for an NBC affiliate and provide more than a simple screenshot. It isn't our job to message the user to get verification.
And no, you didn't do everything correctly.
[–] to 2th[M] via /television sent 34 minutes ago
Two weeks ago the media was telling the public at large that they were irresponsible for not social distancing and wanting to get back to work. All of that was quickly forgotten the past two weeks.
Various organizations have tried to exploit George Floyd's death. This includes media outlets and also the NGO Black Lives Matter which is pushing a defund police agenda funded by the Open Society Foundation.
If the NBC email turns out to be factually accurate, will you remove the ban?
The submission was removed for bad title.
The title is accurate. I think we both know this. I think this is more about personal views and political affiliation and using your position to enforce it.
All news networks engage in messaging, just most try to hide it better than Sinclair did. This includes Comcast (NBC), Fox, Viacom (CBS), and Disney (ABC), and various print publications.
Posts about Sinclair media attempting to manipulate views with a corporate directive for messaging was widely accepted in television.
My submission was no different, but here I am banned. It makes me think that the ban has to do with personal political views.
And no this has nothing to do with racism. BLM donations go to ActBlue which if not cashed go to the Democrat Party.
I'd encourage you to read this post and reflect.
[–] from 2th[M] via /television sent 8 minutes ago
If the NBC email turns out to be factually accurate, will you remove the ban?
No. You are impatient and annoying. You knew the post was removed. You saw the reason with the flair. You then sent us modmail, and instead of waiting for a response, you went ahead and posted the same thing with the same damn title. You could have the best intentions but you are going about it the absolutely dumbest way.
The submission was removed for bad title.
Yes it was. And you knew this before the second submission.
The title is accurate. I think we both know this. I think this is more about personal views and political affiliation and using your position to enforce it.
No it is not. Let's break it down for you
NBC national sent out internal email to all NBC local affiliates to participate in a scripted Black Lives Matters public announcement while passing it off as organic. Hello Sinclair Media! This is extremely dangerous to our democracy!
It is unconfirmed that the email is legit, so you can toss out literally everything about the first sentence. The "Hello Sinclair Media! This is extremely dangerous to our democracy!" is nothing more than sensationalized bullshit. No where does Sinclair even appear in the email.
When you have confirmed information, then post an article from a legit source with the actual title of the article and not sensationalized bullshit. Simple as that.
[–] subreddit message via /television[M] sent 8 minutes ago
You have been temporarily muted from television. You will not be able to message the moderators of television for 72 hours.
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Helena independent record

Howdy y’all,
I’m fairly new here and have been trying to establish reliant local news sources. I saw on local nbc news affiliate the a recall petition for Helena commissioners was submitted recently and found that interesting.
It’s been a couple days and haven’t found a story about it on the independent record. This makes me curious as to what others deem the most timely and relevant local news sources we have available?
Thanks for any input!
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191231 BTS @ Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve (8/7c)

Basic Info

A much cherished annual tradition since 1972, “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest” is the most popular way for viewers to ring in the New Year, both in the US and worldwide. Hosted by Ryan Seacrest, the show is a New Year’s staple with live performances in New York along with the iconic Times Square ball drop.
The broadcast starts at 8PM EST. (Timezone Converter HERE will show the times in your time zone.)
(Please note that if you're on the west coast of the US, they delay the broadcast a few hours and show a taped one.)

BTS Performance Time

Reportedly at 10:38pm EST. (Timezone Converter HERE)

How to Watch / Stream

Please note the Times Square official stream is not the same as Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve. Times Square is the event/venue in NYC, Dick Clark's NYRE is a TV show on ABC that shows performances from Times Square and various other places around the US. There is no official stream for Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve. It makes sense the Times Square stream would show the BTS performance, but we're not sure yet. May want to have a backup plan. You can watch the official Times Square NYE stream here starting at 6pm EST.

In the US:

Outside the US:

Please note the Times Square official stream is not the same as Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve. Times Square is the event/venue in NYC, Dick Clark's NYRE is a TV show on ABC that shows performances from Times Square and various other places around the US. There is no official stream for Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve. It makes sense the Times Square stream would show the BTS performance, but we're not sure yet. May want to have a backup plan. You can watch the official Times Square NYE stream here starting at 6pm EST.
Other than that, bootleg streams are your best bet. I'll add several here. Click at your own risk.

Live Chat on the Official /bangtan Discord

The bangtan official discord will be watching and chatting in the #Livestream channel. Go here to get an invite.

BTS Cuts

Tag me as u/kelliente in your comment to add to this list.


Tag me as u/kelliente in your comment to add to this list.
The Show(s)

Other - Pictures & Articles

Tag me as u/kelliente in your comment to add to this list.
  • Billboard "BTS Ushers in 2020 With Stellar Performances at New Year's Rockin' Eve in Times Square: Watch"
  • Time "BTS Successfully Counted Down to 2020 at Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve"
  • Teen Vogue "BTS Performs at Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve With Ryan Seacrest"
  • Getty Images
  • Soompi - BTS trends worldwide on Twitter
  • Bustle - Performance included hit songs 'Make it Right' and 'Boy with Luv'
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“[L]aw enforcement is a popular career choice for psychopaths,” according to a 2018 article* on BusinessInsider.com. (Non-)obvious reasons police reforms MUST include testing** to screen out psychos.

* https://www.businessinsider.com/professions-with-the-most-psychopaths-2018-5
** i.e., administering available tests that are psychometrically valid
Details: https://www.slideshare.net/PostRomCom/ (SlideShare is owned by LinkedIn.) Excerpt:
Obvious reason to screen out
From 2011 book The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry:
[“]She said, ‘I’ve got a bad personality. I like to hurt people.’ I thought she was winding me up. I said, ‘Okay, fine.’ So we went through the [fMRI] tests [i.e., brain scans]. When she was looking at the photographs of the mutilated bodies, the sensors showed that she was getting a kick off of them. Her sexual reward center—it’s a sexual thing—was fired up by blood and death. It’s subconscious. It happens in milliseconds. She found those things pleasant.”
From 2019 book The New Evil: Understanding the Emergence of Modern Violent Crime:
As we move along the continuum to Category 9 [of 22 categories of violent crime], we traverse an important threshold. The remainder of the scale encompasses persons who commit “evil” acts partly or wholly as the result of varying degrees of psychopathy . . .
TNE co-author Michael H. Stone, MD, is a professor of clinical psychiatry at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.
TNE co-author Gary Brucato, PhD, is: 1) a clinical psychologist and researcher in the areas of violence, psychosis, and other serious psychopathology, 2) the assistant director of the Center of Prevention and Evaluation at the New York State Psychiatric Institute/Columbia University Medical Center.
From the June 4, 2020 article on WPXI.com* titled “Former FBI assistant director: Derek Chauvin showed ‘sociopathic behavior’ during George Floyd’s death”:
[Former FBI-er] Fuentes said research shows about seven percent of people exhibit some sociopathic behavior, but in applicants for law enforcement that number jumps up to more than 40% [my emphasis].
Fuentes said the key to stopping police brutality is preventing these types of individuals who seek out power over others from being hired in the first place.
* WPXI is the NBC-TV affiliate in Pittsburgh, PA.
Non-obvious reason to screen out
-- Summary (details below) --
Advances in molecular genetics are IMPERILING ~77 million psychopaths (PsIMP).
It’s (very) likely that a growing number of Ps: 1) are aware that PsIMP, 2) have been resisting* (e.g., organizing; coercing; preparing to coerce-via-terrorizing; partnering with known groups of violent extremists).
From 2012 book Irregular Army: How the US Military Recruited Neo-Nazis, Gang Members, and Criminals to Fight the War on Terror:
Since its inception, the leaders of the white supremacist movement—which is as old as the country—have encouraged their members to enlist. They see it as a way for their followers to receive combat and weapons training, courtesy of the US government . . .
* I identified this THREAT to non-Ps via my work; said resisting is a RISK factor for my industry.
Re: most/all very wealthy people who aren’t Ps would BENEFIT from $UPPORTING said screening out (e.g., $UPPORTING politicians who . . .)
Details below.
-- Summary (details below) --
Psychopathy is ~70% heritable.
Via molecular genetics, many/most/all genetic markers for psychopathy will be identified soon.
[I]ndefinite detention” of Ps could/should ensue, according to a leading psychopathy researcher and criminologist who’s tenured at the University of Pennsylvania (i.e., Ps who haven’t committed a crime could be imprisoned).
Re: Ps being aware that PsIMP
From a 2016 article on PsychologyToday.com:
A [meta-analytic] review of [48] studies found that the correlation between psychopathy and intelligence is nearly zero [i.e., ~2.3% of Ps have an IQ ≥ 130; ~16% ≥ 115] . . . (O’Boyle, Forsyth, Banks, & Story, 2013).
From the 2012 article in FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin titled “The Corporate Psychopath”:
Today’s corporate psychopath may be highly educated—several with Ph.D., M.D., and J.D. degrees have been studied . . .
Re: Ps resisting PsIMP
From a 2018 article titled “Los Extraditables, the Pablo Escobar-Led Gang That Launched a Bloody Campaign [during the 1980s] Against U.S. Extradition”:
The terrorist group . . . claimed “we prefer a grave in Colombia to a prison in the United States . . .”
Escobar was a drug-trafficker whose net worth reached $58 billion (in 2018 dollars). The other leaders of Los Extraditables were wealthy drug-traffickers.
From 2001 book Killing Pablo: The Hunt for the World’s Greatest Outlaw (my emphases):
“[Escobar] intended, he said, to use the public’s weariness with [Extraditables-funded] violence to his benefit. He planned to turn up the violence until the public cried out for a solution, a deal.
. . . A communiqué from the Extraditables not long after hammered home the point:
We are declaring total and absolute war on the government, on the individual and political oligarchy, on the journalists who have attacked and insulted us, on the judges that have sold themselves to the government, on the extraditing magistrates . . . on all those who have persecuted and attacked us. We will not respect the families of those who have not respected our families. We will burn and destroy the industries, properties and mansions of the oligarchy.”
At his [Pablo’s] peak, he would threaten to usurp the Colombian State.”
“Ever since Pablo’s men had blown that Avianca flight out of the sky . . .”
“[A] total of 457 police had been killed since Colonel Martinez had started his hunt. Young gunmen in that city were being paid 5 million pesos for killing a cop.”
From a 2018 book by a professor of international relations at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point (my emphases):
The allure of preventive war is rooted in fear . . . [F]ear is most acute when power is shifting among states [i.e., groups of people].
. . . The strategic logic of preventive military action is simple: The objective is to physically destroy or neutralize the rival’s growing offensive capabilities with a first strike or by coaxing war, at an early stage in the power shift, before the rival is potent enough to pose the threat that haunts your visions of the future.
. . . [Hence] that long parade of preventive conflicts we can observe over thousands of years of history.
Re: psychopathy is ~70% heritable
From 2011 book The Science of Evil, by a University of Cambridge professor of developmental psychopathology:
If a trait or behavior is even partly genetic, we should see its signature showing up in twins.
. . . Regarding twin studies of Type P [i.e., psychopaths], none of these show 100 percent heritability, but the genetic component is nevertheless substantial (the largest estimate being about 70 percent).
Re: many/most/all genetic markers for psychopathy will be identified soon
From 2013 book The Anatomy of Violence: The Biological Roots of Crime, by a University of Pennsylvania professor of Criminology, Psychiatry and Psychology (part 1 of 2):
“Behavioral genetics is a shadowy black box because, while it tells us what proportion of a given behavior is genetically influenced, it does not identify the specific genes lurking in there that predispose one to violence. Molecular genetics is poised to pry open that black box . . .”
“Twenty years ago, molecular genetics was a fledgling field of research. Now it is a major enterprise providing us with a detailed look at the structure and function of genes.”
From a May 2020 article in Nature magazine:
In the past decade, studies of psychopathological genetics have become large enough to draw robust conclusions.
From The Anatomy of Violence (part 2 of 2):
The essence of the molecular genetic research we have been touching on above—identifying specific genes that predispose individuals to crime—is that genes code for neurotransmitter functioning. Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals essential to brain functioning. There are more than a hundred of them and they help to transmit signals from one brain cell to another to communicate information. Change the level of these neurotransmitters, and you change cognition, emotion, and behavior.
. . . It’s 2034 . . . [A]ll males in society aged eighteen and over have to register at their local hospital for a quick brain scan and DNA testing. One simple finger prick for one drop of blood that takes ten seconds. Then a five-minute brain scan for the “Fundamental Five Functions”: First, a structural scan provides the brain’s anatomy. Second, a functional scan shows resting brain activity. Third, enhanced diffusion-tensor imaging is taken to assess the integrity of the white-fiber system in the brain, assessing intricate brain connectivity. Fourth is a reading of the brain’s neurochemistry that has been developed from magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Fifth and finally, the cellular functional scan assesses expression of 23,000 different genes at the cellular level. The computerization of all medical, school, psychological, census, and neighborhood data makes it easy to combine these traditional risk variables alongside the vast amount of DNA and brain data to form an all-encompassing biosocial data set.
. . . Fourth-generation machine-learning techniques looked for complex patterns of linear and nonlinear relationships . . .
Re: “indefinite detention” of Ps could/should ensue
From The Anatomy of Violence (my emphases):
[This] leads the government [in 2034] to launch the LOMBROSO program —Legal Offensive on Murder: Brain Research Operation for the Screening of Offenders.
. . . Under LOMBROSO, those who test positive—the LPs—are held in indefinite detention. . . . It sounds quite cushy, but remember that the LPs have not actually committed a crime. Perhaps the main drawback is who they live with, housed as they are in facilities full of other LPs—time bombs waiting to explode.
Re: most/all very wealthy people who aren’t Ps (VWnPs) would BENEFIT from $UPPORTING said screening out
In particular, VWnPs would benefit if Ps couldn’t resist via police awareness of investigations (e.g., via psycho cops thwarting would-be predictive policing).
From the chapter in 2015 book Tomorrowland: Our Journey from Science Fiction to Science Fact titled “Hacking the President’s DNA” (the chapter was co-authored by a former Resident Futurist of the FBI; my emphases):
Our next commander-in-chief will be our first commander-in-chief to have to deal with genetically based, made-to-order [e.g., personalized] biothreats.
. . . Within a few years, politicians, celebrities, leaders of industry . . . will be vulnerable to murder[, extortion, etc.] by genetically engineered bioweapon. Many such killings could go undetected, confused with death by natural causes; many others would be difficult to pin on a defendant, especially given disease latency. Both of these factors are likely to make personalized bioweapons extremely attractive to anyone bearing ill will.
Especially VWnPs who own a lot of real estate in big cities . . .
From the March 2020 op-ed on TheHill.com titled “The coronavirus: Blueprint for bioterrorism,” written by a former assistant to a then vice-president of the U.S.:
It represents the perfect asymmetric warfare strategy . . .
Google “urban exodus coronavirus” and “remote work post coronavirus.”
From the 2018 article on Vice.com titled “This Is What It Would Take to Turn a Virus Into a Weapon”:
Melinda Gates recently declared that the biggest threat to humanity is a pandemic brought on by a bioterrorist attack. [The Melinda & Bill Gates Foundation has been focused on pandemic preparation for several years.]
IMPORTANTLY for VWnPs et al., Ps could ENLARGE their war chest by engineering (corona)viruses and vaccines.
From 2020 “pandemic novelThe End of October (#24 on Amazon’s May 7 list of best-selling books; the novel was published on April 28):
“Really, Henry,” Bartlett asked, “you think this [virus] was man-made?”
“Biowarfare has always been a part of the arsenals of the great powers. We shouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to have been concocted in a laboratory. We know the Russians have tinkered with influenza. Good scientists. Maybe they wanted to see what could be done, if there was some way of collaborating with nature to build the ultimate weapon of war, one that can destroy the enemy without fingerprints.”
“It only makes sense if they have also developed a vaccine,” said Bartlett [my emphasis].
From the April 2020 article in The New Yorker titled “What Lawrence Wright Learned From His Pandemic Novel”:
By the time Wright and I met for lunch and discussed his novel—“The End of October,” which is out this month—he had already done the coast-to-coast reporting. He had met with epidemiologists, immunologists, microbiologists, security experts, vaccine experts, and public-health officials. He had read all the books, all the journal articles.
. . . The experts, Wright notes in a letter to the reader in the galleys of his book, “all share the concerns I’ve presented—that something like this could happen.”
. . .
Given personalized bioweapons, Ps linking financial data and DNA data could ENLARGE their war chest.
From a 2020 article in The New York Times:
In the years after Jeffrey Epstein registered as a sex offender [i.e., after 2008], he . . . started a business to develop algorithms and mine DNA and financial databases.
. . . Southern Trust [i.e., said business] generated about $300 million in profit in six years . . . The source of Southern Trust’s revenue is not clear; the bare-bones corporate filings made by the company in the Virgin Islands do not list any clients.
Important: Hypersexuality correlates strongly with psychopathy.
From a 2012 article on HuffingtonPost.co.uk (my emphases):
“In one of the largest studies of its kind ever published, U.S. psychologists have found a particular aspect of personality in men and women predicts what the researchers refer to as ‘hypersexuality.’
. . . This character trait is—psychopathy.”
“Psychologists are beginning to concur that it’s this unique element of character which most powerfully predicts . . . a gamut of risky sexual behaviors.”
“The ‘hypersexual’ have more sexual partners than the rest of the population, fantasize more . . . and tend to favor more sex without love.”
IMPORTANT (details below):
Epstein was banked by the WILD, worldwide criminal enterprise (CE) known as Deutsche Bank (DB).
There are indicators that:
* many of DB’s employees are Ps
* DB is a variant of the VIOLENT, politically INFLUENTIAL, worldwide CE of the 1980s known as Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI)
From a 1992 U.S. Senate report on BCCI (my emphases):
[L]argest case of organized crime in history, spanning over . . . 72 nations . . . finance terrorism . . . assist the builders of a Pakistani nuclear bomb . . .
From 1993 book The Outlaw Bank: A Wild Ride into the Secret Heart of BCCI, co-authored by two journalists who covered BCCI for Time magazine (my emphases):
From interviews with sources close to BCCI, Time has pieced together a portrait of a clandestine division of the bank called the Black Network, which functions as a global intelligence operation and a mafia-like enforcement squad. . . . [T]he 1,500-employee Black Network has used sophisticated spy equipment and techniques, along with bribery, extortion, kidnapping and even, by some accounts, murder.
BCCI was shut down in 1991 by regulators/attorneys-general of several nations (e.g., nations complicit in BCCI’s crimes for many years, including the United States).
From The Outlaw Bank (my emphases):
Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the BCCI affair in the United States was the failure of U.S. government and federal law enforcement to move against the outlaw bank. Instead of swift retribution, what took place over more than a decade was a cover-up of major, alarming proportions, often orchestrated from the very highest levels of government.
From said 1992 report:
BCCI systematically bribed world leaders and . . . prominent political figures in most of the 73 countries in which BCCI operated.
Title of a December 2019 article on TruePundit.com:
Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Banker at Deutsche & Citi Found Swinging From a Rope; Executive “Suicide” Before FBI Questioned Him
Title of a 2019 article in Vanity Fair:
Of Course Jeff Epstein Moved His Dirty Money Through Deutsche Bank
From a 2011 article in U.K. newspaper The Independent:
My companion, a senior UK investment banker and I, are discussing the most successful banking types we know and what makes them tick. I argue that they often conform to the characteristics displayed by social psychopaths. To my surprise, my friend agrees.
He then makes an astonishing confession: “At one major investment bank for which I worked, we used psychometric testing to recruit social psychopaths because their characteristics exactly suited them to senior corporate finance roles.”
From 2020 book Dark Towers: Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump and an Epic Trail of Destruction, by the finance editor of The New York Times (my emphases):
“Deutsche . . . helped funnel money into countries that were under economic sanctions for pursuing nuclear weapons or participating in genocides.”
“The hundreds of millions of dollars that Deutsche [had] wired to Iranian banks [by 2006] provided vital funding for the sanctioned country to pay for its terrorism. Soon Iraq was being ripped apart by violence. Roadside bombs detonated all over the country, targeting the country’s fragile government and the U.S. military forces that were trying to keep the peace. Much of the violence was the work of a terrorist group, Jaysh al-Mahdi, which had been armed and trained by Hezbollah, which had been bankrolled by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, which had been financed by Deutsche.
. . . The sanctions violations weren’t the work of an isolated crew of rogue Deutsche employees. Managers knew. Their bosses knew. American regulators would later find evidence that at least one member of the bank’s vorstand—in other words, one of Deutsche’s most senior executives—knew about and approved of the scheme.”
“[Deutsche] would soon become enveloped in scandals related to money laundering, tax evasion, manipulating interest rates, manipulating the prices of precious metals, manipulating the currencies markets, bribing foreign officials, accounting fraud, violating international sanctions, ripping off customers, and ripping off the German, British, and United States governments. (The list went on.)”
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Mega-List: Israel's Crimes and Controversies

Updated on 11June 2020, Arranged in Chronological Order
All articles cited are from reliable and trustworthy sources (some may be NSFL):
Use this website to read any paywalled site you might encounter in this list.
Major Incidents:
ONE. Assasination of Jacob Israël de Haan (1924), a Dutch-Jewish diplomat, for attempting to make a peace deal with the Emir of Mecca - his plan was a Palestinian state in a Jordanian federation, the Zionists would drop the Balfour declaration and any claim to a state in exchange for unrestricted immigration. He was assassinated when leaving a synagogue by Avraham Tehomi (who admitted to it much later), on the orders of Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, who later became the 2nd President of Israel:
Wiki, Haaretz, 972mag
TWO. King David Hotel Bombing (1946) where right-wing Zionist terrorists attacked a British HQ located within the hotel killing 91 and injuring 46. The leader of the perpetrators, Manachem Begin became the Prime Minister of Israel in 1977:
Wiki, Haaretz
THREE. Deir Yassin Massacre (1948) where 110 villagers were slaughtered, some members of the perpetrators were at a later time, absorbed into the IDF, one even became PM of Israel:
Wiki, Haaretz, Britannica
FOUR. Document from IDF archives (1948) which after translation states:
"In the villages lying between Nahraiya and Tarshiha there are no foreign troops for the time being.The villages are armed and ready for action1. Your orders are to occupy, kill the men2, destroy and burn down the villages of Kabri, Umm al-Faraj and al-Nahr."
[1] Ilan Pappe notes that the villagers had no proper arms, only for hunting purposes and people who served in the police; without Arab troops that were absent they stood no chance [2] In April 1948, the Intelligence of the Hagana defined men as anyone above the age of 10
-Photo taken from IDF Archives 1676\51\12
-Benny Morris, The Birth of the Palestinian refugee problem, 1947-1949, ISBN 0-521-33028-9. P. 133
-Hagana archives, 100\35, dated May 19, 1948
FIVE. Palestinian Exodus "Nakba" (1948) was an expulsion of 700,000 Palestinian Arabs from their Homeland during the war and establishment of Israel in May 1948, these includes testimonies of massacres, rape and looting. During and immediately following the state’s creation, Israel expropriated approximately 4,244,776 acres of Palestinian land.
Haaretz, Haaretz, Atlantic, Vox, TheWallsOfJerusalem
SIX. Assassination of Folke Bernadotte, (1948) UN Mediator for Palestinian Refugees by Israel's Zionist Paramilitary Group, Lehi. The killing was approved by the three-man 'center' of Lehi, one of which, after the assassination, became 7th Prime Minister of Israel (Yitzhak Shamir). No one was convicted for the assassination:
Wiki, Independent, Haaretz, WRMEA
SEVEN. Lavon Affair (1954) a failed false flag operation where Egyptian Jews were recruited by Israeli Military Intelligence to plant bombs inside Egyptian, American, and British-owned civilian targets, their foiled plan was to blame the attacks on the Muslim Brotherhood:
Haaretz, TimesofIsrael, Wiki
EIGHT. Kafr Qasim Massacre (1956) where Israeli Border Police killed 49 Arabs (19 men, 6 women, 23 children, 1 unborn child) returning home from work during a curfew they were unaware of. Those involved in the massacre were found guilty but were pardoned and released from prison in a single year. The highest ranking official prosecuted for the massacre confessed before his death, that the massacre were planned to ethnically cleanse Israeli Arabs from the region, and that his trial was staged to protect Israeli political and military elites, including Prime Minister Ben Gurion, from taking responsibility for the massacre:
Wiki, Haaretz, 972mag, Medium
NINE. Apollo Affair (1965) an incident where 200-600 pounds of highly enriched uranium disappeared from a Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Highly suspected to have gone to Israel's Nuclear Program particularly given the visit of Rafi Eitan who was under the guise of a chemist but later revealed as an Israeli spy and who was later involved in the Jonathan Pollard incident:
Wiki, LATimes, Mondoweiss,
Archive of the findings of Roger Mattson, a Physicist who investigated the Incident for the Nuclear Regulatory Commision,
YouTube, 1968 FBI Report, FBI's Declassified Memo PDF
TEN. USS Liberty (1967) where Israel deliberately attacked an American Cargo Vessel killing 34 without any repurcussions:
YouTube, Haaretz, Wiki
EVEVEN. Operation Trojan (1986) according to ex-Mossad agent in his book, Mossad instigated the US bombing of Libya by planting a transmission device and impersonating as the Libyan Govt sending terrorist orders to its embassies around the world. (Story in Page 113-117) (Downloadable PDF File):
Other Side of Deception PDF
TWELVE. Cave of Patriarchs Massacre (1994) Israeli Settler Baruch Goldstein opened fire in Ibrahimi Mosque, killing 29 worshippers and wounding more than 125:
Wiki, JPost
THIRTEEN. Qana Massacre (1996) IDF fired artillery shells at a UN Compound where 800 Lebanese civillians were taking refuge. 106 civillians were killed, 116 injured, 4 Fiji UN forces were also seriously injured:
Wiki, AlAraby, Independent, DailyMotion
FOURTEEN. 2nd Qana Massacre (2006) air-strike carried out by IDF on a building Lebanon during the war. 28 civillians were killed out of which 16 were children. Upon investigation, IDF concluded that there was in fact no rocket launched from Qana on the day of the deadly strike by IDF:
Wiki, BBC, Norman Finkelstein
FIFTEEN. Israeli Mossad posed as CIA agents to recruit terrorists to carry out False Flag Operations against Iran (2007-2008)
Haaretz, ForeignPolicy
SIXTEEN. Four Iranian nuclear scientists were assassinated and another was seriously wounded in an attempted murder between (2010-2012). US officials confirm that Terror Group, MEK was financed, trained, and armed by Israel in killing the nuclear scientists:
NBC, Guardian, Guardian
What is Zionism?
Palestine before Zionism (Pre-1948):
Youtube (1896)
Youtube (1900s)
Youtube (1930s)
Youtube (1946 - Arrival of Illegal Zionist Immigrants)
Divide & Conquer: An interactive map explaining the Israel divide and control of Palestinian Land (2019):
Interactive Map
JIDF: Israeli Government is paying and giving away scholarships to students who fight internet battles and spread propaganda (2013):
BBC, USAToday, Huffington Post
Israel's JIDF Hasbara App (2017):
App on GooglePlay where people defend Israel on Social Platforms to gain points (2019):
Intl Law:
Apartheid Against Palestinians:
Protected Wiki
International Law (Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions of 1949, UN Resolution 37/43) dictates that Palestinians have a legal right to an armed struggle to resist occupation:
Add. Protocol I, Geneva Conventions (PDF), UN Resolution 37/43 (PDF)
Israel's building of settlements in occupied territories such as the West Bank and East Jerusalem are illegal under international law, violating Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 as well as the Statute of Rome, Art. 8 (2)(b)(viii) which states: "The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies.":
Wiki, UN, International Law on Occupation, Al Jazeera, Amnesty, Amnesty, B'Tselem, YouTube
Israel's destruction of homes in occupied territories such as the West Bank and East Jerusalem are illegal under international law, violating Article 53 of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 which states: "Any destruction by the Occupying Power of real or personal property belonging individually or collectively to private persons ... is prohibited, except where such destruction is rendered absolutely necessary by military operations.":
Fourth Geneva Convention (PDF)
Israeli former nuclear technician turned whistleblower was lured to Italy where Mossad drugged and abducted him back to Israel for the trial that was held secretly behind closed doors. He spent 18 years in prison, including more than 11 in solitary confinement. Says he suffered "cruel and barbaric treatment" at the hands of Israeli authorities while imprisoned because he was Christian. After his release in 2004, he was subjected to a broad array of very strict restrictions on his speech and movement (1986):
Wiki, Youtube, NYT, Guardian, CNN, Wired, Telegraph
2nd Intifada, 12 yr old boy shot dead, father severely injured (2000):
CNN, Twitter
Breaking the silence - targeting civilians with grenades and machine guns during the 2nd Intifada (2000):
5 Israelis working for an Israeli Company "Urban Moving Systems" were arrested on 9/11 after being seen photographing and celebrating the attack on the WTC. Owner of the company fled to Israel after the incident. FBI still lists him as a 9/11 suspect but Israel refuses to extradiate him (2001):
9/11 War by Deception, YouTube, Forward, NYT, Haaretz
Netanyahu caught on tape: "America is something that you can easily maneuver and move in the right direction" (2001):
Netanyahu lying during his speech at the US House of Representatives on Saddam Hussiens WMDs which doesn't exist (2002):
Advocating racial purity in Israel, Chinese workers in Israel sign no-sex contract (2003)
Tom Hurndall, a British Peace Activist, was shot in the head by an IDF sniper while he was helping Palestinian children flee from cross-fire in Rafah, Gaza strip. His killer was released from prison 2 years early of his 8-year sentence (2003):
Wiki, BBC, Guardian, Evening Standard
Rachel Corrie, American Activist who was run over by an Israeli bulldozer destroying Palestinian homes in Gaza (2003):
Imgur, BBC
New Zealand imposed diplomatic sanctions on Israel over an incident where 2 Australia-based Israelis, who were allegedly working for Mossad, attempted to fraudulently obtain NZ Passports by claiming the identity of a disabled man. 2 others, Ze'ev Barkan and David Reznick, are believed to have been the 3rd and 4th men involved in the scandal but they managed to leave NZ before being apprehended. NZ PM viewed the incident as "not only utterly unacceptable but also a breach of NZ's sovereignty and international law". The following year, Israeli foreign minister apologized for the incident. (2004)
Wiki, NZHerald
Breaking the Silence, testimonies from IDF Whistleblowers (2004):
Not guilty, IDF Captain who empties his magazine on a 13yr old girl, says he would have done the same if she was 3 yrs old (2005):
Phosphorus and cluster bombs which is illegal under international law heavily used by Israel during the Lebanon war (2006)
Israel celebrates Irgun Hotel Bombing (2006):
Former Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben Ami: “If I were a Palestinian, I Would Have Rejected Camp David” implying that the Camp David Summit Offer by Ehud Barak in 2000 was unreasonable and designed to be rejected (2006):
Jewish National Fund (a charity) owns 13% of the land in Israel and stipulates that only Jews can buy, mortgage or lease their land. (2007):
Economist, Wiki
Operation 'Cast Lead', estimated 1391 Palestinians killed, 759 to be civillians, 344 children, 110 women 13 Israeli killed, out of which 10 are soldiers (2008-2009):
BBC, Haaretz, Haaretz, Amnesty
Israel admits using White Phosphorus during their military offensive on Gaza (2009):
Palestinian who claimed to be a Jew after a consensual sexual encounter with an Israeli woman jailed for 'Rape By Deception' (2010)
Israeli Organization, Kav La Oved: "Israel owes billions of shekels to Palestinian workers" (2010) (Downloadable PDF File):
KavLaOved PDF
Using Palestinian captives as human shields (2010):
Imgur, Guardian, Haaretz, Haaretz
Gaza Flotilla, Israeli Commandos raid 6 civillians ships carrying humanitarian aid and construction materials, 9 activists were killed, 10 Israeli commandos wounded (2010):
Guardian, CNN
Hashomer, Haganah, Irgun and Lehi which operated against the British Government and Arabs in Palestine used to hide weapons in synagogues, women's rooms and kindergartens. Something Israel criticises Hamas of doing today. (2011):
IDF soldier caught kicking a Palestinian child (2012):
Hierarchy of the Human species according to Eli Ben-Dahan, Israel's former deputy minister of defense: Goyims (Non-Jews) placed below Homosexual Jews (2013):
Israeli Trade Minister: "I've killed alot of Arabs in my life, there's no problem with that" (2013)
IDF soldier posting an Instagram pic of a Palestinian clild in his rifle crosshairs (2013):
Ethiopian Jews injected with contraceptive birth control without their consent (2013):
Haaretz, Independent, Guardian
In 2013, Israel awarded 'Genie Energy', an American Oil and Gas company, rights to drill in Golan Heights (Syrian territory occupied by Israel) despite international opposition. In 2015, Israel claimed a massive discovery of oil in the area, which Israeli officials reportedly believe could supply the country’s oil needs for many years to come. (2013):
Here are the prominent figures in Genie Energy's Board of Advisors:
Jacob Rothschild (British banker of the prominent Rothschild family), Dick Cheney (Ex-Vice president of USA), Rupert Murdoch (Billionaire American Media Mogul), James Woolsey (Ex-CIA Director), Lawrence Summers (Ex-Head of US Treasury), Bill Richardson (Ex-Energy Secretary of USA), Michael Steinhardt (Wall Street Trader, Investor and Hedge Fund Manager)
BusinessInsider, TRTworld, Yahoo Finance
4 boys playing soccer in an open beach bombed by an Israeli warship, a later report in 2018 then revealed that it was two missiles fired from an Israeli armed drone that actually killed the boys (2014):
NYT, Intercept, Haaretz, Independent
Israeli police officers beats up a 15yr old American boy a week after the boy's cousin was killed, no jail time was given to the officers (2014):
BBC, TimesofIsrael
Palestinian boy beaten and burned alive by Israeli settlers (2014):
Guardian, Wiki
Israelis cheering on the Gaza bombing (2014):
Statistics of Palestinian children killed in Operation 'Protective Edge' (2014):
Avraham Shalom (Former Head of Shin Bet) compares Israel's Occupation to Nazi Germany's actions in WW2 towards the Czechs, Poles and Dutch (2014):
Killing Gaza: Documentary on war crimes committed by the Israeli Military, with direct testimonies and evidence from survivors (2014):
IDF beating up a Palestinian man who told them to stop firing tear gas (2015):
Eli Ben-Dahan, Israel's former deputy defense minister: "Homosexual Jews are superior to Gentiles (Non-Jews), a jew always has a higher soul than a gentile, even if he is a homosexual" He also says "To me, they (Palestinians) are like animals, they aren't human" (2015):
Israeli Foreign Minister says disloyal Arabs should be beheaded with an axe (2015):
Israeli Radicals celebrate by stabbing picture of Palestinian baby that was killed in a firebomb attack (2015):
Beitar Jerusalem, the most racist football fanbase in the world (2015):
IDF Soldier assaults and beats up Palestinian Shopkeeper as he was loading boxes (2015):
Former IDF Soldier Ido Gal Razon testifies to murdering people in Gaza (2015):
Israeli racist police officer assaults their own african soldier (2015):
Shir Hever, Israeli Economist: "78% of Palestinian aid money ends up going to Israel" (2015) (Downloadable PDF File):
ShirHever PDF
Brooke Goldstein (Director of the Lawfare Project who has assisted in many lawsuits towards Palestinian activist groups) declared to enthusiastic applause at a meeting of key Israel lobby operatives in New York: “Why are we using the word Palestinian? There’s no such thing as a Palestinian person” (2016)
Many Palestinians including children are detained in Israeli prisons without trial or charges (2016):
Time, Haaretz, 972mag, B'Tselem
Jewish Community Watch: "Israel becoming a safe haven for paedophiles worldwide" (2016):
IDF Soldier throws disabled man out of his wheelchair after he attempts to help a 14yr old who was shot (2016):
IDF throws stun grenade at unarmed Palestinians talking outside their home (2016)
IDF soldier laughs as Palestinian man is crushed at the gate (2016):
IDF killing a 15yr old Palestinian travelling home from a family outing (2016):
Report: Israel's repetitive destruction of EU-funded projects in Palestine (2016):
Former Director of Mossad defends Israel providing aid to Al-Nusra Front (Al-Qaeda's Affiliate) in Syria (2016)
Youtube, WSJ, Haaretz
Israeli Former Defence Minister says ISIS fighters apologizes to Israel after mistakenly launching an attack on IDF. Refused to comment on how they expressed their apology. Have since forgiven ISIS (2017)
Independent, DailySabah
Reports of Torture during custody from Palestinians held imprisoned without charges or trial (2017):
IDF Veteran: "I was the terrorist" (2017):
Israel seizes solar panels donated to Palestinians by the Dutch govt (2017):
Israelis speak candidly about Palestinians to Abby Martin, includes lots of racism (2017):
Gaza: World's Largest Open-Air Prison (2018):
Sentence to 9 Months after killing 2 unarmed Palestinian teens (2018):
972mag, WashingtonPost
Unarmed protestor holding flag shot by live bullets (2018):
Unarmed protester shot in the head during the protest (2018):
IDF assaulting medics and injured protesters (2018):
Abdullah Shamali, was shot while standing and talking with his friends 700 metres away from the fence (2018):
Muhammad Ayoub, 15yr old was shot in the head while running away from the fence (2018):
Mentally disabled man shot in the back of his head as he was walking away (2018):
Elderly man waving a flag and a medic got shot at by a live round (2018):
Shot dead for waving flag (2018):
Medic shot dead by an IDF sniper (2018):
IDF edits video of Palestinian Medic who was shot dead by them to misleadingly show that she was a human shield for Hamas and justify her death (2018):
Independent, BuzzFeed
Canadian Doctor shot by IDF sniper (2018):
Israeli Border police throws stun grenade at a Palestian couple and their infant baby as they were fleeing (2018):
IDF Snipers cheering as they shoot an unarmed Palestinian (2018):
Similar incident, cheering after shooting a Palestinian (2018):
"Nation State" Law gives Jews exclusive rights over Arabs living in Israel (2018):
List of active discriminatory laws in Israel:
Did you know that 97% of drinking water in Gaza (under Israeli control) is contaminated? (2018):
IDF Soldiers shooting tear gas into a Palestinian school (2018):
Israeli settlers beating up Palestinian farmer in front of his children (2018):
Former Chairman of Israel Labour Party says relationships between Jews and Non-Jews are "an actual plague" (2018):
4 year old child dies 4 days after being shot by the IDF while protesting (2018):
Reuters, PressTV
An alternative view, Palestinian Christians on Israel (2018):
Chief Rabbi calls black people "monkeys" in his weekly sermon (2018):
Israel's Supreme Court rejects legal challenge on the military's rule where soldiers can fire on UNARMED protesters (2018):
Mohammed Tamimi, 16, who was shot in the head by Israeli forces held in prison for 2 days without explanation (2018):
Haaretz, Haaretz
Most demonstrators shot by the IDF with live rounds are unarmed and not in immediate vicinity of the perimeter fence (2018):
IDF edited out key footage of Gaza missile strike which killed 2 Palestinian teenagers (2018):
Youtube, 972mag, B'Tselem
Multi Award-winning short documentary on the occupation of Gaza (2018):
What if your whole family was being forcefully evicted from a home you lived in since 1948 to make way for new settlers? (2019)
Palestinian Boy on the way to school shot in the head by Israeli Police (2019):
Video of war crimes screened at UN Human Rights Council (2019):
Top Rabbis in Israel defending and calling for donations to an Israeli charged with killing a Palestinian woman (2019):
Haaretz, Haaretz
Israeli Settlers attack Palestinian Mother and her son (2019):
IDF Harrasses ambulance crew and demands for their key (with sound) (2019):
"Israel is the nation state of Jews alone" Netanyahu responds to TV star saying Arabs are equal citizens (2019):
Arresting children in school, IDF threatened breaking the teacher's arm if he doesn't let go of his student (2019):
IDF Soldiers laughing as they assault a Palestinian Father and Son handcuffed while in custody (2019):
i24News, Haaretz
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Lost in the Sauce: Dec 22 - 28

Edit Mon Jan 6: I worked all weekend, the edition of Lost in the Sauce that follows this one below from last week is going to be a little late - sorry about that! I hope to post it later today (Monday) or tomorrow morning at the latest.
Welcome to Lost in the Sauce, keeping you caught up on political and legal news that often gets buried in distractions and theater. (the previous edition can be found here if you are super behind)
Two important things:
FIRST, the headings will guide you through this piece. The Main Course covers the “big” stories and The Sides covers the “smaller” stories.
SECOND, I took a break from the audio TLDR this week. My apologies, been super busy. It will return for next week’s edition.
Let’s dig in!

*Main Course*

Ukraine aid: The truth

The New York Times published an in-depth look at what happened during the roughly three months that the aid to Ukraine was withheld, revealing new information that highlights how much evidence the administration has hidden (and is still hiding) from congressional investigators. The piece also underscores that Trump was involved in every decision every step of the way.
Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, Russell T. Vought, the acting head of the Office of Management and Budget, Robert Blair, the senior adviser to Mulvaney, and Mark Paoletta, the budget office's top lawyer, were the key figures in executing Trump’s pressure campaign on Ukraine. All three refused to comply with House impeachment investigation.
“I’m just trying to tie up some loose ends,” Mr. Mulvaney wrote. “Did we ever find out about the money for Ukraine and whether we can hold it back?”
It was June 27, more than a week after Mr. Trump had first asked about putting a hold on security aid to Ukraine, an embattled American ally, and Mr. Mulvaney needed an answer.
The aide, Robert B. Blair, replied that it would be possible, but not pretty. “Expect Congress to become unhinged” if the White House tried to countermand spending passed by the House and Senate, he wrote in a previously undisclosed email. And, he wrote, it might further fuel the narrative that Mr. Trump was pro-Russia.
Not everyone was onboard:
Pentagon officials, in the dark about the reason for the holdup, grew increasingly frustrated. Ms. McCusker, the powerful Pentagon budget official, notified the budget office that either $61 million of the money would have to be spent by Monday, Aug. 12 or it would be lost. The budget office saw her threat as a ploy to force release of the aid.
At the White House, which had been looped into the dispute by the budget office, there was a growing consensus that officials could find a legal rationale for continuing the hold, but with the Monday deadline looming, it was a “POTUS-level decision,” one official said.
Among those who disagreed with Trump:
In late August, Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper joined Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and John R. Bolton, the national security adviser at the time, for a previously undisclosed Oval Office meeting with the president where they tried but failed to convince him that releasing the aid was in interests of the United States.
...“This is in America’s interest,” Mr. Bolton argued, according to one official briefed on the gathering.
“This defense relationship, we have gotten some really good benefits from it,” Mr. Esper added, noting that most of the money was being spent on military equipment made in the United States.
Mr. Trump responded that he did not believe Mr. Zelensky’s promises of reform. He emphasized his view that corruption remained endemic and repeated his position that European nations needed to do more for European defense.
“Ukraine is a corrupt country,” the president said. “We are pissing away our money.”
This article is very detailed and important to read to understand the events surrounding the hold on the aid. Message me if you are stuck behind the paywall but would like to read it anyway. Here are some non-paywalled summaries: Business Insider, HuffPost.

Promotion for stonewalling

Last week, President Trump gave a big promotion to Mulvaney aide Robert Blair, just weeks after Blair refused to cooperate with a House subpoena for his testimony in the impeachment inquiry. As the above NYT piece describes, Blair played a key role in withholding the aid to Ukraine despite the pushback from top officials and legal risks. Blair is now the special representative for international telecommunications policy and “will support the Administration’s 5G efforts led by the Assistant to the President for Economy Policy, Larry Kudlow.” In addition, Blair “will continue to serve as Assistant to the President and the Senior Advisor to the Chief of Staff.”

Trump’s July 25

Heidi Przybyla of NBC News noted an interesting detail from Trump’s Twitter feed on July 25, 2019 - the day that he spoke to Ukrainian President Zelensky on the phone. That morning, roughly an hour before the phone call, Trump was reading a Fox News poll (or saw the poll on TV) that showed Biden with a “commanding lead” for the Democratic nomination. The poll also included a hypothetical match-up between Biden and Trump in which Biden was favored by 10 percentage points.
Although circumstantial, this evidence provides insight into Trump’s frame of mind at the time of the July 25 phone call. He had just read a poll showing that he’d lose against Biden; he viewed Biden as a threat to his re-election. It was with this mindset that Trump pressured Zelensky to announce an investigation into Biden, effectively smearing his potential 2020 opponent.

The impact on Ukraine

NBC News reports that the delay in aid to Ukraine has worried top Ukrainian officials and has “exposed the cracks in the West’s response to an emboldened Russia, inflicted permanent damage on Ukraine and heightened the risk of Moscow extending its influence in the country.”
U.S. support, in particular, is seen as essential in keeping what is widely seen as a bully in the East at bay.
“Just the presence of the American army on the territory of Ukraine, in my opinion, already scares the enemy — even without any other aid,” said Ukraine Ground Forces Sgt. Maj. Yevhen Mokhtan, who works in this multinational training facility in western Ukraine.
Volodymyr Yermolenko, a professor who runs Ukraine World, an English-language media project aimed at combating disinformation and fake news: “The question about military aid to Ukraine is not about Ukraine; it’s about values. It’s about shifting Western liberal democracy eastward.”

Putin and Trump call

As has become routine, Americans learned from the Kremlin on Sunday that Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke with our president by phone earlier in the day. 24 hours later and the White House still has not acknowledged the call or provided a readout of what was discussed. The Kremlin released a readout immediately after the call, saying the two leaders discussed counter-terrorism efforts and "matters of mutual interest.”
"Vladimir Putin thanked Donald Trump for the information shared via the special services that helped prevent terrorist acts in Russia," the Kremlin-provided statement said. "Several matters of mutual interest were discussed. An agreement was made to continue bilateral cooperation in the fight against terrorism."
Reminder: This is a little out of date, but as of Oct. 4, 2019, Trump had privately spoken to Putin at least 16 times since his inauguration. The actual content of these conversations is often disputed and not recorded in any way. Two government watchdog organizations filed a lawsuit against Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for allowing Trump to seize notes from a meeting he had with Putin in 2017.

Trump outs the whistleblower

In an unprecedented step last week, the President of the United States put the alleged (and unsubstantiated) name of a federally-protected whistleblower out into the public. First, on Thursday, Trump retweeted a tweet sent by his re-election campaign (menacingly-named Trump “War Room”) containing an article that names the purported whistleblower. Then on Friday, in a late-night Twitter binge, Trump retweeted a post from a suspicious account with the name of the alleged whistleblower in the text of the tweet. In other words, Trump put the name of (who he believes is) the whistleblower on his official Twitter account, his main method of communication.
According to CNN, Twitter confirmed it “has suspended some of the pro-Trump accounts that Trump had promoted Friday night.” CNN also reported that the tweet containing the whistleblower’s name was removed from Trump’s account, but for many people (myself included), it is still visible on Trump’s Twitter page. I will not link to it because I do not believe in assisting Trump’s effort to out the whistleblower, even if Trump’s identification is not accurate.

Senate trial

Congressional leaders are still stuck in a stalemate regarding the next steps in impeachment, as the Democrats call for a fair trial with witnesses and the Republicans lean towards a quick Senate trial with a predetermined result.


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer sent a letter to all senators last Monday arguing that not only is witness testimony essential for a Senate trial - so is “the need for the Senate to review documentary evidence.” In addition to the four witnesses (John Bolton, OMB official Michael Duffey, and Mick Mulvaney and his senior adviser Robert Blair) previously proposed, Schumer lists a range of documents from the White House, State Department, and Office of Management and Budget. The letter specifically notes the recent - partially redacted - FOIA revelation that the aid to Ukraine was frozen just 91 minutes after Trump’s July 25 phone call with Zelensky.
There simply is no good reason why evidence that is directly relevant to the conduct at issue in the Articles of Impeachment should be withheld from the Senate and the American people. Relevant documentary evidence currently in the possession of the Administration will augment the existing evidentiary record and will allow Senators to reach judgments informed by all of the available facts. To oppose the admission of this evidence would be to turn a willfully blind eye to the facts, and would clearly be at odds with the obligation of Senators to 'do impartial justice' according to the oath we will all take in the impeachment trial.
Further reading: Supreme Court lawyer and former Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal argues in The Washington Post that the FOIA email in which Duffey orders a hold on Ukraine aid is an important example of why witness testimony is necessary: “So it wasn’t enough for Duffey to order Defense Department officials to withhold the weapons from Ukraine. He needed to order them to withhold the legally required alert to Congress. And that’s just what he did… If there’s any doubt about what the email meant, Duffey could clear it up by testifying. But he has dodged all attempts to do so.”


Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski told a local news station that she was “disturbed” to hear McConnell describe “total coordination” with the White House in planning and carrying out the Senate’s impeachment trial. However, Murkowski has given no other indication that she intends to break with McConnell’s approach.


A couple of weeks ago, Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham invited Rudy Giuliani to testify before the panel about his recent trip to Ukraine. “Rudy, if you want to come and tell us what you found, I'll be glad to talk to you,” Graham said in an interview on “Face the Nation.” However, it now seems that Graham is having second thoughts due to the realization that Giuliani may be trying to spread Russian propaganda: “My advice to Giuliani would be to share what he got from Ukraine with the IC [intelligence community] to make sure it’s not Russia propaganda. I’m very suspicious of what the Russians are up to all over the world.”
  • During Giuliani’s trip to Ukraine, he met with numerous pro-Russia individuals, including one - Andriy Derkach - who attended a KGB school in Moscow. Derkach has been identified as a source (but not the only source) of the discredited claim that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election, not Russia.
  • Daily Beast: “I wouldn’t trust Rudy to represent me in a parking dispute so I’d say avoid,” one senior GOP Senate aide said when asked about any plans for a Ukraine briefing.

Trump’s defense

Typically, in the Senate impeachment trial, the President’s White House lawyers make up the “defense” lawyers. However, the Wall Street Journal reports that Trump’s team may include House Republicans:
The president has indicated that Mr. Cipollone would lead his legal defense team but is considering adding others with the television experience he values. Under consideration are Jay Sekulow, one of the president’s personal lawyers, and Alan Dershowitz, a professor emeritus at Harvard Law School and TV commentator, officials said. The White House is also considering adding some of the president’s staunchest defenders on the House Intelligence and Judiciary committees to the Senate trial team, according to a person familiar with the deliberations.
Legal analyst Ross Garber notes that the impeachment managers (House Democrats that “try” the case) and Senate Democrats would likely object to such an arrangement:
Curious that members of the Legislative Branch would formally represent the Executive, esp in a House v POTUS proceeding. I’d expect an objection from managers/Senate Dems. (Informal advice is one thing, but acting as the President’s - or Presidency’s - lawyers is different.)

Impeachment, Round Two?

In a court filing last week, House Judiciary Committee attorneys argued that they urgently require Mueller’s grand jury materials and Don McGahn’s testimony for their continuing impeachment investigation: “The Committee’s investigations did not cease with the House’s recent impeachment vote.” House lawyers added that if the court rules quickly, the materials and testimony would be presented in the Senate’s trial.
If McGahn’s testimony produces new evidence supporting the conclusion that President Trump committed impeachable offenses that are not covered by the Articles approved by the House, the Committee will proceed accordingly — including, if necessary, by considering whether to recommend new articles of impeachment. [page 12]
The two cases will be heard by three-judge panels of the D.C. Appeals Court on Jan. 3; the McGahn panel is made up of Judges Karen LeCraft Henderson, Thomas B. Griffith, and Judith W. Rogers; the Mueller case will be heard by Judges Griffith, Rogers, and Neomi Rao.

Dueling opinions

Washington Post columnist Paul Waldman used the recent court filings to argue that Trump could be impeached for a second time: “Don’t dismiss it as an absurd idea just yet. Not only might it happen, but it also might be absolutely necessary.” Waldman believes that between the possibility of discovering currently-unknown misdeeds Trump already committed and the possibility that Trump commits future crimes, a second impeachment “might be all but inevitable.”
However, former SDNY prosecutor Elie Honig threw cold water on the idea that the Mueller materials and/or McGahn’s testimony could lead to another impeachment push:
”Legally, yes, there’s nothing preventing the House from returning more Articles of Impeachment or impeaching again. But let’s operate in the real world: there’s just no way. No way it works politically, no way the public embraces it, no way Pelosi permits it.”

Giuliani’s interview

In yet another freewheeling interview (over daytime Bloody Mary drinks), Giuliani told New York Magazine that if the Southern District of New York Attorney’s office is investigating him, “they’re idiots” and “assholes.”
“If they think I committed a crime, they’re out of their minds,” he said. “I’ve been doing this for 50 years. I know how not to commit crimes. And if they think I’ve lost my integrity, maybe they’ve lost theirs in their insanity over hating Trump with some of the things they did that I never would’ve tolerated when I was U.S. Attorney.”
Giuliani suggested the SDNY prosecutors are jealous of him.
“It’s a terrible thing to say because it will get the Southern District all upset, but I know why they’re all upset,” Giuliani said. “Because they’ve never done anything like me since me. They haven’t done an eight years like I did since I left being U.S. Attorney. Nothing close.”
Giuliani also addressed the allegations against his client, President Trump, and in the process admitted that it would be in character for Trump to withhold military aid dedicated to Ukraine:
He didn’t think it was such a big deal once he read about it [the freeze on aid], he said, because it was “typical Trump; he withholds aid till the last minute until he makes them beg for it.”
And, finally, to top off the interview, Giuliani claimed that former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch is “controlled” by George Soros. Then the former NYC mayor launched into an extended anti-semitic diatribe:
“He put all four ambassadors there. And he’s employing the FBI agents.” I told him he sounded crazy, but he insisted he wasn’t.
“Don’t tell me I’m anti-Semitic if I oppose him,” he said. “Soros is hardly a Jew. I’m more of a Jew than Soros is. I probably know more about — he doesn’t go to church, he doesn’t go to religion — synagogue. He doesn’t belong to a synagogue, he doesn’t support Israel, he’s an enemy of Israel. He’s elected eight anarchist DA’s in the United States. He’s a horrible human being.”
  • Further reading: “Rudy Giuliani's anti-Soros tirade exposes three uncomfortable truths.” CNN. 12/24/19. And “Rudy Giuliani Doubles Down On Anti-Semitic Attacks Against George Soros.” HuffPost. 12/24/19.

*The Sides*

New CyberCom approach

Military cyber officials are developing information warfare tactics that could be deployed against senior Russian officials and oligarchs if Moscow tries to interfere in the 2020 U.S. elections through hacking election systems or sowing widespread discord, according to current and former U.S. officials.
One option being explored by U.S. Cyber Command would target senior leadership and Russian elites, though probably not President Vladimir Putin, which would be considered too provocative, said the current and former officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the issue’s sensitivity. The idea would be to show that the target’s sensitive personal data could be hit if the interference did not stop, though officials declined to be more specific.
...The intelligence community last month issued a classified update — a “national intelligence estimate” — asserting that Russia’s main goal in the 2020 campaign continues to be to sow discord. “It’s always been about exacerbating fault lines in our society,” one senior U.S. official said. (The Washington Post or non-paywalled option)

Political ads

The streaming service Spotify announced last week that “pause” political advertising in early 2020 because it does not have the resources to properly police the content of such ads. “At this point in time, we do not yet have the necessary level of robustness in our process, systems and tools to responsibly validate and review this content,” a representative of the company said.
Reminder: Twitter has banned all ads from political candidates, officials, and political parties on its platform. Google has limited advertisers’ ability to micro-target users based on political affiliation.
Meanwhile, Facebook has taken the opposite approach, allowing political ads on its platform without any fact-checking. According to the Wall Street Journal (non-paywall, millionaire Facebook board member Peter Thiel was a driving force behind the decision not to crack down on political ads, despite some directors and executives arguing for limitations or a complete ban.
Thiel is a supporter of Donald Trump; Thiel and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg attended an “undisclosed dinner” hosted by Trump at the White House in October.
A major donor to Trump’s campaign, Thiel is also the chairman of Palantir, a private data technology company that has become one of the largest recipients of government defense contracts with the United States government since Trump took office. (NBC News)

State wins and setbacks

A win for voter rights in North Carolina:
Republican attempts to require photo identification to vote in North Carolina are being thwarted again by judges hearing arguments that the mandate is tainted by bias that would deter black and Latino residents.
A federal court announced that next week U.S. District Judge Loretta Biggs will formally block a photo ID requirement scheduled to begin in 2020. Unless the upcoming preliminary injunction is successfully appealed, the requirement will be halted until a lawsuit filed by the state NAACP and others is resolved. (NBC News)
And a setback for voter rights in Georgia:
Georgia doesn’t have to put almost 100,000 voters back on its rolls, a federal judge ruled Friday.
The US district judge Steve C Jones ruled that a voting rights advocacy group founded by Democrat Stacey Abrams is improperly asking him to interpret state law. Jones also said the group hasn’t proved that people who have been removed had their constitutional rights violated.
However, Jones also ordered Georgia’s secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, to do more to warn people that they had been removed. The judge is especially singling out a south-west Georgia state House district where a 28 January special election is scheduled. Voters there who have been removed have only until Monday to re-register. (The Guardian)
Further reading: “The Decade When Republicans Stole the States: How the North Carolina GOP's anti-democratic chicanery became the national party's playbook for electoral theft,” The New Republic.

McCabe lawsuit

Andrew McCabe, the ousted deputy director of the FBI, says the Trump administration is withholding evidence related to his lawsuit. McCabe sued the FBI and the Department of Justice after he was fired in March 2018 by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions just two days before he was set to retire.
McCabe's attorney, Murad Hussain, filed a declaration on Tuesday claiming that several agencies and 30 individuals — including current FBI Director Chris Wray, Attorney General William Barr and Mr. Trump — have yet to hand over any materials requested as part of his lawsuit against his former employer. (CBS News)

Flynn sentence

In a court filing last week, the Justice Department hinted that it may seek a harsher sentence for Michael Flynn, who has shifted legal strategy and taken an openly hostile approach to the DOJ. Flynn’s sentencing is set for Jan. 28.

Immigration news

Exodus of immigration judges:
Over the past year, in the heat of a border migration crisis, 45 judges have left, moved into new roles in the immigration court system -- which is run by the Justice Department -- or passed away, according to the department. That's nearly double the number who departed their posts in fiscal years 2018 and 2017, when 24 and 21 judges left, respectively, according to data provided by the judges union.
The reasons why individual judges have moved on from their posts on the bench vary, but in interviews with judges who left in recent months, one theme ties them all together: frustration over a mounting number of policy changes that, they argue, chipped away at their authority...Their departures come as the Justice Department faces a backlog that exceeds 1 million cases. (CNN)
Border wall:
I’m not going to excerpt this because it’s hard to separate one piece from the whole. It is a very important article and I hope everyone will take the time to read it: “Southern border wall is destroying natural habitats,” The Hill.

US Contractors supported Taliban

Nearly 400 people who were either wounded while serving in the U.S. military in Afghanistan or are family members of service members who died in the conflict sued a group of companies on Friday they say helped fund attacks against Americans by making protection payments to the Taliban.
“Defendants supported the Taliban for a simple reason: Defendants were all large Western companies with lucrative businesses in post-9/11 Afghanistan, and they all paid the Taliban to refrain from attacking their business interests,” the 288-page complaint filed in federal court in Washington, D.C. on Friday states. “Those protection payments aided and abetted terrorism by directly funding an al-Qaeda-backed Taliban insurgency that killed and injured thousands of Americans.”
...”In addition to MTN [South African telecom firm], the complaint names the London-headquartered G4S Holdings International and its subsidiaries, the Palm Beach Gardens, Florida company Centerra Group, the Bethesda, Maryland company DAI Global, the Lenoir City, Tennessee firm Janus Global Operations, Overland Park, Kansas’ Black & Veatch Special Projects and the Canadian company Louis Berger Group and its subsidiaries and affiliates. (Courthouse News)

Trump’s Christmas party

Trump held a Studio 54-themed Christmas Eve party at Mar-a-Lago, attended by Rudy Giuliani, Alan Dershowitz, and recently-pardoned war criminal Edward Gallagher. Parties like these cost the American taxpayers money, as more Secret Service agents are required to provide security for a large bash. Not to mention the money spent at Mar-a-Lago by White House staff and administration officials to attend.
Who else was at the party? None other than close friend of Vladimir Putin - and captain of the Washington Capitals - Alex Ovechkin and his wife, Nastya Ovechkina.

GEO Group and Trump

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) sent a letter to the GEO group last week expressing “serious concerns about possible corruption” raised by the private prison company’s spending at Trump’s D.C. hotel. The Senator and Representative request additional information from the company about the “ten to twenty” times GEO execs stayed at Trump’s hotel.
A senior executive of the GEO Group—the nation’s largest private prison and immigrant detention company—who lobbied the Trump administration for a multimillion-dollar cash infusion has also been staying in the luxurious Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C., billing an unknown sum to his corporate expense account, according to previously unreported records unearthed by the Project On Government Oversight (POGO), a non-profit watchdog.
The admission by David J. Venturella, GEO’s senior vice president of business development, came in a June 2019 deposition in an ongoing federal court case…Venturella testified that he had charged Trump hotel bills to his GEO credit card on at least 10 occasions.
...GEO became an avid fan of then-candidate Donald Trump after President Barack Obama’s Justice Department promised to stop approving new federal private prison contracts days after a report determined that private prisons were not necessarily cheaper than government-run ones, causing the company’s stock to plummet 40 percent. What followed was an outpouring of cash from GEO: hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions to pro-Trump political groups and to his inauguration; and over $4 million in Washington lobbying, much of it directed at the Trump administration. For its part, the administration reversed Obama’s policy and has dramatically boosted GEO’s immigrant detention revenue. (Project On Government Oversight)


The Fresno Bee asks: How is Rep. Devin Nunes funding so many lawsuits?
Mother Jones took a look at Nunes and his associates who are involved in the Ukraine pressure campaign:
Not only did the report include phone records indicating calls between Nunes and numbers associated with Giuliani and Parnas (Nunes claims the Parnas calls actually came from a number associated with Parnas’ wife and that he spoke with “someone,” he does not recall who), it also indicated deep ties between Nunes’ office and the White House. At least three former Nunes staffers currently work in the White House. A onetime National Security Council staffer in the Trump White House, meanwhile, currently works for Nunes. The names of all of these officials have surfaced in recent months in connection with the Ukraine scandal, and three of them were mentioned in the intelligence committee report.

Kellyanne lawsuit

Government watchdog Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) filed a lawsuit demanding the Office of Special Counsel (OSC), an agency tasked with enforcing the Hatch Act, take more disciplinary action against Kellyanne Conway for repeatedly violating the Hatch Act.
The law explicitly states that should OSC determine disciplinary actions should be taken against an employee, it must immediately prepare and present a written complaint to MSPB. The lawsuit would compel OSC to comply with its duty to begin enforcement proceedings with MSPB against Conway.
CREW filed multiple complaints against Conway, as she blatantly used her official government Twitter account and her press appearances to advocate for and against candidates for office. Conway is one of eleven Trump administration officials who have been cited for Hatch Act violations following CREW complaints.
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Who Killed the Great American Cable-TV Bundle? Insiders know the cable bundle, after generating more than $1.8 trillion, has been murdered. They don’t agree on the prime suspects - by Gerry Smith (Bloomberg)

As of August 2018, every minute, another six people cut the cord.
The reason American consumers are abandoning their cable subscriptions is not a mystery: It’s expensive, and cheaper online alternatives are everywhere. But who exactly is responsible for the slow demise of the original way Americans paid for television? That’s a far trickier question. The answer can be traced to a few decisions in recent years that have set the stage for this extraordinarily lucrative and long-lived business model to unravel: licensing reruns to Netflix Inc., shelling out billions for sports rights, introducing slimmer bundles, and failing to promote a Netflix killer called TV Everywhere.
The TV bundle with hundreds of channels, which took off in the 1990s and was ubiquitous in U.S. homes at the start of this century, has fallen from 100 million to 95 million subscribers in the past five years. Pay-TV giants such as Comcast, Charter, Dish, and AT&T have seen an additional 744,000 subscribers disappear in late 2017.
This steady decline is the driving force behind a series of blockbuster mergers reshaping the media landscape, such as AT&T buying Time Warner, Walt Disney acquiring much of Fox, and Comcast pursuing Sky. Entertainment companies, nervously watching their business model waste away like a slowly melting glacier, are deciding they need to get larger and expand globally to compete with deep-pocketed rivals like Netflix—or sell.
The TV industry isn’t suffering financially, however, because it keeps raising prices on the remaining customers. The average pay-TV customer in 2018 spends $106.20 a month, up 44 percent from 2011, according to Leichtman Research Group. Since 1980 cable, satellite, and phone companies have generated $1.8 trillion in revenue from selling TV service, according to Kagan, a unit of S&P Global Market Intelligence. Revenue last year was $116 billion.
But many believe a reckoning for the cable bundle has arrived.
“You’ve got high prices, big bundles, and broadband,” said Warren Schlichting, group president of Sling TV, which has more than 2 million people paying for an online service that starts at $25 and offers about 30 channels. “At some stage, the consumer is going to revolt.”
We interviewed about 20 current and former industry executives and analysts to understand why traditional television has started losing its foothold in America’s living rooms. Some blamed their peers for decisions that made cable too pricey or opened the door to online competition, and many declined to be identified for fear of angering business associates. In reality, almost everyone played a role in jeopardizing the business.
“Everyone has a piece in this story,” one media executive told me. “It’s like Murder on the Orient Express. All 17 players stabbed the person.”
Perhaps no one deserves more credit for threatening the old TV business model than Netflix Chief Executive Officer Reed Hastings. As the driving force behind the world’s largest streaming video service, with about 130 million subscribers, he’s taught consumers to expect an abundance of old and new shows and movies, without the irritation of commercial interruptions, for just $8 a month.
But if Hastings’s success is responsible for the decline of the cable industry, he had plenty of accomplices among TV executives who fueled Netflix’s rise in the early going. Over the past decade, media companies have licensed their old hits to Hastings, getting a short-term payout but jeopardizing the long-term health of the industry.
Looking back, some TV executives express regret for doing business with an up-and-coming Netflix, and they struggle to justify their decision to do so. Had they withheld shows from the companies, TV executives might have been vulnerable to lawsuits by the Hollywood talent who have a financial stake in a show being sold to the highest bidder. Netflix frequently offered the most money.
Investors also pressured media companies to take Netflix’s cash. Take, for instance, Time Warner Inc., which is now owned by AT&T Inc. While Disney, CBS, and others licensed many of their old shows to Netflix, Time Warner initially held out. Starting in 2009, Time Warner and Comcast Corp. tried to rally the industry around an idea to slow Netflix by making TV episodes available online—but only to cable subscribers. The idea was called TV Everywhere.
By 2012, however, Time Warner’s investors were demanding to know why the company wasn’t selling its reruns to Netflix, according to one former Time Warner executive. “We sat out for a few years, and all of Wall Street said, ‘What the hell are you guys doing? You’re leaving value on the table for your shareholders!’” the former executive said. “So we relented. That was the beginning of the end.”
Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting did its first deal with Netflix that year. Another transaction the following year brought in more than $250,000 per episode for reruns of shows like Robot Chicken and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, according to the former executive. Time Warner figured Netflix’s money would make up for any lost advertising revenue from viewers who watched on Netflix instead of a cable box.
By 2015, Wall Street had changed its tune. With about 40 million U.S. subscribers, Netflix was becoming a clearer threat. Analysts started pushing media companies to reclaim those old episodes from Netflix to make cable TV more attractive, which could slow the rise of cord-cutting. That year, Todd Juenger, an influential analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co, estimated that big media companies, including Viacom, Fox, and CBS, would have been worth a total $45 billion more if they hadn’t done business with Netflix in the first place.
“It was a big flip-flop from Wall Street,” the former Time Warner executive said.
Some also concluded that the streaming service could be good for ratings after seeing the success of AMC’s Breaking Bad. The drama about a meth kingpin drew more than 10 million viewers in its final episode in 2013 after past seasons began appearing on Netflix. That compared with 1.4 million viewers for the first-season debut in 2008. Fans had caught up on the old seasons on Netflix, then tuned in to the current season on TV, they thought.
Media companies are now clawing back their old shows from Netflix to use for their own online services, while Hastings is ordering up more and more original series. So far, his company has spent $8 billion on programming in 2018, far more than rivals such as HBO and Showtime.
Netflix has already changed consumers’ expectations, said Craig Moffett, an analyst at MoffettNathanson. A lot of the damage to the cable bundle has been done. “All of the media companies got addicted to the crack cocaine of licensing to Netflix,” Moffett said. “It created a new window to sell shows, but it also created a monster.”
TV executives have also spent billion of dollars acquiring sports rights, which has driven up the price of TV service—and almost no one has bid more aggressively for sports than Disney CEO Robert Iger. Disney, owner of ESPN, is on the hook for $45 billion in sports rights in the coming years. To cover those fixed costs, ESPN charges TV operators about $8 per month per subscriber, making it the most expensive channel and an easy target for critics.
“ESPN created the model of everybody paying for sports even if only a fraction of the country cares,” said Rich Greenfield, an analyst at BTIG and a Disney critic. “The cost of the bundle has gotten so absurd because of what Disney has done with sports rights.”
Sports programming is still an undeniably huge draw. Justin Connolly, Disney’s executive vice president for affiliate sales and marketing, said ESPN is a big reason why people sign up for new online services such as Sling TV or DirecTV Now. And, of course, access to big-time sporting events is one of the reasons many people renew their cable-TV subscriptions.
For its part, ESPN is happy to avoid a deep inquiry into the connection between sports and rising prices. “We as an industry need to figure out how to avoid the finger-pointing around who is to blame, and provide consumers with the feeling that if they spent $35 or $40 or $90 or $100 on a pay-TV package, they see real value,” Connolly said.
If anyone is responsible for the high cost of sports, it’s not ESPN—it’s sports fans, according to Bill Rasmussen, who co-founded ESPN in the 1970s. “The fan is responsible for ESPN,” said Rasmussen, who no longer works at the network. “They just kept demanding more sports, and ESPN kept going out and buying more rights.”
The cost to networks of paying huge sums for sports rights get passed on to customers in the form of higher monthly bills. Broadcast channels like Fox, CBS, and NBC are also shelling out billions of dollars on sports because it’s one of the few things consumers still watch live, which helps the companies sell advertising. Those broadcasters are raising the prices they charge cable operators, leading to higher consumer bills. Congress handed that new-revenue stream—known as retransmission consent fees –to broadcast channels in the early 1990s.
“From there, the whole industry became a nuclear arms race,” said Mike White, the former CEO of DirecTV.
Cable-TV distributors aren’t blameless. Many own local sports channels, among the priciest constituents of the cable bill.
To some executives, no company offers a more egregious example of how the value of sports has spiraled out of control than Time Warner Cable. In 2013 the cable company, now owned by Charter Communications Inc., agreed to pay an average $334 million a year to broadcast Los Angeles Dodgers games for the next 25 years on its cable channel, SportsNet LA. That’s roughly eight times what Fox reportedly paid in the previous Dodgers deal. To cover the cost, Time Warner Cable initially charged almost $5 per month per subscriber, making it one of the most expensive in the bundle.
Five years later, no other major TV provider around Los Angeles carries the Dodgers channel because of the steep price. Unable to watch their favorite team, many Dodgers fans have either switched to Charter, which carries the channel, or else cut the cord. Charter declined to comment.
“That was such an extreme overpayment for sports rights,” one TV executive said of the Dodgers deal. “That’s what’s killing the bundle.”
The cable bundle was badly wounded by a man who made one of the great fortunes from it: Dish Network Corp. co-founder Charlie Ergen.
Ergen posing next to a satellite dish in 1997. Ray Ng/Getty Images.
For decades, consumers who wanted just a few channels had to pay for all of them. Comcast or DirecTV couldn’t offer, say, MTV without also including Viacom’s less popular channels such as TV Land. While consumers wanted to pay for single networks on an a la carte basis, the industry fought attempts to break the bundle into smaller, less expensive pieces.
In the past decade, the Federal Communications Commission and Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona attempted to force media companies to offer their channels individually. Neither effort went very far. The cable industry argued prices would rise if consumers could choose only certain channels, and channels aimed at minority groups, for instance, wouldn’t survive without every subscriber paying for them—regardless of whether they watched.
It wasn’t until 2015, when Ergen introduced Sling TV, that the floodgates truly opened. Sling TV is a so-called “skinny bundle,” giving online subscribers the option to buy just a few channels and pay a much lower monthly fee—in this case, about a fourth of the average cable bill. Since its arrival, at least six more online TV services have entered the market.
These lower-cost services have won back some people who quit cable, providing hope for the likes of ESPN or CNN, whose channels are included. But the skinny bundles haven’t won back all the departed. They have only about 6 million customers so far. And companies whose channels have been excluded from them have little recourse to make up lost ground.
“Sling TV was a watershed moment,” said Moffett, the analyst. “It broke the all-for-one and one-for-all model for the first time.”
In hindsight, some TV executives believe the industry would be much healthier now if everyone—programmers and distributors—had agreed to make all episodes of shows available to cable subscribers on any device. That was the dream behind TV Everywhere, an idea hatched in 2009 by Comcast CEO Brian Roberts and Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes. But in those crucial early days, TV Everywhere struggled to get off the ground.
Executives couldn't agree on how long to make old episodes available for subscribers. Some gave viewers only a day to catch up on a show they missed because the broadcasters had sold the reruns to another service. Others made past series available to subscribers for a month. Consumers became confused about where to go and how long they had to binge-watch a show. Some TV networks were slow to make their channels available online.
In the end, the cable industry’s failure to protect the bundle came down largely to greed, Moffett said. Media executives wanted to charge more for certain rights, like making every old episode available to cable subscribers, or granting the rights to watch a show on an iPad outside the home, instead of giving them away for the good of the industry.
“As soon as TV Everywhere was proposed, media companies imagined ways to charge extra for it,” Moffett said. “It was doomed from the start, and the rest is history.”
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Robust Fantasy Database, March Madness Rights Make CBS Sports the Right Sports Betting Media Partner for William Hill

On February 10th, CBS Sports and William Hill announced a strategic partnership that will make the U.K. based bookmaker the “Official Sports Book and Wagering Data Provider across all CBS Sports platforms.” William Hill will also gain the exclusive rights to market sports betting products on CBS Sports’ digital channels in the deal. Initial integrations will be in place in time for next month’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament. The ‘full’ roll-out is expected to be completed by the start of 2020 NFL season.
Howie Long-Short: William Hill has been looking to grow their brand in the U.S. for some time (co. currently has a significant presence in NJ and NV and retail books in MS, WV and IN), so aligning with CBS Sports - whose digital channels draw over 80 million unique visitors/mo. (2nd amongst U.S. sports properties behind only ESPN) - seemingly meets that objective. CBS also controls valuable live rights (see: March Madness, NFL) and as respected sports gambling consultant Sara Slane explained “exposure and integration on a broadcast channel - or channels in the case of March Madness - that everyone is consuming, is highly appealing.”
From the CBS Sports perspective, there’s seemingly little downside in the deal. The company is guaranteed to take in some new revenue (for access to their audience and the sponsorship of digital assets) and William Hill has a large enough footprint - remember, the bookmaker has a market access agreement in place with Eldorado Resorts (which has since acquired Caesars) - that they could realistically realize the upside built into the partnership.
Specific terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the New York Times reported the incentive laden agreement “is aimed at getting CBS Sports users to download the William Hill betting app and put money into their betting accounts.” Slane says the wording within the story indicates there is limited financial outlay on William Hill’s part. “Operators are being very thoughtful about how they’re investing money [with so few states having gone live with sports betting]; particularly, as it relates to media and digital. An affiliate deal for deposits would be a smart approach for a [gaming entity] who wants to see a direct ROI on their investment.
Sports betting operators see the current ‘land-grab’ environment and are aligning with media companies (see: MGM/Yahoo, TSG/FOX Sports, Barstool Sports/Penn National) in an attempt to cultivate new users. But it’s fair to ask - as Alun Bowden (Eilers & Krejcik Gaming) did - why is [every gaming company] so keen to copy an expensive unproven model in a market where the price of failure is enormous and the potential for differentiation is massive?” It’s certainly hard to argue that the strategy, which varies across each of the partnerships referenced, works. DraftKings and FanDuel continue to dominate the U.S. market (i.e. not casino sportsbook operators + media companies) and Slane said that “while there were a couple of runs [made by gaming companies] at media partnerships in the U.K., Sky Betting & Gaming is the only one that has really been a success.”
If there’s a case to be made that the CBS Sports-William Hill deal will buck the trend, it should be made on the back of CBS Sports' robust database of fantasy sports players. As we’ve seen with DraftKings and FanDuel - who have both successfully converted DFS players to sports bettors - “there’s a huge overlap between fantasy gaming and sports betting.” Sports Handle EIC Brett Smiley estimated that “60% of those who participate in season-long fantasy and +/- 80% of those who play DFS have also placed a wager.”
Fan Marino: NBC and Sinclair are the last of the major U.S. sports media rights holders without a gaming partner. It’s reasonable to believe that both will ink agreements sooner than later if only because there are no shortage of operators looking to grow their market share and cash in on the perceived sports betting gold rush (in fact, Slane believes a second wave is coming) and to pass on a gaming partnership would be leaving money on the table. While it could be argued that in a market where bettors are not used to line-shopping (think: people are used to betting with a bookie or a single off-shore book here in the U.S.) there is a strong first mover advantage, Smiley believes it’s “a long game and that over time people will become exposed to more apps and more options” (i.e. potential new entrants to the market haven’t missed the boat). As we’ve previously noted, in the U.K. the average sports bettor has accounts with four different books.
Editor Note: Please note that joining our community (si.com/johnwallstreet) will entitle you to receive our free daily email newsletter.
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Anti-Abortion Laws Megathread

Dear all,
Over the last few weeks we have seen an overwhelming number of new posts and comments around the recently passed anti-abortion laws in Alabama et al., and the growing concern of many that other conservative states in the US might follow that example.
We as moderator team want to support you in whichever way we can; and have therefore collected an overview of current options.
As a general remark, please note that none of us is omniscient, and neither are we legal experts. So please take all suggestions, advice and recommendations as a collected efforts of involved individuals.
If you find yourself pregnant and looking for advice on how to deal with it before getting an abortion, please refer to our wiki on how to deal with disclosing the fact. (Shoutout to sethra007 for the contribution on compiling the information therein).
Should you find yourself in a state where abortion has been made illegal, and you are looking to get an out-of-state abortion, it is of crucial importance not to disclose the pregnancy to anyone (let alone the father, if you are 110% sure you are on the same side - but even that is debatable). You don't want to find yourself on the receiving end of an infanticide lawsuit.
You can reach out to the Auntie Network (/auntienetwork), a group of helpers taking you to and from abortion clinics while making sure you have a 'good time' and plenty of pictures to show for on instagram with your distant aunt that you've been visiting (hence the name).
When interacting with the network, either on reddit or via facebook, please be careful and don't disclose more information than needed. Use a throwaway account, burner phones etc. - You never know to what length anti-abortionists might go to infiltrate them and cause harm to you. Stay safe out there.
Please note that we as /childfree are not directly affiliated with the sub, but strongly support their mission and have as such made the decision to ignore our own rule of not endorsing other subs. They deserve all the support they can get, and then some! The sidebar on /auntienetwork also has a great many resources on how to obtain abortion inducing pills and related items, so I won't list them out here again.
If you want to support the good fight, Imchildfree has compiled a great list of methods you can do to help in this post here that I will just copy below to have one full and conclusive resource; but please also check out the comments for some related discussions.
1.) Contact your nearest abortion clinic and volunteer to be a patient escort.
2.) Volunteer with organizations on the ground, such as Planned Parenthood and NARAL.
3.) Donate to the National Network of Abortion funds. And locate the funds that are in the states being targeted.
4.) Protest! You want to protest? There are a shit ton of legislators out there who voted for this bullshit. They own businesses, they have offices. Take a couple friends and set up a meeting. Protest the churches the plant protesters on abortion clinic sidewalks. Protest the clinics that lie to patients to talk them out of abortions.
5.) Write in Letters to the Editor! I’ve seen so many garbage anti-choice LTE’s, it’s time we turned the tide. Write in to big newspapers, small newspapers, online publications- whatever there is. Get your message out.
6.) Speak about it! We have to get rid of abortion stigma and shame. When we are willing to be vocal and stand up for reproductive autonomy, we give others the courage to do so as well. Abortion is normal. Abortion is moral. Get rid of stigmatized language.
7.) Be inclusive; it is not just women who seek out abortions. Trans men, non-binary folks, gender fluid- there are a plethora of people out there who don’t identify as women that are just as impacted by this legislation. We are all in this fight together, and we can’t leave anyone behind.
8.) Talk to your legislators, as local as they get, and make sure they are pro-choice. Every office and every candidate matters, and if they are going to shy away from abortion when they’re little, they sure as shit won’t be on your side when they move on up.
9.) Run for office. Volunteer for publicly pro-choice candidates.
10.) Volunteer to sign up people to vote.
11.) Support the people on the ground already doing the work. There are so many folks out there that have been tirelessly doing this work and their knowledge and experience is invaluable.
12.) Be patient with the frustrations of those who have been in the movement for a long time. Many of them, for years, have been screaming that this was going to happen and they needed y’all to help. Now it’s happened and it can be very frustrating to see so many folks acting surprised and NOW wanting to get involved. Give some grace.
13.) Tell your own abortion story at The 1 in 3 campaign.
14.) Research and sign online petitions to stop these bans.
15.) Check out the clinic support network.
16.) Research which politicians are passing these laws and call them out.
17.) Stock up on emergency contraception. You can get it for 11 dollars on Amazon.
18.) Thank the production companies that have boycotted Georgia. And find out what ones haven't and tell them to.
19.) If you can, have a polite dialogue with your anti choice acquaintances about how these laws are going to destroy people's lives. If you need convincing arguments for the prochoice side, here are a few: ARCC-CDAC, NBC News, The Atlantic, Project Syndicate
20.) Quit treating abortion as a tragic event. It is a common, necessary medical procedure that women need. Not everyone is traumatized by it.
21.) Keep organizations like Aid Access, that ship abortion pills to women in America, in your mind.
22.) Buy this book.
23.) Register to vote.
24.) Donate to the organization carafem that is working to build other clinics in other states across the country.
25.) Tell the people in your life to get involved.
26.) GET STERILIZED! Search the information on this site about doctors. I don't care if you are gay. I don't care if you are a man. I don't care if you are celibate. Rape happens. Women trick men into thinking they are on birth control. Accidents happen. GET STERILIZED!
27.) Tell those in your life that want to have kids to get on a form of birth control like an IUD or arm implant. These last a long time, are very effective, cannot be forgotten like the pill, and can always be taken out. And tell them to double up on birth control. Use barrier methods of birth control like condoms and diaphragms along with hormonal.
28.) Fight gerrymandering. Many of these officials are being elected this way.
29.) If you have a blog or youtube channel, make blogposts and videos about these attacks to alert people.
30.) Print and save this guide for using abortion pills. And make copies and share them.
31.) Practice self-care to avoid burnout.
32.) Realize that this fight is long term. We are not going to turn this around overnight. Start thinking of this as a years long battle.
33.) And last but not least, DON'T GIVE UP HOPE!
And as a final note:
We didn't start this thread to silence you, only to consolidate. If you still want to start your own post on a related matter, please do! /childfree is your place to rant, vent, discuss and seek for advice.
Any and all constructive posts are and will always be welcome.
Your moderator team
Edit: Cleaned up the links to increase readability.
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So is the McRib back or not?

Countless online articles were hyping up the return of the McRib at the beginning of the month, including local affiliates like NBC Connecticut. Yet I personally haven't seen one store advertising it? And BOTH McRib locators:
mcdfinder.com and mcriblocator.com return no results anywhere around CT - it seems to be barren everywhere north of New Jersey.
Has anyone found one this year?
Disclaimer: I know the McRib is kinda gross - but if you've had one you know it's a good kind of gross, appropriate once every few years.
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New Local Added to Hulu Live TV - Reno/Sparks, NV

Not sure if any other locals were added as I haven't seen any news about new locals on Hulu Live TV recently, but sometime between last Sunday and today KRNV (local NBC affiliate in the Reno, NV area) was added to my channel lineup. I finally don't need to use my crappy antenna to watch Sunday Night Football!
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Mom allegedly abandoned 14-year-old nonverbal, special-needs son at Atlanta hospital

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 53%. (I'm a bot)
A woman abandoned her special-needs son at an Atlanta hospital, where the teenager was found outside, "Cold and hungry," authorities said Wednesday.
Surveillance cameras caught Diana Elliott, 37, leaving the 14-year-old at Grady Memorial Hospital on Dec. 4 before she was tracked down and explained to police that she felt overwhelmed, officials said.
The nonverbal boy was confused and unable to identify himself to police or to hospital staff.
"It was fortunate there was a nurse at Grady hospital, who was on her break, who went outside, and happened to notice this young man outside, and it wasn't right, and that he needed help and shouldn't have been left like that," Atlanta police Lt. Jeff Baxter said.
Tips from the public helped police find Elliott, who was staying at a hotel in neighboring DeKalb County with three other children, NBC affiliate WXIA reported.
The state of Georgia has so-called "Safe haven" protections, allowing parents to leave newborns at hospitals, fire stations, police stations and sheriff's offices without facing prosecution.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: police#1 hospital#2 children#3 outside#4 Elliott#5
Post found in /news, /pussypassdenied, /news and /AnythingGoesNews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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March 2018 Meta Thread

Hello /politics! Welcome to our meta thread, your monthly opportunity to voice your concerns about the running of the subreddit.

Rule Changes

We don't actually have a ton of rule changes this month! What we do have are some handy backend tweaks helping to flesh things out and enforce rules better. Namely we've passed a large set of edits to our Automoderator config, so you'll hopefully start seeing more incivility snapped up by our robot overlords before they're ever able to start a slapfight. Secondly, we do have actual rule change that we hope you'll support (because we know it was asked about earlier) -
/Politics is banning websites that covertly run cryptominers on your computer.
We haven't gotten around to implementing this policy yet, but we did pass the judgment. We have significant legwork to do on setting investigation metrics and actually bringing it into effect. We just know that this is something that may end up with banned sources in the future, so we're letting you know now so that you aren't surprised later.

The Whitelist

We underwent a major revision of our whitelist this month, reviewing over 400 domains that had been proposed for admission to /politics. This month, we've added 171 new sources for your submission pleasure. The full whitelist, complete with new additions, can be found here.

Bonus: "Why is Breitbart on the whitelist?"

The /politics whitelist is neither an endorsement nor a discountenance of any source therein. Each source is judged on a set of objective metrics independent of political leanings or subjective worthiness. Breitbart is on the whitelist because it meets multiple whitelist criteria, and because no moderator investigations have concluded that it is not within our subreddit rules. It is not state-sponsored propaganda, we've detected no Breitbart-affiliated shills or bots, we are not fact-checkers and we don't ban domains because a vocal group of people don't like them. We've heard several complaints of hate speech on Breitbart and will have another look, but we've discussed the domain over and over before including here, here, here, and here. This month we will be prioritizing questions about other topics in the meta-thread, and relegating Breitbart concerns to a lower priority so that people who want to discuss other concerns about the subredddit have that opportunity.

Recent AMAs

As always we'd love your feedback on how we did during these AMAs and suggestions for future AMAs.

Upcoming AMAs

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[Game Preview] Week 1 - Atlanta Falcons (0-0) at Philadelphia Eagles(0-0)

Atlanta Falcons (0-0) at Philadelphia Eagles (0-0)
The Eagles open their first season as defending Super Bowl Champion against a team they faced on the road to their Super Bowl win. The Falcons gave the Eagles one of their toughest tests and took them down to the wire in the Eagles 15-10 win. The Eagles will once again be turning to their backup QB Nick Foles to lead them to victory as Carson Wentz continues to rehab his injured knee. Foles will look to find some of the magic that made him a Super Bowl MVP, a he struggled in his last game against the Falcons and has struggled throughout his preseason appearances this year. Foles will get some help as future Hall of Famer Jason Peters will return to watch his blindside and Swiss Army Knife Darren Sproles returns to do everything. The offense will still have a tough task, the Falcons have a fast defense that flies to the football and gets to the quarterback. On the other side of the football, the Eagles will also be shorthanded at LB where Nigel Bradham is serving his 1 game suspension for punching a cabana boy two years ago, however they do get Jordan Hicks back from a torn achilles that forced him to miss most of last season. The Eagles will also be swapping out some new faces for key contributors last including Michael Bennett for Vinny Curry, Sidney Jones for Patrick Robinson and Haloti Ngata for Beau Allen. The defense will be up to a tough task facing one of the best QBs in the league in Matt Ryan who has a plethora of weapons at his disposal including one of, if not the best receiving corps that includes Julio Jones, Mohamed Sanu and rookie first round pick Calvin Ridley. Even if the Eagles are put to the challenge of shutting down a dangerous Falcons passing attack, they will also need to deal with the 1 - 2 punch of Devonta Freemen and Tevin Coleman. NFL fans should be in for a treat because this has all the makings of a tough fought slugfest on both sides of the ball to kick off the season with Thursday Night Football.
General Information
Posting Rules and Guidelines
Remember to join us on Slack during the game!
Click here to register for Slack.
New to the Eagles? Take a look at our New Fan Page!
Thursday, September 6th, 2018
Game Time Game Location
8:20 PM - Eastern Lincoln Financial Field
7:20 PM - Central 1020 Pattison Ave
6:20 PM - Mountain Philadelphia, PA 19148
5:20 PM - Pacific Wikipedia - Map
Weather Forecast
Stadium Type: Open
Surface: Grass
Temperature: 82°F
Feels Like: 87°F
Forecast: Mostly Cloudy. Humid throughout the day and partly cloudy in the morning.
Chance of Precipitation: 7%
Cloud Coverage: 66%
Wind: Southwest 3 MPH
Betting Odds
Oddsshark Information
Favorite/Opening Line: Philadelphia by -2.5
OveUnder: 45.5
Record VS. Spread: Philadelphia 0-0, Atlanta 0-0
Where to Watch on TV
NBC will broadcast Saturday’s game. Al Michaels will handle the play-by-play duties and Cris Collinsworth will provide analysis. Michele Tafoya will report from the sidelines.
TV Map
Internet Streams
NFL Streams - Look here 30 minutes before the game for Streams
Radio Streams
Disclaimer: Subscription Based Official NFL Radio Streams available via TuneIn
List of Eagles Radio network member stations with internet broadcast availability
Radio.com 94.1 Desktop Streaming
Listen to Merrill Reese and Mike Quick
Calling the game on 94WIP and the Eagles Radio Network will be Merrill Reese, the NFL’s longest-tenured play-by-play announcer (42nd season). Joining Reese in the radio booth will be former Eagles All-Pro wide receiver Mike Quick, while Howard Eskin will report from the sidelines.
Location Station Frequency
Philadelphia, PA WIP-FM 94.1 FM and 610 AM
Allentown, PA WCTO-FM 96.1 FM
Atlantic City/South Jersey WENJ-FM 97.3 FM
Levittown, PA WBCB-AM 1490 AM
Northumberland, PA WEGH-FM 107.3 FM
Pottsville, PA WPPA-AM 1360 AM
Reading, PA WEEU-AM 830 AM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WAFL-FM 97.7 FM
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA WEJL-FM 96.1 FM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WAFL-FM 97.7 FM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WEJL-AM 630 AM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WBAX-AM 1240 AM
Williamsport, PA WBZD-FM 93.3 FM
Wilmington, DE WDEL-FM/AM 101.7 FM
York/LancasteHarrisburg, PA WSOX-FM 96.1 FM
Philadelphia Spanish Radio
Rickie Ricardo, Macu Berral and Gus Salazar will handle the broadcast in Spanish on Mega 105.7 FM in Philadelphia and the Eagles Spanish Radio Network.
Location Station Frequency
Philadelphia, PA LA MEGA 105.7 FM
Allentown, PA WSAN 1470 AM
Atlantic City, NJ WIBG 1020 AM; 101.3 FM
Atlanta Radio
Falcons Radio Network Wes Durham will handle the play-by-play duties and Dave Archer will provide analysis.
National Radio
Westwood OneKevin Harlan (play-by-play) and Boomer Esiason (analyst) will call the game broadcast. Ross Tucker will report from the sidelines.
Satellite Radio
Station Eagles Channel Falcons Channel National Channel
Sirius Radio SIRI 83(Internet 825) SIRI 81(Internet 801) SIRI 88 (Internet 88)
XM Radio XM 225 (Internet 825) XM 226 (Internet 801) XM 88 (Internet 88)
Sirius XM Radio SXM 225 (Internet 825) SXM 226 (Internet 801) SXM 88 (Internet 88)
Eagles Social Media Falcons Social Media
Website Website
Facebook Facebook
Twitter Twitter
Instagram Instagram
Snapchat: Eagles Snapchat: falcons
Series Information
The Philadelphia Eagles lead the Atlanta Falcons (19-14-1). 16-13-1 regular season, 3-1 postseason
Series History
Head to Head Box Scores
First Game Played
September 18th, 1966 at Franklin Field in Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia Eagles 23 – Atlanta Falcons 10
Points Leader
The Philadelphia Eagles lead the Atlanta Falcons (727-602)
Coaches Record
Doug Pederson: 2-0 against the Falcons
Dan Quinn: 0-2 against Eagles
Coaches Head to Head
Doug Pederson vs Dan Quinn: Pederson leads 2-0
Quarterback Record
Nick Foles: Against Falcons: 1-0
Matt Ryan: Against Eagles: 3-5
Quarterbacks Head to Head
Nick Foles vs Matt Ryan: Nick Foles leads 1-0
Records per Stadium
Record @ Lincoln Financial Field: Eagles lead Falcons 6-1
Record @ Mercedes Benz: N/A
Rankings and Last Meeting Information
AP Pro 32 Ranking
Eagles No. 1 - Falcons No. 8
2017 Record
Eagles: 13-3
Falcons: 11-6
Last Meeting and Last at Site
Saturday, January 13th, 2018
Eagles 15 - Falcons 10
In a sloppy defensive slugfest, Nick Foles and the Eagles offense did just enough and the Eagles defense held off thee straight shots to Julio Jones in the endzone to seal the win in the divisional round.
Click here to view the Video Recap
Click here to view the Stats Recap
Last 10 Meetings
Date Winner Loser Score
01/13/18 Eagles Falcons 15-10
11/13/16 Eagles Falcons 24-15
09/14/15 Falcons Eagles 26-24
10/28/12 Falcons Eagles 30-17
09/18/11 Falcons Eagles 35-31
10/17/10 Eagles Falcons 31-17
12/06/09 Eagles Falcons 34-7
10/26/08 Eagles Falcons 27-14
12/31/06 Eagles Falcons 24-17
09/12/05 Falcons Eagles 14-10
Injury Reports Depth Charts
Eagles Eagles
Falcons Falcons
2018 Weekly Matchup
Week 1 - Iron Rank Matchup
Week 1 - "Expert" Picks
2017 Team Stats
Eagles Season Stats
Falcons Season Stats
2017 Stats (Starters/Leaders)
Foles 57 101 56.4 537 5 2 79.5
Wentz (IR) 265 440 60.2% 3296 33 7 101.9
Ryan 342 529 64.7% 4095 20 12 91.4
Ajayi 70 408 58.3 5.8 1
Freeman 196 865 61.8 4.4 7
Coleman 156 628 41.9 4.0 7
Ertz 74 824 58.9 11.1 8
Jones 88 1444 90.3 16.4 3
Name Sacks Team Total
Graham 9.5 38
McKinley 6.0 39
Name Total Solo Assist Sacks
Bradham 88 61 27 1.0
Jones 138 91 47 1.0
Name Ints Team Total
Mills/McLeod/Darby 3 19
Jones 3 8
Bosher 53 2379 62 44.9 40.8 19 2 0
Elliot 31 26 83.9% 61 39/42
Bryant 39 34 87.2% 57 35/35
Kick Returns
Smallwood 4 94 23.3 28 0
Roberts 38 860 22.6 61 0
Punt Returns
Sproles 10 10 10 10 0 5
Roberts 27 201 7.4 27 0 21
League Rankings 2017
Offense Rankings
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Falcons Stat Falcons Rank
Total Offense 365.8 7th 364.8 8th
Rush Offense 132.2 3rd 115.4 13th
Pass Offense 233.6 13th 249.4 8th
Points Per Game 28.6 3rd 22.1 15th
3rd-Down Offense 42% 8th 45% 1st
4th-Down Offense 65% 3rd 31% 27th
Red Zone Offense (TD%) 65.5 1st 50 23rd
Defense Rankings
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Falcons Stat Falcons Rank
Total Defense 306.5 4th 318.4 9th
Rush Defense 79.2 1st 104.1 9th
Pass Defense 227.3 17th 214.3 12th
Points Per Game 18.4 4th 19.7 8th
3rd-Down Defense 32% 3rd 38% 16th
4th-Down Defense 22% 1st 68% 29th
Red Zone Defense (TD%) 55.3 20th 44.2 5th
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Falcons Stat Falcons Rank
Turnover Diff. +11 4th -2 19th
Penalty Per Game 7.2 T-25th 6.2 11th
Penalty Yards Per Game 60.1 22nd 57.0 15th
Falcons QBs Matt Ryan (William Penn Charter) and Matt Schaub (West Chester East) attended high school in the Philadelphia area.
Falcons' Special Teams Coord. Keith Armstrong played for Temple University in Philadelphia from 1983-86.
Falcons passing game coordinator Jerome Henderson played cornerback for the Eagles during the 1995 season.
Eagles DL coach Chris Wilson held the same title with the University of Georgia in 2013.
The two TEs in Sunday’s game played collegiately at Stanford: Eagles TE Zach Ertz (2010-12) and Falcons TEs Austin Hooper (2014-15)
2018 Pro Bowlers
Eagles Falcons
OT Lane Johnson WR Julio Jones (Starter)
QB Carson Wentz (Starter) C Alex Mack (Starter)
TE Zach Ertz (Starter) ST Derrick Coleman (1st Alt)
G Brandon Brooks (Starter) QB Matt Ryan (2nd Alt)
DT Fletcher Cox (Starter) DT Grady Jarrett (2nd Alt)
FS Malcom Jenkins CB Desmond Trufant (2nd Alt)
C Jason Kelce (1st Alt) RB Devonta Freeman (2nd Alt)
DE Brandon Graham (1st Alt)
CB Jalen Mills (3rd Alt)
K Jake Elliot (2nd Alt)
ST Kame Grugier-Hill (2nd Alt)
Referee: John Hussey
Since 2016, Philadelphia has produced a 15-3 home record (including playoffs), which marks the best home winning percentage (.833) in the NFL in that span.
The Eagles have won 11 of their last 12 home games dating back to Week 16 of 2016. Philadelphia finished the 2017 season with a 9-1 record at Lincoln Financial Field.
In 2017, the Eagles outscored their opponents, 282-124 (+158), over 10 regular-season and postseason games at Lincoln Financial Field. Philadelphia’s 229 points scored at home during the regular season marked the 4th-highest single-season mark in team history and the Eagles’ most since the 2014 campaign (franchise-record 261).
Philadelphia is aiming to win its third consecutive season opener (9/11/16: W, 29-10 vs. Cle.; 9/10/17: W, 30-17 at Was.), which would tie for the 3rd- longest streak in franchise history (1st: 6 from 1942-47; 2nd: 4 from 2011-14).
Doug Pederson can become just the fourth head coach in Eagles history to win three straight opening day games, joining Rich Kotite(3, 1991-93), Dick Vermeil (3, 1979-81) and Greasy Neale (6, 1942-47).
Philadelphia has won each of its last two home openers (9/11/16: W, 29-10 vs. Cle.; 9/24/17: W, 27-24 vs. NYG) and can tie for the 2nd-longest streak in team history with a win on Thursday night (1st: 5 from 1945-49). Pederson can join Joe Kuharich (4, 1964-67) as the only Eagles head coaches to win their first three home openers with the team.
Doug Pederson became the eighth head coach in NFL history to win the Super Bowl in their first two seasons as a head coach (first since Mike Tomlin in 2008).
Pederson also became the seventh head coach in NFL history to win the Super Bowl in his first playoff run as a head coach (first since Brian Billick in 2000).
Pederson became just the fourth head coach in NFL history to win the Super Bowl following a sub-.500 record the previous season, joining Bill Belichick (2001 Patriots), Dick Vermeil (1999 Rams) and Bill Walsh (1981 49ers).
Draft Picks
Eagles Falcons
TE Dallas Goedert WR Calvin Ridley
CB Avonte Maddox CB Isaiah Oliver
DE Josh Sweat DT Deadrin Senat
T Matt Pryor RB Ito Smith
T Jordan Mailata WR Russell Gage
S Foyesade Oluokun
Notable Off-season Additions
Eagles Falcons
WR Mike Wallace DT Terrell McClain
WR Markus Wheaton G Bradon Fusco
DT Haloti Ngata TE Logan Paulsen
P Cameron Johnston CB Justin Bethel
DT Bruce Hector LB Richard Jarvis
LB DJ Alexander S Jordan Richards
DT LaRoy Reynolds
Notable Off-season Departures
Eagles Falcons
DE Vinny Curry DT Dontari Poe
WR Torrey Smith WR Taylor Gabriel
RB Kenjon Barner DE Adrian Clayborn
RB LaGarrett Blount TE Levine Toilolo
LB Mychal Kendricks
CB Patrick Robinson
TE Trey Burton
DT Beau Allen
P Donnie Jones
WR Marcus Johnson
TE Brent Celek
QB Nick Foles (7290) needs 208 yards to move up to 9th all-time on the all-time Eagles Passing Yards list passing Norm Van Brocklin
QB Nick Foles (51) needs 4 TDs to move up to a tie for 9th all-time on the all-time Eagles Passing TDs list with Norm Van Brocklin and Adrian Burk
TE Zach Ertz (3664) needs 127 yards to move up to 13th on the Eagles all-time receiving list all-time passing RB Brian Westbrook
DE Brandon Graham (38.5 – 7th) needs 1 sacks to move up to a tie for 6th on the Eagles all-time sack list tying DT Andy Harmon.
DE Fletcher Cox (34 - 10th) needs 1.5 sacks to move into a tie for 9th all-time on the Eagles sack list with DE William Fuller.
S Malcolm Jenkins's (4) needs 1 more Interception for a TD to tie CB Eric Allen (5) for most Interceptions for a TD by an Eagles player.
DE Vic Beasley (17.0 -19th) needs 1.5 sacks to move up to a tie for 17th on the Falcons all-time sack list passing LB Keith Brooking and tying DE Jumpy Geathers.
RB Tevin Coleman (1540 - 19th) needs 73 yards to move up to 18th on the Falcons all-time rushing list passing RB Junior Coffey.
Matchups to Watch
Nick Foles vs Falcons Pass Defense
All eyes should be on the Eagles Week 1 starter for the opener. Coming off an excellent playoff run culminating in a Super Bowl MVP award, Nick Foles takes the helm as Carson Wentz continues his rehab. What Foles has shown in his career are incredible highs and incredible lows; this includes a relatively shaky preseason where Doug Pederson went the disappointed father route when discussing Foles poor play against the Browns a couple of weeks ago. It's important not to take too much away from the preseason since the coaching staff isn't game-planning extensively like they will for this matchup while also missing several offensive starters. Entering week 1 the Eagles will still be down one starter in Alshon Jeffery and another offensive contributor in Mack Hollins. Even with the benefit of preparation, the Falcons are one of the best teams in the NFL and tend to suffocate opponents against the pass. The Seattle-style defense is flush with high-end athletes that prevent a lot of big plays. Doug Pederson is 2-0 vs the Falcons as the Eagles Head Coach and in those 2 games the Eagles have 0 passing TDs. Foles was pretty decent against the Falcons in the playoffs and I think needs to be more consistently good in this one to keep the offense on schedule. This will be a a difficult task without Jeffery and some new pieces to work into the offense. Even with the capable backs the Eagles possess, they only averaged 3 yards per carry against the Falcons in the playoffs on 32 carries. In order for the offenses to be more efficient the passing game needs be good early and often. They cannot afford to put themselves in situations where they have to chase the Falcons through the air.
Eagles Secondary vs. Falcons Passing Attack
The Falcons have a plethora of weapons to contend with on the offensive side of the ball that can make life difficult for the Eagles defense. Everyone knows Julio Jones is a monster and has shredded the Eagles secondary in his last 3 games against Philly. Julio probably should perform this way; he is an elite talent and the Eagles haven't had a strong secondary. What has helped the Eagles in the last two outings against the Falcons is limiting the damage done by the supporting cast. Sanu is a good number 2 receiver and a reliable passing option to keep the offense on schedule. The addition of first round rookie Calvin Ridley can also help the offense be more explosive than it was in 2017. There will be an adjustment for Ridley to the pro game but he is already a very good route runner with good speed that is an upgrade over what they had previously. Austin Hooper is a reliable, if unexciting tight end option as well and helps make the offense efficient much like Sanu. Lastly, Freeman and Coleman are one of the best RB pairings in football and also excellent in the passing game. While it'll be important for the Eagles stingy run defense to continue to control the line of scrimmage, the Falcons offense has a number of very good weapons for Matt Ryan to use in the passing game. It'll be up to the Eagles young and ascending secondary to take a step forward early in the season. The Eagles also need Jordan Hicks to return to form in a hurry as Nigel Bradham serves his one game suspension.
Eagles Offensive & Defensive Line vs Falcons Offensive & Defensive Line
The battles that will have the greatest influence on the game, especially for the Eagles, is along the trenches. The Eagles enter the season with their OL 100% healthy as Peters makes his return to left tackle. One thing the Eagles haven't had in their 2 matchups against the Falcons under Doug Pederson is OL continuity. Lane Johnson was suspended for the 2016 meeting and Jason Peters was on injured reserve for the playoff match up. The addition of Peters back into the line up is big for the Eagles as they are incorporating some new pieces into the offense while missing Jeffery. The Falcons have a young, fast, and aggressive DL that can cause problems for opposing offenses. Even without Peters, the Eagles finished as PFFs best offensive line in 2017 and will look to maintain their status as one of the best units in the league. Both tackles are more than capable of erasing the EDGE defenders the Falcons have to go along with an All-Pro caliber Guard in Brandon Brooks and All-Pro Center Jason Kelce. While Wisniewski doesn't share in the same accolades as his other linemen, he is a very reliable LG in his own right. Controlling the line of scrimmage and keeping Foles clean will make a big difference for the Eagles in this contest. On the flip-side, the Eagles moved on from Vinny Curry and Beau Allen this offseason but upgraded both spots with veterans Michael Bennett and Haloti Ngata. Both players serve as strong run defenders with greater potential as pass rushers than their predecessors. Chris Long, Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox, and Derek Barnett all return to form the deepest and most disruptive defensive line in football. While the Falcons possess quality tackles, the amount of bodies the Eagles can throw at opposing offensive lines can be game changing. Alex Mack is an All-Pro Center but is surrounded by some question marks at guard. While the Eagles certainly lack some proven depth along the interior defensive line in the absence of Timmy Jernigan, there are still plenty of high quality rushers for the Falcons to contend with. Without Nigel Bradham and Jordan Hicks returning from IR, the defensive line needs to establish dominance for the Eagles to control this game.
Special thanks to MikeTysonChicken and abenyishay for their help in creating this Game Preview
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KSNV NBC Las Vegas covers news, sports, weather and traffic for the Las Vegas, Nevada area including Paradise, Spring Valley, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Indian Springs, Sloan, Searchlight new haven 17 mins ago New Haven Church Vandalized With Satanic Symbol coronavirus 1 Late Night On NBC See all. Late Night with Seth Meyers 9 hours ago ‘Late Night': Closer Look at Trump Philadelphia News, Local News, Weather, Traffic, Entertainment, and Breaking News Dallas County Reports 16 New COVID-19 Deaths and 1,027 New Cases Thursday coronavirus Five Things You Need To Know If You Still Haven't Filed Watch • Jul 14. NBC 5 Responds: Viewer Fights The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help in identifying people connected to a larceny at a gas station. By WECT Staff. Published 10:07 AM at 10:07 AM . Public safety officer taken to hospital after fire call on Bald Head Island.

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