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FreeSkins | New Top Beermoney Site (Instant Cashouts, $0.01 Minimum, Daily Bonuses) is running a $500 Giveaway! Enter Here!

Hey guys! is a brand new GPT site that will pay you to complete offers, watch videos, answer surveys, play games, and more.
I assume a lot of you reading this might be already familiar with Gain.GG, which you can read more about here, but in this post I'm going to go over the advantages of using FreeSkins over Gain, or at least why you should consider using both. It's clear to me that FreeSkins is the superior site for a bulk of reasons.

FreeSkins (Ref | Nonref)

FreeSkins is a classic GPT site that has some of the top features anyone would want from a beermoney site... fast payments, high rates, responsive support, and many offers to choose from. If you're new to FreeSkins, you can earn a 100 point sign up bonus (100 points = $0.10) when you sign up using a ref link or promo code. My promo code is Fishering. Feel free to start/join a referral train in the comments.
Let's start by going over all the features of FreeSkins:

Features of FreeSkins

Feature Description
Pros International Signups! FreeSkins is available worldwide.
Instant Payments Payments for verified users are sent instantly.
$0.01 Minimum Cashout All users have access to a low $0.01 minimum for crypto options.
Lots of Cashout Options Amazon, Visa Prepaid, BTC, ETH, Steam, V-Bucks, CS;GO Skins, and more. (PayPal/Bank Transfer may be coming, more below).
Daily Bonus Collect a daily bonus ranging from $0.01 to $0.10 every day!
High Paying Offers Same highly competitive paying offer rates as Gain.
Many Offers Featuring offers from AdGem, Revenue Universe, AdGate, Adscend, OfferToro, and surveys from TheoremReach.
High Paying Leaderboards Top 15 people per day ($30/day) and top 15 people per month ($300/month)
Referral System 5% of your referrals' earnings.
Name Bonus Add to your Steam name and earn 5% more from offers (Must link steam account).
Very Responsive Support Support is directly in chat, 24/7.
100 Coin Sign Up Bonus Must use a referral link or promo code. Minimum cash out for your first cash out is $0.20.
Roulette I think this should be a con, but you can bet your coins to earn more with Roulette.
Cons No PayPal FreeSkins currently does not offer PayPal cash outs. If you want PayPal you'll need to use the same Coinbase workaround.
Only Steam/Google Sign Up You can only sign up using your google or steam profile.
Shows Full Name When you complete an offer your full steam/google name will show in the offer ticker. Make sure to change your on-site name here!
Now, let's about the differences between Gain and FreeSkins, for those of you who might already be familiar with Gain. As far as the actual infrastructure of the site, everything is the same. Same offers (for the most part), same chat features, same leveling. The main difference is the ownership of FreeSkins as well as the site layout and cash out options.
If you're already familiar with Gain, I think it may be beneficial to sign up for FreeSkins as well. This is especially true if you already have maxed out your daily bonus on Gain of 100 points. If you're able to get up to 100 points on FreeSkins as well, you'll be able to get $0.20/day from daily bonuses alone.
I personally prefer solely for the additional cash out options they offer (Visa Cards) that aren't offered on Gain. The fact that the site is natively in dark mode is a huge bonus as well.


FreeSkins in my opinion is a much better site than Gain for the many reasons above. If you're a member of Gain, I really think it might be a good idea to check both sites out.
If you have any questions about FreeSkins, feel free to leave a comment and tag Freeskinscom and they'll be lurking around this post answering your questions, or reach out to the support chat on the site for direct support.
Please feel free to start/join a referral train in the comments.
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SELLING: CS:GO/Rust/Dota2 Casino Website (Multiple games) | 180€

I'm selling my Casino website that I used some time ago, it was working for csgo, but I added rust/dota2 deposit/withdraw. You can also
Price is negotiable.
  1. Roulette game (Be able to bet on black/red/green).
  2. Coinflip game (Play against other users. 50% chance to win)
  3. Jackpot game (Play agains other users, your chance to win depends on you and other users bet amount.
  4. Crash game (like
  5. Random steam key (Pay 1$ and you get random steam key)
Main Features:
I will provide support with any problem and help with installation of the site, but if you need complete install of the site or any new implementation we can talk about price
If you are interested contact me on Steam/Discord (I will show you live demo of the site working):
Demo: contact me at or prubiog#2958
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[05.12.20 updated] Massive List of Most LEGIT free sites for CS:GO case openings + added website

I just wanted to take some time to list simply the best FREE CS:GO case opening sites, which went down few notches after the recent Valve changes. Nowadays it’s nearly impossible to find a legit site without having to deposit $1-5 and to gamble, but I’ve listed the cheapest sites with best strategies so that you could also profit from them, like I have done. I’ve also listed the total amount I have been able to withdraw!
You also find the complete list at
1. HellCase Join via:
Still simply THE BEST site out there! Thanks to all you great people I have finally reached affiliate level 5 on HellCase, meaning that YOU get free Rainbow case, arguably the best case on the site and the only one I ever personally buy (free $0.70 just by using my link - use that to buy one Rainbow case or two Mil-Spec cases if you just want more skins) just by joining and using the ref code 6230763. Also free daily case if you add to your name or refill with $5. Highly recommended!
2. CSGoFast Join via:
Nowhere near the easy and totally free site it used to be, but the minimum deposit to COMPLETELY unlock withdrawals is just $1, and VGO is accepted for easy, instant access. Same deal with gambling; no more free cases. Luckily their Solo PvE Slot seems to be pretty generous, so I would recommend you to start with $0.1 bet and 5 winlines until to get to like $10 or so, and then switch to full 9 lines and maybe up the bet as well. The best thing about this game are the bonus games which use all 9 winlines regardless, and your original bet, so it’s a fast way to really multiply your money.
3. CSGetto Join via:
Free case from here if you add their URL to your username, and if you have a account (which you really should with CS:GO sites, because most of them are Russian) you can just like their page and get more points for another free case.
4. Farmskins Join via:
Another totally legit site, although they do require minimum of $4 deposit to enable withdrawals. But as you can just deposit $5, get either AWP or AK-47 skin and then cheaper skins with that and just withdraw them immediately this is not a problem.
Use code REDDIT to get $0.90 for free when registering!
5. PVPro Join via:
Join and use my code to receive 50 free coins. Nowadays you need to play 5 PvP games to unlock the marketplace, since they switched from their own market to a player driven marketplace. But since the games can be played for free and you can win more coins that way, you’ll soon enough can start buying your skins!
6. WTFSkins Join via:
Register and use code redditskin (click on FREE on the top of the screen) to get $0.40 which you can directly use on the store and withdraw without making a deposit!
You can also link your Twitter to get an extra $0.1!
Remember to claim your free coins daily!
7.CSGOLive Join via:
Same deal as with WTFSkins (same team runs the sites). Register and use the code redditskins and link your Twitter (optional, but recommended) to get $0.16 which you can use to open two Graveyard Cases. No deposit to withdraw.
Remember to claim your free coins daily!
8. ClickLoot Join via:
ClickLoot (before SkinSilo) is a site that tends to go bit up and down, and if you're moving around, even traveling, they can easily lock down your account and while you should be able to get it unlocked via support, but who knows when that no longer is an option. But unless you travel frequently this one is still a decent option that actually lets you withdraw your skins to Steam fast. Also offers cryptocurrency withdrawals for bigger sums.
Register and use the code redditfreeskins.
9. CSGOEmpire Join via:
Free case just by joining and using the code REDDITCSGO by clicking the Free Case link on the top of the site. Withdrawals to CS:GO (Insteant), CS:GO (Trade-Locked), Dota 2, Rust or H1Z1. Bitcoin and Ethereum withdrawals coming soon. Free daily cases for leveling up, coin flip, roulette and match betting for gambling.
Register and use the code REDDITCSGO.
10. EZRage Join via:
EZRage does not offer case openings, but they have great odds for fast games and coinflips, and they also offer 100 player jackpot games! Joining and using my code grants you extra 5% on each deposit, so remember to use the code to get most out of using this site.
Register and use the code REDDIT to receive 5% more on each deposit.
11. DaddySkins Join via:
DaddySkins has loads of features ranging from cheap cases ($0.29 Mil-Spec!) to arena competitions and item upgraders. They support Ethereum payments which you can use to get your user level higher to get access to absolutely free daily cases.
12. Gamdom Join via:
This site has it all - apart from case openings, that is. But as you can just play easy games like crash to earn coins and then You can withdraw CSGO items directly, but cryptocurrency withdrawals require a deposit to be unlocked.
Register and use the code REDDIT to receive up to 80 000 coins to really get you started!
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Freeskins, new gpt site available in multiple countries

Its like most gpt sites as far as how you earn goes but they do have a 100 coin daily check. 100 coins =10 cents. Also they have roulette which you can bet your hard earned coins on. The owner of gainGG is a co owner of this site. It opened less then a month ago and is still growing and getting over all the bumps along the way but so far its a great site
They mainly focus on gaming rewards, like v bucks, roblox giftcards, visa, steam, ethereum, bitcoin, amazon and obviously CS;GO skins
([referral link]
([non ref]
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Anyone have experience with DotaFlare?

It's a betting site where you get your credit through depositing Dota 2 (and CS:GO) items. Basically roulette. I put a little in, YOLOed, and got a big payout, but it wants me to put in a deposit of way more ($70 worth of items) to claim the payout. I'm not sure I trust the bots (because they're potentially "bots") not returning the deposit. Does anyone else have experience with this site, and whether or not they'll scam you over that amount?
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CSGOPolygon 1000 coins ($1.00) FREE with match betting and more!

CSGOPolygon code FRANK50
They upped the coins to 1000 ($1.00) with no withdrawal limit, no deposit requirement. The only problem is you have to check several times a day until the CS: GO bots have skins refilled, but they do refill several times a day. The site is getting hammered.
The admin told me they're going soon going to implement a p2p system so they don't have to manually refill skins anymore.
To use the code just login, and at the top right click your profile picture, and select 'Redeem Code' and then enter FRANK50 for 1000 points ($1.00) which can be bet on Roulette, Coin Flip, Crash, CSGO Matches, or you can withdrawal.
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moe, csgo diamonds and twitch's no reaction

Most of you probably know what happened between moe and cs go diamonds so i will not explain it. If you dont just google "moe cs go diamonds".
I wonder why there is no reaction of twitch, i mean he used their plattform to advertise this website. Maybe they need some evidence but in my opinion there are more then plenty in the posts both sides made. For example Moe said on twitter he had 26000 diamonds he tried to withdraw, diamonds he won with the knowledge of the future coin flips. He wanted to withdraw money won from users of the site, so there are definitely people who were cheated on. You can find his twitter post here:
On another twitter post he admitted that he got "the rolls before they happen."Cs go diamonds did this multiple times even with him saying not to. But as you can see on the skype conversation he had with an admin of cs go diamonds he asked for the future lists. So it was a lie. You can find the twitter post here: And the skype conversation here:
Cs go diamonds said it is "provably fair" because you cant manipulate the future rolls. But if you know the future rolls there is no need in manipulating them. Imagine lotto where you know the future numbers, there is no point in changing them.
So im wondering why there are no consequences from twitch's side. These gaming sites are intransparent and most likely all fraud but it is still allowed to advertise them. I realy hope there is a chance to get a response from an official side or from some streamers.
It is also most likely most of the skins deposit on these websites are gone forever. For Example shroud had around 81000 $ on cs go wild but i dont think there are that many skins to withdraw (Im not entirely sure because im not registered on the site) Further he is only 1 of many with such balance. So my assumption is most of the gambling sites sold the skins to pay for sponsorships and their overall costs. As you can see on the skype conversation between moe and cs go diamonds they paid him 7435.9$ and 9537.04$ for his sponsorship. These are 10% of their total earnings. Following this they made 74359$ and 95370$ dollar in the last months and are also able to pay moe a buy out with 75000 (In Bitcoins, the IRS would probably be interested in also) As i see it it is probably a pyramid scheme.
At last maybe for the streamers. You have this huge opportunity to be part of something new and of big changes. You shouldnt forget that you are responsible for you behaviour to your audience. Imagine a superbowl add about investing in the pyramid scheme of Bernard Madoff.
Ps: If you watch the video of moe and his girlfriend winning 54000$ it is kinda obivous he was using these knowledge. He was down on 3900$ and put all on green. His girlfriend randomly comes in to scream with him as soon as he won. It could be a coincidence but the chances for this to happen are very low. I mean how often did you see his girlfriend on stream? This is not an evidence but kinda odd.
Since there are so many post with questions i thought it is necessery to update and try to answer some of the most frequent one. I had no idea what i let lose but im glad so many of you feel the same as i do.
Yes, it was my first post. Im normaly an introvert guy who doesnt post anything on the internet. But what bothered me is that someone could pull something like this off, get paid 95000$ and doesnt have to fear any consequences. Further i tried to refer to most sources i mentioned, so it doesnt matter if it is my first post or not, you can read everything for yourself and make your conclusions.
Im not sure if valve is responsible. Assume the skins are like your car. You can do whatever you like because its your property, so you can also use it to bet..
I think twitch is responsible. TV Broadcasters are also responsible for the ads they broadcast but im actually not sure.
I dont hate moe. He is kinda entertaining, you can compare him to gordon ramsay which a lot people like and watch. They are acting closely the same. But that doenst mean anything. Imagine Kate Middleton, who is for a lot of people probably one of the nicest people on earth, tricks people into a pyramid scheme. Shouldnt she be punished like everyone else should?
Also a lot of people compared the deposit and withdraw system to a bank. A bank is transparent (at least in parts) and regulated from public authoritys. The money you deposit is used for all sorts of credits for consumer and companies. They pay their bills with the interests they make with them. I know a normal bank does a lot more to earn money but thats one of their main incomes.
Many think he didnt benefit from knowing the future numbers. Thats partly right. He doesnt win directly by playing against others. But imagine a roulette game with 1 guy at the table who is partnered with the owner . He can win for the owner against people who doenst know anything about the partnership. On a regular roulette table without the green it is a 50/50 chance to win, it is mathematicaly a fair game because the expectancy value is 0. The players pay for the others, it is in balance, but not if there is one guy who know the future rolls. I think thats the reason why cs go diamonds didnt allow him to withdraw skins.
Sassanian mentioned it is a Ponzi Scheme and i think he is right, thank you.
I know a lot of streamer advertise different betting sites and i didnt mention anyone else beside moe. The point is he made a part public of what is happening behind those sites public and also used informations from the admin. There are no evidences of other streamers doing the same. (Cant believe he made a fraud public he was involved in, he doesnt seem stupid, but that definitely is. Maybe he was greedy or had one of his rage moments)
On cs go diamdonds are also no informations of how they make that much money. I mean on regular roulete there is green on which the bank wins but thats not the case at cs go diamonds as far as i know. I didnt find a deposit fee or anything like it ( Just Imagine there is such a fee at 1%. As i mentioned they made 95370$ (i dont know if moe got 10% or 20% of that so the number may differ) in one month. I refer to the twitter post of cs diamonds which you can find here: With such a fee there would be 9.537.000 $ of skins deposit in one month. Thats hard to believe) If someone knows more feel free to post any information you can refer to.
You can find an article about it here:
Statements of both parties are on their twitter accounts: post from June 14 posts from June 13
Thank you guys for the support.
I started a new thread about betting sites and their earnings in general. If you are interested you can find it here:
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10 Reasons Why CS:GO Doesn't Suck As Much As You Think

A YouTube channel by the name of Valve Guides just released a video titled "10 Reason Why CS:GO Sucks Right Now". I've seen a few videos like this from various channels, and have been getting increasingly frustrated at the misinformation these videos come with. Most importantly, I've become sad that people seem to have completely given up on CS:GO when it is currently better than it has ever been (as CS:GO, and arguably as a Counter-Strike game in general). So I've made this post in an attempt to counter the points in that specific video, while also explaining my frustrations in general at what I've heard over the past few weeks from other YouTubers and players.
  10 - Messy Gameplay   What? 1.6 was one of the clunkiest FPSs of its time, the pacing was pretty good but there were some stupidly-busted mechanics like wallbangs through insanely thick walls, not being able to move AT ALL after being shot (meaning first shot = kill 90% of the time, allowing for little counterplay other than reaction times), insanely reduced first-shot accuracy (especially due to that insanely huge crosshair that you couldn't really modify without some technical knowhow - further increasing the skill floor for first-time players), etc.   By "1.6 is clunky" I mean to say the movement system didn't mesh well with the object of the game. Bunnyhopping is a prime example of how the game was artificially sped up when the pacing of the rounds would've been much slower without them. By pacing of the round I mean, how much action is going on in a specific time frame (1 round or 30 seconds, etc.).
CS:GO's pacing is controlled by grenades currently, whereas 1.6 was more about the "glitches" like Bunnyhopping, wallbanging and "tagging" which isn't a glitch but arguably overly powerful. I don't know much more about 1.6's systems but I can say that after about 100 hours I just had the feeling that I had less control over my movement in 1.6 due to these more advanced systems (that I didn't, at the time, have the tools to learn about) than I do currently in CS:GO. This is more opinion based than the rest of the piece, and I feel like people are taking it out of context. I was just trying to tone down the 1.6 nostalgia-tinted glasses that seems to be going around where people are saying that 1.6 was 1000x better in every aspect and was the best competitive shooter in history (that title goes to Quake 3 btw ;).   9 - Balance issues   This one I'll agree with, there are things that can still be balanced but I think griping on this now, at a time where Valve has been at its most active in reaching out to the community and actually acting on our suggestions, is kind of mean-spirited and preaching to the choir at this point. Hitboxes are better than ever, they're actually trying to fix jumpshotting, spraying, first-shot accuracy, etc. in a meaningful way. xx   He also says something here I want to touch on. "Changes to a weapon can reduce your incentive to come back and continue playing." Really? If changes in a video game that force you to re-learn a skill stop you from wanting to play that game, fine, but you're in the insanely small minority. That's what video games are, constantly changing, ever-evolving. They're young, they aren't like most sports that have been around for a century or more and have fine-tuned their rules over that period of time. So it's just kind of a part of every game, not just CS - and it's something you have to deal with as a competitive player. If you don't want to, that's up to you, but it doesn't make CS:GO "suck".
8 - Skin Betting Ban   So this is part of the community SURROUNDING the game, not about the game itself. But I'll still say something about it.   Betting on sports in general has always been a touchy subject, especially in North America (where a lot of CS:GO fans are located currently - not all, just saying the majority of betting sites were located here, etc.). So it makes sense to continue the trend in NA and specifically the US to just outright ban it and force them to act illegally. It reduces the chance of under-aged people wanting to bet - by reducing the popularity, and reducing the # of legitimate players (i.e. streamers and pros) that advocate it. But it also de-legitimizes betting which was a large source of income for the CS:GO scene. So banning it has some positives and some negatives. The best route here would be for Valve to release an official betting system using skins and not just the "Pick 'Em" system they have now - similar to what CSGOLounge used. I still believe that the roulette-style sites are straight-up casino gambling and should always be illegal, regardless of currency used (skins, money, chips, w/e). Again, doesn't even come close to making the game "suck". I also don't really understand how Valve banning all betting sites (which are definitively illegal) makes the whole scene look "shady". If anything it has the opposite effect to onlookers in that it creates a sense that Valve have some control over the scene and want to legitimize eSports.   7 - Scandals   sigh Again, community - not the game itself. All communities have bad eggs. CS:GO is the biggest FPS in terms of eSport popularity, hands down. But it isn't the biggest eSport. DotA, League and Starcraft also have their fair share of scandals, so it's no big surprise to anyone that CS:GO has had some as well. It is also the first extremely large FPS eSport, whereas DotA and League have Starcraft 2 to thank (partially) for paving the way for their popularity, and their ruleset (as well, Riot in particular has done a stellar job in cracking down on illegitimate practices, reducing the # of scandals as the years have progressed). CS:GO happens to be the youngest large eSport out there, so the # of scandals currently should go down as things subside (and indeed they seem to be dying down, the last big one I can remember was IBP throwing as well as some fishy stuff going on at a tournament that I can not recall currently, over the summer IIRC). AGAIN, does not make CS:GO as a game suck. Just means it's a growing eSport and as such, Valve should be doing things to crack down on illegitimate behaviour...which it has been doing, and continues to do. Some might say too little too late, or not fast enough, but I prefer to say better late than never, or better a little than not at all.   6 - Toxic Community   Every multiplayer video game since WoW has had a toxic community. It's literally a meme at this point. Saying a game sucks because it has a toxic community is like saying a slice of bread sucks because it has a crust. It comes with the territory, and there's not much the developemanufacturer can do to avoid this. It's up to the end-user to tailor their own experience. With bread, you have a knife capable of cutting the crust off. With video games, developers give you the ability to mute your fellow gamers if you find their actions distasteful. It's not a fantastic solution because it requires effort of the end-user, and in gaming it hinders your ability to play competitively, but it is a solution. You can also play with friends to cut out the issue entirely, and you can make friends by adding people you find that are kind or communicative in solo-queue to your list and continuing to play with them. I just joined/started to form an ESEA team with some random guy I met while solo-queueing who happens to live <2 hours away from me.   So yeah, again - doesn't mean CS:GO sucks - just means the community is large enough where the toxicity is more noticeable. Just like every other major eSport (League, DotA, Starcraft . . . even larger MMOs like EvE & WoW, and casual FPSs like CoD and Halo, as he mentioned in the video).   5 - Hackers   Okay so this seems to be a heated topic in CS:GO for some reason, when it has never been in any game before...even though the # of hackers I've witnessed in CS:S, and other games like ArmA, DayZ, Battlefield, America's Army, and Call of Duty is far greater than I've ever seen in CS:GO. Maybe it's because the hackers have a greater impact on the game, due to matchmaking having ranks and people putting so much emphasis on having a good rank. Or maybe it's because the game itself takes longer to complete than most eSports, so you have more riding on it. Not sure.   But I will say that the # of hackers in CS:GO is on the decline, and continues to be due to tremendous efforts by Valve. Despite what many believe, VAC actually does its job! gasp I know, hard to believe. But it does its job, and does it well. It acts in secrecy because it must, if it gives status updates of any kind it also gives coders a way to discern in what way they are being detected and allows for hackers to stay ahead. By operating in secrecy, it allows Valve to catch up to the hackers (or attempt to) and detect many hacks at once (which is why bans come in "waves" - when a system is detected VAC takes several days to collect data on as many people using the hacks with that system implemented as possible, and bans them all at once).   I will also say that Valve has taken a good starting point with the Prime Matchmaking system. I have noticed a significant drop in hackers in my games at the DMG-LEM range (where I've been since Prime started, and for many months prior) since its release, and I know that even though the # of hackers in GE is higher, it still seems to be less for most people across the board. There are also 3rd-party clients that help to alleviate this issue, but I won't give them too much credence as they aren't truly a part of CS:GO as a game.   So while yes, CS:GO has cheaters, Valve as a developer is doing a good job (in my humble opinion) at deterring and punishing cheaters, and can't be held accountable for every single time you witness a cheater in a game. Especially if it isn't a blatant cheater, due to human error in accusing people of cheating they can't spectate, which I think creates this image that the problem is larger than it appears.   I also want to address the video here. It makes light of VAC by spouting a meme at the end (unprofessional, and more importantly demonstrates ignorance of how VAC actually works). But the video also states that some pros have made it to LAN tournaments (I think that's the inference by saying "pros make it to ESEA"?). There's been no proof that any pro has used a cheat during a tournament. There are a few that come to mind (KQLY, and I know of at least one other whom I can't recall the name of) but I can't recall any time where there was video proof of cheats. (#FreeKrimz #ImNotAProfessionalYouTuberSoICanMeme)   4 - Deranking Updates   Ranks don't mean anything. I repeat, ranks don't mean anything. Pros don't care about their ranks. Really good players shouldn't (and often don't) care about their ranks. The ONLY rank that counts right now is ESEA, and that's a new thing. It only matters because S Rank is a way for players to showcase their skills, and reaching that really is a testament to how good you are and can potentially launch an eSport career.   But to say that CS:GO sucks partially because Valve balances their rank update to better distribute skill across their ranks is ludicrous. There's really no other way to put it, and no way I can articulate why it's wrong other than to say that balancing your game is important, and allowing people to play against those with the same rank is paramount to the success of a game. Just think of it this way - if you deranked, that means MOST people at your rank ALSO deranked. So everyone that WAS Supreme was deranked to LEM (or whatever the case was with the literally one time this happened in the past 2-3 years). It's a good point that players might become disinterested after seeing their hard work "go to waste", but honestly it only goes to waste if they quit, because only then will the work have been for nothing. Losing your rank doesn't strip you of the skill you acquired. So it shouldn't matter what rank you are, only how good you perceive yourself to be. And if a random image next to your name validates your perception of yourself, you might want to look deeper at why you play CS:GO in the first place.   3 - Lack of Support   I said a lot of what I would normally say here above at #9, in that Valve has been more active with updates and support in the past year than from launch to the beginning of this year, but I also want to add one more thing. The narrator mentions in the video that TF2 received way more support than CS:GO has. And I want to explain why that's total bullshit. &nsp; The first major update that added new content to TF2 was 4 months after its release, however of course many updates were done prior on balancing. CS:GO had maybe a dozen updates in the months prior to its release (I can't find any evidence this was so for TF2 but correct me if I'm wrong). And the first major update (a new mode) came 2 months after release (competitive matchmaking and skill groups). Another mode (DM) was launched 2 months after that, and the first map 3 months after that. There have been consistent updates at least once a month since release, seen here (since launch) and here (since December 2013).   A few specifics to address. VAC bans I've already covered, but the reason pros are banned is because they are high-priority targets as they affect revenue streams on a greater scale, and proof is the only thing required. To VAC ban someone who plays the game normally, you can't go around banning everyone with proof because that would take forever (hence the Overwatch system), so VAC banning is automated to when it detects a cheat. Valve doesn't need to detect a pro player's cheat client to have them VAC banned. Problems that take months to fix is a moot issue now, as they have proven they can be fast at fixing issues when they are presented in a meaningful and easy-to-reproduce way. And for the console version, he already covers why that's again a moot issue. I'd also add that very few people most likely play CS:GO on console, and that Valve developers can choose which projects they want to work on which most likely led to the decline in updates for that platform. An excuse and not a reason, but yeah, I can see his point here - it kinda sucks to abandon part of your playerbase, however small it is. But seriously, #PCMasterRace.   2 - Bad Updates   Again, another moot point. Valve just recently introduced a Beta platform that has been used to great effect in reducing the number of issues an update causes when pushed to the live servers. None of the problems he lists have been since that was implemented. And again, he says "Months to fix issues" where again this has changed.   1 - Betraying Trust   I don't really have much to say here, because everything he said is true but I don't think Valve ever betrayed our trust in them to the point where the game ultimately sucks. They are still trying to win our trust back, and for some of us have succeeded. And I choose not to believe that they ever willingly chose to betray our trust. I truly believe that all changes they've made is with their community (and bottom line) in mind. And it would be very bad for their bottom line to betray their community on a fundamental level. I think they did that a few times, but never willingly, because Valve operates as a business first and foremost and business operate under the true meaning of "The Customer is Always Right" which means that the customer knows what they want, give it to them mentality. In gaming, developers have to be careful because not all their customers want the same thing, so it is a fine line in knowing what to do and what not to do, but it does come down in the end to our faith in their ability to create a solid game.   And in the end, I truly believe Valve has done that. They continue to support it through major tournament pots and prizes, major updates fairly frequently (one to two a year, that continue to produce content for a month or two due to the nature of the drops these updates bring), and balance changes (that admittedly are sometimes done poorly). Again, I truly believe that Valve want the best for this game and for its community, and I believe that they have shown that in the past few months. They have shown that they believe in their community, and they have shown that they have the ability to do CS:GO's community justice. And I don't think that making a video that says CS:GO straight-up sucks is the best course of action, and I've been seeing quite a few videos to this end.   If you truly cared about Counter-Strike and its playerbase, you wouldn't say the game is terrible and tell people not to play it, because that will just cause Valve to abandon it all together. Encourage them to speak out about what they dislike without completely dismissing the game as a lost cause (which is what, in my opinion, saying a game is fundamentally "bad"/sucks, does). Encourage them to educate themselves on the development process, on the ins and outs of the game's mechanics, and how to give your own input like many redditors have done in the past. And in general, just enjoy the game for what it is without worrying about the future. Because currently, in many people's opinion, the game is quite fun to play. I know it is for me.
TL;DR: CS:GO doesn't suck, it really hasn't ever sucked - at least not for quite some time. Valve has proved itself worthy again, in the last few months, by releasing Prime Matchmaking, Beta Versions of updates, and timely fixes for issues found by the community. The game is in quite a good spot, with quite a few gripes about the game (mechanically-speaking) being non-issues now. So, with that in mind, I disagree that making videos such as the one listed above is really helping anything. In fact, I believe it's a detriment to CS:GO as it might make people shy away from the game where they otherwise wouldn't have.  
In short: Play the game. Inform yourself about the ins and outs of what is and isn't possible for Valve to do, and what is and isn't realistic in terms of expectations for updates, and the timing of those updates. And give constructive criticism in whatever form you can. But please, don't abandon this game. Help make Counter-Strike great again.
EDIT: Thanks to everyone who has participated (and continues to participate) in the discussion! I think I've said all I wanted to say, if you have questions look in my comment history for my opinion and if you don't see it feel free to PM me and I can explain anything unclear about my opinion specifically.
But I think we can all agree that ValveGuides was just view-baiting with the title and content, the arguments for each of the points (except #10 it seems) are all flawed, and most of you understand the point of my post. Some were just here to fanboy 1.6 and complain about how bad CS:GO is in comparison, and I understand that nostalgia and time spent playing a game you loved when you're younger can taint your opinion so I won't take it too harshly the amount of illogical and false statements made. I'll stop replying to comments on this thread, though. Have a good night everyone!
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Nero tech list as of 27/03/19

Advanced Techniques (Nero)

"Cs" = Charge Shot
"Hs" = High Shot
"JC" = Jump Cancel
"RQ" = Red Queen
"BR" = Blue Rose
"DT" = Devil Trigger
"Bk" = Devil Breaker
"Db" = Devil Bringer
"EX" = Exceed
"b" = Breaker neutral input
"BkAge" = Breakage input
Red Queen (RQ)
Couldn't figure out where to put certain things so consider it a dump for RQ skills that have tech
1) Shuffle jump cancel/Side step cancel
Air taunt
Can be revved, has I-frames, can give some more height and can cancel certain moves.
1) [EX 2 High time low JC] ( )
2) [EX Streak reversal] ( )
Blue Rose
High Shot
Blue Rose' biggest change is being able to load 3 shots that have lengthy hitstun properties.
1) Hangers
2) High Shot Preservation
3) Hollow Jump
4) Reload Cancel
Charge Shot
She's back and hotter than ever
1) Cs Relauncher
2) [Cs whiff] ( )
3) [Cs Roll Cancel] ( )
1) Breakaway masking
2) [Inertia] ( )
Ya boy is back with new shit.
It offers its own version of snatch that may give improved recovery and have better target hitbox but I haven't tested it.
It is basically a weaker version of Buster breaker but since it doesn't occupy a breaker slot you can effectively dual wield a buster with another function.
1) Holds and all their DMC4 Quirks are back meaning you can cancel a buster but align the target for enemy step, like in 4. Unsure if you can do the good ol' calibur hold steps.
2) Knuckle can be used for certain busters. Specifically while DTed on the Empusa Queen.
3) Especially good with ragtime since one can hold and bring the enemy to a ragtime bubble.
Bringer Knuckle
Essentially this is ANOTHER hang-up option for Nero however the kicker is that it can be done seamlessly alongside his attacks meaning he won't interrupt himself and can be spammed for as long as a recovery frame exists for Nero.
Honestly makes Nero even more versatile which I thought impossible.
1) [Can be used to halt an enemy height gain during a high time]( )
2) [Can be used to halt an enemy height loss during a split]( )
3) [Can negate knockback from calibur and streak etc]( )
4) [Can add damage to ground or air based attacks with long animations]( )
Devil Trigger (DT)
Neros DT practically remains the same from 4 but with armour, some property modifiers on new mechanics and requires you to stop moving the LS to DT cancel meaning you can DT on the move without stopping or masking with an attack.
Gives back Showdown and max bet, the former has armour and both can rapid fire knuckles while charging meaning you can essentially hang up a target that was launched for the full charge.
It's fucking sick.
1) [Neutral DT will cancel near enough everything's end recovery]( )
2) [Neutral DT explosion will knock up lighter enemies( )
3) [Has I-frames like Breakaway but shorter] ( )
4) [Adds double snatch]( )
5) [Adds double bringer holds]( )
6) [Adds double Knuckle]( )
7) [Modifies Bringer Buster for more damage and slightly different animation]( )
Summoned swords
They are back and I called it.
They are identical to how they are in 4. Hs does not change the amount of SS
1)Summoned Sword hangers
Overture is pretty straightforward.
Its neutral is an electric palm strike that can give generous parry frames, the strike orients itself depending on the position of a target.
The more you use battery (palm strike) the less damage it does as overture breaks down.
Its breakage is a time bomb that does some disgusting damage if used in stacks, up to 3 overtures can be planted.
1) Overture relaunch
2) [Overture mine]( )
?) [Overture Bomb hold] ( )
Buster Arm
It's Nero's buster but does enormous damage and can basically delete enemies from existence with breakage.
Base buster does 3k damage and Breakage does 9k.
That breakage will instantly kill nearly every enemy on DMD.
1) [Does not do holds but can allow you to hold with Bringer and Buster with Buster Arm] ( )
Gerbera is pretty straightforward too, its main use is its mobility as pushing the Left stick in either direction and using breaker will have Nero dash in that direction. It contains I-frames as well as a hitbox meaning it can stagger enemies and reflect projectiles.
Neutral b will give a palm strike with the same offensive property as dash minus I-frames and movement.
Ground breakage is stamen ray, it kind of sucks as it hard-locks you onto the ground and can't be cancelled early. Can see use if you line up a group of enemies.
Air breakage is petal ray which is the better breakage. It will fire off lasers that bounce off surfaces and for each bounce racks up more damage.
1) Gerbera Hs cancel
2) [Drag] ( )
Essentially the same as base gerb however instead of palm strike it will give a vertical movement dash that changes depending on :
1) If you are on the ground or not
2) If you are in the air
Ground gives you dash up
Air gives you dash down
Both have the exact same properties as Jockey (gerb air dash)
Including drag
1) [Vertical drag]( )
This is the better air breaker, seems like it's Walmart guard fly with some extras.
Neutral b will fire off the fist to constantly track and hit a target till either recalled or its duration runs out. Can act similarly to round trip.
Can be recalled by pressing the breaker button
Holding during a recall will let you mount the rocket which is where the fun begins.
During a ride you have access to various board tricks that offer their own attacks :
Punchline unlisted moves
1) Punchline rodeo snatch crossup
In action during combo
2) Punchline forward momentum
3) Punchline orbiting (Summoned fist)
4) Flying orbiting
5) What the fuck game?
Ragtime is quicksilver but more localized
Breaker input will fire a sphere of slowed time which dissipates after a set amount and can affect every enemy, larger enemies or bosses will be affected less.
Breakage is like classic quicksilver, it halts time around Nero for a set amount of time and everything save for Fury's dashes are slowed the same.
Not as much tech as just fantastic synergy with Nero's options.
1) [Delaying falls with Ragtime can lead to some interesting set ups] ( )
2) [Can apply to buster holds]( )
3) [Frozen time lets you do basically anything before the enemy can even touch the ground] ( )
4) [Lets you RP as DIO] ( )
Tomboy superpowers Red queen and BR
It allows Blue Rose to fire off multibody piercing rail gun shots, holding for longer charges up these shots more.
Red queen gets a separate moveset that replaces its base moveset for the duration its active.
I have no clue what its breakage really does save for making the attacks more damaging, it will break the arm after a set time or number of attacks. Needs more testing. It makes it impossible for enemies to destroy tomboy, it still runs out after a set time and it still deals more damage. courtesy of u/dentalplaaan
You cannot lock on with tomboy, meaning it must be aimed. When I refer to "lock on" moves I simply mean the button that is held down to modify the attack. Has only soft tracking.
Has 2 types of RQ attacks
Lock on moves :
1). A ground launcher that chains into the same move if you time the following inputs. Once you stop chaining or interrupt with air hike you cannot use the attack in air.
2). An air Lunar phase style spinning slash that overrides the launcher after a set amount of inputs or the chain is interrupted.
Unlocked :
1). Chain slash that gradually speeds up and ends with a somersault slice with decent stun and knockback.
2). 2 hit air attack that starts with a basic swing then ends with a split.
1) [Lunar Phase knuckle barrage]( )
2) [Toggle]( )
3) [Toggle Stun]( )
4) [The BR mode sinks you slightly faster from the air] ( )
Rawhide is essentially an extra weapon with a passive upgraded wire snatch.
Heavier enemies will be pulled to Nero rather than the other way around.
Neutral breaker input is a whip that has generous active frames and is highly cancellable. Very exploitable against Fury.
Breakage is an AOE grapple that ends with a slam attack against a grabbed foe. Don't know how it interacts with bosses and heavier enemies.
Seems to upgrade bringer snatch when in DT.
Has a hidden moveset :
1) bbb = Three hit string
2) b _ b _ b = First hit of String A, pausing swaps second hit for a ranged lash that can be infinitely chained
3) There's another one but I can't remember how it's done.
Not that technical but would require more experimentation.
Helter Skelter
Easily the lamest arm
Breaker function is a drill that attaches Nero to a target and can be prolonged by mashing breaker. Can be done in air. Hard roots the target for the duration.
Breakage is a homing dive attack that drags enemies with Nero to the air. Cool for setups.
Needs more exploration.
Sweet Surrender
Pasta Breaker
Functionally does the same thing as punchline minus the rodeo and does less damage. Will cycle to the next breaker in your slot while it's out.
1) Can hang up while you have another breaker out
Mega Buster
Functionally its Cs. Will expand further when I figure out its other quirks.

Significantly changed

Scroll down to number 4 for a brief idea of Inertia and why it's good
As of the multiplat demo inertia has seen substantial changes and the following are no longer possible :
Inertia is too general a mechanic to make specific examples, if I where to list everything it would be too long.
Outliers :

DK on its change and why it's bad


As of 03/03/19 reversals are dead on Nero. A patch killed them.
1) Calibur Rave
Exceed meter preservation


JC Reversal:
Punchline momentum:
Punchline cross up in action:
Breakaway JC Mask:
Punchline orbit:
Overture relaunch:
High Shot preservation:
Punchline unlisted moves:
Shuffle sidestep cancel:
Gerbera Hs cancel"
Cs relaunch and Summoned swords:
As always, feel free to correct me on where I'm wrong.
If you are interested in what I'm doing here I'll be making lists like this for Nero, Dante , V and future games that have interesting technical aspects to their combat.
Also as an add on for the lists im looking into combo exhibitions showing off the tech at work but that's rather ambitious since I'm shit, would be something ill look to do with content creators and technical players.
As always, let's get that inertia back eh? AND REVERSALS.
Improved formatting and grammar checks courtesy of u/SuperNeroEX
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CSGO Skin Betting Sites 2019 <Skin, Items and More> BET NOW!

CSGO Skin Betting Sites 2019 <Skin, Items and More> BET NOW!
  • What is skin betting?
CSGO Skin Betting, which is also known as skin gambling, is a way to use skins gathered in certain video games to deposit with on gambling sites. It’s quite a new phenomenon as it was first recognized in 2013, shortly after the game developer Valve introduced a tradable skin system to CS:GO Global Offensive. Since then betting with skins has become a huge industry and a popular choice amongst gamers. It’s important to know that there are two different ways that skin betting can work:
The first is that the skins you deposit are exchanged to a virtual coin currency where the number of coins depending on the value of the skin. You’re then able to play luck based games together with other players, such as a form of roulette. In some cases, it’s also possible to bet on a few matches, but the selection tends to be very limited. When you decide to make a withdrawal, the coins that you have gathered needs to be exchanged for other skins.
The other way that csgo skin betting can work is that the skins are turned into real money that can be used to bet with. This is done by an offer given in the deposit process and if this offer is accepted, the skins are sold for a certain amount of money that will be deposited to the eSports betting site. This money can then be used like any other money to bet with. On a withdrawal from the eSports betting site, real money is transferred to your bank account or whatever method you choose to withdraw them too.
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Do not ever try to gamble.

Hello guys. I have nowhere else to go so I decided to share my story with you.
I'm 18 years old. I have been a gambler since I was 13, "thanks" to cs:go roulettes and betting sites. I've lost my savings many time as a child but they weren't really important - when I had some money I could afford to lose I was gambling. Even if I lost I thought that I will eventually win. Of course we all know how that ends, it's really unhealthy. Finally I decided to give up and I didn't play for a year. Then I gave it another shot and then it got to me - that even if I lose, I am having fun playing. And money should be giving joy, right?
So I kept playing with money I still could afford to lose. After some time it was first time I profitted. Then again and again. I regained all my losses. At this moment I was sure that I learned how to play, how to make my losses smaller and wins bigger. But this was still play money. To be precise, I lost 3000 before I started winning and then I ended with about 1000$ profit overall.
Then I stopped playing again, I'm an adult now, right? Since I met my current fiancée, soon-to-be wife, I have been saving money for our marriage and maybe first car. That's what ethereum gave me. I took all my money - 10k$. That may feel funny for some of you, especially adults from USA I guess, but for a Polish student it's a fortune. Noone of people whom I know have that much money for their own. That's 10x official average salary here but a lot of adults I know earn 0.7k$/month, our minimal wage. I got all that money because my parents are great and tbh they gave me a lot but I saved most part of it through years, instead of buying toys.
So I invested that money into ethereum when it was at 80 euro. I was a bit worried because it was an ath just after big March rise. We all know it was a good decision, I have tripled my savings with current 220 euro price.
Yesterday I found an ethereum roulette. I will not give a link but it's a really nice site, you can play with btc, Eth, ltc, and doge. After realizing that it's not a scam but legit gambling site, I deposited 1 Eth to play a bit. With my learned playing practices I doubled it very fast. Then something started going bad. I got back from 2 to 1. Then I lost. I was a bit shocked, I haven't lost anything for a long time. So I deposited another 1 to regain my loss at least. And I lost. I took a deep breath, thinking "ok, let's play slowly and responsibly now, just regain my loss and withdraw and never go through gambling hell again". I deposited 3 more Eth. I lost. "Slower and more responsibly", but still lost. At that moment I was crying in front of the screen. I knew it was bad what I'm going to do. I knew I can't do it. I knew I shouldn't do it. I knew how it's gonna end.
And it did end as I expected. I deposited everything I have. Every single fucking ether I had in my wallet. I lost all of that. I lost all of my wedding and maybe a first car and maybe if Eth moons - even first company money. I lost everything I had in one single night, in 5 hours, whilst crying in front of computer screen.
If you somehow got here through my wall of text - thank you and congratulations. I wish you never try to gamble. I wish that all people around the world realize they can't trick the system. You may think you are good, you may think you are lucky, you may think "it's only play money". It will not end well. You can't win. House always wins during the long run. I just wanted to share. Have a nice day everyone!
Tl;dr: Don't gamble. Keep away from casinos and other gambling sites. You will lose everything. True story by me :)
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Do you see a difference between roulette style "random" skin gambling sites and fantasy/game bet sites?

With the shitstorm in full swing, and the tide seemingly swiftly turning against "gambling" on CS skins, I was wondering how the community in general felt about this question. I'm not saying whether gambling on skins is good or bad, or needs some form of regulation or not, but simply asking whether you guys feel like these two different types of gambling sites are equal in either morality or even just plain entertainment value.
For me, I've never been interested in the roulette or coin-toss style sites. But as an avid follower of the CS scene I find it fun sometimes to put small bets using skins I don't want anyway on teams I think will win.
I know it's probably hypocritical but I almost wish we could go back in time to when the Lounge was the only betting site, and all you could do was bet on the outcomes of games. Sure, there are issues with that sort of betting as well, but at least they aren't running a virtual casino over there.
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13 Year Old That Needs Your Advice

If you don't wanna read the backstory, just skip to the third paragraph. I just need to know what I should do, and I also just needed to get this off my chest.
Ok, so I am 13 years old, and I gamble through CS:GO skins, which are items in a game that are worth real money. I'm just here to explain how I have been feeling, and any support or advice would be greatly appreciated. In the beginning I would just use the money I got from playing the game, since there are chances of getting free stuff after games. I remember betting my skins on pro CS:GO matches, and that is where it all began. I would slowly make my way up, but then I would just bet big and lose it all. After my match betting era, I bought a $20 Steam Gift card and opened a few cases. I managed to only get $5 in return, and I used that $5 and bet it on coinflips, where it was a 50/50 chance of you winning. I managed to get up to $120, but once again I bet big and lost it all. Then, one time I started with $5 and kept going all in on roulette. I managed to get to $200, and from there I cashed out. I bought the skins I liked, and I used them for about a day, until they went back into gambling. For some reason, i decided to go all in, and it worked. After a few $100-170 bets im at $630, and I feel amazing. I was only 11-12 at the time, so I just kept going since I didn't know any better. Worse comes to worse and I lost like 3 in a row, and now I'm at $170, with only one item left. I promised myself I would keep it, but I put it on a roulette site. I would put in my item and then bet to make some profit, and then withdraw my item back. However, one time when zi tried to withdraw I ended up losing my points when I tried to withdraw. I asked what happened, and they said that you needed to bet 20 times before withdrawing, and I have never seen that anywhere on the site, and im pretty sure many other people had the same problem. Because of the huge loss, I have always beem trying to reach that point again. I would go from $1 to $120 multiple times, only to lose it in the end.
During the past few months, I have been doing things like surveys and tasks to get money.I got to a total of $60 just doing these little things, but then I just lost it all one bet at a time. Fast forward to this week, where the problem occurs. I was feeling lucky one day, so I decided to put $13 in. I lied to my mom, saying it was an upgrde to a game I wanted to buy, so she said yes. I have about $110 real cash, so I gave her $13 and turned the money into skins. I put it om this website, and I managed to lose it all. Wanting to chase the loss, I put in $35 and put it on a coinflip. I win, and I end up at $70. I told all my friends this, and they told me to cash out. Despite their opinions, I bet the item I won and I lost it. Hoping to get back to 70, I bet my original item and I lost that too. I felt crappy for the rest of the day, until later the night. I decide to put ANOTHER $35 in and decided to go all in until I got my money back. I win two times in a row and now I am at $130ish. I decide to turn the items I won into an expensive one, so I got the best looking one that I coukd afford. I use it in game for a day, until I decide to cash it out, since I was getting the urge to gamble it. I sold it for 81, and now I am waiting a few days for it go to to my mom's paypal, since it would take 4-7 days. However, I felt really bored, and I also found this new strategy, so I decide to buy a skin and try out the strategy. It was a low risk low reward strategy, but I managed to lose my money within 5 minutes. I felt extremely down then. I didn't know what to do, or what to tell my parents. The next day I decide to deposit $13, to try and win it back. I lost first bet, so I deposit another 35. I decide to bet on matches with the money, and I end up being $2 in profit, even though I got 7/9 of my bets right. Feeling that it was a slow strategy, I decide to go all in on a coinflip. I lose it, which hit me hard. I told my friend I would trade my $35 skin for a video game that my friends are playing, but now I need to pay my mom back.
Now I feel like complete and utter trash. I had promised myself multiple times I wouldn't bet if I made my money back. I used my mom's paypal without permission, and I even lied to her, saying that I spent the money on games. I just don't know what to do right now, and I just feel ashamed of myself. $130 is a lot for me, but luckily it was my money, and not my parent's so it didn't affect them. I told them I withdrew the $70 I had, but i just bet it all. They think that the site that converts the skins to real money scammed me, even though it was just me being stupid. Now I have to pay my mom $20, but I don't know how to get that money, so any advice on how to get the money back will be appreciated. I was about to deposit $130 to try and get my money back, but I knew I wasn't able to afford the loss, so I didn't do it. I see many posts on here about going from having a good life to being thousands of dollars in debt, and I don't want that to happen to me. I really need your guys' help, since I want to change my life for the better, since I hve been more depressed, and have been working less in school because of it lately. I want to know how I can prevent myself from betting that $130, since I am still getting the urge to do it to try and get my money back. I also want to know what I should do in general, since I feel like I should talk to someone like my teacher, friends or my parents, but I just don't want to dissapoint them when ai tell them my story, I would just feel so bad. I also want to know how I should get the money to pay my mom back. I might try to sell the fidget spinners I bought online, and try to sell them for some profit, since I have already sold some before. I am slowly starting a gambling addiction, and I'm slowly falling down the hole. Any strategies to help me stop, or advice in general will be greatly appreciated. I hope I can turn my life for the better, for my sake and everyone elses. It's been going on ever since I got CS:GO, and its about time I do something to change my ways.
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[Q] Say you randomly just won $1600, what would your loadout be?

Long story short, I was gambling on a site, and on that specific site there was a thing apparently called jackpot that runs in the background and builds up everytime any user bets (a smalll percentage of what you bet on roulette/crash I'm assuming). And I deposited $300s worth of CS knives on the site, And was gambling for about an hour and must have hit even and hit almost broke 5 times at least. Through this process I had bet over $500, this meant I had a 0.5% of the jackpot I had not known I was in.
And all of a sudden I just saw the chat go ballistic and I saw I had $1.55k in balance and thought I accidently did something or glitched the site, but no, I had won the $1400 jackpot (I had $200+- in balance previously) and literally lost my breath.
$1500 isn't that much money to make me cry or whatever buts it's still a lot of cash. So I cashed out immediately with PUBG skins and traded them for my current inventory.
So my question to you is, if you had $1500+- of inventory, what would you get? Which knives, which gloves, which AWP etc etc. (Not including AK as I have my favourite one currently)
TL;DR Won $1500 without knowing I was in a jackpot, What would you buy with the money in skins?
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SELLING: Horse Racing Game Gambling Site | 500$

Hello everyone,
CSGOHorseRacing is a site based on the known CSGODouble, which most of you probably knew in the past. However, the concept is very different from all roulette and jackpot sites. You deposit skins in order to get coins to play with on the site. There are six horses you can bet your coins on, all of them having the same winning chance (so the winning horses will be chosen randomly). You will then get coins back based on the place your horse ends. If your horse ends up at 1st place, you will get two times the amount of coins you bet on it, if it ends up 2nd place, you will get 1,4x the amount of coins you bet etc, etc.. The owner of the site can make other people admins, which allows them to enter the admin panel. In this sub-page admins can check and change balances of people, see what trade offers the bots been getting and change all the game settings. Basically the whole site can be controlled through this panel. The site also has a affiliates page, where you can create your own promo code that people can use to get free coins to play with. Everytime these players bet while your promo code is active, you will get a small percentage of the coins they bet.
As a new update, jousting has been added. It's just like good old coinflip, however instead of the coin we have two jousters (CT and T). Everything else is self-explanatory.
This includes both frontend and backend (BOT ACCOUNT IS NOT INCLUDED).
If needed, I can also set the site up on your hosting for an extra fee.
As an addition, I made an admin panel which contains:
Selling the site for $500 $400
Payment type: PayPal / CS:GO Skins
Some screenshots:
Demo: contact me at
For more information, add me on steam:
Have a nice day!
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Is Dota 2 Gambling going to become a problem?

We all know about CS:GO betting and gambling sites and there notorious reputation as being scandelous with the likes of Tmartn etc
However, has this sparked interest for Dota 2 gambling sites to be born. Currently I know of two main Dota 2 gambling sites which are commonly used. The most popular one being Dota Jackpots: I used this site quite a lot because of its simple layout and no limits on the value of the pots. However, I am 17, and have already lost $345 worth of skins on this site. Is it my fault? Yes, it is my fault because I should be fully aware of the issues surround gambling and its habit of becoming addictive. I knew from when I used to play CS:GO not to use gambling sites......but I did because I wasn't fully aware the impact it would have on my bank account and mental state. I visit Dotajackpots a lot an I almost always either see people begging for skins or crying about losing all their skins. Should valve rework their API to shutdown these sites. I believe they should. Those that use the site know already that they are hosting a Roshan Roulette, where you have the chance of winning one of 9 arcanas or a skin from the "$5000" instant win pot. I did some more digging into the site and contacted the devs of it and found that this website used this same Roulette on the previous site called "Plunder" this made me think that they must have changed identity after the CS:GO issues.
Anyway, I want to know your guys opinions on the matter and whether you have had troubles with gambling yourselves.
Here is a vid of me losing quite a lot of money on the site:
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Serious Gambling Addiction at 16 Years of Age

I am making this post not to beg for skins or anything, but to warn once again about the HUGE elephant in the room which is gambling. Especially underage gambling. It all started when i was 15 and started playing CS. I opened a few cases and got shit skins. At the time, csgo double was a hit, so i figured i'd try it just for lulz live everyone else and put up a 1 dollar skin. I won like 2 dollars and lost it all the next bet. That left me with a feeling of hope and what not about making money fast. In the end gambling is suposed to make you feel that way. I bought 30 keys via irl money through a bank transaction and went back on to csgo double. This time i turned the 30 keys into 110+/- . I knew i should've stopped but i wanted to keep going, to get more money. On the next bet i put up 50$ and lost. Then again. Then again. And i was left with 110$, which i went all in with and lost. Right then e there i wanted to cry. A lot. I stopped gambling for about 6 months and played cs go normally. Then a friend introduced me to csgoroll's dice system in which u can do the martingale strategy with their bot, so i once again bought 52 keys (enough for a m9 vanilla which i really wanted) and started betting. I was making 1.5 dollars per minute which was pretty good with such a low risk (less than 1%). All of the sudden i got a huge losing streak and my 124 dollars turned into 50. I knew there was only one thing left to do. ALL IN, TWICE. I did so, and won big time, leaving me at the 200$ mark. I played a little bit of roulette and got 29$ extra dollars. Cashed out and got myself 3 knives ( Gut Flip and M9 Vanilla) so i could start trading. The next day that horrible feeling came back. The one that told me to go bet, that i would easily profit with new x/y strategy on x/y site. I went back to csgoroll and lost everything in a matter of seconds. And suddenly it hit me: IM RETARDED. After lots of raging and through thinking, i've decided to share my story in the hopes of turning some of you away from gambling. Peace and love my dudes.
Sad pictures:
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Moe and his Interview with Richard Lewis, response as moe mentioned my first thread

As you can see im the author of the first reddit post about moe and cs go diamonds. As he mentioned the first post on his interview. I thought its necessary to respond. First of all i have no connection to cs go diamonds or any other gambling website. It is hard to proof it but im actually trying to refer anything i mention and try to make clear when i made assumption to make it as transparent as possible. In Fact im actually trying to warn everyone from using those betting sites. Thats why im trying to make clear to as many people as i can reach how intransparent those sites are.
For example Moe said in the interview nearly any other site refill his balance without telling the future rolls. He also said they do this every night.
So if we take 10 streamers who get 10.000$ per night, in total 100.000$, these would add up to 36.500.000$ per year what they need to fill the streamers balance. It is possible that they actual earn that much money but in my opinion realy unlikely. In fact, the diamonds they add are probably just numbers without asset. But keep in mind this is only an assumption. Moe also said when i understand him correctly he had no problems on other said withdrawing skins.So it is actualy money. I will look for a time stamp when the interview comes out.
My next point are the earnings. I dont know if there are withdrawal or deposit fees or anything. As you know casinos make money with mathematical not fair games. I tried to make an example but the last time i did it it was flagged as betting strategy. Its definitely not a bettings strategy. You can find examples via google. Just look for coin flip or fair games. On mathematical fair games the winners of these games get the money from the loosers and in the long run it keeps itself in balance.
And thats already the point , there are no earnings for the betting sites with fair games. For that reason there is no casino with a fair game. (Think of the green at roulette which makes the game unfair) But as far as i know most of the games played on the cs go betting sites are actual fair games so they earn no money from it. So how can they make so many for giveaways and so on.
I assume they are using the deposited skins, sell most of them and keep a small amount for withdrawals. But it is hard to tell because there is no transparency.
I say again a lot of this are assumptions, you have to think for yourself if it actualy can work how those betting sites function. If i made a mistake, especially a logical, please correct me. It wouldnt be the first time i made one. And thank you guys in advance.
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SELLING: Horse Racing Gambling Website | $600

Hello everyone,
CSGOHorseRacing is a site based on the known CSGODouble, which most of you probably knew in the past. However, the concept is very different from all roulette and jackpot sites. You deposit skins in order to get coins to play with on the site. There are six horses you can bet your coins on, all of them having the same winning chance (so the winning horses will be chosen randomly). You will then get coins back based on the place your horse ends. If your horse ends up at 1st place, you will get two times the amount of coins you bet on it, if it ends up 2nd place, you will get 1,4x the amount of coins you bet etc, etc.. The owner of the site can make other people admins, which allows them to enter the admin panel. In this sub-page admins can check and change balances of people, see what trade offers the bots been getting and change all the game settings. Basically the whole site can be controlled through this panel. The site also has a affiliates page, where you can create your own promo code that people can use to get free coins to play with. Everytime these players bet while your promo code is active, you will get a small percentage of the coins they bet.
As a new update, jousting has been added. It's just like good old coinflip, however instead of the coin we have two jousters (CT and T). Everything else is self-explanatory.
This includes both frontend and backend (BOT ACCOUNT IS NOT INCLUDED). A smart owner would generate a lot of profit from the site, as the idea is pretty unique in the CS:GO gambling world. However, I do not have time to keep it up so decided to find a new owner.
If needed, I can also set the site up on your hosting for an extra fee.
As an addition, I made an admin panel which contains:
Payment type: BTC / PayPal / CS:GO Skins
Some screenshots:
Demo: contact me at
For more information, add me on steam:
Have a nice day!
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Can we get representatives/employees from legit sites like lootmarket, dota2lounge, vpgaming, etc (aka betting/item selling sites) to disclose whether they've been requested to shut down?

As the title says. It would help reduce a lot of uncertainty after valve's announcement as most people, including me, aren't 100% sure if this is just valve taking down "pure gambling sites" like cs:go "insert name here" with roulette, coin flips, jackpots, etc or every site that has any aspect of gambling (including betting) or converting items to real currency (ie: cash out sites).
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5 Best CSGO Skin Gambling Sites in 2020 Top Jackpot Site, Coinflip, Crash, Roulette, and More! Trying out CSGO Dark Roulette! (New site) I hired a All CSGO Gambling Sites 2020  Free CSGO Skins gambling promo codes Top Ten CS:GO Gambling Moments Roulette Crash And More!

CSGO ROULETTE . A classic and a common casino game found on many CS:GO Gambling sites. The object of Roulette is to pick the number where the spinning ball will land on the wheel. You can also bet combinations of numbers or choose the color or whether the number will be odd or even. REGULAR MATCH BETTING. The simplest and most common way of betting on CS:GO Matches. In Regular Match Betting players have to place their bets before the match starts. There are lots of different outcomes and results players can bet on in Regular Match Betting, here are some of the most common bets: Match Winner; Map Wins; Map Scores CS:GO Gambling Sites CS:GO Gambling Sites List. CS:GO Gambling sites are the easiest way to get some nice free skins. You can play roulette, jackpot, dice or case opening to get coins and you can withdraw skins using your coins. We are always looking for the best CS:GO Gambling sites out there, to provide you with a nice list of good and fair Category: BETTING SITES. The Bets on eSports games CS GO take as separate betting sites, and some roulette. The principle is simple. You put your skins on the website and put them in one of the teams. After the win of your team you get more money for exactly betting odds. Bets on eSports games have a smaller percentage of luck. is the top CSGO Gambling website 2019! Deposit and withdraw your favorite CS:GO Skins today and play roulette, crash, and dice now! Also accept VGO skins!

[index] [14973] [6670] [3567] [5789] [6212] [2606] [8209] [7271] [11153] [2918]

5 Best CSGO Skin Gambling Sites in 2020 Top Jackpot Site, Coinflip, Crash, Roulette, and More!

If you enjoyed the video and want to see more CS:GO content please be sure to leave a like! Follow us on twitter @GamingRelay to stay up to date on all of our latest uploads! ... The top csgo gambling sites are all super legit and I highly recommend using each code to try csgo betting out for yourself. Csgo has been involved with these sites ever since the breakthrough of ... CSGOEMPIRE PROMO CODE (0.50$ FREE): Tobyranger Must be 18 to play on this site - This is Sponsored BECOME A SPONSOR: csgo, csgo betting, fatnoob, fatnoob csgo, csgo gambling, csgo roulette, cs go skins, gambling, betting, roulette, csgo betting profit, quadmft, csgo strong, csgo betting win, roulette betting ... YoungmindHS creates cs go skin gambling videos and case opening content in 2020. If you enjoy the kind of content a subscribe would go a long way in helping me reach my dream of doing youtube as a ...