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Here's what we have to look forward to [May-Pac spoiler]

I know a lot of us are feeling like our team just got wrecked in the Super Bowl last night. Potential newcomers to the sport were let down by one-sided mismatches on the undercard and a frustrating 'typical Mayweather fight' in the main event. Those of us who follow boxing knew in our hearts everything would play out exactly how it did, but if you're like me, you let yourself get caught up in the hype, and were ultimately disappointed, too.
But here are the real reasons people are wrong about Mayweather-Pacquiao being the final nail in boxing's coffin. Why us longtime fight fans still have something to look forward to. And why you newcomers/casual fans should stick around.
James Kirkland (32-1, 28 KOs) vs Saul "Canelo" Alvarez (44-1-1, 31 KOs) (May 9, HBO)
James Kirkland is a hardhitting southpaw who always makes exciting fights. He's been dropped and come back to knock his opponent out, he's been thoroughly outboxed and come back to drop his opponent (although I won't discuss the ending of the Molina fight), and his last fight against Glen Tapia was a fight of the year candidate. But he's coming back from a long layoff to take on the toughest opponent of his career. Mexican sensation Canelo Alvarez has a relentless style, walking down his opponents and throwing vicious combinations to both the body and head. After a disappointing showing against Mayweather, he came back to knock out Alfredo Angulo and narrowly edge the slick Cuban boxer Erislandy Lara, who many thought might be able to expose him.
Willie Monroe Jr (19-1, 6 KOs) vs Gennady "GGG" Golovkin (32-0, 29 KOs) (May 16, HBO)
This one's for you newcomers. Many casual fans have questioned why there hasn't been another fighter like Mike Tyson during his prime. Well there is, but he's in the middleweight division. Golovkin is as close as we're going to get to that "lamb to the slaughter" feeling of a Tyson fight. He's an absolutely relentless, powerpuncher with seemingly flawless technical skills to boot. You should not blink from the opening bell. No opponent has lasted to scorecards in seven years, and a lot of these guys were contenders. For once the hype is real. Willie Monroe Jr looks to be the next victim in GGG's long line of knockouts. But if he's got anything going for him coming into this fight, it's that he's a very slick southpaw who's riding some momentum after sweeping through ESPN's Boxcino tournament with some dominant unanimous decision wins - including one over always-game contender Bryan Vera.
James DeGale (20-1, 14 KOs) vs Andre Dirrell (24-1, 16 KOs) (May 23, NBC)
This one's for the vacant IBF supermiddleweight title. In a matchup that could put the winner in line for a title shot against division king Carl Froch, two top contenders square off. British Olympic gold medalist James DeGale is coming off some impressive knockout wins and if he can secure the IBF belt here, would be looking to avenge his lone loss against George Groves or unify against Carl Froch in what could make for some interesting all-British title fights. Standing in his way is The Matrix, an incredibly slick unorthodox fighter with blinding handspeed, Dirrell made a name for himself in the Super Six tournament a few years ago, outboxing Froch in an arguably questionable decision loss and handing current number one contender Arthur Abraham his first loss. But after suffering an injury due to an illegal punch from Abraham, Dirrell had a very long layoff and we really haven't seen him against good enough competition to know if he's truly back in form yet. This fight should answer a lot of questions for both guys.
Miguel Cotto (39-4, 32 KOs) vs Daniel Geale (31-3, 16 KOs) (June 6, HBO)
Nearing the end of a long career where he's taken on all comers, including both Mayweather and Pacquiao, Puerto Rican star Miguel Cotto looks for one more push to cement his legacy. Earlier in his career, Cotto was a devastating body punching brawler, but has seemingly reinvented himself lately as more of a boxer-puncher. Cotto's coming into this fight off an impressive win over former P4P Sergio Martinez, somewhat marred by Martinez having shown up to that fight having lost more than a few steps from his prime. Australian Daniel Geale is a former champion and current top 10 contender with some impressive wins on his resume, having dethroned longstanding German champ Felix Sturm. He was thoroughly dismantled by Golovkin, but remains a pretty tough fight for anyone and Cotto shouldn't be looking past him.
Miguel Cotto (39-4, 32 KOs) vs Saul "Canelo" Alvarez (44-1-1, 31 KOs) (Possible upcoming, HBO PPV)
If Cotto can get by Geale and Canelo can get through Kirkland, then this superfight between Puerto Rico and Mexico's biggest stars would very likely happen this Fall. While neither fighter should be looking past his current opponent, talks for this fight have apparently already begun. Canelo would be looking to add a big name to his resume, while Cotto would be looking to ride off into the sunset on a huge high note. Canelo's current style, with heavy hooks to the body, is somewhat similar to the way Cotto used to fight, so if Cotto gets dragged into a slugfest, this could certainly live up to the hype that'll be surrounding it.
Deontay Wilder (33-0, 32 KOs) vs Wladimir Klitschko (64-3, 53 KOs) (Possible upcoming)
After his brother's retirement, Klitschko has thoroughly cleaned out the heavyweight division as one of the longest-reigning heavyweight champions in history. Although he's been criticized for a boring style to cover up for his questionable chin, his last fight against American Bryan Jennings seemed to expose some holes in his game, especially after the ref took a point away for his holding tactics. Deontay Wilder may be the best hope for a new American heavyweight star. He holds the belt Wladimir's brother retired with, and rode a string of early knockouts into his last fight with fringe contender Bermane Stiverne, who he thoroughly outclassed. But is he finally ready to take on Klitschko to unify the heavyweight belts?
Abner Mares (29-1-1, 15 KOs) vs Leo Santa Cruz (30-0-1, 17 KOs) (Possible upcoming)
Mares was an up-and-coming Mexican star quickly rising through the ranks with both handspeed and power until a surprising first round knockout loss set him back. But he's won three fights since coming back from that loss, and though seemingly a bit gunshy, has shown flashes of his former greatness. Leo Santa Cruz is another come-forward Mexican fighter who throws combinations and stays very busy throughout his fights. He's seemingly world class, but has stayed fighting mediocre competition for awhile now (as you probably just saw), without stepping up to any real challenge. The Mares fight has been talked about for over a year now, and hopefully we'll finally see it happen soon.
Other notable upcoming fights
Glen Tapia vs Michel Soro (May 8, TruTV) - While not necessarily top level contenders, this aims to be an exciting, all-action fight Amir Khan vs Chris Algieri (May 29, SpikeTV) - After losing out on the MayweathePacquiao fight lottery again, Amir Khan looks to stay busy, but Chris Algieri will be meeting him in Brooklyn, at the site of his last huge upset win that skyrocketed him from undefeated local-level hero to a Pacquiao fight. I'm betting on this one being a closer, more exciting fight than people might expect. Adrien Broner vs TBA (June 20, NBC SN) - Broner takes on the dreaded To Be Announced, who we'll all be hoping reveals himself as someone who can shut him up (again).
Feel free to add writeups on fights I missed that you guys are looking forward to, or discuss these here. Stop sulking, we have a lot to still look forward to. (Also, this is my first time trying to write up anything like this, so if I screwed anything up, be gentle)
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Welcome to Mayweather-Maidana fight night! All information for tonight can be found here!

Welcome to /boxing and Mayweather-Madiana fight night! The moment is upon us.
Whether you’re a new fan, a big fight fan, or a rabid fanatic who refreshes /boxing all day long, this is written to provide you with some quick answers in the lead-up to the biggest fight of the Showtime year!
Let's go over the rules:
Any rule breaking will be removed without warning. Any spammed linked will result in the banhammer.
Important links Mayweather-Maidana viewing guide I don’t think there’s a question that won’t be answered here. Click here to learn about this fight and card. Everything from styles, betting, bios, and more.


Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Marcos Maidana

The undisputed pound-for-pound king faces one of the pound-for-pound hardest punchers in boxing.
Who are they?
Floyd “Money” Mayweather is the 37 year old American champion has been one of the biggest stars in boxing since Oscar De La Hoya retired. He’s undefeated, won titles in multiple divisions, and is currently the highest paid athlete in all of sport. Marcos Maidana is an unorthodox Argentine fighter who’s style can range from bulldozer to awkward upsetter. Maidana hopes to continue the Argentine winning streak.
What’s the significance of this fight?
Well, the welterweight titles will become unified for the first time in a long time. Maidana showed he can upset a “shoulder roll” fighter in Adrien Broner and we’ll see he can work his magic on the most enigmatic defense in boxing since Willie Pep.
Maidana landed jabs or Roy Hibbert points scored, who should I bet to have more?
I’m favoring Maidana at -400 and paying out for Hibbert at +325.

Amir Khan vs Luis Collazo

Who are they?
Amir Khan is a Pakistani-British fighter who’s offense will remind you of James Harden and his defense will remind you of… James Harden. He has never been in a boring fight and Khan at his best is like watching the 07 Suns. Luis Collazo comes in fresh off perhaps the most unsurprising “upset” in boxing history. He knocked out Victor Ortiz and with that has put himself in a lucrative position to face one of the larger draws in the Showtime stable.
Is this fight important?
Definitely important for Khan. An impressive win for Khan may guarantee him a September fight with the winner of Mayweather-Maidana. I can’t say the same for Collazo. Maybe a win for him gets him a shot at Keith Thurman or Shawn Porter.
So which game 7 is this fight most like?
I think I’m going to compare it to Pacers and Hawks. That is, one guy has tremendous potential. At his peak he’s damn near unstoppable. (I think I mean that literally too.) Collazo is an unlikely contender who’s got into this fight and now isn’t about to give up so easily.

Adrien Broner vs Carlos Molina

Who are they?
No, Broner is not related to Rick Rozay. Adrien Broner is the ultimate villain in boxing. The guy is a natural at getting under peoples skin. Carlos Molina is war ready. He’s got heart in vein, but Broner will be walking on air to the ring, yelling out shots fired every time he lands a punch. What a shame Broner lost to Maidana as he was on the path to being sanctified rich making mafia music in his off time. Maybe his paradise lost was a blessing in disguise.
What is the significance of this fight?
It’s gonna show us if the devil is a lie, if Broner is back and unaffected by taking the L. If Broner looks like Broner, it will be Maybach music to band camp’s ears as Broner as he silences the haters and goes back to blowing money fast.
Will there be more knockdowns in this fight than technical fouls in OKC-Memphis?
I’m gonna go with no. The over under on Steven Adams is already at 1.5.

J’Leon Love vs Marco Antonio Periban

Who are they?
Love is one of Mayweather’s fighters and an unlikely undefeated one. Periban is one of the grittiest and toughest at the division.
Is this fight significant?
Sure, if Chavez Jr jumps to Showtime he could fight one of these guys…
Can you just get to the important parts?
Yeah, sure.


How can I catch this fight online? Wink wink.

Read the fight thread. The entire post. You will find what you need there, I promise. Wink wink.

When does the fight thread come up?

4 pm pacific.

What time does X’s fight start?

It’s hard to predict because it depends on what times the fights end. If every fight goes the distance, it greatly skews everything.
Here’s my estimate (all times pacific): Love-Periban at 6:05 pm, Broner-Molina 7:00 pm, Khan-Collazo at 7:40 pm, Mayweather-Maidana 8:45 pm. That’s an estimate, if you miss something, that’s on you. There is no guarantee. These times are based on the most likely outcome of the every fight.

Can I post streams for people?

No, your post will be deleted without warning.

Can I order this online and watch it legally?

NO. Absolutely not unless you're a Boxnation subscriber, then that means you're from the UK and you probably already know about it. For everyone else, there is no way to legally watch this online. Email/tweet showtime and golden boy and complain.

What are your predictions?

Mayweather, Khan, Broner, Periban.

Who will walk Adrien Broner to the ring?

5:1 Rick Ross. 8:1 Kendrick Lamar. 3:5 Donald Sterling. 1000:1 Lucas Matthysse.

Is Mayweather more like Durant or Lebron and which one is Manny Pacquiao?

All I want to talk about is God Dame Lillard.

Can you just tell me a stream?

Can you come here at 4pm and look at the fight thread. I don't do all this shit for nothing.

What can I do for you?

Upvote the fight thread! Let’s get this bad boy on the front page of /all! Enjoy the fights, be civil, have fun, discuss, subscribe, etc.!!!
Have any other questions? Ask them here. Also, please let me know if this helped you out or if there's anything more you want to see. We're always looking at how we can make this place an even better way to discuss, share, and enjoy boxing.
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The Manny Pacquiao vs Chris Algieri Viewing Guide


As fans we know sports are unpredictable, yet we spend countless hours defending, discussing, and arguing our points about how we believe the future will go. On Saturday night all the hours of “Manny will score the knockout” and “Chris Algieri couldn’t punch his way out of a wet paper bag” and “Manny Pacquiao is not Ruslan Provodnikov” will be put to rest. Chris Algieri will get his chance to live out a real life Rocky tale, while Manny Pacquiao will look to add another young and prime feather to his collection. On Sunday, things that seem impossible today could be glaringly obvious. We’ve seen it happen before with both fighters. For Algieri, it was the time he walked out of a lion’s den. For Pacquiao, it was defeating giants. Saturday is that impossible opportunity for Algieri. For Pacquiao, it’s another fight.

The Fight

Algieri entered his fight against Ruslan Provodnikov as a sacrificial lamb. It wasn’t that Algieri had done anything special to earn his shot against the WBO junior welterweight champion, instead it was that he was the only guy who’d been up for the challenge. Provodnikov had just beaten Mike Alvarado to a pulp and few wanted to take the risk that Provodnikov posed. Except Algieri. When Alfieri’s credentials were read, many scoffed. Algieri stood as the underdog whose face was prettier than his boxing record. Surely this former kick boxer who’d never fought outside of his native New York was in way over his head… but he did have an undefeated record and could move some tickets in the area. As the fight approached the criticism of Algieri’s selection as Provodnikov’s next meal died down. Fans accepted Algieri once statements were made by other junior welterweights. The general sentiment seemed to be that Algieri was the best we were going to get before we started bringing Mexican legends out of retirement. Anyone who looked closely into this Algieri would have seen the writing on the wall. Algieri was exactly the kind of fighter that you’d choose to beat Provodnikov. A guy that would never resort to fighting Provodnikov’s fire with fire of his own. Rather, Algieri was a disciplined tactician that would punish Provodnikov each time he made a mistake. On the night of the fight, Algieri did exactly what was projected. He beat Ruslan Provodnikov and with the shrinking pool of Top Rank opponents he was selected as Manny Pacquiao’s November opponent.

The Catchweight

Part of the official fight details includes a 144 lb. catchweight. Pacquiao is no stranger to catchweights. He last fought at a catchweight in 2011. It was also for 144 lbs. against archenemy Juan Manuel Marquez. Other catchweight opponents for the Filipino star include his encounters with Antonio Margarito and Miguel Cotto. All signs indicate that Pacquiao has had no trouble dropping down to the contracted weight. Algieri will be coming up from 140, though he’s officially weighed as high as 143 1/2 pounds as recently as July of 2013.

The Tale of the Tape

Manny Pacquiao vs. Chris Algieri
56(38)-5-2 RECORD 20(8)-0
35 AGE 30
145.4 lbs. LAST 5 AVG WEIGHT 142.1 lbs.
5’6 1/2” HEIGHT 5’10”
23” REACH 22”
Filipino ETHNICITY American
General Santos City, Philippines HOMETOWN Huntington, NY
3(0)-2 LAST 5 5(1)-0
17(8)-3-2 RECORD IN TITLE FIGHTS 1(0)-0

The Fighters

Chris Algieri

Born and raised in Huntington, New York, Chris Algieri is 30 years old. If you’ve seen the 24/7 episode, you likely know that Algieri lives in his parents basement. Algieri began his professional combat career as a kickboxer. He amassed a 20-0 record that included a couple of world titles before moving onto boxing. Algieri also has a Bachelors and Masters degree to add to his accolades, which also include wrestling and martial arts.

Manny Pacquiao

Chris Algieri isn’t the only one who can multi-task. Manny Pacquiao is the 35-year-old boxepolitician/basketball head coach/point guard/snooker expert/fatheweight loss motivator and family man who remains one of the premier fighters in all of boxing. His story is now legend. He began as a minimumweight who kept rocks in his pocket to make weight and now sits atop the boxing world as one of the biggest stars in the sport.

The Interesting Bits

The Trainers

Manny Pacquiao - Freddie Roach

The tale of Manny Pacquiao and Freddie Roach’s legendary collaboration is as much a story of fate as any great love story. Pacquiao was a twice beaten, wild, and a gifted offensive fighter without any defense to show for it when his manager brought him to America. He brought Pacquiao specifically to the Wild Card Boxing Club in West Hollywood, California on a mission to find Pacquiao a proper trainer. Freddie Roach agreed to work out Pacquiao and after 1 round of mitt work, Roach said, “this kid can fight.” That’s where it all began. They officially began in the ring as a late fill in against IBF super featherweight Lehlo Ledwaba. Pacquiao, unknown to the American public, would devastate Ledwaba. Ledwaba would taste the canvas, suffer a broken nose, and ultimately finish the fight on his back. Roach is 54 and a former prizefighter himself. He was an all-action, blood and guts featherweight who became known for his ability to absorb punishment. Roach trained under Eddie Futch, a legend in his own regard, and cites Futch as the source of much of his own success as a trainer. As a trainer, Roach has amassed one of the deepest talent pools in all of boxing. He currently trains WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao, lineal and WBC middleweight champion Miguel Cotto, former WBO junior welterweight champion Ruslan Provodnikov, Zou Shiming, Antonio DeMarco, Lucian Bute, Ik Yang, rising prospect Frankie Gomez as well as a slew of other young fighters. If you follow the NBA, the best comparison for a Roach fighter would be the 2007 Phoenix Suns. Roach, like Mike D’Antoni, is an offensive mastermind. His fighters are often dazzling and destructive in the ring. To cover up defensive flaws, Roach creates more offense and attacking to hide his fighter’s flaws. Most notably you can see this with Amir Khan. Until Khan faced Danny Garcia, Khan looked unstoppable and like the defensive lapses that led to his first knockout loss were erased. Post-Roach, Khan looks vulnerable and always on the verge of something terrible happening if he isn’t allowed to smother his opponent.

Chris Algieri - Tim Lane & Keith Trimble

Algieri’s association with Tim Lane began 13 years ago. Algieri started as a sparring partner for Lane, who fought his way off the streets and into a more stable life. Keith Trimble was Lane’s trainer who began working with Algieri in his final fights as a professional kick boxer. Trimble and Lane are the two-headed monster behind Algieri, but because Algieri is still relatively unknown, they're a monster we still haven't seen in full light. Saturday the lights will go on and we’ll see if they are a terrifying duo of martial arts wisdom and discipline or a monster with a visible zipper. What do know from watching Algieri in the ring is that they have an intelligent fighter who uses his natural advantages to be successful. Algieri still has flaws, like his tendency to square up and fight when he should box behind his jab, but thus far the duo have guided Algieri to success. Saturday should reveal a lot about them. If they were an NBA coach, we’d compare them to Steve Kerr. Kerr is off to a hot start with his first gig as a coach. He’s got his team playing tremendous defense with a very potent brand of offense, but it’s still far too early to tell just how good of a coach he is.


Official purses have yet to be released, though Bob Arum has stated that Manny Pacquiao is earning a minimum of $20 million dollars for Saturday’s fight. For Algieri, the rumored amount is $1.5 million with upside for pay-per-view. In the same interview that Arum stated that Pacquiao would be earning $20 million, he stated that Algieri’s camp in general would earn $2.75 million.


The Odds

Fighter Bovada Bet365 GamblersPalace SkyBet
Manny Pacquiao -750 -1000 -800 -1200
Chris Algieri +475 +600 +575 +650
For a comparison of where Algieri ranks amongst previous opponents, here are Pacquiao's last 4 opponents:
If you're unfamiliar with a Vegas money line, what this means is that if you were betting $100, you'd win the amount above. So if you bet Marquez to win outright in their fourth encounter, Vegas would have paid you $225.
On the reverse, if you are betting a favorite, or if you were betting on Pacquiao beating Algieri outright, you'd have to bet 700 dollars on Bovada to win 100 dollars.
Another note is that Algieri was anywhere from +375 to +575 heading into his match with Ruslan Provodnikov.
Your Best Bet
There’s very little value in any bet other than Algieri by decision. Its unlikely Algieri can stop Manny Pacquiao, let alone score some miraculous one-punch knockout. It's a safe bet and should yield a solid payout for very little risk.
More in the comments.
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StubHub Strikes Again + Notes from interviews, ringside observations, and some pictures

The StubHub center has housed the fight of the year for the past 3 years. It’s size, lack of roof, and perfect weather make it a venue unlike any other in the world. Saturday night, although it looked like daytime on TV, we saw 4 fights which validated every point made about the StubHub center just a few days ago.
Need a summary? StubHub’s size creates an intimate atmosphere where fighters don’t feel alone in the ring with their opponent. At StubHub, fans are people that can be individually distinguished from the ring. The expectation of a good performance from the fans gets into the fighters heads and forces them to deliver in a way they wouldn’t ordinarily.
Even the fights that didn’t look exciting on paper were wars when they played out. Terrell Gausha is a super welterweight prospect who tried to outbox Orlando Lora and safely score a victory. He didn’t push anything or try to force a knockout, but Lora was game and wanted to bring the fight to the inside. Gausha obliged and the two went to war. Gausha rolled and avoided most of what Lora had to offer while punishing Lora for keeping himself so open. Gausha pummeled Lora until the corner had seen enough after 7 rounds.

Montiel vs Lara

When Fox went live at 5:00 PM local time, everyone in attendance had already gotten their moneys worth and dinner had yet to be served. First was a guaranteed fight of the year contender in Fernando Montiel vs Orlando Lara. If you’ve seen either of these fighters before, you probably knew not to make a trip to the bathroom. Lara came out as he often does and tried to force a quick stoppage. Lara put Montiel to the test quickly. Montiel looked like he was far too old to be mixing it up with these young and aggressive fighters. In what is likely Montiel's last fight as a prizefighter on TV, he was stopped in the first round. From ringside, the knockdowns and knockout were brutal. Montiel claimed most were from punches behind the head, but seeing him stare off into the distant nothingness as the fight was waved off was telling.
Lara said after the fight that he’d like a fight with Abner Mares, Carl Frampton, Leo Santa Cruz, and Jesus Cuellar. Of course these guys will all be meeting each other before the summer’s end. One name noticeably absent, but 100% possible was Gary Russell Jr. Russell is coming off a fight very recently in which he dominated Patrick Hyland. The speed and aggression of Lara make it a must watch event. Put it in StubHub and we might have another fight of the year contender.
Round Count: 1 Knockdown Count: 4

Rodriguez vs Williams

Edwin Rodriguez and Thomas Williams had war written all over it. If you’ve seen Edwin fight recently, you could tell he’d forgotten a lot of what he used to know about boxing. Williams, on the other hand, looked like he was capable of boxing, but had no interest in it if his opponent chose bang. It was a slugfest from the start and Williams’s extra polish and composure allowed him to score one of the best knockouts you’ll see of the year. This one took 2 rounds.
After the right Williams came over to say Rodriguez couldn’t hurt him or touch him. He said that he was catching all of Rodriguez’s shots and and he told everyone he was going to knock him out. He said people want to talk about his chin, but he’s only been down twice. He wants Adonis Stevenson now and frankly, it’s a good fight. Williams is dangerous and knows how to find windows of opportunity when his opponents get reckless. Can he figure out how to stop Stevenson’s left hand?
Round Count: 3 Knockdown Count: 4

Swing bout

After only 3 rounds there had to be a swing bout. Ortiz and Berto were probably far from ready and they trotted out David Benavidez to face Phillip Jackson. Benavidez is young, fresh, and talented beyond his age. They both entered the ring dry, but once Benavidez warmed up Jackson had no chance. Benavidez’s combinations were intelligent and fluid. He didn’t need to swing for the fences because he was playing shots where Jackson couldn’t anticipate.
Round Count: 5 Knockdown Count: 6

Ortiz vs Berto

Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto made their ring entrances. Andre Ward showed up ringside and the two fighters waited in the ring for what appeared to be Fox to come back from commercial break. The sun began to set and those sitting in the newly shaded section put jackets on. At the bell, Victor Ortiz looked… fantastic. He had excellent footwork, his jab to the body was educated, his defense was solid. Berto looked confused. Then Berto goes down in the second and all bets are off. Was Victor Ortiz back?
No. The 4th round would be the moment of truth. Berto dusted off a weapon he hasn’t used in quite some time. That brutal uppercut that he used to punish opponents with in his younger days, pre-shoulder injury. That uppercut was the undoing of Ortiz. It unraveled from there, Ortiz’s success early became a mirage and all was confirmed about Ortiz’s status as a prizefighter.
After the fight Berto said he was shocked it was over so quickly. He said he’s ready to fight again tomorrow and would be ready to fight whoever is next. When asked about Danny Garcia, which all signs seem to indicate it will be, Berto seemed more than willing. A title fight with Danny Garcia after beating Victor Ortiz is like stealing camera from a baby, of course he was willing.
Round Count: 9 Knockdown Count: 9
Mikey Garcia
Mikey was in attendance and in great spirits. He definitely looks like he’s close to fighting shape and a ring return is within sight. I was able to get some sound from him and here are the takeaways.
On his return: “I plan to return at 140 and probably go down to 135”
When he'll be back: “I’ll be back soon. Could be summer, July, August, September, next year. I just don’t know right now.”
Watching Floyd Mayweather: “I’ve never seen someone work like that. I’ve never seen people not take breaks. The only break he takes is when he moves from the heavy bag to mitts. He might take a sip of water between, but I’ve never seen someone do that. It works for him, it may not work for me, but I saw the hard work ethic. That’s why he’s the best I’ve ever seen. He puts the work in. If you like brawlers, you don’t give him credit. But I like defense and technique and it’s why he’s the best I’ve ever seen. Based on skills and talent and his victories over certain champions, it’s unbelievable he went through his whole career beating 20 world champions and making it look easy. That’s special, you may not like him or give him credit.”
Are people willing to move up and down for Canelo, specifically should Golovkin: “Canelo isn’t the type of fighter that can force people to move up or down in weight. Not like Floyd. Anybody would jump up or down to fight Floyd. I’d jump up 2 weight classes. Leo Santa Cruz would jump up for a fight with Floyd.”
Who is pound-for-pound #1: “In order for Chocolatito to be pound-for-pound, but I need to see him fight other title holders. He may have better boxing skills, but Golovkin has proven more by beating the other champions and cleaning up the division. The division may not be as stacked, but he did what he had to do. Chocolatito became pound-for-pound #1 because HBO started saying it. He became #1 out of nowhere. I thought Ward could have easily been #2 while Floyd was fighting based on fighting. Now that Floyd isn’t there, the only thing that is keeping Ward out is inactivity. Once he gets back and does a few title fights, he’ll be #1. It all depends on what you base it on.”
Robert Garcia
I asked Garcia a tricky question to hopefully trap him into revealing some information regarding Mikey’s return. Mikey said he was a free agent willing to work and fight anywhere. I asked Garcia if Mikey comes to 135, do you see him beating a guy like Jorge Linares.
Garcia said, “Linares is with Golden Boy. That fight can’t happen because of the business not working together.”
You could interpret this many ways, but I think the best way is that Mikey will not be fighting on HBO again and will return with PBC. This is contrary to Mikey stating that he’s a free agent and available to fight whoever is out there. Also, he entertained the conversation about a fight with Broner by saying it would be a great fight.
Andre Ward
Almost by accident, I had a few interactions with Ward. The first time being when Ward was standing right in front of me as I was trying to post pictures I’d taken of Andre Berto. There he was right in front of me. The thing I immediately noticed with Ward is that he’s way bigger than he looks on TV. Ward looks like a small light heavyweight, but he was easily the biggest fighter I saw in attendance up close yesterday. I spent some time standing near Dominic Wade and it wasn't close. Ward was clearly bigger than him. During the interview, Ward was worried about missing his ride, but still did everything he could to talk to the media, even after they kicked us out of the press conference room. Ward said to everyone, let’s move outside so you guys can finish.
Will there be a tune-up fight before Kovalev: “We gotta get another fight in [before Kovalev.] My team is working on that but I don’t have any details on that. Probably summer.”
Note that he wouldn't reveal anything about the Kovalev fight. He was closed off to the topic and acted like he'd been sworn to secrecy or something.
How is it after being in Creed: “The younger kids only know me from being on Creed. They don’t know nothing about the real life stuff. I don’t tell them, I just play it off.”
His inspirations: “I’m old enough to know what I can’t do. I can’t do the shoulder roll. That’s Floyd. I took the body jab from him.”
Will Mayweather come back?: “I think Mayweather is going to come back. He wants 50. He doesn’t call himself TBE for nothing. Selfishly I wouldn’t mind him coming back, but deep down I want him to ride off. With his body, brain, and legacy intact.”
Was Berto different this time around?: “I knew that Berto was a different animal than he was in the first fight. He was a shell of himself in the first fight. Even when he got knocked down, I said he’ll be alright. He needed to get woken up.”
Amir's chances against Canelo: “Canelo is in a tough fight. It goes both ways. A fighter can’t get caught up in records. You can respect a record but that’s where it stops. The community and writers got a realize we support fighters who don’t dare to be great. Amir has done that his whole career. When he first stepped in our gym, I said to him “Bro I respect you.” He wants Mayweather, Pacquiao. Gets criticism for avoiding Kell Brook, but he’s fighting Canelo daring to be great. There’s too much negative stuff in our sport. Take me out of the equation.”
Can Amir win?: “Amir is going to need to fight the fight of his life. Canelo is a tough guy.”
Why are people bitter after losing to you: “A lot of people fall into a trap when they fight me. I guess I don’t look like much. They should believe they’re going to win, but it’s not what people thought it was. You’re right. All of my big fights that have happened, I don’t think I’ve had one person that said you beat me. I take my hat off to you.”
Note: Just want to give a shoutout to Elie Seckbach for asking this question. He asked a bunch yesterday (literally dominating a lot of the interviews) and this one was his best one.
Not losing since he was 9: “I don’t think of the [undefeated] streak until it’s brought up. It’s a pretty remarkable streak, but we don’t think about it. Even when I was a kid, I used to always be able to win a fight and move onto the next fight. I went to Boxrec after my last fight and didn’t realize I fought 3 fights in 4 years. It just blew me away. I couldn’t allow myself to look at that and focus on that. It’s crazy. I don’t think about it.”
Were you shocked when you sparred with Berto: “I’m not surprised by Berto’s power and athleticism.”
Berto shows up right at the moment they asked Ward about sparring with him and says “He tries to beat me up every time. I’m 147 pounds. I heard him cheering for me, that’s my man.”
Golden State vs Portland: “I’m not worried about the Warriors. I’m a little concerned. You know, Dame Lillard is from my hometown and he’s hungry. They got a young hungry team. With Steph’s injury, we don’t have ideal circumstances, but the whole squad is balling. The other guys step up big our bench steps up big. Draymond, Livingston, they step up.”
Final words: “2016. I’m coming for it.”
Danny Garcia
Danny didn't speak too much given he was doing commentary and the questions that he was asked were directed toward the fight. What he did say was that he will be back at the end of July.
When asked if it would be Berto, his direct quote was, "If it's Berto, it's Berto."
Mikey Garcia was very open and willing to talk to everyone, he seemed like a passionate fan first-and-foremost before being one of the most talented prizefighters in the business. Andre Ward definitely gave off the aura that he was a legitimate star in the sport, but was still open and willing to talk to everyone. Danny was a little different. Danny came off as the most down-to-earth fighter there. Danny seemed almost shocked that so many people knew who he was and wanted to take pictures with him. There's a shy quality to him that makes his situation with his

I'm not the best photographer so you'll have to settle for some decent pictures from my phone.
Also, here's a panorama after the Berto-Ortiz fight.
PS. I got confirmation that I'll be at Canelo-Khan. Requests go in the comments
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Boxing Podcast Roundup for 1/3/14 to 1/9/14

Woah, Nellie! You're addicted to boxing so here's a bevy of shows to satiate your demand. Listed in chronological order. There are typically multiple links to episodes (Blog Talk Radio, Stitcher, iTunes, etc.) and since not everyone uses the same players and apps I opt to link to the actual websites when possible. So please let me know in the comments section if any of the links don't work for you.
Since people often ask for recommendations, I'd start with ESPN's "Heavy Hitting" since Kieran Mulvaney's a righteous and perspicacious guy and at 25-minutes it's the shortest, tightest boxing podcast out there. The host of "Tha PUGILIST KOrner" is a little bit of a character, but this show is typically packed with great fighter and trainer interviews, and this week's is no exception. "The NutHouse" did a fantastic job breaking down each division and the best fights to make accordingly in 2014, and I always enjoy "Queensberry Rules Radio", "Ring Theory", and "Punch Line" (though Chris Strait needs to learn to quit dominating every conversation).
So without further ado...
Rope A Dope Radio (1/3/14)
The 2013 Boxing Year in Review on Rope A Dope Radio takes a look back at the year that saw HBO and Showtime compete creating banner years for both, Mayweather vs. Canelo broke records, lots of 2 way action with the matchmakers forced to produced under the Cold War pressure, spectacular knockouts and a few major upsets. Plenty of Debate as we give out the awards for Boxer of the year-Fight of the year-Round of the year-Trainer of the year-Knockout of the year-Event of the year-Prospect of the year-Robberty of the year-ETC. Overall recap of the year in and outside of the ring plus current news topics.
ESPN Heavy Hitting Boxing (1/4/14)
Kieran Mulvaney looks back at the year in boxing for 2013 and sorts out the year-end awards.
Tha Boxing Voice (1/6/14)
Boxing Asylum's The NutHouse (1/6/14)
We discuss what we are looking forward to in 2014 and cover some of the notable divisions in the sport. Looking at the top guys, the contenders and the men who could make a name for themselves over the coming twelve months. Plus all the latest news in the world of boxing.
Boxing News' The Opening Bell (1/6/14)
Boxing News’ Matt Christie and John Dennen look back on 2013 and ahead to 2014. The first point of conversation is Stuey Hall’s heroic world title-winning victory over Vusi Malinga. What is next for Hall? They then look ahead to the potential match between Amir Khan and Floyd Mayweather, Ricky Burns’ return against Terence Crawford, David Price leaving Adam Booth for Tommy Brooks and the June 7 showdown between Sergio Martinez and Miguel Cotto.
Ring Theory (1/7/14)
Hosts William Dettloff and Eric Raskin kick off a new year of podcasts by discussing Sergio Martinez vs. Miguel Cotto, Twitter parody accounts, broadcasters and writers who can't string together a coherent sentence, Tyson Fury, boxers on reality shows, the upcoming Jean Pascal-Lucian Bute showdown, and how Mike Tyson keeps finding attractive, educated women to marry him. Also: The winner of the first Ring Theory Death Pool is revealed!
Note that this is premium content, for paid subscribers only. I find it worth the money
Queensberry Rules Radio (1/8/14)
A very Happy New Year from both Queensberry-Rules and Bad Left Hook! This week on 2014's inaugural episode of Queensberry Rules Radio, James Foley of Bad Left Hook and Patrick Connor of Queensberry Rules take a little time to recap Rances Barthelemy's questionable KO over Argenis Mendez. Not a lot else happened in boxing over the last few weeks, but whatever it was that happened, you can bet these two ridiculosities will find a way to snarkily make fun of it. Thanks for tuning in!
Punch Line Podcast (1/8/14)
Today, Chris and Machine welcome comedian Chris Cope, and talk heavyweights, 2014 wish list, and will Teddy Atlas ever lighten up on Tyson?
Tha PUGILIST KOrner (1/8/14)
Interviews with IBF Super Featherweight Champion "Kid Blast" Rances Barthelemy with veteran trainer Chico Rivas, Heavyweight contender Bryant "Bye Bye" Jennings, WBC Heavyweight title challenger Bermane "B. Ware" Stiverne, Middleweight prospect Patrick "The Machine" Majewski, and veteran trainer Abel Sanchez.
The Ruckus (1/9/14)
It’s a new year and BadCulture Radio is back in full force. From here forward, the weekly boxing show formerly known as ‘BadCulture Radio’ will now be known as ‘The Ruckus’ like the column found on In case you missed it, joining me this week is heavyweight contender Bryant Jennings (ranked #4 in the WBC). Listen in as we discuss his upcoming fight against Artur Szpilka set to be broadcast on HBO on January 25th and the his obvious collision course with heavyweight contender Mike Perez (fighting January 18th on the Lucien Bute vs. Jean Pascal undercard.
submitted by NinoDeOjo to Boxing [link] [comments]

The two-time Unified Light Welterweight world champion boxer Amir Khan has had his say on the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight, which takes place in Las Vegas later this month. FIGHT OF THE YEAR: Amir Khan and Floyd Mayweather may be meeting by the end of the year [GETTY] The Bolton-born boxer, who has wanted a stab at the WBC and WBA champ for months, may finally have his shot with betting companies offering odds on the fight and his team soon to reveal his next opponent. Amir Khan has had his sights set on a pay-per-view showdown with boxing’s pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr. since 2013. Khan denied a potential bout in December of that year with Devon Alexander hoping to keep himself in top contention for a possible matchup with Mayweather. Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Odds: Mayweather -200 It looked like we’d have a Floyd Mayweather comeback in 2020 but that’s “likely” been canceled due to deaths in the family. With Floyd Mayweather out of the picture, at least for now, Saul "Canelo" Alvarez vs. Amir Khan is about how good it gets for boxing fans right now. The two have agreed to face off on May 7, and the winner of that bout will have a solid case to get a fight against Mayweather, if the former pound-for-pound king decides to come back for one last

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